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05 March 2019
Issue Three
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Dates to Remember


Tuesday 5th

SchoolPix Whole School Photo Day

Rangeview Parents & Friends meeting 7:30pm 

Junior Lego Club F-L1


Wednesday 6th

Foundation Students do not attend school 

Senior Lego Club L2-L6


Friday 8th

L3-L6 Subway Lunch Day

Icy Pole Day - Lunch time in the gallery 

SEDA Cricket Clinic

Foundation Harry Hat Man Parade 2:45pm in the hall


Monday 11th

Labour Day Public Holiday - Students do not attend school


Wednesday 13th

GRIP Student Leadership Conference - Selected students

Foundation Students do not attend school 


Thursday 14th

Classroom Helpers Session F-L2 10 am-12 pm


Friday 15th 

Foundation Police Incursion

Icy Pole Day - Lunch time in the gallery 

National Day of Action Against Bullying & Violence


Monday 18th

Junior School Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Student Enrolment Information Form Due


Wednesday 20th

Foundation Students do not attend school 

School Council Meeting

Schoolastic Book Club Orders Due


Thursday 21st

Harmony Day


Friday 22nd 

SEDA Cricket Clinic


Monday 25th

Senior School Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Foundation Students First Full Week of School


Tuesday 26th

House Cross Country Levels 3-6

Rangeview Parents & Friends  BBQ Lunch


Thursday 28th

Woolworths Excursion L3


Friday 29th

SEDA Cricket Clinic

Rangeview Parents & Friends L6 Mums Night Out


Monday 1st

Junior School Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Wednesday 3rd

Foundation Family Dress Up Day 

Rangeview Parents & Friends meeting 7:30pm 


Friday 5th

Whole School Assembly - 2:00 pm in the hall

Last Day of Term 1 - Early Dismissal at 2:30pm

Principal's Report

GRIP Leadership Conference – Wednesday, 13th March

Marika Ferguson and I will be attending the annual GRIP conference for student leaders with our School Captains, Student Voice, House Leaders, Peer Mediators, Curriculum and Specialist leaders. They will report back to the other students and use many of the skills learnt on the day with their personal development and projects for Rangeview.


Clean Up Australia

Level 3 students- classes 3B and 3T on Friday were contributing to the Clean Up Australia campaign by donning on yellow gloves and searching for rubbish.   


I remind all families that NUDE FOOD makes a difference so please keep up the effort.

We have made a difference in reducing rubbish collected at our school and we can continue to improve the results with everyone making an effort to reduce and reuse! Labelled lunch boxes and reusable containers make a difference.


Term 1 Saturday 23rd Feb Morning Working Bee

Thank you to the families who attended the recent Saturday morning working bee. The gaga pit was painted, mulch moved under our play equipment, paths swept and areas weeded. Thanks to the families who attended – we did get a lot achieved. 



The times of working bees for the year will be varied because Sunday mornings do not work for everyone. If you see a project or regular maintenance task that you could do and our working bee times do not suit you, please let the office or myself know.


Harry Hat Man Parade

Later this week there will be the sound of clapping and cheering down the corridors as our new foundation classes wander and classrooms in their colourful hats to celebrate Harry Hatman and the letter H. Many students remembered fondly their time in Prep doing a similar parade and what a great way to commemorate their learning.


Harmony Day – Thursday 21st March

Our classes are preparing to celebrate Harmony Day in acknowledgement of how we belong. Planning for the day is well under way. There is a world map in our foyer. All our families’ heritage will be represented with dots for the birthplace of every student’s parents prior to the special day.

Students can dress in traditional costume from their country of birth or in the bright colour of orange on Harmony Day and share food for the Big Munch. More information will be forwarded to families in the near future.


Bike Riding

Students in foundation to level 3 can ride to school with adult supervision. Students can ride to school from level 4 without adult supervision if they have parent permission and they follow the school’s guidelines about safe travel including not riding in the school grounds.  I remind families and bike riders that the bike shed is not locked and therefore not secure after hours.



Buddy classes delivered the eagerly awaited 'Schultüten' to their foundation buddies last Thursday. The 'Schultüten' is full of treats and small gifts (provided by their parents or carers) and given to the youngest members of our school as a German tradition, acknowledging the start of their schooling. The level 5 and 6 students helped decorate the 'Schultüten' in German lessons. It is a mammoth task to have 101 made and ready for the foundation students. Well done to all involved including our German teachers Frau Lindner and Frau Shaw.


Class Ambassadors Meeting

We have had the first Class Ambassadors meeting for 2019. Thank you for all the parents who have volunteered to help. Tracy representing our P&F  shared information as well. Yes we are still looking for a president and secretary for our P&F.


