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14 May 2019
Issue Three
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VCAL -  Heritage Walk
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One of the great aspects to my role as Principal is that I can share special moments of celebration with members of our school community. I have had some special events in recent days that have enabled me to recognise student achievement and celebrate important milestones for the school.

The school athletics carnival and cross-country events were held recently and with great success. Students value these events highly and it was clear to see on the faces of all competitors. I had the pleasure of presenting ribbons to the place getters and helping to celebrate their terrific achievements. A special mention to Ms Lauryn Miller who organised both events for the first time. These events are quite involved and not easy to manage so congratulations to Lauryn and her team of helpers.

I also had the pleasure of opening the new Science & Technology Centre on Friday April 26. With the help of our student leaders and our school council president, Mrs Elvira Ritzert, we were able to duly recognise a key event in the history of our College. It is important that we do not take these events for granted as it was 44 years since the school was opened and this is the first ever upgrade of the Science & Technology facilities. The building is very bright, modern and well-resourced, and will provide our students with the best facilities to promote the best learning possible.


The transformation of our school’s facilities has been significant in the last few years, and I have never seen it look better. We can now look forward to the construction of the 3rd and final stage of works to the Student Support Centre, and the Middle School courtyard. Our students will be the big winners!

I hope you enjoy our newsletter.



John Jovic










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Important Information Highlights


We are doing our best to serve you - swearing, abusive language, threats or physical violence towards our staff will not be tolerated.

Thankyou for your co-operation




Mondays 8.15am - 4.15pm
Tuesday to Thursdays 8.00am - 4.15pm
Fridays 8.00am - 3.45pm



Students are able to make payments between the hours of

8.15am - 8.45am, and also during Recess and Lunchtimes






Monday to Friday 8.48am - 3.10pm



If you hold a valid means tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

 You should contact the office to obtain an application form, the program for 2019 closes on the 28th June, 2019. 

If you applied in 2018 you do not need to complete an application form unless there has been a change to your family circumstances





All students must report to the Office when late arriving at school 

Parents who need to pick up their child early during school hours for appointments, etc, must send a note in the morning to receive an early leavers pass from the sub school offices so the students teacher/s are aware that they are leaving. This enables your child to be at the office and ready to leave when you pick them up. Should you arrive at the school without prior notification, lengthy waits can occur while we locate and organise your child



Did you Know ?

Missing one day of school each week adds up to 2 months missed over a year or missing one day a fortnight is the same as missing 4 whole weeks of school  a year. From Prep to year 12 that adds up to 1.5 years of school !!

Each day absent at Secondary School has an impact on skill development and social connections

Patterns of late arrival at School or missing classes are early warning signs of disengagement from school


Remember you can talk with school staff such as: teacher, year level coordinator, wellbeing staff, careers staff, to find out what support we can provide your child to keep them attending School and to help keep them engaged




It is important that your Family contact details are kept up to date. If anything changes throughout the term,  please notify the College.







IMPORTANT DATES for your Diary


Wednesday 8th

Year 11 VCAL Wilsons Prom Camp


Tuesday 14th - Friday 24th



Monday 27th

Senior and Middle School Sports

Yrs 7-12 World Vision Youth Conf (30 Students)

