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15 September 2017
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Principal's News

From Mr Phillips

The end of another term is fast approaching and we wish our large group of Year 10 students safe travels to Central Australia and beyond next week. It has also been a most productive week for our Year 9 students in their city experience as they discover more about their city, Melbourne.


Musically Speaking

The past few months has been extremely busy in the music department with a focus on both the Victorian Schools Music Festival and  Royal South Street, Ballarat. There have been some outstanding results achieved. Congratulations to all teachers and students involved. Full details of all results can be found in this newsletter’s music report. Next week’s Gala concert (21/09), further showcases the talents of all our ensembles. Bookings can be made through TryBooking.


Victorian State Schools Spectacular

Chookas to all our performers in this years event, Anything is Possible being staged at Hisense Arena on Saturday. We have great representation in all elements of performance – lead singers, musuicians, featured soloists, choir and dance.

Congratulations to Chloe Horrabin, Coleman Shook, Olivia Slade, Melanie Arthur, William Fisher, Sienna Sleigh, Emily Standfield, Mikayla Whitten, Mylee James , Zoe Keltie, Indiana Rancie, Priya Manders, Zac McCallum, Samantha Mikulandra, Cody Leggett, Cameron Shook and Michael Noble-Saroto


Heritage Perpetual Scholarship

The Heritage and Alumni group of Ringwood Secondary College is pleased to offer these scholarships again to worthy applicants commencing VCE in 2018. Applications from within and outside the school are eligible. Applications close on October 30 and interviews will be held in November.


Building Program

We will be taking delivery of our newest buildings in October and the final touches are now commencing. It will be exciting to be in fit for purpose facilities that enable students and teachers to further develop their teaching and learning capacity. In early  Term 4 I will share with you plans for our opening  and the chance to share  the excitement of the new build.


District Athletics

Our district Athletics competition was held at Proclamation Park, in trying conditions yesterday. Despite being without key runners, due to a rescheduled event and City Experience, that required a number of our younger students to compete in higher level age groups, Ringwood was able to successfully defend its title. Congratulations to all competitors and well done on being such great team players and supporting each other to achieve such a fantastic set of results.


Best wishes to our First Aid Attendant Nancy Davies who is retiring at the end of this term and thanks for being there to support our young people whenever they needed your help.


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Reflections on learning

As we approach the end of Term 3 we are reminded of all our achievements to date and we have the time to reflect and re energise for the remainder of the year.

Parent Teacher Student interviews were a terrific opportunity to visibly see the collaboration that exists between students, teachers and parents. The continuous feedback that students receive via the Compass management system is another vehicle with which we visibly present student learning in our aim to help students reach their full potential. Student voice is so important in this endeavour and in a personal reflection with my Year 7 French class, I asked students what their comfort level was going into the next Common Assessed Task.

This response from one student is indicative of the positive culture around learning that exists in the college:

My comfort level going into this test is excellent, as I did well in the practice and understand pretty much all of the French. Also, may I add that I find it really awesome how you want to know how we feel before a test, so thank you for that.


Instructional Model

As part of the Education State initiatives, staff have been exploring both the High Impact Teaching Strategies and an Instructional Model of practice in external workshops, Learning Area meetings and Staff meetings. The Department of Education and Training’s support has been visible through resources that are evidence based and which aim to lift the learning outcomes of students. Further planning, discussion and application of the ideas in this area is continuing.


Indonesian tour

As part of our Internationalising the curriculum, a tour group to Indonesia is heading out of Melbourne this Saturday for an authentic language and cultural experience. Staff Jess Lundie and Benn Jamieson will be accompanying 14 language learning students in Years 8-10 on this much anticipated Indonesian tour. We wish everyone safe and happy travels.


Year 9 City Week

Thank you to our InterGREAT leader Virgina Watson who organised the City Week experience for the Year 9 students and to students and staff who participated in the program. As always we receive positive feedback from the community about the behaviour of our students while in the city. Over the course of a week they learn to navigate their way around the Melbourne CBD experiencing a range of programs and activities. From a personal and academic development, the week offers an opportunity for students to become independent and active citizens whilst developing increased maturity and responsibility.


Gala Concert

To end Term 3 on a bright note, you are invited to the Ringwood Secondary College Gala evening on Thursday 21st of September at the George Wood Performing Arts Centre, Yarra Valley Grammar School. The concert begins at 7.30pm and involves a huge number of our talented musicians across the whole music program. There will be a presentation of awards on the night as well as other special presentations.


Eleni Stathatos

From Mr Barut

Please read the following information from Mrs Cathy Menz, Head of Senior School:


Year 12 students attended ’The Finishing Line' run by Elevate Education on Thursday 7th September. This session covered key ideas on how students can best use these final few weeks leading up to their exams. The session covered some revision techniques, including how to make students knowledge ‘bulletproof’, ways to manage increased stress levels, and the importance of health and wellbeing in these final days of school. The presenter was energetic, passionate and enthusiastic about the students doing their best. Hopefully all students gained some tips or ideas to make these last few weeks fun, productive and less stressful! Students were also given the username and password for the Elevate website where they can access further information as well as some practice exams. 