School Photos

Just a reminder for school photos this Tuesday. All students are expected to be in full school uniform. I remind families that leggings or pants should not be worn with the summer dress and hair accessories should only be in the school colours. We have head bands available at the office for purchase that match the summer school dress.



Nominations for School Council closed last week. As the nominations did not exceed the available positions a ballot is not required.  Thank you to the parents who nominated for the available School Council positions. We are looking for a further 2 parents to join our school council team.

It is not a huge time commitment – 2 night meetings per term staring at 7pm (up to 90 minutes long) and reading the reports before the meeting.  You can give more with the sub -committees that operate- OSHClub, Education, Communication, Buildings and Grounds and Finance.


So if you think you may be able to help out our school, please contact the office for a nomination form or come and speak with me or any of our parent representatives - Lloyd  Lazaro, Mark Davies, Darran Low, Nikki Farrow, Fiona Graham, Chris Roche, Mark Seth, Dan Kerr (retiring) and Nicole Scott (retiring).

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Dan Kerr and Nicole Scott who did not renominate for School Council this year. Both Nicole and Dan have contributed to the lively council meetings, building projects and many school events over the years. I appreciate their support to the school and the strategic planning for our future direction.

New School Council Meeting on Wednesday 20 March at 7pm in the staffroom


Third Pupil Free Day – Tuesday 23rd April Term 2

Our next pupil free day is on TUESDAY 23 APRIL. We will be working on character strengths for student wellbeing with Maria Ruberto. This will be a follow up day to the work started last year with Maria focusing on how we recognise character strengths and provide opportunities to enhance these.

This will be off site at Park Orchards PS as part of the FISO network of schools.  All Victorian Government schools are allocated 4 pupil free school days per year.  The first pupil free day was Tuesday 29 January which allowed time for staff to look at the targets and goals set in the AIP (Annual Implementation Plan), student wellbeing, start-up processes in schools and team meetings, and classroom preparation for the start of the term. The second pupil free day was on Wednesday 20 February. We worked on aspects of quality questioning by teaching staff to improve student engagement and learning. There is one remaining pupil free days for 2019 yet to be confirmed.




From the Office

General Office 

Office hours are:   8:30am - 4:00pm

Telephone: 9874 6381

Parents/Guardians should always make contact with the School Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.

Student Enrolment Information Form Level 1-6

Shortly Level 1-6 Students will receive a computer generated printout of their Student Enrolment Form.  Please make any changes or corrections that are necessary and return to the school office by Monday 18th March please note all enrolment information forms need to be signed and returned, confirming the details are accurate even if no changes are required. 


Rangeview Primary School will continue to utilising the Sentral Parent Portal for notification, alerts, messaging etc therefore it is imperative we have correct contact numbers, emergency contacts and up to date information regarding medical conditions for all children in case of an emergency. 


Also please be sure to check the parent occupation information is up to date and correct as this impacts the amount of government funding that the school receives.




Working With Children Checks For Volunteers 

A Victorian Government Working with Children Check (WWC) will be required by all adults who undertake any voluntary work at Rangeview Primary School.  This means anyone working in the classroom, school excursions, camps etc.


Holding a Police Check is not enough.  WWC is ongoing monitoring of the criminal records of those who hold a WWC Card.  Since the 30th June 2008 it is compulsory for all volunteers to provide a current WWC.


To obtain a Working with Children Check you must apply online at

After filling the online form, finalise your applcation at a participating Australia Post retail outlets, by presenting your application summary, proof of identity documents and a passport quality photo.


School Attendance 

In Australia schooling is compulsory for children who are 6 to 17 years old.  Students are expected to attend their enrolled school during normal school hours every day of each term.  For primary school children, parents are responsible for ensuring their children attend school daily unless they are ill.  It is important that children develop regular attendance habits at an early age.  Daily Attendance is important so students don't fall behind socially and developmentally.

Late Arrival To School 

In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school.  Students are expected to be at school at 8:45am class begins punctually at 9:00am. 

If your child is late for any reason a parent/guardian is required to sign the student in at the School Office.


Student absences should be reported to school before 9:00am via the Sentral Parent Portal.


Messaging Teachers 

Parents/Guardians wanting to contact their child's teacher can do so through the Sentral Parent Portal.



We welcome all students to school at 8:45 am each day.  There is an ipad bell at this time and students with ipads can come into the classrooms to put away their ipads.  They then move outside again ready to assemble in their line up area. We have teacher supervision in the yard from 8:45 am.


If any students need to be at school prior to 8:45 am we are not able to supervise them in the playground. Any student who arrives prior to 8:45 am needs to be booked into our wonderful OSHClub program in the gym. They are provided with breakfast and can access games and activities under full adult supervision.


Marika Ferguson

Assistant Principal – Wellbeing & Engagement.


Harmony Day - Thursday 21st March


Student of the Week



The Foundation students have been engaged with learning and teaching, which is wonderful considering the very hot weather we have experienced!


