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30 November 2019
Issue Eleven

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Principal's Message


It was such an honour to be involved in the Year 12 Graduation held Monday week ago. The students and their families presented themselves with such pride. It was a great evening and I wish all of the graduating Year 12 students all the best as they forge their way into the world. Well done to the staff team for supporting the students.

I was also chuffed to hear about the Energy Breakthrough team which rode their vehicles a record distance of 1250 kilometres last weekend in Maryborough. The staff and students worked as a team to support each other to shatter their old mark. A special thanks to Mr Jim Bowcher who passionately coordinated and supported the group. Well done, Jim. We know how proud you are of the students.

December Arrives

I write this article on the last day of November, knowing that the new month is upon us. I had the privilege of attending my old school's first, ever Production Evening on Thursday. It was in South Melbourne with the Primary School students and they were all so excited to be on stage in front of their parents. Children of ages 5-12 are so full of wonder and excitement and I could not help thinking about our students at Bairnsdale Secondary College and how quickly the time flies. Before long, my little primary students will be off to secondary and into the wide world.

I think the parents who are able to 'smell the roses' and understand that childhood is fleeting get the most out of parenthood. If you can savour the moment, then it feels good. I hope that is what my South Melbourne parents did on the night.

It is a strange time for me as I am preparing to return to my old school whilst still working hard at BSC. With only three weeks to go before the long break, I hope I get to savour the moments of being a secondary school principal. It has been a wild ride in many aspects; but one I would not swap for all the money in the world. The students, staff and parents at BSC have been absolutely wonderful and I really look forward to celebrating the last part of the year together.

Thanks for continuing to support the school and I hope some of the changes we have tried to make have improved the College that one degree every day. We are far from perfect, but we continue to try to grow and learn together.

Enjoy the last few weeks of school.

Meet Trudie - New Principal - December 11 at 6pm

We welcome all parents who wish to attend to come along on Wednesday 11th December 2019 at 6.00pm in the Malgobila (orange) building. It is an opportunity to meet our new principal, Ms Trudie Nagle, who takes over from the start of 2020. We will also take the chance to explain the new timetable and subject blocking for the new year and reinforce our expectations and standards.

We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Mobile Phones - New Rules in 2020

On 26 June 2019, the Minister for Education, the Hon. James Merlino MP, announced a new mobile phone policy for every government school in Victoria.   The new mobile phone policy comes into effect from Term 1, 2020, and requires that students who choose to bring mobiles phones to school must have them switched off and securely put away during school hours.

The Role of Technology

We live in an exciting and technology-rich world and mobile phones are an important modern day communication tool.  The school acknowledges that access to a mobile phone by children is important to many of our families in providing a sense of safety for their child while travelling to and from school, and for confirming or changing after school arrangements.

Managing the Impact of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones often create disruptions and distractions in classrooms. Establishing a ‘mobile phone free zone’ helps teachers to establish and maintain a focused and productive teaching and learning environment.

Research has found that mobile phones can be disruptive in classrooms and open to misuse at school (e.g. accessing inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and unauthorised photography). Additionally, research shows that the unregulated presence of mobile phones in classrooms can undermine students’ capacity to think, learn, remember, pay attention and regulate emotion. A summary of recent, relevant research is available on the Department of Education and Training’s website.

At recess and lunchtime our school also values the opportunity for students to communicate with each other face-to-face or be involved in activities rather than being focused on a device, particularly when using the device to engage with social media.

The new policy does acknowledge that technology is increasingly impacting the way in which students learn and communicate.  Therefore, when a student has been given explicit permission to access and use such devices to enhance learning by the classroom teacher, mobile phones will be permitted for that specific purpose.

For a small number of students with particular health needs, an exception to the policy may be granted. Please contact the school if you would like to discuss this.

I encourage each member of our school community to read the new policy which will soon be available on our website. This policy outlines the school’s expectations of staff, parents/carers, and students regarding the safe and appropriate use of mobile phones by students at school.

Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency or if you need to contact your child, I ask that families contact the staff in the school office who will pass on a message as needed. The school acknowledges that this new policy may require some adjustments. As such, I ask for the support of all our families, staff and students in its implementation.

Key Points

  • A new mobile phone policy comes into effect from Term 1, 2020
  • Students will be required to switch off and store phones securely from the first bell until the last bell each day
  • Families should contact the school office should you need to pass on an urgent message to your children.


