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18 December 2017
Issue Twelve
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From the Principal Class Team
From the Principal Class Team
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Important Dates & Calendar   

Monday, 18 December

All day  Year 7 & 8 Activities Week 

Tuesday, 19 December

All day  Year 7 & 8 Activities week

All day Fun Fields Adventure Park

Wednesday, 20 December

All day Year 7 & 8 Activities Week

3:30pm - 5:30pm Year 8 Graduation Dance

Thursday, 21 December

9:00am - 1:30pm Year 7 & 8 assembly and Concert

3:10pm  Year 7 & 8 Dismissal for 2017 

Saturday, 20 January 

9:00am - 1:00pm Uniform shop open

Wednesday, 24 January

9:00am - 12:00pm  Book Collection Day and Uniform Shop open

1:00pm - 4:00pm  Book Collection Day and Uniform Shop open

5:00pm - 7:00pm  Book Collection Day and Uniform Shop open

Saturday, 27 January

9:00am - 1:00pm  Uniform Shop open

Monday, 29 January

8:00am - 10:00am  Uniform Shop open

3:00pm - 6:00pm  Uniform Shop open

Tuesday, 30 January

8:00am - 10:00am  Uniform Shop open

3:00pm - 6:00pm  Uniform Shop open

Saturday, 3 February 

9:00am - 1:00pm  Uniform Shop open

Tuesday, 30 January

8:45am - 3:10pm  Years 7, 10 & 12 First Day of School

Year 7 students to report to the Performing Arts Centre 

Wednesday, 31 January

8:45am - 3:10pm  Years 8, 9 & 11 First Day of School

Friday, 2 February

All day  VCAL Induction 

Monday, 5 February

6:30pm Parent Information Evening 

Monday, 26 February 

All day School photo day

From the Principal Class Team

Dear Parents and Guardians

As soon as we start Term 4, it seems we also begin a series of farewells: firstly to our students as they progressively leave, most just for the summer break, others to take up their post school pathways, or to move onto other schools. And finally come the farewells to staff who are leaving us. This year is somewhat of an exception for us, with six of our staff retiring at the end of the year. It is impossible to overstate the impact on our students, the school and the community of the work of Kathy Haris, Sandra Faoro, Ian Crocker, Stephanie Leontiades, Loue Traianou and Thu Tran. In years of service alone, the have collectively contributed to over 200 years to government school education, and more than 190 years between them to St Albans Secondary College. Yet, what is much less easily quantifiable is the influence each of these people have had on so many lives, on shaping the directions, programs and culture of our school, and on creating the college community we are so proud of.

Sandra Faoro commenced her teaching career at Debney Park Secondary College in the start of 1999, before joining the staff of St Albans Secondary College later that same year as a teacher of Food technology and Textiles. Sandra has, at various times, led her Department, and has seen many changes in the Technology Learning Area, not the least of which has been the construction of the VET Hospitality Centre. It is a pity she won’t see the replacement next year of our vintage 1950’s kitchens! Sandra has motivated and inspired her students, especially with projects such as the celebration cakes at Year 10, and has contributed to programs beyond her faculty. She has been a backstage regular on makeup for MAC, and has also generously used her expertise as an SES Area Coordinator to support staff and students in first aid training and preparing for bush walks.

Thu Tran has taught Vietnamese and English as an Additional Language with us since joining the staff her in 1992. She has been an active, dedicated member of both Departments, and oversaw the introduction into the curriculum of Vietnamese as a first language. The school and students have benefited enormously from Thu’s language expertise and her connection with our Vietnamese community, both have been significant in strengthening the relationship between the local community and the school.

Kathy Haris has been a member of the Education Support Staff team at St Albans Secondary College since 1987 when she joined the school as a Multicultural Education Aid supporting the then large Croatian Community. She provided much needed and greatly appreciated support to parents and families, and to the school. Since then, like so many ES staff, Kathy has seen her role evolve due to changing school and Department priorities, and she now supports the administration team in the office on her one day a week with us. She also works in the ES team at St Albans Meadows Primary School. Kathy’s willingness to assist and support colleagues, students and families has always been a feature of her work.

Stephanie Leontiades also commenced here in 1987, after starting her teaching career in 1975 at Altona High School. Steph has taught English and French, and has always been an enthusiastic campaigner for the LOTE program within the school. But this is just one of her many contributions in addition to her work in the classroom. Stephanie has been a year level coordinator at both the Junior and Middle Sub Schools over many years. Her unfailingly clam, quiet manner belied her ability to manage and win over even the most challenging of students, and she was always held in very high regards by the students and families she worked with and supported. Steph’s generosity and commitment to the school saw her willing to step into temporary vacancies in Sub Schools to help out on many occasions. Likewise, she was often the first person to volunteer to sell MAC tickets at lunchtime each year. More recently, up until these last two years though, Stephanie has been known for her role coordinating the Lunchtime Activities Program, enabling scores of students to enjoy board games, conversation, fun and challenge with like minded peers. Through this important program, she has provided many students with a sense of belonging and place that they may not otherwise have experienced. Stephanie’s membership of selection panels over the years is a testament to the high regard in which she is held by colleagues, and to the considered, thoughtful approach she brought to her work. But this was never more evident than in her work with her classes. Stephanie insisted on excellence from her student’s and provided each of them with the support they needed to achieve this. She treated each of them with respect and dignity, and earned the same from them.

