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28 April 2017
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Principal's Report


Dear Families,

I welcome everyone back to school for an exciting Term Two. The term has already been punctuated by public holidays and a school closure day. We look forward to returning to a normal routine for the students. I was away on a principal trip for the last two weeks of term and I thank Mrs Burns and Mrs Gerecke who performed the role of Acting Principal as expected, with outstanding professionalism and compassion. This year we have many new staff leaders and we are impressed by their progress and willingness to focus on the learning of students.

ANZAC Day Assembly

On Wednesday afternoon we gathered as a school community to mark ANZAC Day. ANZAC Day is one of the most important national commemorative occasions in Australia, marking the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand armed forces during World War One. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the SRC Leaders and Social Justice Leaders for leading our moving assembly, together with our School Captains Charlotte and Ethan. We would also like to thank Lieutenant Michelle McCormack, mother of Angus 4R and Liam 1C, for her heartwarming address to the school. Thankyou to the many parents for their attendance and congratulations to Dante and Callum (School Photographers) for their photographs.


School Uniform

As communicated previously, a subcommittee of the School Education Board has been working to improve particular elements of our school uniform and introduce some new options.

All changes are reflected in the updated Uniform List for all students, attached.

You will see that the Uniform List clearly outlines the uniform requirements for our students in Summer, Winter and for Sport.


The summary of changes are as follows:

  1. A new microfibre hat will replace the current slouch hat.  The new hat is softer and more comfortable to wear, will not discolour or fade and can be tightened at the brim.
  2. A new navy school pant, with a more slimline cut.
  3. A new navy trackpant with a zippered cuff at the bottom.
  4. A new and improved style of jacket, with the correct length sleeve. Please note that this can be worn with the sport unifrom and can be worn in winter, over the top of the jumper. The microfibre top is not to replace the jumper.
  5. A new rugby top for a warmer option for Sport in winter.
  6. The introduction of shorts as an option throughout the year. However, please note that with this decision, it will be a requirement for students to wear a mid length sock.  That sock is currently in production. In the interim, the navy anklet sock can be worn through Term 2 but the new sock will need to be purchased in Term 3 if students want to continue wearing shorts.
  7. Whilst not on the list, for Summer & Winter Uniforms, black school shoes must be worn.  Runners are only permitted with the Sports Uniform. Any child out of correct uniform should come to school with a note for their teacher, from their parent/guardian outlining the reason and timeframe.

These changes were in direct response to feedback from the School Community, which we appreciate.

As we transition to the new styles, PSW will be selling through the existing inventory.  Students will be permitted to wear the older styles through this transition phase.

However all obsolete items will not be re-ordered so once sold out, the only options will be those described on the attached Uniform List.


Over the years, and without this clarity, the interpretation of our Uniform standards has been varying. 

Now that we have made improvements and are clearly outlining the requirements, we ask that all families work toward adherence to our Uniform Guidelines through Term 2.

From Term 3, we will begin checking that students have the correct uniform on at all times.

Thank you.


2017 Reporting

Schools are mandated to report formally to parents/guardians twice a year and previously there have been rigid guidelines. Recently schools have been allowed to personalise the reporting to make it easier for parents/guardians to read. Our Semester One Report will be a similar structure to what has been used previously. However, at the end of 2017 our Reporting format will be different. You will still receive a grade for your child against the Victorian Curriculum but we will also report on a number of sequential skills related to this grade. A School Improvement Team (made up of staff, parents and students) will be providing feedback. First of all the format has to be selected and then the staff will need to identify the skills that will be taught and reported against in Semester Two.

Please remember that if you have any concerns over your child's progress to make a time to see their teacher and not wait until formal reporting is sent home.

Vision Statement

Last Term, a gathering of staff, students and parents met to write our new Vision Statement. Ideas were brainstormed and then sent onto a smaller team to refine the ideas. The team was made up of: Brendan Coburn, School Captains Charlotte B & Ethan W, Jane Ferris, Danielle Gerecke and Amy Burns.

Below is a copy of the draft created so far but with some more editing to go before it is finalised. How will we use a Vision Statement? It will be referred to during staff and School Education Board meetings, policy development and the way the behave and interact with those around us.


Save the Dates

A Parent Social Night is planned for May 19 and everyone is invited to attend. It is a Friday night at a local venue to be confirmed soon. Russell Robertson (Amber, Year 1) will be providing entertainment. Drinks will be at bar prices and meals availbale on the night. 

The Trivia Night is our major fundraiser and is confirmed for August 5 at the St Kilda Town Hall. There will be requests for donations from businesses and tickets will be sold on Tri-booking. 

