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06 March 2019
Issue Three
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Message from
the Principal

Term 1 | Week 6

Recently some senior staff and I had the great pleasure of attending a fabulous community function in Young that provided the opportunity to introduce our new Deputy Principal, Mr James Boyd, to a number of our existing and prospective families. Such occasions are always highly enjoyable evenings and enable us to visit our families on their turf and discuss their experience of KWS, their children’s journey and the challenges and joys they face in their region.


Thank you to all those who attended and for the warm and encouraging welcome you showed to our prospective families.


I thought I would share with you an excellent column written by Dr Julie Townsend, the Headmistress of St Catherine’s School in Waverley that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on February 17, 2019. I do so because I found her experience as a parent struck a very strong accord with mine as I navigated the school years with my three children. The article, titled ‘School can be the best days of a parent’s life’ provides some wonderful advice and a perspective that is often gained through the experience of confronting the worries and challenges as we raise our school aged children.


Dr Townsend writes:


School can be the best days of a parent's life

By Dr Julie Townsend

February 17, 2019 — 8.30pm


Looking back at my children's time at school, I wish I knew everything would work out all right so I didn't waste time worrying.

I have three children, all very different academically, but they've each found their own path. There is so much opportunity post-school today, there really is a path for everyone.

As a parent, there is always something to worry about; when they don’t do well at school, if they're not chosen for something, when their peers are unkind to them. The trials of adolescence.

Being a teacher has helped me see everything is a phase, and we will get through it. At the time problems seem enormous, but they pass. Sometimes it is just a case of riding out a difficulty and not catastrophising it. When my children had difficulties I used to tell them to get up, keep going, and one day the sun would shine again. And it always did.

I’ve seen many changes in schools over 17 years as both a parent and a teacher. When my children first started school there seemed to be far less public comparison than there is now. Comparison of their academic achievement through NAPLAN, comparison of their schools through My School, comparison with their peers through social media. Life has become a public competition, and as a parent you have to work harder to counter that.

I never really took much notice of my children’s NAPLAN results because I’m also a teacher, so I know their limitations. And I don’t agonise over what teachers write in reports, either, because every comment is a reflection of both the personality of the teacher and their relationship with the child.

A significant change over the years has been the ever-increasing parental involvement at every stage of a child’s education. My son has just started university, and I was shocked to find they have a parent newsletter now.

As children grow up parental involvement in every single aspect of a child’s life becomes counterproductive as it inhibits a child’s ability to grow into a capable, resilient young person. If we don’t develop children who can function independently and deal with difficulty, we are storing up problems for their future.

As a parent, I understand other parents’ anguish, as I have been through it. Often when parents raise their particular issues with me, sometimes in anger, I know where their concerns are coming from. Because they love their child so much, they suffer when they feel their child does. And they often don’t have the full picture, so can come to the wrong conclusions, but you can understand why they come to the conclusions they do.

Behind parents’ anger is often just a sadness or vulnerability. We always advise parents to let the school deal with issues that occur between students. We are more impartial and can take the measures necessary to deal with conflict. Dealing with issues in anger is never helpful.

Ultimately, our role as parents is to help our children grow into a capable, ethical young people who can manage without us. At school, you will find many staff who will work with you to help your child become the best she can be. See your child’s school as your ally, not your enemy. It is full of good people who want the best for your child.

And don’t compare your child against other children. While some competition can be motivating, constant comparison against others is destructive because a child cannot be another person. They can only be themselves, do their best and find their own purpose in life. Our role is to support them in that. Your best comparison point for your child is your child, and how they compare with their former self.

Most of all, take the highs with the lows as part of the tapestry of life and enjoy each school day. They will be over before you know it, and you may well look back on them as some the best days of your life.


Dr Julie Townsend

Headmistress of St Catherine's School, Waverley.


I strongly concur with Dr Townsend’s sentiment and I hope you have found her article helpful. It certainly resonates with my experience.

KWS wins Agriculture and Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Kinross Wolaroi School has been announced as one of seven secondary schools in Australia that will receive funding in 2019 to run an entrepreneurial program it hopes will create the agriculture innovators of tomorrow.


Last year, AgriFutures Australia and joined forces to deliver an exciting education program that teaches school-aged students in rural and regional Australia to solve the problems facing agriculture using innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset.


Students learn about entrepreneurial thinking and solve a real-world problem that they research, develop and then pitch to a panel of judges. Winning students are then invited to compete at a national pitch final run during the Brilliant Business Kids Festival in Sydney in November. Problems to be addressed include: Food Security, Farm Safety, Paddock to Market strategies, Disruptive Ag Tech Skills and Capacity Shortage.



I look forward to seeing many of you at the KWS Day being held this Saturday from 10am until 3pm.  It is a tremendous day for the family and is an opportunity to support the school and celebrate the very special community we have.


The occasion is our most important fundraising activity for the year. This year all proceeds will provide extra support to our Library and Performing Arts resources for the benefit of our students.


There is also a fabulous range of raffle prizes this year that have been generously donated by KWS families and local businesses. I hope you are able to join us on Saturday.



Public Speaking

Our Head Prefect, Emer Spora has continued her success in the Lions Club Youth of the Year Quest. After winning the Orange competition, Emer has now won the Zone Final that was held in Bathurst and now progresses to the District final to be staged in Griffith in a few weeks. We wish her well.


Appointment to the Board of Boarding, Australia

We are delighted that Mr Anthony Begg has been appointed to the Board of Boarding Australia to represent Indigenous students across the country. This is a fitting testament to the marvellous contribution Anthony makes to his students. The Board believes he will ‘bring the passion, energy and considerable knowledge and experience that will well serve indigenous students in both boarding and education.


Commanding Officer - Cadets

Our newly appointed Commanding Officer of Kinross Wolaroi School Cadet Unit, Mr Simon Lun has been promoted to the rank of Major by the Australian Army Cadets. Congratulations Simon.



Our triathletes competed in the NSW All Schools Triathlon event at the International Regatta Centre in Penrith last week where excellent individual and team results were achieved. In the Individual races - Sophie Martin has qualified for a position on the NSW Triathlon team to compete on the Sunshine Coast in May; and Tom Tudor is the first reserve for the National event. Charlotte Simmons placed 12th and Ethan Buesnel placed 21st. In the Teams event – our Junior girls placed first making them the NSW State Triathlon Champions! Congratulations to Collette Lyons (Swim); Jesse Tudor (Bike) and Sophie Martin (Run). Well done to all triathletes who competed and also to your respective coaches.



Our rowers competed in the Head of the Lake in Canberra on the weekend, and continue to make remarkable improvement across the entire Boat Club. Almost all of the KWS Rowing crews recorded Personal Bests – some making improvements of up to 30 seconds! Overall – KWS won 11 Gold; 3 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals. 6 wins were in Championship events and received a trophy.  Our rowers are to be commended for their effort and perseverance over the last 5 weeks. We wish them luck in their final two events – the Head of the River and the Australian National Championships.



Congratulations to our 1st XI cricket team who defeated The Armidale School in the final of the Douglas Shield yesterday. This victory now sees them travel to Sydney to play either the winner of the GPS or the CAS competitions.


Dr Andrew Parry


Message from
the Deputy Principal 

Term 1 | Week 6

You never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view... until you climb inside their skin and walk around in it.’


Last week I decided to embrace Atticus Finch’s line from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and become a KWS pupil for the day. It has been some time since I was faced with a timetable that included Maths, PDHPE, Textiles, IT and English. During the day I was exposed to a range of content matter including Kruskal’s algorithm, principles of welding, equity v equality, a comparative study of Prospero and a Margaret Attwood novel and the intricacies of a textile assessment task: I am just grateful that there was no homework set for me! However, the focus of the day was not for me to enhance my knowledge of these subjects, rather it was for me to get a greater understanding of the HSC journey through the lens of our Year 12s.


It is important for staff to see what it is like to be a student in the School and to put ourselves in their shoes to further develop perspectives on motivation and focus. The day, in my eyes, was not about lesson or pupil observation, rather it was about developing empathy with our Year 12 cohort by participating as a student. It was also important to ensure that my time was not just confined to the classroom. It was good to join one of the Wellbeing groups and hear about the challenges of time management, balancing studies with co-curricular and being a young adult in 2019. Perhaps the most powerful conversations of the day took place at recess and lunch where some of the Year 12s shared their experiences at KWS with me, both positive and negative, and talked about what their favourite part of School life is, what opportunities existed for different students, when they felt their learning was connected to life beyond the School gates and what they would do if they were in my position. I have many reflections on the day and all of the information gained has been extremely valuable. It has been an enjoyable exercise to sit and reflect, something our pupils do not always get the chance to do, and identify opportunities, using authentic data, on how to improve the experience for our students. I am looking forward to adding to this data when I become a Year 7 later on this term and see what life is like as they embark on their Senior School journey. Terms 2 and 3 will see me spend time with the rest of the Year groups and I will be encouraging other staff to shadow our pupils as part of their professional development.


As we enter Week 6 I am very much looking forward to our annual Icebreaker Drinks on Friday 8 March and then on Saturday 9 March for our KWS Day: I hope to see as many of you as possible at these events.


