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22 June 2017
Issue Nine
Mission and Values
Dates to Remember
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Level 6 Camp 2017
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Mission and Values

Our Mission

To nurture and develop individuals to become adaptable in a changing environment and to acquire a lifelong love of learning and the skills and attitudes necessary to function successfully in a sustainable global society.

Our Values

Respect, Honesty, Excellence and Resilience.

Student Oath

I am Proud to be an Australian

I will honour the flag

Obey the laws

Respect the community and

Care for the environment

Commitment to Child Safety

Jells Park Primary School is committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This will be the primary focus of our care and decision-making.

Jells Park Primary School has zero tolerance for child abuse.


Jells Park Primary School is committed to providing a child safe environment where children and young people are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Particular attention will be paid to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as the safety of children with a disability.


If there are any concerns or questions regarding Child Safety procedures, please see one of the following staff members: Mr Kevin Oakey (Principal), Mr Dave O'Kane (Assistant Principal), Melissa McLeod (Leading Teacher - Wellbeing)

Acknowledgement of Land

Jells Park Primary School acknowledge the Woi Wurrung  people of the Kulin nation,

as the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which our school is situated, and we pay our respects to their Elders both past and present. 


Dates to Remember

Term Dates 2017

Term 2 - 18 April - 30 June

Term 3 - 17 July - 22 September

Term 4 - 9 October - 22 December

Student Free Days 2017

Report Writing Day - Monday 6 November - Melb Cup Week

School Camp Dates 2017

Year 3 November 1 - 2

Year 4 November 1 - 3

Year 5 July 24 - 28

Concert Dates

Monday 11 December - Full Dress Rehearsal 

Wednesday 13 December -Matinee & Evening

Thursday 14 December -  Evening  

June 2017

Friday 23 June - Trivia Night @ 7.30pm in the Gym 

Tuesday 27 June - Parent Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 28 June - Parent Teacher Interviews

Friday 30 June - Last day of Term 2 2.30pm Dismissal

July 2017

Saturday July 1 -  Sunday July 16 - School Holidays

Wednesday 19 July  - Friday 21 July - Link Dental Van 

Monday 24 July - Friday 28 July - Level 5 Camp Coonawarra

August 2017

Tuesday 1 August - ICAS English Level 2-6

Wednesday 2 August - Friday 11 August- Life Education Van

Thursday 3 August - State School Spectacular rehearsal

Tuesday 15 August - ICAS Maths Level 2-6

                 Principal's Report

Jells Park Primary School


Principal:                         Kevin Oakey


Assistant Principal:     David O'Kane


Being a Global Citizen

Over the last 2 years, Mr Jenkins and I have been developing a Student Leadership Program that has promoted the concept  of 'Be Bold, Make a Difference'. We are encouraging students to look beyond the circle of their own life and to see the world around them. We also run programs and activities that give them the skills to be effective leaders, like our recent Leadership Day.

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of listening to the Rev. Tim Costello at the NEVR Principal Conference. The theme of his presentation was around using education to push for social justice and equality. In essence he wanted schools, teachers and students to 'be bold and make a difference'. What synergy for JPPS.

A lot of the conference was about thinking 'big picture', a concept that is often hard to grasp when you think about what can one person do to make a difference. We were presented with the following United Nations Sustainable Goals (all 17!!) and asked to consider how we can influence one of these. Obviously Number 4 is at the forefront of our actions - Quality Education.

Please have a look at the website link for a more detailed description of each of these goals. 

What does that mean for JPPS students and their families??

Never forget the power that one person can have to influence many (Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King for example). Maybe one of our students from Jells Park PS will be the one that takes up the challenge and influences the world in one of these 17 Sustainable Goals. Why not?? Someone has too.

And remember "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. Can we inspire our students/children to take that first step?

Books, books books......

We have a need of old books that are not wanted any longer for two purposes:

1) As material for our Art Show

2) For donation to a program called 'Reading Out of Poverty' that is being organised by Mrs Inglefinger. (More details later)

So if you have any old books, no longer needed books - please send them our way!!

