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13 June 2018
Issue Eight
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A Message from
the Principal

Little things are big

We have a rich and diverse educational offering at Kinross Wolaroi, an educational offering that many in society would dearly love to have the opportunity to experience. Quality teaching, a beautiful setting, a broad and engaging curriculum and a plethora of co-curricular pursuits make the advantages of such an all-encompassing education self-evident.

It is crucial that as beneficiaries of such an educational offering we are conscious of our obligations to use our gifts and opportunities for the benefit of others and make our communities better places. We must remain grounded, aware of our good fortune, be courteous, and sensitive to the needs, and feelings of others. That means avoiding a sense of entitlement. Entitlement is one of the worst potential outcomes of privilege – and it is a deeply unattractive characteristic. Entitled actions are diametrically opposed to the Spirit of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, which as a Uniting Church school should be so dear to us, the spirit which urges us all to be good citizens and to;

“Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as you ever can.”

A few years ago I came across the phrase, “little things are big”. It is the title of a short story written by the Puerto Rican writer Jesus Colon, about a dilemma he faced on a subway ride in New York City in the 1950’s. This was a time in the United States of great racial tension and segregation where Colon and millions of black Americans were discriminated against due to the colour of their skin.

‘Little things are big’, and he allowed something about his own self-image and others’ possible perceptions of him to squander an opportunity to behave courteously, something about which he felt great shame, resulting in a decision he regretted deeply. It was a little thing, but it was big to him.

Colon struggled with his decision not to help a young white lady who was carrying a baby and clutching a suitcase late at night at a near deserted railway station. Behind her were two young children possibly three and five years old. She obviously had her hands full and could have benefited from some help as she negotiated the many stairs at the station.

“But how could I, a Negro and a Puerto Rican, approach this white lady, who very likely might have preconceived prejudices about Negroes and everybody with foreign accents, in a deserted subway station very late at night?

What would she say? What would be the first reaction of this white American woman perhaps coming from a small town with a valise, two children and a baby on her right arm? Would she say: yes, of course, you may help me. Or would she think that I was just trying to get too familiar? Or would she think worse than that perhaps? What would I do if she let out a scream as I went forward to offer my help?

Was I misjudging her? So many slanders are written every day in the daily press against the Negroes and Puerto Ricans. I hesitated for a long, long minute. The ancestral manners that the most illiterate Puerto Rican passes on from father to son were struggling inside me. Here was I, way past midnight, face to face with a situation that could very well explode into an outburst of prejudices and chauvinistic conditioning of the “divide and rule” policy of present-day society.”

Colon passed her by and ignored her “This is what racism and prejudice and chauvinism and official artificial divisions can do to people and to a nation!” (Colon)

Little things are big. Society is presently reeling from a wave of disclosures of wide-scale, unchallenged, even institutionalised predatory behaviour, initially in Hollywood and now within business, the media and Parliament. This conduct is as far away from ‘little things’ as you can get, so what might this have to do with the experience of Colon at the subway?

Colon was telling us that by allowing ourselves small omissions or lapses, if unchallenged, can lead to a mindset or culture in which more significant and pernicious behaviour is normalised, overlooked or in some way condoned. This is why little things are big.

For this reason I feel strongly about courtesy and the importance of considering the impact of your actions on others. Every day of our lives offer us an almost limitless range of small opportunities to signal important things about ourselves: whether we are selfish or entitled or thoughtful and considerate.

Life is inherently social, and therefore offers us almost endless opportunities to display courtesy and respect. Don’t lose them. They will not always prove immediately life-changing but nevertheless, little things are big.

Jesus Colon (1901-1974) was a Puerto Rican writer of African descent who moved to Brooklyn, New York at the age of 16. Colon wrote about his experiences as an immigrant and discussed how racism influences American Culture.

Student Exchanges

Applications are invited for Year 10 students wishing to visit Scotland (Strathallan School), 1 boy and 1 girl. Boarders and day students may apply.

There is also an opportunity to go to South Africa (Michaelhouse – 1 boy boarder or day student).  

Applications are due Monday 18th for the Strathallan exchange and 25th June for the South African exchange.


Bridget Yeomans earned the title of ‘Astronomical Show Jumping Champion’ from a highly competitive field at the North West Equestrian Expo held in Coonabarabran last week. This is an outstanding achievement!


Dr Andrew Parry


A Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 2 Week 7

As you are aware, due to various staff leaving KWS, a number of changes will occur in the Preparatory School over the second half of the year.  In Year 5, for six months replacing David Hazelton will be Nicola Harbison.  Nicola has been teaching at OAGS since its inception and brings great enthusiasm and expertise to the position.  For Year 2, for six months replacing Sue Houston will be Lisa Savage who is well known and respected by all and Lisa brings her vast knowledge and experience to the position.  Two days a week for six months replacing Alicia Holmes will be Suzie Maslin who will add this to her current role.  Again Suzie is known to all our students and brings great passion and skill to the position.  While in Year 1 Nicole Caro will be replacing Richelle Coote for Term 4.  Nicole is doing a terrific job overseeing the library program this term and again we are fortunate to bring her talents to the students of Year 1.

