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20 March 2020
Issue Four
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Principal's Message

Principal's Message and NAPLAN Update

Good afternoon and welcome to the second last week of Term 1!


Regarding Coronaviris (or COVID-19 as it is being called) - to say the situation is evolving, changing daily and uncharted territory is basically an understatement! However - I can assure you the College is making every effort to keep all members of our community informed as effectively and as quickly as possible. The catch is keeping up with the the pace of the developments! I had written an open letter to the College community last Sunday, and by Monday morning it was out of date because the information had changed! So I am asking everyone to please - be calm and patient. The 'fools' that are deliberately writing false information and sending emails that look official, but are totally false, are certainly not helping!


I actually did giggle yesterday when I took a call from a concerned parent, asking if it was true that we had 16 confirmed cases of the virus at the College. It is most definitely NOT true!


The directions from DET are very clear:

  1. All public schools remain open until we get any other direction. 
  2. All camps and excursions have been cancelled or postponed until further notice.

There is a list of activities that are cancelled later in the newsletter, so please read it carefully.


It was indeed a shame that the Year 7 camp had to be cancelled at such short notice, but fortunately it looks like we have secured some alternative dates later in the year. More information will follow as soon as we can confirm these details.


In terms of keeping up to date - the fastest way that we can respond to or get information 'out there' is using technology, please regularly check out our Facebook page, Compass or both!


Note: Parent Teacher Interviews have also been postponed. At this stage they will run on Thursday 23rd April and Friday 24th April. Parent/carers who have already made bookings will NOT need to reschedule. Bookings already made will remain in place for the new dates. 


Expectations around PT interviews are really simple - every student and family needs to meet with their teachers. This is a unique opportunity to have a chat, uninterrupted and totally focused on your child. Together, parents, student and teachers can talk about the current situation, the areas to improve and the steps to achieving these. Families and the College working together is the key to sustained improvement.


On another note: We are fortunate to have a well maintained school yard with plenty of green grass, trees and open spaces for students to catch up during recess and lunchtimes. Unfortunately, at the end of each day our College grounds are left covered with rubbish! I would hope that all people in our College community can walk around our grounds and feel a sense of pride - but this is difficult when there is litter everywhere. Please talk to your children about doing the right thing. I certainly would not visit your home and drop orange peel on the floor! Perhaps families could also try 'nude food' - no wrappers in school lunches.   A small effort from the whole College community will keep our grounds looking wonderful. 


Something to ponder: Resilience is a key life skill, yet at times I am a little frustrated at the low levels of resilience in both our students and adults (trying times, I know, but this is the time for people to 'step up'). Reflection: How do you support the development of resilience in your children and adult members of your family? With two grown girls in my own family, I certainly know that it can be a challenge!


Talk soon and stay healthy.


NAPLAN Cancelled For 2020


Whole School 

Cancelled and Postponed Events

The following events have been cancelled or postponed until further notice: 

- NAPLAN testing cancelled 2020

- All camps and excursions for the remainder of Term 1

- All Outdoor Education trips scheduled for the remainder of Term 1

- Parent Teacher Interviews: 26th and 27th March  (rescheduled for 23rd and 24th April)

- Assembly of Achievement: 25th March

- Year 7 Camps: 16th to 20th March

- Merimbula Jazz Festival: 5th to 8th June

- BSC Music Centre Concert: 28th April

- Senior Girls Cricket Quarter Final: 23 March

- Interschool Volleyball Competition: 26th March

- Interschool Tennis Competition: 26th March

- Glen Waverley Netball Competition: 30th June to 3rd July


The East Gippsland Shire Council has confirmed that Year 7 immunisations will be going ahead as scheduled on Thursday 26th March, unless advised otherwise.


The College is in daily communication with DET and will pass on all relevant information as soon as we receive it. The most recent information we have received from the DHHS regarding Covid-19 and school closures is attached: 

The clearest message for our School Community is:

  • All camps and excursions will be cancelled for the remainder of Term 1.
  • The College will continue to function as usual, unless we are directed otherwise. This includes student attendance on the last day of Term 1. 

