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08 June 2018
Respect Excellence Creativity   issue Nine
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Principal's Page

Education 'In The News'

There have been many developments reported in the media concerning Education in recent times.  From the future of NAPLAN Assessments to the restriction of mobile phone use by students in secondary schools are just some of the topics relating to Education that have been found 'In The News' recently.

The article, 'The Schools Hit The Hardest By Strict New Enrolment Rules' (Cook, H., The Age, May, 2018) mentions Wheelers Hill Secondary College.  The article speaks to these new enrolment rules whereby schools were 'notified by the Department of Education last week that they would not receive new classrooms if they continued to enrol such high numbers of non-local students ' (Cook, H., The Age, 28/5/18).  Despite Wheelers Hills Secondary College being mentioned in the article, we have not being notified by the Department of Education concerning these new enrolment rules.

We receive enrolments from within and outside of our immediate area and we are thrilled to have this level of interest in our great school.  We are a school that continues 'to be on the move' and we will work with all families to best accomodate their children's needs.

2019 Year 7 Enrolments

At this stage, our Year 7 Enrolments for 2019 are tracking between 125 - 130 students.  This is a similar number to that of our Year 7 intake this year.  We are very pleased with the continued interest in our College and we look forward to welcoming our 'new Year 7 students' later in the year.

Cyclical Assessment and Reporting

Cycle 2 feedback from across all Learning Domains linked to Common Assessment Task Two was made available to families recently.

Families are asked to check Compass for feedback linked specifically to the Common Assessment Task itself, together with what is shared relating to Cycle 2.

Feedback relating to Cycle 3 will be made available to families at the end of this term.  More details and reminders relating to our new Cyclical Assessment and Reporting Model can be found in this newsletter.

Performing Arts

Last week was an outstanding for the Performing Arts with our VCE Theatre Studies class, together with students linked to this year's Production, participating in high class performances at the College.

The standard of the performances provided was exceptional.  On the Monday and Tuesday last week, our VCE Theatre Studies class performed Alice in Wonderland to such a high standard impressing the audience with their ability and confidence.  Equally, the students involved in the Performing Arts Cabaret on the Wednesday night were superb showing great skill and poise on the stage.

Congratulations to Genelle Lentini and her team for providing such great opportunities to our students in the Performing Arts, and we say 'well done' to all of our students both in the cast and crew for their wonderful work last week (please read on for Genelle's report of last week).

Year 7 and 8 Sport

Sport is one of our key areas within the College and we have our Year 7 and 8 Sport Day coming up next week (13/6).  Our students once again have a tremendous opportunity to represent the College against neighbouring schools and to showcase their skills.  We wish our Year 7 and 8 students all the very best next week.

Building Program - Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex; VCE Centre

The Building Program continues to progress according to plan with concrete being poured and some internal walls being installed recently.  The recent fine weather has helped things along with the next phase of construction involving the development of some internal fixtures.

Further updates recently received have the Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex completed in late November, 2018.  Works to renovate the VCE Centre will commence in early December, 2018, and these works are due to be completed in March, 2019.          

Working Bee, Sunday 24th June, 9 - 12 noon

Families are reminded about our Working Bee coming up on the 24th June, 9 - 12 noon.  Please register your interest at the General Office.  Participants on the day can expect to be involved in some gardening.

Value of the Week - Excellence

We recognise the efforts of our Arts Leaders recently given how well they represented the College at the Jells Park Primary School Open Night.  Jell Park PS had a 'Visual Arts' theme to the night and we were able to assist with an interactive display managed and lead by our students.  Our Arts Leaders in Tash Buckly, Gemma Frisina, Issy Jones and Thomas Bowley represented the College to the highest of standards and we thank them for their work.

And finally...........................

Please be reminded of the following:

- The College is closed Monday 11th June for the Queens Birthday Public Holiday

- We have a Professional Development Day on Monday 18th June - there will be no classes on this day.  Some time will be afforded to Teaching Staff on the day to finalise feedback relating to Cycle 3 Reporting 

- Our Last Day of Term is Friday 29th June and we will conclude the day with an early dismissal of 2:30pm


Have a great weekend everyone,









Aaron Smith


Assistant Principals Report

Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) and Cyclical Reporting

Immediately following the due date for a CAT, parents will be informed via Compass if their child has failed to meet this deadline. There is then a two week window for the student to complete the work without penalty. At the conclusion of this two week period the feedback for the entire class will be published. Should the work not have been completed within that two week period, the only feedback the parent will receive on this piece is that it was not submitted. Any work submitted after this time (without an acceptable reason, i.e. medical, late enrolment, etc.) will not be assessed.