This week at assembly our Kidsmatter Team presented the School’s Values in artistic form to gain the attention of our students.  The values of courage, respect, inclusiveness, resilience and commitment will be displayed around our Preparatory School to remind students of the values we expect to be continually exhibited.  There are also flags which will be flown at various times plus posters displayed in every room.  This has been a wonderful team effort from students, staff, parents and ex-students.  Mrs Bracks has more information in the Bulletin, and we congratulate Mrs Bracks and Mrs Sharpe for leading this initiative.
With our mid-year holidays approaching, The United Care After School team is offering vacation care for all 3 weeks of the holiday period.  Many activities are planned including excursions around our beautiful town.  If you wish to enroll or seek further information please contact Megan White on 0427 290 761 or [email protected].

Staff are currently writing reports on the progress of your child over the term.  This year for the first time, reports will be emailed next Thursday 21 June, which will give you plenty of time to peruse them before the Parent Teacher interviews the following week.

A reminder that interview times are on-line.  A guide on how to manage this has been in previous Bulletins and also in this one.  If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact the Preparatory Office on 6392 0316.

This week one of the true highlights of the year occurs with the Preparatory Performing Arts Concert being held on Thursday 14 June from 5.30 to 6.45 pm.  Every student will perform and each year the quality of our various programs are demonstrated.  Our choirs, bands, string groups, verse speaking items are all on ‘key’ to perform for you.  Please see the Bulletin for further information.  I indeed look forward to seeing you this Thursday in the DPA.

At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Courtesy Awards:  Week 6 – Poppy O’Hehir-Corones 4P;  Week 7 – Archer Fielding 5M.
  • Citizenship Awards:  Week 6 – Rose Hedley 4F; Week 7 – Finn O’Toole 5P and Daisy Wilson 6H.
  • Principal’s Awards:  Week 6 – Grace Bylsma 4P; Week 7 - Benjamin Knight 1W.

Enjoy your week.


Mr Rob McLean

Head of the Preparatory School

A message from our Chaplains

Our School Values Characters

Having an understanding of what we value helps us to form our identity and build our sense of wellbeing. It helps us to know that we belong and that we can contribute to a worthwhile community.

At Kinross we have identified 5 core values so this week in our Assembly, we introduced our Prep students to some new faces they will see around their classrooms and in the playground.  They are our Values Characters, five friendly folks who epitomise our five core values at Kinross Wolaroi School:

‘Courage’ loves to try new things and is unafraid to stand up for what is right. The heart-shape of Courage shows that it comes from within and is something we all need.

‘Respect’ cares about other people, whether they are close friends or not. Wearing ‘Respectacles’ helps Respect to see others as valuable and to treat them that way.

‘Inclusiveness’ understands that everyone is different but welcomes them anyway. With big open arms, Inclusiveness is always on the lookout for how to make school a better place for everyone.

‘Resilience’ is able to deal with any obstacle! With the ability to create a force field for protection, Resilience can keep facing challenges over and over again.

‘Commitment’ is determined to keep going, even when things get tough! Solid legs help Commitment to stand strong and never give up in any challenging situation.

For the next 5 weeks, we will be studying these characters in more detail in our classes. Then throughout the following week, teachers and staff will be on the lookout for those same traits to show themselves in our students.  We even have character stickers to reward to students showing those traits! So, if your child comes home from school with a sticker, be sure to ask them what it is all about!


Mrs Kate Bracks
Preparatory School Chaplain


At the end of last year, a number of seniors travelled to Cambodia to visit the children of CCC School in Kompong Speu province. The CamKids fundraising is to raise money for these children. At present, we pay for the education, uniforms, shoes, bags, books and bicycles and bike repairs for 96 children.

Our last fundraising was the School Social on Thursday 31 May. I thank those who attended and those who supervised the evening. A special vote of thanks is especially owed to Mrs Jones and the Prefects for organizing the event. The Social raised just over $3000 for CamKids.

There will soon be expressions of interest sort from the current Year 11’s for the next trip to Cambodia which is planned to take place immediately after the end of Term 4.

If your child is in Year 11 and is interested in visiting our sponsored children, please contact either Miss Cole (Head Tutor of Douglas House) or me, the Chaplain, Mr Worrad.

Same-sex Marriage

The law has changed to allow people of same gender to marry in Australia. However, it has done little to bring peace within Church congregations about homosexuality. Each side of the conversation draws upon Scriptures to justify their stance on homosexuality. Within the Uniting Church in Australia (KWS is a School of the Uniting Church – just saying!) there is a determination to remain united, loving and respectful towards those whose opinions differ to our own. Fundamental to the discussions is an informed understanding of the relevant Scriptures. There is opportunity to hear from a world-renowned Biblical scholar on the matter.

You are invited to attend a talk by Professor Bill Loader, entitled ‘Same-Sex Relations: a first century perspective. Listening to the Biblical witness.’ It will take place on Tuesday 26th June from 7:30pm – 9:00pm in the Wesley Church, Orange (a couple of doors down from the RSL in Anson Street). Entry is free.

