14 December 2019
Issue Twenty
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Thursday 12 December

Duke of Ed Hike

Year 7 & 8 Activities


Friday 13 December

Duke of Ed Hike

Year 7 & 8 Activities


Monday 16 December

Presentation Night Rehearsals


Tuesday 17 December

7:00pm Presentation Night


Wednesday 18 December

Curriculum Day (no classes)


Thursday 19 December

Curriculum Day (no classes)


Friday 20 December

Curriculum Day (no classes)

End of Term 4


Thursday 23 January

Campion Book Collection (Junior School)


Wednesday 29 January


Senior Students commence


Thursday 30 January

Junior Students commence


Monday 3 February

Year 12 Camp


Tuesday 4 February

Year 12 Camp


Wednesday 5 February

Year 12 Camp


Friday 7 February



Tuesday 11 February

7:00pm Year 12 Parent Night


Wednesday 12 February

9UP Day 1

2:00pm Year 7 Meet the Principal (Hall)


Thursday 13 February

Photo Day

Kingston Senior Cricket





Sunday morning began for me at the Bentleigh Uniting Church last weekend.


It was their Christmas Carole Service and our choir and senior singers performed beautifully, together with the Coatesville Primary School choir.


They absolutely made a difference to that community and I was so proud to be there.


Also I would like to thank and acknowledge Ms Blanka West who always brings the best out of these children.  Chloe James (Year 12) performed an amazing solo of ‘The Holy City’.  Tristan Fuhrer (Year 9) played drum kit, Andrew Seamer (Year 9) played the violin and an ex-student, Matt James, played the viola.


Well done to all of you!


Australian Maths Trust (AMT) nominated McKinnon to receive the 2019 Australian Maths Champion school award in relation to the achievements of Australia’s talented students and inspirational teachers.  


This award recognises a school community that has demonstrated passion towards the learning and enjoyment of mathematics/algorithmics and demonstrated its commitment to motivating students’ learning through AMT competitions, products and enrichment resources.


We were delighted to receive the award given in recognition of our school’s engagement and involvement. We intend to continue the tradition of excellence and encourage students to continue and challenge themselves with these valuable competitions.


I would like to acknowledge Mr Bill Manolas (Learning Area Manager) and the Maths faculty for the wonderful work they do for our students.



Our 2020 Peer Support Leaders have been selected from a large number of possible candidates. Year 10 students immersed themselves wholeheartedly into the Peer Support training program. I congratulate those selected and wish them well with the very important role they play in assisting our new students’ transition into our school.


I would like to acknowledge and thank Ms Fiona Wallis for coordinating this critically important program.


Thank you also to Oliver Lopez and Skyla Isaacs (Year 11) who volunteered to come to speak to the Year 10s.


The following are our Year 11 Peer Support Leaders for 2020:


