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16 February 2019
Issue Two
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Upcoming Dates




Tuesday, 5th March

Pancake Tuesday.

Pancakes will be made for all the students.

Please notify  your child's teacher

if they have any allergies.


Wednesday 6th March

Ash Wednesday

Prayers for Yrs F-2 at 3pm

Mass at 9:15am for Yrs 3-6


Thursday, 7th March

Chinese incursion throughout 

the day for all classes. (Chinese fan dancing)

Special assembly at 3pm.

Parents invited to see the students perform. 


Monday, 11th March 

Labour day holiday

Long weekend


Catholic Education week

10th - 17th March


Tuesday, 12th March

Open Morning for  prospective parents 9am to 11:30am


Wednesday 13th March

Open Morning for current parents 9am to 10am 

beginning in the Hall


Thursday, 14th March

Bee incursion for all classes- organised by Anna Clarkson

our Gardening teacher


Saturday, 16th March

Foundation Drinks night 7:30pm

(NB Change of date from 23rd Feb)


Tuesday, 19th March

Cross Country carnival Years 3-6 at Nettleton Park


Friday, 22nd March

School Disco after school

Times yet to be confirmed.


Monday 25th March

Swimming program begins for 9 days.

Monday, 25th March to Thursday, 4th April inclusive.

NB on Tuesday 2nd April, all students

from Foundation to Year 4 must bring an extra T-shirt

and shorts to practice survival swimming techniques.


Tuesday, 26th March

Year 5 / 6 Parliament excursion


Friday, 5th April

No swimming

Holy Week re-enactments in the hall at 9am

Last day of term 1


School holidays

Saturday, 6th April to Monday 22nd April inclusive.

NB Monday, 22nd April is Easter Monday.


Tuesday, 23rd April

Students school resume for Term 2


Thursday, 25th April

Anzac day holiday


Friday, 3rd May

Year 6 Kids' View Social Justice conference 


Friday, 10th May

Mothers' day breakfast

from 7:30am


Sunday, 12th May

Mothers' day


Tuesday 14th to Thursday, 16th May

Naplan testing


Friday, 24th May

Grandparents' day


Monday 27th - Wednesday, 29th May

Year 5 /6 Camp at Sovereign Hill


Saturday, 1st June

Parents Association Mid Year Function

for all parents.


Saturday 8th to Monday, 10th June

Queen's birthday long weekend


Friday 28th June

Last day of Term 2

Sacred Heart feast day Mass at 9:15am

Clothing collection for St Vincent De Paul




Principal's Report

Welcome Function!

We are looking forward to this Sunday! Our 2019 Welcome Function. Starting with a Mass at 10:00am, followed by a BBQ and games. Hosted by Year 5 and 6 with the Foundation Buddies!

All Welcome!



Information Nights

Thank you to all the parents and staff involved in our highly successful Information Nights this week. It was fantastic to see so many parents attend and hear the consistent message from the level teachers. We hope that this might support greater clarity in terms of expectations, curriculum, communication and engagement opportunities. 


Please note, whilst the information night replaced the traditional "meet the teacher" night, there is always an opportunity to make an appointment to have an individual discussion with the class teacher if necessary. If you have important issues to discuss, or just want to clarify some of the information explained at the information night, please contact your child's classroom teacher via email to set up a meeting or phone call for early this term. 


As you will know by now, we’re adopting a new web-based system named CareMonkey; it’s paperless and much more streamlined. We’ll be able to send you electronic forms that are easy to complete on your phone, tablet or PC. You’ll be able to provide your consent for excursions and camps without the paperwork. You’ll be able to keep your child’s medical details up to date by entering it once for the duration of your child’s school career. Then, from time to time the system will prompt you to confirm the details are still correct. You don’t need to do anything else until you receive an email invitation asking you to sign up for your free CareMonkey account. These invitations have been sent out this week! After that, you’ll receive notifications whenever there is an electronic form to complete for the school.


Cyber Safety Night

Please come along to our Cyber Safety Night on Monday 25th February. 

Parents only.  

90 minute Parent Information Session Including Q&A and extensive parent take home resources.

Our students from grades 3-6 will be involved in an incursion on the same day that challenges


students to not only survive, but to thrive online. They will have 90 minutes of interactive, entertaining and engaging learning!

School Closure

Just another reminder that Wednesday 20th February is a school closure day.

The staff will be involved in some professional development based on SPELLING. We are hosting a number of other teachers from other schools also who will be attending. 