The name Ian Crocker is, in the minds of many students, families and staff, synonymous with St Albans Secondary College, and this typifies the significant presence that Ian has been in the lives of so many members of our school community. It is impossible to run into past students without them asking, ‘Is Mr Crocker still there?’. Mr Crocker completed his teaching rounds at what was St Albans High School, and gained a position as a science teacher at the school in 1977. Throughout his 41 years at the school, Ian has held a wide range of positions, notably in student management as a Year Level Coordinator, and as the first Sub School Leader in the Middle School where he has been influenced in shaping the school’s philosophy and policies in this area and, most recently as Assistant Principal, where he has championed St Albans Secondary College and government school education within and well beyond the school gates. But Ian’s contribution and legacy are much more than this; they reflect his values and belief that education is about developing the whole person, about community, about a passion for learning, and about the people. These things have been evident in his commitment to the sports program, to the Science Faculty, and to the newly formed INTERACT Club of which he is justifiably proud. But perhaps what represents everything that Ian loves about his career is, in many ways, the school camp at Strathbogie. The haven it is today, and the welcome and enjoyment it affords to our students and staff is due, in large part, to Ian’s vision, commitment and determination to create something very special for our community to enjoy. Similarly, the reinvigorated House system, now entrenched in our school culture, is Ian’s work, and a testament, again, to his vision and to what he believes much be equally valued in education.

Ian is a football coach, and he has given many great coach speeches about our school, about who we are as part of it, and about its place in the St Albans community. He has shaped the way people see us, but more importantly, how we see ourselves.

Since he was in Year 7, Loue Trianou, has only ever left St Albans Secondary College temporarily – for his university years; and even some of that time was spent as a student teacher her at his old high school. He is the epitome of a true stayer!

Loue joined the staff here in 1975 as a commerce teacher, and has subsequently taught Maths, as well. Since that time, his commitment to the school has been long term, fierce, and evident in the many varied roles he has held over the decades. Whether as Coordinator of the Activities Program or as a Year Level Coordinator, Loue’s dedication, persistence and patience in ensuring the very best opportunities and outcomes for each and every student are truly admirable. Time and again, we have seen Loue invest enormous energy and care into resolving issues for students, communicating with their families, and running extra curricular programs to engage and challenge them. He is a generous, concerned and extremely supportive teacher, leader and colleague. There was, however, one aspect of Loue’s work where his sense of collegiality was threatened: Loue is a very competitive sports person and that combative spirit was a hallmark of his participation in staff House events and the staff tennis tournaments of the 1980’s. He remains a strong champion of the House system, and continues to coach the school tennis team.

With Loue and Ian retiring we really are witnessing the end of an era at St Albans Secondary College: they are the last of the staff who joined the school in the 1970’s. They have seen such significant change in education in our school, and in our staff, and they have shepherded and guided us through this. They, and all our retiring staff, have been really important in mentoring and supporting many of us through our challenging early years as teachers and leaders, and we are so fortunate and grateful for this. On behalf of staff, students and parents, we wish Sandra, Thu, Kathy, Stephanie, Loue and Ian every happiness and all the very best of luck for their retirements. We acknowledge and congratulate them on their outstanding contributions to education, and on the wonderful impact they have each had on the lives of so many young people, and on St Albans Secondary College.

As well as farewelling our retiring staff, this year we are also saying goodbye to Scott Faulkner and Patricia Herr. Scott is taking up a teaching position at Bacchus Marsh Grammar, and Patricia is teaching Spanish at the Victorian School of Languages. Patricia has been instrumental in the growing strength of the languages program at our school, and the impetus behind our increasingly successful LOTE study tours program. Her expertise in and passion for languages leaves a lasting legacy here, and we thank her enormously for that. Scott has also inspired students in their learning, and his creative approach to teaching will be missed. His contribution to the STEM thinking and programs is just one aspect of his work that he leaves with us, and for which we are grateful.

We also acknowledge and thank the following staff who are taking up other positions, moving interstate or overseas, or continuing study: Anna Beall, Justin Gourlay, Ben Beagley, Emma Viney, Duong Nguyen, Cheree Dobra, Lesley Wright and Maria Pappas. We wish each of you all the very best for 2018, and for every success with your continuing work in education.


From the Principal Class Team

Year 12 VCE Results 

Congratulations to all of our Year 12 students for their excellent results.

We are very pleased to announce that our VCE results for 2017 are comparable with the 2016 results and 2016 was the best in the history of the school. 36 students achieved ATAR scores over 80, including 13 students who achieved ATARs over 90.  Our top achievers for 2017 are:

We extend our congratulations to all these students. We also thank all of our staff for your commitment to and support of these students and indeed all Year 12 students during their time at St Albans Secondary College.

Special thanks to our senior sub-school co-ordinators who have worked tirelessly to support and guide all the 2017 Year 12 students – Ms Stav Bekiaris (Senior Sub-school leader), Ms Anna Woods (Assistant Senior Sub-school leader), Mr Robert Kryzinski (VCE Learning co-ordinator), Ms Laura Gough (VCAL co-ordinator), Ms Anna Langley (year level co-ordinator) and Ms Rosemary Bambery (Senior Sub-school Assistant).

Ms Cathy Armstrong and Ms Colleen Lynch are available to work with students to either confirm their VTAC course selections, or to revise them as needed.  Please see the careers team if you require any support.