Key Dates for Year 12 students and parents:

Friday 22nd September – Final Day of Term 3

School Holidays – Various revision sessions – timetable has been posted on the Compass Newsfeed for both Year 12 Parents & Students

Monday 9th October – Thursday 19th October – Normal Classes

Friday 20th October – Year 12 student and parent breakfast (details to follow)

Friday 20th October - Year 12 Celebration Day excursion to Funfields (for those who have opted in)

Monday 23rd October – SWOTVAC begins (students are not required at school for classes from this day)

Wednesday 1st November – Wednesday 22nd November – Year 12 Exams

Friday 24th November – Year 12 Valedictory at Melbourne Park

Friday 15th December – Year 12 Results released


Cathy Menz


This information is very important as we ask all our parents to support their son/daughter through the final weeks of secondary education and of course, the examination period.


On another note, planning for 2018 is well underway and one of the most enjoyable tasks of doing this job is interviewing our year 11 applicants for prefect portfolios for next year.


 I speak on behalf of the entire panel when I say that we have been awe inspired by the work and dedication to the community that our young people put in, outside school hours. We hear of voluntary service to welfare groups, environment groups, assisting others in transition to the Australian way of life, coaching teams, mentoring others, tutoring both students in younger year levels here at RSC and even visiting local primary schools to offer a helping hand. We have been honoured to hear this commitment from our students and we are so thankful and proud that they attend our college.


 Prefects for 2018 will be announced in the following weeks. Good luck to all the applicants.


Our Middle School students have been very, very busy too!


This week, as part of the InterGreat program, every Year 9 student has been involved in City Experience Week, where they have been exposed to a myriad of activities that included, but not limited to:

  • ACMI
  • Eureka Skydeck
  • Street Art Tour
  • Melbourne Musuem
  • The Shrine
  • Etihad Stadium
  • River Cruise to Scienceworks and the Planetarium
  • Pizza in Lygon Street at Il Gambero
  • Ice Skating
  • Melbourne Star etc etc

What an adventure for all our students! Thanks must go to Virginia Watson and all the attending staff for all their hard work in giving our students an authentic learning experience. Thank you, too, to the Year 9 cohort for their exemplary behaviour throughout.


This Saturday morning, over 140 Year 10 students will be departing the College on their way to the airport for the first Year 10 Central Trip. What a fantastic time they will have! We wish all the students and their teachers all the best. Just a reminder to parents that normal Year 10 classes will run for the students back at the College. Parents will be notified if there are any changes to these arrangements.


Our Year 7 and 8 students have been working extremely hard to achieve their personal best in classes and extracurricular activities. Congratulations to our youngest cohort who have now completed their first three terms of secondary schooling!


Next Friday, the Year 8 cohort will be travelling to Eastland to watch The Emoji Film, as a reward for all their hard work throughout the year that saw them strengthening positive relationships with their teachers and their peers.


As this is the last newsletter of the term, I would like to wish all our students and their families restful break, to recharge and prepare for another busy, challenging, rewarding upcoming term.


James Barut

From Mrs Allison

Heritage and Alumni Perpetual Scholarship

Heritage and Alumni are offering a perpetual scholarship to all current and potential VCE students. The aim of the scholarship is to support the selected student who faces some form of hardship, to undertake the VCE (Years 11 & 12). The scholarship will assist the student with study requisites, recognise persistence and effort, credit resilience and endeavour and encourage learning and opportunity. The closing date is October 30 with interviews in mid-November. Contact Mrs M Allison (AP) for details. Students are required to submit an application, of no more than 500 words, to [email protected]


2018 Leadership positions

Ringwood Secondary College’s leadership program aims to:

  • empower students to work in partnership with staff towards shared goals.  
  • enable creativity to flourish as the school community benefits from the wealth of experiences, ideas, skills and sense of fun that students bring.  
  • provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring, challenging and valued projects which impact positively on learning, teaching and well-being for both students and staff.    
  • prepare students for secondary and tertiary education to achieve personal and professional excellence in life after school.


Students in Years 7-10 are encouraged to apply for a 2018 leadership positions that will be advertised today, via email.  A College assembly will be held next Wednesday morning to introduce the outline for the application process. Enquiries can be directed to Ms Karly Horton [email protected]


Wellbeing Focus for this week…


Wellbeing Builder: Positive & Optimistic Thinking

Meaning and Purpose: Leadership/Move More


As Barbara Fredrickson’s research has informed us, it is the frequency of positive emotions, not their intensity, which builds our wellbeing. Looking at life optimistically and searching for what is good in things and right about what we are doing sees positive emotions bubbling away in us. We are striving, thriving and flourishing.


When we educate our students about the amazing benefits of adopting an optimistic outlook in their lives and introduce them to the little positive actions they can do often, they shine. Happy people enjoy better health and are more likely to achieve what they set out to do.

