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31 October 2019
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Important Dates

Term 4

  • 4th November - Curriculum Day
  • 5th November - Melbourne Cup Day
  • 6th November - Course Confirmation Commences 
  • 12th November - Year 11 Performance Evening
  • 21st  November - Year 10-12 New Student Orientation
  • 26th November - Presentation Evening at the Plaza Ballroom
  • 28th November - Year 12 2020 Information Night

House Points Update


Principal's Report

Following on from the email sent to all parents last Tuesday we continue to mourn the loss of Richmond High School Principal, Colin Simpson. Again, we extend our deepest sympathy to Colin’s wife Cathy, children Lewis and Ava (MGC graduate in the class of 2018), and his many friends. Colin was a man universally respected for his educational vision, authentic leadership of school communities and personal support of colleagues across Victoria. Colin generously gave his time to colleagues across our system and his passing is a difficult time for both his school communities and our education system more broadly. He was also instrumental in establishing our City Edge Network of Schools – a professional learning and collegiate group for Melbourne’s inner-city schools.

Colin, an alumnus of the former Richmond High School, taught in government and independent schools across Victoria, as well as the tertiary and arts sectors. In his long career as a teacher and school leader, which started at Lilydale High School, he exemplified dedication to students and high-quality school education, culminating in his appointment as foundation principal of the new Richmond High School in 2017.

As principal of the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School from 2004 to 2016, Colin oversaw the construction of its award-winning building in Southbank, and left a substantial legacy in high-quality arts education. Colin was truly passionate about arts education and his passing will be felt deeply across the broader arts community and by his many former students.

In 2009, Colin was awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award at the Victorian Education Excellence Awards. In 2012 he was nominated by Victoria through The Australian Awards for Outstanding Teaching and School Leadership as Australian Secondary Principal of the Year.

Vale Mr Colin Simpson, colleague and friend.


Wishing our Year 12 students every success!

On Monday 21 October, we celebrated the final day of formal schooling for our wonderful class of 2019. Thank you to parents, families, Pat Sklavakis, Sefija Demirova, Alison Lam and their team of teachers who have nurtured our students.

The Valedictory celebrated award winners in each subject as well as community service, special and leadership awards. We see all of our students as exceptional, whether award recipients or not. The English Exam took place on Wednesday 30 October with many staff on hand to wish the students every success.


2020 College Captains

The 2019 College Captains, Georgia Wolfe, Genevieve Cox and Meg Funston have handed the reins of leadership over to Ophelia Murray, Veronique Villis and Lucy Vogel. Georgia, Meg and Gen have been excellent role models and leaders for all students. Their inclusion of ideas and approachability has seen many barriers broken down, including in the discussion of issues important to each person’s wellbeing. We wish Ophelia, Veronique and Lucy every success in their new roles.


Art and Design Exhibition and Parent Association (PA) Art Acquisition Award ceremony, 29 October

“Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more humane world.” ~ Andre Maurois, French Author. The excellent showcase was a celebration of art, design, the girls’ creativity and talent. Thank you to Harriet Turnbull, Fiona Storrie, Jo Jepsen, Ingrida Ansons, Emma McCowan, Roger Dunscombe and Andrew Wood who have been inspiring the girls and leading their Year 12 learning throughout the year.

Congratulations to Annabella Camera who is the 2019 recipient of the Suzanne Barrah Design Award. Suzanne Barrah was the first Council President of MGC. This award is given to a senior student for considerable commitment and passion in their pursuit of a pathway within a creative design field.

 Annabella used many technical and creative processes to construct this unique costume.

She showed incredible passion and determination to realise her end-user’s desire for an extravagant and transformative mermaid costume to wear as he performs as Drag queen ‘Topaz Chardonnay’.

Annabella is applying to do Fashion Design at RMIT next year.​


Thank you to our Parents’ association (PA), represented by Sallie Carman and Gailean Hammond on Tuesday evening who so generously donated the following prizes. Sallie and Gailean have been long standing, hardworking members of the PA who will be sadly missed as their youngest daughters complete Year 12 this year.