Ireland Sabbatical

I recently away on a Catholic Education sponsored trip to Ireland for the last two weeks of Term One and the school holidays. It was a great opportunity to visit an Irish school and learn about faith leadership. Below are photos from Belfast and Derry, in Northern Ireland where I visited Miss Zara Boyle (who worked at Galilee until this year). Zara is missing everyone at Galilee however, she is getting married in July and enjoying spending time with family.

Prep 2018 Enrolments 

Next week we will conducting Prep sibling enrolments for 2018. We are looking forward to the children visiting with their parents as part of their transition to school. Non-sibling interviews will take place the following week before places are offered. We have seen an increased interest from families in our local area wanting to attend Galilee. 

 Master Plan Update

The Building Committee, led by Donna McMaster, completed a comprehensive review of surrounding schools and Galilee and why we require funding for a new building. Last week I met with finance staff from CEM to be clear on how much money we can borrow. We are likely to find out in August if we have been successful in attracting funding. We are also communicating with local and state politicians to assist us in financing our Master Plan. I thank all concerned as we strive for what is best for our students.


Peace & Blessings,

Simon Millar

Upcoming Dates

**Dates and times may change

Term Dates 

Term 2  April 19 - June 30

Term 3 July 17 - September 22

Term 4 October 9 - December 19 


Tue 2  SEB Meeting

Wed 3  Year 3-6  Cross Country

Thu 4  Sibling Prep Interviews

Thu 4  DOGS Night

Fri 5  Sibling Prep Interviews

Tue 9 - Thu 11  NAPLAN (Years 3 & 5)

Tue 9-Thu 11  Prep Interviews New Families

Fri 12  Mother's Day Mass 9:30am St. Peter and Paul/ Mother's Day Morning Tea

Mon 15  Year 2 Parent Morning Tea

Fri 19  Dendy Cross Country

School Closure Dates

Friday June 9

Friday August 25

Monday November 6

Friday December 1

Sacrament Dates

First Eucharist - Ss. Peter and Paul

  • Eucharist Faith Night - Wednesday 26th April - 6:30pm in the Galilee Hall.
  • Preparation Class 1 - Saturday 6th May
  • Preparation Class 2 - Saturday 13th May
  • Preparation Class 3 - Saturday 20th May
  • Preparation Class 4 - Saturday 27th May
  • Reflection Day – Monday 29th May at Galilee - 8:50am - 3:25pm
  • Sacrament of First Eucharist – Sunday 4th June at 10.00am - at Ss. Peter and Paul

First Eucharist Dates - Our Lady of Mout Carmel, Middle Park and St. Joseph's Port Melbourne

  • Eucharist Faith Night - Wednesday 26th April - 6:30pm in the Galilee Hall. 
  • Parent Information Evening - Thursday 11th May – 7.30pm in O’Connor-Pilkington Room, Richardson St. Middle Park
  • Preperation Class 1 - Saturday 13th May
  • Preperation Class 2 - Saturday 20th May
  • Preperation Class 3 - Saturday 27th May
  • Preperation Class 4 - Saturday 3rd June
  • Reflection Day – Wednesday 29th May at Galilee - 8:50am - 3:25pm
  • Sacrament of First Eucharist - Saturday 17th June -time to be confirmed.





Sept. 14  Confirmation Faith and Parent Information Night

Nov. 4  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 8  Sacrament of Confirmation Rehearsal with Bishop Elliot at OLMC

Nov. 11  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 11  Sacrament of Confirmation OLMC

Nov. 18  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 25  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Dec. 3  Sacrament of Confirmation  Ss. Peter and Pauls 10-11am


Public Holidays

12 Jun   Queen's Birthday
29 Sep   AFL Grand Final Friday
7 Nov     Melbourne Cup Day


Wednesdays 2.40pm

May 3  No Assembly

May 10  Prep E

May 17  6C

May 24  5O

May 31  4R and 4G

June 7  5F

June 14  Prep F

June 21  Sport 

Second Hand Uniform

Open Monday 3.30-3.40pm & Friday 8.40-8.55am

Located in Prep Building

Lunch Orders

Available to order Wednesdays and Fridays only

Education in Faith

Sacrament of First Eucharist

Last night we held a Faith Night for the Grade 4 students who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist later this term. It was well attended with students and their families from Galilee and surrounding schools who are also preparing for the Sacrament at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Joseph's and Ss. Peter and Paul. Students worked with their families on a range of different activities to develop an understanding of the Sacrament, share experiences and make links between Scripture, the Catholic Tradition and our lives today. It was a wonderful night where students and parents had a chance to come together to talk about their faith. We wish the Year 4 students and their families every blessing as they prepare for this Sacrament. 


