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15 March 2018
Issue Three
Key Dates
Principal's Message
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Women in Science
Curriculum & beyond
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Key Dates

Term 1 


Friday 16 March

Year 7 & 10 Immunisations


Monday 19 to Friday 23 March

Cultural Diversity & Harmony Week 


Wednesday 21 March

2pm, VCE Parent/Teacher interviews . (Early finish -  No period 4)


Wednesday 21 - Friday 23 March

Year 9 Outdoor Education camp


Thursday 22 March

Year 7 Round Robin


Friday 23 March

1pm, Year 7 & 12 Fancy Dress


Monday 26 March

7pm, Indonesia 2019 Information Evening 


Tuesday 27 March

Pupil Free Day 

1.30pm, Year 7-10 Parent/Teacher /Student interviews


Wednesday 28 March

9am, College Tour (fully booked)


Thursday 29  March

SRC Free dress day (gold coin donation)

Last day Term 1 -  2.15pm early finish 

Term 2

Monday 16 April

Term 2 starts 


Tuesday 17 April

9am, College Tour (fully booked) 


Wednesday 18 April

4pm, Year 7 Famous Women in History Expo

6pm, Year 9 My Migrant Story Expo


Friday 20 April 

House Athletics Carnival, Dolomore Reserve


Monday 23 April

10.15am, ANZAC College Assembly 


Tuesday 24 April

7pm, Open Night


Wednesday 25 April 

ANZAC Day Public Holiday


Friday 27 April

Staff PD Day - Pupil Free Day


Tuesday 1 May

2pm, Open Afternoon


Thursday 3 May 

2pm, Open Afternoon 

Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Families


This week we held the International Womens’ Day Assembly where we annually come together to acknowledge the contributions of women throughout the world and the accomplishments of our own students.

At this assembly we welcomed Monica Bladier, Community Engagement Officer for the Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP who joined us to present leadership certificates to our Leaders. 


We were also joined by our past student Professor Belinda Gabbe, the Head of the Pre-Hospital, Emergency and Trauma Research Unit in the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. She is an injury epidemiologist with a clinical background in physiotherapy. Belinda is a Chief Investigator of the Victorian State Trauma Registry, Victorian Orthopaedic Trauma Outcomes Registry, and the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand. Her research focuses on the evaluation of trauma systems, trauma system improvements and measuring the burden of injury. A particular research focus is quantifying the outcomes of non-fatal injury and improving measurement of non-fatal injury burden.  Belinda graduated from MGSC in 1990.  Following her speech, we toured the school and along the way she spoke with many students who were interested in careers in science and medicine.  Belinda is one of 20 outstanding Victorian women to have been inducted into the 2018 Victorian Honour Roll of Women.


A large number of our students have stepped up to leadership positions and the badge conferring ceremony revealed just how many students at MGSC are willing to take on these roles.  Putting yourself forward to be a leader symbolises their readiness to make a contribution on behalf of others.


As you are all aware, our college was established for the purpose of providing an opportunity for girls to continue their education after Year 8. Whilst we now take this for granted, at the time it challenged the stereotypes of the day. I feel privileged to lead MGSC as girls’ schools make a tangible difference to the everyday life of their students. The Mission Australia Youth Survey 2017 revealed that compared with girls attending a coeducational school, each and every student attending a girls’ school in Australia will have 10% or more chance of participating in sport, taking part in arts/cultural/music activities, being involved in a volunteer activity, participating in student leadership activities and taking part in environmental groups or activities.


We are one of six excellent government girls’ schools in Victoria and the only one in the south eastern suburbs. We are very proud to be offering families the opportunity to benefit from attending a single-sex, forward thinking and affordable option to co-educational and private school environments.  If you read our newsletter you will see that our students are all pushing the boundaries every day.


As women of today and tomorrow, it is important that we highlight our accomplishments and inform the community of the journeys that we embark on and stand united as we move into the future. We all have a voice and we need to continue to share our thoughts beyond the confines of the school gates.




