21 December 2017
Term 4, 2017 - Issue 6
The Year That Was...
2018 Staff Changes
Farewell Year Six
The BNPS Team
Our Amazing Community
Merry Christmas!
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The Year That Was...

A reflection from Mrs Duffy...

It is hard to believe that the end of the 2017 school year is almost here. The year's end always brings with it a tremendous sense of accomplishment and to say I'm proud of what our school community has achieved this year is an understatement.


The achievements extend from the academic, sporting and creative arts to numerous activities and events. We achieve so much because we work together as a team which is one of the greatest assets of our school.

Special Events & Activities

We started off the year with a bang with our Family Picnic with special guest Samuel Johnson from the Love Your Sister organisation - a timely reminder that 'Now is Awesome'.

Many other special events and activities were held including:

  • KidsMatter Day
  • The Resilience Project Parent Information Evening
  • ANZAC & Remembrance Day Ceremonies
  • Anxious Child Information Session
  • The Watermelon Challenge
  • Book Week Parade
  • Mother's & Father's Day stalls
  • Mini Fete
  • Spring Racing Luncheon
  • Junior & Senior Discos
  • Junior School Council organised events such as 'Sports Clothes', 'Footy Colours' 'Touch of Easter' and 'Touch of Xmas' Days
  • Special Prep events  (Grandparent's Morning, Mother's Day Pampering, Father''s Day Morning, 100 Days at School celebration, Cubby Day, and an Old Fashioned Dress-up day)


Teaching and Learning

We engaged in high level teaching and learning with Learning Intentions and Success Criteria and ongoing feedback via Compass Learning Tasks. Most importantly, we witnessed the incredible growth of our students.


Staff participated in ongoing Professional Development and attended Network Teacher Cluster Meetings with local schools, and our Principal Class Team attended various conferences and Principal Network meetings to keep abreast of the latest educational developments.


Student progress and achievement was monitored and communicated through both formal and informal interviews and reports:

  • Meet & Greets (Term 1)
  • Parent-Teacher Interview (Term 2)
  • Student Led Conferences (Term 3)
  • Semester Reports (Term 2 & 4)
  • Ongoing feedback via Learning Tasks

Parent and students alike also enjoyed the 'Open Classrooms' opportunities throughout the year.

Incursions & Excursions

Our students participated in a number of incursions and excursions to stimulate and motivate learning and these were a highlight for many. In addition to our whole-school Resilience Project, Art 'Dreamer Puppet' and First Aid incursions, local walks and various talks/visits from external educators, students participated in the following incursions and excursions:


Kids Car Ed, Under The Sea Drama Toolbox incursion and Prep Aquarium excursion.


Fairytale Fiasco, Travelling Kitchen and Japanese Taiko Drumming incursions and Werribee Zoo excursion.


Science, Dance Around the World and Japanese Taiko Drumming incursions and IMAX/Museum excursion.


Aboriginal Virtual Reality Incursion and Japanese MANGA drawing incursions and Melbourne Zoo excursion.


Body Investigators, Media Magic  and Japanese MANGA drawing  incursions and  Cook's Cottage & Immigration Museum excursion.


Japanese KENDO incursion, Sandringham College Musical and Sovereign Hill excursion.


History Tool Box and Japanese MANGA drawing incursions, Sandringham College Musical, ‘Girls on the Go!’/’Rock and Water’ Wellbeing Program, Shrine, Police Academy and Scienceworks/Planaterium excursions.



Extra-Curricular Activities

Many extra-curricular activities and programs were made available to our students including:

  • Lunch Clubs
  • Early Morning Maths (Y3 - 6)
  • Choir (Y3 - 6)
  • Singing Lessons (Y2 - 6)
  • Instrumental Music Program
  • Bike Ed (Y4 & 5)
  • Swimming Program
  • Exhibitions (Y4 - 6)
  • Leadership Program (Y3 - 6)
  • Camp (Y4 - 6)
  • Hip Hop and Tennis Lessons via OSHC
  • Premiers' Reading Challenge
  • Mini Fete (Y5 & 6)
  • Calligraphy Competition (Y1 - 6)
  • Buddy Program (Prep/Year 5 & Year 1/Year 6)



Students from Year 3 – 6 participated in the following House Sport carnivals and we had record numbers making it through to the State level of the competition.

  • Swimming Carnival (Y4 - 6)
  • Cross Country Carnival (Y3 - 6)
  • Athletics Carnival (Y3 - 6)

Our Year 5 & 6 students participated in weekly Inter-school Sports with terrific results and the whole-school enjoyed the Gymnastics Unit as part of their weekly PE class.