May Landau, James Helmore, Jet Moadim-Lesimha, Marcus Andonopoulos, Tayla Gustin-Edwards, James Radford, Tiarne Kalb, Perry Robinson, Chloe Fredericks, Zoe Maxfield, Ben Schmidtke, Elise McDavitt, Leesa Bristow, Matthew O'Brien, Dana Boudiab, Ishaan Chowdhary, Sarah Hatigan, Connor Macdougall, Kyla Fanstone, Digby Stannus, Isabelle Rake, Brij Shah, Manasi Deshpande, Carmen Garcia Landeira, Rosie Pendlebury, Sophie Peter, Jordan Marakhov, Irene Panagiotopoulos, Vanessa Paredes, Ben Porter, Chase Nathan, Summer Partridge, Melissa Liu, Fraser Sharman-Smith, Rhys Kennedy, Trinity Francis, Tia Finn, Tejesvhi Sagwal, Harrison McPhee, Jonathan Joseph, Cindy Mao, Kester Duggan, Julia Giantsos, Naomi Lyubic, Aiden Mosford, Liam Gill, Sonya Mikhaylova, Dmitriy Faizoulline, Catherine Braniska, Jordyn Freeman, David Pedan, Nicholas Lanaras, Adam Pacak, Chloe Smith, Kailah Hollingworth, Kundali Powell, Ethan Zelmanovich, Philippa Sharman-Smith, Liam Ayres, Kathleen Sumarna, Ben Maxwell, Rachna Petch, Evan Grenda, Karleen Han, Lina Nguyen, Ilya Parakhin, Kampi Nainhabo, Adam Hatchuel, Freya Cross, Aanya Chopra, James Vassiliou, Michelle Gu, Maia Curtain, Victoria Poulos, Joshua Plumb, Markus Duggan, Bridget Soteriou, Jackie Verbuk, Tara Bajan, Tobie Webster, Emmanuel Hontzogloy, Ben Kupshik, Millie Graham, Cara Smith, Shubh Shah, Khushi Negi, Claudia Gerbic, John Mantle, Patrick Gallagher, Grace James, Marisha Dinesh, Catherine Chang, Sam Basman, Lachlan Smith, Lucy Robertson-Reid, Leila Brough, Jaime Tyzack, Klaudija Zidonyte, Lucca Beaves, Kai Seeto-Grossi, Jade Olascoaga, Pamela Doulgeris, Anna Karayannis, Padua Beaves and Kelly Marlow.


Congratulations to you all!  I know you will be marvellous Peer Support leaders for 2020!


Ms Carole Hooper has been a long-standing member of our staff.


She plays a vital role as Sport Coordinator for Year 7 & 8 students. She ensures everyone is encouraged to participate in their chosen sports each term and works hard to build a love of physical activity and strong wellbeing.


Carole also plays an important role as the School Sport Victoria Coordinator for the Secondary School Division of the Kingston Region. She works to coordinate the sporting activities of 8968 participants! 


Last week Carole was recognised for her exceptional commitment and service. She was awarded the inaugural SSV Secondary Division Coordinator of the Year.


Congratulations Carole on a job well done!


I have received wonderful feedback from parents (those that accompanied our school group) and also other parents.


Their praise of our staff was appreciated.  Staff do go above and beyond to give our students life changing opportunities.


I am so grateful that people took the time to contact me to say thank you!


I would like to acknowledge and thank Phillip De Salvo and Paul King for organising this wonderful event. 


The following staff went on the bike ride and I thank them for their guidance and assistance in running this event for our students and families:


Phillip De Salvo, Paul King, Nick Foot, Tiffany Zikou, David Machin, Liam Adlington, Mel Brush, Carole Hooper, Daniel Farthing, Jack Gromer, Rachel Walker, Brett Howe, Tim Blackwood and Willem Voorham.


There is a lot more information regarding the GVBR later in the newsletter.


Chloe James (Year 12) and Clare Wever (Year 11) appeared on the Channel 9 Today Show on Wednesday 27 November as part of the Australian Girls Choir, promoting this Years “Carols by Candlelight”. This was Chloe’s third appearance on the Today Show and she says that it is always a fun gig despite having to get up at 3:15am.  Both girls will be performing at “Carols by Candlelight” with the AGC at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Tuesday 24 December, Christmas Eve.


As the academic year comes to an end can I take the opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful festive season.


May your family time together be filled with much love, laughter and joy.


Thank you for your kindness, support and encouragement throughout the year.


On behalf of all of us, rest, regroup and we look forward to everyone’s safe return in 2020.




Booklist orders for students in the Junior School next year can now be completed online. The link to Campion Education is on the College website or can be accessed here. If you wish to have your order delivered to the school (to be collected on Thursday 23 January), the online process needs to be done by Monday 16 December. Otherwise, families can choose to have their orders home delivered at their own convenience.  


We look forward to Year 7 and 8 students taking part in the end of year activities on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 December. Details are available through the Compass event - we ask parents to please ensure payment and consent as soon as possible.  In the final week of the year, the College will be conducting Presentation Night rehearsals on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 - students involved in these rehearsals have already been notified. The last three days of the year (Wednesday - Friday) are staff Curriculum Days and no normal classes will run.