Semester one Reports Yrs 7-12

Progress Reports Yrs 10-12 Open


Tuesday 28th

Year 9 Shrine Excursion


Wednesday 29th

Year 10 Outdoor Ed Wilsons Prom Camp


Thursday 30th

Division Cross Country

SRC Casual Dress Day


Friday 31st

Year 10 Immunisations



Wednesday 5th June

End of VCE Unit 1 Classes


Thursday 6th

YR VCE 11 Exams Start


Friday 7th

End of VCE Unit 3 Classes


Monday 10th

Queens Birthday Holiday


Tuesday 11th

Yr 12 VCE English Oral Presentations

Yr 10 Exams Start


Wednesday 12th

Year 7 & 8 Sport



Thursday 13th 

Year 12 English Trial Exam


Monday 17th

Semester 2 begins

Yr 9 Create Festival


Tuesday 18th

Region Cross Country

Year 9-10 Information Evening


Thursday 20th

Year 10-11 Information Evening


Friday 21st

Semester one reports Yrs 7-12 Published


Friday 28th

Last Day Term 2, 



Monday 15th

1st Day Term 3
























Compass User Guide


Year 7 & 8

Year 7 and 8 Casey Tech School Excursion

On Friday 5th April 100 year 7 and 8 students attended Casey Tech School for a digital technologies excursion. Students were immersed in the digital world in workshops focusing on robotics and coding, consumer science and designing an energy effort home. The workshops were very hands-on and allowed all students to fully experience all Casey Tech School had to offer.


Year 7 and 8 Girls Footy

Mr Smith and Mr D’Rosario took 25 year 7 and 8 girls out for Interschool Junior School Football. Although the girls didn’t progress to the next round they all had a great day while building teamwork and showing great sportsmanship.



Year 8 Camp is BACK!!

After a few years on hiatus year 8 camp is back! Waratah Bay Beach Camp offers a number of great opportunities including learning to surf! Deposits are due on Friday 10th May and places are limited so get in quick!


Parent Information Night

A huge thankyou to the 40+ Junior School students who helped showcase our college at parent information night on Tuesday 30th April. This night allowed prospective parents and students to tour our college and see what we have to offer. Because of our current students willing to volunteer their time we were able to run mock classes to allow those on the tours see what school at CSC looks like, sounds like and feels like.

Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals

It was great to see so many enthusiastic and energetic junior school students attend both of the recent sports carnivals. Many students came dressed in house colour to support their team. Well done to all of those students who participated in events!



Year 11 & 12 VCE student workshops.

In week 2 this term both year 11 and 12 VCE students partook in two workshops conducted by Success Integrated with the outlook of extending students capacity and to assist students to better deal with distractions and stresses associated with their VCE studies.

Year 11 students participated in a workshop called “VCE Success Strategies Abridged” and focused on strategies such as; Self Talk, Goal setting, Time management, Reviewing of notes and Study skills.

At the same time year 12 students completed their workshop titled, “Achieve Your B.E.S.T” which covered topics such as; Growth vs Fixed mindsets, Attitude, dealing with failure and Grit.

Both workshops continued to build upon and develop skills and attributes built into this year’s VCE STEP program which runs for one period each week on a Tuesday.

Over the coming terms our VCE students will be participating in further workshops offered by Elevate Education to further support them with their VCE studies building towards exams.  These workshops are;




Year 11

Tuesday 14th May – Study Sensi

Tuesday 16th July – Time management

Tuesday 15th October – Student elevation


Year 12


Tuesday 14th May – Memory and Mnemonics

Tuesday 16th July – Ace your exams


Careers Expo

Year 11 VCE students joined senior VCE and Careers staff on an excursion on Friday 3rd of May and joined VCE students from all over the state at the VCE and Careers Expo held at Caulfield Racecourse.

On this day students were able to interact with exhibitors from universities, TAFE’s and industry and participate in one or more of the 168 different workshops on offer.  Students walked away from the experience with a greater knowledge and understanding of:

  • Information and resources for their VCE studies.
  • Information about university, TAFE and training courses.
  • Career advice.
  • Study advice.
  • Employment advice and opportunities.
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship advice.
  • International exchange and gap year programs

Mid-Year and GAT exams.

This year our mid-year exam period for year 11 students commence on Thursday 6th of June and run until Friday 14th June.  Including the VCAA GAT examination for all students currently enrolled in one or more Unit 3&4 study on Wednesday 13th June.

Specific information pertaining to these exams will be made available to students in the coming weeks, please look out for these both on Compass and in hardcopy.



 The Arts

The Year 9 Art class has been particularly busy this semester. The students have completed creative pieces, in both acrylic paint and lino printing.