Mr James Boyd

Deputy Principal 

Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 1 | Week 6

As mentioned previously Rowena Thomas, from Amazing Me, is visiting the school next week to present to our Year 5 and 6 students as well as a parent/child night next Monday evening in the DPA from 6 – 7.15pm.


I very strongly urge you to attend as she presents on puberty and sex education in an informative and relaxed manner.  The class lessons are on the Tuesday and Wednesday providing an excellent follow up.  Costs for the evening have been met by the generous donation from our P&F.


I look forward to seeing you at the evening session.


School is in full swing with our debating teams commencing their competition, all the musical ensembles are well into their rhythm and the chess groups are meeting each week seeking to out-manoeuver each other so as to make the team to represent at the HICES day later this month.


We have also entered two teams in the Da Vinci Decathlon (enrichment competition against other schools) and teachers are currently looking at the possible candidates from Years 5 & 6.


As part of enrichment we are currently running 3 philosophy groups each week under the guidance of Mrs Savage (Years 1 & 2) Mrs Pengilly (Years 3 & 4) and Mr Hordynsky (Years 5 & 6).  Some great thinking is happening.


Our KidsLit Quiz teams have been selected with their big day later this month.  This competition is based on literature and is most challenging.


After a successful ‘hit out’ last week against the western independent schools, our swimming team heads to Sydney this week.


The leadership teams have now all been announced with our Prefects, House Captains, SRC and Music leaders all being inducted.  The Prefects, House Captains and Year 6 SRC members attended a leadership day through the HICES organisation last week and we look forward to them imparting their new found knowledge.


Our Pre-Prep visited the school farm last week and are looking to frequent visits this year under the TREE program.  As you can imagine a very excited group! 


Yes – much is happening at KWS Prep.


Finally, KWS Day is this Saturday and I look forward to seeing you throughout the day.


At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Georgia Miller - Citizenship Award (Week 5)
  • Harry Price - Principal's Award (Week 5)

Enjoy your week.


Mr Rob McLean

Head of the Preparatory School

Student Wellbeing

The importance of School Surveys

Surveys are a fairly common method by which schools gather accurate representations of school climate, student perceptions and beliefs, and issues affecting the learning environment. By reviewing school structures and practices, surveys are able to provide research based information about what a particular year group of parents and students ‘think and feel’ about a school. Each calendar year at KWS, Year 7 parents and students are surveyed in November so that we may use this data in the planning for the incoming Year 7 cohort.


Below is a brief summary of the information gathered from the 2018 Year 7 cohort of students and their parents.


Wellbeing Program

  • The overall satisfaction score for the Wellbeing Program is ‘high’ for parents (79%) and students (78%).
  • In terms of overall satisfaction with the Wellbeing Program, parents of boarders (85%) noted a slightly higher satisfaction score than parents of day students (76%). Boarding students (80%) noted a slightly higher satisfaction score than day students (77%).
  • 80% of parents and 79% of students felt that the school environment provided very high levels of care and safety.
  • Parents were extremely satisfied with the approachability and effectiveness of the Year 7 Co-ordinator, 92% in total. Parents also specifically mentioned the improvement in the effectiveness of communication about Wellbeing matters. Students also praised the approachability and effectiveness of the Year 7 Coordinator.
  • The effectiveness of the Tutor House Program was also highlighted by both parents and students.

Anti-Bullying processes and procedures

One area of focus in 2019 will be on the School’s Anti-Bullying processes and procedures. It was very pleasing to see that there had been a 13% drop over the previous year in the number of students who noted they had experienced any bullying at all. Almost 80% of families and students also agreed that the school works toward an environment where bullying is not tolerated, has a clear policy on bullying and is effectively educating students about all forms of bullying.


Review of the data showed that:

  • Some parents and students are not always clear to whom they should report bullying matters to at the School.
  • When bullying occurred it was mostly within the year group rather than by older students.
  • The main areas where bullying occurred were the playground and locker areas during lunch and recess.
  • The main forms of bullying noted were verbal, physical and exclusion.
  • 71% of students felt they would be most comfortable in discussing any bullying problems with their Year 7 co-ordinator.
  • The importance of parent and student feedback can never be underestimated and information like the above will be utilised by the Wellbeing Team to help guide any changes or improvements in 2019.

Enjoy the week ahead!


Mrs Emma Bylsma 
Head of Student Wellbeing

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Term 1 | Week 6

If you have been following our KWS Boarding Instagram account recently you’ll have seen a few interesting events taking place for boarders in the last couple of weeks. Two of which deserve special mention. The first was ‘Tough Udder’; think combination between Tough Mudder and the Amazing Race around the Windermere Farm. Our Year 7 boarders, split into teams of 4, raced around our Windermere Farm attempting to pass 5 stations, each with a unique challenge that had to be overcome before moving on. Added to this was the challenge of carrying half a bale of hay and a 10kg jerry can of water and you’d be right in thinking that this activity was not for the light hearted! The photos tell so much more than words can describe; boys and girls accepted the challenge with smiles and forged ahead through obstacles like the weet bix challenge, the mud race, shaving the balloon and the marshmallow catapult. Senior House Captains were very generous in coordinating each station and then cooking up a mean BBQ afterwards.


Last weekend, a select bunch of Year 11 boys and girls took on the Ag Plot Cook Up challenge. Each group of 3/4 boarders were given the basics for a pasta dish and then asked to supplement with further items from the ag plot on the Wolaroi campus. Watching the boarders attempt to identify different herbs and veggies was interesting and hilarious to say the least! In the end, the quality of dishes produced was outstanding and gave us hope that the next generation of MasterChefs is lying in wait here at KWS. My thanks to Tom Riley (KWS Tree) for organising the activities in wonderful style.


Every year boarding families in Year 7 complete an MMG survey which highlights areas that we (both as a school and especially in boarding) should and can improve on. One of the major takeouts from the Year 7 survey of last year was a lack of clarity and communication on the role of the Boarding Parents’ Committee. The Committee have always met twice per year and exist to represent boarding parents on the wider issues that boarders’ face in their time at KWS. Originally, this body consisted of House Reps from each boarding House but during the last few years, for a variety of reasons, the role of House Rep had fallen by the wayside. After consultation with Heads of House, new House Reps have been appointed and a further call for additional support put forward. This Saturday, at 3.15pm, the House Reps (BPC) will meet to discuss the nature of the Committee and how it might be best utilized to improve the engagement of boarding parents and to build a stronger boarding community. If other boarding parents wish to play a role in this process, then please feel free to attend. The meeting is scheduled after KWS Day at 3.15pm in the Staff Common Room.


I hope you’re looking forward to KWS Day and if you’re heading to one of the many boarding parent events then I am sure to see you there.


Mr Matt Curran 
Director of Boarding

Message from the 
Director of Co-curricular

ISA Champions

Our KWS girls Touch Football teams have had a wonderful season in the ISA competition, with three of our four teams making it to the finals. The finals games were held at St Paul's Grammar School in Cranebrook over the weekend. Our Senior B team lost their tough semi-final, but played admirably keeping their spirits up in the face of defeat. After winning their semi-final against an enthusiastic Oxley college team, our Junior A team went into their final with plenty of energy in the tank. They were victorious in their Grand Final game against the Blue Mountains Grammar team. Our Senior A team had a convincing win over local team Scots All Saints to make it through to the Grand Final where they faced fierce rivals Barker College. In a very hard-fought game in hot conditions, Barker came away victorious in the final. All of our girls should be incredibly proud of their efforts and the way in which they represented our School. Thanks must go to the wonderful staff for their contribution this season. The MIC Mrs Georgiou, and in her absence, Matt Georgiou, Mrs Bylsma, Jemma and Callum.


Triathlon Success at NSW All Schools

Our Triathletes headed off to Penrith last week for the major event in their calendar the NSW All Schools Triathlon Championship. The team performed incredibly well, achieving some great results.

In the individual event, Sophie Martin placed 5th and qualified for the Nationals. Thomas Tudor placed 7th and is a reserve for the Nationals, missing out by one place. Ethan Buesnel placed 21st, and Charlotte Simmons placed 12th.

In the team event, the Junior Girls team placed first and are now the NSW State Team Triathlon Champions, which is an incredible achievement. The students involved were Collete Lyons (swim), Jesse Tudor (bike) and Sophie Martin (run).

Congratulations to all of the students who represented our School so proudly. And thank you to the staff for supporting the team throughout the season.


Ms Heidi Anthony

Director of Co-curricular

The Regional
Engagement Enterprise


Our 2019 HisTREE project is well underway with the students this year exploring the significance of Ophir in developing Orange as a thriving regional city. As part of their immersive journey the students explored East orange on a walking tour and will shortly venture to Ophir to explore its history. The project will culminate in the students publishing a book titled ‘Echoes of Ophir”.




On Sunday we held a Mini-MasterChef competition for our Year 11 boarders in the hospitality kitchen. The students were tasked with making a pasta dish using ingredients from our own agriculture plots. To throw a spanner in the works they also had to include an ingredient from the mystery box! The students made some fantastic dishes, with the winner Chloe Oriel and Ethan Mullholland’s carbonara linguine!