All students are to be commended on their effort and sportsmanship.

Charity Support

We supported the following charities, instilling in our students the importance of a social conscience and demonstrating 'Action' which is central to the PYP. As a PYP school we encourage our students to demonstrate core attitudes and attributes, such as being empathetic, appreciative, cooperative and caring.

  • Love Your Sister
  • Family Life
  • Very Special Kids
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Reboot Campaign
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • OzChild
  • Heart Foundation
  • ANZAC & Legacy Appeals
  • Good Friday Appeal
  • State Schools' Relief 
  • Save the Children 

Our final effort will be to collect unwanted pencils and stationery from the classrooms for the Pencils Community (not those that will be taken with the children to their new classroom!). In 2016 our Pencils Community donation was  allocated to two orphanages in The Philippines and  the Les Twentyman Foundation.

Online Communication

In addition to our daily Compass News Feed, we moved to online consent, Signup Genius (for volunteering), a new-look newsletter and a new website to support our commitment to online communication. 


School Works

When I reflect on the year that was, I marvel at the flexibility, adaptability and depth of the team work that has been exhibited throughout the year. The student and staff lived with fences and barricades until Term 3 as our school grounds underwent major work for asbestos removal. Just when the fencing had been disassembled, we discovered that our cladding was to be replaced - hence more fencing. We also extended the staffroom to meet facilities requirements based on our current enrolment.

The inconvenience has been worth it as we now admire our wonderful school environment.

Our Final Event

We finished the year with our major whole school event, the Family Carols Night which was staged in our new Amphitheatre (funded by the 2016 Fete and our 'Shade Sail Raffle).

What a spectacular way to finish the year and a great way to showcase this amazing new facility!

2018 Staff Changes


It is an unfortunate reality that the end of each school year always sees our staffing complement in transition. I would like to wish the following staff members the best of luck as they embark on their new endeavours and pursuits in the 2018 school year, either working at another school, enjoying a sabbatical year or returning to University.

Jennifer Barnard

Next year Jen will be joining the staff at Oakleigh South Primary School where she will be working fulltime in a classroom position. Jenny is known and respected for her contribution to our Performing Arts and Visual Arts Program. Her commitment and caring nature to all who know and respect her will be greatly missed.  Good luck in your new school Jen.


Hanna Le Clerc

Hanna will be spending 2018 exploring family business opportunities with her husband Craig. We will miss Han greatly next year as she has been the quiet, calm and extremely organised cog in the Year 6 team. 


Jane Garvey

Jane has decided that 2018 is the year to experience life in France. We all wish Jane and Mark a wonderful year and look forward to following their sea change exploits throughout the year.


Ali Miles

Ali Miles will be joining the teaching team at Dromana Primary School in 2018 and will certainly not be missing the hour long drive to BNPS each day. We will miss Ali’s infectious grin and her artistic flair that she brings to everything she does in her classroom.


Oscar Davis

Oscar has been working as a Teacher Assistant in Year 6 since March and will be returning to University in 2018.


Thank you Jenny, Hanna, Jane, Ali and Oscar for everything you have done to add value to our school. On behalf of the entire BNPS community, we wish you well for the future - our loss is the gain of others.


I am pleased to welcome a number of new staff  who will be joining our team in 2018.

  • Miss Elli Sumner - 1D
  • Miss Samantha Murnane - 2C
  • Mr Angus Ross - 3D
  • Mr Nick Arnold - 6D
  • Mr Dallas O'Brien - Y5/6 Learning Support & PE
  • Mr Jack Canty - Year 3 Teacher Assistant 
  • Mrs Bonney Lewis - Library

Our new staff members bring with them, their own set of talents and abilities to positively contribute to our school.


Nick Arnold has been working at the Australian International School in Singapore in the last two years. It will be great having Nick back at our school and we look forward to learning about the many teaching and learning aspects of life in a PYP school in Singapore.


Of course don't forget we will also be welcoming two very special new staff members -  Archie and Sid our therapy dogs!

Farewell Year Six

One of the hardest things about the end of any school year is saying goodbye to our Year 6 students. In most cases I can remember when they started with us as 6 year olds direct from Kindergarten. In some cases I remember meeting them when they were still in pushers when their older sibling was enrolling.

A highlight of being a primary school teacher is following the journey our students take. I do not believe any other profession can equal this level of human interaction for such a sustained period of time. We have celebrated successes and marvelled at the manner in which our Year 6 students have developed and matured into the independent, socially aware and self-reliant young adults they are today.