Fencing Works, Staff Car Park and Student Access

In 2019, DET representatives reviewed safety, security and access within the College. There has been a great deal of work done since then in line with their recommendations. This work has included additional  fencing going up over the last couple of months at a cost of $80,000.


One of the highest risk areas identified by the DET was students walking through the staff car park and through the vehicle access towards McKean St.


Please note that the staff car park is for staff only. There is now a pedestrian gate with a security keypad from the staff car park into College grounds, therefore students will not be able to enter College grounds from that entrance. 


Students are to access the College via:

- McKean Street, walking through the front pedestrian gate and along the zebra striped pathway (cars       to drop off in McKean Street)

- Wallace Street, walking around the back of the BARC and Malgobila building (cars to drop off in                  Wallace Street)

- Victoria Street, walking through the entrance near the Doctor's Rooms / W25 (cars to drop off in                 Victoria Street)


To assist us in ensuring your child's safety, please do not drop students off in the staff car park. Students will not be able to enter the College through the pedestrian gate in the staff car park. We thank you for your understanding and support as we continue to strive towards ensuring a safe environment for your children. The last thing we want to do is to have to call you to advise that your child has been hit by a car.

​Parent Teacher Interviews - CHANGE OF DATE!

The new dates for Parent Teacher Interviews are:
·         Thursday 23rd April from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm, and
·         Friday 24th April from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.


Please note that bookings already made will remain will remain in place for the new dates. More information will be available in Term 2. 


Parent Teacher Interviews are an important opportunity for parents and carers to meet with teachers to discuss student progress and further develop learning partnerships. Bookings should be made using the Compass School Manager app. 

Assembly of Achievement - POSTPONED!

The assembly scheduled for Wednesday 25th March has been postponed.

Stay tuned for the rescheduled time and date. 


In this assembly the College acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of Bairnsdale Secondary College students in a range of fields including sporting, musical and academic. It is important to recognise the outstanding efforts these students have made to achieve their goals, engage in life changing experiences and to contribute to their own learning.


We also note that the achievements have not come about because these students are exceptional, but mostly because they have made an effort to achieve a goal - often an extraordinary effort. Outstanding achievements are always the result of hard work and commitment, and it is this that we celebrate at the Assembly of Achievement. We look forward to celebrating the achievements of these students soon!


See attached for a list of students who will be presented at the rescheduled Achievement Award Assembly:


Entering Student Absences on Compass

The easiest and quickest way for parents/carers to inform the College of a student absence is to enter an Attendance Note on the Compass app before 9.00am. Go to the Home Page on the Compass app and select Add Attendance Note:

Then add the details in the Attendance Note:

If the College is not informed about a student's absence, parents/carers will receive an SMS message later that day.   

Administration Office

College Hours - Week commencing 23rd March 2020

Please note that the changes for next week, we apologise for any inconvenience.

Monday        8:00am to 3:30pm -  closed early due to whole school professional development meeting

Tuesday         8:00am to 4:15pm

Wednesday  8:00am to 4:15pm

Thursday      8:00am to 4:15pm

Friday             8:00am to 2:30pm - enjoy the holidays!

Bushfire Recovery - State Schools Relief Financial Support

The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments have announced a one-off commitment of $2 million to help families impacted by bushfires in 15 Local Government Areas with returning to school costs for Term 1, 2020.


Families that have been impacted during the current bushfire season can receive assistance for each student family member to cover the cost of uniforms including school shoes, books and stationery, and other essential school items. Support is available to all students whose families have been impacted by:

•             loss of family home - $1200 OR

•             loss of income through volunteering to fight bushfires - $500, OR

•             loss of livelihood/income caused by bushfires - $500.


Letters and application forms have been mailed out to families and placed on the college website. If you have been impacted, please complete the appropriate support request form and return it to the college. If you have not received the documents, they are available from Reception.


Please note that families will be asked to confirm their eligibility for this support.

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund - Bushfire Affected Areas

The Victorian Government has announced $5 million to extend the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund to support students in bushfire-affected areas.