Sibling Enrolments

Enrolments for 2018 Foundation students are filling fast and we are close to our threshold. We ask any current family that has a child ready to start school next year to please complete enrolment forms now. Please pop in to the office. Early advice of intended enrolment helps us prepare for the Transition Program and to put in place appropriate staffing.

RH Sports - Uniform Shop

The retail shop in Ringwood will be closed for stocktake on Friday 30 June. The retail store will reopen Monday 3 July and will trade normally throughout the school holidays. The Jells Park PS school shop will open again for Term 3 on Monday 17 July 17.

Success Stories

Achievement Awards

Congratulations to the following students who won an award at Assembly:

Max H, Poppy L (FN), Lucy C (FM), Jamison B (FJ), Joel Q (FF), William S (1C), Reeve W (1K), Kinslie V (2C), Holly A (2H), Cailtlin L (2B), Oceana L (2DW), Max I (3B), James H (3C), Gabrielle R, Charlie D (3N), Derek K (4L), Tom F, Jess G (5S), Mia H (6W), Mitch W (6Z), Angela G (LOTE), Makayla S (SPORT), Melody L (MUSIC), Hannah Y, Hayden V (ICT), Sarah D (Yr 5 Numeracy).   

Gymnastics Champion

Congratulations to Keira W for winning a Bronze medal at the Victorian Gymnastics Championships last week. Keira's medal was for the 'Team All Round' award.

We are all very proud of you Keira, well done!



This is Laurene, affectionally known as Grandma. She is a volunteer helper in our school and she is INVALUABLE!!

Laurene supports the junior school teachers with all sorts of tasks from photocopying, laminating, sorting materials, setting up classrooms, organising resources, etc. By helping the teachers with all these extra tasks, Laurene is allowing the teachers more time in the classroom teaching the children. Now you know why Laurene is invaluable.

Are there any more Laurenes out there??

Does anyone know of a family member (parent, grandparent, next door neighbour, etc) who has skills and time that they would love to contribute to Jells Park PS? We would love help in the classrooms, in the yard, around our gardens, maybe running a club (sport, ICT, etc). Any help is always appreciated and welcomed. Please contact the school if you can assist.

Curriculum Matters

Level 3/4 Melbourne Museum & IMAX Excursion

On 7 June, the Level 3’s and 4’s went to the Melbourne Museum and IMAX Cinema. For the first part of the day we walked around exploring all of the different exhibitions around the museum. We really enjoyed looking around the rainforest exhibit, discovering the skeleton and size of the dinosaur and the 3D dome. All of this taught us about stars and the telescopes they use to look into space.

After a quick lunch break and a play on the playground, we headed into the IMAX cinema. We all had to wear a pair of glasses which made our screening of ‘Hidden Universe’ in 3D. The movie was about some of the most advanced telescopes in the world and how far from Earth people have seen past our galaxy, The Milky Way, and into others. Overall it was a fantastic day, which went by in a flash!

Jells Park PS Book Fair 2017

The Scholastic Book Fair has been a very successful event over the years. As a result we will again conduct a Book Fair from Thursday 3 August until Wednesday 9 August 2017. This is a terrific opportunity for families to purchase quality books at discounted prices. There will be a wide range of books, posters and other items available for purchase. The school also receives a substantial number of free books as a result of your purchases.

An information notice will be sent home early next term with full details of the Book Fair. We will also be asking for parent volunteers to assist with the collection of money and orders on the sale days, Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 August.

We look forward to seeing you at the Jells Park Primary School Book Fair 2017.

Debbie Inglefinger- Librarian

Community News

Working Bee

Our second Working Bee for the year took place on Saturday 17 June. It was a stunning winter’s morning, as the troops trickled in, eager to make a start on the long list of jobs. We built a brand new garden bed along the pathway leading to Petronella Ave, provided a much needed facelift to the long jump pit and gave the school grounds a general sprucing up. It was an incredibly productive day and all the helpers enjoyed a delicious sausage sizzle to celebrate our achievements.