Jessalyn Leong Art Acquisition Award: Chelsea Hammond

The visual arts department selected Chelsea Hammond’s 3D digital artwork, printed on a 40LPI lenticular lens for the 2019 Jessalyn Leong Acquisition Award. Chelsea’s artwork titled ‘The Watcher’ was chosen as we felt that is was sophisticated both thematically and in terms of the use of media and processes.  

Chelsea in her artist statement for this work wrote,The Watcher explores the complex layering of negativity and positivity in today's world, and mocks the generalised classifications of "good" and "bad”. By presenting us with a complex layering of typically positive visual cues as well as notions we would categorise as negative or obscure, The Watcher personifies the difficulty human face when presented with situations that we cannot emotionally categorise. The result of this, as well as the artwork’s huge three-dimensional nature, creates something confusing, a little unsettling and otherwise inescapable, forcing us to come to terms with the fear of ambivalence and the unknown that all of us hold.
The Watcher follows us where ever we go, leaving us with a whimsical and obscure, yet perfectly realistic mix of emotions - not "good", nor "bad", but everything else.’

Parents’ Association Year 12 Visual Arts Award

The visual arts department selected Mia Bell as the recipient of the inaugural Parents Association Year 12 Visual Arts Award. Mia takes two VCE Visual Art subjects Studio Arts and Visual Communication Design. In both subjects she has proven herself to be diligent and hardworking producing final artworks and designs that conceptually and visually are of a high standard.

Mia in her artist statement for her Studio Arts final artwork titled ‘Moments in Confessing’ stated ‘To confess a sin seems overwhelming and confronting to various individuals, including myself. In studio arts this year I explored the concept of “confessing”, my work “Moments in confessing”, explores my own personal relationship confessing, aiming to not only depict the visual representation of the moments before confessing but also studying the reasons behind the emotional build up and where it and why it occurs’.​

2020 Planning 

Student Free Days approved by School Council:

  • Friday, 24th April 2020 – Curriculum Review
  • Friday, 12th June 2020 - Assessment, Reporting and Planning
  • Monday, 10th August 2020 – Curriculum Review and writing
  • Monday, 2nd November 2020 – 2021 Planning       

Private opportunity for adventure travel in 2020


Sarah Tregellas joined the MGC community this semester in year 10. She came from Mallacoota, the most remote coastal town between Cooktown and the Ayre Peninsula. In 2016 she started a website that shows students how to self-plan trips to other countries at a fraction of the cost of commercial operators. She wanted three things from the trip. To fundraise and donate to a local worthy sustainable initiative, to have a cultural experience, and to have a challenge.

In 2018, Sarah and three friends travelled to Nepal where they hiked to 5200 metres on the Manaslu Circuit, carrying their own packs. 


"On the day of the pass, we woke at 3am. Using head torches we hiked up the side of the glacier in knee-deep snow. It was minus 20 degrees. The air was so thin every step required enormous mental and physical effort" Sarah recalls. "I learned on that trip that when you think you can't go any further, you have only reached about 10% of what you are capable of."


All the girl's made it safely over. After finishing the hike they donated equipment to the Ladies Mountain League, walked through jungle near the border with India (coming within 6 metres of a 2-tonne Rhino), and explored the ancient city of Bhaktapur a world heritage site. The whole trip cost them less than $3000 each.


The girls filmed their journey and have presented to many schools since their return showing how they did it. Sarah is planning to return to Nepal next year. If any students (or teachers) would like to and find out more and look at joining her, then Sarah will be showing her films on Wednesday the 27th of November at lunchtime in a venue to be announced.


Please note this is a private offering and not a Melbourne Girls’ College trip.     


Thank you for your support and encouragement as we educate our young people together.


Kind regards,



Upcoming Events

Presentation Night 2019 

Presentation Evening tickets are now avaliable!