This means that our college will receive $375 for each student, to allocate against costs! Allocation will be in accordance with the criteria from DET. No means testing will be involved. Further information on the criteria and timelines for receipt of the funding will be provided as it comes to hand.

Wargomerrin News
Year 7

Regional Swimming Championships

On Thursday 12th March, four Year 7 students travelled to Warragul to represent the College at the regional Swimming Championships, and had a very successful campaign. Callum Clarke won first place in the individual 50m Freestyle event and then joined forces with Regan Arnold, Ashley Westwood and Jonah Walker to win 3rd place in the Mixed Freestyle Relay. Callum will now be progressing to the State Swimming Championships on the 23rd April. Well done team, and best of luck for the next round Callum!

Regan Arnold, Ashley Westwood, Jonah Walker and Callum Clarke. 

Meet The Students

This week we spoke with Perry Elliott in 7N. Perry is from Wy Yung and attended Lucknow Primary School.

Q. How old are you Perry?

13 years old.

Q. Favourite Colour?


Q. Favourite Snack? 


Q. How has the term been so far?

Really good because I have a really good class of friends and new friends.

Q. What have you been learning?

In Maths we have been learning negative and positive numbers and

in Systems we have been building model race cars.

Q. What has been your funniest moment?

Probably learning all the teachers names; I got them a bit mixed up.

Q. What are some of your hobbies?

Netball and I like cooking, especially desserts. 

Q. What's your go-to dish?

Cup cakes I guess.

Looking forward to trying some out!


Thank you Perry.


Year 7 Japanese 

Students are currently working on a film analysis of the famous Japanese Anime 'Spirited Away', examining the connections between Japanese and Western cultures. Students are writing film characters' names, ages and jobs using Hiragana letters (in modern Japanese, there are 46 basic Hiragana letters). They are presenting their information using poster paper, Power Point or Google Slides. Students were challenged to draw a scene from the movie with a detailed explanation of what was occurring, the movie characters involved and any items of cultural significance. 




Wurrin News 
Years 8 & 9

Year 9 Functional Furniture Class

Mr Molineux's Year 9 Functional Furniture class has been learning how to make a coffee table. Using many different materials to create their pieces, students have learned many new skills which have allowed them to create their individual pieces. Students have also been able to burn their own designs onto the coffee table.

Pictured  with their works are Nate Somerville, Sebastian Fidelisi and Deon Fyfe.

Japanese Drumming

On Friday 6th March, students studying Year 8 Japanese had the opportunity to participate in a Taiko (drumming) incursion, taught by Kyomi Sensei. Taiko is a combination of drumming and martial arts. 

Year 8 students learned about the discipline required for drumming, the power of voice and the importance of playing in unison to create a powerful composition. At the end of each session the group was able to create a piece of music replicating the sounds of a thunderstorm.


Clay Target Shooting Competition

A group of Bairnsdale Secondary College Students competed against other schools across Gippsland in a Clay Target Shooting Competition recently. Congratulations to the following students for an outstanding display of skill in the Simulated Rabbit and Clay Pigeon events. 


Ripp Sutton 8A Gippsland Clay Target Shooting Competition - U15 First Place
Jett Robbie 9M Gippsland Clay Target Shooting Competition - U 15 Runner up
Ripp Sutton 8A Gippsland Clay Target Shooting Competition - Open Team Champions
Jett Robbie 9M Gippsland Clay Target Shooting Competition - Open Team Champions
Brody Hutchinson 8K Gippsland Clay Target Shooting Competition - Open Team Champions
Travis Risely 8G Gippsland Clay Target Shooting Competition - Open Team Champions
Zack Flukes 9J Gippsland Clay Target Shooting Competition - Open Team Champions

Competition briefing session - the event was well attended with a large number of school teams. 

The College team with Ripp Sutton holding the shield. 

Open Team Champions: Zac Flukes, Brodie Hutchison, Ripp Sutton, Jett Robbie, and Travis Risely.

Malgobila News 
Years 10, 11 & 12

Preparing for Remote Learning

Staff and senior students have been preparing for the event that our College is required to move to a remote learning environment. Remote learning sessions have been set up using Webex Meet, with trial classes for staff and students to familiarise themselves with the platform and style of learning. 