We would like to thank all families for a great 2019 and hope everyone a restful summer break.






Congratulations to Lani Hammam (Year 7) who is placed second with the second highest debating scores for the region. This is a great achievement as there were around 100 students from five different schools in the competition. Furthermore, this competition is for both Year 7 and year 8 students and Lani is only in year 7.


The McKinnon team 1 was also undefeated and included the following girls:

  1. Gisele Hennequin
  2. Ella Ruze
  3. Diane Dixon
  4. Isabella Di Lecce
  5. Ananya Jha 
  6. Danai Argyris
  7. Ruhani Subnani


Congratulations to you all on this wonderful achievement.


Merryn Walker




Every year, Family Planning Victoria come to visit our school to speak to our students about respect for self and others and the changes their bodies are going through or will soon experience.


This week, as always, we found their visit to be very valuable, interesting and relevant to our students.


We discussed some of the physical, emotional and social changes that adolescents will go through. We chose to separate the male and female students and to present this information in smaller groups as it provides a safe and comfortable environment.


We believe it is very paramount to include the topic of respect for self and others and for our male students, in particular to recognise the importance of respect for women. 


We were very impressed with the maturity of our students and the sophistication of the questions that they asked the presenters.


Here are a few comments our students made about the talk:


“It was very helpful and informed me about aspects I had not heard about before”.


“Being in a single gender group, gave me the confidence to ask questions as I felt comfortable”.


“I learnt a lot, especially about respectful relationships”.


The talk helped to inform me about puberty and relationship changes before they have occurred to me”.


“Although I had heard some of this information before, it reinforced that what is happening to me, is normal".


Susan Wilken

Health Learning Area Manager


All of our Year 7 students have now completed a semester of Food Technology. It is very interesting to see the progress they make in their skill development with cooking techniques and their organisation. Their ability to overcome challenges when working independently and as a member of a team in the kitchen, often increases significantly for some of our students. These skills are vital across all subject areas and also for their social and emotional development.


Every picture tells a story and as you can see, they have had fun in the kitchen for the last practical class of the year. We made Gingerbread!  Although gingerbread became associated with Christmas tradition in 16th century Germany, it dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt.

We decided to make it a ‘holiday’ tradition’ at McKinnon and our students enjoyed the baking, decorating and the eating experience.


I would like to acknowledge our team Ms Evans, Ms Robinson and Ms Stott who are our wonderful and helpful Food Technology Assistants and our teaching staff, Ms Gamble, Mr Lynch, Ms Moloney and Ms Zikou, who by the way, are also awesome!


I have shared the recipe with you if you would like to have some fun in the kitchen too!


We wish you all the best for the holiday season.



  • 60 grams butter 
  • 1 tablespoon golden syrup 
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar 
  • 1 egg 
  • 1 ¼ cups self- raising flour
  • Pinch of salt 
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger 


  1. Collect all ingredients
  2. Heat oven to 160c 
  3. Melt the butter and golden syrup in a medium saucepan and add the brown sugar. 
  4. Stir until sugar has dissolved.
  5. Allow to cool for several minutes.
  6. Beat egg in a small bowl.
  7. When butter mix has cooled add beaten egg. (Do not add if mix is hot as egg will curdle).
  8. Mix well.
  9. Sift flour, salt and ginger into a large bowl.
  10. Add combined wet ingredients to the large bowl and mix well to form dough. 
  11. Knead dough lightly until smooth (approximately 10 times only) on a lightly floured bench.
  12. Place the dough between 2 pieces of baking paper and roll out to 1 cm thick.
  13. Cut with gingerbread/cookie shape cutters.
  14. Decorate with M&M’s, smarties, choc chips etc if desired.
  15. Transfer very carefully to a lined baking tray.
  16. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until golden brown.
  17. Remove from oven and cool for 2-3 minutes on the oven tray on a cooling rack.
  18. Transfer gingerbread from tray to cooling rack.