A huge thank you to all the families who helped out on the day. We hope you enjoy the improvements made to the yards and look forward to seeing many more families get involved at our Term 3 Working Bee.

Jared Meredith - Working Bee Co-ordinator

Student Leadership

Student Leaders

Our student leaders have had a busy first semester, developing their leadership skills and participating in school activities in leadership roles. In the second half of the year they will have the opportunity to take the lead in running a number of events in the school, highlighting their interest and passion and building our school community. Recently they took part in a range of events during Education Week.

Next term they will also be helping run the lunchtime Clubs for the Junior students and assisting teachers in a range of activities.

Be Bold, Make a Difference

Student Leader Reports:

As Fraser House Vice Captain, I had the privilege of helping to run Junior Cross Country. It was an amazing experience to work with younger kids and see how hard the teachers work. I was also lucky enough to go to Dandenong West PS and help their school run an Athletics Day. It was also a great experience to work with a very multicultural school and hear some of their story's. By Brody


I have been a tour guide for open night and special friends day. Being a tour guide took a bit of practice with Mr Jenkins and whilst the turnout wasn't huge, since I and the other tour guides only had one tour, it was fun having the responsibility. The school and house captains also went to the Dandenong West PS Athletics Day to help out with timing races and measuring throws and jumps. I mostly enjoyed timing the 100m sprints. By Harper


From 22 to 26 of May Jells Park participated in Education Week. Education Week is where everyone does fun activities. We had Multiage Day on Monday, Grandparents and Special Friends Day on Tuesday, Open night on Wednesday, Dandenong West (for house captains) on Thursday, and junior cross country on Friday. It was a very busy week for everyone - especially the House captains. The House captains ran the junior cross country on Friday, all volunteering jobs and encouraging the Foundation, year 1s and year 2s. The House captains also went to Dandenong West (Primary School) to help run their cross country. Thank you to all parents who drove us there and back. And the captains sure did enjoy the hot chips at the end! Yum!   By Grace J

Recently the student leaders have had many opportunities to show our responsibility and leadership skills. During Education Week, as a school Vice Captain I participated in giving tours on Open Night and guiding people through the school on Grandparents and Special Friends Day. It was heaps of fun. I met new people and even made a few friends. As well as giving tours I also took part in the Dandenong West PS's athletics day. I helped out with sprints and triple jump. In the end Jells Park got to compete in the relay races. Overall we all enjoyed ourselves as both days were filled with fun. I look forward to future leadership jobs. By Larissa


The last few weeks have been amazing for me! I have had to do a lot of different things, such as the Junior Cross-Country and Dandenong West athletics day. During the Athletics day we helped the students, teachers and all of the parents on the day. I did the long jump first, a lot of the students were great at doing it! The junior cross-country was Great! The house captains did the marshalling, starting, recording, finishing and the warmup. The preps and grade 1 ran around 400m and the 2's 650m. The kids loved doing the run and they were so competitive! By Luke C

Level 6 Camp 2017

Level 6 Camp - Canberra

‘An experience I will never forget!’ Canberra Camp was just so amazing! The program was jam packed with lot’s of activities and great opportunities to participate in. We got to go to lot’s of different places like the new and old Parliament House, AIS, Royal Australian Mint, Questacon, CSIRO and more. Two of my favourite places to go were the Royal Australian Mint and the AIS. It was amazing because we were able to see how coins get made and the history behind money and also the future at the Mint. At the AIS we got some amazing sporty people to show us how to play new sports and also have fun playing a range of all these different mini sports. Canberra was wonderful and in the years to come it is something to look forward too!! By Emily

The trip to Canberra was excellent, what I mostly loved about it was when we got to visit The Royal Australian Mint. There we got to explore how money  is made and how it gets transported. Next time I will go with my family and see what they think about it. By Evan


My favourite time while I was away on camp was when we went to the War Memorial. We were supposed to be there when the light show was going to take place but fortunately we came in 20 minutes earlier so we got into our activity groups.  We paraded around the memorial looking at everything for a while until we stopped by the Vietnam War section to look at their equipment. By the time we were done we had to rush to the light show or we would miss out. When we reached it we were 5 minutes early so we just sat there in utter silence. When the light show began we sat there gazing at the humongous screen in front of us. Then after that we had a tour around the memorial with a lot of information. The tour stopped after we saw the guards change and as the War Memorial was the last spot we would visit that day I was definitely tired out. So we got on our bus and went back to our cabins in the Canberra Park Resort. By Sasha T

Level 6 students from our school recently took part in their camp, which included an education tour of the national capital. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government contributed funding of $30 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion and assists us in maintaining costs.