Year 12 Biology class learning Webex Meet. Mr Hall presenting the lesson from outside the classroom. 






Students, teachers and technical staff ensuring

remote learning platforms are running smoothly. 





The aim is for senior students to effectively continue their learning if schools are required to move to a remote learning environment. 

Tomorrow Man/Woman Workshops

In Week 7 of this term all Year 10- students attended workshops run by the Tomorrow Man / Woman organisation. Students attended a two hour workshop, exploring the impact stereotypes have on all of us. The workshops created a unique opportunity for students to have an open and honest conversation about 'the secret life of us' and our peers. They learnt about ways to re-write the rules on what it means to be a man or woman in the world today.


Students overwhelmingly gave positive feedback about the workshop, with the common response being: 'We need more activities like this!'


Other feedback included: 'Being at this workshop made me feel differently about myself and others. I want to thank all the girls I was here with today', 'We need to be more aware of the impact we have on others and underneath we all have something going on' and 'I will ask more people how they are going and I will talk more to my mates about how I’m feeling'.



All students who attended have been reminded that the College has an experienced Wellbeing Team and they should speak up if there are any issues that they would like to talk further about. 

Insight Into Your VCE Survey

This week, Year 12 VCE students were asked to complete a short survey to help the College understand which of the new programs are the most useful for them, particularly in relation to improving VCE results.  


The response has been great so far, and the results are reassuring for the goal to achieve improved overall results in VCE in 2020. If your student has not completed the survey, please encourage them to do this as soon as possible. 


Some of the programs implemented this year include: ELEVATE, adding a second second after-school study session each week, and opportunities for students to have individual meetings with the Careers Practioner, Sue Monahu. For good measure, we threw in the move to four sessions per week, per subject and the information  sessions with Ross Huggard, Assistant Chief Assessor at VCAA.

There were many encouraging and varied responses to the following two questions:


What strategies are you employing from the ELEVATE program?

What strategies are your teachers using from the ELEVATE program?


And the question on everybody’s lips is whether or not the myriad of extra holiday workshops will proceed due to the covid-19 virus. It would be a pity to disappoint our keen and eager Year 12 students!


The Great Polynomial Long Division Stakes

The competition was on. Who could find the factors of x4 - x³ - 7x²+ x + 6 first?


 Connor was off and racing and was the overall winner in a well-planned and calm attack. Melanie was second after a few clues thrown by her class mates. Kurtis, a late entry after Jaime threw in the towel, took out a well-deserved third place. Jasmin, another brave late entry, came in after that and persistence paid off for Ash who arrived at the correct solution after a couple of false starts.



Musings from the Hub Desk

Do you remember wondering about where you would be, or what you would be doing in the amazing sounding year of 2020?


As a very small child, I remember watching a TV show called Sea Lab 2020… Hmmm. Well, we don’t live in an undersea city, many of us still enjoy books, but not everyone drives a 'self-driving' car yet, nor are 'flying cars' commonplace. Virtual reality is real and smart phones have enabled the most amazing portable entertainment and instant information sources. I haven’t yet met an alien and our planet is still somewhat intact. Never in a trillion years did I expect fire and virus to bring such an auspicious sounding year to arrive at the uncertain state of affairs that we find ourselves in today!


There are so many varied opinions and unknown factors determining where we will end up amid the Covid-9 virus. It is refreshing to observe our students being pro-active in the event that perhaps, at some stage, they end up doing remote learning. Teachers and students are working hard to ensure that any interruptions will cause minimal upset in the path to achieving excellent results this year.


Teachers are giving students their email addresses and in some cases, trusting students with their private phone numbers. We have agreed to use the Compass platform to upload work to and this can be found in each subject’s 'Resources' tab. Parents/carers are encouraged to sit with their children and ensure that both can navigate to each subject’s Resources tab. Many teachers already use this and it is very familiar to many students.


We are concerned that there may be some families who do not have internet access at home and there are sometimes limits to available internet credit. Please contact the Hub if this is the case so we can put some things in place to manage this.