German News: This week the Foundation students were presented with their Shultuten by their Level 5/6 Buddies. They were very excited to receive this traditional German gift, and couldn’t wait to peek inside to see their goodies!


This week, the Level 5/6 Buddies will help their Foundation Buddy to make a fabulous hat for Rangeview’s annual Harry Hat Man Parade. The Foundation students will parade around the school, visiting all classes and making a lot of noise to show off their creations. Parents are welcome to watch the students parading around the school from 2:45pm to 3:15pm on Friday 8th March. 


 A gentle reminder to all parents to drop off and pick up their child at the designated line up spot each morning and afternoon. This encourages the children to be autonomous and responsible to prepare themselves for the day ahead. Additionally, it avoids congestion in our hallways and near the lockers.

Thank you.

All the best,

Miss Bonte, Miss Clarke, Ms Wilson, Mrs Goulding and Mrs Tzimos – Foundation Team.



Level 1/2

Can you believe we are over half way through first term?


It has gone by so quickly and we have been very busy in Levels 1 and 2. All children have settled in well, with our start up program supporting students to build friendships, get to know each other within the grades and establishing classroom routines.


Everybody is up and running using Seesaw, and we hope all parents have logged on to their student’s Seesaw Journal. Students have been logging onto Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds (Level 1) during class time, and we have been discussing how to be safer on the internet. During Safer Internet Day we did some special activities that encouraged students to think about being safe whilst using their iPads.

In the past two weeks we have been exploring happy, healthy me. Students have been discussing different ways in which they can stay healthy in their lives, including being fit and active, and getting enough sleep. As part of this we have started our four R’s curriculum: Respect, Resilience & Respectful Relationships. Student wellbeing is very important and we will focus on creating respectful relationships with peers and teachers.


It was great to see lots of families attending the twilight picnic for the opening of the new playground. It was a great opportunity to get to know other families within the school.



Level 3/4 

Level 3/4 News

Flora and Fauna is continuing in Level 3 with the cooking and science rotations in full swing, the students have been making stir fried vegetables and noodles with Mr Le, and Prosciutto with Mrs. Francia using tomatoes and homemade bean shoots.


Level 3 and 4 have also been training for the upcoming school cross country event in week 9, the students are really enjoying the early morning running sessions and are looking forward to the day. If your child is injured, and unable to participate, please send a note to your classroom teacher. Some children will experience muscle soreness. Please encourage them to continue training.


The level 3’s and 4’s are also starting to look at their upcoming celebrations and commemorations presentation project. Each student will be selecting a celebration and preparing a presentation that will be shown to the class later in the term. More information will be sent home this week.



From the Level 3 and 4 Team.



Level 5/6 

We welcome Mrs Natalie Bellis to the senior school! Natalie will be teaching Level 5/6E each Thursday.
This week we enjoyed presenting 'Schultütens' to our buddies.


Visual Art

Words from our 2019 Art Captain

My name is Joanne A and I'm incredibly honoured to be your art leader in 2019!


I really LOVE art because you can express your heart, feelings and emotions.  You can demonstrate who you are, using your unlimited imaginations through paper, pens and any objects that you can find.  You can also create things that have never existed before, and if your make a mistake - you can always turn it into something good.


Since I was little I loved to draw with my imagination, even though now it looks funny to me!  Right now, what I enjoy is painting, drawing and sculpting.  I also love singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.


I'm truly excited for planning arts projects, helping with the year 5/6 production, organising art exhibitions at school and of course seeing all the new products that will come out this year!


I hope this year, I will be able to bring out the best artistic qualities of students, fulfill significant projects, inspire and encourage students to be able to express themselves through art.


By Joanne - The 2019 Art Leader


Our Senior Students are Loving their new
Visual Art Diaries!



Our Year One students are enjoying their first 
Art experience for 2019! 



Foundation - Level 2
Classroom Helpers Parent
Information Session Thursday 14th March

RSVP by 8th March


Physical Education - P.E

District Swimming

Last Monday the Rangeview swimming team competed at the Nunawading district swimming carnival.  All students represented Rangeview extremely well and we should be proud of all their efforts!

A special congratulation to Thomas W-M and Jack D who have both progressed to the Division level of competition. Rangeview wishes the boys all the best.

House Cross Country Carnival

Tuesday 26th of March 2019

House Cross Country is back for another year so it is time to start training!

All parents are very welcome to come cheer on and support the students to make it a great carnival day – more details on time of events to follow.

Mr. M Sacchetta

Rangeview Sports Tops

New Rangeview Sports tops will be available in term 2 for Level 4-6 students. 

More information to follow.



Greetings from the Rangeview Primary School library for 2019! Students have been enjoying visiting and exploring the library and borrowing books these first few weeks of term. Welcome also to Mrs Ellis, our new library technician, and Paige, our library leader.