Canberra - By Josh

On the shores of Lake Burley Griffin lies Canberra, the capital of Australia. Though its size is not on par with other cities in Australia it really packs a hard punch when it comes to attractions. Places like The AIS (Australian Institute of Sport), The War Memorial, The Royal Australia Mint, Questacon and of course, Parliament House. With all these places comes plenty of activities - AIS and Questacon all have fun activities for children like myself to do. From racing your friends in a virtual bike race simulator, to falling down a GIANT drop slide! The fun never ends in Canberra. The War Memorial and Parliament House take children on adventures back in time through history as well as teaching them what's happening at this very moment with War and Politics. Definately two places to remember.

The view from the top of Mt Ainsley was extraordinary, you could see the whole city in its entirety. From the War Memorial, down ANZAC Parade, across Lake Burley Griffin and all the way to Parliament House. It was truly, a sight to remember. I strongly believe that Canberra is a must see city!

A great destination for sports fans like myself, is the AIS, Australian Institute of Sport. The AIS has everything you could possible need in a sporting complex, from a gym that's as big as my whole house, to a swimming pool where coaches can walk along an underground tunnel and watch their athletes swim. The guides show you around, taking you through all the facilities. If you want my opinion for the coolest facility, it has to be the gym.

But the fun doesn't stop there, in fact, it's nowhere near stopping. The AIS has an activity section with simulators and challenges. Anything sport you could imagine is there. There is even a skeleton bobsled simulator! It is an awesome experience with a lot of things to do. I'd rate it an 8/10.

The AIS shop had plenty of goodies and merchandise for people to purchase, though a little expensive, it's good to pick up a souvenir.

Imagine, Science Works but on steroids. Pretty hard to imagine that something like that is a reality, but it is. Questacon is a large hands-on science and technology centre with more than 200 fun exhibitions! They are divided into different sections and rooms. For example, there is a section about the Earth and how it works. Here you'll find a lot of Earth based things to do such as an earthquake simulator and caged lighting (which is watching lightning strike in a cage.)

The ‘Above and Beyond’ section was about space, gravity and flying. You could find yourself designing your own fighter jet and flying it in a time trial to try to get the best time of the day! Or you could be testing the limits with gravity with some of the activities. Above and Beyond in my opinion was the best section to go to.

Fun-Da-Mental was a must go to area. It had a wide variety of activities to keep you entertained but the drop slide had to be the star of the show. You could play a game of 4 player hockey and watch fabric fly through sucking tubes and flying back out, it’s actually pretty fun to watch.

They say money doesn't grow on trees, visit The Mint and you'll see where it does grow. As soon as you enter the building you straight away see the magnificent sight of a giant dome full of coins! $24,999 to be exact. There are so many fascinating things to see including, rare coins, people making money, robots printing the design on the coins and the history of money in Australia. You can have a tour around The Mint and see how the coins are made or free walk around at your own pace and look at what The Mint has to offer. While you’re walking up the stairs to see how the coins are made, the coins in the stairs might catch your eye. It's a cool design incorporated but like the $24,999 dome, you really wish you could have that money. Down near the shop you have the option to make your own coin. It costs $3 but you get a cool design on it and it's worth $1. So essentially you pay only $2 and get a design on a coin. The Mint is a very interesting place that everyone should visit.

