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02 June 2016
Issue Six
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  Diary Dates & Events        


Diary Dates & Events


Friday 3 - Thursday 9 June

Year 9 - 11 Exams


Tuesday 7 June

VCE Unit 3&4 Subjects GAT Exam

Education Policy Committee Meeting 6pm 


Friday 10 June

Report Writng Day -  Students not required


Monday 13 June

Queen's Birthday  - Students not required 


Tuesday 14 June

Finance Committee Meeting 6pm


Thursday 16 June

School Council Meeting 7pm


Monday 20 - Friday 24 June

Year 10 Work Experience


Friday 24 June

End of Term 2- Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm

Student Mid Year Reports distributed just prior to 2:30pm

'The Score' Newsletter issue #7



Monday 11 July

Term 3 commences 


Tuesday 19 July

Finance Committee Meeting 6pm

Year 10 into Year 11 2017 Information Night 7 pm


Thursday 21 July

School Council Meeting 7pm


Monday 25 - Thursday 28 July

Year 10 MIPS Interviews


Tuesday 26 July

Year 11 into Year 12 2017 Information Night 7 pm



Tuesday 2 August

Year 9 into Year 10 2017 Information Night 7pm

Thursday 4 August

Uniform Committee Meeting 5pm


Tuesday 9 August

Educational Policy Committee Meeting 6pm

Year 8 into Year 9 2017 Information Night 7pm


Tuesday 16 August

College Athletics Day 9 am - 3 pm

Knox Athletic Track 


Monday 22 - Thursday 25 August 

Year 8 & 9 Challenge Program


Monday 22 - Friday 25 August

Years 8 & 9 Challenge Program


Thursday  25 August

School Council Meeting  7pm








College Principal's Report           

Welcome to this edition of Score

Our VCE students have developed a poster with the statement ‘Together we learn Together we achieve’.

Schools are places where the word ‘together’ is frequently used. We are together in teams, classes, work and play but most importantly we are together because we belong. Belonging to Scoresby Secondary College gives our students a safe place where they know that our staff will care about them and respect them, a place where they will have friends and actively support one another to achieve the best that they can be. Research into children’s mental health has found that a sense of belonging and connectedness at school helps to protect children against mental health difficulties and improves their learning outcomes, including increased school attendance, staying at school longer and higher grades. Belonging to Scoresby does not end at the school gate and I am very grateful to the work our staff who work together with our parents and broader community to support our students.


College Values

Engaging our parents and the community in our student’s education is important to reinforce the values of our College. Last year we developed the values below which staff, students and parents nominated as those which best represented what we want our students to possess. The letters spelt inspire and underpinned our logo motto of ‘Inspiring Brilliance’

Defining Integrity

Integrity at Scoresby Secondary College means we value the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. In modelling integrity we expect our community to take the responsibility to know and do what is right.


How do we teach integrity?

  1. What we say: Our students are consistently shown that when someone speaks, people need to be able to trust that they will be true to their word. 
  2. How we say it: 

Students are expected to speak with a positive attitude and demeanour at all times.

  1. What we do: 

We teach the students that integrity is to lead by example. We model integrity that they can follow. It is therefore important that we do not say one thing and then do another when others are not around.

  1. How we do it:  

We teach students to do everything appropriately from the start, even when no one is watching. Why? Integrity means it’s the right thing to do!

When young people learn to believe in themselves, dishonesty and disrespect no longer make much sense. Living with integrity becomes a way of life.

Community Feedback

Last week I received a call from a Ventura Bus driver who collected students from our College after school. He had taken the time to telephone to acknowledge the exceptional behaviour of our students on the bus that travels from the College along Ferntree Gully Road to Mountain Gate Shopping Centre. He was especially impressed by the way the Year 12 students mentored and looked out for the younger students. The driver informed me that our students were extremely polite, ensured no rubbish was left behind and all of them thanked him as they disembarked from the bus. We are proud of our students as would be the parents/guardians of these students.


Community Music Award                                   Scoresby Secondary College band ‘Tribe’ was presented with the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Live Music Award for 2015. The award was presented for Tribe’s performance at the Royal Women’s Hospital. We are proud of our student’s willingness to perform at such community events. These opportunities showcase the talents of our students.

New Instrumental Music Staff

We welcome this term two new high quality instrumental staff to our College, Mr Daniel McDonald (Drum) and Ms Katherine Hunter (Voice). They join Mr Chris Shurmann (Guitar and Base) who commenced in term 1.


