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28 April 2017
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Principal's Report

So great to be back...

Thank you all for the warm welcome I received when I returned to school last week after taking Long Service Leave in Term One.  I enjoyed my time focussed on my family -  spending time with my son who began Foundation this year, hanging out with my girls in Year 7, 9 and 12, and many, many hours walking, talking and loving the company of my beautiful wife. It was such a wonderful time investing into my family.


I am very grateful to Mrs Sabrina George for her wisdom, understanding and grace in leading the school in my absence.  It was reassuring to know the school was in such capable hands.  Thank you Sabby for your leadership, guidance and support of our teachers and students during Term One.  You did a spectacular job.

Staffing Changes...

There have been a number of staffing changes this year that I would like to acknowledge.


Mr Craig Couper - After 30 years of service teaching students in Melbourne's outer east,  seven of those as  Physical Education Teacher here at Kilsyth Primary, Mr Couper resigned from the Department of Education and Training in March this year.  On behalf of the many, many students, parents and families that were impacted Mr Couper's teaching, I would like to  thank Craig for his dedication and service and wish him all the very best in this new season of life.


Mrs Kate Thomson & Mr Chris Roscoe -  Mrs Thomson began the year as the classroom teacher for Senior C, sharing the grade with Mr Chris Roscoe.  During this time Mrs Thomson was also undertaking a significant leadership role, leading our Student Wellbeing team.  Toward the end of Term One there was a change in Mrs Thomson’s working hours, due to a family circumstances. To ensure continuity for the students, Mr Roscoe resumed teaching the class full time providing a consistent classroom teacher for the students and releasing Mrs Thomson to continue her focus on developing a School Wide – Positive Behaviour Support approach across the school.  Mrs Thomson will be in all day Tuesday and Wednesday and from 11am - 3pm on Thursday).  Mr Roscoe will stay in this role for the remainder of the year and his experience in teaching senior students at KPS is an asset to our team. Please join me in thanking Mrs Thomson for her time in teaching in Senior C, and welcoming Mr Roscoe in his return to full-time teaching at KPS.  We are very grateful that we have such highly skilled, flexible and capable staff members at our school. 


New Education Support Staff member - We are currently in the process of employing a new Education Support Staff member.  This process should be completed early next week.  I will notify you of the result in the next newsletter


Next Wednesday we will be holding our Twilight School.  This is an important date on our calendar as we open our school to our local community and encourage current and prospective parents, friends and grandparents. Feedback from previous years is that this is a highlight for our students and families.


STUDENTS SHOULD ARRIVE AT SCHOOL AT 11.45am , ready for a 12pm start.  If your child needs to arrive at school earlier than this time, please contact the office to enrol them in our Before Twilight School Care program.  This will cost families $5 per child to attend and must be pre-booked.


The day will end at 6.30pm, please be prompt to collect your child at this time.  Students must be signed out of their classroom at the end of the day. We recognise that families may have other commitments on this day, and understand that students may need to be collected from school early.  If so, please ensure that students are signed out at the office before they are collected.


We are running a normal school day, so come along and see your child's experience of the wonderful programs we run here at Kilsyth Primary School


ANZAC Day Service




Thumbs Up to...

... Mackenzie (Year 3) and Lola (Year 2) who have joined our school this term.  We are thrilled to have you as a part or our community and look forward to learning with and from you this year.

... Our Middle School students and teachers who have braved the weather and enjoyed a fabulous camp this week.  I spend the day with them all on Wednesday and they were having an absolute ball!!

... Adam (Ruby's dad) for helping out as an extra adult on camp.  We really appreciate your commitment and willingness to be involved in our school.

... Mrs George for being an AWESOME principal in Term One.


