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15 November 2016
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Principal's Report

Organisational Structure

As the Principal at Marlborough I am passionately committed to ensuring every student gets the opportunity to achieve outstanding growth academically and socially every single year of their schooling. Experience and evidence shows us that student achievement is optimised when we have consistent, high quality teaching practices and a guaranteed and viable curriculum. Ensuring consistency between teachers and lifting their capacity is one of the most important elements of my job.


Ongoing professional development (PD), high quality feedback and ensuring accountability are all important parts of lifting teacher capacity. To deliver this we must develop a timetable and an organisational structure that improve our capacity to deliver this level of leadershp to teachers across the school


We have designed a new Organisational Structure for Marlborough in 2017. Leaders of the teams (including the Specialist Team) will be re-named Teaching and Learning Leaders. Until now,  team leaders have been mostly responsible for daily organisation and co-ordination (the when and what of teaching), under the new structure our Teaching and Learning Leaders will be more responsible for building the teaching capacity of team members and ensuring accountability (also focusing on the how of teaching). We will build the capacity of these leaders and give them the opportunity to perform their roles through their own Professional Development and through re-structuring our timetable.


During the next few weeks we will go through an internal process with staff to finalise who fills these roles and will publish our Organisational Structure in a newsletter following that.


We have rearranged our Specialist Timetable for 2017 so that PE is Wednesday-Friday, Indonesian is Thursday-Friday and Art is Wednesday-Thursday. This ensures our teaching teams get blocks of APT together to plan together during the school day.


In each of these teams the focus in the planning sessions is to look at student assessment data (evidence) and turn that into high quality, consistent, differentiated lessons.


By ensuring that team planning sessions happen during the school day, we are able to free up a lot more time for consistent weekly Professional Development sessions after school.


As part of an ongoing process, the Policy Sub-committee has been reviewing many policies due to Department of Education requirements to change the policy or because it was due to be reviewed as part of a cycle.


The following policies have been reviewed and had amendments made where deemed necessary and we are now distributing them to the school community to seek any feedback or give you the opportunity to ask questions about them.


If you have any questions or feedback about the policies below please send an email to [email protected] and put the name of the policy in the Subject line.


Pupils of the Week



The following students will be rewarded certificates at the next assembly on

Monday 28th November:


Congratulations to:


Sakura F


For being an amazing environmental monitor in our class. You are being a great role model in taking care of our school and our world! Fantastic!

Isabelle N


For your amazing work on your words. Your hard work has moved you on to spelling now and we are so proud of you! Well done!

Jazmine B


For the Personal Best effort she is putting into her reading. What a mighty reader you are, Jaz! Keep it up!

Liam H


For being such a kind and caring friend. He is always one of the first to help others. Liam is a wonderful role model in our class.

Florence B


For doing her Personal Best to improve her recounts by including lots of great detail. Great job, Florence!

Charlotte W


For showing great persistence when given challenging maths tasks. You have a great attitude towards learning, Charlotte! Well done!

Lily D


For putting a great effort into her writing and showing what she can do.

Emma H


For always doing her Personal Best. Emma works hard to improve herself in all she does.

Lily M


For being such a great role model in our class, caring for her classmates and showing appreciation with flowers and notes to her teachers. Thank you, Lily for making us all feel special!

Emmalea H


For her determination and persistence in learning all her coloured spelling words. Emmalea has given it her Personal Best and has had success. Well done!

Jasmine S


For building confidence inside and outside the classroom. Jasmine has been asking to present work to the class and is showing an interest in leadership. Keep it up, Jas!

Austin D


For being an encouraging and caring member of our class. Austin always helps his friends inside and outside the classroom. Thank you for all of your kind words! We love you!

Nathan F


For completing all his Maths Online tasks. Nathan has worked hard and not only stayed on task at school but also did extra work at home! Well done!

Harua K


For settling into 45A and Marlborough Primary School. Harua has participated and had a go at all the tasks and activities. Well done!

Ella D


For being such a responsible student in our class. Ella is always kind, caring and considerate of others and we appreciate these amazing qualities.

Kurtis M


For showing persistence with his Maths. Kurtis works very hard to understand new concepts. Super effort!


Dates to remember


Tuesday 15th

  • School Council Meeting - 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Monday 21st

  • No assembly today - TRIBES meetings instead

Sunday 4th

  • Grade 6 Graduation Fundraiser - Bunnings Ringwood Sausage Sizzle 

Tuesday 6th

  • School Council and Dinner

Wednesday 7th

  • Parent Volunteers Thank You Morning Tea

Wednesday 14th

  • End of Year Class Celebrations

Thursday 15th

  • Christmas Carols

Monday 19th

  • Grade 6 Graduation Night

Tuesday 20th

  • Last day of 2016 - Early dismissal at 1.30pm






School News

SAT Community Fundraiser Day – 24th of November

During Term 4, students in Gr 4/5/6 have been participating in Student Action Teams every week. Working in small teams of 4-6, students have been researching a school issue that is of interest to the group. The aim of this program is to give our students voice and choice within their learning, to allow students to develop a sense of compassion and a sense of giving back, to work as a team on a real-life problem in their community, to be active and reflective learners and to make a real difference in the school/local community by taking action. We want them to be engaged in their own learning and appreciate the value of community service.