Camp Australia will be open for families that require this service for the day. 


Coffee Van

To celebrate the beginning of a new year, we will be having a COFFEE VAN here at school for parents on:


from 8:30am - 10:00am

Coffee:    Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Long &                            Short Black Including Decaf

Teas:       Chai Latte, Vanilla Chai Tea & 13 Varieties                     of Tea's & Hot Chocolate

Cost will be:

       - $2:00 a cup if you bring your own Keep Cup or   -  $2:50 for a regular one

Strictly adults only

Open Days

We invite all parents, family and friends to our Open Days being held in Week 7. 


Open Day

for New Families

Tuesday 12th March

9:00am - 11:30am

Bookings through office


Open Day

for Current Families

Wednesday 13th March

9:00am - 10:00am

Commencing in the hall


 We invite people to:

- Investigate the great things our students are doing

- Discover the outstanding opportunities our learning environments offer

- Explore the magnificent setting of grounds, buildings and view our students and staff using their work spaces.

St Cecilia’s School Traffic and Parking Code of Practice

Please read the important information regarding parking and drop off protocols later in this newsletter.


This is particularly relevant for new families, but it also a good reminder for our existing families too.



Every Victorian child should have access to the world of learning opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund helps ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. It is part of making Victoria the Education State and the Government’s commitment to breaking the link between a student’s background and their outcomes.


Please click on this link to find out how to apply.


 Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Warmest regards,

Marty McKenna

Deputy Principal Report


Dear Parents,

Please see the calendar and Upcoming Dates sections of the newsletter and in particular the dates for the celebration of the sacraments.

All the sacramental dates for the year are on the Religious Education page. We ask that you add these to your personal calendars and advise any family members who may wish to attend the sacraments. 


Further dates and times will gradually be added- once they are confirmed.


We will leave the details for the HIGH VOLTAGE ROCK SCHOOL and DRAMA CLASSES in the Newsletter again this week- in case any more students are interested in joining these classes.


The High Voltage Rock School musical instrument program, has begun again this year with lessons taken on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at recess, lunchtimes and after school. Guitar, ukelele, drum, keyboard, and singing lessons are available.


If your child is interested in learning an instrument in 2019 please contact the program co-ordinator, Danniel Smith, via email: or 0401 447 367.

Flyers are available  from the front office.


Janna Davies' Drama classes are proving to be very popular and these run at lunchtime. The Senior  Drama session (for Years 3-6) is held at lunchtimes on Tuesdays with Junior Drama classes for (Years 1-2) on Thursdays.  

You can email Jannah to have your child's name added to the waiting list.


Running Club


Parents are more than welcome to assist and participate in Running Club his year as well. If you would like to be  a helper, you will need a valid Working With Children card in order to assist the group.


The Running Club Registration link was sent via Skoolbag last week. If you have any trouble registering, please email


Miss Gatt (Mrs Miller) , our Music teacher, has begun Junior Choir on Fridays at lunchtime for students in Years 1 and 2.  For students in Years 3-6  she is seeking expressions of interest in the Senior Choir which will meet from 8:10 to 8:50am on Thursday mornings in the Music Room upstairs. Mrs Miller requests that anyone else who is interested in the senior choir, please collect a note from the school office and return the parent permission slips as soon as possible.

Lunchtime activities

The Technology club has began at lunchtime last week. It will be held on Wednesdays at lunchtime in Mr Griffith's Year 5/ 6 H classroom.

More lunchtime activities will begin over the coming weeks.

No Assembly on Fri 8th
- Instead:Chinese Fan dancing assembly on Thursday, 7th March at 3pm


Next Friday, 8th March we will not have our usual 3pm Friday assembly.

Instead we are having a special Chinese assembly on Thursday, 7th March at 3pm.  Mr Hung, our Chinese teacher, has organised for all classes from Foundation to Year 6 to participate in a fan dancing incursion on that day which will culminate with a small concert/ fan dancing display. You are all invited to come along to the hall at 3pm and Han says that he will be asking the parents questions! NB The students are asked to wear their school uniform on this day -along with just a touch of something red.


Bee Incursion

Anna Clarkson, our Gardening teacher has also arranged for the students to have an incursion. An expert in bee-keeping is coming On Thursday, 14th March to explain the importance of bees in the world and how they are vital for future food production.

Please ask your children to tell you all about this session! I am sure that we will all learn something from this bee enthusiast!