End of Semester Reports

Congratulations to all of our Year 7-11 students on the positive and serious approach they took to their recent exams and semester tests. Semester 2 reports for students in Years 7-11 will be available on Compass on Friday 22 December.

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact their year level coordinator.

From the Principal Class Team

Junior Sub School

Congratulations to all the members of the Junior Sub School on another successful year. From programs such as Walk it Out, Indigenous guest speakers, antibullying performances, Digital Thumbprint and High Resolves, students have been able to participate in a wide range of activities to support their engagement and wellbeing. We would like to thank the sub school members, Ms Lauren Honeycombe, Ms Marlene Cassar, Ms Ashwini Mana Mohan, Mr Loue Triainou, Mr Louis Turner and Mr Owen McIntyre for their work in supporting the Year 7 and 8 students, as well as all the teaching and support staff who worked at this level. A special thankyou to all the Junior Sub School students for an excellent year. We hope you have a great holiday!

Facility Team hard at work over the term break

There may be a break from teaching classes over the term break but this can be the busiest time of the year for the Facilities Team. Already painters have been hard at work repainting all rooms and corridors in our senior classrooms and by the start of Term 1, 2018 all rooms, corridors and external locker bays will have a fresh coat of paint.

New signage for the college will be installed and repairs will be made to asphalt areas to improve the grounds for our students. There will be many other tasks undertaken to make sure we are in great shape to start 2018.

Two major projects will begin over the break – one inside and the other outside.

  1. The area between, and around, Nindethana and the Gymnasium will be cleared in preparation for a total redesign to provide a great student area with BBQ and seating amongst new plantings.
  2. Our Junior Kitchen which has served us well for many years will be replaced with a modern Food Technology facility. It is expected that the new area will be available by week 3 in Term 1 next year.

We would like to acknowledge the work of the people in our Facilities Team who work tirelessly to ensure we have a clean safe and high quality environment in which to learn, teach and work. Special thanks to Liz Hedger, Dave Fraser, Tony Gavrilovski, Brett Pollard, Marion Mortimer, Joe De-Gabriele, Geoff Hutchison, Craig Moore, Deb Zsidai and Jake Watson for their work past and present.

ANZAC Memorial approved

The school received good news last week when we were advised that we had been granted money from the ANZAC Centenary Community Grants Commission to build an ANZAC Memorial in the school grounds. The school has a proud history of honouring those who have died as a result of war in its annual ANZAC Ceremony and Remembrance Day addresses. This memorial will remind us of those sacrifices but just as importantly reinforce our belief that war is never the correct answer to disagreements and that we must all do all we can to avoid the tragedies of the past and find better ways to broker resolution.

I look forward to our Anzac Ceremony in 2018 to revisit those two aspects mentioned above.

A short note from Mr Crocker

As this is my last newsletter at the end of a 41 year career in education at St Albans Secondary College I want to beg your indulgence and express a few thoughts on that time.

To our wonderful students, past and present, I want to say thank you for enriching my life as a teacher and to their families’ thank you for entrusting their futures to me. I retire so honoured to have worked in this great school with amazing staff and in an environment that has always put the student first.

I have been part of so many proactive and dedicated teams over the years that all I can say is that I could not have imagined a more positive and enjoyable experience in any other setting.

I would like to say a special thank you to Ms Miranda Truong & Ms Loan T Pham who, along with the Vietnamese parents Association, held a wonderful retirement lunch for me on Thursday, 14 December. I was very humbled by their acknowledgement of my career and really appreciated the time and effort that had gone into the luncheon.


I would like to acknowledge the Sub School Teams who do an exceptional job in guiding and empowering students, the IT Team who have become an outstanding service provider to students and staff, our Wellbeing Team who provide irreplaceable support, my teaching and non-teaching colleagues and of course my fellow PCO members in Kerrie, Craig, Losh (now at Box Hill) and more recently Mario and Janet.

I wish you all well and remind everyone that our community is what we make it – St Albans is special and always has been. Our job is to keep it special.

​And finally....

A very sincere thank you to all of our parents and community for your support throughout 2017. We value it very much, and know that our students are better learners and young people for the strength of this partnership. To those families who are leaving us this year, we wish you good luck for the future.

Best wishes for a safe and happy festive season, and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Principal - Ms Kerrie Dowsley


Assistant Principal - Mr Ian Crocker

Acting Assistant Principal - Mr Mario Orsini 

Assistant Principal - Mr Craig Jennings


From the General Office

General Office Hours 

8:15am to 4:15pm       

College Expectations 

Some important expectations are outlined below.

Attendance, Uniform, Punctuality  

We greatly appreciate the support we receive from parents to make sure that your child attends school regularly and punctually, is in full uniform, and is well prepared for all classes with books and equipment.

Being prepared for classes  

It is expected that students have the required books and equipment for each subject, as well as a student diary to record homework and assignments.


If you need any assistance with ordering books, please contact the General Office.


Students must have a minimum of 90% attendance in all classes at each year level.


Full uniform must be worn to and from school, at school and on all school excursions, including interschool sports.


Uniform Shop Hours:

Monday - 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Thursday - 12:15pm to 1:15pm


Alternatively, you can purchase the school uniform online through our school website:


Please note:

  • Only the 3 approved styles of school shoes are to be worn
  • PE / Sports shoes must be lace up runners with non-marking soles
  • Facial piercings are not to be worn at school
  • Make-up is to be kept to a minimum.