Linda Brown



College Matters

Interim reports and Parent/Teacher/Student interviews

YEAR 11 & 12 

Friday 16 March - Year 12 interim reports available online at 3.30pm.
P/T/S bookings open for Year 12 parents at 3.30pm.
Monday 19 March - Year 11 interim reports available online at 3.30pm.
P/T/S bookings open for Year 11 parents at 3.30pm.
Wednesday 21 March - P/T/S bookings close for Year 11 and 12 parents at 9:30am.
Year 11 and 12 P/T/S interviews 2pm - 6pm.
These interviews are only for the parents of Year 11 and 12 students.
All classes finish at lunchtime on Wednesday 21 March - there are no period 4 classes on this day.

YEAR 7 - 10 

Friday 23 March - Year 7-10 interim reports available online at 3.30pm.
P/T/S bookings open for Year 7-10 parents at 3.30pm.
Tuesday 27 March - P/T/S bookings close for Year 7-10 parents at 9:30am.
Year 7-10 P/T/S interviews 1.30pm - 8pm, dinner 5pm to 6pm.
These interviews are for the parents of Year 7-10 students, including those Year 10 students doing a Unit 1 subject.
There are no scheduled classes on this day, Tuesday 27 March 

Parents & Friends' Association

Thank you to all the parents who attended the AGM on Tuesday 6 March. It was wonderful to see some new faces. I would like to congratulate the 2018 office bearers:

  • President: Jo Baxas
  • Vice President: Emma Walker
  • Secretary: Linda McIntyre
  • Treasurer: Rosa Ferrari

The new constitution was discussed, updated and agreed upon at the meeting. We also discussed PFA support at a number of upcoming events, including the Year 7 Famous Women in History expo, the My Migrant Story expo, Open Night and the Senior Art Show. Thank you to Anna and Jo who assisted at the first assembly for the Year 7s and Elizabeth, Emma, Jo and Rosa for serving refreshments at the Year 7 Parent Information evening.

Meeting dates for 2018 – all meetings are held at 7pm in the staffroom

  • Tuesday 8 May
  • Tuesday 31 July
  • Tuesday 9 October
  • Wednesday 5 December (end of year dinner)

Student accident insurance, ambulance cover arrangements and private property brought to school

Parents are reminded that the Department of Education does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.

Crossing Supervisor 

We are still waiting for Kingston Council to appoint a crossing supervisor for the Charman and Balcombe Road intersection. 

Camps, Sport & Excursions Fund (CSEF)

The Victorian Government’s Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF) is an annual payment to the school to be used towards camps, sports and/or excursion expenses for the benefit of eligible students. To be eligible for the fund, a parent or legal guardian of a student attending the school must hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent.  For secondary school students the payment is $225.

From this year, if you applied for the CSEF at MGSC in 2017, you do not need to complete an application form in 2018.  If you are a new student to MGSC or your family circumstances have changed you do need to reapply. 

For more information or an application form contact the General Office or visit 

Applications are due before the end of term 2.  We encourage all parents to make submissions now.


Ms Carol Duggan & Ms Bronwyn Moline

Assistant Principals


Victorian SRC Student Voice Workshop

My experience at the Victorian SRC Student Voice Workshop was very beneficial and interesting. It was good to hear other people's ideas and thoughts on what leadership is, and some different ways to be a leader. Having only a couple of schools at this conference enabled us to bond and encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones. We talked about ways to deal with problems at your school and solve the issues. We talked about wanting to become a more environmentally friendly school and ways we will try to turn this thought into a reality. This idea  ended up winning the competition! Overall, I think this was a great and really fun experience as it gave us the chance to become better leaders and ways to tackle problems in our school.

Amy Sin 9D

International Women’s Day Breakfast –Mentone Girls’ Grammar

On Thursday 8 March,  Issy Pilcher -College Vice Captain, Kate McMahon -SRC President and Emily James - representative from the VCE committee and I attended an International Women’s Day breakfast held at Mentone Girls’ Grammar School. We arrived at 7am with a warm welcome from the leaders of Mentone Girls’ Grammar and were directed to the food hall, where we found a large variety of breakfast foods. As we enjoyed our meal, we listened to a panel of three inspiring women; a firefighter, an entrepreneur and a businesswoman. They shared advice on how to succeed and thrive as a woman in workplaces dominated by men. Their speech’s motivated us all to strive for our potential and prove to the world how strong and independent women are and what we can achieve!