Get your free tickets here: 

The 2019 Presentation Night will be held on Tuesday the 26th of November in an exciting new location!

Come along to this free event to celebrate the achievements of our wonderful students for 2019. Check out the new venue below:


Photo: Chiu in a Plane


Photo: Chiu in a Plane

414 Squadron at AAFC Flying Fit

On Saturday the 12th of October, after 9 weeks of training, seven cadets and one staff member from 414 Squadron, Melbourne Girls’ College, participated in the Flying Fit Run for charity Soldier On. Soldier On is a charity that works alongside those who serve and protect Australia and their families, helping them to secure their futures. The run took place at Royal Australian Air Force Base Williams in Point Cook. 

The Headquarters team of Australian Air Force Cadets organised the 5 kilometre run for the first time in 2019, and 8 representatives from Melbourne Girls’ College proudly took up the torch and gave it a go. 


To prepare cadets who might not have much running experience, weekly training emails were sent out to guide cadets who had little experience in running to build up to the 5K. Finally, after 9 weeks of training, the eventful day arrived!


The run? Rigorous. Our legs? Hurting. Effort? Unlimited


Cadets from 414 Squadron proudly completed the non-stop 5k, joining friends on the way and meeting new cadets from all over Victoria. Overall the exciting activity way concluded with staff members giving out medals and an awards ceremony for the Fastest Flying Fit Participant, of which Cadet Edbrooke came first in her age group! Congratulations Cadet! 


Congratulations to staff member Corporal (AAFC) Slater and the following cadets who participated; Cadet Edbrooke, Cadet Howitt (Flying Fit Team Leader), Cadet Webb, Leading Cadet Huynh, Cadet Sergeant Hoban, Cadet Sergeant Watkins and Cadet Flight Sergeant Murray on all completing the 5k run in under 45 minutes. 


By Cadet Flight Sergeant Murray and Cadet Sergeant Hoban.

Annual Parade

On the 13th of October, over 30 cadets from Melbourne Girls’ College made their way down to the Royal Australian Air Force William Base in Point Cook to attend the aptly titled ‘Annual Parade’, run by 4Wing Australian Air Force Cadets. The activity included a Wing-wide Drill competition, in which 414 Squadron (Melbourne Girls’ College) was competing. 


The early day commenced with a long bus drive, but when we arrived at the grounds, 414 Squadron was excitedly optimistic about the upcoming competition. After months of practise and several weekend rehearsal sessions, we felt confident in our image and were ready to represent the squadron. 


With Cadet Sergeant Hoban calling the drill commands, the flight executed movements to the best of our ability, putting into practise our hard work. After the last command was called, 414 marched off the parade ground to a round of applause, eagerly awaiting the result of the competition. Cadet Sergeant Hoban won an award for the best calling for the flight, and 414 cheered loudly when they marched up to collect their award. Congratulations Cadet Sergeant Hoban! 

Some aspects of Annual Parade that was interesting was the roles that Cadets Sergeants and Flight Sergeants were able to take up, including the members in the ‘Escort Squadron’, position at the front of the parade ground during Annual Parade. Other aspects of the day included marquee stalls where cadets could learn about different career options/areas that are available to them. The Flight Simulator was particularly enjoyed by the cadets. 


Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the activity and can’t wait to attend next year to hopefully nab 1st place in the Drill Competition. Thank you FLTLT Howlett for the fantastic opportunity! 


Thanks to Cadet Bowden and Cadet Flight Sergeant Murray.

New equipment for the Science Faculty

Thanks to the Parents Association, the Science Faculty has two new resources for students.  The Water Kits will model the unique characteristics of water molecules and the digitally controlled water baths will help students achieve greater accuracy in their experiments.

Thanks to the MGC Parents Association for their generous donation.


National Design and Technologies Week

Last week was National Design and Technologies Week. Technologies faculties all over Australia disrupted the usual school business to promote their fantastic learning area, showcasing the creative, innovative and challenging work students are engaged in.


