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03 May 2019
Term 2 Week 1
From the Principal 
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From the Principal 


Dear Parents and Caregivers, Konnichiwa!

Start of Term 2

I hope you have all had a good break. This term we started the term with a student free day on the teaching of Writing. Across our state Writing has been an aspect of learning that has generally been less well done than other areas. Therefore, student writing alongside other aspects of literacy and numeracy is a high priority for improvement in all South Australian state schools.


Here at Grange we identified writing as an area to be strengthened in 2017. Over the past years we have been improving the development of student writing skills through the following key strategies -

  • Debating at years 5 and 6 (oral language, planning for writing, seeing things from differing perspectives and delivering a clear message which all underpin writing success)
  • Personalised Learning Projects at Years 6 and 7
  • Bright Path Writing Moderation
  • Seven Steps for successful writing
  • Bookmaking in the early years

At Grange we have been working hard on instilling a love of writing amongst our students. Strategies such as bookmaking in the early years and the “Seven steps to Writing Success” have been highly successful in assisting our students to develop not only the language conventions of writing, but also the authorial craft of a writer to inform, persuade or entertain the reader.

At our staff professional learning day on Monday 29th April, we continued our work in writing and going deeper into the “Seven Steps to Writing Success”.

These seven steps are:

Step 1: Plan for Success

Step 2: Sizzling Starts

Step 3: Tightening Tensions

Step 4: Dynamic Dialogue

Step 5: Show, Don't Tell

Step 6: Ban the Boring

Step 7: Exciting Endings


Our work in using the Seven Steps has been recognised and celebrated through the National Seven Steps website and link below that highlights the success of Grange PS in the City of Charles Sturt Mayoral Make a Book challenge.

One of the 7 steps to writing success is to have a sizzling start. It was great to hear the high quality, entertaining recounts from Room 29.


Room 29 practised having a sizzling start to their recount. For example Patrick’s writing recount of a camping holiday begins with

“Scramble! Scramble! Struggle! Struggle! Wack! Wack!" gives such an exciting and engaging introduction to his recount on finding an echidna under the tent. You can see how this is a far more powerful introduction in setting the scene for the text than beginning with -

  • On the weekend
  • In the holidays
  • Once upon a time
  • One day


This is what authors and writers do in capturing the attention of the reader and using the text to entertain, inform or persuade.


Teachers work with their students, conferencing and discussing their writing and supporting the next steps which are in both the craft of writing and the language conventions, which includes spelling, punctuation, genre, text structure, paragraphing and grammar.


The high quality, high achieving writing form these year one students after 5 terms of school is outstanding and something replicated across the school. Great job! Some samples of Room 29 writing are attached.


Regards, Grant

Grant Small, Principal

Grange Primary School 




School Activities

News from Room 33


The year 5/6's of Room 33 have been focusing on persuasive writing in our literacy block. A special mention needs to go to Nikita for writing a letter to our current Prime Minister, Mr Scott Morrison.  Nikita has combined his knowledge of persuasive writing and passion for snakes to try and convince Mr. Morrison to allow Ball Python's into this country as currently this is not permitted. Recently, Nikita received a personalised response from the Prime Minister thanking him for his efforts, opinion and view on a topic that is clearly of importance to him. Well done Nikita, an effort worth mentioning. 


Daniel Moyle

Classroom Teacher

Co-Construction of the Learning Environment Initiative

Last term the Year 1 students in Room 29 took part in the Co-Construction of a Learning space Initiative, which is an opportunity to design and construct a part of the classroom that the children would like to see enhanced. We had many discussions about what we like to have for our class reading corner to make it more “user friendly”, spacious and enticing to enter and to read inside. As a class we decided that we would like to turn our space into an enchanted reading corner, which included a tepee with fairy lights, lots of beanbags, forest themed cushions, vines and big leaf canopies to read underneath. Brainstorming, planning and designs were created by the children and submitted to the Site Improvement Team with a successful result.