Last Day Year 10 Students

Year 10 students last day at school is Friday 6th December

Music Gala Concert

Monday 9th December at 7.00pm in Boucher Hall

Featuring: All Senior Ensembles

Parent Information Evening

Wednesday 11th December at 6.00pm-7.00pm in Malgobila

ATAR Results

Released Friday 13th December at 7.00am

Wargomerrin (Year 7) News

7Q Maths with Ms Booth

7Q got creative in Maths, making some interesting shapes. They then used these to trace 2D shapes to work out perimeter and area.


Deakin Engineering Roadshow

Students in Years 7 to 10 had the opportunity to participate in the Deakin Engineering Roadshow. Guided by students from the Deakin Uni School of Engineering, students worked through a series of hands-on challenges. They built earthquake proof buildings that they tested on a "shake-table", they built wind turbines to harness the power of wind, they built bridges that had to stand the test of destructive winds and heavy weight, and they battled it out in teams in a robot relay race in which they had to control robots to complete a series of tasks. Eyes were opened to the opportunities within the many fields of engineering, and great fun was had by all.


Taj's Cut for Cancer update


Since the beginning of his fundraising campaign Taj has raised $8000 with $2500 being raised on the night. Donations are still being accepted to continue research into finding a cure.



Since Taj's haircut;

Taj feels cold, light and grateful for all those that supported him during his campaign to raise money for cancer research and also those that supported him during his hair cut.

Wurrin (Year 8 & 9) News 

Market Day

On Thursday the 14th of November, students from the Year 11 Business Management and Year 9 Enterprising People classes hosted a market day throughout lunch time. Students ran a number of stalls selling items such as sausages, milkshakes, lolly bags and icy poles and performed activities such as doughnut on a string and “guess how many in a jar?”. The products and activities were hugely popular, and almost $400 was raised for Love Your Sister charity!

For students, this provided a great opportunity to gain experience within a controlled business environment and enabled them to display the skills they have learnt throughout the year.

We would like to congratulate Jack Rogers for his win of the jar of M&M’s totaling 1115. Hopefully he brushes his teeth!

It was a great outcome for the students and the prize winners and we would like to thank everybody for attending.

Year 8 & 9 Deakin Engineering Roadshow Workshops


2019 Energy Breakthrough Trip 

On the Thursday last week the Energy Breakthrough team departed Bairnsdale Secondary College at 7:00am to arrive at Marybourough at 1:00pm and set up camp. The next few days everybody got ready for the race we had to do our presentation for 2 judges and also scrutineering  to make sure our HPV's (human powered vehicle) were race ready. Then on Friday night 4 riders from each team, two girls and two boys did time trials to see where we would start on the track. The next day the race commenced at 1:00pm not finishing until the next day at 1:00pm. The riders for Roadrunner were Will Anderson , Maegan Sherritt, Dylan Capobianco , Cooper Shaw, Macey Wust , Talia Dudley, Charlotte Breukel, Jack Mayes, Hendrick Eveleigh and Marty Crawford. For Tweety bird there was Kendall Hardess, Jazelle Rogers , Wren Walker , Ty Taylor, Rhyan Bailey , Connor McGivern , Jayden White and Casey Hoxley . Thank you to all the teachers who gave up their time, Mr. Bowcher, Mr. Rubenstein, Miss V, Jess and Paul who helped us weld a bike back together at 2:00am. We finished the race having travelled 1,250km and placing 68th out of 120 HPV's.  Our vehicles had lots of crashes and scratches, it was a great time. Some memorable events of the trip were Rhyan and Ty shaving their hair, Ty's mishap with a drill and Connor missing a swan in the middle of the track.  

Written by Talia Dudley and Macey Wust


Malgobila (Year 10, 11 & 12) News

Intermediate VCAL Open Garden Day

The Intermediate VCAL students held an Open Garden Day on Friday to showcase the amazing garden they have been working on all year. 

Students made Jams, Chutney, Lemon Butter and a variety of Baked Goods in class to sell.

Fresh eggs were also on sale from the Chickens kept at school. 

An entry fee was charged and this included a Devonshire Tea (students also made the scones).

All proceeds made will be donated to a local charity, an estimated profit of over $500.

Well done to these kids who have worked so hard all year to keep the garden productive and have looked after the chickens like they were part of their family. 

A big shout out to Deb Blackley she is so passionate about her students and the Chickens. 

Well done to all involved another tick for the VCAL Team.