At Melbourne Girls’ College we had a sustainability-focused program of lunchtime events for both students and teachers, including tackling the issue of food waste, make-do-and-mend denim, upcycling soft drink cans into jewellery and timber offcuts into pieces of art.

Technology Week photo gallery:



ISP News

On the 18 October 2019, our Year 12 international students were farewell with great fun at their Graduation lunch party at room 304. Often year 12 is a challenging and difficult journey and it is even more to international students who are living far away from their beloved family. The graduation party was an occasion for us to celebrate all the international students’ achievement, resilience, and hard work.

The party was filled up with girls have come and cheered up their special moments. Special thank you go to Mr. Andrew Arney and Mr. Hamish Thomas, who joined and shared our moments.

The international students’ graduation party was also a time for sadness and reflection. It was a time of farewell for students and teachers and among the Year 12 cohort itself… 

Assistant principal Andrew Arney congratulated all girls on their achievements. He also would like to thank all international students for being a special part of MGC and contributing to school’s success and fame. Sixteen cute graduation teddy bears were presented to girls as special awards for their pith and hard work.

We would like appreciate Anna Cheung and Daisy Huang for their efforts to collect lots of graduation wishes from year 10 and year 11 girls to year 12 girls’ graduation. All wishes are the great encouragement to year 12 girls who are going to take their upcoming VCE examination.

A challenging and difficult journey has nearly come to the end. We sincerely wish each of our Year 12 international students the best of luck for the future and good result in their VCE examinations.

The International Student Program

Graduation Wishes


Year 10 Community Challenge

Community Challenge 10R

We have chosen to dedicate our community challenge support  as a class to the social enterprise Lentil as Anything. The entreprise aims to provide affordable and nutritious, ’pay as you feel’ restaurant quality meals, with volunteers as chefs. The affordability means that this business can support community members with a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds, those especially who may not have a stable income, and ability to afford food from more expensive restaurants.


In order to function sustainably and ethically all Lentil as Anything locations cook their meals with ‘rescued food’, which is in perfect condition and has been salvaged from other businesses like supermarkets. This avoids it being unnecessarily wasted, and is therefore assisting with reducing food wastage Australia wide.


There are several Lentil as Anything outlets spread across Melbourne in Abbotsford, Thornbury and St Kilda, and one in Newton, Sydney. We will be visiting the Abbotsford establishment on the 7th November as a class excursion. 


We were also inspired to support this organisation as we are aware that they offer professional barista courses for Australian refugees and asylum seekers. This gives them the opportunity to welcome people who have recently arrived in Australia, and offer them reliable employment experience, and some qualification for future jobs.


To support this fantastic organisation one can of course visit one of the restaurants, or also donate a regular monthly amount or a one off payment via

Violet O'Dowd and Saskia Junge

Community Event

Yarra Council - Talking to children about the climate crisis

Should we try to shield our children from the reality of the climate crisis? How can we best respond to fears about the future? Should we support them when they want to join the school strike? These are among the questions that many parents and other adults have as the reality of climate change hits home.
Please join us for an informative discussion and Q&A with Professor Ann Sanson and two year 10 students exploring these issues.


Thursday 7 November, 6.30 - 8pm 
Collingwood Town Hall, 140 Hoddle St, Abbotsford


Ann Sanson is a developmental psychologist whose research has focused on understanding social and emotional development from infancy to adulthood. Her current work centres on the impact of the climate crisis on current and future generations of children.  She is an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

This event is organised by Yarra's Family and Children's Services as part of the City of Yarra's response to the global climate emergency.

Book here


Her Majesty's Theatre

On Monday the 28th of October, the year 10 event management class was fortunate enough to have a private tour of Her Majesty's Theatre, led by the amazing tour guide and front of house manager, Danny Alder We learnt about the history behind the building (from circus space to theatre) including how it bounced back after being burnt down, how that also impacted the architecture of the building and the owners pay respect to the original building. We also got the view from all the different levels of seats and discussed how the sales for all the seats works.