The Year 6 students have worked incredibly hard this year but have also had a fantastic time. I would like to sincerely thank them for being outstanding role models for our entire student population. The Year 6 Exhibition, Mini Fete, Anzac Day Ceremony and Remembrance Day Service were highlights and their application to these tasks was exemplary. The Secondary Colleges they are entering in 2018 are extremely fortunate to have our Year 6 cohort as their Year 7 students.

I would also like to sincerely thank our Student Leaders for carrying out their roles so responsibly, and every Year 6 student for their continuing support and encouragement of their Year 1 buddies.






It is not only the Year 6 children who leave our school community but also their families. Many of these families have been members of the BNPS community for up to 16 years, and have had several children move through our primary school.


This year we sadly farewell the Caganoff, Cahill, Egan, Ellis, Hutchins, Jane, Keogh, Labagnara, Lewis, Mamak, Or, Pedder, Symonds, Thow, Thomas and Wang families from 6A. The Afford, Baldsing, Burgess, Droscher, Green, Hutton, Irwin, Mathews, McIntyre, Meyer, Parkes, Percy, Wallis and Yalcin families from 6B, and the Anderson, Cerdor, Charles, Davies, Dennis-Hewett, Giordano, Harrison, Hermansson, Kaifa, Klarenaar, Lewis, Pickett, Sorani, Trigg-Graynoth, Wilmott and Wu familes from 6C.   


Thank you for your amazing contribution and support during your time here at BNPS - we will miss you!

We are very proud of our 2017 Year 6 students and hope that they look back at their time at BNPS with fondness. I look forward to hearing from our graduates in the future. and wish them continued happiness and success in everything they aspire to achieve.

The Amazing Graduation Evening!




The BNPS Team

The BNPS Team!

This school is not led by one, but a team of people - my staff. We have a staff of 70 which is equivalent to three classes of children. 


I would like to thank our incredible team  for their professionalism and commitment throughout 2017. The dedication by our teaching and non teaching staff is immeasurable. Very few would really know the hours given to providing the best educational opportunities for the students at BNPS. I would like to thank the staff for supporting each other in a manner envied by many. The staff are always there for each other in times of celebration, and also in  difficult times.


I would also like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and commitment in providing an outstanding and safe educational environment for every member of our school community.

Our Principal Class Team

To Moira and Robyn, words cannot express my most sincere appreciation for everything you do in supporting my role at school.   


The complexities of running a school are increasing at an extremely rapid rate and if was not for our total team approach to managing every aspect of these many requirements and expectations, satisfactory achievement standards would not be possible.


Our school staff, students and parent body are extremely lucky to have two exemplary Assistant Principals who always go above and beyond the required expectations.


A team will always achieve what an individual cannot. Thank you for always being there.

Leadership Team

I would like to thank our Leading Teachers, Mat Doran-Brown, Debbie Murnane, Brent Plowright, Grant Rounsley and Joanne Taylor for their ongoing support throughout 2017. Our school employs a true distributive leadership model in every aspect of our school management. Our Leading Teachers have not only managed specific portfolios, but have also acted as mentors and coaches to all staff members.

Teaching Staff

To the teaching staff, thank you for everything you do each and every day that makes BNPS such a great place to learn. I am continuously impressed with the amount of time and energy you put into preparing lessons, planning curriculum, marking homework and tests, preparing Learning Task feedback, attending staff and committee meetings, researching and learning to use resources for new initiatives and programs and completing required professional development work. All of these are in addition to your actual classroom teaching time. Then there are parent-teacher interviews, extra-curricular activity planning and Semester Reports – much of which are done outside of your teaching day. You are an incredibly talented group of teachers who want nothing but the best for our students and families. Thank you also for being there to support one another at all times.

Teaching Assistants

To our team of teaching assistants, Dan Farmer, Jenny Baird, Kerryn Meredith, Jenny Marashli, Natalie Venuto, Oscar Davis and Hailey Paynter, thank you for your ongoing passion and commitment to our students and their families. Your willingness to support the students in your care is to be commended and is admired by us all.

Casual Replacement Teachers 

Thank you to the many CRT's who have come in, often at very short notice, and continued to provide students with the usual curriculum. Your flexibility, professionalism and commitment to our students is most appreciated.