What's Happening @ KPS

Calendar of Events





26th-28th   Middle School Camp

26th-30th          Book Fair



2nd             Whole School Cross Country

                     Foundation excursion-Drum Theatre

3rd              Twilight Open Day 12noon-6,30pm

5th              Interschool Sport-Away vs Lilydale West

9th-11th    NAPLAN

12th            Interschool Sport-Home vs Manchester

                     Junior- Museum excursion

15th-19th    Senior Camp

22nd           Curriculum day-Student Free

23rd             Scientist in schools    

                       ICAS- Digital Technologies exam

24th              Scientist in schools

26th              Interschool Sport-Away vs Billanook

29th              ICAS-science exam

30th              District Cross Country-Lilydale Lake 9am-12noon



2nd               Interschool Sport- Away vs Oxley

9th                Interschool Sport- Home vs Lilydale

12th             ICAS- Writing exam

14th             ICAS-Spelling exam

16th             Interschool Sport-Away vs Chirnside Park

23rd             KPS Disco

30th             Last day Term 2- 2.30pm dismissal



Notices sent home this fortnight


Click on the link below to download copies of the notices:


Senior camp permission

Junior Term 2 newslettter

Foundation- Term 2 newsletter

Kids Club


From the Office

Direct Deposit details:

Payments can be made via internet banking directly into the schools Bank account.


Acc Name:  Kilsyth Primary School Council

             BSB: 313 140 
             Account Number: 23183981
             Reference: (Family Surname)

Please also send an email to the school  notifying us that you have made the payment, and to which program/event it should be allocated. The email confirms your payment and states:



Child’s name, 

Amount paid

What the payment is for eg: Level 3 camp


Monday- Friday:  8.30am -4.00pm

Absences -Tiqbiz:

Please notify the office of your child's absence using the Tiqbiz app.



Download the app:

  • Apple App Store (iOS - iPhone or iPad)
  • Google Play (android phone or tablet
  • Windows (Phone or Tablet)
  • Mac or PC


Please note that if you have ordered Subway and your child is absent on Friday, please organise to come and collect it from the office at 12.30pm. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel your order.

The office is unable to provide change, and please hand orders into the class at 9am.

Term 2 Levies

Please note that Term 2 levy payments and permission forms are due in this Friday- 28th April. Please finalise these so that your child/ren do not miss out on all the activities that are happening this term.

Foundation News

What a start!

Here we are in Term 2 about to start week 3! Our first full week next week!

I would like to appreciate all our students and families on such a positive start to the term, eager faces and big smiles as they enter the learning space.  I am thrilled to hear that so many of the students are doing nightly reading!  I cannot stress the importance of oral language and creating curiosity within your child as you read to them or they read to you!  I will be sending home a recording sheet for the names of picture story books that you read to your child.  This is because the annual Premier's Reading Challenge has begun! I will be sending a notice home about this.  The short of it is that students are encouraged to sit with others to share literacy and enjoy all the elements that literacy has to offer.  When you read a picture story book with your child, record the details and this data will be entered on the Reading Challenge website.  The challenge for students in the Foundation level is to read 15 picture story books between now and August.  Yes, I know that doesn't seem a lot but aside from the challenge this is to develop literacy skills, oral language, vocabulary and participation in reading a variety of different literature.  From non-fiction, fiction to brochures and poetry.


Grandparents Afternoon

Thank you to all the families who joined us for Grandparents afternoon!  This is always something exciting for both the students and their loved ones.  It was lovely to talk to some of the families and hear their perspectives about teaching and learning in the modern era.  Seeing the students interact with their families was something that melted my heart. xxx

Thank you for being a part of our afternoon and for your time.  



Tuesday is going to be fun!!!  Thank you everyone for getting permission forms in and money paid.  I will be sending a letter home Monday with last minute information on it about the theatre and Cross Country.  Students do need to wear school uniform other than their t-shirt.  They are to wear a coloured t-shirt of their house colour, either red, blue, yellow or green.  At the moment the weather is not looking great so please ensure your child has a waterproof jacket for when we go to cross country.

We will need to be leaving school by 9.01am! So please bring your child into the classroom from 8.45am so we can get ready.  The production show finishes at 11am so we will eat at the theatre and then make our way back to Elizabeth Bridge by 12.30pm.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you!

Mini Book Worms

If any parents or grandparents would like to listen to our fabulous students read, please let me know when you are available.  I'm keen to have as many of you come into our class and listen to students read take-home books from 9-9.30am and 3-3.30pm every day except Tuesday.   The students just love having adults in the room and sharing their reading skills with others.