My name is Paige. I am in 5/6E and I am the Library Leader.   Outside of school, I do gymnastics, taekwondo, netball and dancing.


I have enjoyed reading the following books by Raina Telgemeier: Smile, Sisters and Ghosts. At the moment, I am reading The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone.


I also enjoying reading cookbooks and the Guinness World Records book.  In 2019, I am looking forward to doing Story Time with the Foundation students.  Some of my favourite picture story books are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Terrible Plop.

In other news, look out for our library competition, this term featuring Dr Seuss, and in particular his book Wacky Wednesday.




Library Open Times


TUESDAY - OPEN 9.00AM - 9.30AM & 1.10PM - 1.30PM

WEDNESDAY  - OPEN 9.00AM - 9.30AM & 1.10PM - 1.30PM

THURSDAY - OPEN 9.00AM - 9.30AM & 1.10PM - 1.30PM

FRIDAY - OPEN 9.00AM - 9.30AM 

Flora & Fauna



National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) is on Friday 15th March 2019.

The NDA gives schools the chance to take action and empower young people to be part of the solution when addressing bullying in their school community. It provides an opportunity to focus on bullying and the big changes we can make to create safer communities for everyone.

As a school we continue to provide anti-bullying education to ensure students can verbalise and act on anti-social behaviour. Please continue to have discussions with your child/ren around the importance of speaking out against bullying.

Look out for ways Rangeview participated in National Day of Action aginst Bullying nd Violence in our next newsletter.


If you are looking for more information in regards to bullying please visit the NDA website


Keeping you informed…

Check out the latest-Apex legends



Rangeview Animal Roster


Happy Birthday to You!



Parents & Friends

RPF Meeting Tuesday 5th March 7:30pm

The annual general meeting for our Rangeview Parents and Friends will be held on Tuesday 5th March from 7:30 pm in the school staff room.  We encourage and welcome everyone to attend.  Parents and Friends perform a vital role withing our school community undertaking fundraising and social events.


House Cross Country BBQ Lunch

Tuesday 26th March. The Level 3-6 students will be participating in Cross Country. 

We will be cooking a BBQ lunch for students in all levels - (this is optional)

Sausages in bread will be $2.50.


As with all Parent run events we need the help and support of our Parent Community. 

if you can help cook and serve the BBQ please sign up on the Volunteer Sign up

Twilight Picnic

The Parents and Friends did a great job putting together the night. The weather was perfect and there was a real buzz of excitement as I walked around and saw everyone with their picnic dinner, children playing and parents catching up with old and new friends.   Thank you to the School Community - families and teachers and OSH Club, for making this night such a success. 


Thank you to Pizzatou, Lady Paella and the P and F BBQ for the tasty dinner options if you didn't want to pack a picnic. There was bit of a wait for pizzas (they were run off their feet) but they were certainly worth it.  It’s always hard when planning these events to know how many people to cater for so we thank you for you patience.


The Soccer Darts and Jumping Castle were great to keep kids busy as was the sandpit  and the New Playground. The official opening was done by our Principal Liz Barr in conjunction with OSH Club and the Parents and Friends.


Thank you to those people who helped on the P and F BBQ: Parents - Zana, Mandy, Curtis, Rachel E, Kyla, Mandeep, Kanchana, Chris R, Sarika, Students - Paige B and Caitlin W. Also thanks to the Office staff - Jo, Melissa, Robyn and Colleen for their help with the organisation of the night.


And a big Thank you to  the P and F members Jo, Cass, Rachel W, Heather, Shari, Nic, Min, Jennifer  Lara, Nichole, Joreen for their work on the night and behind the scenes. 



Hands on Helpers

A group of parent helpers will be contacting classroom readers in the Library on the Friday 8th March from 2:00 pm to 3:20 pm.  If you have some time to lend a hand please pop in.




Orders can only be placed online via or using the LOOP app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play (search for ‘scholastic loop’).  No cash is taken through the Primary School for Book Club.


If you haven’t ordered before it’s easy.

Please register for an account, identify Rangeview Primary School and the class your child is in. Enter the books you would like to order and your payment details.



When orders are received at Rangeview Primary, they will be delivered to your child’s classroom and they will bring them home. If they are a gift for your child please choose the “gift” option when ordering and they will be kept at the Office for you to collect.



Please contact Tracy if you have any questions.






Families are welcome to visit the Second Hand Uniform Shop on Tuesday or Thursday morning between 8:45 - 9:15 to purchase second hand items.




Community News/ Advertising


The View
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Interschool Chess Tournament Registration.pdf
Notification of Student Absences - Sentral Parent Portal Letter.pdf
Messaging Teachers - Sentral Parent Portal Parent Letter.pdf