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08 March 2019
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The best school in NSW
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Che escursione eccellente, informativa e produttiva! 
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The best school in NSW

Term One

As you fly over town
It gets harder to frown
And we'll all hit the heights
If we never look down

Let the past take a bow
The forever is now
And there's nowhere to go but up!



 ‘Nowhere To Go But Up’ by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman

from ‘Mary Poppins Returns’



At this time of the year, for most courses, assessment tasks are just being issued and have not been completed yet.  In relation to formal assessment tasks, this means that everyone is on ‘equal first’ and everyone has an equal chance to show their full potential this year.  In terms of my introductory quote, it means that there is ‘nowhere to go but up’ as their current formal assessment mark is 0% and everyone is equal.  When you child receives an assessment task, it is important for them to read it fully, understand what is expected of them and start to map out their plan to tackle the assessment task immediately.  Students get into a pickle when they leave assessment tasks to the last minute and therefore leave no time to talk with their teacher about the task.  All of our assessment booklets are available online by clicking here.  Each assessment booklet contains a list of the formal assessment tasks and proposed dates for each year group.  I have included an example for Year 10.  As parents, it is important to track these and help your child stay on track by asking about the task a few weeks before it is due, the week it is due and then the night before it is due to ensure your child is completing it.

Pedestrian Crossing and Traffic

After a very busy start to the year, traffic movement around the area is still very busy but seems to have settled into a manageable amount for our two pedestrian crossings to deal with.  I appreciate that the new pedestrian crossing has caused some traffic flow issues, however, it does provide our students with a safer way to cross Frederick Road.  I would ask parents not to park in the immediate vicinity of the school as this can cause unnecessary traffic delays.  In addition, consider whether your child needs to be picked up from school at all.  A few years ago, I walked from the furthest end of our drawing area in Bonnyrigg Heights back to Cecil Hills High School and it took me 35 minutes wearing a suit and carrying my bag.  I appreciate that the far flung parts of our drawing in Kemps Creek and Badgerys Greek and a long way away, however, some of our closer students could be using this afternoon opportunity to complete their recommended 30 minutes of exercise.

School Fees

Cecil Hills High School enjoys significant support from our parent community. We are able to offer innovative and enriching opportunities that help us develop the whole child. Our hardworking staff provide many activities to support your child as "we believe in success". We are able to provide such programs to students through a strong commitment by our parents to paying school fees. We are very fortunate to have very high levels of parental support in this regard and as a result we are a well-resourced school with excellent facilities and technology.


Student invoices are currently being processed and will be emailed to all families.  We ask that school fees are finalised to help us provide the best possible learning experiences for your child and facilitate a faster sign-out process at the end of the year.  If you have changed your email address, please update your family details  using the form attached and return it to the school office as soon as possible.

We have a school expectation that school fees are paid before other items such as excursions and camps, and for Year 12, the jersey and formal. 


Our secure payment page hosted by Westpac and linked to the school's website to make it easier for you to pay for school-related payments.  We also have the following payment facilities:

  • Cash in person at our school office
  • EFTPOS at the school office

NSW State Election BBQ

As you participate in representative democracy on Saturday, 23 March 2019, please cast your vote in the NSW state election at Cecil Hills High School, enjoy our BBQ and help the P&C raise funds.  We would be keen to hear from parents who can help supervise the BBQ during the day.  If you could even spare half an hour, this is still absolutely beneficial.  Please contact the school if you are able to help out on the day and we will pass your details onto our P&C.

Our P&C

On Monday, 4 March 2019, a new P&C executive was elected for our school.  Thanks to Nguyen Nguyen, our outgoing P&C Vice President, who has served in this role for a number of years.  We all thank you for your service to our school and community.  Congratulations to the following who were elected as the new P&C executive:

  • Alfred Grasso, President
  • Elizabeth Seacy, Vice-President
  • Vesna Jeromin, Vice-President
  • Andrea Marambio, Treasurer
  • Dianne Vella, Secretary

I look forward to working with our new P&C throughout the year.