Tough Udder

We recently held our inaugural ‘Tough Udder’ competition for our Year 7 boarders at Windermere. Based on the endurance event, Tough Mudder, the students had to navigate a 5km course around the school farm about which the senior boarding students had stationed challenges reflective of life on the farm. These included shaving (a balloon), crawling through the dams, pregnancy testing a fake cow (complete with veterinarian gloves) and bandaging a snake bite amongst others. In addition, the students had to carry a bale of straw and an open jerry can, with any losses being measured at the end, and pick up parts to build a catapult along the way. All in all it was a great day with plenty of happy smiles and dirty bodies on the bus ride home.



Bush Pre-Prep

Our Bush Pre-Prep kicked off last Friday with the students heading out to our school farm Windermere. Whilst there they explored the shearing sheds (and some newly shorn alpaca fleeces), the neighbouring paddocks and some of the bushland. The students will visit every fortnight this term to continue to get a flavour of life on the farm.



Year 10 Drama TREE Project

Our Year 10 TREE project in Drama kicked off with the students having a full-day tutorial from local videographer Jim Gowing of AWEvision. During the workshop, students learnt about and got a hands-on experience of some of the different equipment used when creating a film including different cameras, gimbals, drones, reflectors, dolly’s, tracks and microphones (to name a few). The workshop culminated with students planning, shooting and editing a short film in groups. Following this the Year 10 Drama elective students had a skype interview with current parents Jo and Jim O’Brien during which they spoke to them about the struggles they and other farmers face during the drought. Students were able to ask them questions about their daily living, their farm, the challenges faced, the impact on family/life/schooling and what can be done to help.

These skills and experiences will assist students in the production of their own film major work which will explore the topic “living regionally”.



Banjo Paterson Night Markets

Our Enterprise Team (The TREE Team) thoroughly enjoyed their experience selling food at the Banjo Paterson Night Markets in Robertson Park.


The students made German potato salad and Moroccan lamb with couscous and tzatziki, all from homemade and home-grown ingredients! Look out for their stall at KWS day this weekend.




Mr Tom Riley

Director of The Regional Engagement Enterprise

Prep Assembly Awards

Merit Awards

KK: Week 6 – Sadie Kimmins, Angus Boyd, Julian Capanas.

KR: Week 5 – Joshua Leung.

KR: Week 6 – Archer Schaapveld, Alexander Coleman, Dylan Cutter, Janagan Kandeepan, Emily Lawrie.

1C: Week 5 – Milla O’Toole.

1C: Week 6 – Nixie Widauer, Benjamin Howe, Arden Rowe, Prayan Dulal, Leopold Wade.

1W: Week 5 – Grace Lowther, Mya McLachlan.

1W: Week 6 – Reginald Caskey, Daniel Kerdic, Oscar Pigot, Disha Prasad.

2E: Week 6 – Mia Martin.

2S: Week 5 – Andrew Bell, Henry Brannigan, Jack Kenny, Aston Lett, Harry Price, Janette Proudford-Nalder.

2S: Week 6 – Elizabeth Croft, Charlie Haydon, Aston Lett, Cassandra Philippe x 2, Isabelle Provost.

3D:  Week 6 – Harriet Boyd, Zoe Freeman, Lily Dwyer.

3W: Week 5 – Charlotte Williams, Samuel Commins.

3W: Week 6 – Sophie Caro, Aurora Everett, Eliza Lord, Elliot Terrey, Xavier Zinga.

4F: Week 5 – Hamish Buckley x 2, Maxwell Horne, Charlie Kimmins, Thomas O’Connell, Keeley O’Toole, Phoebe Paynter, Lenny Shannon, Ava Sutherland x 2, Isabella Vangestel.

4F: Week 6 – Hamish Buckley, Isabella Vangestel.

4P: Week 5 – Annabel Clinton, Floriana Jackson-Le Couteur, David Kind, Rohan Kotasthane, Matthew Lowther, Percy Meates, Ashton Montagliani, Thomas Nelson, William Payne, Georgia Philippe, Eva Smedley, Oscar Zielinski.

4P: Week 6 -  Hannah Birmili, Audrey Blyth x 2, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan x 2, Annabel Clinton, Thomas Hunt, Rohan Kotasthane, Ashton Montagliani, Hugo O’Brien, William Payne x 2, Georgia Phillippe, George Proudford-Nalder.

5B:  Week 5 – Julia Bligh, Spencer Johnston, Varnikaa Kannan, Luca Popa, Daniel Lord, Clara Rasmussen.

5B: Week 6 – Rose Headley, Spencer Williams, Olive Quigley x 3, Matthew Roper, Thomas Robson.

5P: Week 5 – Alexandra Luxford, Charles Swift.

5P: Week 6 – Harriett Sinclair, Ava Healey, Charlie Keirle, Lucinda Reidy, Lexi Wilkin, Austin Schaapveld.

6C: Week 6 – Emily Caro, Elijah Cunningham, Isaac de Bruyn, Bridget Horne.

6H: Week 5 – Isabelle Johnston, Isabella Lloyd-George x 2, Benjamin Maslin, Isobella Montagliani, Lillian Pearce, Jackson Raffen, Oliver Smith, Daisy Wakem x 2, Sienna Wilkin.

6H: Week 6 – Jamie Adams, Lachlan Boyd, Ava Buesnel x 2, Matilda Fabar, Charlie Hall, Grace Hansen, Isabelle Johnston, Roger Kircher, Philippa Martin x 2, Benjamin Maslin, William McPhie, Hugh Payne, Lillian Pearce, Jackson Raffen, Oliver Smith, Daisy Wakem, Tessa Wong.

6S:  Week 5 – Lillian Armstrong, Alice Commins, Hannah Jones, Rhys Jones, Kajan Kandeepan, Lily McBeath, Olivia Searle, Dominic Segger.  

6S: Week 6 – Joshua de Bruyn, Seamus Dwyer, Timothy Lowther, Angus Martin, Bonnie McPhee, Charlie Poole.


Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 5 - Isabelle Provost, Harry Price, Olive McLaurin, Alexander Coleman, Isabella Lloyd-George, Matilda Fabar, Seamus Dwyer, Maya Bracks, Molly Mason, Audrey Blyth, Zoe Freeman, Charlotte Buckley, Elijah Cunningham, Samuel Martin, Poppy O’Hehir-Corones, Jack Caro, Grace Lowther, Isabella Zhang, Alice Commins, Lachlan Watts.

Lovely Manners: Week 6 – Mya McLachlan, Daniel Kerdic, Claire Gordon, Stuart Bell, Phoebe Paynter, Lachlan Hunt, Winona Wade, Isabelle Johnston, Jack Kenny, Luca Kotasthane, Samuel Martin, Finn Price, Olivia Watts, Claire Ward-Finn, James Hulme, Mia Martin.

Lovely Greetings: Week 5 – Rohan Kotasthane, Olivia McBeath, Maxwell Horne, Isabella Vangestel.

Lovely Greetings: Week 6 – Oscar Zielinski, Charlie Hall, Elliot Terrey, Harrison Fielding.

Thinking of Others:  Week 5 – Hayden McKenzie, Ryan Everett, Annabel Clinton, Jazmin Marquez.

Thinking of Others: Week 6 – Janagan Kandeepan, Ashton Montagliani, Jack Steventon.

Excellent Behaviour:  Week 5 – Amelia Lawrie.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 6 – Sophie Caro.

School Values: Week 6 – Thomas O’Connell, Lachlan de Vries, Jude Jansen.


Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 5 – Liam McCormack, Sienna Wilkin, Lily Moe, Austin Schaapveld, Maddison Lawry.

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 6 – Georgia Dunn, David King, Ava Buesnel.

Sportsmanship: Week 5 – Daisy Dwyer.

Helpfulness: Week 5 – Toby Gee, Samuel Commins, Emma Ward-Finn, Charlie Kimmins.

Helpfulness: Week 6 – Georgiana Saran, William O’Connell, Chrysalide Frecklington, Ava Rouse.

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 5 -  Nicholas Balcomb, William Payne.

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 6 – Eliza Lord.

Role Model: Week 5 – Percy Meates, Harrison Chapman.

Role Model: Week 6 – Percy Meates, Jackson Raffen,

Being Kind:  Week 5 - Luna Cunningham, Philippa Martin, Georgia Miller, Andie Zinga.

Being Kind: Week 6 – Zali Begg, Alby Kimmins.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 5Emily Lawrie.

School Values: Week 5 – Olivia Searle, Dominic Segger, Cameron Nash, Jack Steventon, George Nash. School Values: Week 6 – Lenny Shannon, Willa Paix, Mahi Bohra, Maddison Lawry, Pranav Srikanth, Saxon Haynes, Arden Rowe, Milla O’Toole, Harriett Johnston, Jack Piggott, Harry Oldroyd, Vivian Meates, Max Kenny, Angus Sawtell, Arad Safeer, Hannah Jones, Seamus Dwyer.