School Disco

We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming School Disco which will be held after school on Friday, 22nd March. Please see the flyers that will be sent home on Monday. 

Swimming Program

We are currently arranging the Swimming sessions for the last two weeks of Term 1 and information/ permission  notes will be sent home soon.




Monday, 29th April from 7pm to 8:30pm:

First Reconciliation ( Year 3) Parent/ student information/ activity night


Sunday, 19th May at 5:30pm:

Both Year 3 and Year 4 students are asked to attend Mass with their families and make a commitment

to prepare for the sacraments of First Reconciliation ( Year 3) and First Communion ( Year 4).


Tuesday, 18th June from 7:30 to 8:30pm:

The sacrament of First Reconciliation ceremony will take place in the Church.


Monday 22nd July from 7pm to 8:30pm:

First Communion ( Year 4) Parent/ student information/ activity night


Sunday, 20th October at 10am:

First Communion ceremony (Year 4)


NB If any students are in Years 3 - 6, who are new to the school and have not yet received any of the sacraments, please contact me  (Karen Whiting) at  so we can make arrangements.


This Year, the Church season of Lent begins in early March. Pancake Tuesday is on Tuesday, 5th March and the PA will prepare pancakes at Morning Tea time for the whole school. If your child has any particular allergies eg to gluten, dairy foods, eggs etc please contact your child's teacher or send a special Morning tea along with your child on that day. 

On Wednesday, 6th March which is Ash Wednesday, the students from Years 3-6 will attend the regular Parish Mass at 9:15am and the students from Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 will participate in a Prayer session from 3pm to 3:20 in the Hall -where they will also receive the ashes in a less formal/ sombre setting. Parents are once again welcome to attend either of these liturgies and receive the ashes with the students.



Lent begins today and ends in 40 days at Easter time when we celebrate Jesus coming alive again at Easter.

Lent is a special time, when we remember that Jesus loved us so much that He came to forgive our sins

and to show us how to love others.

During Lent, we encourage the students to be more like Jesus by observing the following practices:

We try to spend more time with God in prayer- asking Him for help and thanking him for His love.

We give up something that we do not need, or that distracts us from loving God or Jesus, or our family and friends eg screen time or a food treat.

We give money to help others in need. God has given us so much and we can share it with others by saving coins in our Project Compassion boxes. The money raised is sent to support the work of Caritas and Catholic Mission in Australia and overseas.

We ask you to support this worthy cause and the Project Compassion boxes will be collected at the end of Term 1.



Arrowsmith Program News   





Senior News

Senior News


Last week the Year 5’s and 6’s were fortunate enough to be visited by some players from the Melbourne Football Club. They spoke to us about the importance of leadership within the game. We were told of how vital it is to have respect for all aspects of the organisation from the coaches, trainers, and  team mates to the fans and the people who clean up at the end of the day. They were also expected to respect their opponents and umpires. We came to understand how hard working, patient and persistent the players have to be in order to play at this elite level. They seemed to be very humble, kind and generous with their time as they taught us many skills through fun games and activities. Our new family from Ireland now have a better understanding of what the fuss is all about!




Media and Communications Leaders

Victoria Katsos, Alice Hanna and Noah Parkinson

St Cecilia’s School Traffic and Parking Code of Practice

Some reminders...

Thank you to all families who are

following our protocols for the

St Cecilia’s 2 Minute Zone on

Hillside Avenue which is designed

as a safe place to drop off children

between 8.30 and 9.00am and to

pick up children at the end of the

school day.


The following points set out the main issues and we ask that you make sure that anyone dropping off or picking up students adheres to these rules and guidelines.



  • The church driveway is not to be used by school parents at any time of the day. Parents are kindly requested not to drive through the Church driveway, or to park or drive into the following driveways: Father McGovern’s, the Church or the school driveway. This is for safety reasons- as students may be walking through these areas. These entrances to the school need to be kept clear in case emergency vehicles need to attend the school or we need to quickly evacuate the premises.


  • We also ask that the Staff Car Park beside the Church be kept free from obstruction at all times (in case staff need to move their cars for an emergency, appointments, etc).  


  • No vehicle should ever park to block (or partially block) any driveway, including the church or presbytery driveways.  Access to both the church and presbytery is required at all times as, of course, is access to local residences.


  • Parking is available in Hillside Parade and Malvern Avenue. However, no cars should enter the school grounds during school hours unless supervised by a staff member. Please ask at the office if you need to bring a vehicle into the yard.