Our next P&C meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Monday, 1 April 2019.  There will be a repeat session at 9:30am on Thursday, 4 April 2019.


I look forward to continuing to work with the staff, students and parents of Cecil Hills High School -  the best school in NSW.


Mark Sutton, Principal

History Extension

Mentors help students

On Friday 22 February,  our History Extension class travelled to Sydney University to gain expert mentorship on our History Extension Project.


The wonderful mentors, in various stages of tertiary education, were paired up with our students to give them individualised feedback and tips on research skills to assist in the History Project. They also discussed the benefits of university life and shared their experiences.

Student reported:


Dejan: “Fantastic hospitality and encouraging mentors.”


Monique: “Highly rewarding and educational.”


Natasa: “I liked my mentor. It was beneficial in exploring all aspects of my project.”

Kosta: “I met another Kosta. My life changed forever.”


Natalie: “Mentor provided great insight into different areas into my topic, that I had not previously pondered.”


Shanelle: “Extremely interesting with a good mentor who helped with the project and learnt about uni life.”


S Haskett, Head Teacher - History

Our leaders


In Term 4, we introduced our Senior Student Representative Council, including a personal message from our School Captains - Natalie Narvaiza and  Alan Dan.  Today, we introduce other members of our Student Representative Council (SRC) members and hear from our Vice Captains, Joella Khouchaba and Kosta Tskoukalas.  


Year 11 SRC members

Year 10 SRC members

Year 9 SRC members

Year 8 SRC members

 All students who stood for election are to be congratulated for doing a fine job of presenting themselves and their ideas to their fellow students.  For some of them, simply nominating and completing the election process was a step outside their comfort zone.  Such bravery is to be applauded.


Year 7 SRC members will be announced next term.


from Joella Khouchaba - Vice Captain

I attended Cecil Hills Primary School. Coming into high school, I felt a mix of emotions. Excitement was one of them, as I was aching for a fresh start, a change in both my physical and social environment.

Somewhere I could re-establish who I was, and I did this by throwing myself into a bunch of extra-curricula’s including debating, piano, band, academics and most of all, SRC. However, I didn’t apply for SRC until year 8, as I feared rejection, but I am now in my fourth year of SRC and wouldn’t have had it any other way.


I truly feel as though I am an active member of the school and am making changes I want to see in this world- a motto I live by. I believe that going through this doubt and fear in year 7 has enabled me to relate to juniors who are going through the same thing. It equipped me to really think about why I wanted to be in SRC, which contributed to my drive, passion and vision for this school, a desire to be the voice for those who are afraid to have one. I want to encourage other students to be active in changing the flaws of society, as this is my one mission above all.


I believe we can and should care, sympathise and truly make the changes we want to see. I want to show the rest of the student body that they should strive to make an impact now, and most importantly, to show kindness to all.   I wish to share part of my speech with you:


A voice, an opportunity and an impact. That’s what being school captain is to me.  I’ve thought about running for school captain since I first stepped through the gates of this high school, all small, frightened and intimidated. So much so that when I applied for SRC in year seven, I took it back, because I was scared of the outcome. But today, I come before you, no longer scared, but driven with a passion and vision for this school, a desire to be the voice for each and every one of you, and to be a voice for that scared girl I was.  I believe that society needs to change, and in order for this to happen, I can’t wait for others to make this change, but I need to be the change I want to see in the world, and I believe that we can be the change of this world.


As I’ve already said, I’m very passionate and driven, maybe even too passionate if you ask those that know me. But when I believe in something, I won’t stop until I’ve done everything I possibly can to make it happen. Now that’s where my drive comes in. I believe that we can’t wait for big corporations to solve all issues by donating money, but that we need to be hands-on and really change the way we think and act, and pay attention to the impact we can truly have on each other’s lives.