Prof Loader’s work on sexuality is well known and respected for its balance and respect for the ancient texts. At a recent Australian Anglican Bishops’ conference the retired conservative former Archbishop Dr Peter Jensen of Sydney Diocese observed that Loader’s presentation on the same-sex issues in the New Testament was the best he had ever heard, though he differed in how one now should apply it.


Phil Worrad



Should my child be on Social Media?

Parents can sometimes feel the pressure of ‘nagging’ from their children to allow them on social media or to perhaps buy a device such a mobile phone as they head into Year 7. This nagging can be especially difficult when younger siblings are in a hurry to copy older brothers or sisters. Devices can be an important educational tool and social media can also be a fun way for your child to stay connected with others. However, the downsides are all too commonly reported in the media.

Signing up to a social media service.

If you allow your child to sign up to a social media service you may wish to consider the following points:

  1. Research the ‘terms of use’ and age requirements on social media and then explain these to your child. Most social media services and apps require users to be 13 years old to join. The link below provides an age guide for all the common social media services.
  2. Show your child how to use privacy settings to control what others can see.
  3. Maintain open communication with your child so that they feel safe talking to you about any concerns.
  4. Create an account yourself and find out what your child is likely to encounter (I have just joined snapchat much to the horror of my eldest son)
  5. Encourage your child to respect others online and to always think before posting.

Too much time on a device

There is no guideline for the ‘right’ amount of time for children to spend online and the number of hours that children and young people spend online can vary significantly. However, if their online activity appears

to impact negatively on their behaviour or wellbeing, or that of the family, it may be time to discuss expectations and establish time limits. The longer you wait to address the issue, the more difficult it can be to overcome. So if you see an emerging problem arising from excessive use, act on it right away. Strategies that may help include:

  1. Consider implementing family agreements about the amount of time your children can spend online or limit access to the devices they use. If this fails go for the dictatorship option.
  2. Install a program on their device which can be adjusted to limit the amount of time an internet connection will be avaible on that device.
  3. Model good behaviours with your kids around their use of devices eg.  Limit your use until after they have gone to bed.
  4. Only allow device use in areas that you can easily monitor and away from bedrooms.

Emma Bylsma
Head of Student Wellbeing

Student Awards

Merit Awards

KB:  Week 6 – Elizabeth Harmer, Daniel Kerdic. 

KB:  Week 7 – Henry Sawtell.

KK:  Week 6 – Archie Bylsma, Reginald Caskey, Audrey Gaudin, Claire Harrison, Saxon Haynes, Benjamin Howe, Harriett Johnston, Anna Kenny, Mya McLachlan, Milla O’Toole, Andie Zinga. 

KK:  Week 7 – Mya McLachlan.

1C:  Week 6 – Janette Proudford-Nalder, James Jones, Jack Kenny, Samuel Marvasti. 

1C:  Week 7 – Louis Blyth, James Hulme, Zaro Jalal, Alby Kimmins.

IW:  Week 6 – Meckenzie Flowers. 

1W:  Week 7 – Charlie Haydon, Aston Lett, Cassandra Philippe.

2E:  Week 6 – Aurora Everett, Jude Jansen, Jazmin Marquez, Daniel Rourke, Jed Volkofsky.

2H: Week 6 – Anoushka de Brito, Chloe Caro, Sophie Caro, Harrison Chapman, Lucas Choi, Timothy Edwards, Harrison Fielding, Pixie Harmer, Ella Kerdic, Eliza Lord, Maya McFarlane, Mitchell Perizzolo, Grace Schaapveld, Charlotte Williams.

2H:  Week 7 – Harrison Chapman, Timothy Edwards, George Nash, Angus Sawtell, Grace Schaapveld.

3R: Week 7 – David King, Thomas O’Connell.

3S:  Week 6 – Hannah Birmili, Charles Hail, Percy Meates. 

3S:  Week 7 - Andrew Caskey, Charles Hail, Maxwell Horne.

4F:  Week 6 – Austin Schaapveld, Olive Quigley.

4P:  Week 6 –Zoe Harmer, Caitlin Reid, Hamish Slack-Smith, Spencer Williams. 

4P:  Week 7 – Grace Bylsma, Jack Carslake, Zoe Harmer, Spencer Johnston, Lucy Reidy, Olivia Watts, Bianca Wong.

5M: Week 6 – William Ward, Hannah Jones, Lucinda Clinton x 2, Aimee Anders, Ava Rouse, Elijah Cunningham, Daisy Wakem, Olivia Searle, Emily Caro. 

5M:  Week 7 – Jack Dunworth, Claire Ward-Finn, Isabelle Johnston.

5P:  Week 6 – Maya Bracks, Alice Hansen, Jack Paix. 

5P:  Week 7 – Ava Buesnel, Mia Essex.

5W: Week 6 – Olivia Martin, Alice Commins, Timothy Lowther. 

5W:  Week 7 – Matilda Fabar, Robert Harrison.

6C:  Week 6 – Andrew May, Liam McKenzie Molly Slack-Smith, Sophie Smith, Elsie Sutherland. 