We now have an exceptional music team led by our Head of Music Mr Frank Martinek. The combined experiences of our music staff throughout Australia and overseas bring authentic experiences to the instrumental lessons for our students.

Parent Resources

The College is a school member for Parenting News. Parenting News is a Website which had been developed by parenting expert Michael Grose. Michael is the author of 9 parenting books, including ‘Thriving!’ and the best-selling, ‘Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change it’. His popular parenting columns appear in newspapers and magazines across Australia. He appears regularly on television including Channel 10’s The Project, and is a popular & entertaining speaker. 
Michael has an education background and holds a Master of Educational Studies with research into what makes healthy families tick. He has conducted over 1,500 parenting seminars over the last two decades.

The Parenting News website can be accessed using the following link There are a vast range of articles and video clips which are accessible to our community. Log into the School Membership area for additional members only resources. Username: ScoresbySC and password:  3179


Upcoming exams

Examinations commence next Monday. Students often question the purpose of examinations. For most students, their perception about exams is just a futile part of studying that has the main objective of making the life of a student more difficult than it already is. However, exams really have an important role in the process of learning.  They are used to identify what students already know and where the teacher's focus needs to be. These examinations also provide our teacher team’s feedback on teacher effectiveness. I would like to wish all of our students the best when undertaking these exams.


Gail Major


Assistant Principal's Report

Student Assemblies

Each Monday morning students are involved in an assembly. Assemblies are an opportunity to provide information to a larger group of students all at once as well as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the efforts and achievements of our students.

On Monday 23 May we held a Whole School Assembly and recognized a number of students who achieved excellent results in the latest Maths Competition. These students were Jordan Haag, Kendall Garland, Michelle Shum, Marcus Brown, Nathan Williams, Jessica Saunders, Joel Minisini, Jake Nielson, Dre Ferguson, Jacob Turnbull, Annabel Glossop, Luke Dodson and Bradley Bishop. We also had the pleasure of having a Year 10 musical band performance for the school. The students were Evan Gardner, Annabel Glossop, Hayley John, Serena McCurdy and Abbey Short. They did a great job.

Assemblies change from week to week from Whole School, Sub-Schools or are Year Level based. A list of the assembly order can be found on Compass.


Student Assessment and Reports

Teachers have now commenced writing Semester One reports for all students, which will be issued on Friday 24 June, just prior to early dismissal at 2:30pm. These reports provide parents/carers with an up-to-date picture of how your child is performing at school against AusVELS standards (Years 7-10) or VCE/VCAL outcomes (Year 11 & 12).



Students in Year 9 will sit an English and Math exam on Wednesday 8 June during class time.

Exams for students in Year 10 and 11 will begin from Friday 3 June. Timetables have been given to students and parents can see these via Compass. There are particular requirements for both year 10 and Year 11 - please check the timetable and letter explaining these requirements.


The scheduled exams are designed to assess students learning over the semester. Exams will be conducted in exam conditions similar to VCAA (Year 12) exams to ensure students are prepared for these exams in the future. Our aim is for all students to build their confidence in sitting exams as well as develop appropriate skills in preparation for exams to ensure they can achieve their best.


10 Exam Tips for Students

Prior to the exam period students are encouraged to follow this tips to ensure they are prepared with minimal stress.

Before the Exam

1. Develop an exam study timetable

- once you have your exam timetable, plan when you will study for each exam. You will need to take into consideration all of your other activities (sport, work, family duties etc.). Don’t cram for exams – some people will claim they work best by cramming; however this can cause increase stress levels on the body and this stress could be carried through to your exam; where you are more like to make errors through a lack of concentration.

2. Ensure there is a balance between studying and breaks

- study in sessions for about 1 hour, then take a break. For a break, get up out of your sit, move around the room/house, get a drink or something to eat and return to studying.

3. Organise a Study Space

- set aside a space in your house/room where you can study. A study with a desk and chair is ideal; however kitchen table might have to do. Studying on your bed is not conducive to studying. Make sure you have enough space to spread your textbooks and notes. Ensure there is enough lighting and your seated position is comfortable. The space should be quiet, if this is not possible wear ear plugs.