We got to see rooms that have not been seen by the general public and told facts about the history of the theatre. Our tour guide told us funny and interesting stories about each of the rooms we saw, which made the excursion even more interesting. We were lucky enough to visit the Mike Walsh Room, where famous/extremely important people go to, including Cyndi Lauper during the very popular musical Kinky Boots as she wrote the music.


We also got to explore life behind and under the stage. We saw the orchestra pit and the confined space they have to work in. After that we went up to my personal favourite, the back stage hallway, we saw paintings of all the shows that had been performed at the theatre with messages from the people involved. We went through to the dressing room with all the wigs, props and costumes on display ready for the next show.


The best part then came - we had the chance to step onto Her Majesty Theatre's iconic stage and see the set for Her Majesty's current production of Charlie and the chocolate factory and we learnt how much music, lighting and performance affects the show from HMT’s Production Manager, Matthew. We also saw how many sets were up above the stage. Overall we learnt how the show is brought to life and some of the secrets behind the stage. 


Overall, we all had a great time exploring this historically rich and beautiful looking theatre, and learnt a lot about what goes into the events held like seating and preparation of the shows. ​

Sports News


Athletics – SSV State Championships

The SSV Athletics season came to a close, with the running of the State Championships on October 18th. MGC fielded a smaller squad than usual due to a few injuries at the Regional championships, as well as an overall increase in the standard of competition at Division Level.

Having said that, in terms of overall results and medals, we enjoyed the same level of success as in previous years. So what we lacked in quantity we definitely made up for in quality.

Thanks goes to one of teachers Tom Bond who has produced some excellent relay times and results with his level of knowledge and expertise with track and field.

Highlights of the day:


Ella Doherty – Hurdles (ran a P.B.), 3rd year in a row

Ella Doherty – 400m

Tahj Seelig Schattner – High Jump, 2nd time



U13 Relay team – Charlotte Robb, Alina Ivanova, Roxy Maslin, Keira Lindemans

U15 Relay team – Lana Roberts, Jo Kozbinis, Evelyn Gammon, Emily Mackie


4th place

Emily Mackie – High Jump


6th place

Lana Roberts – Long Jump

Evelyn Gammon – Triple Jump

Athletics – All School State Championships

Three of our students competed at the recent All School championships. Ella Doherty (hurdles), Tahj Seelig Schattner (High Jump) and Lara Whittey (Pole Vault) did MGC proud by medaling in their respective events.

Tahj finished 3rd, but jumped equal 1st and lost on countback. Ella came 2nd and qualified for Nationals. Lara came but has also qualified for Nationals due to the 2nd placegetter making themselves unavailable to compete.

Health and PE Day

One of the major events of the year for the Sports Captains is Health and PE Day. It started out as a Government initiative where schools participated in a whole week of activities. This initiative has unfortunately ceased, but MGC is proud to continue the tradition of running fun and exciting health related activities.

This year we offered some new options for students as well as some old favourites:

  • Fitness Class and healthy breakfast before school
  • ‘Guess the Number of Balls in the sporting bag’ contest
  • Just Dance
  • Netfit – a group personal training-style session combining high energy movements and netball skills

I would like to acknowledge the hard work of the Sports Captains for the organisation of this event, particularly Eleni Karamitros who as Vice-Captain, stepped in to lead the group in the absence of Cassie Carman who is in the middle of her exam period.

Mr Fero-Kovassy

Interschool Sport

I will keep this update short and sweet as I am typing multiple articles with a broken wrist.

During the first few weeks of Term 4, MGC sent teams and competitors to 9 Regional Finals events and the State Track and Field Championships. There is a separate write-up for the Athletics event in the newsletter, so I will focus on the Regional results.



