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19 April 2018
Term 2 Week 1 2018
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Dates to Remember
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


16th - 20th April

Year 6 Canberra Trip


Friday, 20th April

Legacy Day


Tuesday, 24th April

Year 6 Transition to Secondary Info Night

Secondary Cross Country


Wednesday, 25th April

ANZAC Day - No School

Administrative Professionals Day


Thursday, 26th April



Friday, 27th April

Primary Cross Country Carnival

School Fees Due


1st - 4th May

Year 9 Survivor Camp


Tuesday, 1st May

National Principals Day



2nd - 4th May

Year 7 Camp


Thursday, 3rd May

VCE Careers Expo 9-3pm

AFL Clinic Years 4-6 9-1pm


Friday, 4th May

VCE Careers Expo 9-3pm

Bus Fees Due


Sunday, 6th May

VCE Careers Expo 10-4pm


Monday, 7th May

Open Morning NWS 10-12pm


Tuesday, 8th May

Open Morning OC 10-12pm

SEISS Cross Country

ICAS Digital Technologies



Thursday, 10th May

AFL Clinic Years 4-6 9-1pm


Friday, 11th May

Mother's Day Community Walk & Morning Tea


Sunday, 13th May

Mother's Day


14th - 18th May

Education Week


15th - 18th May



Thursday, 17th May

Year 10 SEISS Futsal

AFL Clinic Years 4-6 9-1pm


Thursday, 24th May

AFL Clinic Years 4-6 9-1pm


Friday, 25th May

Multicultural Day OC


Tuesday, 29th May

ICAS Science


Wednesday, 30th May

Secondary Annual Music Concert

Year 9 SEISS Futsal

General Information

Canteen Update

The new canteen spaces are ready to go. Mrs Wawruszak has invested hours of her time cleaning, remodelling, researching and preparing for our new Canteen Launch for 2018. She will share with us a new canteen menu next week, in conjunction with our free sampling days. 


Term 2 Week 2 - Canteen Tasting Days

- NWS Tuesday and OC Friday

- Students will need to bring their own lunch from home but also have the opportunity to try some tasty free samples at lunchtime.


Term 2 Week 3

  • Canteen is Open for business

Be inspired by the experiences of Canobolas Rural Technology High School.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Making the Transition to High School


New Warm Uniform Options Arriving Soon

The College is excited to inform our community that two new uniform items will be arriving at Noone Imagewear this term.  They use the latest fabrics are designed to help students keep warm during the colder months.  Please note that the arrival dates are approximate and should be treated only as a guide.

  • Heritage College scarf
    • Available from the 30th of April
    • Retail price of $14.50
  • Heritage College Long sleeve sports polo
    • Available from mid-May
    • Retail price of $49.95

Mr Sonny Aiono


Entertainment Book Fundraiser


Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club Issue 3 Catalogues are here and have been distributed to students.  All cash orders need to be handed to the Office latest by May 1st, 2018.  Don't forget you can order and pay with your credit card online through the LOOP system. Just follow the instructions on the order form. Any queries can be directed to Penny Tan at p.tan@heritagecollege.com.au

SEQTA Parent Portal


Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 1

Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum and eLearning Coordinator

From Narre Warren South

Prep Outdoor Learning

The Prep Outdoor Learning space at NWS campus has a new feature. Raised garden beds have been installed and are ready for the next stage. I wonder what our Preps are going to plant first?

E is for Egg!

Students at Heritage College (NWS) are on their literacy journey, and there are many components that are essential to learning success.


Phonemic awareness is done orally and without print.  It is the knowledge that words are made up of individual sounds.  It is also the knowledge of how to manipulate these sounds: blending sounds, rhyming, syllables, segmenting sounds.


Foundation students, this week, have been learning the common sounds for the letter E.  These are: short vowel sound /e/ as in egg, and long vowel sound /E/ as in Egypt.  