Now having experience of being in the SRC for past 3 years, every year, I get to see the impact that our school can have on others. Through SRC, we have been able to help the homeless, refugees, farmers in drought and those in the army who fight for our country everyday. Now this is the change I’m talking about. Looking at the impact of our actions and making sure we use them to make a difference, to be that change. And I can promise you, not an empty promise, but a real one, that if you elect me as your captain for next year, you’ll be seeing a lot more of these initiatives, because I’ve already started planning for the future, our future.


So I ask, that you vote for me, Joella Khouchaba, as your school captain for 2019, to allow me to be your voice, to lead this change and make an impact, but if not, id like you to take something else away from this speech, to always think about the impact you could have on another person’s life.


from Kosta Tsoukalas – Vice Captain

I attended Cecil Hills Primary School, where shortly after my mother got a job there. I was filled with a huge range of emotions walking into the

high school gates for the first time; Scared, nervous, anxious  and happy to meet my old friends, as well as make some new ones. I found it a GREAT privilege to be part of the S class in year 7; filled with all these people who, in my opinion, seemed way smarter than me, where every assessment turned into a competition of who got the highest marks and who will continue on to the S class again in year 8. I have to say, the most common line that came out of all of our teachers mouths were "I thought you were the S class, why are you guys so noisy", especially sub teachers.


I feel like being a role model to the younger grades is something extremely important, especially as a vice captain. As the older students of the school it is our duty to set an example for the younger grades and our behaviours could be what inspires year 7's to be either great students, or fall into the wrong crowd.


Community news

Our local

Our Local is a new website for children and young people in NSW to find local opportunities, activities, services and events. There are over 16,000 listings on Our Local right now.  Let the children and young people in your lives know about Our Local.   Find out more - Our Local.


Career Development


Purchasing a new laptop - special deal from HP


School Canteen Menu


School Zone Penalties 


Road Safety messages


Australian Air League


Stay connected, be informed


Supporting families


From our Support Unit

As a fun and educational tool for our students, the Support Unit staff are collecting the Disney character tiles from Woolworths.


Should you shop at Woolworths and have no use for the free Disney character tiles, we would be pleased to receive them!  Feel free to drop them off at the school office or hand them to any member of the Support Unit staff team.   Many thanks.


M Lukose, Head Teacher - Special Education

Uniform Shop opening hours and price list


Where are they now?

My story

Liong Phan -  Year 12 Graduate 2006

Following my dream since high school

I always loved the concepts and ideas behind mathematics and science, and so engineering was a logical choice for me after high school. 


The difficult decision I had to make was which field of engineering

 to get into.  I grew up watching a lot of Japanese robotics animations and thought it would be amazing if I could one day build one myself.  So I decided to go to the University of New South Wales to study Mechatronics Engineering.  I quickly realised it was not for me and switched to a Civil Engineering after travelling to Asia and witnessing the amazing mega projects being constructed there.

How did I get there

I was fortunate to land an internship with Fairfield City Council while in my final year of university which helped me land a graduate civil engineering position with civil contractor Fulton Hogan.  As a graduate, I was assigned to Majura Parkway Project in Canberra, a $288 million 11.5km dual carriageway linking the Monaro Highway and Federal Highway.  Hungry for more, and loving the experience of working in a different city, I set my eyes for something bigger and better.  In 2014, I accepted an offer with Leighton Asia and moved to Macau, SAR China to work on the US$4.1 billion luxury integrated resort casino - Wynn Palace.  The resort included a 28 storey hotel, private villas, casino space, luxury retail shops and fine dining restaurants.  After completing the Wynn Palace project in 2016 I moved to Hong Kong, SAR China to work on two more projects, the Liantang Boundary Control Point and Hong Kong International Airport T1 Expansion.  Wanting a change of pace, I decided to move back to Sydney in 2018 and joined Watpac Constructions, and I am now working on the Western Sydney Airport Visitor Centre.    

My achievements so far

Besides successfully completing the highly complex and intense mega project 'Wynn Palace' I would say my most significant achievement was completing the hike up to Ala Köl Lake in Kyrgyzstan. 