Intermediate Basketball


Intermediate Hockey


Year 8 Basketball


Year 7 Basketball


Year 7 Hockey


Year 7 Table Tennis

3rd in group

Year 8 Cricket


Year 7 Cricket


Year 8 Volleyball

3rd in group

Year 7 Volleyball

3rd in group


As you can see, we have enjoyed a large amount of success, with 6 out of the 10 teams progressing through to their respective State Finals. This ensures that our Sport Program will continue to be in full swing all the way to December!!

I would like to wish all our athletes the best of luck for their State Finals, and acknowledge the hard work by our dedicate staff coaches: Amanda Lucas, Anna Crosswhite, Leigh Hanley, Meredith Carre, Lizzie Hajzler, Bridget Tellefson, Peter Hilton and John Opt Hoog.



Andrew Fero-Kovassy

Performing Arts News

Junior String Ensemble

On Tuesday 22nd October, the Junior String Ensemble was invited to perform at the launch event of the 2019 Online Orchestra project. The AMEB Online Orchestra brings together orchestras, choirs, community groups and individuals from around Australia to perform together in a mass online video event. The set song was “I Am Australian” and for the second year in a row the MGC Combined Choirs and Junior String Ensemble participated in this project. The event was held at the Kenneth Myer Auditorium in the new University of Melbourne Conservatorium of Music building in Southbank. We departed school at 8:45am and arrived there for a soundcheck before official proceedings kicked off at 10:30am. The event was hosted by AMEB Ambassador Jessica Gethin, Australian born conductor who is the Chief Conductor of the Perth Symphony Orchestra and listed as one of Australian Financial Review’s 100 Most Influential Women in Australia. MGC was one of two schools invited to perform at this event, which is a huge testament and compliment of their talents. The ensemble performed Butterfly and Flowers, a beautiful piece based on the Pentatonic scale by Elena Roussanova Lucas. After all the formalities were completed, the video of the Online Orchestra was officially launched. Thank you to the following students who participated in this event: Erica Brown Yamada, Hazel Calwell, Mihiri Dharmabandu, Claire Garner, Elita Hemley, Kaede Kiriyama, Zoe Korr, Alexandra Pilepich, Lorraine Sanares, Irene Tetaz, Madeleine Yong.


Junior String Ensemble by Hazel Calwell

This year the MGC Junior String Ensemble took part in the AMEB Online Orchestra, an annual event involving many musical groups and individuals across Australia. Each group submits a video performance of the same song and they are then collated into one video. This year the song was I Am Australian and our string ensemble, including violins, violas and cellos, was lucky enough to be invited to the unveiling of the video. On Tuesday 22nd of October, we attended the launch at ​the University​ of Melbourne Conservatorium of Music in Southbank. Our string ensemble performed a piece titled Butterfly and Flowers for an audience including members of the AMEB board and other important individuals in the Australian music world. We also watched a performance by Tintern Grammar Junior Choir. The venue was an incredible place to perform and all of us had a great day. 

Thank you to Miss Chin and Mr Gyori for all their hard work with the string ensemble and making this day possible!!

Semester 2 String Soiree

Congratulations to all our violin, cello and guitar students for their performances at our String Soiree on Tuesday, 29th October. As the audience arrived, they were able to listen to the recording of Lucca Randazzo’s original composition –“E.A.T”, which was written for and recorded by the MGC Senior String Quartet. Lucca composed this as part of the requirements for her Year 12 Music Styles and Composition course.


 Our other Year 12 string students, Victoria Kozbanis, Layla Enriquez Tsifidis & Jemima Lam (Guitar) Susan Su and Crystal Choo (Cello) were also acknowledged before the opening item of the String Ensemble’s performance of “Butterfly and Flowers”. We were treated to a variety of items, from solos, to duets, and small groups, in a variety of styles, including classical, Irish, improvised jazz solos and some beautiful singing by Clare Elliot, Joanna Kozbanis, Jaeda McPherson, Elizabeth Pritchard and Scarlett Tucker. Other highlights of the evening included solos by Alex Morris (Cello) and Evie Scott (Violin) the ‘Cello Ensemble playing Toto’s “Africa”, the Violin Ensemble’s “Hornpipe” and the final item of the evening which saw all the guitarists on stage performing “I Want It That Way”.