We've had rich language experience this week by making scrambled eggs.  This hands-on experience helps reinforce the letter sound of the week.


So next weekend, if you fancy some breakfast in bed, your Prep will have it sorted!

Foundation Teachers

Fun in Year 4CJ

What a fun Mathematics lesson we had on Monday this week, practising our addition skills while playing a game of Dice Cricket.  Students got into pairs and used a 6-sided dice and a scoring sheet to keep track of their "runs". 


The rules were simple, roll a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6, to gain runs for your team.  However, roll a 5 and you were out and had to write a W for wicket on the score card.  After each over, you add up your score and write it in the totals box.  When you run out of overs or get 10 wickets, add up all your runs and see who has won.  


Our class were very excited to play this game and we used lots of different strategies to add our numbers, including chunking numbers together, regrouping, spilt strategy and looking for "friendly numbers" that make 10 to help us add more quickly or easily.

Mrs Jo Capon

Year 4CJ Teacher

From the Secondary Campus

Year 11 Psychology Sheep Brain Dissection

Year 11 Psychology students dissected sheep brains in order to get a hands-on idea about the structure of the brain. While animal brains are quite similar to the human brain in terms of many structures, the human brain has a much larger cerebral cortex, and particularly, a much larger frontal lobe. This is the area which directs most of our complex thinking and reasoning capacities and our personality. It is surprising how fragile the brain matter is that makes up who we are.

Mrs Camilla Christian

Psychology Teacher

Standing Tall

This year students have been earning Stand Tall cards for displaying the four school values of Excellence, Resilience, Respect and Service. We have had an amazing start to the year with 187 card being handed out in the Secondary alone.


In assembly this week we acknowledged these students who earned cards from last term. A random name selector was also used to select three students, who had received cards last term, to receive a gift from the PB4L team. The lucky students for Term 1 were Alana, Amber and Reese.


We look forward to seeing more students displaying the school values and wish them luck for the end of Term 2 when we will pick another three students.

Mr David Nuske

On behalf of the PB4L Team

Upcoming Cross Country Carnival

Tuesday, 24th April sees the Secondary Campus partaking in the annual Cross Country Carnival.  The event will be held at the Officer Scout Park beginning from 10am.  Students are encouraged to run and participate in the team events as well as wear their house colours on the day.


A small selection of food and drinks will be available for purchase; all funds raised go towards the Year 12 Nepal Service Trip.


This is a normal school day and all students are required to attend.  Thanks for supporting this highlight of our school calendar.


Mr Darren Martin

Deputy Principal Secondary

ANZAC Ceremony at Officer Campus

The Officer Campus will be holding a ceremony to remember ANZAC Day this coming Tuesday, 24th April.  The program will see all students from the ELC to Year 12 join together to pay tribute to and remember those who have served.


All parents and community members are welcome to join us beneath the flag pole from 9 to 9:30am.


Thank you.


Mr Darren Martin

Deputy Principal Secondary

Officer Campus SRC Announced

Congratulations to our newly elected SRC members who were introduced at assembly this week. 


Year 7 - Eden and Joel

Year 8 - Mackenzie and Rufe

Year 9 - Esther and Georgia

Year 10 - Kaeyah and Elijah

Year 11 - Ruth and Tanisha

Year 12 - Simridhi and Adam

We were blessed to have many students apply for SRC and it was therefore a difficult choice.


Please support and encourage them in their roles as representatives of the student body.


Mrs Sharlene Stratford

Secondary Art Teacher

SRC Coordinator

From the Officer Primary Campus

Correct Winter Uniform


White collared shirt, grey pants, school tie, grey socks, black shoes, school wool jumper.



Girls: White collared shirt, school pinafore OR long navy pants, NAVY SOCKS OR navy stockings, school tie, school wool jumper.


Note: The sport jacket can also be worn during the following times for extra warmth: before school, recess, lunch and after school. 

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