Students are expected to be punctual at the start of each day and for all classes. Any student who is late more than 4 times will have a Friday detention from 3:20pm to 5:20pm. 


The consequences for lateness to school are as follows:


1st Late

Coordinator Warning.


2nd Late

After School Detention:  

3:15pm -  3:45pm.  

Sub Schools to contact home.


3rd Late

After School Detention:  

3:15pm -  3:45pm.  

Sub Schools to contact home  – advise that next late will be a Friday Night Detention.


4th Late

Friday Night Detention:  

3:20pm -  5:20pm.  

Students that complete their Friday Night Detention have their next late treated as a 3rd LATE.  A subsequent LATE means a second     Friday Night Detention & student is placed on a ‘Blue Sheet’.


Blue Sheet

Student is on a ‘Blue Sheet’ for 2 weeks. Coordinator meets Parent/Guardian to explain the Blue Sheet process.


Unsatisfactory Blue Sheet

Parent interview with SSL & PCO. 

Strategies discussed – possible suspension.



Sustainable School Shop

The Sustainable School Shop website is available to purchase and/or sell second-hand uniforms and used textbooks.


Parents can log in or register at any time at

When selling items, click the Sell Uniforms button and follow the prompts. Assistance is given to construct your For Sale ads including a pricing guide.
To see the ads for items currently on sale or to obtain the seller details, you will need to log-in to the Sustainable School Shop website, click the blue Stocktake button and then click the item you need. Buyers contact the seller directly.

Sellers are asked to delist For Sale Ads as items sell.


Excursion Consent & Payments on Compass 

Did you know that you can now Consent & make a Payment on Compass for your child’s excursion

Dear Parents / Guardians


Your child will be attending excursions / events throughout the year.  Log into Compass on the Parent Portal via the schools website for each excursion to approve the consent and make a payment (if applicable) online by the due dates. 


This will save your child time lining up at the general office.


Compass Pay will greatly assist parents with approval and payment requirements, and will also assist the office staff and teachers by reducing the paperwork and finance components. Parents will be able to easily access their child’s activities, keep the school up to date with important information, and complete the permission & payment process.


Compass Pay is available to you through the Parent Portal which you can access via the schools’ website with your individual username and password at


To provide the consent/payment required, parents click on the notification which will appear on the home screen under “My News”.  This will take you to the Events page, where you can see all events that require consent/payment, and those that you have already consented to/paid for.


Parents have the option of completing the consent/payment online, or of printing the consent form and handing it in to the office with payment.

By clicking the "Process Now (Online)" option, parents will be prompted to enter information regarding emergency contact details, as well as any relevant medical information.


Full instructions for using this module are illustrated below.  You can also access the Instruction Booklet on Compass under the School Documentation Tab and click on Parents Information.

If you require any assistance, please contact the General Office on 9366 2555.


You can also click on the link below to view more information on COMPASS.


Parent Portal – Payment of School Charges

Your will now have received a course confirmation and school charges package from the school. This pack outlines information for your child’s 2018 enrolment. If you are yet to pay your child's school charges, please log on to our parent portal, Compass, to make your payment. Your pack will have information on how to complete the online payment process.

It is important for parents/guardians to not share portal login details with your child. Portal login details must only be known to the parent/guardian.

Course Confirmation and Payment Portal

Firstly, families will be prompted to complete any agreements and questions that have been set up in the template. If the ‘Parent to sign’ or ‘Student to sign’ box has been ticked, the families will be prompted to digitally sign the agreements.

Once all agreements and questions have been completed the family will then be asked to pay for the Template-Wide charges and any Per-Subject charges, if these have been included in the template. For ‘Locked’ payment items the parents must pay the suggested amount, however for payment items where this is not the case, the parent may choose the amount they wish to pay.

Once the family has determined the fees that they are going to pay they select ‘Pay and Finalise’ to complete the payment online. 


2017 Sub School Coordinators 

 Junior School

Ms Lauren Honeycombe

Sub School Leader

7J, 8K, 8L

Ms Marlene Cassar

Assistant Sub School Leader

7H, 8A, 8J

Mr Louis Turner

Sub School Coordinator

7B, 7E, 8B, 8E

Ms Ashwini Mana Mohan

Sub School Coordinator

7D, 7F, 8D, 8F

Mr Louie Traianou

Sub School Coordinator

7A, 7I, 8H, 8I

Mr Owen McIntyre

Sub School Coordinator

7C, 7G, 8C, 8G

Ms Isobelle Issell

Sub School Assistant

Middle School

Ms Becky Annetts

Sub School Leader

9F, 10C, 10E

Mr Brendan McFarland

Assistant Sub School Leader

9G, 9J, 10B

Ms Cheree Dobra

Sub School Coordinator 

9C, 9D, 10D

Mr Simon Lynch

Sub School Coordinator

9A, 9B, 9I, 10F

Mr Sean Ryan

Sub School Coordinator

9E, 9H, 10A 

Ms Lynda Vo

Sub School Assistant











Senior School

Ms Stav Bekiaris

Sub School Leader

11D, 12D, V1A

Ms Anna Woods

Assistant Sub School Leader

11A , 12A , V2A

Mr Robert Krysinski

Sub School Coordinator

11B, 12B

Ms Laura Gough

Sub School Coordinator

11E, 12E, V1B

Ms Anna Langley

Sub School Coordinator

11C, 12C, V2B

Ms Rosemary Bambery

Sub School Assistant















Junior School Report

It has been a busy time of the year in Junior School and students have been working hard to get their best results and to complete assessments for reports.  Junior School students are involved in lots of activities around the school and students have had a wonderful year in the Junior School and have also experienced many outings including the State Library and the Melbourne Zoo. The Year 7 Students have also been involved in a Case Study with the State Library this year.