Senior School
Performing Arts

Film Workshop

On Friday 22nd February 2019, Year 10 Drama elective students participated in a filming, cutting and editing workshop with local videographer Jim Gowing from AWE Vision.

During the workshop, students learnt about and got a hands-on experience of some of the different equipment used when creating a film including different cameras, gimbals, drones, reflectors, dolly’s, tracks and microphones (to name a few). The workshop culminated with students planning, shooting and editing a short film in groups.

On Thursday 28th February, the Year 10 Drama elective students had a skype interview with Jo and Jim O’Brien where they spoke to them about the struggles they and other farmers face during the drought. Students were able to ask questions about their daily living, their farm, the challenges faced, the impact on family/life/schooling and what can be done to help.

These skills and experiences will assist students in the production of their own film major work which will explore the topic “living regionally”.


Alex Dunkley

Drama Teacher



Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 Music students recently travelled to Sydney to watch Encore, a concert of exemplary performances and compositions by students from the 2018 HSC Music Examinations. Encore is held annually at the Sydney Opera House and showcases a wide spectrum of musical styles, from contemporary to art music.  Here’s what some of our students said about the concert:


“I enjoyed the Encore concert very much.  I felt very inspired after listening to the incredible HSC performances. I also enjoyed listening to some styles of music that I am not familiar with. Overall, I thought that the performances were very polished”

Ben Hoskins-Murphy


“I really enjoyed Encore because I heard music types that I may not have listened to or thought about before. It showed me how different people’s compositions worked together to make a whole piece. It was really beneficial and inspired me to explore different types of music.”

Adelaide Cunningham


Camerata Competition

Thank you to the students who have entered the Camerata Competition, which is scheduled for Friday 15th March 2019.

There are two sections: Senior (11 and 12) and Junior (7-10).

A draft schedule was sent to parents and students on Monday this week. If the time given does not suit you, please speak to Mrs McRae by Thursday 7th March; a final schedule will be sent on Friday. Mrs Anne Stevens is available to accompany students on the day. Please organise a time with her for a rehearsal prior to the competition.  

Students are reminded to arrive 15 minutes before their performance time. The competition will be held in room 68.

All the very best to students who have entered.


Mrs Jacqueline Shields

Head of Performing Arts

Prep School
Performing Arts

Music Leaders

I am delighted to announce our Music Leaders for 2019 as follows:

  • Bonnie McPhee – Strings
  • Jack Dunworth – Band
  • Cameron Nash & Lillian Pearce – Choir

These students are wonderful ambassadors for our Performing Arts program, showing great enthusiasm and dedication for all that they are involved with. They will be presenting the performing arts news each week at assembly and will host various events throughout the year.


Co-curricular Ensembles

All our prep co-curricular ensembles have resumed for the year. You will be receiving information from each of the directors containing details and expectations for each of the groups. If you have any queries, please contact the director of the relevant ensemble. We encourage prompt and regular attendance each week to ensure progress is made both individually and for the group. If your child if absent for whatever reason, please notify the ensemble director. We also have information about each ensemble on the Performing Arts Frog site – please check in regularly for information and messages.



All Koristers received an email from Mrs Sinclair last week which contains a link to a survey. Please complete the survey as soon as possible, it should only take you a few minutes to complete. Thank you to those that have already done that. If you need the email sending again, please let Mrs Sinclair know;


School Holiday Drama Workshop:
Sneaky Secrets for Successful Super Heroes

Please find attached a flyer regarding the Shake 'n' Stir Workshops being held from 15-18 April at the Orange Civic Theatre. These workshops will conclude with a fully staged showcase on the stage of the Theatre, open to family and friends.


For queries, please contact:

Christie Westcott

Administration AssistantOrange City Council

Phone: 02 6393 8112



Mrs Katie Sinclair
Prep Performing Arts Co-ordinator

Information and Communication Technology

Frog Tip

What can I do when Frog says “You cannot run more than 4 applications concurrently”?

When you see this message (below) on your iPad/iPhone, click the quick launch icon  (9 dots in the top RH corner of the screen), this will Open up a new display on the top right hand corner of your screen and display icons for all open Frog Windows plus some other features):

After clicking on the Quick Launch you will see at the bottom of the group of icons your open Frog Windows. 

Hold your finger onto the icon for the window that you want to close (e.g. in the pic below the icon for the Window at the bottom of this list of open windows “Year 7 xxx”.  After holding it for  about 1-2 seconds it will give you an option to:

Launch New or Close.


Student Laptops onto WiFi during Term 1

During weeks 2-3 of Term 1 only Year 11 and 12 Laptops and Year 9 and 10 Visual Arts and Textiles student laptops will be put onto the KWS WiFi.


KWS Anti-Virus must be installed before WiFi access.

Student Apple watches, smart phones and iPhones will not be put on the KWS WiFi.


A reminder to please allow at least one full school day for the ICT Team to add your device to the KWS WiFi. A reminder that before your device will be connected onto the KWS WiFi, the following needs to occur:

  1. Your device must meet the Minimum Device Specification (refer ICT Site on Frog for details).
  2. Any VPN/Proxy or other Application/Software/Configuration to by-pass KWS Firewall or Web Filter must be removed.  A reminder: use of such services to bypass KWS Firewall/Web filter is a breach of the ICT Acceptable Use Policy and will be reported to the appropriate KWS Mentor.
  3. KWS Anti-Virus must be installed on your device by an ICT Technician before your device will access KWS WiFi.

Please also be aware that a higher Specification device is required if you need Adobe CC for Textiles or Visual Arts (refer to the ICT Site of Frog for details or Dr Parry’s email to parents on 7th December 2018).


Mr Darryn Marjoram

Director Information Services, ICT

Senior School Sport News

NSW Swimming Championships

A team of 30 swimmers qualified to swim at the NSW country championships this year, our biggest team ever. For the first time the team was able to enter relays in every age group demonstrating that the program for developing younger swimmers is continuing to show results.

The weekend was off to a positive start with Ethan Crisp picking up gold in the first event of the program the men’s open 1500. The team continued to perform well over the weekend picking up 9 gold, 10 silver and 2 bronze medals. The team added an additional 44 top 10 finishes to add valuable points to the team score eventually finishing 4th out of 91 teams. An inspiring effort on what is considered one of the most gruelling weekends of racing to attend. Our women’s 15 and over relay teams showed their depth by finishing in the top 10 for both the medley and free events with the A team taking the gold medal in both. The relays are always exciting to watch and all of our teams performed exceptionally well but the swims of the weekend in terms of getting your heart racing must go to our 15/over women’s A team. They were ranked in the top 3 for both events and were always a medal chance but managed a 2.47 second PB in the free relay to take the gold by only .50 of a second. Catie Crisp hit the water as the last swimmer with a tiny lead, against older more experienced swimmers managed to hold off the competition to clinch the gold. In the medley relay Josie Gillham was the final swimmer and entered the water in 2nd place behind by over a body length, it was looking like silver for the girls but Josie managed to swim a 50 metre split of 26.36 to give our girls the win by only .30 of a second.

Collette Lyons once again dominated the IM swims not just in her age group but the 14yrs as well, picking up gold in both the 200 and 400.

Ethan Crisp broke the 800 free record for 17yr olds and in the process broke the open record as well. Elly McMiles picked up her 1st National age qualifying time in the 200 free and Brandon Fraser picked up a National open qualifying time in the 800 free.

Thanks to our parent team for their ongoing support of the swim team, our coaches for their work on pool deck before, during and after the meet. Thank you to Mr Boyd who came to SOPAC and cheered the team on. The swim team is now working towards age and open Nationals which will be held in Adelaide in April.


Medals & Top 10 Table

Collette Lyons

  • 13yrs 100 breast - Silver
  • 14/under 400 IM - Gold
  • 13yrs 100 fly - Gold
  • 13-14yrs 200 fly - Gold
  • 13-14yrs 200 IM - Gold
  • 13/14 50 free – Silver
  • 13/14 200 free - 4th

Emily Nobbs

  • 17/over 400 free – Silver
  • Open 50 breast – Silver
  • 17/over 200 breast – Silver
  • 17/over 200 free – 6th
  • 17/over 200 IM – 5th

Josie Gillham

  • 17/over 100 free - Gold
  • 17/over 50 free – Silver
  • 17/over 400 free – Bronze
  • 17/over 200 free – Silver
  • 17/over 100 back – 8th

Ollie McLaughlin

  • 15/16 100 back – Silver
  • 15/16 100 free - 9th
  • Open 50 back – 4th
  • 15/16 200 back – 5th

Ethan Crisp

  • Open 1500 free - Gold
  • 17/over 400 free – Bronze
  • Open 800 free – Gold
  • 17/over 50 free – 7th
  • 17/over 100 back – 6th
  • 17/over 200 free – 5th
  • Open 50 back – 10th
  • 17/over 200 back – 5th

Brandon Fraser

  • Open 800 free – Silver
  • 17/over 200 free – 7th
  • 17/over 400 free – 4th
  • 17/over 50 free – 5th
  • 17/over 100 free – 10th

Jade Browne

  • 17/over 100 free – 9th
  • 17/over 50 free – 7th
  • 17/over 200 IM – 10th
  • 17/over 100 back – 9th
  • Open 50 fly – 5th