The hike to the peak was over three days to an altitude of 3800m and it required me to face my fear of heights and pushed my physical and mental limits.  Although wanting to give up multiple times along the way, I managed to complete it and it is still one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  


I truly believe the skills and lessons learned from Cecil Hills High School laid a solid foundation for me and allowed me to achieve what I have to date. 


To all the Cecil Hills High School students reading this, my advice is to dream big and just simply go for it.   


I have to give a special shout out to Mr Alfonsi.  Thank you for developing my interest and skills in mathematics and being a mentor and role model throughout my high school years.  


Liong Phan

Chinese students welcomed

Thank you

I would like to thank all of the staff members who helped out with the recent China-Beijing school visit. You have all been extremely generous with your time and welcoming. I would particularly like to thank those who have helped me out when I was on class by taking the visiting teachers around the school to take photos.


I have received a lot of positive feedback from the Chinese students, as well as our Cecil Hills buddies. Some of them have formed beautiful friendships and it was really nice to see our students helping their buddies out and encouraging them to try out new things  (such as Oz-Tag!!!)


D Cekic,  International Student Visit Co-ordinator

186 amazing students

Western Sydney Access program

As a year adviser to a group of 186 amazing students, there were many times when I was proud to be associated with such a fantastic group of young adults. One of my proudest moments occurred when the graduating class of 2018 decided to forego money set aside for their formal and donate hard-earned fundraising money to those less fortunate.


The class of year 12 from 2018 donated $3000 to drought-affected students in regional NSW schools. This money was used to support an initiative called the Western Access Program that links students from rural and remote schools in the west of NSW and allows them to remain in their local communities while completing their Higher School Certificate.

Last week 44 senior students from these small schools were able to attend a camp and meet their classmates for the first time. With the money donated by Cecil Hills High School, drought affected families received a small bit of financial assistance in what are still difficult times for drought affected families.


P Hickey, Year 12 2018 Year Adviser

Che escursione eccellente, informativa e produttiva! 

Italian Language and Culture Immersion Day

Panorama House, Bulli Tops

27 February, 2019


Our Year 10 Italian class set off for a jam-packed day of language learning and cultural immersion at Panorama House, an Italian function centre perched on the edge of a cliff with views forever. The day was aimed at developing students’ Italian speaking and writing skills through interactive, competitive and fun learning experiences.


A variety of literacy and numeracy skills were focused on throughout the day, such as, grammar, punctuation, spelling, international currency, cognates, reading comprehension and much more. The dress-up role plays were entertaining and a lot of fun. Year 10 were just like Italian teenagers. The delicious Italian morning tea and buffet lunch were a highlight as well as the huge range of prizes, especially the mystery ones that were described in Italian.

Here are a few comments made by our students of Italian:


“I really enjoyed the last activity. We went shopping “in Italy”.


“I really liked the Italian excursion as we did really fun, different activities in an Italian location. It was fun and nice to hang out with friends and take photos with that beautiful view.”


“I loved the Italian bread and I liked the bus ride there.”


“Throughout the challenges that were set for us by our wonderful teacher, I learnt many different things about the people in Italy. It was refreshing to learn about a different culture.  My favourite part was the fun games and activities but also how everyone was participating and how it made everything enjoyable.”


“I really liked the shopping activity and the bus ride together.”


“I loved the Italian hot bread. The competitions were fun and I really enjoyed a fun class type of thing in an Italian location.”


“I enjoyed the open buffet. The Italian hot bread was amazing.”


“During the Italian excursion I learnt a lot about the Italian language and culture. I had fun xo :)”


“It was really cool because it had beautiful views, great food and we learnt so much about the language and culture.”


A huge thank you to our very generous Support Unit who organised their day around our excursion to ensure we could make use of the school bus!  Thank you to Mr Brookfield who drove us to Panorama House. To Mrs Green (Year 10 Adviser), it was wonderful to have you with us for the day.  Your support and your company was appreciated!  Mr Alfonsi,

thank you for picking us up at the end of the day.