All Year 8 classes have also attended the Strathbogie camp this term and students have and a lovely time with their peers and teachers, canoeing¸ swimming and preparing their evening meals. It has been a great way for them to complete their time in Junior School.

End of year activities

End of Year Activities are planned for Year 7 and Year 8 to Fun Fields on Tuesday, 19 December. Please ensure your child has water, hat, sunscreen and lunch for the day. Students not attending are required at school for the day.

Year 8 graduation dance

The Year 8 Graduation Dance will be held on Wednesday, 20 December from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at the school. Students will be dismissed at 12.40 to go home and get prepared then return at 3:30.

Pizza and other refreshments will be provided. Drinks will be available for purchase on the evening for $2.  We look forward to seeing our Year 8’s all dressed up to celebrate their final Year in Junior School.


End of year awards and concert

The End of Year Awards and Concert are on Thursday, 21 December. We have numerous awards to present to students for their wonderful Academic and Citizenship Achievements. Students are required to attend these events in full school uniform. The concert will be an exciting way to end the busy year with students and staff performing for everyone.

Dates for next year

  • Year 7 starts on 30 January 2018
  • Year 8 starts on 31 January 2018

We are looking forward to a great start to 2018. If students have everything they require for the first day of school, it makes for a much smoother start for them. Please make sure that all books have been purchased and everything is labelled. It is also a good idea to cover the expensive text books to improve their resale value. Please ensure you have a lock on the first day of the year and make sure that all uniform items including PE uniform are named.


If your child is going overseas they must return to school by the first day in 2018. Please let the office know if you are away. Please call the coordinators if you have any questions on 9366 4088.

Thank yous

The Junior Sub School would like to thank our wonderful students and their families for working with us this year. We have a new team starting in 2018 that are all looking forward to working with Year 7 and 8 students and their parents. Thanks to staff for their support and hard work with the Junior Team over the year. We would also like to thank Mr. Traianou for all his hard work and knowledge that he has shared with the Sub School over the past years as a dedicated year Level Coordinator. Mr Traianou is retiring.

Thank you to Ms Mohan for her dedication as she will move into the Middle School to coordinate next year.

We would like to welcome Ms Emily Dickinson and Mr Craig Moore who will join the team as coordinators in 2018.

Thank you also to the other members of the Junior school team Ms. Cassar, Mr. Turner, Mr McIntyre and Isobelle for being part of the Junior team this year.

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.

See you in 2018.

Lauren Honeycombe

Junior Sub School leader

Middle School Report  

As the school year draws to an end, students in Year 9 and 10 have been involved in orientation and ‘step up’ programs to prepare them for their studies next year.  In the final assemblies of the year, students’ achievements and successes were recognised and celebrated, and there were a number of exceptional music performances too. 

Year 9 Events

On Tuesday 12 December, Year 9s took part in the sixth annual Dance Celebration.  Students who studied Dance in Semester Two all performed their assessment pieces to the year group.  A number of students also signed up to work with choreographers arranged by Ms De Silva to create dances showcasing a number of different styles: Hip Hop, Contemporary and Jazz.  A traditional cultural dance was also performed by a group of Year 9 girls.  So many students took to the stage to celebrate the different styles of dance, and it was great to see even more people up on the stage attempting the limbo.

The final Year 9 assembly of the year also took place on Tuesday, 12 December.  It was great to see so many students recognised for their positive contributions to the school, their academic achievements and efforts, and their attendance and punctuality.  At lunch time on the last day of the step up program, there was a BBQ for the students to celebrate the end of the year.

Congratulations to Ian Alcantara who was awarded the ‘Student of the Year’ award having achieved an A+ in fourteen of his sixteen subjects this year, and an A grade in the other two.  A fantastic accomplishment, and very well deserved.

From Wednesday, 13 to Friday, 15 December, the students attended lessons as part of a ‘step up’ program into Year 10.  All students were given the opportunity to find out more about the subjects they will be studying in Semester One next year, and enjoyed three ‘taster’ lessons for each subject. 

Year 10 Events

Year 10 students have also been very busy over the last few weeks, with the orientation to VCE, VCAL and VET courses taking place following the end of semester exams.

VCE orientation classes ran from Thursday, 30 November until Thursday, 7 December, providing students with an introduction to the curriculum they will study next year.  The feedback from staff and students was very positive, and all classes were very well attended.  VCAL students and those studying VET courses next year attended a VET orientation class on Tuesday, 28 November, and the VCAL orientation program ran in school from Tuesday, 5 to Thursday, 7 December.


The final day for Year 10 students was filled with celebrations and excitement.  Music performances, a photo slide presentation and a high number of awards were the focus of the final assembly, and a BBQ lunch was provided afterwards.  Students received awards for their academic achievements and efforts, as well as for their leadership roles, attendance and punctuality.