Our Non-teaching Staff

To the members of our non-teaching staff, thank you for always being there. You support the staff, the students, the parents and also Moira, Robyn and myself at all times. Your willingness to assist in every aspect of the school is applauded by us all. You jump in to assist with individual students, the Canteen when volunteers are short, specialist classes when an extra pair of hands is required, man the Office on a regular basis as well as ensure our students are well cared for in our First Aid room. Thank you for being there for us to ensure we all keep smiling.

Wellbeing Team

On behalf of all staff I would like to sincerely thank our Wellbeing Team in Dr Carolann Clifford and Mrs Natalie McMahon for everything they do for every member of our school community, especially our staff. 


Their professional knowledge and advice in all areas pertaining to the emotional and social wellbeing of our students, and each other, provides us with the required skills to manage the ever increasing and demanding non-curriculum expectations.


Thankyou Carolann and Nat for everything you both do. Your support, encouragement and empathy are invaluable to us all.

Office Team

To all members of our administrative team, thank you for your professionalism in relation to every aspect of running our school administration.  You are the face of the school for every visitor and phone call at all times. Regardless of the pressures you are under, you never lose sight of your customer focus and greet everyone with a huge smile at all times - thank you Sue, Nicole, Annie, Sandra and Kerryn. 


Thank you to Shannon who has ensured that our school community has every opportunity to be fully informed at all times. Shannon’s ongoing commitment to every detail encompassed in the huge arena of Communication and PR is recognised and appreciated by all members of our school community.

IT Team

Thank you Seb and Sak for ensuring all technology is well maintained and accessible for consistent staff and student use.

Our Handyman

Thank you to Vincent our handyman/maintenance/gardener. Vincent keeps our school extremely clean and clear of debris on a weekly basis. Thank you also for your contribution to your role and responsibility in relation to the OH&S compliance related to our school grounds.

Our School Cleaner

Thank you Lee for not only your cleaning prowess but sharing your musical talents and skills as well as your enviable sense of humour.


As we depart school in preparation for the school break, Lee commences the mammoth task of cleaning our school. Words cannot express our gratitude to Lee and his team. Our school always looks sparkling and nothing is too much bother for Lee to assist with. We do greatly appreciate the effort given by Lee at all times, but really love returning after the long break  to highly polished floors, clean carpets and an almost sweet aroma in the buildings.  


Thank you Jenny for providing an amazing Canteen service to our families. Even on days with very limited volunteers, Jenny keeps smiling and gets the job done. Jenny not only manages our Canteen but assists in many other areas of our school. Fondly referred to as the 'Staffroom Fairy", Jenny also arrives every morning, clears the dishwasher and gets morning tea organised! Thank you Jenny for all that you do.


Uniform Shop

Annie Thomas commenced as our Uniform Shop Co-ordinator at the beginning of 2017. Annie has done an amazing job in streamlining processes for the Uniform Shop and Lost Property, co-ordinated the photography of all garments, trialled afternoon opening hours in response to parent feedback and created a fitting area for students to try on garments privately.


In addition to the weekly running of the Uniform Shop and filling Qkr orders, Annie has also co-ordinated the ordering of Uniforms for our incoming Preppies, Sports Tops for our Year 5 & 6 students and special Bomber Jackets for our Year 6 students. Thank you Annie for providing an exceptional service to our families.


Outside School Hours Care (OSHC

To Kelly, Tamara and team, thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm in providing an outstanding before and after school care program for our students. This service is valued by many of our school families.


Instrumental Music & Singing Lessons

I would also like to thank Simon Lindsay and his staff, together with Suzie King our vocal teacher, for their contribution to our extra-curricular program. The recent Music Soirees (featured in our last newsletter) and the Singing Recitals held last week were a great display of your collective hard work!




Our Amazing Community

Thank You to our School Community!

Our school community is an extremely supportive and caring one. On behalf of our students and staff I would like to say how grateful we are to the many parents who have assisted with our school programs and activities or provided support and feedback to our staff in 2017.


It is truly heartening to see the many ways in which parents and carers support our school. When I tallied up the different families involved in the variety of  clubs, committees, roles and special activities connected to our school, I counted representation from almost 320 individual parents. 


School Council

Thank you to the School Council and the members of the School Council Sub-committees, who give freely of their time and expertise to ensure our students receive the best available knowledge and skills.


I would like to sincerely thank Mrs Carolynn Smith who has led our School Council again in 2017. Carolynn and Glen King, our School Council Vice President, have met with me regularly to discuss future planning and direction of our school and brought about some great change.


BNPS Parents & Friends

I would like to publicly acknowledge the outstanding contribution from Laura Fitzpatrick and the Parents & Friend Steering Committee and members. Laura has very capably led the P&F and brought about some very positive change for our entire school community.