In the Cyclical feedback report that follows that CAT, the piece shall simply be assessed as 'Not Shown'. This will NOT be modified in future Cyclical Reports.

CAT titles will give an indication of which cycle they are associated with (i.e. 'Task #1' or 'Cycle #2).

Report Cycle #2 was published on Friday 25th May, and we encourage all parents/guardians to access this report and discuss it with your child.

Report Cycle #3 will be published on Monday 2nd July with feedback on the relevant CATs available in the fortnight preceding this.

Synchrotron Tour

Monash Tech School is pleased to advise that it has 20 complementary tickets to the upcoming Convergence Science Network (CSN) Opening the Vault tour of the Australian Synchrotron. 

This tour begins at 5 pm on Wednesday 20 June (we suggest arrival at 4:45 pm) and will conclude around 6:30 pm.  


What is the Synchrotron?

Opening in 2007 at its site in Clayton, Victoria, the Australian Synchrotron is Australia’s largest scientific user facility, benefitting over 3000 researchers from academia, medical research institutes, government and other research organisations, and industry.

In simple terms, a synchrotron is a very large, circular, megavoltage machine about the size of a football field. While it may look like a roofed football stadium on the outside, it’s very different inside. Instead of grass and seating, there is a vast, circular network of interconnecting tunnels and high tech apparatus.

Synchrotrons use electricity to produce intense beams of light a million times brighter than the sun. The light is produced when high-energy electrons are forced to travel in a circular orbit inside the synchrotron tunnels by ‘synchronised’ application of strong magnetic fields. These electron beams travel at just under the speed of light – about 299,792 kilometres per second. The intense light they produce is filtered and adjusted to travel into experimental workstations, where the light reveals the innermost, sub-microscopic secrets of materials under investigation, from human tissue to plants to metals and more.

The new knowledge about the molecular structure of materials created by the Synchrotrons beam lines and analytical equipment allows researchers to invent new ways to tackle diseases, make plants more productive and metals more resilient – among many other benefits.


If interested, please see Mr. Dixon.


Looking after yourself during the year

As we head towards the middle of the year, it is certainly a busy time for everyone- exams, CAT's and not to mention the onset of the colder weather! During these busy periods, students need to take special care of themselves so that they maintain not only their physical health but also a positive state of mind so that they can continue to achieve their best.  The length and quality of sleep can impact all aspects of a persons wellbeing. Understanding why people need to sleep and the impact quality sleep has on our overall wellbeing is something we all need to understand and reflect upon.

Sleep experts (Adams et al. 2016; Huffington 2018; Walker 2017) claim sleep can impact:

• healthy weight management

• the onset of type two diabetes and cancer

• heart health and brain health

• energy levels and the immune system

• creativity and resilience

• capacity to create memories and make links to enhance learning.

Adequate sleep is measured by the length and quality of sleep a person has each night. Recent research (Adams et al. 2016) highlights that inadequate sleep is common across all age groups, with 33-45% of Australian adults having inadequate sleep. Stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, and the use of screen-based equipment before bedtime have a detrimental effect on sleep. Stress and recurring negative thoughts can also impact sleep quality. 35-40% of children and adolescents experience some form of sleep problem during their development.

Sleep problems can be:

  • intrinsic (come from the inside) and include nightmares, night terrors, bed wetting and snoring 
  • extrinsic (come from the outside) such as bedtime reluctance, anxiety related insomnia, inability to fall asleep alone or environmental and social problems that get in the way of sleep. 

 Sleep hygiene is the routine a person engages in to ensure a replenishing night’s sleep. For parent, staff and students this may include:

During the day:

• going out into the sun in the morning

• exercising - ideally in the morning or before the evening meal

• hydrating - water and non-stimulants such as herbal teas

• managing workload and stress levels

• ensuring healthy food options.