Parliament House, the home of politics in Australia. It is a beautiful building that has many rooms, 4,700 to be exact! The main foyer contains a marble staircase and leads to a hall, which has paintings of past Prime Ministers on display. The House of Representatives chamber is decorated green, while the Senate chamber has a red colour scheme. Between the two chambers is a cool water feature, and when you look at the reflection, from any angle, you can see the Federation Star design on the pillars. Parliament House was opened by Queen Elizabeth II and it costed over $1 billion dollars to design and build. It is the site where rules and laws that make and shape the nation are decided on, so it's a really important building for Australia and its history. The flag that is flown over Parliament House is the biggest in Australia! Even the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a really beautiful building with brilliant architecture.

Take a stroll down ANZAC Parade, take a gander at all the statues commemorating people and animals in war. Everywhere you look from left to right these beautiful and meaningful statues are everywhere. Once you reach your destination at the end of ANZAC Parade lies The Australian War Memorial. The Australian War Memorial was unveiled to the public in 1941, whiles in the middle of World War II. It was opened to remember Australian soldiers and members of the army who have died serving their country in war. The Memorial includes massive displays on World War 1 & 2. There are also displays on The Vietnam War, Korean War, Boer War, Gulf Wars and Afghanistan. It has to be by far one of the best war memorials in the world. In the outside part of the Memorial is a place where you can pay your respects to soldiers that have died in war by buying a poppy and placing it next to their name. In the same area outside, there is a memorial for the tomb of the forgotten soldier to pay respect to all the forgotten soldiers in war.

In my opinion it is the best war memorial in the world, and I've been to the War Memorial in Washington D.C, and that's regarded as one of the best.

Overall Canberra is a great place to visit, with lots and lots of fun things to do to keep children entertained and fascinated. The War Memorial in my opinion is the best place to go visit in Canberra because of its many interesting displays. I believe with all my heart that Canberra is a city that you have to see at least once in your life.


Ziggy's First Haircut

On Friday 9 June Ziggy was lucky enough to be pampered and have her first haircut. Vanessa and Rohan, Cooper Blake from FF's parents, kindly offered to give her a bath and clip. Although she was a bit of a sook to begin with, it was a great success and she looks fabulous! Ziggy has been spending more and more time at school and although she occasionally gets a bit tired, she is loving spending time with kids of all ages. She has also got her new JPPS dog tag, which looks great- see the picture in the gallery.

We are very fortunate to have three community sponsors already and are always looking for more, so if you or anyone you know might be able to help please contact Miss McLeod at [email protected]

Families are also able to donate toward the cost of Ziggy's care through the Qkr app.

A huge thank you to Mulgrave Country Club for their generous donation towards Ziggy's training and food costs, Brandon Park Vet for their support of the program through free puppy classes and subsidized vet costs and to Waverley Park Dental Care for their offer to cover the costs of Ziggy's obedience training.


RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge 2017

RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge

We are half way through the year and Term 3 is going to be extremely busy for the RACV Challenge members. The HPV and Push Cart squads were announced last Friday and the students will soon begin fitness and driving skill training in their respective vehicles. All students will begin Monday lunchtime fitness trainings with Miss Little, while the HPV squad will using Casey Fields Criterion over the holidays for their skill and fitness training.

The push cart teams will soon be starting Thursday after school sessions on the oval, becoming familiar with their vehicles and building up their fitness.

The teams will also begin working on their presentations and design and construction aspect of the program. These two sections are extremely important and contribute points to our overall position.

A program such as this takes a lot of time and money to put together and run successfully. I would like to thank the sponsors who have contributed to this program this year. Pebble Mix (Howe Family), Waverley Meadows Netball Club, Bar Ware, Coach Approach (Kirchner Family) AAV Tiling (Vicic Family), Bandits and Co (Norman Family) and Vital Talent have all generously donated money towards the program. This money has gone towards building a new push cart and also the purchase of a new HPV. This will be the same as last years’ vehicle which proved to be very fast and efficient. We are looking forward to another successful racing year.

If you would like to know more about this program, please feel free to come and speak to Scott Zachariassen, Darren Jenkins or Melissa McLeod or email Scott at [email protected]

If you would like more information about the program visit the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge website.