Congratulations to Natalie Truong and Viet Gou who were awarded Kwong Le Dow scholarships from Melbourne University.  These scholarships will support both of the students to continue their studies at Melbourne University when they complete Year 12.  Well done!

The Year 10 ‘Student of the Year’ award went to Nancy Nguyen.  Nancy achieved an A+ in five of her six subjects in Semester Two, and received the subject award for achievement in the same five subjects.  Her reports in Semester One were equally impressive, reflecting her commitment and enthusiasm for her studies. An amazing accomplishment Nancy.  Really well done!!

The final day was rounded off with the Year 10 Formal at the Ultima Convention Centre in Keilor.  A huge thank you to Ms Lynda Vo and the Year 10 ‘Formal Committee’ for their hard work in organising the event.  It was attended by over 110 students who spent the entire night on the dance floor celebrating the end their time in Middle School.  There was also a photo booth that was enjoyed by staff and students alike.  These will be made available on the public drive for the students to look through.

To the Year 10 students of 2017, we wish you all the best for Year 11 next year, and thank you for two wonderful years working with you in the Middle Sub School. 

On behalf of the Middle School team: Ms Cheree Dobra, Mr Simon Lynch, Mr Brendan McFarland, Mr Sean Ryan, Ms Lynda Vo, and Ms Shona Cowell I would like to wish all students and their families a happy, safe and relaxing summer holiday.  For those students leaving St Albans Secondary College at the end of the year, we wish you all the very best for the future.

Merry Christmas!

Becky Annetts

Middle School Sub School Leader

Senior School Report  

Although VCE and VCAL classes have concluded, there has still been plenty of activity in Senior School. Teachers have finished their reports for Semester 2 and Orientation for next year’s Year 11 and Year 12 VCE and VCAL classes has been conducted. The Year 12 students had a ‘Two week’ orientation program where they were given their first formative assessment task to complete in each of their Year 12 subjects.

The Year 11 and the VCAL classes had a ‘One week’ Orientation Program.

If you have a student going into Year 11 or 12 next year, please ask them about the Holiday Homework which they will have received during the Orientation program. Holiday Homework has been set for all VCE and VCAL subjects, and students will have some hours of work that is due in on the first day of classes in 2017.

It is expected that this homework is completed on time so that the classes can begin smoothly. If homework is not completed, students will be required to stay back after school in the first week to finish the work.

The Year 12 students of 2017 celebrated the end of their schooling (what they have known for 13 years or more) by attending their Year 12 formal, which was held at Luxor Reception and Function Centre on Wednesday, 22 November.

Once again, they made us so proud to be part of St Albans SC as their behaviour and respect for everyone around them was noted by staff and other guests at the venue. They had a wonderful time and made the most of taking photos in the photo-booth with their friends.

The VCE Results are released on Friday, 15 December and again this year we are expecting the students at the college to achieve great results.  On Thursday, 20 December the college will host a Morning Tea for our High Achievers to celebrate their outstanding successes.

Just a reminder that Year 12, 2018 Parent Information evening is on Monday, 5 February starting at 6:30pm.

The Year 11, 2018 Parent Information evening is on Monday, 19 February starting at 6:30pm.

Many thanks to the parents who have contacted us when their child is absent for any reason. This is of great assistance to the Year Level Coordinators, as we call home regularly if there are any unexplained absences for your child. The Case Management process continues to monitor closely the attendance, achievement and individual needs of all our students. Please contact us on 9366. 2555 if you have any queries or concerns about the progress of your child, especially at the beginning of the new school year.



Stav Bekiaris

Senior Sub School Leader

Careers News



Emerging STEM for Women Program October 2017


On Monday, 16 October, fifteen Year 9 & 10 girls travelled with Mr Goldbaum attended the 2017 ‘Emerging Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) for Women Program’ Ecolinc Science & Technology Centre in Bacchus Marsh. 


The day consisted of guest speakers, a range of workshops and a ‘STEM Careers speed-dating’ session where the girls got to meet, talk with, and learn from, a range of women in the STEM fields, as well as a range of higher education providers who were able to outline career pathway opportunities and courses available for students in the STEM fields.

The two guest speakers; Aimee Haywood (Planning Manager, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning) and Helen McCracken (BVSc, BSC(Vet), MVS; Senior Veterinarian, Melbourne Zoo) provided wonderful insights and stories for the girls, as to how they progressed from school, to where they are now, professionally.

The workshops included; Code Like a Girl - ‘Exploring the secrets of Marvel universe under the lens of a developer’, Breakout Girls - A prominent scientist has gone missing and her robot has been reprogrammed to destroy the centre, and Bioplastics - The use of plastics in the modern world is extensive, however the environmental impact of plastic is enormous.

Overall, the girls had a fantastic time and their feedback was that it was an exceptional experience for them. I look forward to next year, as our school will have a further two opportunities to send our girls to the program in 2018!


Mr Goldbaum

Science and Technology


The Ecolinc 2017 ‘Emerging STEM for Women’ program is proudly supported by:


English News

Poetry Unit

In their poetry unit 7B have been working on different types of poems, including a list poem. 7B and their English teacher Amra Pajalic wrote the following list poem together.