The bedroom:

• ensuring the bedroom is clutter and work free so the brain recognises it as a place to relax

• ensuring the bed and pillow are supportive

• trying to use a relaxing scent such as lavender.

Before bed:

• avoiding screens 1-2 hours before bed

• adjusting the bedroom temperature to 18°C - the body’s core temperature needs to lower to this in order to sleep

• relaxing/meditating - for example, read, listen to music, enjoy a warm bath or shower

• reducing distracting sounds using ‘white noise’ or ear plugs.

Disrupted sleep:

• if awake for more than 20-30 minutes try going into another room

• doing something that keeps the mind neutral

• revisiting successful parts of the sleep hygiene routine, such as a warm drink, reading quietly etc

• keeping a pad and pencil handy to write down any thoughts to review in the morning

• if disrupted sleep continues seek medical advice.


Sleep is one of the most significant influences on a person’s well-being and the capacity for him/her to be creative, responsive and productive in the work setting, and personal life. 

Recommended hours of sleep required each night:

14-17 (Teenagers) 9-11 hours
18-25 (young adults) 8-10 hours
26-64 (adults) 7-9 hours
64+ (older adults) 7-8 hours

(recommendations by Australian Sleep Foundation (2011)


Mrs Judy Anderson & Mr Andrew Dixon   

Assistant Principals

What's on this week


  • Queen's Birthday Public Holiday


  • Year 10Exams
  • Year 12 Exams


  • GAT 
  • Year 7 & 8 Sport
  • Year 7 Humanities : Being a Smart Consumer 7D
  • Year 10 Exams


  • Year 10 Exams
  • Year 12 Exams
  • Year 7 Humanities: Being a Smart Consumer 7C


  • Year 10 Exams
  • Year 12 Exams


  • Pupil Free Day - Professional Development Day


  • EMR Cross - Country


  • Year 9 Exams 
  • Production Primary School Visit- Waverley Meadows
  • School Council Meeting


  • Year 9 Exams


  • Brainstorm Productions- The Hurting Game - Year 9
  • Year 11 Formal


Monash Division Cross Country Champioships

On Thursday the 24th May, fifty students competed in the Monash Division Cross Country Championships at Norton’s Park. The weather was very good for us who were competing although it was cold in the morning. Each student performed well and ran their absolute best. We are pleased to say 22 students will be going through to the next round!


We are very proud of each student who competed for our school. Well done and fantastic effort to all involved. Particular congratulations to the following students who placed in the top fifteen runners. They will represent Wheelers Hill at the Eastern Region Cross Country Championships:


Erin McKenzie                                     Gold                       16Yr 3000m

Cooper Stainthorpe                         Silver                     16Yr 5000m

Jake Sia                                                 Bronze                  15Yr 3000m

George Grivas                                     4th place               13 Yr 3000m

Reganne Jardine                               4th place               16 Yr 3000m

Liam Kelly                                            5th place               15 Yr 3000m

Marnath Ter                                         5th place               20 Yr 5000m

Logan McKenzie                                 5th place               14 Yr 3000m

Callum September-Jones              6th place               15 Yr 3000m

Reenie Matheson                              6th place               14 Yr 3000m

Madi Church                                        6th place               20 Yr 3000m

Tash Buckley                                       7th place               20 Yr 3000m

Kynan Wilkins                                     8th place               16 Yr 5000m

Matthew Hearn                                  10th place             20 Yr 5000m

Ashlea Taylor                                     10th place             13 Yr 3000m

Kyle Gwynne                                      11th place             20 Yr 5000m

Brady Hunt                                         11th place             13 Yr 3000m

Kara O’Gorman                                 12th place             13 Yr 3000m

Brandon Nguyen                              13th place             15 Yr 3000m

Jarrod Briggs                                     14th place             15 Yr 3000m

Matilda Davies                                  14th place             13 Yr 3000m

Peter Soutzis                                      15th place             16 Yr 5000m


Cooper Stainthorpe, Dylan Archer, Kyle Gwynne & Tash Buckley

2018 Cross Country Captains

EMR Swimming Championships

Congratulations to the following students who represented Wheelers Hill SC at the EMR Swimming Championships.  Both these students had previously won their respective events at Monash Division level, which was a wonderful achievement.