VCE Environmental Science 

On Wednesday 4th March, VCE Environmental Science students visited Cape Conran Coastal Park to measure the biodiversity in the environment.

Shayla using a quadrat , Caleb with Lauren Halstead from Trust for Nature, Ashlee using a quadrat.


Students used quadrats (a frame that is laid down to mark out a specific area) and transects (used to investigate a gradual change in a habitat) to measure the impact of a 2017 fire on the vegetation. Students worked with Trust for Nature employee, Lauren Halstead, to place wildlife cameras to monitor the presence of animals in the 'critical weight range'. Students worked efficiently to effectively measure the presence or absence and abundance of species in the environment.




As Term 1 comes to a close, we reflect on the amazing progress we have made in the VCAL program for 2020. After a bit of a rocky start as we all got used to the new system, students have settled well into their respective groups for Maths, Industry and Enterprise and Projects. Projects incorporate Personal Development Skills and Literacy subjects. There are four project groups (2 x Art and Technology, Community and Kitchen Garden), that have been hard at work planning and organising their projects.


There is a great array of ideas coming into fruition (probably the best I have seen so far!), including: planning the refurbishment of our new space, transporting our already successful kitchen garden from Wallace Street to McKean Street campus, planting and beautifying other areas of the College, creating a cultural awareness space, organising an Evening on the Green in aid of Gippsland Fire Relief, building bird boxes for bush-fire affected animals, fundraising for sleeping-bags for the homeless, organising driving awareness for our senior students through the CFA and more… No wonder we’re exhausted! Watch this space for updates on all these projects as they develop.


Our first group has returned from their structured work placement and the feedback we have received from the employers has been hugely positive. The second group are out this week and reports so far are looking good. It always makes us very proud when our students go out into the community as a representative of the College and do such a good job – and I am sure parents/carers share in that pride too! All students are encouraged to keep organising their placements, even if they need to be postponed due to the current climate.


As a group we have developed our goal for 2020: 'To develop as independent, self-motivated, autonomous learners, taking responsibility for and an interest in our learning' Students are working hard to achieve it. We encourage parents/carers to make appointments with your child’s teachers for the parent/teacher interviews that have been rescheduled for Week two of Term 2 to hear how well your child is doing at meeting this goal.

VET Hospitality Class of 2020



WHO Coronavirus Information


Coronavirus - Staying Connected

There are many ways to stay connected while social distancing to minimise the risks for contracting coronavirus! 

  • Book virtual coffee dates - make a tea or coffee and FaceTime a friend or colleague to check in. Just like a regular coffee date, but you can stay in your PJs!
  • Create a shared playlist - and share it with friends.
  • Keep exercising - if the gym is closed and sports competitions aren't running, do something active outside. 
  • Smile at people! It is a simple gesture but can mean a lot when we have limited human contact.
  • Come up with creative forms of contact - hugs and handshakes are out. But elbow high-fives and footshakes are in.
  • Cook something healthy and delicious
  • Plan for the extra time at home you may have - do some reading, craft, games or movie watching.
  • Think about those more vulnerable than you - offer assistance to an elderly neighbour or friend who may need help collecting groceries or leaving the house.

Feeling overwhelmed? Try the STOP technique!

S - STOP what you are doing.

T - Take a slow, deep breath

O - Observe your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations

P - Proceed with a ONE-thing focus


Talk about your concerns - If you are feeling alone or worried about your isolation, speak up. Let someone know what you're going through. For lots of useful information and advice about coronavirus - symptoms, travel and what to do to reduce the risk of infection, go to this link:



Don Burrows AO MBE

It is with great sadness the College Community informs you of the passing of Jazz Legend Don Burrows.


Don moved to Paynesville from Sydney in 2000. He had a close association with our music program, becoming a regular attender at rehearsals and made many memorable performances with our ensembles. He was happy to sit in with our beginners attending junior band rehearsals. He played the clarinet in our concert bands and was equally at home splaying in the sax section of the Swing Band  or directing the band, passing on his expertise. Jazz was his real passion, although he was a true virtuoso - travelling the world and playing all styles of music.


