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24 May 2018
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Important Dates


24th & 25th  May - Dance Showcase

25th May - World Vision Youth Conference

26th May - Parents' Association Trivia Night

29th May - Year 10 Performance Evening

30th May - Year 9 Performance Evening

30th May - Cross Country - Division Carnival


13th June - VCE GAT

14th June - Year 9 STEAM Careers Day

Principal's Report

VCE Premier’s Awards

It was with great pride I attended the VCE Premier’s Awards at the Convention Centre on 15 May. We received four awards, an excellent reflection on our students, parents and hard working staff. It is such a proud day for parents as they see their daughters rewarded for hard work, grit and talent. Congratulations to Van Pham named “Top International Student”, Brianna Spinks for Philosophy, Claire Cheesman for Business Management and Eve Brightling for German. Congratulations to the dedicated teachers who supported the girls, in particular Alison Lam, Liam Brown, Pat Sklavakis, Sandor Kazi and the International Student team.


Student Member Category of School Council Election Results

Congratulations to Charlie Young and India Warren-Smith on their election to School Council. Having student voice represented in such a meaningful way will help MGC flourish.


The Inaugural MGC Writer’s Festival and re-opening of the Library

The official opening of our newly refurbished library took place on 11 May to coincide with the inaugural MGC Writer’s Festival. Jessica Watson engaged us with tales of her life history, courage, loneliness at sea and writing. The many students, parents and staff in attendance were in awe of her achievements and future plans. 

Congratulations to the organising committee Lisa Rosos, Shaunagh O’Connell, Sylvan Dorney, Paul Carter, Louise Excell, Ashley O’Brien, Emma McCowan, Brooke O’Callaghan and Year 9 students Jo Vossos, Imogen Leigh, Claudia van Vliet and Laura Wilcox, for their tireless efforts in planning and leading the festival and the launch of the MGC Anthology. The evening saw more exemplary staff Nancy Sandilands, Bryony Sahlstrom, Jordyn Taylor, Sefija Demirova, Anne Corry, Lenore Twist, Isabella Kontogeorgis, Glen Holland, Robyn Wilson-Rychner, Nunu Bisogni, Lizzie Hajzler, Michael Newton, Andrew Arney and Brent Houghton.

Thank you to Linda Brown who led the original planning of the library with architect Bruce Baade and the team at Baade Harbour Australia, the final result.


Rotary: Making a Difference at Melbourne Girls’ College

The Ainger Public Speaking Award sponsored by Richmond and Melbourne Park Rotary Clubs is always an excellent event. Congratulations to Gemma Taylor of Year 12 who came an extremely close second in the final of the competition on 21 May. Ten finalists are selected from the many heats conducted throughout May and the standard was excellent. Gemma has participated in the competition for six years and is ready to take on the wider world of oratory from now on!



Congratulations to Lucy Skelton who has been nominated for the Local Hero Award which recognises the achievements of an individual who has contributed significantly to sustainability. And to the Sustainability Collective nominated for the Community Action Award which recognises groups and organisations that have made a significant contribution to sustainability.


Year 12 Drama Performance 15 May

Congratulations to students and Lindy Mumme on the Year 12 Drama performances. Based on the themes of origin and destiny each performance explored the journey of humankind. The stimulus was provided by Lance Balchin’s dystopian children’s book “Mechanica”. In “Adam’s Apple” Isabelle Carney, Alex Dolan, Jeanti Exton, Zsari Gill, Zara Guss, Miranda Koop and Nicola Lennon explored artistically and intellectually the creation story, inhumanity and environmental


In “Trial 6459” Bella Crawford, Chantelle Daher, Imogen Howden, Kala Rosebirch, Sophie Townsend, Laura Walsh and Hannah Willoughby used the butterfly effect to illustrate how historical tragedies can have catastrophic repercussions for both today and the future. In both productions the themes were interwoven cleverly with both pathos and humour. It was a privilege to be part of the audience to witness each students’ hard work and passion for drama.



Kind regards,


MGC Instagram

The Melbourne Girls' College Instagram Account is now live!


Follow us now @MelbGirls!

Our new social media presence is a student driven endeavour, aiming to keep the MGC community up to date with our latest events and student achievements.


If you have something you would like to see featured on our new Instagram profile, please email us at [email protected]

Parents' Association Trivia Night

Trivia Night Major Auction Items


Performing Arts

Australian Mathematics Competition


MGC is hosting the annual Australian Mathematics Competition on Thursday 9th August. The competition is open to all year levels and will run during period 1 that day. The problems are designed to test mathematical thinking and questions are designed so that they can be answered just as quickly without a calculator as with one. The problems get more difficult through the competition, so that at the end they are challenging to the most gifted students. Students of all standards will make progress through the problems, and also be challenged along the way.

If you are interested in participating in the Australian Mathematics Competition please place the entry fee, $6.50, in an envelope with your name, form and ‘Australian Mathematics Competition’ and hand it into the General Office by Friday 1st June.

James Button in Conversation

During the Writers Festival, on May 11, a few students signed up for the James Button writer’s workshop. He spoke to those students about his writing career. He is a renowned Australian journalist.


First, he started off by telling us about his early career. He explained how he was a journalist for twenty years. He wrote for The Age. Mr. Button told us many of the different, crazy experiences he had had and some of the people he had met. He told one story that I really liked:


When he was a journalist James Button wrote an article about a young woman whom was job hunting at the time. It was during a period when it was very difficult to find jobs. He wrote his story about her life in great detail and when he showed it to the woman she didn’t like it. But he still published it and a few days later she had three job offers. She was forever grateful.

 To me this story is heartwarming. It shows that journalists can really help people.