  • No school families are to park in resident driveways (including vacant lots).  While this may seem obvious, the school continues to receive calls from residents who have been unable to access their property.  


  • Please try to use available parking space appropriately and not park so as to use more than one space or make it difficult for others to access available spaces.


  • Parking is available on the MCG for all functions outside school hours (ie nights and weekends) and should be used in preference to parking on the street.

Parents are requested to note “No Parking” and “Two Minute Drop Off Zone” signs, which are located around the school, and are applicable between 8:00 and 9:00 am, and 3:00 and 4:00 pm. (NB A Boroondara Council officer regularly attends the school and issues fines).


  • The council has now signed the ‘Drop Off/Pick Up’ zone in Hillside Parade as ‘NO PARKING’ (rather than ‘five minute parking’).  This means you are only allowed in this area for a MAXIMUM OF TWO MINUTES while dropping off or picking up passengers and are NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE.  If you think it may take you longer than two minutes to drop off or pick up then you should find a park elsewhere or drive around the block.


  • Vehicles should not be queuing beyond the Drop Off Zone, particularly around the corner of Hillside Parade and Van Ness Avenue, as this makes it difficult and potentially dangerous for drivers to navigate this intersection.  If the Drop Off Zone is full, you should park elsewhere or move on and return later when spaces become available.


  • It is not appropriate to do u-turns or three point turns using the driveways or intersections on Hillside Parade,  Van Ness Avenue or Malvern Avenue due to the high volume of traffic.  If you need to change direction, please continue a safe distance from the school and other traffic before doing so.


  • No children should be dropped off or picked up at the pedestrian crossing in Van Ness Avenue.  The only drop off/pick up location is on Hillside Parade adjacent to the MCG.


  • Bike and scooter parking is currently available in the covered area between the Library and the Hall.  This area is easily accessed from either the Van Ness Avenue or Malvern Avenue gates, however students are reminded not to ride bikes or scooters inside school grounds but to dismount and walk them to the parking area.  A purpose-designed bike/scooter parking area is available behind the library.


NB Please pass this information on to all people who may be dropping off or picking up students from school (including Grandparents, aunts, uncles, carers etc) as many of them are often unaware of these procedures.

If you require another copy of this note to give them, please ask for one at the office.


We would encourage all families, wherever possible, to walk or ride to school as this will also ease congestion around the school at pick-up and drop off times.  Even walking just one day a week can make a difference!


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping St.Cecilia’s a safe place to be and for respecting others at the school and our local residents.





Dear Parents,


Great news. Our school is going digital; hopefully you won't be receiving any more paper forms from us!


We’re adopting a new web-based system named CareMonkey; it’s paperless and much more streamlined. We’ll be able to send you electronic forms that are easy to complete on your phone, tablet or PC. You’ll be able to provide your consent for excursions, sports days, special events and camps without the paperwork. You’ll be able to keep your child’s medical details up to date by entering it once for the duration of your child’s school career. Then, from time to time the system will prompt you to confirm the details are still correct.




Your child’s teachers will have secure access to the details you provide in an emergency, such as the emergency contacts, medical conditions, medications and other instructions you want us to know about.


CareMonkey is used by schools, sporting organizations, scouts, camps and businesses all over the world.


Shortly, you’ll receive an email inviting you to create a CareMonkey account. If you already have one, you won't need to much at all. Until then, there’s nothing you need to do. Thank you for helping us eliminate the paperwork!












For our new parents...


Dear Parents,


We understand there are many times when you may need to provide cash to your child to pay for school lunches or school uniform items. But cash isn’t the only option in today’s world; which is why we want to make it convenient for you to make payments. Last year, we introduced CDFpay, which is a cash-free solution for our canteen & uniform store. This solution is an online payment platform offered by the Catholic Development Fund Melbourne (CDF).

We encouraging all parents to use this simple, cash-free platform in the future. Please be assured that we will not turn away parents/students who choose to pay via cash, however to ensure the success and drive the full benefits of this program we encourage your participation.


The benefits of our school going cash-free with CDFpay are:


Greater security: a safer option where you don’t have to be concerned about your       child losing cash from their bags and pockets.


Anytime, any device:  order and pay for lunches (while setting dietary needs & allergy requirements) from your mobile, tablet or computer at any time.


Fast & easy payments: it allows credit card or bank transfer payments. Stored credit cards make the process of ordering lunch or uniform items faster and easier than ever.