Zoe Browne

  • 13yrs 100 breast - 10th

Mercede Cornelius-Feltus

  • 14/under 400 IM – 10th
  • 14yrs 100 fly – 7th
  • 13/14yrs 200 fly – 7th

Charlotte O’Hehir Corones

  • 12/under 200 Breast – 8th
  • 12/under 100 breast – 5th

Elly McMiles

  • 13yrs 100 free - 5th

Lauren Lyons   

  • 15/16yrs 100 fly - 7th

Julia Grant

  • 15/16 200 back – 7th
  • 15/16 100 back – 10th

Hugh Gillham

  • 15/16 100 fly – 10th
  • 15/16 200 fly – 7th

Zac Lewis

  • 15/16 400 IM – 7th
  • 15/16 400 free – 4th
  • 15/16 200 fly – 8th
  • 15/16 200 free – 6th
  • Open 800 free – 7th

Relay Results

Woman’s 15/O A Team (Josie Gillham, Jade Browne, Emily Nobbs, Catie Crisp)

  • 4x50 free – Gold
  • 4x50 medley – Gold

Woman’s 15/O B Team (Zoe Keown, Zoe Browne, Julia Grant, Lauren Lyons)

  • 4x50 free – 8th
  • 4x50 medley – 10th

Men’s 15/O (Hugh Gillham, Ethan Crisp, Brandon Fraser, Ollie McLaughlin)

  • 4x50 free - 4th

Women’s 13/14 (Collette Lyons, Mercede C-F, Kaitlyn Hinrichsen, Elly McMiles)

  • 4x50 free – Silver
  • 4x50 medley – 5th

Men’s 12/under (Callum Brown, Tommaso C-F, Angus Ervin, George Wakem)

  • 4x50 free – 5th
  • 4x50 medley – 5th

Men’s 13/14 ( Oscar McLaughlin, Henry Wakem, Dylan Crisp, Thomas Pell)

  • 4x50 free – 15th

Women’s 12/under (Daisy Wakem, Lottie O-C, Edwina Waterman, Kyla Brown)

4x50 free – 29th

4x50 medley – 24th


General Swimming Achievements

KWS have had four swimmers from the squad make the list for the top 20 times swum in their age group nationally for the 2018 summer season. What an amazing achievement. Congratulations to the following swimmers:

  • Zoe Keown 15years 50 Breaststroke
  • Ethan Crisp 16years 1500 Freestyle
  • Oliver McLaughlin 15years 50 & 100 Backstroke
  • Emily Nobbs 16years 100 & 200 Breaststroke


Jo Keown 

KWS Swimming Coordinator 



The ACT Head of the Lake Championships is one of the main highlights of the season racing against all ACT schools and multiple NSW schools who make the trip down to race.

KWS won 11 Gold, 3 Silver, 4 Bronze, with 6 of the wins in Championship events where trophies were presented.

Our crews all showed great improvement, with P.B.s for almost all of our crews. Some crews shaved 0.5 seconds off their P.B. and another making a whopping 30 second improvement.

All rowers should be commended for their effort over the last 5 weeks to realise these outcomes, and we look forward to them continuing their improvement before racing at their pinnacle events this month.

The standouts of the regatta for Kinross Wolaroi School were our 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranked Quads, who showed the most improvement from their last regatta, and with the winning Quads from the last regatta all crews have stepped up to another level.

With the Schoolgirl and Schoolboy Head of the River on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March respectively and the Australian National Rowing Championships on 25th – 31st March, the pinnacle events for the season are coming up fast.


Our medal winning crews included:


  • Schoolgirl Coxed Quad Scull - Freya Neville, Isabella Scammell, Bridget Yeomans, Lucy Jenkins, Cox: Jetta Kennett
  • Schoolgirl Coxed Four - Bridget Longley, Charlie Harding, Sofia Dihel, Flinn Madigan, Cox: Xanthe St Clair
  • Schoolboy Coxed Quad Scull - Henry Ponder, Thomas Richardson, Cody Kelso, Richard King, Cox: Harrison Straw
  • Schoolgirl Year 10 Coxed Quad Scull - Lucinda McCarten, Claudia St Clair, Mackenzie Jones, Meyhar Chawla, Cox: Jasmine Ramsay
  • Schoolgirl Year 10 Double Scull - Isabella Scammell, Freya Neville
  • Schoolgirl Year 9 Coxed Quad Scull - Georgia Sweetapple, Sally Carter, Hannah Richardson, Georgia Robson, Cox: Polly Napier
  • Schoolgirl Year 9 Coxed Quad Scull - Annabelle Woods, Trixie Hall, Isabelle Medway, Ella Kirby, Cox: Josie Taylor
  • Schoolboy Year 9 Coxed Quad Scull - Benjamin Jones, Charlie Neville, Nicholas Brown, Alec Hoskin, Cox: Digby Williams
  • Schoolboy Year 8 Coxed Quad Scull - Carter Kirby, Lachlan Coleman, Archie Dowling, Harry Maslin, Cox: Taylor Hobbs
  • Schoolgirl Year 8 Coxed Quad Scull - Lily Robson, Lucy Searle, Lilla Attenborough, Lucy Scammell, Cox: Jayde Caro
  • Schoolgirl Year 8 Coxed Quad Scull - Heidi Ferguson, Evie Hall, Prue Donnelly, Abbey Kiss, Cox: Amelia Hall


  • Schoolgirl Eight - Bridget Longley, Charlie Harding, Sofia Dihel, Lucy Kirk, Katie Coleman, Olivia Hilder, Bridget Yeomans, Lucy Jenkins, Cox: Jetta Kennett
  • Schoolboy Year 8 Coxed Quad Scull - Nicholas De Bruyn, Harry Nuthall, Hugo Jansen, Max Bloomfield, Cox: Jayde Caro
  • Schoolgirl Coxed Quad - Emer Spora, Katie Coleman, Olivia Hilder, Lucy Kirk, Cox: Lucinda McCarten


  • Schoolboy Coxed Four - Henry Ponder, Thomas Richardson, Cody Kelso, Richard King, Cox: Harrison Straw
  • Schoolboy Year 8 Coxed Quad Scull - Jock Litchfield, William Deshon, Magnus Cleary, Henry Molloy, Cox: Jake Hail
  • Schoolgirl Year 8 Coxed Quad Scull - Josie Muddle, Milly Hansen, Taylah Hobbs, Simone Chawla, Cox: Jake Hail
  • Schoolgirl Single Scull - Sara Reynolds

For all of our rowers this is the last regatta before the hotly contested NSW Head of the River. With two weeks of solid training left, the crews will be putting the finishing touches on their ‘perfect’ rowing race to be in the best position for the start line.


Mr Tobias Wehr-Candler

MIC - Rowing



KWS Grizzlies v The Brunks won 36-26
From the tip off it was obvious that these two teams would be closely matched. For 75% of the match this was indeed the case with the lead switching often and neither team managing to graft more than a four point lead. In the final quarter the additional experience and height provided by our team of Year 11 students was telling and a definitive lead opened up. Our scoring was somewhat erratic but when we looked out of sorts we somehow found a way to scoring a succession of points. Pete, Mitch and Lochlan provided most of the momentum going forward with cameo moments provided by Max, Ryan and Alex. However, at the end of the competitive rounds that 'basket' still proves an elusive quest for Alex.

Mr Matthew Healey



Cricket Report February 23 –March 5 2019

All results and scores are available at


1st XI Results

Round 13 (February 16 & 23)

KWS 197 (S Ridley 72, C Greer 69, S Crisp 27) lost on first innings to Orange City 233 (H Kermode 4/25, E Taylor 3/36, H May 2/30)

Report: KWS lost on first innings to competition front runners Orange City over the two-day fixture. The first XI returned to the picturesque Wade Park with a huge mountain to climb on day 2. Having had City 5 for 53 on day 1, they had let them get away, with a Grenfell century allowing their recovery to 233 all out. That was despite Ed Taylor taking 3 for 36 from 12 overs and Harry Kermode 4 for 24 from 11. Unfortunately, our batting crumbled again and we were 4 for 7 at the close of play.