Brady Thomassen           Bronze Medal      13Yr 50 Backstroke         35.96

                                                4th place               13Yr 50 Freestyle             31.73

                                                5th place               13Yr 50 Butterfly              35.42

                                                 6th place               15Yr 200 Indiv Medley   2.48.10

Issy Jones                            4th place              20Yr 200 Freestyle           3.05.04

EMR & State Diving Championships

Four students represented Wheelers Hill SC at the SSV Regional Diving Competition. These students actively participated in diving clinics and took the opportunity to get some feedback/advice from current diving coaches.


Cameron Coutts               13-14Yr boys      Silver Medal

Nicola Himbury                 15-16Yr girls       9th place

Liam Kelly                            15-16Yr boys      12th place

Loralie Sia                            13-14Yr girls       15th place


Cameron won his way through to the State Diving Championships. He competed exceptionally well and achieved an outstanding result.

                                     Cameron Coutts               13-14Yr boys      Silver Medal (State Runner-up)


Kerrie Lay & Sally Pryde

Sport Coordinators


Monash Tech School - Super Powers Program

On Tuesday May 29th, a class of students from 8C embarked on a 3-day science excursion to participate in the Super Powers program. The first day of the program included a visit of Monash Univeristy, where students toured the science research facilities, including the Woodside Innovation Centre, Future Low Energy Electronics and Technologies (FLEET ) laboratory, the CAVE 2, the Monash Wind Tunnel and the Solar PV array on the Teaching and Learning Building. The CAVE 2 was a particular favourite of students, as students wore 3D glasses and were able to experience virtual reality and explore planets such as Mars and ancient ruins in Peru on a whole new level. 


For the remaining two days of the program, students were introduced to renewable energy sources and worked in small groups titled "Solar", "Hydro" and "Wind" to investgate different sources of renewable energy including solar energy, hydroelectric energy and wind turbines. The students  completed various research and problem solving activites, as well as coding and interactive activites using the programs Co-spaces and Metaverse. As part of their group project, students were given the task of creating a power company, and promoting the power company through social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. The students also presented their marketing campaign orally to their audience, in the hope of shifting conumers awareness about renewable energy. 


Here are some quotes from students about the program:  

"I had a great time at the MTS. I love my solar system and others" (David)

"I enjoyed the cave, where we put on 3D glasses and looked at different places it felt real" (Olivia)

"I really enjoyed learning about hydro-electricity" (Catherine)

"I enjoyed learning how to use Metaverse and at the uni I liked the 3D cave" (Cassidy)

"I learnt different ways to save energy from viewing the diferent architectural designa of the buildings at Monash University" (Georgia)

Stephanie Clemons

Science Domain Leader

Performing Arts

Performing Arts Week! 

What a week! Showcasing the incredible talents and hard work of the students at Wheelers Hill Secondary College all came to a head in the last week of May, with a three night extravaganza staged in the college library! 

Monday and Tuesday night had the VCE Theatre Studies class present their production of "Alice in Wonderland". The students in the VCE class all worked in various roles of a production team to bring this literary classic to life in an immersive, creative and engaging manner. The production was the major assessment task for the class, and all students worked very hard in their field. Congratulations to all students involved in this production!

Wednesday night held our inaugural Performing Arts Cabaret Night - where VCE Music students and Dance students presented their work in an intimate setting. Hosted by three of our charismatic Arts Captains, Issy Jones, Thomas Bowley and Jemma Frisina, the students involved in the showcase had a level of professionalism of individuals beyond their years. 


Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader


Middle School Report

Middle School Matters

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Positive Education and Wellbeing Conference. This experience validated many areas that we cover at school. Michael Carr-Gregg spoke about the wonderful resource of School TV.me that our school offers to the families. Please use this as much as you can.


Year 7

The students have settled in to school life and Mr Arnold and I have noticed that the dynamics of friendship groups are starting to change. We are working with students on how to handle maybe a new experience occurring. Talking with your child about how changes with friendship groups are normal, even though many social media outlets place a real importance on having BFF’s is very worthwhile. Fractured friendship groups can be hard but we need to work together to teach the students how to respect each other during the process.