4. Eat Well and Drink Plenty of Water

- it is very important to ensure you are eating nutritious food and having a balanced diet. A well-balanced diet can assist transform a nutritionally imbalanced student into a healthy one. It is important to remain hydrated – water is the best for this. Drink plenty of water during exam revision and on the day of the exam.

A poor diet can impact on your blood sugar levels and effect your concentration.

5. Avoid Distractions

- If you don’t need your computer, iPad/table, phone etc. to study then remove them so you can concentrate. If you can place your computer, iPad/table, phone etc. in another room then you should do this. Screens can stimulate the brain resulting in your focus being on the screen and associated applications rather than the task at hand. If you need to access your device to assist with your study, it is encouraged that you only have the applications your require open eg: turn off notifications, messenger etc.

6. Avoid too much caffeine

- some people think that drinking caffeine drinks (coffee, cola) and high energy drinks (V, Mother, Red Bull) can help stimulate the brain and keep you up so you can study for longer. These drinks are designed to stimulate the brain and body and therefore can affect the body’s natural rhythm so when it is time for the brain to relax and sleep it has difficulty doing this. This can make you feel tired the next day and your brain and body may not get the rest it requires for optimal performance.

7. Sleep

- staying up late the night before an exam is worst thing you can do. There will come a point where your productivity will decline. The body needs time to rest and recover after a hard day of studying to ensure it is refreshed for the exam ahead.

On the Day of the Exam

8. Eat Breakfast

- ensure that you eat breakfast on the day of the exam. For some exams, you will be sitting for 1½ hours up to 3+ hours for the GAT. It is important to be concentrating on your responses rather than your stomach.

9. Be Prepared

-  ensure that you have the required materials for each of the exams eg: pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, and calculator (make sure that is it working) etc. Be aware of what materials you are allowed and not allowed to take into the exam room. Eg: calculators, mobile phone, specific materials etc.

- arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start time of the exam. It is better to be early and waiting rather than arriving just on time or late and stressing about it.

10. Use Reading Time Productively and Read Questions Carefully

- for all exams there is a period of time allocated for reading. This time is set for you to settle down and begin to understand what you are about to undertake. You should read all of the instructions of the exam and then begin to skim over the questions preparing yourself for what is about to occur. For essay base exams (English etc.) it is a good time to mentally prepare what you are going to write etc. opening paragraph, body text, etc. It is also important to read questions carefully as this is important in understanding the key terms and what the question is asking of you.


Good luck!


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal

Junior School

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

As we approach the end of Term 2 and the Semester, students are certainly very busy at this stage completing and submitting all work.


Teachers are also engaging with students in discussions around work that still needs to be completed.


In the previous newsletter, I had indicated that I would be sending letters alerting parents to any concerns we had around levels of or completion of work for Semester 1 that may have impacted on final results. I decided not to send a letter and in place of this, I have made numerous phone calls to families to discuss any concerns and ways in which a better outcome / success for each student can be achieved.


Teachers are now very much focused on reporting on student progress across the first semester. Over the next few weeks, teachers will finalize their reports. In looking back, they will be reporting on what was achieved by each student. The reports are also about looking forward and what changes or steps need to be taken by students to improve on their work in Semester 1.


Our Year 9 students will also be taking part in exams before the end of this semester, alongside our senior students. We wish them all the best.


Michael Alexis

Head of Junior School


Year 7 Comments (continued)

What do you like best about learning at Scoresby Secondary College and why?


Jordan Haag 7B

I enjoy the friendly community and the support from all the teachers, I love learning new instruments in music, and getting to cook yummy food most weeks


Jessica Hindmarch 7B

My favourite thing about Scoresby Secondary College is that I get to spend time with my best friends and do some of my favourite classes such as food technology, I enjoy learning at Scoresby.


Brooke Heinley 7B

So far year 7 has been so incredibly awesome, my favourite subjects has been sport because I love being active even though I'm not, and math because I love learning and I can't  wait to see how my book mark turns out.

Kelly De Vera 7A

At Scoresby Secondary College I like the teachers and learning new stuff. The teachers are really nice and fun but sometimes when they get angry they are absolutely scary, when teachers are teaching new stuff they  tell us the rules and they make the work very challenging.


Holly Crennan 7A

At Scoresby Secondary College I like it how when the teachers are teaching you, they tell you the rules they make it fun to learn. By showing how to do it.