That was soon 5 for 7 on day 2, then 6 for 27, which brought Sam Ridley and Charlie Greer together, early on day 2. They put together a partnership of 76, with Sam smashing the ball to all parts in an aggressive captain’s knock, making 72 before holing out in the deep. At 7 for 103, City were still presuming they would skittle the tail and put us back in and go for an outright win. As it was, Stuart Crisp came in and he and Charlie grafted away for 29 overs to take the score to 188. There was just a glimmer of hope that they might do something amazing, but it was not to be. Crisp fell for 27, quickly followed by Greer for 69 and the tail followed. All out for 197 was a decent effort after an appalling start and showed what happens if you value your wicket and try and bat long. By Mr S Crisp (Player/Coach)


Round 14 (March 2 & 9)

Day 1: KWS 194 (M Powell 39, A Cumming 35, S Crisp 26, H Kermode 26, G Cumming 24no, S Ridley 24) against Centrals 3/63 (A Cumming 2/18)

Report: To come after Day 2


Douglas Shield Final (March 5):

KWS 8/241 (W Luelf 65, S Ridley 44, A Brien 38, L Buckley 30, P Litchfield 20) defeated The Armidale School 9/191 (H Kermode 2/14, H May 2/18, E Taylor 2/25)

Report: KWS have defeated TAS by 50 runs to defend their Douglas Shield title. A beautiful day saw KWS win the toss and bat, hoping to make full use of the excellent batting conditions and take advantage of potential fatigue in the legs of the opposition who had only played their semi-final the day before which went down to the final ball against Riverina AC. After losing Powell early, Luelf and Brien steadied the ship with a superb 101 run partnership and provided a solid platform for the middle order to capitalise on, which they did. Ridley, Buckley and Litchfield all piled on the runs to score an imposing total given the sluggish outfield. KWS started the defence of their total superbly, with Taylor, May and Kermode picking up early wickets that stalled the TAS chase. The game looked to be in the bag with TAS at 4/20 but the opposition showed tremendous grit with a fifth wicket stand of 70 putting pressure on the KWS bowling which started to look shaky, particularly as the attack bowled 32 wides. Fortunately the poor start put TAS in an impossible position, and despite their number 5’s tremendous 78, TAS fell short after the 50 overs.


KWS will now travel to Sydney to take on CAS champions (likely Knox or Barker) in the first round of the All Schools Championships at the end of March.


2nd XI Results

Round 13KWS 239 (T Kiss 61, O Hoskin 55, B O’Brien 40, J Thompson 24) defeated outright CYMS 9/90 & 9/147 (M Webster 3/11, W Prowse 2/0, B O’Brien 3/25, T Madigan 2/24)

Round 14KWS 4/35 against Centrals 230


3rd XI Results

Round 18KWS 42 lost to Centrals 158 (T Gill 2/22)

Round 19KWS 142 defeated Gladstone 111


Centenary Cup Results

KWS Blue

Round 11KWS 6/149 (D Marjoram 52no, H Gutterson 22, S Gee 21no) defeated CYMS 6/143 (D Steenkamp 2/11, D Tucker 2/18, H Gutterson 2/30)

Round 12KWS Blue 9/117 (D Marjoram 53no, W Maslin 2/8, T Rutherford 2/14) defeated KWS Super Kings 113 (A Blyde 49, H Sharpe 4/27, D Tucker 3/18)


KWS Super Kings

Round 11KWS 9/62 lost to Orange City 1/63

Round 12See result above for KWS Blue


U15s Results

KWS Scorches

Round 12KWS 4/70 defeated Cavaliers 6/69 (N Shepherd 2/8, O Nuthall 2/10)

Report: The Scorchers recorded a decisive win against Cavaliers on Saturday. Cavaliers won the toss and batted and were restricted to 69 for 6 from their 28 overs. There was some good tight bowling from the Scorcher’s fastmen - Arnie Tancred, Harry Gutterson and Will Englund - and the spinners - Nelson Shepherd and Jono Rasmussen - maintained a stranglehold over the Cavaliers batsmen. Unlike last week catches were also held in a much improved fielding performance. The Scorchers chased down the 70 required for victory in 16 overs. There were some excellent batting from Archie Haling whose 17 was an innings of controlled aggression that included two sixes and ended too soon, Will Harborne (19) who played his best innings of the season so far and impressed with the intelligent way he went about the business of run scoring and Jed O’Neill (15) who looked to be in total control of the bowling and ran very well between the wickets. It was pleasing to see the Scorchers put in a more disciplined performance than last week – especially in the field – but there is still room for improvement. We look forward to playing the other KWS 15’s team next week. By Mr B Kerridge (Coach)


Round 13KWS Scorches 7/79 (E Smith 22, H Sharpe 3/7, L Hunter 2/15) defeated KWS Heat 49 (N Shepherd 2/2, W Englund 2/7, A Tancred 2/10)

Report: The KWS Scorchers defeated the KWS Heat on Saturday. The Heat were generous enough to allow the Scorchers to bat first after winning the toss. An enterprising opening partnership between Jed O’Neill and James Ferguson was cut short and some quick wickets fell to leave the Scorchers in trouble at 3 for 9. The situation was remedied by Ethan Smith (22) and Gian Wynn (14 not out) who got the Scorchers to drinks and then beyond without further loss. Ethan played with a great deal of common sense and hit some pleasing shots all around the wicket and Gian hung in against some very good bowling. Following Ethan’s dismissal in the 19th over another mini collapse followed but important contributions came late in the order from Nelson Shepherd and Will Englund when every run was vital and the Scorchers finished on 7 for 79 after 28 overs. The Scorchers then dismissed the Heat for 49 in the 20th over. All of the Scorchers bowlers did their jobs very well. Some of the highlights with the ball came from Nelson Shepherd who finished with 2 for 2 from 2 overs, Will Englund who took 2 for 7 from 4 overs and Arnie Tancred who took 2 for 10 from 4 overs. They were well supported by some excellent ground fielding and catching that saw runs cut off and important chances taken throughout the Heat innings. While it was pleasing for the Scorchers to finish the regular season with such a comprehensive win it was heartbreaking for the Heat as it meant that they would not qualify for the finals. Special thanks go to George Cumming for umpiring, Mrs Charlton, Mr Englund and Mrs Sharpe for scoring and to all those who turned up to support both teams on the day. By Mr B Kerridge (Coach)


KWS Heat

Round 12KWS 8/98 lost to Orange City 3/100

Round 13See result above for Scorches


KWS Royals

Round 12 - BYE

Round 13KWS 6/97 (H Thompson 22) lost to CYMS 4/98 (H Thompson 2/20)


U13s Results

KWS Sixers

Round 12KWS 8/119 (A Pengilly 24, J Anderson 24no) lost to Orange City Warriors 7/153 (J Denman 2/18, J Connan 2/20)

Round 13KWS Sixers 4/225 (J Anderson 42no, A Pengilly 42no, W Fuller 40no, L McKenzie 40no, C Taragel 2/22) defeated KWS Fever 6/79  


KWS Fever (Girls)

Round 12KWS 7/63 lost to CYMS Gold 5/148

Round 13See result above for 13 Sixers.


U17 Colts T20 Challenge Cup

Round 6KWS3/74 (O Hoskin 30, J Rasmussen 21) defeated Orange City 70 (O Hoskin 3/9, F Doyle 2/6)


Mr Ben Ronald

MIC Cricket

Prep School Sport News

Summer Sport 

Just a reminder all Summer Sport groups including cricket, change to Athletics in Week 8, Monday 18 March. 


There are prelim trials for field event finals held at the Prep Athletics Carnival on 12 April. All athletics field event skills are currently being taught in PE lessons.


All Summer Sport information and a copy of the bulletin can be found on FROG (Prep Sport / Summer Sport tab).


Many parents have not yet signed up to TEAM APP. All the latest information and wet weather changes will be pushed out through this app. As most parents already have an account set up, go to FIND A TEAM and look up the following groups: 

  • For Swimming, Tennis, Basketball: KWS Prep Summer Sport
  • For Triathlon: KWS Prep Triathlon
  • For Cricket: KWS Prep Cricket
  • For Year 3: KWS Year 3 Group

KWS Prep Swimming Team for WAS & HICES

From the Prep Swimming Carnival, a team of 24 students have been selected to represent KWS Prep at both WAS & HICES Swimming Carnivals. WAS Swimming was held last week at KWS with swimmers having the opportunity to practice their events before heading to Sydney to compete at the HICES Swimming Carnival 6 March. At HICES, KWS is competing in Division 1. We wish the team best of luck.


The KWS Swim team: Daisy Wakem and Hugh Payne (Team Captains). Alexandra Karrasch, Charlotte Williams, Samuel Commins, George Nash, Chloe Provost, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Oliver Garard, Hamish Searle, Annabel Clinton, Matthew Lowther, Hugo O’Brien, Molly Mason, Alice Scholte, William Garard, Spencer Williams, Matthew Roper, Olive Glover, William Karrasch, Daisy Wakem, Hugh Payne, Oliver Smith, Isabelle Johnston, Olivia Searle, Zac Shannon.


Winter Sport Update

As all students have signed-up to their Winter Sports, the MIC’s of each sport are currently sorting through their numbers. Netball is currently holding trials for the older age groups as nominations are required to ONA.


For 2019, staff contacts for each sport are:

  • Football: Mrs Sharpe
  • Netball: Mrs Pengilly
  • Hockey: Mrs Barrett
  • Rugby: Mr McLean

Training will commence in the last 2 weeks of this term after all Athletics trials have been completed in sport. Training days for Term 2-3 will be as follows:

  • Football: Mondays & Wednesdays U12, U8-U11 Wednesdays
  • Netball: Mondays & Wednesdays U11-U12, U9-U10 Wednesdays
  • Rugby: Mondays & Wednesdays U11, U9 Wednesdays
  • Hockey: Mondays All teams, U12 TBC

Sport Dates for the Diary 2019

6 March: HICES Swimming Carnival, SOPAC

18 March: Sport – Athletic field event trials commence

20 March: CIS Swimming Carnival, SOPAC

12 April: Prep Athletics Carnival

7 May: Prep Cross Country, PLC


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Career News

Australian National University 
Important Information 

Applications to ANU 2020 are now open.  