6C:  Week 7 – Sarah Choi, Zachariah Levi, Harry Madigan, Campbell Miller, Alice Waddell.

6H:  Week 6 – Julian Connan, Charli Greatbatch, Angus McPhie, Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones, Nina Smedley, Camilla Crossing, Charlotte Jones, Thomas McRae, Matilda Quigley, Lucia Varian.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 6 – Jack Caro KK, Mia Martin 1C, Aston Lett 1W, Eliza Lord 2H, Charlotte Williams 2H, Hamish Buckley 3R, Thomas Goodsir 4P, Maya Bracks 5P, Jack Tink 6C, Ruby Coulton 6C, Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones 6H, Charles Gill 6H.  

Lovely Manners: Week 7 – Anna Kenny KK, Louis Blyth 1C, Benjamin Knight 1W, Cassandra Philippe 1W, Samuel Commins 2E, Max Kenny 2E, Ricky Zhang 3R, Thomas O’Connell 3R, Georgia Philippe 3S, Floriana Jackson-Le Courter 3S, Samuel Hughes 4P, Kajan Kandeepan 5P.

Lovely Greetings: Week 6 – Jack Kenny 1C, Toby Gee 4F, Varnikaa Kannan 4F, Will Payne 3R, Olivia Watts 4P, Lilian Pearce 5W, Cameron Hoskin 6H. 

Lovely Greetings: Week 7 – Alby Kimmins 1C, Sophie Caro 2H, George Nash 2H, Caitlin Reid 4P, Finn Price 4F, Isabella Lloyd-George 5W.

Thinking of Others:  Week 6 – Lachlan Healey KB, Harry Price 1C, Charles Hail 3S, Lenny Shannon 3S, William Ward 5M, Hannah Jones 5M, Kajan Kandeepan 5P. 

Thinking of Others: Week 7 – William O’Connell KB, Vivian Meates 1C, Elsie Sutherland 6C, Andrew May 6C.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 6 – Luca Kotasthane 1W, Kaitlin Smith 4F, Pranav Srikanth 5W.  

Excellent Behaviour: Week 7 – Milla O’Toole KK, Elijah Cunningham 5M, Lucinda Clinton 5M, Isaac de Bruyn 5P, Lachlan Watts 5W.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride:  Week 6 – William O’Connell KB, Maxwell Horne 3S, Olive Quigley 4F, Kaydn McLachlan 3R, Mia Essex 5P. 

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 7 – Ella Kerdic 2H, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan 3R, Maxwell Horne 3S, Thomas Hunt 3R, Daniel Lord 4F, Ava Healey 4F, Koby Bryan 5P,

Sportsmanship: Week 6 - Kookaburras Hockey Team (Kaydn McLachlan, Percy Meates, Bianca Wong, Olivia Wilson, Willa Paix, Varnikaa Kannan, Maddie Lawry, Audrey Blyth).

Helpfulness: Week 6 – Mya McLachlan KK, Zaro Jalal 1C, Samuel Marvasti 1C, Darcie Marshall 1W, Hannah Birmili 3S, Caitlin Reid 4P, Jack Steventon 4P, Georgie Miller 5M, Isabelle Johnston 5M, Seamus Dwyer 5W, Matilda Fabar 5W, Elke Sweetapple 6C, Lara Wheelhouse 6C. 

Helpfulness: Week 7 – Audrey Gaudin KK, Alice Jones KK, James Jones 1C, James Hulme 1C, Ingrid West 1W, Nicholas Balcomb 1W, Elliot Terrey 2E, Arad Safeer 2E, Aurora Everett 2E, Annabelle Maslin 2E, Daniel Rourke 2E, Olivia McBeath 2E, Drew Carslake 3S, William Karrasch 4P, Alice Scholte 4P, Charlotte Buckley 5W, Olivia Martin 5W.

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 6 – Olivia Wilson 4F, Olivia Volkofsky 5P, Alice Hansen 5P. 

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 7 – William McPhie 5M, Angus Martin 5M, Finn O’Toole 5P, Lachlan Watts 5W, George Wakem 6C.

Role Model: Week 6 – Julia Bligh 4F. 

Role Model: Week 7 – Daniel Kerdic KB, Austin Schaapveld 4F.

Being Kind:  Week 6 – Saxon Haynes KK, Harrison Chapman 2H, Harrison Fielding 2H, Oliver Roach 6H, Lucia Varian 6H. 

Being Kind: Week 7 – Eliza Lord 2H, Thomas Robson 4F, Elke Sweetapple 6C.

Excellent Behaviour:  Week 6 – Andie Zinga KK.

Prep Performing Arts Press

Term 2 Week 7

We have a busy few weeks ahead for many of our musicians. Please take time to read the attached information and also check emails and Frog for up to date information.