Susan Wilken

Health Learning Area Manager





History in Year 8 is a cavalcade of fun and excitement as it is one of the best courses going around. We start with the Mongols, have a look at Medieval Europe, participate in Medieval Day, research crime and punishment and finish with learning about the Renaissance. No wonder I am exhausted by the end of semester!


The last few weeks have seen History students working feverishly on their Renaissance Discovery Projects. Working in pairs they research an aspect of the Renaissance, present to the class and make a learning product or model to help facilitate the learning of their topic to the class. Some of the presentations have been amazing but the standard of the learning models have been awesome.


Jonathan Jhoomun

Year 8 History Teacher


Check out the pictures and some of the comments from students in 8E and 8C about their learning. 


8E and their Learning Products


8C and their Learning Products


Tilde and Chantelle from 8E with map and model of Ferdinand Magellan


Anika and Julia from 8C with their Learning Models on Machiavelli


Our names are Kayce and Yael and for the Renaissance project we learnt about King Henry VIII. At first, the only things I knew about King Henry VIII is that he had many wives but thanks to this project I now know his wives’ names and the reasoning behind all of his marriages. To show our learning, we made a presentation about him and a model of all of his wives. This task was fun as they gave us the freedom to choose our partners and our topic. Overall this task was really fun and educational!


Our topic was renaissance entertainment. We learnt about theatre, acting and Shakespeare. We also learnt about other types of entertainment such as sports, music and carnivals. We learnt how some sports are still played today - like tennis, whereas others aren't allowed to be played because they are too dangerous - Jousting. We made a theatre with a stage which showed famous people from the Renaissance on it. Our model showed our learning because we described the life of the famous renaissance entertainers. We really enjoyed the Renaissance because we learnt how their lifestyle was different compared to today.

Annabelle and Kayla (8E)


Our topic was Sir Francis Drake. I think we learned a lot about the life of sailors and explorers in the late 16th century. We also learned a lot about the Anglo-Spanish war, naval tactics used by Drake and the 'unbeatable' Spanish Armada and its defeat. We really enjoyed how open-ended the task was and how many opportunities we had to research different aspects of Sir Francis Drake's life, as well as putting together a presentation for our classmates and thinking about new and unique ways of explaining our information effectively. 

Siddarth and Kevin (8E)


Our topic was Vasco Da Gama.


In our research we learned that he set up a new sea route from Europe to India and opened the world up for exploration. We made the Sao Gabriel, which is the flagship that Vasco Da Gama he used on his first voyage. It shows that we know what ship he used for his first voyage and exploration is his game. We enjoyed doing the research, the part where we compared him to other explorers was the most interesting and fascinating section.


Extra information: Vasco Da Gama, more like, Vasco THE GAMER 

Joshua and Andrew (8E)


My name is Atahan and my partner is Kyle. Our topic was Leonardo Da Vinci. We learnt about Da Vinci’s early life, including his apprenticeship with Andrea del Verrochio, who taught him everything he knew. We learnt about who Da Vinci really was as a person, how he drew inspiration from the things he saw around him. We made a board game that features all of his inventions and some of his paintings, which takes you through a mysterious land. It helped us to comprehend just how many things he invented that we use on a daily basis in today’s world. We both found interest in Da Vinci and we both like board games, so we thought it was a perfect fit. We spent many hours at home constructing the board game and did solid work in class. Through all this, however, it was still fun.

Atahan and Kyle (8E)



In the last few weeks, Year 8 German students made contact with students in Germany to communicate about their interests and the world around them. For most of the students this experience was the first time they communicated with a student from Germany. They were able to make use of the language they had learned over the past two years and enjoyed seeing their efforts come to fruition.


Students introduced themselves, described their families and home, asked questions about hobbies and interests, school and the countries.


I would like to thank Ms Paal and Mr Nutting for setting up this program which keeps our students engaged and might offer the opportunity to continue communication with a German student beyond the classroom.


Thank you to my team for organising events that keeps students engaged in the final weeks of this semester.