A huge thank you to Les Gyori (Violin) Andy Clarke (Guitar) and Wen Chin (Cello, String Ensemble) for preparing and encouraging their students and arranging and accompanying on the night.

The String Soiree was the culmination of the Instrumental Music Performance Season for Semester 2, which opened in Week 1 with our Woodwind Soiree. Week 2 was our Vocal Showcase and Week 3’ was our Piano Soiree.

Thank you to all parents for coming and for supporting MGC’s instrumental program.

We look forward to seeing you at Presentation Night!

Anne Corry

Manager of Instrumental Music

Halloween Piano Soiree


Congratulations to all our piano students who entered into the spirit of the Halloween theme at MGC’s Piano Soiree on Tuesday, 22nd October. There was some excellent scary makeup including our winner, Gracie Rawlinson, and costumes, including a masked performer (Maya Garrett), devils, black cats and bats, Harry Potters, fairies, tortured zombie school girls and even a hotdog! However, the winner of the costume competition was Mahalia Krester, with runner up Luella Breach. The winner of the best bowing competition went to Mia Casey. The student’s choice of repertoire also reflected the Halloween theme, and their commitment to playing from memory was especially commendable. One of the many highlights was a duet by Gwyn and Luc Op’t Hoog to open Act 2. A huge thank you to Katrina Halliday for her preparation and encouragement of her students, giving them an opportunity to share all their hard work and inspire each other. Thank you to all the parents for coming and supporting their daughter’s musical journey.


Library News

What's new on the shelf?


Homework Club

Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!!

Ms Hajzler


MGCs waste revolution rolls on

This week the Sustainability team collected the names of over 70 students that had bought zero waste lunches to school. That’s impressive! We’re so pleased that so many students have taken the message of reducing their own personal plastic waste seriously and that this is reflected in they bring to school. The names of 6 students have been drawn out and they will collect some cool low waste life style prizes thanks to the “Source”.

As I go around the yard at recess and lunchtimes, talking to students about their waste and how they think the initiative is going, many questions come up. One is “why have some bins been reopened?” The answer to this is, there are some of the permanent bins around the school that have been reopened so that the hirers can use them. We are working on the construction of a device so we can easily lock and unlock the bins so that the hirers can access them on the weekends. We are obliged through existing contractual arrangements to provide them with bins.

Moving forward we’d like parents to be aware that we have applied for a grant through the Local Schools Community Fund We are hoping to obtain funding to purchase a Food Waste Dehydrator through an Australian company called Eco Guardians . This device will be able to turn 50kg of food waste per day into soil. Our solar cones and compost bins are struggling to keep up with all the organic waste our school is producing!

Another observation I’ve made, is that some students are consuming high levels of sugar both at recess and lunch times. Parents and guardians may not be aware of this. I thought I’d mention it as it might be a conversation that you might like to have with your daughters about what constitutes a healthy diet and the health effects of a high sugar diet, both in the short and long term.  

Please continue to support our National Parks Scheme initiative by ensuring your daughter brings a lunch box that contains as little waste as you’re able to manage.

Remember we don’t need a few people doing Zero Waste perfectly, we need many of us doing it imperfectly.

On Saturday the 26th of October Lucy Skelton (Environment Captain) and I will be speaking at the St Kilda Zero Waste Festival about the NPS at MGC. It’s a free event and is taking place at St Kilda Town Hall. Please feel free to join in.

As always, if you have any questions about the NPS please feel free to email me.

Paula McIntosh.

Melbourne Girls' College
Planta team with their Monash mentor
Hand2Heart team with their mentor for the WISE program
Soiree S2 2019 Program.docx
Soiree S2 2019 Program UPDATED.docx
Halloween Piano Soiree.docx