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday morning :) 

Junior School News

Welcome back to term 2!

WOW! Term 2 is here and Juniors have settled back into the routine of school wonderfully after their two week break. This term will be a very busy term for the Junior school with many activities planned and of course learning. 

This term Junior students will be focusing on learning two new reading strategies, these being predicting and questioning. We have already seen many great predictions made in Junior A,B and C. 

In Maths students will be building their place value skills and starting to delve into the concept of money. They will also be furthering their addition skills. Other concepts students will be working on are shapes and chance and probability. 

In writing students are learning how to write a procedural piece and what is needed to make their instructions clear and easy to follow. 

We hope to keep everyone updated on the exciting activities in Junior over the term. 

First Aid

Our Junior students were very lucky to receive first aid training in the first week of term. They learnt how to treat a blood nose, burn and what to do in an emergency. All students were very active in the discussions and role plays. Many students were especially excited to take their parents homework home for them to complete. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students and they all learnt a lot from this experience. 


Grandparents Day

What a great afternoon our Juniors had with their grandparents and special friends coming to visit. Students were able to discuss with their grandparents and special friends what it was like for them back when they were at school and the difference between then and now. The conversations that could be heard were great learning experiences for the students. 


Book Fair 

The book fair starts this Friday 28th and goes until the 4th of May. Come down and see the fantastic books.

Homework and Reading

Grade 2's remember that homework is due on Monday and will be handed out on Wednesday. Please make sure to complete it and bring it back. 

Nightly reading is very important for students growth and reading development. Please ensure you are writing down when your child has read in their diary. If your student has lost their diary please come and see their teacher to discuss options. 

Important Dates

Book Fair- 28th April- 4th May

Cross Country- 2nd May

Junior Museum Excursion- 12th May 

Last day of term- 30th June

Senior School News

Term 2

Wow! Term 2 is a big one for our senior students. There is a lot happening both in and out of the classroom. We hope that this page can capture some of the key information you will need to be aware of.

Camp Coolamatong

From May 15th-May 19th senior students will be down in Gippsland having a ball at Camp Coolamatong. This camp has been a real highlight for students attending in previous years. We are all anticipating an amazing adventure and hope that the camp becomes one of the happy memories of your child’s primary school years.

Key date to note: Friday May 5th

  • Payment should be made in full by this date.
  • Permission Form/Camper’s agreement returned
  • Medical Forms returned

A notice with final reminders and things to be aware of will be sent home on Monday 1st May.

Transition to Year 7 2018

Information Packs regarding Year 6 to Year 7 Transition have been sent home. We ask that you carefully read all of the information provided to you and return your completed form as soon as possible. Most questions you have are likely to be answered in the FAQ sheet you received, but any further queries can be directed to your child's classroom teacher.


This term, our focus for Challenge Based Learning (CBL) is looking at how humans and the environment impact on one another. To build on our investigations in class we will be asking students to explore issues relating to the environment as part of their weekly homework. Students will be provided with a grid containing a number of tasks. They will be asked to complete a task of their choice each week.

In addition to this we ask that students read at home at least five nights per week and continue their times tables practise.


Chemical Science 

Welcome back to another exciting term ahead. This term we will be exploring our chemistry topics. Junior school explore "All mixed up". Looking at different mixtures such as cooking ingredients to household items like detergent and how they change in different mixture investigations. Middle school are exploring "Package it better" where we will look into the different packaging that items come in. We will be making our own and putting different packaging materials to the test. Senior school are working on being "Chemical detectives" where we are exploring physical and chemical changes. Students have had a great start back. 


Science donations 

This term I'm collecting coffee jars and large glass jars and small shoe boxes. Middle school are making care packages for sick children. If you have any small items to donate suck as little toys, etc would be greatly appreciated. 

Grandparents Afternoon

I had the pleasure of spending last Wednesday with the grandparents and friends of Senior A. I enjoyed watching how involved everyone was in our introduction to our unit. I hope the grandparents gained in insight into what we do in the Science hub. 