 James Button then told us about the next stage of writing in his life: he was a speech writer for Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia. Because he lived in Melbourne he had to fly to Canberra and back to a lot. Mr. Button explained that he and the other speechwriters wrote the speeches only to have him go home and write his own. James Button only wrote speeches for about a year. During this career he learned a lot about his father’s life. This was because his father had worked as a politician. 


He then went on to write books. Specifically, a biography called: Speechless. This book was about his time as a speech writer and about his father and his life. This book made Mr. Button realize what his father dealt with every day; the amount of pressure placed on him roused some sad memories.

James Button gave us a lot great tips for writing such as being careful about what information you put into an article, you don’t want to expose any personal information without permission.


This was an amazing learning experience in which we learnt some valuable information. We hope to have the opportunity to do this again next year.


Thank you, James Button and all the teachers that helped put the writers’ festival together.


By Gigi Boyd and Mia Bainbridge

Chinese Culture Day

Photo: In front of the main building of Chinese General-Consulate

On the 11th of May, 30 MGC Year 9 and 10 Chinese students joined the Chinese Culture Day at the Chinese Consulate-General in Melbourne.

This is an opportunity to understand more about Chinese culture. The Chinese Consulate-General held various activities such as jasmine painting, dance performance, traditional Chinese instrument performance on the day. The participants tried to play Chinese instrument such as Erhu and Pipa, as well as Chinese quizzes. These activities have immersed in the Chinese culture. They felt very honorable and happy to take part in this excursion.


Will Li, Confucius Classroom Assistant Teacher


Rotary Leadership Conference 

On Wednesday 9th May, students from Melbourne Girls' College, Eltham High School, Collingwood College, Auburn High School and the newly founded Richmond High congregated in MGC's brand new library for a Rotary-led Leadership Conference. The two incredible speakers, Georgia Retallick (inspirational founder of yHouse charity) and Rotarian Amanda Wendt, captivated the audience, with anecdotes and advice on how best to create change and become a young leader. These wise words were followed by two group activities, encouraging students to develop events and ideas to support a cause they were passionate about. There were some amazing ideas created within this short time frame with a lot of great team work and compromise, which was impressive especially considering everyone had only just met! Overall, it was an inspiring event that encouraged students to network with like minded individuals, as well as demonstrating just how easy it can be to put your passion for a cause into action. Thank you Rotary!


Claudia Junge – College Co-Captain


MGC Teacher TEDtalk Program

For the next month, members of our very own MGC staff will be presenting talks on all the weird and wonderful stuff they know - things they studied in uni, areas they worked in before teaching and stuff they're just really passionate about. Things you'd never know they knew and would certainly never hear about in class


Talks run at lunch time in Lyceum 1&2 and all students are invited! (Bring your lunch!)


Upcoming Lectures: 


Thursday, 24th May ​​- Ms. Cardamone, talking about her previous job in neuroscience research, including the research she did in epilepsy, brain injury and mental health. 


Monday, 28th May - Mr. Pretlove, speaking about Atmospheric Science


Wednesday, 6th June - Ms. O'Connell, discussing Jane Austen and how her work can be interpreted in the modern world.


Thursday, 21st June - Ms. Dawes, with an introduction to the Amish, and their importance in 21st century life.

Year 9 STEAM Careers Day


First Lego League

Want to know more about this amazing competition? Come to a meeting in the STEAM room (room 306) on Friday 25th May


Girl Power in STEM

Congratulations to Samantha Kintanar

Earlier this year, Sam applied for the “Girl Power in STEM” program which aims to inspire female students about the exciting possibilities of STEM. The program operates over 4 years, starting with a three-night camp at the University of Melbourne, work experience and mentoring opportunities.

There were over 350 applications for the 30 positions available and Sam was successful in getting one of these coveted spots. Samantha is a passionate leader in our sustainability team and has a keen interest in science and information technology. She will get to learn about careers in STEM, participate in hands-on activities and workshops, meet IT and engineering students and  like-minded Year 9 students.


Well done Samantha!

Library News

Library Trivia

Thank you to all the students (and staff!) who competed in our library trivia competition on the 18th of March. We had 20 teams show up and while there can only be one winner, it was great to have everyone participate. All teams scores can be found below.


Library Events


Verbal Combat

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Right? Wrong.

On the 6th of May, the Year’s 7s were fortunate to be involved in a Verbal Combat Theatre Performance produced by Brainstorm Productions. This educational and engaging play was performed by two actors who played multiple characters affected by verbal and cyber bullying as either the victim, bully or witness. These actors and character roles showed and taught the Year Sevens about bullying and how it can not only affect the main students involved but also other students who were being pressured to do hurtful things by their peers.

Some things that the Year Sevens learnt from this play was if you are ever being bullied or see someone else being bullied immediately tell a trusted adult or teacher. It will prevent the problem from getting out of control and it will make you feel better knowing someone you trust is able to help you. We also learnt that you should never spread rumours about someone that are not true because it can hurt people if they think others around them believe something that you know is false. The Year 7s discovered that you should never pretend to be someone else just to be popular.


In the Verbal Combat Presentation, there were many different characters that were involved in a main problem. Because of rumours and accusations, peers made the bully and threats even worse than it was. The Year Sevens learnt to not believe everything that something says about rumours because that person has likely been told that by another student.


 Overall, the Year Sevens learnt about verbal bullying and cyber bullying in an engaging and fun way. Brainstorm Productions teach primary and high school aged kids about bullying, resilience, wellbeing and mental health through theatre productions and programs.


By Lulu Spear 7M2

Dance News

Upcoming Dates for Term 2

24th/25th May – Dance Showcase (Semester 1) – 6pm-8pm in the MGC Auditorium. 


Tickets can be purchased in the above link.


Jordan Evans

Head of Dance

MGC Homework Club


Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

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