Mother's Day Mass

We would like to extend a warm invitation, to all in our community, to join us at our Mother's Day Mass on Friday 12th May. Mass will begin at 9:30am at Ss Peter and Paul. Our Year 1 students will be reading during the Mass and a student choir will lead us in singing.  


Leadership and Management

Staff Closure Day

On Tuesday 18th April, the staff participated in training sessions to update their knowledge about Occupational Health and Safety, First Aid, CPR and Anaphylaxis.  The Occupational Health and Safety component included Child Safety and Working With Children updated information.

Below details the changes that have been made to the Working With Children's Act 2005.

Amendments come into effect from 1 August 2017

On 1 August 2017 a number of important amendments to the Working withChildren Act 2005 (the Act) will come into effect. 

In its report titled 'Working with Children Checks', the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse made several recommendations aimed at strengthening the protection children receive through Working with Children Checks. The following amendments to the Act implement these recommendations:

1. Expand the definition of 'direct contact' in the Act
The definition of direct contact will now include oral, written or electronic communication as well as face-to-face and physical contact.

2. Remove 'supervision' from the Act
The removal of references to ‘supervision’ from the Act will mean that even if a person’s contact with children as part of their child-related work is supervised by another person, they will still need to apply for a Check.

3. Require kinship carers to obtain a Check
People caring for a child placed by Child Protection under the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 will be required to obtain a Check. 

4. Consider non-conviction charges
Non-conviction charges (charges that have been finally dealt with other than by a conviction or finding of guilt) for serious sexual, violent or drug offences will be able to be considered as part of Check assessments and re-assessments.

4. Compel information 
The Secretary to the Department of Justice and Regulation will now be able to compel the production of certain information for the purposes of compliance monitoring.


We thank Martin Tennant (SafeSmart Solutions) and Katie Burt (Pulse CPR) for facilitating the sessions.


Galilee School Vision

Late last term a representative team made up of staff, students and parents gathered together to continue work on the renewed Galilee School Vision. We would like to thank Charlotte, Ethan, Brendan, Jane, Danielle and Amy for their work drafting the revised School Vision. The draft was been presented to staff and the leadership team late last term. It will be presented to the School Education Board and our student leadership group next week. The draft will be revised following the recommendations from the staff, leadership team, school board and student leadership group. We hope to be able to finalise and publish the renewed Vision Statement in a few weeks time.


Learning and Teaching

Term 2 STEAM based Inquiry 

In Term 2, students will be be immersed in a STEAM-based inquiry focusing on Science. In the Victorian Curriculum there is a focus on teaching and learning Science from Prep to ensure that we are preparing students for their future. Our aim at Galilee, in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum, is to enrich our students' knowledge and understandings of science; giving students an empirical way of answering interesting and important questions about biological, chemical, physical, Earth and space sciences. Science is a dynamic, collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to make sense of our world by exploring the unknown, investigating universal mysteries, making predictions and solving problems. Through our STEAM based inquiry units students will have the opportunity to experience the joy of scientific discovery and nurture their natural curiosity about the world around them. An overview of what each Year level is focusing on in Term 2 will be available at the end of next week. Kayla Hart - STEAM Leader


2017 Young Journalist Award

The theme for the 2017 Young Journalist Award is Justice Heroes - With Great Gifts Comes Great Responsibility.

The Year 5 and 6 students wishing to enter will need to write about people who are using their God-given talents to help others and build a fairer world.  The entries will be submitted electronically by the classroom teacher.

There are many people in our communities who have made the most of the gifts that God has given them, and who are using those gifts to make the world a better place.

It might be someone in the school who uses their gifts to teach others. It might be someone who has put aside a more lucrative career to become a doctor, nurse or social worker among the marginalised. It might be someone who is a passionate advocate for refugees, the homeless, those in prisons, the elderly or other forgotten people in our society. 

 The 2017 Young Journalist Award, is brought to you by Australian Catholics in conjunction with Australian Catholic University. 

Entries close 26 May. For more information, please see Mrs Danielle Gerecke.


Premiers' Reading Challenge

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge encourages children to read a set number of books over the year and record their efforts online.​

Since the Challenge began 13 years ago, more than 2.2 million students have turned the pages of nearly 42 million books.

The Challeng​e for schools is now open and will run until Friday 8 September 2017.