Reduced administration: counting and handling cash is costly for the school. CDFpay will help eliminate admin fees so we can better distribute funds for other activities.


We look forward to working with you as we continue to use CDFpay in our school community.


Parent Instructions for CDF Pay

Skoolbag App

Skoolbag App Parent Instructions


What is Skoolbag?

Skoolbag is the ultimate school to parent communication tool. This School Mobile App provides an easy way to tell parents and carers everything they need to know about school news, newsletters, events calendar, cancellations, school notices, school information, school timetables, parent sick note forms, school documents and much more. No more lost paper in school bags!

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Procedures:

Order on CDFpay by Friday 8am for orders to be processed by 3:30pm that same Friday.

Any orders received after that time will roll over to the following Friday.

Orders can be collected from the cupboards in the office foyer.

Any uniform related enquiries can be directed to

We have a CASH ONLY second hand uniform sale on Thursday 21st Feb from 3pm in the school hall. Come along and grab a bargain. Most items between $3-$10. Proceeds go to the school fair fund.

The uniform shop will open for counter sales on the first 2 Fridays and the last Friday of each term from 8:30am. All further openings will be communicated by Skoolbag or newsletter.

Kind Regards,
Lisa & Viv (outgoing)
Donna & Janelle (incoming)

Parent's Association

Welcome back to St Cecilia’s for 2019


The Parents Association would like to warmly welcome all our families for another school year. Also a very special welcome to our new Foundation families and those other new families that have started at our school this year.


We have a wonderful school here at St Cecilia’s. There are so many opportunities to be involved in the school community, and the PA is a fabulous way to do so.


This Sunday the 17th February, we are hosting a welcome function after 10:00am mass which you are all invited to attend. There will be sausages, icy poles and entertainment for the kids and it’s a great way to meet some new people within the school community.


On Thursday 21st February we will be hosting our first PA meeting for the year at 7.30pm in the school library. We would love as many members of our school community to join us as we plan out another year at St Cecilia’s. Thursday’s meeting (and ongoing meetings and projects) are a chance to get involved in school life, to meet people within the community, make new friendships, raise money that supports our educators and the school environment and to be involved in your child’s education.


Of course, if you have any suggestions, queries or questions about the St Cecilia’s PA, please contact us! Either have a chat to us at pick up, or feel free to email us at:


Niki Judd :

Nikki Slattery :



If you haven’t already, please like the St Cecilia’s Community Facebook page or download the skoolbag app and keep in touch with what’s going on.


Looking forward to a terrific 2019.


Happy Term One!

Niki and Nikki

Canteen News



Hi ladies and gents,


As you know the Canteen is a very popular fixture of our school for Term 2 and 3. It offers a variety of hot and cold snacks each Friday which can be ordered via CDFpay. In order for the canteen to operate we require a couple of volunteers to manage it and a number of willing helpers who are rostered on each Friday. At present we have one willing and experienced manager in Sophie Parkinson but we require another person to share the load. In the past, the two managers have either shared the duties or alternated Fridays so that it was manageable and fitted in with everyone’s busy lives.


Duties include :

  • Manage CDF system/database for canteen 
  • Print and label lunch bags (Thursday’s)
  • Shopping and food preparation
  • Maintaining cleanliness of canteen







Any questions feel free to contact Sophie Parkinson on 0415314220 or


Unfortunately without volunteers to help manage it we won’t be able to run the canteen. Anyone that is interested we’d love to hear from you,




Niki and Nikki

Music News

Choir News: 



Junior choir has kicked off this week on Friday’s at lunch time. It was great to see lots of new faces and well as some returning members to junior choir! 


Senior choir will now be taking place on Thursday mornings before school at 8.10am. Interested students have received a permission  form to return to school. Senior choir will begin next week (Thursday 21st February) 




Highlights from the past fortnight:

Foundation students enjoying their first music lesson. Here we are playing a game where students have to create their own frozen statue and change their pose every 4 beats. 


Art News


The seniors are refining their painting skills and learning about colour theory. 


Student Wellbeing

Unearthing Kid's Strengths...


We make kids smile...

Camp Australia


The Before and After School Care program at St Cecilia’s is run by Camp Australia.

You can register at and search for

St Cecilia’s in Victoria.


The Camp Australia Coordinator is Yasi.


Just a reminder that Camp Australia is available for our pupil free day on Wednesday 20th February!


For further information ring Camp Australia on 1300 105 343.

St. Cecilia's Newsletter
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