He mentored many of our students, assisting them with their improvisation and musicianship. Don was always kept busy making regular visits to our local Primary Schools, giving many performances. He played in many fundraising events (flute, clarinet and saxophone), performing with many community groups. He was a regular at the Paynesville Australia Day celebrations, playing with the College Swing Band and the Mango Skins. His playing was golden and his stories had so much meaning. His generosity was genuine. His only wish was to share his experience with our future musicians. His knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm was infectious. We were so lucky to have such an international icon as part of the College's music programs.

Rest in Peace Don.


Congratulations to the following students who have put their hands up to take on leadership roles in the music centre this year.

Senior Concert Band Masters:

Cade Steenholdt and Ellie Bennier

Swing Band Leaders:

Michael Squires and Jordan Van Dyk

String Captains:

Tiahn Van Hoorn and Rebecca Stephens



Could all students please pop in to the Music Centre by the end of lunch time on Wednesday 25th March to collect their Term 2 timetable. 

String Ensemble Rehearsal Change of Time

In Term 2 String ensemble rehearsals will commence at the new time of 3pm and conclude at 4pm each Wednesday. Students are to leave class at 2.50pm and they should make their way over to the Music Centre for a 3pm start. Could students please remind parents they need to be picked up at 4pm.


A reminder to all students to take their instruments home for the holidays. Practise! Practise! Practise!


Our concert which was scheduled on Tuesday 28th April has been postponed until further notice. 


Unfortunately due to Covid-19, Generations In Jazz Merimbula Jazz Festival and all fundraisers planned in Term 2 have now been cancelled.


On behalf of all Music Centre staff, have a safe holiday and we look forward seeing you all next term.

VCE Music Excursion

On Friday 13th March, the VCE Music class left on the 4.35am bus travelling to Melbourne to attend two concerts at the Melbourne Recital Centre. The concerts were the VCE Top Class Music 2020 and our students attended the Solo Classical Concert in the morning and also the evening Group Performance. The group stayed overnight in Richmond and travelled back to Bairnsdale on Saturday morning. Students and teachers attending this excursion agreed that the energy and diversity of performances was well worth the early start on Friday morning.


Attending these concerts is an invaluable experience for students as they prepare their performance program for their final exams later in the year. Listening to the top class performances and hearing comments made by last year’s examiners provided detailed information for students to fully prepare their program and address the specific criteria for this subject. Margaret Arnold and Rod Marshall spoke at length to students about the outstanding works presented that were a result of the students’ extensive practice, exceptional prowess and unbounded passion for music and performance. The broad range of works selected by these young musicians showcased their technical and interpretive skills, their unique styles and their devotion to their chosen instruments.


In the concerts students also developed an understanding of the differences between VCE Music Performance (Group and Solo), VCE Music Investigation and VET Music Industry (Performance).


These are comments written by some of our VCE Music students about their experience:


'My experience in Melbourne was awesome. It was very interesting to watch the top performances including the classical guitar performance in the Solo section. My favourite would be the group concert due to the level of energy displayed by the performers. It was a very exciting weekend and I enjoyed it a lot'


'I thought that looking at the soloist and group performances that I need to start trying to memorise pieces and engage with the audience more'


'The VCE Music Top Class performances were an amazing experience. It really demonstrated the level that we have to be at to be at the top. My choice in the Solo performances was a student from Blackburn High School playing the French Horn. My favourite performances were in the Group performances due to how entertaining they were, showing the examiners what they wanted to see with amazing skill and high energy – they really grabbed the crowd.'


'Being able to go to the Top Class Music performances was such an inspiring experience. It was a chance to see what is required for students to do exceptionally well in this highly challenging course. It has allowed me to see the amount of time, effort and thought that is put into these performances. The explanation of the criteria given by the presented has allowed me to see how diverse my end of year performance needs to be and that my interpretation of the works I present need to show my own expression. Not only was it a great insight into what is required to receive an outstanding score, but it was also amazing to experience and share outstanding music with the rest of the VCE Music class. It was lots of fun – we had an amazing time!'