Dates for your Diary

Thursday 14 June 5.30pm – Prep Performing Arts Concert in the DPA
Tuesday 19 June 12.05pm in the DPA –Junior Band performing in assembly 
Thursday 21 June 6pm – Secondary Performing Arts Festival (Civic Theatre)

Prep Performing Arts Concert

Don’t forget our fabulous Prep Performing Arts Concert is THIS THURSDAY! The concert will include a wonderful array of music, dance and drama displaying the fantastic talent of all of our Prep students. Ensembles involved include:

  • All stage choirs
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Koristers
  • Prep Band
  • Prep Strings
  • Six Strings
  • Junior Dance
  • Verse Speaking
  • Speech and drama items

There will be warm pumpkin soup (grown & cooked here at school) for sale on the evening. Students should arrive at the DPA at 5.15pm in full school uniform (no jumper).

Junior Dance

Members should meet Miss Lindsay in the Green Room (under the DPA) at 5.15pm.  Costume is currently being finalised and will be charged to your account:

  • Girls should come dressed in their outfit - sparkly top & leggings and bring their full school uniform to change into after their item (no jumpers)
  • Hair should be in a ponytail if possible. Miss Lindsay will supply a head piece.
  • Girls will wear bare feet for the performance.
  • Make-up – should be light foundation, red/pink lipstick and some blush.

Important information for Prep Strings

Please contact Mrs Moxey if you have any queries.  Students will need to bring their instruments on this day in preparation for the Prep concert but ALSO to rehearse with Chamber Strings at lunchtime. After rehearsal, students will leave instruments in the green room and then meet Mrs Moxey at 5.15pm that evening. They are required to be in full school uniform.

Important information for Koristers

Please contact Mrs Edwards if you have any queries.  Secondary students: as we are the third last item, you are welcome to slip in during the concert. Please be there no later than 6pm. Sit with me at the back of the auditorium until it is time for us to perform.  Please advise if your child will not be able to attend this performance.

Rehearsal for Performing Arts Festival
Sunday 17 June (Koristers)

Rehearsal for Performing Arts Festival (Combined Item) - Performance Theatre, 10am-11am. Dress casual.  This rehearsal is for a combined item involving all senior school ensembles, plus Koristers, who will be singing the opening on their own. It would be great to have some members of Koristers at this rehearsal, but not essential. If you have conflicting Sunday morning commitments, we understand.   

There is no need to let me know if your child can attend this rehearsal or not.

Thursday 21 June – Performing Arts Festival - Civic Theatre 7pm – performing with Chamber Strings

Chamber Strings

Students will rehearse with Chamber Strings at 12.30pm on Thursday 21st June (leave music centre at 12.15). They will be bussed to and from the Civic Theatre for this rehearsal.

Arrival time: Students should arrive in full school uniform with instrument and music at 6.30pm. They will access the theatre from the Stage Door (back of the Civic Theatre). They perform with Chamber Strings as the FIRST item in the program. They will be supervised in the theatre to watch the rest of the concert and can be collected at the end. We encourage parents to come along and watch as this will be a wonderful and very entertaining concert with the theme 'Scenes from Childhood'. Tickets are $5 from the theatre (either beforehand or on the night). Performers do not need tickets.


Koristers to arrive at 5.45pm through the stage door (enter from car park side of the theatre)

Dress: CONCERT BLACKS (e.g. black pants or skirt/tights, black top, black shoes – school shoes fine)

Please advise if your child will not be able to attend this performance.

It is a school requirement that you complete the below on-line permission note in order for students to attend the theatre rehearsal:

Year 3 Instrumental Program

A reminder that forms for this program are due back THIS THURSDAY. Please ensure forms are returned as try-outs will begin very shortly.


Mrs K Sinclair
Prep Music Co-ordinator

Prep Sports News

Winter Sport Uniform

Training and matches for Winter Sport is well underway. Full school tracksuits need to be bought to school with training uniform especially when going home after sport on the bus.

Full tracksuits are required when students have PE. They must be worn to and from school on these days. Hats are also compulsory all year round.

For Hockey training, many students are not bringing warm clothes. It can be extremely cold and layers (especially when playing) are needed. Unfortunately, we are having too many students needing to miss out on training due to lack of mouthguards, incorrect shoes and wrong uniforms. Please assist your children to pack the correct uniform and equipment.

HICES & CIS Cross Country Carnivals

The HICES Cross Country was held on Tuesday 29 May at Orange Anglican Grammar School. The set up and quality of the course was excellent, with our KWS students having an advantage over other competitors on a challenging running course. It was truly wonderful to see all the students having a go and trying their hardest. As a result, our students were highly competitive, with their results on the day reflecting this.

Kinross Prep placed 2nd overall in Division 1 schools and 3rd in the percentage trophy. This is a truly amazing result for a school our size! Well done and congratulation to KWS Cross Country team (listed students below).

The following students placed in the top 10 positions overall, therefore gaining a place on the HICES Cross Country team to compete at the CIS Cross Country Championships this Thursday 14 June at Sydney’s Eastern Creek. We wish them the best of luck.

  • Ollie Garard
  • William Karrasch
  • Hugo O’Brien
  • Annabel Clinton
  • Hayden McKenzie
  • Spencer Johnston
  • Lucy Reidy
  • Lexi Wilkin
  • Hugh Payne
  • Sienna Wilkin
  • Pip Martin
  • Matilda Fabar
  • Sam Fabar
  • Alice Waddell
  • Lottie O’Hehir-Corones.