Regular reading from an early age is vital for success at school and has lifelong benefits. The Challenge encourages children to read more and promotes a love of reading, supporting the Education State target to have more students reaching the highest levels of achievement in reading.​​

For information on how to register, please use the link below.



Year Six Cyber Safety Projects

A big congratulations to the Year Six students who created Board Games relating to Cyber Safety. Some students used board games such as 'Frustration!' and 'Monopoly' to incorporate the Cyber Safety theme, whereas some students made complete games from scratch. The students used their imagination and creativity to make fantastic projects, which they will show to the school during our Galilee IT Day in Term 3.


Email Etiquette

It's great so see so many students feeling comfortable using their Google Apps around the school, particularly GMail. Gmail is a fantastic communication tool between students and teachers. Below is a video you might want to watch with your child about the correct etiquette when sending an email.



IT Policies To Be Returned

There are still students who have not returned their IT Policies. These policies are really important and need to be brought back to school as quickly as possible to allow your child to use technology within the school. Technology is a fantastic tool to assist students with their education.


If you have any questions regarding the Galilee IT Policy, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]


Mr Joss Coaley

eLearning Leader

Coding at Galilee

Until the last few decades, education focused on skills called the three Rs – reading, writing, and arithmetic. (I know what you’re thinking…adults who believe all these words begin with the letter R need to return to primary school!) If you mastered the three Rs, you were considered an educated person. But now, technology has changed everything. In your personal life, in school, and in the workplace, technology is in constant use. Communicating with technology requires a new skill called coding, or computer programming.


Coding means writing instructions that a piece of technology – usually a computer – understands so that the technology will perform a task. A computer programming language provides the vocabulary (words) and syntax (rules and punctuation) for communicating with a computer.


The instructions that you write and the computer reads are a program. A computer program comprises code and communicates instructions about what is supposed to show on a computer screen and when it is supposed to happen. As you learn a computer programming language, you will be able to read and understand programs already written. Most importantly, you will be able to code – that is, design and write your own original programs.


From this year at Galilee, we will begin teaching students all about coding from as early as Year 1.

Carlo Martello


Student Wellbeing

Welcome back to Term 2!


Our students are very happy to be back at school and are feeling positive about their learning this term, as well as socialising with their peers.

It has been a wonderful start for students, teachers and parents.


This year we have enlisted the services of onPsych to provide additional support to those students, parents and teachers who experience challenging times.


OnPsych provides psychological services to schools in Victoria. They are a passionate team of fully qualified, registered psychologists and social workers who specialise in child and adolescent services. They work in primary, secondary, and special schools, from both public and private sectors. They work in both individual and group sessions with students and parents. In most cases, services are performed at no cost to the school, student or parent.

OnPsych services are provided on-site, at the school. They value working collaboratively with school welfare teams, teachers and parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for young people across Australia. A Health Care Plan, with clear outcomes, will be tailored for each individual. Through Medicare, individuals are eligible for (up to) 16 individual sessions each year, at no cost to the student or the school.

Mental Health disorders significantly impact on a student’s ability to cope. Depending on the intensity of the disorder, they strongly prefer sustainable change that is seen as incremental steps towards a more positive future, rather than giant leaps in self-awareness that may quickly evaporate. With this in mind, they develop strategies with their clients that will assist in:

  • Improved social skills and clearer communication,
  • More rational thinking and coping mechanisms
  • Stronger positive attitudes and self-assurance


Our onPsych psychologist is Vanessa Lowe.

Vanessa is commencing her services with several students on Wednesdays here at Galilee this term.  


If you feel you would like to use this service, please speak to me and I will provide you with further information and commence the process with you.

During Term 1, there have been occasions when members of our school community have needed a kind word or additional support in one way or another.

It has been wonderful to observe how this has happened without fuss or fanfare.

A special thanks to Jessica Conway, our school Family Liaison Officer and our Class Reps, who have organized rosters for food parcels, transport of siblings to and from school, cards and flowers, and to our parents for responding so generously in so many ways.

We are a very caring and supportive community and we should be very proud of how we are so ready to generously help each other. It is a wonderful feeling and humbling to be part of such a community.

If you need additional support at any time or know someone who may, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,

Julianne Price

Student Wellbeing /Student Services Leader

[email protected]

Funky Hair Day

Congratulations to all the students and teachers who enthusiastically participated in the FUNKY HAIR DAY & also to the parents, who created such wonderful hairstyles!

A special thank you to Tadhg, Gwen, Anika & Mrs Gerecke for organising the day in my absence.

The students donated $350 which will be forwarded to the Leukaemia Foundation.


Please find attached a flyer for an upcoming Maternity night for people that might have friends or family thinking of have a baby.