Sally Walker

College Captain

Student Leadership Training Day

Last Monday, some 120 students participated in the Student Leadership Training Day held at the College. Nia Holdenson from Melbourne University Graduate School of Education and formerly from Melbourne Girls' College assisted us with presenting the days activities. The focus of the day was on “If we always do what we have always done, then we will always get what we have always got”.

All students completed a PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting) at the end of the day and the response was overwhelming positive. Much was learned during the day about the direction student leadership at MGSC might take in the future, and certainly, how such days could be further improved.

Many goals were brainstormed and various teams acquired display board spaces around the school enabling them to communicate visually with the whole school.

The highlight of the day was observing collaboration across the college, with students brought together not by year level but by like-minded ideas and interests.

International Women’s Day Assembly

We congratulated all our student leaders presenting them with their badges at the International Women’s Day assembly. Guest presenter Professor Belinda Gabbe, a former student (1985-1990) spoke with passion about her journey and some of the influences in forging her career. Belinda was inducted into the Honour Roll for Women of 2018, just last week.

Group photos of not only leadership groups but also Primary School groupings was a fun way to end the morning. This information will be shared back with the Primary schools as a ‘where are they now’ further reinforcing the links between ourselves and our many feeder schools.


Ms Wendy Harvey

Director of Student Leadership & Engagement

2018 Student Leaders


College Captain:   Sally Walker                                     

Vice Captain:  Isabel Pilcher                       

Vice Captain:   Ruby Crofts                          

SRC President:  Kate McMahon


VCE Committee 

Emily James       

Keina Sugeta                    

Ella Grapel                         

Chelsey Reindel                               

Madeleine McAllister

Kate McMahon

Caitlin Morris                                    

Lauren Bentley                                

Natalie Desylva                

Isabella Jacques                               

Chloe Macaulay               

Alexandra Webb                             


SRC Committee

Kate McMahon (President)

Grace De Gregorio                         

Jemma Hunt                     

Zoe O'Neill                         

Samantha Cattermole   

Abby Manning                

Libby McQuiston                                            

Joanna  Angeletos                         

Ailish Byrne

Nazanin Jalali      

Isla McAllister

Maia Lafferty    

Amy Sin

Elise Coward                    

Isabella Donat   

Charlotte Fitzsimmons                  

Cassidy Jackson 

Derinsu Bulut

Giselle Ciurej

Lily Gibbon

Hannah Ross   


Middle School Leaders

Sinead Garry                      

Nazanin Jalali

Adeena Kashif                                 

Tereza  Nebevsky                                          

Ashli Sali              

Zoe Vogelsang                                

Lily West                             

Carrie Xie            

Class Captains

Zoe Nesci 8A                     

Hope Maillard 8B

Samantha Martin 8C

Daniella Chryssafis 8D

Natalia Borek 8E

Charlotte Stokes 8F

Chanisa Thomson 8G

Madalyn Warch 8H          

Mia Drummond 8I

Irene Lambrou 7A

Charlotte Badley 7B

Lucinda Tallar-Villegos 7C

Chloe Shovelar 7D

Sarah Pilcher 7E

Dana Bahlieda 7F

Maddy Hall 7G


House Leaders


Sapphire Harrison-Corney (Junior)

Eva Cutts House (Middle )           

Olivia Jaconelli Senior Music       

Emma Nicholson Senior Sport                   



Lucy Walker (Junior)

Daisy Walker (Middle)

Meg  Meyerheinrich (Senior Music)

Madeleine McAllister (Senior Sport)


Jordyn Murphy (Junior )              

Charlie Anderson (Middle)                       

Sophie White (Senior Music)                      

Tash Belleville (Senior Sport )                   



Mia Schroen (Junior)