KWS Cross Country Team 2018

8/9 Years Boys:  Ollie  Garard, William Karrasch, Drew Carslake, Hamish Searle, Hugo O’Brien.   
8/9 Years Girls:  Annabel Clinton, Angelina McRae, Willa Paix, Georgia Phillipe, Flossy Jackson-LeCouteur.
10 Years Boys:  Hayden McKenzie, Spencer Johnston, Finn O’Toole, Jack Carslake, Will Garard.    
10 Years Girls:  Lucy Reidy, Lexi Wilkin, Poppy O’Hehir-Corones, Emily Caro, Grace Bylsma.    
11 Years Boys:  Hugh Payne, Krishan Kandeepan, Isaac de Bruyn, Kajan Kandeepan, Ollie Smith. 
11 Years Girls:  Sienna Wilkin, Pip Martin, Tessa Wong, Olivia Martin, Matilda Fabar.  
12 Years Boys:  Ollie Chandler-Sullivan, Liam McKenzie, Will Knight, Jack Tink, Andrew May, Angus Pengilly.
12 Years Girls:  Alice Waddell, Lottie O’Hehir-Corones, Neve Jansen, Sarah Choi, Maddie  Sinclair, Emma Aldersey.

Ollie Roach – CIS Rugby

Congratulations to Ollie Roach in making the CIS Rugby team for 2018. Ollie attended trials for the CIS Rugby team which involved a two-day trial process, being amongst 120 boys for 18 places! He was outstanding throughout the 2 days, successfully gaining a place on the CIS team. The team plays at the NSWPSSA Championships 28-30 August. Well done Ollie.

Sporting Teams of the Week

Congratulations to the following teams for their nominations for Sporting Team of the Week last week. These teams were acknowledged during assembly.

Netball: U10 Bluebirds.
Hockey: Kookaburras, Emus.
Football: U9 Thunder.
Rugby: U9 Team.

Sporting Program for K-2 Students

This Wednesday will be the last afternoon for the K-2 students (who are not involved in KWS sport) involved in NetSetGo Netball program and the Get Into Rugby program after school 3.30pm – 4.30pm.

A reminder, all students have been given permission to come to school in their sports uniform on Wednesdays until the end of this term.

Due to the success of these programs, we will be looking to run them again in Term 3. More information will be forthcoming once confirmed.

Sport Dates for the Diary

18 June: CIS Cross Country, Eastern Creek

27 July: NSWPSSA Cross Country, Eastern Creek

26 July: WAS Athletics, Dubbo

28 August: HICES Athletics, Sydney

13 September: CIS Athletics, Sydney


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Sports Reports

Rugby Reports

11’s – This week’s gala day was held in Cowra. The day started off with our first game against Orange Emus Green, where we came away with a 5-2 loss Our second game was against the Millthorpe Mozzies and resulted in a 1 all draw.  The third and fourth games resulted in a loss and a 3-1 win. Overall we had a great day and we all played well.

Lachlan de Vries


KWS Vs St Ives Grammar – After billeting the boys from Sydney and hearing how much they enjoyed their night in the country, the St Ives boys then produced some great football to beat us 9 tries to 4.  We started sensationally with a full length of the filed movement with Jack Tink scoring.  St Ives proved too strong around the ruck area with some excellent clean-outs enabling their quality backline to enjoy the space.  Nevertheless, the KWS boys kept working and working and when they had the ball gained great yardage.  Sam Fabar scored an outstanding try from the scrum base beating seven defenders on a sidestepping weaving run.  We scored the final try typifying their effort and determination.  Many thanks to all our supporters and special thanks to the families who billeted the boys.  A wonderful experience for all.
Mr Rob McLean


KWS Vs Emus – We again played the Emus in a highly entertaining exhibition of running rugby.  The first half saw us dominate the game while the second half belonged to Emus.  Again with the ball we made great yardage but we need to secure the ball at the breakdown, while greater support is needed in defence. The boys keep improving their skills and their involvement which is particularly pleasing.
Mr Rob McLean

Football Reports

U7 Leopards – Week 6 - On Saturday the under 7 Leopards played the Molong Magpies at PLC. The Leopards had a great game, with long runs up the field and fantastic goals. Congratulations to Nick for player of the week. Thank you to Mr Price for coaching.

Ben Knight


U7 Jaguars – The Molong Eagles vs U7 Jaguars. It was a great game. Everybody turned up. Luca did some great kicks so did James. Jack was a good striker so was Andy. Harry was good too. Sam did several good shots.
Andy Bell

Netball News and Reports

Netball Note to all Netballers

Don't forget there will be two days and therefore two games of netball this weekend.  Games will be played on Saturday  16th June and then on Sunday 17th June (to make up for not playing on the long weekend).

Mrs Lisa Pengilly


Apology (missed last Bulletin)

Aimee Anders also scored a goal on Saturday May 4.