Keep up to date by following us on Social Media


Facebook: JPPS Racing

Scott Zachariassen, Melissa McLeod and Darren Jenkins

RACV Coordinators

Platinum Level Sponsors

Waverley Meadows Netball Club -Platinum Level Sponsor

Welcome to Waverley Meadows Netball! We are a non-profit organisation that prides itself on being a family friendly, community focused, easily accessible and spirited club. Our love of netball and team environment has helped us grow and develop strong players and coaches. We are represented by 15 teams, over 140 players, a number of life members, committed coaches and we play at the Waverley Netball Centre, Jells Park.
The club was founded by parents of girls attending Waverley Meadows Primary School, Wheelers Hill and Cooinda Primary School, Glen Waverley. Developing connections with our community is a major focus of our club and we encourage our members to connect with their peers, their school, and their community.
Our club has become one of the most successful in the competition where we regularly play in finals and have been successful in winning several premierships in all age groups. We cater for Under 11s to open age, always welcoming new players.
Our website and facebook links are:


Pebble Mix

A family run concreting business that specializes in all forms of decorative concrete such as exposed aggregate and internal polished concrete. We are veterans in the Melbourne concreting industry and have laid more than 5000 decorative driveways and have in excess of 50 years concreting experience. Customers keep returning because they know we’re fast, accountable and will deliver over and above what we promise.

We pride ourselves on being masters at our trade, and that’s what drives us to continually develop our skills while learning about the latest techniques and products. (Ph. 9511 4452)

Gold Level Sponsors

Coach Approach

Coach Approach uses elite athletes to deliver sports programs and educational workshops, that inspire and encourage students across Australia to “Get Active” in a fun and positive environment.  Coach Approach provides inter-active programs that aim to promote all the benefits of sports participation, health and fitness.   Our programs have been benefitting Australians for over 20 years, where we visit over 100,000 school children per year.


AAV Tiling Pty Ltd
Commercial and Residential Wall and Floor Tiling.


Bandits & Co


Bandits & Co is a fully-equipped, professional photographic and design studio operation located in Salmon Street, Port Melbourne. Bandits specialises in advertising commercial photography and excels in automotive, corporate, industrial photography and graphic design.

Bronze Level Sponsors

Waverely R.S.L

Sport Report

Winter Interschool Sports

Last Friday saw the completion of our Winter Interschool Sports competition. Our Football team finished on top of our pool and will compete against Holy Saviour Primary School in the final held at Caulfield Grammar. If the team can win this final, they will then go on to compete in the Divisional championships next Term.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to support the teams throughout the competition and we wish the football team the best of luck for the final.

Scott Zachariassen

Interschool Sports Coordinator

Future Sports Opportunities

During Term 3 there is many extra sporting opportunities available for some of our senior school students.

Any students interested in these competitions can speak to the teachers in charge of the program.

Regional Cross Country

On Tuesday this week, 5 students from Jells Park represented our school at the Regional Cross Country event held at Yarra Glen race course. It was a fantastic effort by Sam B, Jordan G, Nat R, Evan P and Sofia G to make it to Regional level. The standard of competition definitely increases at this level and the students found it very tough. All of them found themselves finished in the second half of the field in their races. Congratulations and a terrific effort by the 5 students involved.

Scott Zachariassen

Interschool Sports Coordinator

JPPC Trivia Night 

80's Trivia Night- Friday 23 June 2017

'You wanted the BEST, you've got the BEST', the hottest 80's Trivia Night on the school's calendar!!  It is going to be a Blast from the Past!

On Friday 23 June the JPPC will be hosting an 80's Trivia Night from 7:30pm in the school's gymnasium.

There will be major auction items, balloon competition, raffles and lots of fun 80s trivia for everyone. This will be an '80s Dress Up' event and there are prizes for Best Dressed Table, Best Dressed Male and Female.

Tickets are $15 per person or $135 for a table of 10 people. BYO food and drinks and also your plates, drinking cups, cutlery and napkins.

Tickets are still available via

Don't miss out on this fabulous event!