Parents & Friends have provided additional funds to support school based programs and managed a number of services and events including:

  • Family Picnic 
  • Student Banking
  • Head Hunters
  • Easter Stall
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day Stalls
  • Farmers Market Raffle
  • Woolworths Earn & Learn Program
  • Junior and Senior Discos
  • Spring Racing Luncheon
  • World Teacher’s Day Lunch
  • Advent Calendar/Christmas Stall
  • Prep Parent Buddy Program
  • Fete Support

Thank you to each an every volunteer for making these events and services happen.

Fathers' Activity Club

The Fathers’ Activity Club, led by Tom Johnson, support our school in an ongoing manner at all times. In 2017, FAC members have volunteered their time and energy to assist with a number of activities and events including the Family Picnic BBQ,  Long Jump Pit and Bunnings BBQ and have contributed funds towards various school projects.


Thank you Tom for organising a great range of well-attended social activities for all  BNPS Dads.




Thank you to the team of parents and grandparents who have assisted our Canteen Manager to ensure that all staff and students have their lunch orders filled every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

A special thank you to the Canteen Committee for managing the roster of volunteers and providing another well-received 'Special Lunch Day'. Without your support the Canteen could not operate.

Uniform Shop

Thank you to the wonderful team of parents who have assisted our Uniform Shop Co-ordinator to keep the shop running, filled Qkr orders promptly, ensured that named Lost Property has been reunited with its rightful owner and helped out at our Prep Transition mornings.


Class Reps Program

Thank you to Laura Fitzpatrick, Class Reps Co-ordinator and our wonderful Class Reps who have given up their time throughout the year to arrange social functions for our families,  organise volunteers for class activities and encouraged families to get involved. Your support  is sincerely appreciated by the school, teaching staff and parents alike.

Classroom Helpers

Thank you to the many parents who have assisted with classroom based activities including Literacy groups, Year 4 & 5 Bike Education, incursions and excursions and the transportation of students for specific events.

2018 Fete Committee

Thank you to our Fete Committee, led by Melissa Joy, for the countless hours being given to this impending major community event. I have no doubt that it will be a huge success.


Year 6 Graduation Committee

On behalf of all of the Year 6 families, I would like to thank Samantha Davies (2017 Graduation Convenor) and the following Graduation Sub-Committee leaders (and of course their helpers), for their part in creating an amazing event for our Year 6 students on Tuesday night:

  • Finance – Nicole McClure
  • Decorating – Michelle Port
  • Catering – Kerrie Burgess
  • Disco – Amanda Stokes & Suzi Appel
  • DVD and Photography – Jen Hartley, Marnie Kocent & Alan Moyle (Photobat) - special thanks to Teacher, Shennae Searle, for also taking photos on the night!
  • Pack Up and Set Up – Susan Vastag
  • Final Celebration for End of Year – Jasmin Crawford
  • Year 6 Gift to the school – Jasmin Crawford and Suzi Appel
  • Year Book – Amanda Stokes and Sarah Hutchins

A huge amount of work goes into creating this event and it most certainly did not go unnoticed.


Graphic Design & Photograpy

We truly appreciate the time and effort from those who have shared their professional graphic design and photography skills, allowing us to achieve a consistent and professional image.

Junior School Council

Many of our special events have been are organised by the Junior School Council. I would  like to thank our JSC representatives (Y3 - 6) and our JSC Co-ordinators, Miss Kate Williams (Year 5 Teacher) and Mrs Silvi Levine (Year 3 Teacher) for the time and commitment to helping others.


Our Students

Last but by no means least, thank you to every member of our student body for always striving to do your best. We are often complimented on the exemplary behaviour of our students whilst out on excursion and we are very proud of you all!

Merry Christmas!

Our school community has just one goal and that is to provide a safe educational environment and the best learning outcome for every student at our school. We are always looking at ways to improve and 2018 will be no different.


It is now the time to relax, rejuvenate and refuel the body for the ensuing school year. To the families who are departing our school, good luck in your new educational settings and thank you for the contribution you have made to our school.


I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Christmas. Christmas is an opportunity for us all to spend time with our families and reflect on what really is important in life. Life is often too short. It is important to make the most of every opportunity and cherish what we have.


Have a safe and happy holiday and  I look forward to seeing you again in the New Year. 



Sherril Duffy













Hot Christmas - Senior Choir (Y4 - 6)


Prep Letters to Santa - not long to go!