How do students apply?

Applying to ANU is simple. Applications are open to domestic students who are currently in Year 12, and intend to commence at ANU in 2020 or 2021. Students will apply directly to ANU, to help, they have created a step-by-step process guiding you, and prospective students, through the application process. 

By applying directly to ANU, you'll get an early conditional offer. This will allow you to focus on what's really important - completing your final year.

What you need to know:

  • Applications open 4 March 2019 and close 31 May 2019
  • There is no application fee
  • You will be required to meet the co-curricular or service requirement
  • You will apply for admission, guaranteed accommodation, and over 200 scholarships all in one application
  • Students are initially assessed based on their Year 11 results and will receive a conditional offer in August. During the applications students will need to provide an official record of their Year 11 results. You can learn more about how they assess students here.

School-leavers who miss the application deadline can apply through UAC, subject to ANU program availability.

» Download the 2020 Domestic Undergraduate Guide


Charles Sturt University

2020 undergraduate study guide is available now.

Parent Information Evenings Parent info evenings are being held at 5:30pm on all campuses; Orange 11th March, Bathurst 12th March, Albury 19th March, Port Macquarie 20th March and Wagga Wagga 27th March. CSU aims to equip you with the answers to support your child/children on the university journey. For details visit:


Explore Day, designed for Year 10–12 students. It’s the perfect day for them to come on campus and get hands-on practical experience in the study areas they’re interested in

Albury Wodonga - 26th June 2019

Bathurst - 12th April 2019

Dubbo - 12th April 2019

Orange - 9th April 2019

Port Macquarie - 9th April 2019

Wagga Wagga - 15-16 April (Vet Science) / 25th June 2019


University of NSW 

UNSW 360 Virtual Tour

Tour through UNSW on your mobile or PC. Explore the different departments and see what University life is like. Imagine yourself enjoying the experience of studying in a tertiary environment and making new friends along the way. Some of the greatest things happening on this planet are being developed in the labs and study rooms at UNSW. Check it out here:


UNSW Women in Engineering

Throughout 2019 UNSW's Women in Engineering program will be running engaging, informative presentations inspiring girls to consider a career in Engineering.


University of Melbourne 

The University of Melbourne would like to invite students to attend their Information Day for Interstate Students at their Parkville campus on Monday 15 April from 8:30am – 6:00pm.

Please note: Registrations usually close within a few days as they reach capacity quickly.

The day will focus on aspects of the university that are of greater concern to interstate students such as the application process, scholarships, student services, accommodation options and financial assistance. Participants will have an opportunity to ask current University of Melbourne students who have come from interstate about their experience and how they managed the transition. The program will also include a campus tour followed by a free lunch at one of the residential colleges and a college tour.


Event details

Date: Monday 15 April 2019 

Location: Kenneth Myer Building, Parkville campus, University of Melbourne, Victoria 3000



Studying Overseas

Free Guide to US, UK and Canadian Universities 

For Careers Advisers and Students - download at:


Study in the USA  - SAT Testing Dates and Advice

For a full listing of 2019 testing dates go to the link below. Internationally Educated provides this and further advice in this link.


In September 2018, the ACT will be moving from paper based testing to Computer Based Testing (CBT). At time of posting this article, the ACT had not yet announced their testing partner locations nor testing dates for Sydney. Further information and updates can be found on the ACT registration page as they become available.  


Students are stuck between a standardised test crunch with ACT not having ANY future testing dates announced and SAT testing venues and seats already at a premium since the reduction to four testing dates per year. Students interested in studying in the US should plan ahead and book in to sit their SAT test well before the registration deadline. It is encouraged that students in year 11 to sit a standardised test by the end of their school year so not to distract from local academic demands in year 12.


Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Steps to becoming an Australian Apprentice! 

Apprenticeships are a great way to earn money while learning a trade! Getting started in an apprenticeship can seem a little daunting, but it can be broken down into four easy-to-understand steps. Research; Preparation; Job Hunting and Sign-up. If you would like to learn more about each step, plus heaps more useful information, visit


NSW Apprenticeships See Growth It’s interesting to note apprenticeships in New South Wales increased by 1,394, that’s 3 percent. The biggest shifts were in the traditional trades - Automotive up by 3 percent, Building and Construction by 2 percent and huge growth in Utilities and Electro-Technology at 8 percent.




Cadia Open Day

Saturday 6th April 2019

All the relevant information about the Open Day can be found at


Defence Force Jobs

Live a life of adventure, earn a good salary from day one and enjoy a unique lifestyle with a career in the Australian Defence Force. 


To learn more about opportunities in the Australian Defence Force, join them for an info session:

Orange Ex-Services Club, 231-243 Anson Street, Orange 

Tuesday March 19th 2019

6:30pm – 8.30pm

More info:


KWS Visit

Wednesday 20th March 2019


Library Seminar Room


Open Days


Mrs Kimberley Jones 

Year 12 Co-ordinator/Careers Advisor

Upcoming Events

KWS Day (and Weekend!)

On Saturday 9 March 2019, with the support of both the Alumni and the KWS Parents and Friends Association, we are planning our annual celebration of past, present and future KWS.


Friday 8 March 2019 Icebreaker Drinks for families of KWS students.


Saturday 9 March 2019 KWS Day (annual Fair Day) held on the school grounds from 10am - 3pm.

Please see the Important Notices section to see some of the ways you can help us with the day.


Class reunions for alumni who graduated in 1969 with five year increments through to 2014 will be held in the evening.


We look forward to seeing you at one or all of these events. 


KWS Open Day

KWS will be holding an Open Day for prospective students and their families. This will be an opportunity to come and find out about KWS (both the Preparatory and Senior School), have a tour of the School with current students and meet the Principal and Senior Heads of School.


This will be held on Monday 1 April 2019 from 9.00am to 12.00pm in the DPA.


This is for prospective families only, so if you know anyone who might be interested in finding out more about KWS, then please spread the word. Bookings to be made via the below Trybooking link:


CamKids Movie Night 

The CamKids Movie Night is returning:

Friday 15th March (Week 7), 6:30 for 7:30 screening.

The Movie Night is the major fundraising for CamKids, placing our annual target within reach. All profits go to CamKids to secure the ongoing education of 96 children in one of the most impoverished regions of Cambodia: Kampong Speu Province.


The movie this year is The Greatest Showman (sing-a-long version). A vital part of the fundraising for the night is the Sponsors who purchase on-screen advertising time prior to the movie. Sponsorship Forms will be coming to the Prep for dissemination to School families (one per family) today. There will also be a ‘guessing competition’ for a lucky draw (one per child). I’ll place a container in the Prep Staffroom for returned forms to be deposited.


Everyone is most welcome to attend the evening with your family and friends. Tickets are available via Trybooking. Meal deals can be pre-purchased (via Trybooking), food can be purchased on the night. There will be popcorn, etc and face-painting.


For details visit trybooking:

Pastor Phillip Worrad

Important Notices

KWS Day is on this weekend!

Thank you to all of the parents who have generously volunteered their time to help out at KWS Day this weekend. If you would still like to put up your hand to help out please click the link below to see which stalls we still need volunteers to attend (we still need assistance on the Gourmet Food Stall and BBQ Stall).

Volunteer your time on the day through 'Sign Up Genius'


RIDES: Book your pre-paid wrist bands through 'Trybooking'

We have some great rides this year for all ages so please jump online and purchase your pre-paid wrist band for only $30 via the TryBooking link below. The cutoff date for buying pre-paid wrist bands will be 9am on Friday 8 March 2019. If you miss out, you can purchase wrist bands on the day for $35 or single tickets for $5. Pre-paid wrist bands can be picked up on the day at the Ticketing Stall which will open at 10.00am. 

Please click HERE to purchase your wristbands tickets online.


RAFFLE: Buy raffle tickets!

This year we have over 10 amazing prizes to win in our raffle! Our Prizes include:

  • Orange Region Wine Package, Wine Fridge and 2 nights accommodation at Rowlee Vineyard's luxury Villa
  • DJI Spark Drone
  • Surface Go Tablet and Type Cover
  • 6 x $250 Quest Orange Voucher (drawn indivdually)
  • $500 Travel Voucher 
  • 2 x Handmade Fire Pits
  • The White Place Gift Pack
  • Greenwood Designs Jewellery Gift Pack
  • TREE Hamper & Christmas Ham
  • 1 hour Hydrating Facial at Bella Spazio
  • Lucknow Skin Shop & Boot Barn Gift Voucher 
  • Barretts's Wholesale Foods Gift Voucher 
  • Jenny's Classroom Prize Pack

Raffle books have now been distributed to all KWS families and additional books can be collected from the KWS Front Office if you would like to sell more. Tickets can also be handed in to the Raffle Stall by 1.30pm on KWS Day.


Tickets can also be purchased online and the name that you use for your booking will automatically go into the raffle draw.  Please click HERE to purchase your raffle tickets online. 