This is an Adults Only event, however OSHClub have kindly offered to run a Sitter Service on this night. OSHClub staff will run a 'Sitter Service' for your school aged children, there is a maximum of 30 children and is $10 per child payable via cash on the night, drop off will be from 7:15pm. Bookings will run on a 'first in first served basis' should you wish to book your child / children into this service whilst you attend the 80's Trivia Night please email Lauren Brown at [email protected]

Lauren will require your child / children's names, ages, parent contact name & contact number.

All of the proceeds from the evening will go towards purchasing new audio visual equipment for the school gym.


Jells Park Parents Committee (JPPC)



The Entertainment Book Fundraiser is now underway. Hurry as books are selling fast! Great to use for the upcoming school holidays with many great offers available for the whole family. The 2017-2018 Entertainment Book and Digital Membership are available from Jells Park Parents Committee for $70. Credit Card orders and Digital Memberships can be purchased via the following secure website This is the preferred method of payment. Cash orders only (for book only) can be made at the office. Orders for "pick-up" are sent home with the students. 

There are many fantastic savings to be made using Entertainment membership such as dining, takeaway, attractions, retail and travel offers.

Jells Park Primary will receive $14 from every Membership sold, so please order yours today and tell your family and friends to buy one too.

Any queries regarding the Entertainment books can be directed to Jacqui Gilbert on 0403019765 or email: [email protected]


This year the school will continue supporting a fabulous fundraising activity that consists of recycling unwanted goods. It is called Recycle With Mondo for a Better World. The program involves families within the school community donating any unwanted clothes, accessories, shoes, toys and linen to the school. These items are then placed in special collection bins and our school will be paid $250 per tonne for each clothing recycling collection. The benefit of this program is that it reduces waste to landfill and provides global communities with affordable clothing and employment. So now is a great time to clean out your wardrobes for this great cause and help our school raise some extra funds. This fundraising activity will run throughout the entire year. 

Specially marked purple bins are located in the office and you can now start placing all of your unwanted items in these bins.

PLEASE NOTE - this is not a rubbish dump, so donated items still need to be useable. There was a huge and postive response to this fundraising activity last year and a very big thank you to the many families who donated goods to this special cause. Please keep up the good work and keep donating in 2017.



Airstream Cafe at Century City Walk in Glen Waverley  introduced an ongoing fundraising opportunity for our school last year and will continue to do so in 2017. By using the Airstream Cafe fundraiser card families will be able to receive 5% discount off their total bill when dining at the cafe. In addition, 5% of the price of all purchases will be donated at the end of each term towards our fundraising targets for Jells Park Primary School. This is a wonderful and fantastic opportunity for families to support a local business whilst also assisting our school in reaching our fundraising targets too. We hope you enjoy your dining experience at Airstream Cafe. Spare cards are available from the School Office. 

The new email address for Jells Park Parents Committee is [email protected]

I can also be contacted on 0434 146 228 if anyone has any further questions.

Next Meeting: Monday 17 July at 2.00pm in the Gym Meeting Room. All Welcome!

Ani Artinian, JPPC Convenor                                     



Well, it is only 1 week now until school holidays.  This is a reminder that OSHClub will be conducting its Holiday Program again.

We will be going on excursion on Wednesday 5 July to the Botanical Gardens.  This will include making our own Potpourri Bag and planting an Indigenous plant.  Our 2nd excursion is on Wednesday 12 July and we will be going to the Super Zu Play Centre for hours of fun.

Our 1st incursion is on Tuesday 4 July where everyone will be able to design and decorate their own apron.  Our 2nd incursion is on Thursday 13 July where we will be learning how to make a billy cart and go for a ride.

Bookings are open and as we have a limited number we can take on excursion days, if you want your child/children to participate, please book now.

Holiday Program brochures are available online – or I have hard copies in the OSHClub room.  If you have any questions, please give me a call – 0422 032 371 or drop in and have a chat.

I hope you all have a Happy, Safe and Fun holiday and if I do not see you at Holiday Program, I will see you next term.

Anne Hanify-Coordinator

0422 032 371


Community Advertising