Mikala Clarke (Middle)

Alex Byrne (Senior Sport)

Tessa Baird (Senior Music)



Ebony Anderson 12

Olivia Jaconelli 12

Emma Hicks       

Amethyst Parlanti 

Madeleine Salisbury           

Dasha Semianenko                                 

Navneet Bataan                      

April Thomas               



Emily James 12

Tessa Baird 12   

Isabella Cree             

Hannah Healy              

Gemma Maguire                        

Kira McArdle             

Emily Howells 

Mia Cramond            

Cassidy Jackson 

Sophie Maltarollo 


Domain Leaders


Kelly Jenkins                                    

Diane Luo

Aulani McNeilly                                

Katrina Oyarzun

Aditri Vemula                   



Alice Gibson                     

Shirley Shi



Vicky Cheng                      

Tiffany Hii           



Giselle Ciurej

Aoife Funke

Amy Hodson

Emma Morley                                   



Cassidy Jackson

Jess Marquis     

Molly Nadj



Eleena Chang                    

Sarah Elms                         

Pariya Jalali        

Maisie Taylor                    


Health & PE

Charli Hall                          

Mia Bayley         

Lucy Belleville   

Megan  Blignaut               

Cara Jenkins                      

Acelya Ozcoban                               

Jemmah Paton 



Ebony Biar

Samantha Cattermole                   



Lizzie Honeybone

Julia Le  Domain

Izzy Pfundt        



Camryn Grossi  

Anita Lor             

Shannon McFadries       

Natalie  Stewart                               



Skye Ferguson 


Visual Arts

Hailey Bartholomew                      

Olivia Gryszan                   

Heidi-Sienna Jane                           

Gabrielle Misa  

Michaela Oliver                                

Deneka Xavier                  



Sarisha  Dhawan              

Alexandra Gibbins

Samantha Hooper

Punyawee MJ Liu            

Michelle Taneja                              

Erin Yesilagac    



Katie Barnshaw               

Indiana Budimer                             

Amber Cook      

Harini Geetha Ashok Balaji

Emily Howells   

Sarah Killeen


Year 10 Peer Support

Lily Adams

Bonnie  Appleby

Chloe Bensberg-Corcoran

Ailish Byrne

Mikala Clarke

Bianca Currie

Ruby De Graves

Sarah Dorman

Manaal El-Jari

Natasha Ford

Maya Gherini

Hannah Healy

Keely Hemphill

Nazanin Jalali

Hayley Keating

Chloe King

Eva Kovac

Madi  Lalor

Diane Luo

Isla McAllister

Liv McGillivray

Sophie Oxley

Katrina  Oyarzun

Emily Ryan

Saachi Shenoy

Vanessa Slamin

Hayley Thompson

Natasha Toliopoulos

Jamie Torcasio

Ainsley Van Camp

Daisy Walker

Molly Warner

Laura White       


Magazine Committee

Catriona Sanderson (Editor)

Izzy Pfundt

Nicola Reeves

Christina Copeland

Isabel Schweitzer

Nazanin Jalali

Katrina Oyarzun

Sinead Garry

Samantha Hooper

Emily Howells

Freya Barry

Molly Farrer

Chloe Shovelar

Ashani Thenanennadi

Women in Science

Sisters in Science 

On Wednesday young women from a volunteer organisation called Sisters in Science talked to Year 10 students during Personal Learning. MGSC ex-student Evie Tripp (2016) was the organiser of this particular event. The 'Sisters’ work in a variety of STEAM jobs ranging from engineering to cell biology. Each Year 10 group rotated around to have the chance to talk to four Sisters, ask questions, laugh together and engage with women being successful in STEMM industries. 


Thank you to Sue Cook for co-organising the visit and all staff who assisted from preparing the lunchtime BBQ and everything else. 


Ms Dahli Briedis

Science Domain Leader

Women in STEM - Then and Now | RMIT University

In celebration of International Women's Day, MGSC Year 11 student Casey was invited to meet with RMIT Physics lecturer Gaile Iles and talk about how far women have come in STEM fields and what the future may hold. Their interview was recorded and released on You Tube on IWD.  Congratulations to Casey for being invited to participate in this prestigious event. 