It will be a great night with terrific speakers, supper, tours and prizes.


School Community

Positive Parent Partnerships 

Galilee Regional Catholic Primary endeavours to develop and maintain positive partnerships between all members of the school community.  We value parental participation and believe that the success of any child’s education is a strong relationship between home and school. We encourage all parents to take an active role in their child’s education.  

Parents are encouraged to:               

  1. Talk to your child about school.

  2. Listen to your child read at home.

  3. Be aware of your child’s homework requirements.

  4. Attend Parent Information nights.

  5. Attend Parent/Teacher Interviews.

  6. Share concerns with your child’s teacher.

  7. Visit the school during special days/nights, e.g. Maths Family Nights, Assemblies, Open classroom mornings.

  8. Read weekly newsletters, bulletins and the school website.

  9. When possible, volunteer for working bees, fundraising activities, class reading, excursions, etc.

  10. Be supportive of the school.

  11. Provide feedback to the school.

  12. Be aware of school policies.

Please read through the PDF in this article and familiarise yourself with the Galilee Communications Protocols.


Mother's Day Reminders

On Friday 12th May, Galilee will host a series of events for the mother's in our school community. Please see the attached flyers for more details. 


Morning Teas

Thank you to the Year One Class Reps Annalise, Emma, Annette and Jackie for organising the morning tea yesterday. The baked goods went down a treat! It was great to see lots of parents and some future Galilee students in attendance.

School Survey

We will be sending out a small survey to all parents very shortly. The survey is focused on Parent/School partnerships. It would be greatly appreciated if you could fill it out by Monday 15th May.

Galilee Groups


Student Reports

Year 4 Camp


Welcome back everyone! We can’t believe it’s been a month since we went on camp. We departed on Wednesday 22nd March and headed to 'Angahook Holiday Camp' at Aireys Inlet, for 2 nights and 3 days.  It was so much fun and a worthwhile experience! A huge thank you to our Year 4s for their excellent conduct on camp. They are also to be commended for being risk takers, stepping out of their comfort zone and giving new experiences a go. The camp staff were highly impressed and as teachers, we were extremely proud!

Miss Romios and Ms Giles


At Angahook Camp we were involved in onsite and offsite activities…

ARCHERY: There were two normal targets and one black block with red circles hanging from the ceiling. We practised archery with real arrows so we had to be very careful. We had 3 goes at hitting the target. My group had 2 turns of 3 arrows, so 6 attempts each at hitting the targets. The room was full of hay.

LOW ROPES: We had to get into groups of 3 or 4 for the low ropes course and each group got 2 helmets. If you were in a group of 4, two people would put on their helmets but only one would go on the obstacle course at a time. The other 3 would “spot” (try and help the person on the course, so that they don’t fall). We all took turns to spot and complete the course.

GIANT SWING: The giant swing is where you got into a little kind of baby seat (with the buckles) except, it had more safety equipment and didn’t have the top part of the seat. We were each strapped into a harness and helmet. While your group pulled a rope to get you higher and higher, you could yell out “STOP!” at any point. The instructor would then pull on the rope and you’d go swinging from side to side. The swing was 18 metres high!

HUT BUILDING: At the hut building site, there were lots and lots of branches and logs spread all across the ground. Working together as a group, we had to use the branches and logs to try and build a hut that was waterproof and would fit all of us. It was really hard to build a hut!

CANOEING & MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDING: Canoeing was a fun activity. You and your partner had to row in a creek. We had a race and played games. Mountain bike riding was fun but tiring. You had to ride on a trail that was flat and hilly. INITIATIVE ACTIVITIES: These activities involved team work and thinking outside the square. They included: Nitro-Crossing; Spider Web; Electric Fence; Poisonous Jelly; All Aboard; and Telephone Line.


Written by Ali 4G


Here are some examples of the Year Four’s posters illustrating their camp highlights. Some took the approach of designing advertisements that would entice others to go on camp at Angahook!


Royal Children's Hospital Fundraiser

We are doing a fundraiser to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital.  We chose to do this fundraiser because children all around the world have been diagnosed with diseases and we want to help them.  We will be doing our fundraiser this term in Week 3, next week at recess and lunch everyday.  Some of the items are:  Guess the Lollies in the Jar and Lucky Dip.  We ask that you support our fundraiser by bringing between 50c and $5.  Thank-you.

Kaavya and Sofia 4G

School Uniform

School Uniform



Local Connections



Galilee Regional Catholic PS Uniform.pdf
Galilee Regional Catholic PS Uniform.pdf