I am

I am kind and smart, your cheerleader and your coach

I am a ready ear, always waiting to hear your stories

I am the scribbling red pen that writes in your notebook

I am the mind-seeker searching for your ideas

I am the seeker of justice and impartial judge

I am the tears that fall at the cruelty in the world

I am the book of unturned pages at the front of the room

I am a teacher


Written by Amra Pajalic and 7B


Year 7 SEAL 'Classroom connection'

Over the past few months the Year 7 SEAL class has been involved in a program called the 'Classroom connection'. Established by the ABC program 'Behind the News', classes were matched with schools from contrasting areas to share experiences of school and social life. We were fortunate to be introduced to the Year 7/ 8 class at Birchip P-12 College and their teacher Lyndall Jenkin. Students created a 'mirror story board' about their day's activities to show differences and similarities between city and country students. The classes also conducted surveys of each other as part of sharing information about the different geographies of their local areas. The program was a great learning experience for the Year 7 SEAL students and we hope to carry it over into next year.

Jill Donaldson

Teacher Humanities and English

Food Studies & Textiles

Reflections from students

Textiles this term has been something I’ve never really got to experience before, and has helped me develop some new skills of threading and cross-stitch. At first it looks like this impossible task that would take ages to finish, but is actually something really helpful in some cases, that always turns out beautiful with effort. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, neither is it the best, but it’s definitely something to go for because you’ll never know if It’s your passion without even trying, Anna M, 8D.


The cooking was quite fun and it was a bonus that we got food at the end and being able to learn how to cook. Year 7 student.


My time in food tech has been really fun! I loved every class, especially when we cook. Ms Hanna is very nice by giving us demonstrations before cooking. I would love to have miss and food tech again. Year 7 Student.


Food tech was a great experience to learn new cereals/grains and learn about hygiene. I liked doing our design brief because I got to put my own spin on the pancake I wanted to do. Overall, I had a great experience in food tech, Jasmine, Year 8.


This is the first I have had food tech as an elective. It is safe to say that it is an amazing experience to be able to cook outside of your comfort zone and home. I have learnt so many things throughout this term in food tech like, learning how to read recipes and that there is another side to Cereals. Christina, 8H


We have cooked food for this term and we have been learning about wheat and what food contains wheat. We did a Assessment task abut wheat and a pancake booklet. Ms Hanna finds a way to make us quiet and she is The Master Chef and cooks nice food, Year 8 Student.


I enjoyed Food Studies this term. I learnt a lot about many types of cereals especially a rice grain. This elective challenged me to work much faster in the kitchen, during the double period. It was also informative because I learnt a substantial amount about grains, production processes, hygiene and safety. Good job Ms Hanna! Jamal Baba, Year 8.



School for Student Leadership

The School for Student Leadership (SSL), previously known as Alpine School, is a state government initiative offering a unique residential education experience for year nine students across Victoria. At SSL, students participate in a range of adventurous activities including bike riding, hiking, surfing, canoeing and bridge-building. Students develop skills in teamwork, leadership and independence, encouraging them to become thoughtful, independent and active citizens of their community.

Congratulations to the following students who have submitted successful applications and will represent St Albans Secondary College at SSL during Term 2 of 2018:

Vinh Vu Dang (8E)

Jordan Piscopo (8E)

Nhan Nguyen (8I)

Sarah Do (8I)

Paige Majdak (8F).

There is still one place available for a third female student to attend. We are looking for a motivated, open-minded and independent student who is ready for a new challenge. The School for Student Leadership is a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Students will be involved in fundraising activities during Term 1, 2018, which will offset some of the cost to families.

To apply or receive further information, please contact me (Ms Singh). You can also check out the website at

Clara Singh

[email protected]

School for Student Leadership Coordinator

Advance News

SCOPE – “see the person, not the disability”

Our Year 9 Advance class recently completed the SCOPE Young Ambassador Bronze Certificate. SCOPE is a not-for-profit organisation providing disability services. The aim of the Schools Program is to develop the self-esteem, sense of connectedness and abilities of young people to actively promote the values of diversity, respect and acceptance of others.

Scope Education Officer, Ashlee McFadzean introduced students to understanding disability and diversity and communicating successfully with others. SCOPE educator, Carmen De Bono discussed with students what it is like living with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a physical disability that affects movement and posture. Her presentation was informative and thought provoking. Carmen encouraged the Year 9 Advance class to take advantage of life’s opportunities.

The highlight of the Scope Program was the excursion to the Docklands Icehouse. Students enthusiastically transported people confined to wheel chairs around the ring. It was a “win-win” outcome – with both the Year 9 Advance students and Scope participants enjoying each other’s company, whilst having fun. Thank you to fellow teacher, Mr Damien St Pierre for his support.

SCOPE’s motto is to “see the person, not the disability”.


Marion Mortimer

Year 9 Advance Co-ordinator


Advance News

Dukes Awards Victoria: motivating young people to succeed

Year 9 Advance students completed their Dukes Award qualifying hike at the Angahook-Lorne State Park. The highlights included beautiful waterfalls and glorious mountain ash trees; stunning ocean views from Castle Rock; playing Uno together and of course, the Great Ocean Road. The students set up camp at Allenvale and traversed down the mountain to the beautiful Cumberland River Holiday Park.