2019 Graduation

What a night it was Thursday  21st November for our 2019 graduates and their families. So many words come to mind in trying to describe it. There was pride, there was joy, there was relief, nostalgia, humour, tears, inspiration and so much love in that auditorium on Thursday night. Sure, the Senior Hub and Co. set up and organised the night but it’s not just our celebration alone.

It was so fantastic to see so many of the College staff members there to share in the celebration and support our students, as mentioned several times in briefing on Friday morning. It’s the fruition of the efforts, love and care that all of our staff have given these students since 2014 that make this night one of the highlights of the school year.

"It takes a Village”





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Market Day

On Thursday the 14th of November, students from the Year 11 Business Management and Year 9 Enterprising People classes hosted a market day throughout lunch time. Students ran a number of stalls selling items such as sausages, milkshakes, lolly bags and icy poles and performed activities such as doughnut on a string and “guess how many in a jar?”. The products and activities were hugely popular, and almost $400 was raised for Love Your Sister charity!

For students, this provided a great opportunity to gain experience within a controlled business environment and enabled them to display the skills they have learnt throughout the year.

We would like to congratulate Jack Rogers for his win of the jar of M&M’s totaling 1115. Hopefully he brushes his teeth!

It was a great outcome for the students and the prize winners and we would like to thank everybody for attending.

Biology and Bubbles

The year 11 Biology class spent their final session using bubbles to model the plasma membrane as revision for year 12 Biology next year. Jasmine was crowned queen of the bubbles after consistently producing the largest bubbles, Oliva and Erin also managed some very impressive bubbles.



Year 11 Food Studies

Year 11 Food Studies went to Melbourne on the 18th of November. Students travelled down on the train and their first destination was the Melbourne Museum. Students explored the digestive system and the mind at the museum. We explored China town and had lunch at a dumpling restaurant. Students then completed an amazing race around the city that included photographing their kitchen utensil with people and in front of a variety of food shops.  Students enjoyed their day and their introduction into Food Studies 3/4.


2020 Year 12 Headstart 

This week our 2020 Year 12 student cohort took advantage of the opportunity to begin their Year 12 VCE studies in our Headstart program which was very well attended. Staff will be available until the end of the school year to support students and sort out any queries they may have.

Year 10 students were more than happy to cook the BBQ for their fellow students. 



VET Hospitality

On the 26th of November the Vet hospitality cohort travelled to Lakes Entrance and had brunch at Albert and Co. Students were able to experience the hospitality industry and reflect upon the first year Vet Hospitality has been run at Bairnsdale Secondary College. We then travelled to the Co orp  and explored the local fishing industry.



End of Year Attendance and Dismissal for Year 10

Friday 29th November, 2019 is the official last school day for Year 11 students.

Year 10 students may be dismissed from the end of the school day on Friday 6th December, 2019 on request of a parent, provided the principal has received satisfactory evidence that the student has suitable employment. There is a return slip on the bottom of the Year 10 into Year 11 Headstart letter to sign and return next week. This has always been a Department requirement.

2020 year 11 Headstart Week 9 (5th - 6th December)

On Friday 29th November, every Year 10 student was issued with a letter containing information for the Year 10 into Year 11 Headstart program which begins next week. Please ask your student to see this.

Next week, classes will be as normal Monday to Wednesday for our Year 10 students. On Thursday 5th and Friday 6th December, Year 10 students will be supported in their 2020 Headstart, where they will be introduced to course outlines and Headstart tasks for each of their 2020 subjects.

VCAL students will also be involved in a Headstart program.

To assist parents and carers in supporting their child with the Headstart work over the summer break, all VCE Headstart materials have been uploaded onto the Bairnsdale Secondary College Compass portal.

This work can be accessed by students and parents/carers at any time over the holidays. Please check that you can find the materials before the holidays begin, so we can help you if there are any problems.

You can access the tasks through the Teaching and Learning tab (pencil icon) on the Compass landing page.  Drop down to School Resources. Then Headstart 2020. Within that folder, each Key Learning Area will have their materials, divided by the unit being taught. For example, in the English folder, you will find Unit 1/2 English.

Deakin Engineering Roadshow

Students were given an opportunity to experience university style activities. Students completed multiple hands-on workshops relating to engineering and design, they participated in a Q&A session with Deakin University students, and experienced cutting-edge research and technology in virtual reality, renewable energy, robotics, and environmental engineering.