Mrs Lisa Pengilly

U10 Bluebirds – On Saturday 12 May we played the Milthorpe Marvels.  It was quite a hard game and they were very tough to play against but we played a strong first half and an awesome last quarter.  In the end we lost but we all had a lot of fun and were are getting better every week!
Ava Healey


On 19 May we won our first game of the season, we played the OPS Fireflies.  We have improved a lot by catching and throwing the ball.  I think our team will keep improving every week but most of all we’ve just been having fun.
Lucinda Nash


Today, 2 June, we had a great game and won against the CYMS Smarties.  Our coach, Mrs Seedsman said that we played a great game and we are really starting to connect the dots. Kaitin and Alice had an awesome game shooting lots of goals and the other girls passed accurately and defended against some great players on the other team. I love playing for the U10 Bluebirds and can’t wait for the next match.
Harriett Sinclair


U11 Kestrels – Our first game of the season we played against CYMS Diamonds.  Olivia Martin played well with a few good intercepts and the same as Alice Hansen.  Daisy Wakem did some good shooting.  We played our hardest but we still lost 9-34.  We are looking forward to playing them again soon.
Olivia Searle


Today we played the second game of the season.  The girls all played very well, defence intercepted lots of passes and the attackers worked very well together.  The score at the end was 26-3 our way.  Our shooters were great, not missing many.  This was our first win of the season.  Congratulations girls, you played very well.
Daisy Wakem


The Kestrels had a great game against the top team Hawks on Saturday. Daisy Wakem and Maya McFarlane shot really well and Alice Hansen and Olivia Searle were getting lots of intercepts in the defence end. We were defeated by 24-11 in the end. Everyone played really well and we had chocolate cake after the game for Maya’s birthday!

Philippa Martin

U12 Hawks – On the 19 of May, the U12s Hawks netball team played the OPS U12s Thunderstruck. We played well against a strong team, our passes were lacking strength and we were all tired from the week of Canberra. Our 2nd quarter was very good, our defence end was strong and Charli, Alice and Ava were great shooters. In the end we went down with a score of 6-22 OPS way.

Matilda Quigley

Hockey Reports

Kookaburras – Week 6 - We played the Canobolas Storm.  I was goalie – being goalie was very hard but I saved a couple attempts at goals (although a few sneaked through)!  Kaydn scored the only goal which was so exciting.  Bianca, Olivia and Maddie did well in attack.  Willa was our great defender.  Audrey and Varnikaa had a go at terrific tackling. 
Percy Meates


Scorpions – Week 6 - Although the weather was extremely cold we still had a great game on Wednesday night against Molong Pandas. We had some great breakaways letting us score a goal. We had great teamwork throughout the whole game. The scores were level with 10 seconds to go however we scored a goal just in time to go ahead and win the game.
Grace Bylsma


Wallabies – 1 June - This Wednesday we all had a brilliant game against the KWS Brumbies. It was a tight game. Grace scored three goals and Lottie scored one. We did really well at clearing the ball and working as a team. Tessa did a great job in goal. Amelia and Pranav hitting the ball up to the forwards helped us score all of the goals. The end of the game score was 4 – 1 and we came away with a great win.
Oliver Chandler-Sullivan


Emus – Week 6 – We had a great game against the KWS Brumbies.  Ava scored the one and only goal of the game.  The whole team is playing really well together, our passing is great and our defence is getting better each game. Well done team!
Rhys Jones


Foxes – Week 6 - On Monday night foxes played really well. The score in the night was 6-1 our way. All of our players were outstanding. Well done Foxes.

Grace Hansen


P&F News

Just a quick reminder that the next P&F Meeting is scheduled for:

  • Next Wednesday 20 June (note: this date is during Week 8 and not Week 7 as typically held)
  • Commencing at 7pm in the Boardroom of Wolaroi Mansion.  

The agenda and past minutes will be sent this Friday; if you have any items you would like to add to the agenda please email prior.  For those unable to attend in person, you can dial in via our teleconferencing service; dial 1800 857 029 and use guest code 19137159#.   The P&F continue to plan and organise activities for the benefit of the KWS community; I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.
Donna McIntyre
P&F Secretary

[email protected]

Parent Teacher Interviews Online (PTO)

Parent Teacher On-line is now open and is open until 8 am on Tuesday 26 June 2018.  Parent Teacher interviews will be on Tuesday 26 and Thursday 28 June and bookings can be made for 3:30 – 6:45pm on either of the days, but not both.

NB – For class 6C parents only – Mrs Charlton will be away on Tuesday 26 June. Bookings with Mrs Charlton for Thursday 28 June can be made by logging in and booking on PTO. Mrs Charlton will do interviews on Wednesday 27 June in lieu of Tuesday but to book for this day, parents will need to email or ring the Prep Office and book with Mrs Edwards at [email protected]  or ring 6392 0316. Bookings can only be made in the same date range as for PTO bookings and no bookings will be made prior to that time. 

Steps to Log in for PTO:

  1.  From Frog Home Tab, select Parent Teacher Online (PTO)
  2. Use your surname and password to log in.  If you have trouble logging in, click on ‘Obtain PIN/Password’ and enter mothers email address (unless father’s address is to be used) to obtain a pin.
  3. Once logged into PTO simply select the times that suit you or available to you.
  4. If you have any further issues, please don’t hesitate to contact he Preparatory Office on 6392 0316.