Easter Foil 

 A big appreciation to all the classes that helped make a great big ball of foil that can be recycled and saved from ending up in landfil. We had great fun trying to peel the foil from our eggs in one piece. 


Science Awards

Congratulations to Tahli and Sophie


Visual Arts

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break. 

The foundation students have been busy this week with hand painting and making butterflies. This will be continued next week. I am happy to report that all student's did a great job and also managed to keep their uniforms paint free.

The junior and middle students enjoyed making animals out of different materials and art mediums. The focus in Indonesian this term is on learning the names of some animals in Indonesian and this was a great way to link them together.

The senior students have been working on perspective and writing their names 3D. They are now working on making Dream Catchers. The Indonesian focus this term is on days of the week, months and seasons.

The Art room is in need of newspapers, shoe boxes, clean meat trays and containers, boxes and egg cartons. Any of these materials would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your continued support in this area.


Parent Wanted

If you come from a different country or culture and you feel you would like to share an activity or share your knowledge with the students, then I would love to chat with you. Please come and see me before or after school or e-mail me on; [email protected]

Indonesian Vocabulary

Junior Students are learning Indonesian vocabulary for animals. Please feel free to learn these as well. Your child can help you.

Anjing- dog



domba- sheep


sapi- cow

The middle students are learning the days of the week;

Hari Senin- Monday

Hari Selasa- Tuesday

Hari Rabu- Wednesday

Hari Kamis- Thursday

Hari Jumat- Friday

Hari Sabtu- Saturday

Hari Minggu- Sunday 

PE News

It is that time of year when the weather is getting a little bit colder and the jumpers are starting to be worn a bit more.  They do come off during PE sessions and I try my very best to remind the students to collect them, but sometime some go missing.  Can you please make sure that they are named that way I am able to get them back to your child.

Whole School Cross Country

Next Tuesday will be the Whole School Cross Country.  It will be held at Elizabeth Bridge starting at 11:50am until 1pm.  If you are able to help out on the day can you please visit Janine in the office and write your name on the list.  Students will needed to wear their house colours on that day and cross your fingers there will be no rain. 

Senior School

Our Senior school has been developing their skills in Volleyball this term getting them ready to compete in the Inter-school competition. We have learnt to dig and set and are working on our game strategies.

Middle School

We have learnt some new games just before they headed of to camp.  Upon their return they will be looking at Invasion games and the strategies that we use when playing them.

Junior and Foundation

I have enjoyed teaching the Junior and Foundation students the old fashion playground games such as hopscotch, duck duck goose, tents and campers just to name a few.  It great to see them also playing these games outside during recess play.



Student Wellbeing 

Chaplain’s Chat
“ANZAC Reflections”

I am writing this on Anzac Day and I know that I usually discuss more pragmatic life issues but I really felt today that I wanted share some of my random thoughts about Anzac Day commemorations because this too is a part of our world.

I have never myself attended a ‘dawn service’ although three of my sons have. It is only recently that I have begun to feel the need to justify my thinking around this.  My Grandfather, Francis James Murphy served in some of the most brutal sectors along the Western Front, he never marched in an Anzac Day Parade, my father, Morris Murphy served in WW2 on the islands off the north of Australia while my mother also enlisted and served in the Women’s’ Army; neither of them participated in the Anzac Day celebrations either, so I felt that out of respect for them it was not appropriate to attend myself. Having also supported the Vietnam moratoriums I had conflicted feelings regarding the potential glorification of war; whilst hearing the accounts of ongoing pain, grief, trauma and isolation amongst so many of the returned servicemen

I have visited war cemeteries in Flanders, Ypres and Villers Bretonneux and was overcome by the disparity between the beauty and peace of these places and the obscenity of the war experience these men had endured. So many of the headstones reading simply “A Soldier of the Great War – Known unto God.”

This year my husband commemorated Anzac Day on the Kokoda trail, after having completed the challenging trek, I am waiting for his return to hear how it was.