On Thursday the 24th of November (Week 8) we will be holding our Student Action Teams Community Fundraiser day at school. We have 5 teams that will all be raising funds for a local charity. We are asking parents/guardians to allow your children to bring in some money so they can participate in the events on the day. Please see below what events are happening on the day and feel free to choose which you will allow your child to participate in.



Chook Lotto!

On Wednesday the 30th of November, our Student Action Team consisting of Hannah V, Will S, Hannah F, Jonah H and Jarrod A will be holding a Chook Lotto on the chess board outside the Grade 6 classroom.  We are selling raffle tickets each morning before shcool at the BBQ. Tickets will be $10 per square (cash only).  By selling all 64 squares we hope to raise $640 with tthe winning ticket receiving a $100 prize. This means that the remaining $540 can be donated to our selected charity - Wesley Central Misson in Ringwood. This organisation helps the homeless and needy people in Maroondah by supplying emergency accommodation, care packages and support during a time of crisis. Chook Lotto involves us roping off the outdoor chessboard, we number each square and place our chickens inside the square. Wherever it poops, is the winning number! Please support us for a chance to win $100 and to support the great work that Wesley Central Mission do for our community.

Wanted to sell

Second Hand Heathmont College Uniform - $25 for the lot

Size 14 polo shirt 

Size 14 jumper

Size 14 shorts


New Heathmont College Uniform (still in packaging) - $80 the lot

Size 16 shorts

Size 16 sports shorts

Size 16 white polo shirt

Size 16 maroon polo shirt


Kitchen Appliances - $250 ONO

Three piece Mistral Kitchen Appliance set (still in packaging) including electric wall oven, gas hot plate and range hood.


Please call Gloria on 0438 583 147 if you are interested.

Tennis Hot Shots

On Friday November 4th the following students represented Marlborough at Tennis Hot Shots at Antonio Park Primary school: Grace D, Adam E, Jarrod A, Olivia A, Zoe L, Ella B, Ella D, Rodney C, Keon C and Sam V.


The teacher in charge was Melissa Wheatley. The competition was fierce but Antonio Park won out on the day. Great sportsmanship was exhibited and these students represented Marlborough PS sensationally.  Special thank you to parents, Natalie Lanyon-Town and Fiona Day plus Melissa Wheatley who helped ferry the students to the venue and back.


Bonny Chisholm

Chaplain's Note

Kids Matter – Supporting children’s confidence

Children who lack confidence in their abilities sometimes avoid having a go at things they perceive to be too difficult. This can stop children from developing the skills they need to tackle tasks confidently as well as being a source of frustration for parents and carers.


Confidence improves through building on small successes. We can help our children by explaining that skills develop with practice. We can encourage them to persist when they don’t succeed right away. It’s important to praise effort and persistence.

Make sure that goals are achievable by breaking down large tasks into smaller goals. Using a picture or drawing of a staircase or ladder, and taking one step at a time, can be a useful model for children.


Be ready to step in and help when necessary, but be careful not to take over!

Additional resources are available on the Kids Matter website at

Dorothy Dullege
School Chaplain

Parent's Association

Shopping Tour

We would like to thank all that came along to our shopping tour community event. It was a great day, in addition to some great shopping we all got to have a wondeful chat and laugh. The bonus is that we raised over $500 for the school!

Christmas Carols

The PA are going to be offering a paella meal on the night of our Christmas Carols (15th December).  An order form will be going out within the next week or so. The paella is pre-order ONLY,  no orders will be taken on the night. Drinks and icy poles will also be available on the night.

Get Christmas wrapped up

Need inspiration for Christmas? We have a limited number of 40th anniversary tea towels and aprons available to buy from the office. A perfect present for parents, grandparents, aunties or uncles. Even better, they make great wrapping paper. 

Tea towels: $13, or $10 each for orders of five or more.

Aprons: $20 each, or $18 each for orders of five or more.




We would like to advise the positions for the PA committee have been filled: President – Dora Batchelor, Vice President – Stefan Riedel, Treasurer – Rebecca Bennett, Secretary – Simone Pamamull.  Thanks to everyone that came along and voted. If you would like to be part of the PA in any way please feel free to come to a meeting or contact one of the members.

2017 Events

So far we have scheduled the following events for 2017:


Disco - 4th August 2017

Shopping Tour - 11th November 2017

Family Welcome Night - 16th February 2017

Adult only night - event type to be confirmed - 17th June 2017

Car boot/Craft Market - 22nd October 2017


Mother's Day/Father's Day Stalls

Easter Raffle

Family Portraits - 19th March 2017


If you would like to be part of any of the these events by helping our coordinators please contact Dora (please note that dates may change).




Out of School Hours Care







Class Blogs

Community News







Hot Shots at Heathmont Tennis Club


Hot Shots has now commenced in 4th term and will continue right through until Sunday 11th December (except for Sunday 30th October - the Melbourne Cup weekend).


Just a reminder of the location:  Heathmont Tennis Club courts are in Heathmont Park, the entrance being in Waterloo Street near the Cuthbert Street roundabout.


 It is free and participants don’t need to bring anything with them.


The commencement time has now reverted to 11.30am (till 12.30pm).


Robert Peterson would love to see you for a fun time and introduce you to the wonderful game of tennis.


Robert can be contacted on 0412 722 348 should you want any information.




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