Senior School 

2016 Debutante Ball

Recently many of our Year 10 and 11 students participated in the 2016 Debutante Ball. This was a spectacular and successful night! Our Debutantes and their partners looked amazing and performed their dances with skill and enthusiasm.


On behalf of the college, I would like to congratulate the Deb set once again for their dedication towards the evening and the commitment they displayed throughout their training in preparation for the event. Our students’ conduct over the night and in the weeks leading up to the event was to be commended.


The event also drew on the dedication of our college staff. In particular Senior School Coordinators, Mr Santos, Year 10 and Mrs Wood, Year 11, who contributed tirelessly towards the night in the weeks leading up to the event and on the night itself.


Finally, I would like to acknowledge the work of ParentNet in planning this event and their work with the college to ensure its success.


Year 10 and 11 End of Semester Exams

To conclude Semester 1 studies, our Year 10 and Year 11 students undertake an extensive examination period.  During this examination period students will complete an exam for each of the subjects they have undertaken over the course of the semester.


Evidence indicates that the more opportunities students have to study for and practice under examination conditions the better prepared they are for the rigors of VCE study and subsequent end of year exams in Year 12.  Therefore, this examination period is aimed at equipping our students to gain these vital skills in readiness for their Unit 3 & 4 studies.  It also provides the opportunity for our students to consolidate the key knowledge and skills gained over the course of their semester one studies.


During the examination period both our Year 10 and 11students usual timetable will be replaced by the examination timetable, which students have already received. 


During the examination period our Year 11 students are only required at the college during their set exam times. If our Year 10 student do not having an exam in either session 1, or, session 3, they will not be required at school during those respective times. However, if a Year 10 student does not have an exam during session 2 but does have a session 1 and 3 exam, they will be required to stay at the college during their free session and complete private study in the Senior School HUB.


We wish our students the best for this upcoming examination period.


Aaron Mackinnon

Head of Senior School



Math & Numeracy

CAT Competition

It was with great pleasure that I was able to present certificates at Monday’s College assembly to the students who gained Credit results in the International CAT Competition. What exactly is the thinking in the CAT competition?


The CAT is not a programming competition and no programming experience is required. Results in the CAT often enable a talent to be discovered that is not always apparent or sought in normal classroom activities. Some questions test the ability to accurately perform procedures; others require logical thought, while the more challenging problems require the identification and application of algorithms.


Algorithmic thinking is a way of getting to a solution through the clear definition of the steps needed – nothing happens by magic. Rather than coming up with a single answer to a problem, like 42, pupils develop algorithms. They are instructions or rules that if followed precisely (whether by a person or a computer) leads to answers to both the original and similar problems.


Solve this problem

The sniffer dog at the airport stops beside a trolley piled high with 60 suitcases. One of the suitcases contains contraband peanuts. The dog can tell whether peanuts are hidden in any one of the group of suitcases, but it gets tired if it has to do too much sniffing.

What is the smallest number of groups of suitcases it must sniff in order to isolate the suitcase with the peanuts? (2008, Intermediate problem 2)

The solution is somewhere in the Score.


With students from all over Australia, NZ, Indonesia and Singapore participating in this prestigious competition it is a great honour to have 12 students from our college listed among these schools.

I reported on this success in March but in case you missed it, Credit Certificates were awarded to

Students to receive credit certificates are

Year 7:      Jordan Haag      

Year 9:      Kendall Garland

                   Michelle Shum

                   Marcus Brown

                   Nathan Williams

Year 10:   Jessica Saunders

                  Joel Minisini

    Jake Nielson

    Dre Ferguson

    Jacob Turnbull

    Annabel Glossop

Year 11:   Luke Dodson                 

                  Bradley Bishop


Leanne Wilson

Numeracy and Mathematics



Staff Profile

Mr Frank Martinek

Frank Matinek’s recent appointment as Head of Music at Scoresby Secondary College continues a life-long passion and commitment to innovative music education.


Frank began his music education career as an instrumental music teacher for Yamaha Australia whilst completing his VCE studies. During the completion of an Honours Degree in Music Composition at La Trobe University, Frank completed stints as artist in residence for numerous community based orchestras providing compositions and workshops on 20th Century Contemporary music.


His career as a secondary classroom music teacher has included numerous Heads of Music/Performing Arts positions throughout schools in Gippsland, Geelong and Melbourne. Frank has initiated many successful ‘authentic learning’ programs including the running of annual Music Industry Tours across the state involving teams of student performers, sound and lighting crew, film/media and catering crew.