When the children walked in on day one of Term 2, the classroom had been transformed and our enchanted reading corner had come to life! It has been a huge success and the children have thoroughly enjoyed reading in their inspiring new space. Well done students in Room 29!


Hayley Gladigau

Year 1 Teacher

School News

Canteen News

Canteen volunteers are always welcome. Please see Jo in the canteen to register your interest.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 


Term 2

 Week 2 2019

Monday - Help Needed

Tuesday - Help Needed

Wednesday - Zina Spirdinoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miige

Term 2

Week 3 2019

Monday - Help Needed

Tuesday - Help Needed

Wednesday - Zina Spirdinoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miige


Entertainment Books
Now Available From the Front Office!
Don't forget to purchase your copy today. 
Funds raised will help the school to upgrade outdoor play spaces for our students.  


Woolworths Earn & Learn

Woolworths Earn & Learn is happening again this year, between the 1st May and 25th June 2019. Collect as many stickers as you can and stick them on the sticker sheets and return them to Grange Primary School.

Collecting the stickers will help the school earn amazing resources for our students.


Walk Safely to School Day Friday 17th May

Walk Safely to School Day is on Friday 17 May (Week 3), Student Leaders will be out and about handing out stickers on this morning. 


Nick Warren

Senior Leader


We previously advised that Hats and Bags would still be available from school via the Front Office or the Qkr App. However, it has been reported to us by our uniform supplier that many people have asked about having hats and bags on sale along with the clothing items. Therefore, starting immediately, hats and bags will only be available to purchase from Westside School Uniforms, either at the Westside shop or via their website. 

Prices will be as follows:

Medium Bags with logo                $40.00

Large Bags with logo                      $42.00

Hats  plain no logo                          $10.00


It has come to our attention also that people are having difficultly locating Westside Uniform shop. The majority of the shops in the block face Grange Road, however Westside are situated around the corner in Falkirk Avenue. Should you have any difficulties finding the shop please call Amanda at Westside on 0450 224 887. 


Dates to Remember

Term 2 2019

Term 2 Week 1

6th May - Year 4 Camp Rooms 9 and 14

6th May - 5pm Governing Council Finance Meeting

6th May - 6pm Governing Council Executive Meeting 

8th May - Year 4 Camp Rooms 12 and 13

8th May - Year 4 Camp Rooms 9 and 14 return

10th May - Year 4 Camp Rooms 12 and 13 return

10th May - District Athletics at Henley High School

Term 2 Week 3

13th May - 7pm Governing Council Meeting

14th May - Naplan  Writing Years 3,5, & 7

15th May - Naplan Reading Years 3, 5 & 7

16th May - Naplan Reading Years 3 & 5

                       16th May - Naplan  Conventions of Language Year 7 

                                   17th May - Naplan  Conventions of Language Years 3, 5 & 7

17th May - Walk Safely to School

Term 2 Week 4

20th May - Naplan Conventions of Language Year 3

20th May - Napaln Numeracy Year 5 &7

21st May - Naplan Numeracy Years 3,5 & 7

22nd - 24th May - Naplan Catch up days

2019 School Terms

Term 2                          29th April - 5th July

Term 3                           22nd July - 27th September

Term 4                           14th October - 13th December

2019 Student Free Days

Term 2                           Monday, 29th April

                                         Friday, 14th June

Term 3                           Friday, 30th August 

                                         Monday, 2nd September

Community News

Foster Care


DCM Dance


COMBO Hip Hop & Jazz/Pop in ONE CLASS! 

DCM Dance Connect Move has launched a new dance class for 9-12 yr old's in our DCM Dance Club this Term -  it's 30 minutes of Hip Hop and 30 minutes of Jazz/Pop, so you're receiving the best of both worlds in ONE CLASS! 

In support of this class launching we are offering everyone $50 off their Term fees! 

How do I take up the offer?

We would love for you to come in and do a trial class first - Just email  to submit your interest or call 0422974747 and we will organise it for you.

We hope to see your boy or girl dancing with us soon!


Facebook: @DCMdance

Instagram: @dcmdanceschool.adelaide


Dream Big Children's Festival


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