The raffle will be drawn at 2:00pm on KWS Day. 



DONATIONS: For our Fundraising Stalls

Cake Stall 

Year 3 will be running the Cake Stall this year and every family is encouraged to help out by baking some cakes/slices/biscuits. There will be packaging available to pick up from both the Senior and Prep School Offices on Friday 1 March from 8.30am. We need as many homemade goodies as possible so please get on board! Feel free to take as many packs as you wish, or alternatively, get your child to pick it up for you from the Office. 

Please drop off your packaged and tagged baked goods to the Prep Classroom 54 anytime from 3:20pm (school pick-up) this Friday 8 March (no earlier).


Jar Stall

Pre Prep will be running our new Jar Stall this year so we kindly ask for your donations. We invite all students to donate 1-2 glass jars full of some goodies to sell on the day. For example wrapped lollies, stationery, coffee vouchers, gift cards, preserves etc. 


Thank you in advance and we hope to see you on Saturday! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Victoria Mendl at or on 02 6392 0300.  


CAR PARKING on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 March

FridayRides will be moving in and setting up in the Prep School Carpark from 5.30pm on Friday. Please ensure vehicles are moved prior to that time.  

Saturday: The Music Centre Carpark will be closed on Saturday and only opened for our external vendors to park. The Prep Carpark will also be completely closed. The DPA and Student Carpark will be available during the day if you would like to park on site. 


Senior School Parent Teacher Interviews

Parents will have access to make appointments via PTO on FROG from 9am on Monday, 25 February 2019.

Please ensure your email address is up to date in the KWS System. We have provided PTO the mother’s email address, unless there is no address and then the father’s will be used. This is the email address that will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website. Both parents’ email addresses will be provided in the case of parents living apart so separate logins can be requested. 

Note: Parents can reset their FROG password by clicking the “forgot password link” from the FROG login screen. If you have any issues logging into FROG please contact to Darryn Marjoram:


Interview Dates: 

Tuesday 12th March 4:00pm - 7:00pm (Year 7-12 Day Students and Year 12 Boarding Parents).
Interviews will be held in the DPA and refreshments will be provided.


SRC Notice - Charity Shield

The Student Representative Council has been working hard this term focusing on the school life of Kinross, this mainly includes the initiative of the Charity Shield. The inaugural charity that we are supporting is the  Animal Welfare League – Orange Branch. The inter-house competition will be run in Weeks 6 and 7. Each House has a been given a charity bin and students are asked to bring in items that will assist the AWL in achieving their goals of assisting companion animals in need (collars, leads, bedding, treats and canned and dry dog/ cat food). The reason we have decided to do these things is because there has been an overwhelming belief from students that we need to increase the amount of social justice within the school. The SRC sees this as student led initiatives which will hopefully lead to an increase in student involvement. By imbedding a charity focus it is hoped that this creates a culture of giving and helping others that are less fortunate, encouraging everyone to get together and work hard not because they are forced to, but because they’re helping others. So over the next few weeks, help out your House and your community by contributing items to the AWL charity via the collection points in every House. 


Prep School Dates for your Diary

9 Mar – KWS Day
11 Mar – Rowena Thomas ‘Amazing Me’ Evening Session
12 Mar – Rowena Thomas ‘Amazing Me’ Years 5&6 session
13 Mar – P&F Meeting
13 Mar – Assembly 5B
14 Mar – HICES Debating Rd 2
18 Mar – Athletics Trials begin
18 Mar – CIS Football trials (girls)
19 Mar – Year 5 Excursion
20 Mar – Assembly 5P
20 Mar – CIS Swimming
25 Mar – Kids Lit Quiz
27 Mar – Assembly 4F
3 Apr – Assembly 4P
8 Apr – HICES Debating Rd 3
8 Apr – CIS Football trials (boys)
10 Apr – Assembly 3W – Term 1 House Awards
12 Apr – Inter-House Athletics Carnival
12 Apr – Term 1 concludes
15 – 26 Apr – School Holidays
25 Apr – ANZAC Day
30 Apr – Term 2 Commences
Gail Kennewell


Tower Magazine 

The 2018 Tower Magazine is now available to order.


If you wish to purchase a copy of the Tower Magazine, please head to TryBooking using the following link:


TryBooking is an online tool which will make it very easy to order your copy (or copies) of this publication.  If you wish to purchase a Tower Magazine and would like to pick it up from Kinross Wolaroi School's Main Reception, the cost will be $82. If you wish to purchase the Tower Magazine and would like us to post it out to you, the cost will be $90.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Miller in the Accounts Department on 02 6392 0314 or


KWS Cookbook
We need your help!

Do you have a recipe that you or your family love? Most people have a least a few recipes they rely on whether for a regular dinner time meal, a particular occasion or a healthy and nutritious tummy filler. They don’t need to be fancy or original, just cooked by you! Please submit your recipe telling us why you love it at (no log in required) by 22nd March.

We also need help trying out all the wonderful recipes we receive. Please email Alison at if you would like to cook up one of the recipes in your own home (you don’t need to have submitted a recipe).

Happy cooking!

KWS Cookbook Team

Alison, Megan, Ami, Marianna, Sarah & Kate


Prep School Car Park

Thank you for following the rules at the ‘Kiss n Go’ zones. It makes it so much safer for your children.

It has been brought to my attention of children walking through the carpark at busy times following parents and oblivious to the movement of cars. Please hold their hand or have them within arms-length. It can be difficult for a car reversing to see a young child.

Thank you for your understanding and please continue vigilance in all shared zones within the school grounds.

Rob McLean



The canteen is now taking orders for recess which some families have started to utilise. For collection the children must collect the order from the canteen at the beginning of recess. Orders cannot be delivered to classrooms.
Rob McLean


FROG - New look homepage for the Prep School

The new Home page of the Preparatory School site now includes a Weekly Calendar, summarising the important events for the week ahead. The Weekly Calendar will be uploaded by 5 pm. Friday in the previous week. These dates are usually already in the Term Planner but may include any last minute updates, so it is a great way to remind parents of what is happening in a current week.


KWS Shop Notice 

It is that time of year again when we start thinking about Winter uniforms for girls. 


Girls in Kindergarten to Year 10 are to wear Winter uniform in Term 2 and Term 3 (commencing from 30 April 2019). 


This includes: Long sleeve white shirt, Winter tunic, green long socks, green tie, green jumper, navy blazer and straw hat.


Boys uniforms remain the same.  

Snow Trip 2019


The 2019 KWS Snow Trip is open to all students from Year 7 to 11.  Package includes modern on-snow accommodation, lifts to the lodge door, all gear, meals and daily lessons. 


For further information please see Ms Graham or attend the first KWS Snow Trip meeting to be held on Tuesday 12 March at 1pm in Room 81.


Information and forms can be collected from Ms Graham or search Snow Sports on FROG: 


Deposits, consent and medical forms should be returned to Ms Graham - $500 deposits can be made to the Accounts Office to secure the students place on the trip from Monday 11 March 2019. 


Code Camp at KWS in April School Holidays

Code Camp are thrilled to return to Kinross Wolaroi School Orange during the Easter School Holidays to teach your child how to code or help them continue on their coding journey, so they can build their very own iPhone or Android apps!


We look forward to helping your child become a coding superstar! Please see the flyer for details and any enquiries should be directed to the Code Camp organisers on 1300 263 322.


2019 NSW School Vaccination Program

Each year NSW Health works in partnership with schools to offer the vaccines recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for adolescents as part of the school vaccination program.


In 2019 the following vaccines will be offered:

Year 7 - Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine (2 doses at least 6 months apart)

Year 7 - Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine (single dose)

Year 10 - Meningococcal ACWY vaccine (single dose)


Parent Information Kits that include an information sheet, consent form and privacy statement will be sent home to parents/guardians. To consent to the vaccination of their child, parents/guardians are advised to:

  • read all the information provided;
  • complete the consent form, including signing their name next to the vaccine/s  they would like their child to receive;
  • return the completed consent form to their child’s school;
  • ensure that their child eats breakfast on the day of the school vaccination clinic.

Please note that students who commence HPV vaccination in school clinics in Year 7 but do not complete the course during the school year may be offered catch-up doses at school in Year 8.

To improve vaccination completion, students will be opportunistically offered any missed doses throughout the year where possible.  

A Record of Vaccination card will be provided to each student vaccinated at each clinic.


Sue Turcato
NUM School Vaccination Program/Public Health Nurse, Western NSW Local Health District 


School Holiday Drama Workshop:
Sneaky Secrets for Successful Super Heroes

Please find attached a flyer regarding the Shake n Stir Workshops being held from 15-18 April at the Orange Civic Theatre. These workshops will conclude with a fully staged showcase on the stage of the Theatre, open to family and friends.


For queries, please contact:

Christie Westcott

Administration Assistant
Orange City Council

Phone: 02 6393 8112




KWS Family Newsletter
Mrs K Sinclair & 2019 Prep Music Leaders
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Open Day 2019 Email Flyer.pdf
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KWS Cookbook (December 2018) (Web).pdf
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The victorious Junior A Team