He has engaged many Australian recording artists and industry figures such as Alpine, Olympia, Jen Cloher to Michael Parisi (Muse) to work collaboratively with students.

He has been a long-time supporter and developer of VET Music education. This included adopting music as a vocational study during its infancy in Australia during the mid-1990s. He was the first teacher to deliver Certificate III in Music as a qualification within a Victorian Secondary College.


Throughout his career, Frank has maintained a passion for innovative curriculum development. He lead an action research staff team at Kambrya College responsible for developing the first year long ‘Alternative Year 9’ program in a Government School addressing key middle years issues.


Prior to joining Scoresby Secondary College, Frank has spent the previous 8 years as Head of Music and Curriculum at Oxygen College, developing it into a successful Creative Arts Registered Training Organisation from start-up. This included the development of Australia’s first nationally accredited Artist Development Program for aspiring original contemporary musicians.


Frank has had numerous industry experiences as a composer, performer, sound technician, lighting operation, staging and tour management. He is a current certified global Pro Tools trainer, and an Australasian Performing Right Association member. He is passionate about new, creative, and independent original music as well as being influenced by new works from other contemporary art forms.


He is very excited about establishing the Artist Development Program for student musicians at Scoresby. It aims to develop original music artists who possess their own unique songs, sounds and brand. With the assistance of the college’s newly appointed music staff, students will be mentored to successfully self-manage their own learning, skill development, creations, and career development ready for entry into industry or further studies. 


Stayed tuned for the many new music curriculum, collaboration, partnership and program initiatives planned for introduction over the next 12 months.



Community News

CAT Competition Solutuion 

This is a classic binary search.

A binary search is similar to looking for a name in a telephone book. The first operation compares the middle element in the list with the target. This halves the portion of the list that the target could be in. Then the middle element of the half is compared with the target. This process is repeated until the target is found.

In this problem, the operation is ‘sniff a group of suitcases’. The dog is given a group of 30 suitcases to sniff, and whether or not it detects the peanuts, the suitcase containing them is now one of 30. It is then given a group of 15 of those suitcases, then 8, then 4, then 2, then 1, by which time the contraband suitcase has been identified.

So only 6 ‘sniffs’ are required.


Leanne Wilson

Numeracy and Mathematics


Robert Newton Visit

On Monday 30 May, Scoresby Secondary College welcomed Robert Newton, author of the Year 8 English novel “Runner”.


 “Runner” is set in Melbourne in 1919. Robert told us how his initial research into the history, social conditions and language of the time provided the background to his novel.  He told us how much he enjoyed researching and described finding “little gems” and feeling “like a thief” when he was able to grab pieces of information for his story.

Robert touched on the themes, characters and story development in his novel as well as reading some passages aloud. He spoke of the pleasure of creative writing and encouraged our students to enjoy this aspect of their schooling. He also gave some practical tips about the actual writing process and how he fits this into his working life as a fireman. He emphasised that if he can do it, anyone can.


Robert Newton was a lively and interesting speaker and we felt very fortunate to have a published author speaking to our students. His visit was planned to coincide with the Year 8’s study of the book and proved to be an enjoyable learning experience directly enhancing the students’ understanding of their novel.

Thank you to parents for supporting this valuable English activity.


Linda Duncan

Resource Centre Manager


Carrington Primary School Trivia Night



Sports News

Intermediate Boys Badminton

On Tuesday 24 May five year 9 boys went to Kilsyth Sports Stadium to compete in the Intermediate Knox District Badminton competition. There were teams from Wantirna, Fairhills, Rowville, Boronia, Bayswater and Sherbrooke. It was a very strong competition with our boys playing mostly against Year 10 boys from other schools. The boys played four matches consisting of four singles games and two doubles.

Our school finished 2nd overall and were only beaten by a very strong Wantirna team.


As usual our boys represented the school in an exemplary manner and are to be congratulated on not only their excellent performance but their sportsmanship and behaviour was outstanding.


Pictured from left to right are: Erwin Charles Diesta, Ashley Haag, Brock Franklin, Eddy Bernales and Gage Pitman.


Next term the District Basketball competitions will be running. Scoresby will enter teams if students attend sign up sessions. As I have outlined before it is the students responsibility to keep track of compass and be aware of sign up sessions.


Andrew Young

Sport Coordinator


The Score