Year 10 Exams

WOW, we didn’t know which way our Year 10 students would go with the introduction of formal end of year examinations in English and Mathematics. 

We are claiming victory….what a success! Our supervisors were impressed at not only the behaviour but the preparation that so many students had put into trying to make sure that they were giving it their best shot. In fact they were so impressed they placed a thumbs up to students in the Advertiser!

We are dying to hear results and ask that teachers promptly get back to students with feedback.


From the General Office...

College Hours

The College operating hours are shown below. On occasions there will special events or activities outside of these hours which are supervised by the teacher in charge.

The College Administration is open during operating hours.

Monday         8:00am to 4:15pm

Tuesday         8:00am to 4:15pm

Wednesday  8:00am to 4:15pm

Thursday      8:00am to 4:15pm

Friday             8:00am to 4:00pm


The Administration Office will close at 2:30pm on Friday 20th December 2019

We will be open on Book Day Wednesday 22nd January 2020 between 7:30am and 5:30pm.



As the warmer months are now upon us it is worth reminding our College Community about the need to be sun smart. Students and staff can find sunscreen and insect repellent at the General Office and the Hubs. UV radiation peaks during school hours so sun protection is of utmost importance. 

When outside -  

  • wear a suitable hat
  • apply sunscreen
  • drink plenty of water

Asthma and hay fever symptoms increase between October to December.  There is also a chance of thunderstorm asthma event during grass pollen season. 

Those students with asthma need to –

  • make sure the College has a copy of your asthma action plan
  • carry their asthma medication with them at all times
  • avoid being outside during a thunderstorm and the following wind gusts occurring between October and December. 

Current Vacancies






Classroom Teacher - English




Classroom Teacher – Maths/IT




Classroom Teacher - Maths




Instrumental Music Teacher - Strings




Classroom Teacher – Maths/Science




Classroom Teacher – English/German




Classroom Teacher - Maths




Classroom Teacher - Science




Classroom Teacher - English




Classroom Teacher – Science



Sports and Outdoor Education

Outdoor Eduction Surfing Trips

On Monday 18th November, Mr Graham’s Year 10 Outdoor Ed. class ventured down to Eastern Cape Conran for a session of surfing with our instructors, Phil and Sophie from “Phil’s Surf Shack”.

After all the wind we’ve had lately we were concerned that conditions might not be very good, however, the forecast turned out to be great and accurate! Mid-twenties and an offshore breeze! Perfect!

Prior to the trip the students had to all successfully complete a swimming assessment for safety reasons and learn about coastal environments, including safety in the surf. Phil and Sophie reinforced this on the morning with more safety and “reading the surf conditions” lessons on the beach before we entered the water.

Some of the nine students had already had one surf lesson at Waratah Bay earlier in the term and this stood them in good stead as all students had at least some level of success with standing up on the boards on the day. There were a few students who found the cold water a bit hard to tolerate after an hour but remaining students soldiered on until the end of the two hour session and took full advantage of the near perfect conditions. Well done to all the students on their achievements but especially to the girls and one boy who surfed for the full two hours!

The entire day was a great success with the students representing BSC positively! Well done.




Dental Van Visit

The Dental Van will be visiting Bairnsdale Secondary College the week of the 9th of December to provide full examination, cleaning, fissure seals and fillings if required. There will be no out of pocket expenses if your family is eligible.
Please see permission form attached for further Information - permission form MUST be signed and brought back to the school office to enable dental care to take place.
Hard copies have been sent home with each student, if you need further copies they are available at the office.


16 Days of Activism


Make the Link poster


Walk to Change the Story

On Wednesday the 27th of November Bairnsdale Secondary College had a huge turnout to go on the Walk to Change the Story which was organised by Gippsland Lakes Community Health. The day highlighted the importance for gender equality and the empowerment of women, and was a call to action against domestic violence.

It was a wonderful, and very warm day, it was great to see students befriending others and wandering around the stalls, engaging with community groups. We in Wellbeing also feel very proud that we saw some Bairnsdale Secondary College students supporting and working at community group stalls. We were also extremely proud to hear from passionate students that spoke on the day, both on stage and while on the walk.

Thank you to the number of staff and principals that attended on the day to support our students.

A big thank you to the students and families that attended, we believe the walk and speeches empowered a great number of our students to be active in standing up and speaking out against gendered violence.


Community Notices

Foster Secondary College Reunion


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