'Listening to the solo performances is very different than listening to a group performance. I enjoyed listening to the brass performances more than others. I was able to get a clear picture of what kind of music I would have to play in my VCE exam. The solo performances are very different to what I would normally play in a band. It was very technical but varied in terms of what instrument was playing. I really enjoyed listening to the brass because you could hear the beautiful tonal colour they produced. I found it inspiring to listen to and it really made me want to push myself hard to try and be as good as them.'


'Some of the highlights from the Solo performances were the French Horn which was an amazing performance and demonstrated great tone and musicality. The Trombone performer, Harrison displayed great accuracy and showed the level to play at and that it is possible to play at that level with clearness and clarity.'


'The concert was really inspiring and made me realise how hard I’m going to have to work next year as well as this year. I was interested to see the different instruments that were played especially the not so familiar instruments such as the Veena (an Indian instrument) and the Dizi (a wooden flute). In the group performance a singer sang the song 'Burnt Toasty' and at one point used a megaphone to sing through instead of the microphone to create a crackly sound to his voice. Watching the Solo and Group performances definitely makes me want to do Group next year. I’m very glad Ms Keane took us on such an amazing trip and I hope to go again next year.'


Events Cancelled

Due to current circumstances the following Careers events have been cancelled:

  • Thursday 19th March – East Gippsland Jobs Expo
  • Friday 20th March – Monash University E-mentoring program Induction Day
  • Monday 23rd March – Year 10 Federation University campus visit
  • Friday 1st May – VCE Careers Expo
  • Wednesday 13th May – East Gippsland Careers Expo
  • Wednesday 20th May – Tertiary Information Service visit for Year 12 students – decision pending

All holiday programs and workshops at Universities have been cancelled or postponed.  Students who have registered to attend events during the term break will be contacted the Universities.

Living on Campus

Year 12 students welcomed Victoria Howard from Newman College – The University of Melbourne Halls of Residence, who visited the College yesterday. Victoria spoke to students outlining the advantages of living on campus and the benefits, services and clubs students can access as a Newman resident. Newman College accepts applications from students who are studying at a number of Universities and has a particular focus on supporting rural and regional students. Year 12 students were excited to learn two of our recent VCE graduates are commencing their first year of tertiary studies as Newman residents.

Where to Find Information

The Bairnsdale Secondary College Career Tools website is a one-stop portal for all Careers information: The Post School Options tab has links to:

  • Universities
  • Overseas study
  • TAFE
  • Search and compare courses
  • Beyond School Study Guide
  • Financing Tertiary Studies
  • Job information
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Victorian Skills Gateway
  • Defence Forces
  • Emergency Services
  • Gap Year/volunteering

ADF Gap Year


An ADF Gap Year is a unique opportunity to experience life in the Navy, Army or Air Force, without needing to make a long-term commitment. The skills obtained through the ADF Gap Year program will provide valuable work and life experience and are completely transferable. Students who take part in the ADF Gap Year program:

  • gain valuable skills and work experience
  • enjoy a great salary package plus free healthcare
  • live a varied, active and healthy lifestyle
  • make friends with like-minded people
  • have the opportunity to see more of Australia.

Whatever your interest, there are a variety of roles to select that will provide young Australians valuable life skills. These include experiences as an officer, in management, engineering, logistics and warehousing, combat and security, and administration. Go to this link for more information:

Dates to Remember


Community Notices

'Lost in the Groove' Music Fiesta

A FREE music fiesta happening right here in East Gippsland!


  • Singing workshops with multi-award winning Australian band The Maes
  • Instrumental workshops with top Australian musician Andy Rigby and East Gippsland’s own John Corby
  • Participate in Daily Street Music Parade
  • Instrument-making workshops for kids
  • Community concerts at Forge Theatre and Arts Hub, Bairnsdale
  • All workshops held at the Bairnsdale Hub at 27 Dalmahoy St. Bairnsdale.

ALL FREE !!  But you must book in !!


Lost in the Groove is a joint initiative between Crashendo! Bairnsdale and QuasiTrad Music Melbourne.

Book your place at:

For more information call Crashendo! Bairnsdale 0455 872 296


Training at Paynesville Neighbourhood House


Events at the Library




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