I watched the news accounts of many of those committed participants who had crawled out of bed so early on a cold, rainy morning and I could hear the passion, love and respect in their voices as they spoke to the reasons that had brought them there. I listened too to young people speak to what they understood and how they were processing this immense human tragedy.   I heard nothing but respect and gratitude in their voices and found that their choice to attend the dawn service was also honouring.

For me, today is a sad day, where I want to just weep for the grief and pain of humanity as I reflect on yet more stories of lost hopes and dreams, and it is a day that I imagine I will for ever feel conflicted about. But it is a day where each individual needs the respect to honour our experience and understanding in their own way. It is also a day to try to tell our children the stories that will help them build respect but maybe also build the belief that there are other ways to manage our fragile, amazing world.  

Gill Van Der Ende



Year 6 Girls EM-Power

This week our year 6 girls began a program called EM-Power where we will be exploring and practising strategies to help them celebrate their unique personalities. Over the weeks they will be growing an awareness of how to make a positive impact in their relationships and in the choices they are making. 

We discussed qualities of a 'power girl' and heard the story of Malla Yousafzai a young girl advocating for education for girls in Muslim countries.   We will consider what it means to be growing up as a girl in the 21st century, how to develop skills of empathy and how to be real when solving difficult situations.



Breaky Club 

Our Breakfast club is up and running again this Term. We meet in the hall every Thursday morning from 8.15 am. Our first week had 40 visitors so come along and see why so many students and their families turn up regularly.

Student Awards

Friday 31st March

Foundation     Hayley

We are so proud of your effort this whole term, Hayley. You have shown us wonderful Tribes agreements of Respecting, Participating, Appreciating and listening. Thank you for being such a star student!


Junior B    Sienna

What a wonderful first term in Junior you have had Sienna. You have worked so hard in all areas your learning and you should be proud of your achievements. Keep up the great work!


Junior C     Bilal

For making great efforts with your reading. You have been reading every night at home and have been trying so hard in class!! Keep up the awesome work Bilal.


Middle B     Dalen

Dalen, you have been a great part of Middle B this year. Everyone in Middle School wishes you the best of luck at your new school. We will miss you!! Good Luck!


Senior A     Riley

Riley, you have worked really hard at the end of this term! I am so impressed with the leadership skills you have shown and look forward to this continuing throughout the year! Well done!


Senior B     Jayden

Congratulations Jayden on an outstanding first term in senior school. Your positive attitude and excellent organisation skills mean that you get the most out of every minute of the day. Well Don


Science     Charlie

What a super scientist you are Charlie, keep up the great work.



Friday 21st April

Foundation     Maxwell

We absolutely love hearing you share your thinking during reading tasks about what our schema is. You explained it using the best words and gave us a great example when you read. Great job, Maxwell!



What a terrific start to term you’ve made, Jas! It’s great to see you eager to learn new things. I can see lots of effort has gone into practising your magic words! Keep it up!


Junior A     Cian

What a terrific start to the term, Cian! You are doing great things in reading and maths. Keep it up!


Junior B     Skye

What a fantastic week you have had Skye. You have come back to Kilsyth with such a positive, ready to learn attitude. Keep up the great work!


Junior C     Lola

Welcome to Junior C, Lola! We are so excited to have you in our class. You have made a fabulous start and have already made lots of friends. Keep up the great work.


Middle B      Stralia

Stralia, you have been a reading queen last term and through the holidays. I am very impressed at your dedication to your reading, keep up the hard work!!


Middle C     Jake

For your awesome work creating Polygon Robots. Your creativity blows me away and I love seeing you combine your artistic talents with maths. Great work Jake!


Physical Education      Joel B

Congratulations Joel. You listen attentively and are always willing to help others (a nice trait to have). You have improved your throwing and catching skills making sure that you look at your target.


                                             Brock R

It was great to see you really involve your self in our games discussions. You came up with some great strategies and ideas to modify the game. Congratuations


Science     Liam

What a super scientist, you are Liam. Keep up the fabulous work. 

Community Notices

Local events:


Kilsyth Primary School
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Senior Camp permission forms and packing list 2017.pdf
Junior-Newsletter 2017 Term 2.pdf
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