In the paintings we see student work that has been essentially inspired by the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh. Thus we see an emphasis on similar subject matter, colour, texture and movement.

In the production of the lino prints, students were given the theme of “Water”. These lino prints illustrate the student’s individual interpretation of this concept.



VCAL -  Heritage Walk

Berwick Heritage Walk

On the 2nd of May the Year 12 VCAL students participated in the Berwick Heritage Walk. The task involved students planning their way to Berwick where they meet their teachers to start the task. The students had to navigate around the main area of Berwick CBD, identifying local landmarks and taking photographic evidence based on clues given. This was a time challenge and the first group to do this won a pizza lunch. Students had a great day and we lucky to escape any rain that had started in the morning.


Term Two in VCAL has seen the students hitting the ground running with course work due, Incursions on success strategies designed to motivate and courage students to be their best. In PDS the Intermediate students have been preparing for their Wilsons Prom camp on the 9th and 10th and the 15th and 16th of May. 









On Thursday the 4th of April our Marrung students travelled to Mayone-Bullok Kindergarten to work with their 52 students to create and produce a range of Indigenous arts and crafts.

The students guided and assisted the 4 year olds to make a series of dot paintings and Indigenous designs using stickers and native animal shapes.

Afterwards they were invited to play outside, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing hide and seek, shooting hoops and having tea parties in the cubby house.

Our students were excellent role models for the younger students and discussed their culture and background with them.

Before our return to school we were lucky enough to hear the kindergarten students present us with their ‘Welcome to Country’ and also to share with us their knowledge of Aboriginal culture and traditions.

This was a wonderful experience for our students to share their culture with younger members of our community.



On Thursday March 21st Cranbourne Secondary was fortunate enough to allow 20 Year 11 VCE / VCAL student attend the P.A.R.T.Y (Preventing Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth) program at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

This program takes students around the working wards of a major trauma hospital and allows students to see the effects of trauma and consequences of Alcohol and risk related behaviours.

Students get the opportunity to speak with real life patients about what it is like to be in hospital and how their choices have impacted on their lives. They also followed the path of a trauma patient through the hospital looking at their management in acute environments such as the trauma ward, emergency department and intensive care units and then focus on the long term impact and disability injuries can cause. Students also get a chance to speak with the staff who care for trauma patients while they are hospitalised encourage them to make smart choices and think twice about taking risks to prevent harm to themselves and others.

For our students, the morning started with interactive presentation from Ambulance Victoria and the Head of the Emergency Dept. We were then split into smaller groups of 10 students and shown around the emergency dept and explained the process when an ambulance arrives at the hospital with a major trauma. Our students were able to visit a young man in ICU who had been in a coma since admission into ICU 2 weeks ago. His family spoke to them about how it felt not knowing if he will recover and/or if he will have any lifelong disability.  Students were also able to speak to a gentleman who was ready to be discharged after 2 weeks in the trauma ward following his motor bike accident and how the accident, ongoing pain, discomfort had impacted on him.

After lunch the students then rotated through physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy departments seeing and trying some of the equipment young people may use to assist in their rehabilitation should they experience a major trauma – using crutches and splints, attempting to transfer from chairs to baths to attend to own hygiene and being fed thickened fluid as they may have difficulty swallowing and eating.

The last session of the day was a guest speaker who had an acquired brain injury  following a drunken night out which resulted in his head hitting a vending machine and subsequent 9 week ICU stay, many months of hospitalisations and countless operations. 

Now after 10 years of rehabilitation he is finally at a point that he can live independently. This young man’s account of how his life had changed considerably because of a poor choice left a big impact on our students. The reoccurring message of the day for the students was choices and the consequences of our choices.

This is a fantastic program that has a powerful message but also highlights to the students the multitude of other careers in the medical field as well as the commonly known medicine & nursing.


Gina Harrex

Secondary School Nurse


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