Here’s some student camp reflections:


Tina Tran

I have no words to explain how much fun the Lorne camp was. … After finishing the final hike, everyone had a fantastic time playing card games in the recreational hut. That night was truly amazing and the bonus for me was listening to the raindrops on my tent and the crashing waves of the ocean.


Nayana Premjit

My favourite waterfall was Phantom Falls, because it was very beautiful and I liked how you could ‘interact’ with the waterfall. Climbing the rocks was exhilarating and exciting and the mini cave was cool. … Overall, I thought the hike was really fun – even though my legs hurt, I thought it was very good exercise and waterfalls were definitely the highlight of the hike.


Bella Janceva

Even though we faced problems and challenges, everyone done a fantastic job and showed amazing leadership and respect, with everyone helping each other. Thank you to Ms Mortimer, Mr Micallef and Mr Saint Pierre, for being so terrific and for making the camp very memorable and enjoyable. I am really going to miss Advance next year and the great people I spent this class with.

Ms Mortimer


To Mr Mark Micallef – your support, practical advice, driving skills and friendship were invaluable on the Lorne hike and thank you to Mr Damien St Pierre for your leadership, inner strength and adaptability – which was most appreciated.


To the 2017 Year 9 Advance class:

Thank you for your enthusiasm, collaboration, perseverance and empathy – it’s been a great year and I will miss you.


Successful Duke of Edinburgh’s Award candidates will receive their bronze certificate next year.



Marion Mortimer

Year 9 Advance Facilitator



Garden Club News

Garden Club farewells Year 8 student, Joanne Ngo & VCE members

In 2017, we welcomed to three new ‘green thumbs’ to the St Albans Secondary College lunchtime garden club– Year 8 students, Vi Le, Joanne Ngo and Tien Pham. Their efforts were most appreciated – weeding, planting, watering, harvesting and mulching the vegetable garden each week. A high degree of congeniality was displayed between the Junior and VCE garden club members – enjoying each other’s company whilst “pottering” around the veggie patch. Congratulations to Joanne Ngo who has received a scholarship next year. We will miss her at the garden club – however, we wish her the very best at her new school (& gardening explorations!)


Stephanie Giao (12) reflection

“Being in the club has taught me a lot, not only about how to garden (obviously) but also about the agricultural industry and environmental issues, courtesy of our lovely teachers. Always imparting new knowledge, if it weren’t for Mr De-Gabriele and Ms Mortimer, I don’t think I would be as compelled as I do, to turn up twice a week. So, if you wish to join the club next year, I encourage you to drop by, to meet the thriving garden, nurturing teachers, and boost the dwindling number of students.”


Year 12 students, Stephanie Giao and Rowena Zhang have been loyal garden club members and we will sincerely miss their enthusiasm and company - we wish them all the best for their future endeavours.


We would also like to sincerely thank the Food Technology department, especially Andrea Coleridge and Max Smith for their enthusiasm for the garden and excitement displayed for the vegetables collected each week.

Mr De-Gabriele & Ms Mortimer

Garden Club Facilitators

House News

2017 - The Year of the House

WOW! Hasn’t 2017 has been a fun-filled and exciting year of House activities and events?! Our students achieved record levels of participation in all sporting events this year. Students from all year levels participated in a wide range of school activities lead by our group of proud house captains. As new additions to our major Swimming and Athletics carnivals, students were delighted with our very popular Bocce and Tug-Of-War competitions that ran at these events consecutively.

The academic, creative and artistic spirit of our wonderful community also shone bright, with huge levels of participation in three very successful language and poetry competitions, creating a school record for student involvement.  To add to this, many of our students performed in MAC and were active volunteers for Youth Day, RU OK? Day, Arts expo and the Australian Fashion Awards, to name just a few.

Also outstanding this year, was the record-breaking number of points awarded to students by teachers for positive behaviours and academic achievement, as well as the number of students who nominated to become House captains for 2018.

Below is the final house points tally this year. We’re sure that the whole school community will join us in congratulating the winning house for 2017 - Freeman House!!!


Finally, we would like to thank this year’s house captains, as well as all the students, parents and staff in supporting our house system and in turn, for providing an inclusive and very supportive school community. We also wish to congratulate the following students, who have been elected as our house captains for 2018:

Next year, we will see the return of all our favourite house events and a few surprises and we look forward to working with our newly appointed House captains for 2018. We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and a fantastic year ahead.


Piera Biondi and Eli Goldbaum

House Coordinators

Sports News

Intermediate Boys Table Tennis team 2017

The intermediate boy’s table tennis team once again competed at the State Table Tennis Finals at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) in November 2017. The team consisted of John Chen, Phillip Lam, Kevin Mai, Leon Ng, Johnny Ngugen and Mustafa Cuttlerywala. This team has won the crown of Western Zone Metropolitan Champions for the past three years and have then gone on to compete at the state finals at MSAC. This is a special achievement and an indication of the high level of talent this group possess. In making the state finals each year, they are one of eight finalists from a starting pool of more than 400 teams throughout the state.

At the state finals in their pool the boys competed against Girton College Bendigo, University High and Warnambool Secondary College. These teams all had state squad players and there were also national ranked players in the intermediate completion. The boys did not make it out of their pool, but thanks to their depth of talent were very competitive.

Next year the boys will compete at the senior school level and we wish them all the best.

Cameron Beale


Alba News
Mirror Storyboard - Michellev2.pptx
Mirror Storyboard_Sarahv2.pptx