The alternative is to look at life pessimistically and search for what is wrong with things. Well guess what? People who adopt this negative way of thinking find plenty of things they perceive to be not right, because that is all they are on the lookout for. It’s a pity they miss out on the great things that are happening and could happen. As such, they seldom have those warm feelings of gratitude and appreciation.


The zest of optimistic thinkers is contagious and rubs off on those around them. Unfortunately, this is also true for negative thinkers.


“It makes sense to me to only think optimistically.” MW


Maria Allison

From the Office


To help manage your child’s/children’s attendance so that all absences are updated and accounted for on a regular basis – please help by following these few simple steps

This is particularly important for VCE students who have a 90% attendance requirement across all subjects


Daily Absences

  • Please contact the attendance line before 10.00am to have the absence recorded
  • Or Log onto the Parent Portal in Compass and record the absence yourself before 10.00am
  • If you are leaving a message on the attendance line please leave the reason for the absence

Late to School

If a student will be late for any reason - with parent approval

  • Notify the school via the attendance line where possible in the morning
  • Or send a note with your child
  • In both instances the students will need to sign in at the office on arrival.

To ensure that we can manage the welfare and safety of everyone in the school community it is important that the above steps are followed.

Any absence that is not recorded before 10.00am will generate an SMS message and remain unapproved until updated

  • Please note that any ‘late to class’ entries cannot be approved by a parent as it is a student’s responsibility to attend each class on time.
  • If the class absence is in relation to a school based activity then the absence will be updated by the school.

Parents who have any problems with recording absences on Compass should contact the school or the attendance line for assistance.



Kay Priestly

Attendance Officer

Ringwood Training's WELDING Short Course

RT's next Welding Short course begins on October 10th 2017, 6pm-9pm.

Learn how to use a welder or expand your current welding skills. 


Course Fee is $350.00.


For further information relating to this course or to enrol, please contact the RT Administration Office on 9845 7560 or Email: [email protected]

Art and Technology Exhibition

It won’t be long before our annual Art and Technology Exhibition is upon us. Our students are enthusiastically creating many pieces of work that will be on display. The exhibition will highlight the skills and talents of all our students as artists.


The Opening Night will be held on Tuesday 24th October at 7pm in the RT building (upstairs) at Ringwood Secondary College.


The exhibition is open to anyone, so come along and enjoy what will be a great school/community event. Entry by gold coin donation.


We look forward to seeing you on the Opening Night of the 2017 Art and Technology Exhibition.


Dina Mihailidis

Head of Visual Arts

From First Aid

Coughs and Colds

Nancy Davies and Kerrie Hausler

College Nurses

Career News

News for the Career Team

Helen Doherty


From the Chaplain

As Fathers day has just passed I thought it was only appropriate to share a poem of a Father.  


But this is not just for the Fathers as we can all take something from this poem.  


As parents its important to encourage our kids to appreciate that the goal is not the success but the journey and how they respond. 


The Race
Whenever I start to hang my head in front of failure’s face
My downward fall is broken by the memory of a race.
A child’s race, young boys, young men … how I remember well
Excitement sure … but also fear … it was not hard to tell.

They all lined up so full of hope, each thought to win the race.
Or tie for first, or if not that, at least take second place.
And fathers watched from off the side, each cheering for his own; 
And each child hoped to show his dad that he would be the one.

The whistle blew, and off they went, young hearts and hopes afire.
To win … to be the hero … that was each young child’s desire.
And one child in particular whose dad was in the crowd,
Was running in the lead and thought my dad will be so proud.

But as he sped down the field across a shallow dip,
The child, who thought to win, lost his step and slipped.
Trying hard to catch himself, his hands flew out in brace.
And mid the laughter of the crowd the child fell on his face.

So down he fell with lost hope; he couldn’t win not now.
Embarrassed, sad, he only wished to disappear somehow.
But as he fell his dad stood up, and showed his anxious face; 
This to the child so clearly said; “Get up and win the race.”

He quickly rose … no damage done … behind a bit, that’s all.
And off he ran with all his might to make up for his fall.
So anxious to restore himself, to catch up, and to win;
His mind went faster than his legs …he slipped and fell again.

He wished then that he had quit before, with only one disgrace.
I’m hopeless as a runner now I should not try to race.
But in the laughing crowd he searched and found his father’s face.
That steady look that said again, “Get up and win the race.”

So up he jumped to try again, 10 yards behind the last. 
If I’m going to gain those yards I’ve got to run real fast.
Exerting everything he had … regaining eight then ten.
But trying hard to catch the lead he slipped and fell again.

Defeat; he lay there silently … a tear dropped from his eye. 
There is no sense in running anymore … three strikes, I’m out, why try?
The will to rise had disappeared all hope had fled away.
So far behind, so error prone I’ll never go all the way.

I’ve lost – so what’s the use he thought. I’ll live with my disgrace.
But then he thought about his dad who soon he would have to face.
“Get up” … an echo sounded low … “Get up and take your place …
You were not meant for failure here … get up and win the race.”