Changing the Game for Women in STEMM

Further congratulations to past student Evie Tripp and Sisters in Science co-founder. Currently studying Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours) at Monash, Evie helped organise a panel discussion event ‘Changing the Game for Women in STEMM’ on IWD. 

Panellist included Dr Francesca Maclean (Consultant & engineer), Sophia Frentz (Biomedical Scientist), Penny Loasco (Happiness Hacker) and Emily Hopcraft (Yr 12 student from Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences).

Ms Louise Rieniets

Biology/Science Teacher

Curriculum & beyond

Cultural Diversity & HarmonyWeek

Next week (19-23 March) is Cultural Diversity and Harmony Week. There are competitions each day so keep an eye out for these. For example, Period 1 Monday - we expect all students to greet their teacher with a HELLO though using a language other than English. This will be done as your teacher marks the roll. On Friday Period 3, we expect the same though this time it will be GOODBYE. This is to recognise that our college has students of various backgrounds and that we respect and appreciate this diversity. 

On Thursday 22 March - lunchtime - there will be various food stalls so you may wish to try a piece of food from another culture. You will be given a ticket Wednesday morning in Period 1, so you must use this to receive a food sample. The students have been enthusiastically preparing this event, so please support them in a mindful manner.


Ms Ekaterina Xanthopoulos

EAL/ELC Coordinator

Year 9 Top Class Excursion

Earlier this month Year 9 dance students attended the Top Class dance solos at the Melbourne Recital Hall. The event showcases dance solos from the best VCE and VET students from the previous year. The performances were inspiring and diverse and demonstrated the scope of the senior dance curriculum.


Ms Tess Molina

Dance teacher

Pi Day (3.14) 

Fabulous results for Pi day (March 14 or 3.14) where students and teachers competed to recite the value of Pi to as many decimal places as possible from memory.

The students came prepared, we had Pi to 14 places, then 25 then 32 then 72 places! The crowd was circumspect waiting to see if this could be beaten. Then from Year 9 Adeena came forward and calmly recited Pi to 75 places – our new 2018 champion.

The teachers award goes to our Ms Xanthopoulos who overcame her nerves and defeated all other contenders.

Thanks to students and staff for your support and participation.


Mr Maurice Woolcock

Maths Domain Leader


Book sculptures

Books sculpturing workshops are being held in the library at lunchtimes until the end of term.  This new artform is sweeping the world and is both creative and therapeutic. The best creation will also win a prize. 

Ms Neelika Kottachchi

Manager, Library & Information Services


Junior School News

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 students are going to The Summit camp in Trafalgar East in May.

8ABCEF are going from Monday 21 May to Wednesday 23 May and 8DGHI are going from Wednesday 23 May to Friday 25 May.

All of the girls have watched a video clip about the camp and its exciting activities and have been given information to take home. The medical forms and consent forms need to be submitted by Friday 16 March so if you haven’t done so, could you give them to your daughter to hand in. If you would like to watch the video clip please go to


Beachside Swimming Carnival 

On Tuesday 6 March our swim team travelled to Oakleigh Recreation Pool to compete in the Beachside Swimming Carnival. The sun was beaming down on the clear blue water and the crowd was buzzing with excitement about what the day would entail. Some notable swimmers competed in a number of events including Cara Jenkins competing in a total of six events and being awarded the 16 year old age group champion.

Georgia Macmillan swam competitively in six events for her 14 year old age group. Megan Kain competed in five events with a notable win in the 50m backstroke. Special mentions go to others in the team: 

  • Eva Byrden in the 100m backstroke
  • Mya Winnell in the 200m freestyle
  • Gabby Hall in the 50m breaststroke
  • Eva Jenkins in the 50m butterfly and 50m backstroke
  • Poppy Livings in the 50m butterfly
  • Tara Kelly in 50m freestyle
  • Olive Lyons in the 50m backstroke

All have progressed to the Southern Metropolitan Regional (SMR) level to compete on Wednesday 28 March at MSAC.