Italian Meal Deal

The SRC have been working closely with Mrs Schofield to organise a special lunch day through the Canteen. Tuesday 26 June will be a German Meal Deal.


What:  German Meal Deal Day
  • Juice, Chicken schnitzel with Potato Salad and Black forest cake; Or
  • Juice, Sausage with Sauerkraut and Apple strudel.

Bargain Price:  $8.00

When:  Orders are open through Flexi schools website today.  Orders will close Monday 25 June at 10:30 am. Make sure you get your German Meal Deal.

If you are a vegetarian and would like to participate, please contact Mrs Schofield in the canteen on 63920 300. Do this promptly so she can discuss some alternatives with you.

We hope you enjoy the German Meal Deal.

Mrs Essex and the Prep School SRC


  • A black scarf has been found in the Preparatory Car Park.  If this is your scarf, please contact the Preparatory Office on 6392 0316.
  • Money has been found in the Preparatory quad.  If you lost some money last week, please contact the Office on 6392 0316.

Dates for your Diary

14 June - Prep Performing Arts Concert, DPA

19-20 June - Year 5 Excursion to Sydney

21 June - Reports emailed home

26 June - Parent Teacher Interviews

28 June - Parent Teacher Interviews

School Life Updates

Canberra Excursion

Students from Year 6 have recently undertaken an education tour of the national capital. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.

Over four days, we visited both old and new Parliament House, taking part in both tours and role play opportunities where students acted out the presentation of a Bill in the House of Representatives and were able to gain a greater understanding of how our nation’s government works. At the Parliamentary Education Office, students were shown how our preferential voting system works as they voted for preferred fruits - it turns out that apples are more popular than oranges in Year 6!

On Tuesday, we visited the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery. This was a great opportunity to look at elements of indigenous Australian artworks and some sculptures which will be a focus of our studies in Visual Arts this term. We also participated in a guided walk along Reconciliation Place which gave us some great insights into important events in our Nation’s past, and how we can look towards the future.

On Thursday afternoon, students braved the Canberra cold as they participated in the Last Post Ceremony at the National War Memorial. On Friday, we returned to visit the interactive D-Zone and toured other exhibited throughout the Museum. Before climbing onto the bus to return home, we had one final guided tour of the Memorials along Anzac Parade.

Other highlights throughout our stay included swimming at AIS, exploring Questacon at night, touring the AIS and sharing our mealtimes with some of the athletes, and having a night of fun at iPlay.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $20 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.

The Year 6 teachers and students would like to acknowledge and thank the additional staff who came along to help us throughout the four days: Mrs Sharpe, Mr Bracks, Mrs Savage, Cassidy Holmes and Freddie Williams. A special thanks also goes out to Adam, our bus driver from Langley’s for keeping us safe and in time throughout our trip.

Mrs Emma Charlton
Year 6 Teacher

Upcoming Events

Prep Performing Arts Concert

The Prep Performing Arts Concert will be held on Thursday 14 June 2018 at 5.30pm. 

The concert will showcase our Prep Performing Arts ensembles including Strings, Band, Choirs, Dance, Solos and Percussion. All students will be performing and all are welcome to come along.


Scenes from Childhood

The KWS Performing Arts Department presents Scenes from Childhood - Thursday 21 June 2018 from 7pm at the Orange Civic Theatre.


Orange Youth Forum

Headspace Orange is partnering with CAHMS to present the 2018 Youth Mental Health Forum for youth 12-25 year olds, parents, caregivers, family and friends.

The forum proposes to increase peoples knowledge about mental health by sharing lived experiences, collaborating with services and professionals.

The Forum will also have two guest speakers, Dan Hunt, former NRL player, having played 150 games for the St George Illawarra Dragons over 9 years. Dan will be sharing his life story, including growing up, his NRL career, injuries, addiction, his mental illness journey with bi-polar, and the strategies he found helpful in overcoming these difficulties.

Chris Fitzpatrick, suicide survivor.  When Chris's life was just about to take off, he had a false start which left him with a life altering disability. Since then he has been working hard on becoming someone that he can be proud of. It hasn’t been an easy road, but it has been worthwhile. Chris will share his story with us and some of the best lessons he's learned so far, in a very raw and honest way.

The forum will also host a Q&A Panel for participants to ask questions on the day as well as presentations from headspace, CAHMS and other service professionals.

Headspace staff will be available on the day should any one feel the need to chat with them on any of the content presented on the day.

For more information or to register contact Sharna Lord on 0428 299 158 or email [email protected]

Tickets are free and can be booked through Eventbrite,

Rebecca Anderson

School Counsellor - Registered Psychologist

Student Short Film Festival

Rahamim Ecology Centre is running their Film Festival again in 2018.

If you would like to be involved, please visit:


Tuning into Teens

Headspace Orange and CAHMS is presenting a 6 week course on emotionally intelligent parenting for parents of children aged 11 and over. The course will be running from mid August and bookings are essential. For more information please see below.


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