“Get up” it said, “you have not lost at all.
For winning is no more than this – to rise each time you fall.”
So up he rose to run once more refusing to forfeit.
He resolved, that win or lose the race, at least he would not quit.
So far behind the others now … the most he had ever been,
So he gave it all he had and ran as though to win.
Three times he had fallen, stumbling … three times he had rose again.
Too far behind to hope to win … but he still ran on to the end.

They cheered the winning runner as they crossed the line first place.
Head high ... proud and happy … no falling, no disgrace.
But when the fallen youngster crossed the line … last place
The crowd gave him the greatest cheer for finishing the race.

And even though he came in last with head bowed low un-proud.
You would have thought that he had won the race to listen to the crowd.
And to his dad, he sadly said –“I did not do so well.”
“To me you won”, his father said. “You rose each time you fell.”

Now when things seem dark and difficult to face,
The memory of that child helps me in my race.
For all of life is like that race with ups and downs and all.
And all you have to do to win – IS RISE EACH TIME YOU FALL.

And when depression and despair shout loudly in my face,
Another voice within me says, “Get up and win the race!”

The original poem has been attributed to Dr.  D.H. “Dee” Groberg and has been slightly amended by 
Dr Gordon F Gatiss 2004-2006


Adam Bryant

Chaplain (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs) 

Building Project

Facilities Report

The College continues to make big strides in improving the facilities for the school community.

The front of the library development is starting to take shape and the Junior School building is now only a few weeks away from being finished.

It is looking amazing inside as panelling, plastering, painting, vinyl laying and electrical fitout occurs at a furious pace.

Most of the furniture is selected and should arrive in time for the grand opening.  The spaces in the new building will provide wonderful flexibility and opportunity for the school community and it’s all only 4-5 weeks away!

Plenty of activity going on around the rest of the College including a recent Working Bee to beautify the central gardens of the school.

A big thank-you to members of the Facilities Committee for their amazing enthusiasm.  In the near future, we will commence a maintenance program to improve structural problems around the school. The Department has assessed the College and has provided over $300000 for repairs.

We are highly pleased that our current architects, Clarke Hopkins Clarke and builders, Newton Manor Constructions will be involved in this work.

Brief summary of recent works:

  • Working Bee-amazing effort by a very dedicated group on central gardens (see photos)
  • Staff Recreation area-Stirrups in place-ready for the roof!
  • Repair to damaged upper windows- 200 block
  • Painting of 500s

OH & S

  • Asbestos-whole school inspection
  • Testing and tagging
  • Repairs to Exit lights








Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Around the School

Youth in Philanthropy

Four Year 10 students participated in a program called Youth in Philanthropy.  The Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation gave us $10,000 and our role was to decide how much we would donate to each charity.

We chose three charities, which were Scope, The Smith family and Center for Multicultural Youth.  We were allocated a mentor- Margret Mitchell, who assisted us through the whole process. 

Before visiting the charities, as a group we thought of some questions which would help when making our decision. The first charity we visited was Scope. We were given a wide variety of information about the project ‘Kids Chat 2 You’, and its aim. The presentation was presented very professionally.  The next charity we visited was the Smith Family; here we were informed about the ‘student2student’ program. We saw books being packaged and ready to be sent to students around Australia, it was interesting to see the work involved and inspiring to meet the volunteers. The third charity we visited was the Centre For Multicultural Youth, here we were informed about the Youth Active Citizenship program, as a team our impressions were very positive. The making process was very tough. The four of us had a long discussion on how much we would donate to each charity.

We came to a conclusion that we would donate $1,000 to scope, $3,000 to the Smith Family and $6,000 to the Center of Multicultural Youth. We all thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Through our visited we gained a deeper understanding on what it means to be a philanthropist.


Ashlee Huynh and Philip Grimley

Book Week

Our annual Book Week Trivia Quiz celebrated this year’s theme ‘Escape to Everywhere’.

This was going to be an interesting battle as last year’s winners, now in year 10 had split into two teams and were in competition with each other!

The Year 12 students were looking for one last moment of glory before the end of their school days, and planned to show off how much they knew with all of their extra years of study… Their ambition - to take home the coveted Village movie tickets.

But for the first time ever in the history of the Quiz, in an amazing and stunning upset, a team of year 8 students knocked them all out the top spot. The clue to their success?  Their thorough knowledge of current popular books and movies.  

Questions such as ‘Which one of the Weasley twins died in the battle of Hogwarts?’ and ‘What is Wonder woman’s first name?’ (Diana) were no match for these feisty junior school students.

Our heartiest congratulations to 1st place winners: Amy Pearson, Gabby Thatcher, Ruby D’Arcy, Lizzie Brooks, Sophie Duffus and Bella Roach.

Extension Programs at RSC

Tournament of Minds:  Another Fantastic Result!