Our 12-13 year old, 14 year old and 15 year old freestyle relay teams all came away with a win and are also progressing to the SMR level. It was also pleasing to see that our junior, intermediate and senior girls were awarded the overall swimming champions contributing to the overall girls’ champions on the day. Well done team!

Students who have qualified for the SMR competition will be provided with additional information about this event.

A big thank you to the staff – Ms Moline, Mr Hall and Mr Bell for accompanying the team on the day. Thanks also to all the parents and grandparents who attended to help cheer on the team.

More swimming success

Congratulations to Cara Jenkins who will be competing in the 2018 Australian Age National swimming champships in Sydney next month. Cara qualified for four individual events (50m free, 100m free, 100m back and 200m back). 


Ms Ilana Parker

College Carnivals Coordinator

Karate Champion

Year 11 student Marianna Sampani competed in the State Karate Championships on 4 March. Marianna was awarded the 2018 State Champion in the Female Kata Juniors category and was a Silver medallist in the Female Kata Seniors category. She will represent Victoria in the Australian Open Championships in April and in the Nationals.

MGSC congratulates Marianna on her outstanding achievement and wishes her all the best for the next level of competition.


Mr Phil Hull

Interschool Sport Coordinator

Sports for Schools

MGSC is participating in the Coles Sports for Schools promotion. Collect your vouchers, put them in the collection boxes located at the gym or general office and you will be contributing towards new sporting equipment for your school.  Thank you for assisting! 

Health & PE Domain



House Music Conductors' Workshop

Our 2018 House Music adjudicator, Rob Farnham, led a workshop this week to prepare our student conductors for the House Music Competition in Term 2. 

Thanks Rob for sharing your knowledge and experience. We look forward to hearing and seeing the results in  May. 

Look out for more music news as we prepare for the School Musical later this year.

Mr Tim Veevers

Director of Performing Arts 


Worldly Matters

Eco excursion to Indonesia in 2019  

Information Evening Monday 26 March at 7pm, Middle School Viewing Room

Open to current Year 10 and 11 students, but any student who is interested in biology, ecology and conservation is welcome to attend.  

The information evening will give more details of a potential two-week expedition to Indonesia in July 2019 run by Operation Wallacea to help with biodiversity surveys. 

Ms Ashleigh Bendall

Teacher of Biology & Environmental Science

Help provide safe plentiful water worldwide

WaterAid works in various developing countries to provide access to safe water, decent toilets and hygiene to disadvantaged communities (

They are launching two initiatives in March to raise fund to bring bring water security to these communities. The Water Challenge and Walk for Water. 

The Water Challenge invites you to make water your only beverage for the month of March. That means no coffee, no tea, no beer, no wine, no soft drinks, no energy drinks… just water. If you don’t think you can make it through the whole month, you can take a shortened version of the challenge or use a “Raise A Glass” pass to take a day or two off.  Last year, over 1200 Australians took part in the challenge. You can join them by signing up here.


Walk for Water challenges you to walk 10,000 steps a day for five days. From 19-23 March, take a step towards a healthier lifestyle, put your peers through their paces, and walk for those who walk too much. It’s a great excuse to get active, go for lunchtime walks (before it gets too cold), and empathise with the women and girls who walk for hours every day collecting water.


Walk for Water has raised almost $400,000 since it was re-booted in 2013. You can help add to that tally by registering here.


World Challenge

Some students may find trekking in Nepal very vigorous and demanding. Sections of the terrain are steep and at an altitude where altitude sickness can occur. It is important that all students take diamox in the morning and then after dinner when in areas above 3000m. They should be doing exercises that involves walking up/down (uneven) steps such as those in the Dandenongs or along the foreshore. This should become a regular event starting now or early term 2.

Hint #8: When you feel out of breath whilst trekking, take 3 quick breaths and then 3 deep slow breaths to regulate your breathing.


Mr Michael Warden 

World Challenge Coordinator 

In Our Community







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