Thank you so much everyone.  It truly is amazing when we all work together to create happy memories. Thank you also goes to our incredible students who were respectful at all times, behaved in the most responsible ways and ensured a successful Italian Day was had by all!  GRAZIE!


Che escursione eccellente, informativa e produttiva!  Bravo, studenti!


A Koloveros, Italian teacher

Sports shorts

Zone Swimming Carnival

A tremendous team effort saw us reclaim the Zone Swimming title back from Bonnyrigg HS after an absence of two years. We won the girls, boys and overall points score. Our win can be attributed to outstanding individual efforts as well as strong team participation. A great effort by all team members. We had 10 Age Champions and we had 15 relay teams qualify for the Regional Championships.


Congratulations to our Zone Age Champions: 

Ella King (12 years Girls)

Michelle Prasad (13 years Girls)

Jasmine Quach (15 years Girls)

Renae Prasad (16 years Girls)

Cindy Pham (17+ years Girls)

Jaydan Prasad (13 years Boys)

Renaldo Ionita (14 years Boys)

Max Stanley and Brendan Prasad (15 years Boys)

Maclane Walmsley (17+ years Boys)


Many zone records were broken by our team.

Best of luck to our 47 swimmers at the SSW Regional Swimming Championships on Monday, 11 March at Bradbury Pool.


Zone Representatives

The following students have represented Bernera Zone at Regional Championships this term:

Vanessa Parada, Natasha Drca, Tijana Banic(Girls Basketball).


Knockout Competitions

Boys Volleyball, Preliminary round lost to Airds High School.                                   

B Condon,  Sports Organiser

Opportunity for Year 11 and Year 10 students

Europe 2020 tour

Europe - here we come!  Students in Year 11 studying Ancient History, Modern History, Visual Arts and Photography and Year 10 students intending on studying History and Art next year have an amazing opportunity to travel to Italy and Germany to reinforce learning outcomes on our European Study Tour.


This is also an opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange in other countries - and we're very excited!


During the April 2020 School holidays we have a 15-day itinerary designed especially for the students of Cecil Hills High School,  visiting Rome (3 nights), the Bay of Naples (3 nights), Berlin (2 nights), Nuremberg (2 nights) and Munich (1 night).


Students will see history with their own eyes and walk the ground where events occurred! We will discover Rome in the late Republic and early empire with our expert local guides.  We will visit the smallest independent country in the world, Vatican City and investigate the “Cities of Vesuvius” with detailed site and museum visits, including Pompeii and Herculaneum.  We will explore sites relevant to the Third Reich and Cold War in Berlin and learn about the rise to power of the Nazi Party in Munich and Nuremberg.


The brochure attached provides a taste of what our upcoming Europe trip includes, including itinerary and important information for you and your child. We're very much looking forward to this once in a lifetime experience.

We will be fundraising to reduce the cost for each student once the tour is confirmed. There are still places available.


Please contact Mrs Haskett  or Mrs Verter on tel. 9822-1430 for more information or if you have any questions about this amazing experience. 


Important Dates


Monday, 11th

Regional Swimming Carnival at Bradbury Pool

Tuesday, 12th

 Visual Arts Zoo excursion

Wednesday, 13th

Water Polo Opens, all day

Thursday, 14th

Year 6 Selective Schools test

Friday, 15th

Open Girls  Basketball knockout all day, Centennial Park - Minto

Monday, 18th

Year 11 & 12 Parent Teacher evening 4pm to 7pm

Tuesday, 19th

Year 11 Marine Studies to Marine Discovery Centre




Wednesday, 20th

Year 11 Chemistry depth study

Thursday, 21st

Harmony Day celebrations - Year 7 to 10

Friday, 22nd

School Photo catch up day

Opens  Boys  Basketball knockout all day at Bankstown Basketball Stadium

Year 10 Brainstorm anti bullying production

Year 11 & 12 Construction - Build Your Story - Master Builders Association

Monday, 25th

Year 11 & 12 Parent Teacher Evening 4pm to 7pm

Thursday, 28th

Visual Arts - Year 11, 12 & 9 to Art Gallery of NSW





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