On Saturday, 26th August, our Tournament of Minds team competed at the Lilydale Regional Competition. Tournament of Minds is a 6-week adventure in problem solving and discovery. Students who are part of a TOM team learn to work together, make decisions, solve problems and communicate effectively with one another. The team was selected in April, but the challenges were not released until day one of Term 3. Of the four Challenges offered, the team selected the Engineering Mathematics Challenge: One Way Trip. They had 6 weeks to formulate a solution to the Challenge, design and build a lottery machine, prepare their script and 10 minutes to present their solution on Tournament Day in costume. They also had to complete a short Spontaneous Challenge on the day.


Our ACE TOM Team:

Shion Kim, Aidan Maher & Elley Steenhuizen of 7I, along with Vithara Gunawardena, Isuri Jayasinghe, Sam Rhodes & Daniel Watson of 8I.


The Engineering Mathematics Challenge:

It may be a one-way trip but too many people want to have the chance to be the first to live on Mars, even though there is no chance of ever returning to Earth! A lottery is needed to reduce the number of candidates for the spaceship crews. However, some concerned scientists fear that the lottery will eliminate too many desirable candidates. They need to try and rig the result to include preferred candidates whose lottery numbers they can select!


Design and build a lottery machine that randomly delivers a subset of numbered balls to determine which of the million candidates will proceed to the next selection round, by having the three winning numbers. To have a secret modification that cannot be easily detected, which will improve the odds of preferred candidates being selected. To explain and justify why these candidates need to be preferred.

This was an exciting challenge, and students met at lunchtime on a regular basis, set up a chat group, and spent the first few weeks developing their ideas. The last 2 weeks were much busier, as they began building their lottery machine. They had to start it again from scratch 3 days before the tournament, and stayed back after school on several occasions until 5pm to meet their deadline. They showed great commitment and dedication. Their costume-making skills were hilarious!


Results were published on the following Monday: the team gained ‘Honours’ in the Secondary Engineering Mathematics Challenge, along with two private schools. The challenge was won by a private school. This was a fantastic achievement by our RSC team, and they were very pleased!

Thank you to the parents of the team members for their support and encouragement, and their attendance on the day to watch their son/daughter compete in the Tournament.

It’s been a pleasure to work with this group of students over the last 6 weeks in preparation for Tournament of Minds, and they were brilliant ambassadors for the college. Congratulations!


Ms Annette Niven

ACE Program Coordinator

Languages News!

Term 3 has certainly busy for both the French and Indonesian Departments. Teaching staff have had a succesful Curriculum Day together this term where they were able to plan and develop the Languages program at RSC. Teachers have also been busy learning more about how to use technology in the Language classroom as well as the creation of iTunes U courses – the future of Languages is looking very exciting!

The Indonesia trip is coming up on the 16th of September and the travelling party of 18 are all very keen to get going. They will spend 12 days in Bandung which is located in West Java. They will be participating in a school visit and homestay program with Sekolah Tunas Unggul. They are all looking forward to all of the yummy food, the cultural experiences, the language challenges and the lifelong memories that will be made!

At the end of last term some Year 8 students had the opportunity to experience language learning outside of the Indonesian classroom. Students attended an Indonesian film put on by Bioskop and then indulged in an Indonesian lunch at Pondok Rempah in the city. All of the students had a great time and it was a wonderful way to celebrate learning about another language and culture!

Finally, good luck to all of our students who entered the SBS Languages Competition at the end of August. This was compulsory for all Year 10 French and Indonesian students. All submissions were highly creative and the winners will be announced in a couple of weeks. Semoga sukses/Bonne chance!


Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages

Year 10 Journalism

Year 10 Formal

The year 10 Formal of 2017 was a truly spectacular event; the night consisted of Glamour, Dancing, and Mingling.

Everyone looked amazing, and the love themed venue gave us a great opportunity to take pictures and enjoy precious time with our close friends. Overall, formal was really fun and everyone had a spectacular time, the only downside was the stone cold lemon tart that you had to pry open with a knife, but besides that, the night was as fun as it could possibly be! Thank you to all the teachers and formal organisers who put this amazing night together.


Flynn Lambeth 


Hockey Round Robin

Article of the Hockey Round Robin

Hayley Daws

Holocaust Excursion

by Skye Hagland


Lion Heart Dance 

Article on the Lion Heart Dance Excursion

Poppy O’Neill and Rachael Dunn

Holocaust Excursion

On the 4th of August a group of year 10s went on a English excursion to the Jewish holocaust centre in Elsternwick. My first opinions ads I walked in I was very open minded but very informed about what was the holocaust and what had happened during this terrible time in human history. As were the rest of the group but most distinctively most of us if not all of us had never met anyone who had experienced this terrible thing we had only just read about it.


The first thing that was on the agenda was a educational session with one of the educators from the centre. We got to watch a very interesting video about the holocaust featuring some sad but interesting pictures from this time it really put this in perspective and really changed the mood for me. From then on it was as if the mood went from a relaxed excursion to a downed mood for me.