 Personal Best Project "Wonderful Women" High Tea

Year 8

This week our Year 8 students were actively involved in the “Wonderful Women” High Tea. The Home Group Captains worked with the Middle School Captains and our Rotary Interact students in a real team effort focus preparing the afternoon and hosting our guests. Our special guest speakers were Michelle Oscar, Assistant District Commissioner of the Rotary Knox Cluster and Past President of Glen Waverley Rotary and Janet O’Meara, Finance Director for Conva Tec, a global company in Medical Technologies. Both women shared inspirational stories. Delicious cupcakes/ sandwiches were prepared by the Year 8 Food classes and enjoyed by our guests. It was a lovely afternoon.

Thank you to Mrs Sue Mann for her tea cups, Thank you to Mrs Sharon Sharpe and Miss Judy Baxt as food teachers and Ms Jenny Ritchie. Thank you to Mrs Annette Patterson for tea lessons. Thank you to Middle School Leader Chloe Fleming as the host and a BIG Thank you to the students for their enthusiasm and dedication to the project.

We look forward to our September “Marvellous Males” BBQ.


Miss Jacinta Wilson

Year 8 Coordinator

Year 9

Study Skills Seminar

Last Friday the Year 9 students were offered the opportunity to attend a study skills seminar presented by an outside group Elevate. The Middle School Leaders suggested a session as they felt a need before their Exams later in the Term.

Thank you to Ms Cian Barrie for helping with the organization on the day. There was a lot of positive feedback from the students, explaining what they had learnt.

Good luck Year 9’s on your exams on the 20th and 21st  June.


Alpine School

We have four year 9 students going to and representing WHSC at the Alpine School at Dinner Plain for the 10 weeks of Term 3. The students have been meeting every week to discuss their Community Leadership Project task that they have to prepare while away (we will be able to hear about it next term). Good luck Sarah T, Miranda D, Lachlan P, Spencer P.


Finally, I will be having Long Service Leave in the last two weeks of term. So I wish the Year 7 and 8’s a good day for the Interschool sports day coming up. I want all students to have a safe and restful break during the holidays and I look forward to facing Semester 2 of 2018 with my wonderful Middle School team who are constantly going above and beyond to support your child while at school.



Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader

Senior School Report



On Wednesday May 30th the Year 12 students attended a Tertiary Information Session and Expo at Monash University in the new Education Building. The first session looked at VTAC information and transitioning to tertiary education after completing secondary schooling.

The Expo provided an opportunity for Year 12 students to research their tertiary study options by discussing careers and course content with tertiary representatives and to collect course information from all the major Victorian universities and local TAFE institutes. It was a unique opportunity for students to gather first-hand information from the wide range of tertiary providers in attendance.

Mrs J. Riddoch

Senior School Leader



Mock Interview Program

On Wednesday 6th June year 10 students participated in the Mock Interview Program.  This is an invaluable program that provides students with the opportunity to practice job application skills that they will need throughout their career journey.  Students were asked to select a job they wanted to apply for from a list provided to them in their Futures class.  They then prepared their cover letter and resume according to the job they selected.  In addition, they received training on interview skills and how to answer ‘behavioral based questions.


Although there were some nervous students, overall it was fantastic seeking such mature and well prepared students coming in for their interviews and then leaving with a smile on their face. The program commenced at 9am and concluded at 3pm with 84 interviews taking place!  The positive feedback provided by our interviewers on student’s performances was very encouraging.  I congratulate all students for doing an amazing job and representing themselves in a professional and positive manner.


This program would not have been possible without the help of our volunteer interviewers who included – Don Kerley, Peter Morgan, Jeff Steel & Michelle Oscar from Rotary Club in Glen Waverley, Peter Evans from VFA Learning, Alan Thomas & Sarah Gason, our parent helpers, Denis Curruthers, Roger Budd & John Odgers from Lions Club of Wheelers Hill and Jorge Rodriguez Garcia student at Monash University.  We thank them for their time and appreciate the support they provided our students.


I would also like to thank Anna Anetoudis & Natassia Papadopoulos for providing their support during the day which helped ensure the smooth running of this event.


Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator


Monash Youth Survey


Community News

Second-hand Uniform Shop Times

Term 2

  • Thursday 28th June 1:30pm- 3pm


Term 3

  • Monday 23rd July  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Thursday  9th August  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Monday 21st August  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Thursday 6th September  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Monday 18th September  1:30pm - 3pm


Entertainment Book


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