The next thing on the agenda was a quick tour and look around there museum. This part for me was a very interesting part because we could ask more questions, and get more detail from our tour guides. My particular tour guide was very nice and good. He was very easy to talk to and ask questions to. He gave us really in depth talk about the concentration camps, where they were, what they looked like, the different types and more other things. He was such an interesting man and was very informed about it and learning about his family’s links with the holocaust.


The last thing for the day was a talk from a person which has been through the holocaust. He was amazing his story almost made me cry I’ll be honest myself not being a very emotional person. It was so easy to link with as he was almost identical in age to what I am and just even trying to imagine what it would be like trying to get through something like that at this age would be horrific and scaring for your whole life. It was very evident that this man was very angry still all these years later. But the most hard hitting thing that he said was “all these years later I can still not withstand the smell of barbecue” it was over 72 years ago and he can still not withstand that that’s how mentally scared this man is.


Cameron Radford

Junior School

News from Junior School

The term is fast disappearing and we are only weeks out from the next round of school holidays.


As the weather finally begins to warm up we felt it timely to remind you all that students will soon be expected to wear their Summer school uniform. There will be a two-week transition period at the start of Term 4, with full Summer uniform being enforced from Monday 23rd October. For your information, the Summer uniform is as follows:


College dress or tailored or charcoal shorts and a white shirt with College logo

White socks and black leather lace up or buckle shoes that can be polished.


Tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with the College logo

 White ankle socks and black, leather lace-up shoes that can be polished. 


Brainstorm Theatre Productions

On Monday 11th September, Year 7 students saw a performance of Brainstorm Production’s ‘The Hurting Game’ which addressed the hurtful games that students play at school and online to give them a false sense of power and belonging. The show aimed to challenge students' unrealistic expectations and peer pressure whilst providing strategies for positive decision making. In Term 4, the Year 8s will see ‘Cyberia’, a show about cyberbullying, digital reputation and the anti-social behaviours that can result from spending too much time online. The show will provide students with strategies for positive decision making about their use of social media and digital technologies.


Year 8 Celebration Day

In the last week of Term Three all year 8 students will enjoy an afternoon excursion to Hoyts at Eastland to celebrate all of their hard work throughout the year. Students will walk under teacher supervision to Eastland at the start of period 3, taking their lunch and snacks with them. After watching ‘The Emoji Movie’ all students and staff will walk back to the school for dismissal at 2.30pm. Please note that all students from Years 7-12 will finish at 2.30pm on this day.


Respectful Relationships

During our recent year level assemblies, Junior School students have been reminded about the importance of Respectful Relationships. Mr. Rogers spoke about the need for all students to show “Respect for yourself, Respect for others and an ability to Take ownership of your own actions”. This important message is being reiterated in Bounce classes and we encourage parents to talk to their children about these core values.


Student Absences

As the holidays approach, we would like to remind families of the need to let our Attendance Officer, Kay Priestly know of all upcoming family holidays that will take your child out of classes. This ensures that your child’s teachers are aware of extended absences and enables them to manage and plan for important work that may be missed. We also ask that parents continue to keep Compass updated with short term absences by providing consent for all days that children away from school.


Kim Watson

MABO Year 7/8 Coordinator

Middle School

Career Discovery Day

On the 22nd of August the entire Year 9 cohort were involved in the RSC Career Discovery Day where they were given the opportunity to attend two sessions on a number of difference pathway opportunities.

We had presenters from the MFB, Victoria Police and the Paramedics teaching our students about the realities of public service. The local community came out to support the college once again as facilitators from ITS Beauty, Ringwood Training and Integrity Finance presented to up to 20 students.

The day began with keynote speakers from a variety of career backgrounds who all shared their experiences of how they found their pathways.

I found careers day helpful because it gave me an insight as to what I might like to choose as a VET course or future career.

Liz Houghton


You had the choice to learn about something that you have an interest in.

Kalieb Monro


The best part of the Traineeship session was learning about what a resume needs and what is included when going for an interview for example what you wear and the questions you could be asked.

Sahana Dana

Term 3 News


As the end of Term 3 nears, students are encouraged to ensure they are up to date in their studies and have submitted all required work before the end of term.  Parents and students should refer to Learning Tasks on Compass to confirm that all required tasks are completed in a timely manner.

The Year 10 Central Australia trip leaves on the 16th of September and we hope the students have an amazing experience on their adventure.  For Year 10 students not going on the camp, classes will run as usual during the last week of term.


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader


Year 10 Formal

On Monday 4th of September 200 Year 10 students and 20 staff made their way to the beautiful Linley Estate for annual Year 10 Formal.

The students looked amazing, dressed to impress with some being dropped off in some ‘fully sick’ rides, the highlight of which was the iconic Delorean.


DJ’d by the amazing Ringwood Alumni group: ‘BANTA’, students relished the opportunity to get up and have a dance.


There was lots of fun and excitement around the event and students should be commended for their participation and behaviour on the night.


Michael Kent

Jackson House Coordinator

(Middle School)

Thirty-Nine Fresh Theatre Production

During Week 7 students in Year 9 attended a performance by Fresh Theatre at REALM. This opportunity, funded by Maroondah Council, highlights Ringwood’s commitment to social change in the area of Respectful Relationships.

As a leading school in the DET Respectful Relationships and Gender Equity Initiative we are proud to take on the responsibility to educate our young people on the issues surrounding domestic violence. While we are delivering curriculum in all year levels, we had the privilege of presenting the Year 9 cohort with an opportunity to experience a live performance that addressed this very issue.


Fresh Theatre brought its incredible new work to RSC. Thirty Nine presented 39 scenes that represented the 39 percent of homicides in Australia that are the result of family violence. The performers presented their personal thoughts and experiences of family violence with depth and even, at times, with humour. This poignant, challenging and innovative work explored hundreds of characters in a multitude of relationships, both respectful and otherwise.

One thing I liked about the Thirty Nine presentation was that something as unpleasant as domestic violence was finally being addressed. Max Leadbeater


“I really enjoyed the thirty nine performance because it was a different way of telling and informing the audience about domestic violence” Toby Maffey


“Truly Inspirational”

Max Latham


Senior School

Geotech Award

Last Monday Kayla Horton of Year 11 Geography, won a Geotech award at the Annual Geography Teachers Conference in the city, with James Merlino, the Deputy Premier giving her the award.

Geotech involved Kayla going into the city where she got to discover a full range of spatial technology and real-life applications in areas such as environment, emergency management, the outdoors, GIS, GPS and drones.


She spent three days of geospatial activities where she got to experience :

  • site visits to leading spatial industry companies and government organisations, such as Lonely Planet, State Control Centre, Emergency Management Victoria.
  • information sessions from leaders in the spatial field
  • instruction from RMIT Geospatial lecturers
  • hands-on experience with sophisticated GIS software
  • applications of spatial technology in the field using GPS devices

Benn Jamieson

Term 3 News

Term 3 has been a successful term for Year 11, especially just recently at the Divison Athletics competition with Samantha Olsen taking out the Age Group Champion for 17 year olds. Many Year 11s have started preparing for a Year 12 subject they are doing, with exams about 2 months away. The holidays are about to be upon us and hopefully there will be much sunshine we can all enjoy as we have our study break.


-Ben Holland & Ciara Lumsden (Yr 11)



The end of a total of 13 years of schooling is coming to a close soon. With exams heading our way at 2 times the speed of light and everyone having 2839 SACs on the last week of term, students more than ever are feeling the pressure of this important time in their lives. The only thing that is motivating us is the idea of going to Schoolies to celebrate the end and closure of a special time in our lives. Exams and studying is not the only thing in our agendas, Yr 12 is a time of reflection and preparation for the future therefore students are now selecting their course preferences for universities next year although not everyone is planning on continuing to university, some are planning to travel in their gap year and others are joining the workforce straight after school. Regardless of where everyone ends up going, they’ll sure know that it’ll be better than the end of year exams!


-Didier Iriarte Fattel


Duke of Edinburgh - Cross Country Ski

On Wednesday 16th of August the Duke of Edinburgh students went to Lake Mountain to cross country ski.

This was a new experience for all of us and was definitely unforgettable. Not only did we ski down some pretty steep slopes we also did a lot of walking as we worked our way, slowly, up the mountains. It was pretty clear from early on that cross country skiing was not so easy but our amazing instructors kept us enthusiastic and positive.


Year 7 Table Tennis Report

Ringwood took 3 teams off to Table Tennis this week and achieved success with our A team winning through to Regionals and our B and C teams coming first and second in their pool.


Well done to all students for the way they conducted themselves and represented Ringwood.

It was great to see all students improving their skills over the course of the day.



Cold, wet, and muddy conditions were endured yesterday as our Athletics team competed in the Maroondah Division Athletics.  Although our team list was severely impacted, with competitors unable to take part due to city experience, state schools spectacular and other school commitments, we were still crowned


This was a fantastic effort and I would like to congratulate all students who competed on the day. It was a wonderful team performance. A big thankyou to all those students who participated in extra events, helping to ensure we had a Ringwood competitor in most events. This was the key to our success.

A special mention to a small group of Year 8 students that came to the Aths on very short notice, and competed in mostly older age group events. They showed great school spirit.


Once again congratulations to all and good luck to those heading to Region.


Age Group Champions

13 Yr Girls   - Jemima Wilson

15Yr Girls  - Niamh Mebalds

15 Yr Boys – Curtis Thomson

16 Yr Girls – Amber Shearn

16 Yr Boys  - Ben Hickleton

17 Yr Girls – Samantha Olsen and Caitlin Robins



Roi Boutsikakis

Director of Sports

Performing Arts and Music

Shrek Auditions


Auditions for this year’s Junior Production will take place on Tuesday October 10 and Wednesday October 11 from 3.30pm until 5.30pm in the Hall/Room 700.


You must sign up for of these sessions by filling out the google form on the following link by Tuesday October 3rd

More info at:



Music Report

Thank you to all RSC musicians for their monumental efforts with third term’s events.

All ensembles gave their personal best during this term especially with Victorian Schools Music Festival and Royal South Street Competition.


The final tally for both events:

Victorian Schools Music Festival

Symphony Orchestra Platinum


Senior Stage Band Platinum

Symphonic Band Gold

Senior Strings Silver

Intermediate Concert Band Silver

Intermediate Stage Band Silver

Senior Choir Silver

Junior Concert Band Bronze

Junior Stage Band Bronze

Training Stage Band Bronze



Royal South Street Competitions:

Senior Choir Second

Symphonic Band Third

Senior Stage Band Third

Intermediate Stage Band Third

Junior Stage Band Third

Junior Choir Silver

Junior Concert Band Honourable Mention

Intermediate Concert Band Highly Commended


Twelve ensembles were entered and although four ensembles did not gain a place they were only 1 to 2 points off doing so.


Congratulations to all for these achievements.


Don’t miss the opportunity to hear some of these great performances at our upcoming Gala Concert next Thursday 21 September, 7.30pm at the George Woods Performing Arts Centre, Yarra Valley Grammar School, Kalinda Rd, Ringwood. Tickets are only be available via Trybooking via the following link:

Tickets are $19 Adult, $11 Concession and $42 family of four. Tickets are selling fast!


This concert is our “grand final” for 2017.  Week 1, Term 4 will be auditions for all ensembles and we will commence 2018 with our new ensembles Week 2, Term 4. All details regarding auditions can be found on Compass.


Again, congratulations to everyone and thank you for all your efforts not only during this term but throughout this year.


Janine Pero

Director of Music




Respect for diversity is the hallmark of a school community that is confident and strong in its values and beliefs. When students understand that each individual is unique with their own individual differences they can begin to value and appreciate these for the richness they bring to the school and wider community. 

Diversity exists in various ways including race, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, political allegiance or lifestyle choices.

The National Safe Schools Framework explicitly states that students feel safe in a community that promotes and acts on positive values including the demonstration of respect and support for student diversity. Schools are required to recognise and respond to the distinct needs of specific groups in the school community and ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging and connectedness.

We can all learn from one another and the first step is understanding and respecting diversity.


Find out about

  • Embracing cultural diversity
  • Understanding and valuing difference
  • Whole-school approaches to counter racism
  • How diversity can enrich a school environment
  • Research into gender discrimination and its effects on young people
  • Where young people can get support and advice on a range of issues related to diversity

August Wear it Purple Day

On Friday the 25th of August Wear it Purple Day was celebrated at Ringwood Secondary College. This day saw students and teachers around the school bling up their outfits with their best purple accessories.


Wear it Purple day is a day to acknowledge diversity and foster a supportive, safe and accepting environment for all young people. On this day the Stand Out Group sold fairy floss, chocolates and various badges during lunchtime in support of the day, as well as giving away free give-aways provided by the Maroondah City Council. Stand Out managed to make a whopping $300. All of the proceeds made on the day are going towards the Melbourne Period Project which supports people experiencing homelessness by providing sanitary products, help and support to them during their time of need. The project also supports other charitable ideas all listed on their website:


Overall the day was very successful and a great day for everyone to be a part of. Thank you to Stand Out for advertising the day and raising soo much money for a great cause, if you would like to be a part of Stand Out they are always accepting of new students and teachers if you would like to come and see what it’s all about we hold meetings every Tuesday lunchtime in Wellbeing. So come say hi.  Stand Out is a student-led group that focuses on equal rights and social justice issues on our campus and in our community.  

Bec Battersby

Year 11



Ultimate Frisbee

Come and play Ultimate Frisbee


Maroondah Pro-Active Police

A message from your local pro-active police officers.


Communication Workshop

This 4 Hour workshop over 2 days is designed to empower children ( aged 11-15 years) on their personal development.


Annual Cookwear Sale

Up to 80% off


Costco VIP Offer

Costco rarely, if ever opens its warehouse for non members to shop. However the Costco Warehouse in Ringwood is offering the parents of students at your school the opportunity to try first hand a one time shopping experience as a one day member.


This will allow all those parents who have never been to a Costco Warehouse the chance to see for them selves how much they can save by shopping at Costco. See the value and variety on offer, from clothing, optical, hearing aids, Tyre centre and our own meat, bakery and deli products plus many items not found elsewhere.


Enjoy the AFL Grand Final weekend (29th,30th September & 1st October) with three days off by spending a little time at Costco Ringwood. It may be your last opportunity to visit a Costco Warehouse as a non member.


Just show the school newsletter to the membership staff as you enter the warehouse to receive your membership number.

Yarrunga Community Centre

Yarrunga Community Centre is a valuable community organisation that responds to the educational, social and leisure needs of the local community in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Ringwood Athletics

Information night on Athletics


Blackburn Cycling Club

Come and try Track Cycling


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