I also would like to thank Ms Antal and Ms Reid for accompanying and caring for our students who are currently enjoying their exchange program in Antibes, France. 


A special thank you to Ms Dickson for taking on my role during my extended absence this year.


I would like to thank all Language teachers, assistants, volunteers and the McKinnon community for their contributions to our program this year and extend my best wishes for the festive season!


Andrea Fowler

Head of Languages



This year's group of students taking part in the French Exchange arrived in Nice last Friday the 29th of November, greeted at the airport with hugs, signs, flowers and instant immersion into French language and lifestyle. They were also greeted by alternating weather of sunshine and great deluges of rain. After a welcoming weekend with their host family, they then began school for the week. The first week of school commenced with an official welcome breakfast of croissants and coffee with the school's Principal and other important figures.


They have profited from language lessons to improve their French and cultural lessons about art history from the French Riviera region, French music and other topics, as well as attending some of their exchange partner's lessons to experience life as a student in France. They have also been on excursions to Cannes to explore the coastal town, to Grasse to visit the famed perfumeries and to Valbonne, a medieval town with an amazing market.


Reports from the group have all been very positive with lots of energy despite the impacts of jet lag. We look forward to hearing more about their experiences over the next few weeks.


Ms Kellie Dickson

French Teacher


Any Year 8 students and parents who would like to take part in the New Caledonia Language and Cultural tour in 2020 should pay their deposit of $300 to confirm their interest by Friday 13 December.


If any other current Year 8s and their parents are interested in finding out more, please contact Ms Kellie Dickson ( or Ms Marie-Carmen Jimenez (


Ms Kellie Dickson and Ms Marie-Carmen Jimenez

Tour Co-ordinators


On Wednesday 4 December Year 7 German students participated in a German Folk Music Lesson with the best German ‘Oom Pah Pah’ Band in Melbourne. The ‘Schwarzwald’ band play nightly at the Munich Brauhaus and are highly experienced in all aspects of German folk music and dancing, which helps develop language learning through cultural immersion. The piano accordion player ‘Fritz’ has played in German bands for over 50 years!


We were treated to a range of German folk music, including a yodelling competition and cowbell tunes, performed by students. We also learned some `Schuhplattler´ (slap dancing). This originates in the Alpine regions and involves a high energy combination of stomping, clapping and striking the soles of your shoes, thighs and knees with flat hands. Then we finished off with some ‘Schunkelling’ which had everyone joining arms and swaying from side to side while singing in German. The students and teachers really enjoyed the music and dancing and some even earned a ‘Lebkuchen’ gingerbread treat for their enthusiastic participation.


Karin Paal

German Teacher




























Australian Maths Trust (AMT) nominated McKinnon to receive the 2019 AMC Champion school award in relation to the achievements of Australia’s talented students and inspirational teachers.  We were surprised and delighted to receive the award given in recognition of our school’s engagement and involvement with AMT competitions and enrichment resources. We intend to continue the tradition of excellence and encourage students to continue and challenge themselves with these valuable competitions.


Bill Manolas

Maths Manager



On Friday 1 November the Year 10 Physics classes visited the Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks.


The Planetarium is a fully immersive experience where students (and members of the public) can explore the night sky and discover some of the amazing science behind the familiar views of the sky.

The particular show that we saw was “Ticket to the Universe”. This show takes the students through a journey from near Earth satellites that surround the Earth through the solar system, out to the stars of the Milky Way and all the way to the edge of the known universe. The students can see how the stars of the night sky combine to create the familiar shapes we know as constellations and how these shapes are part of the much bigger whole of the Milky Way galaxy. Then the system moves out and shows how the Milky Way is only one galaxy among billions in the universe. The show describes how bigger and better telescopes have helped expand our view of the universe and led to some of the biggest discoveries of modern Physics.


After the Planetarium show the students had time to explore the rest of Scienceworks and the exhibits on display. Most popular were the interactive sport themed displays that allowed students to test their reflexes, strength and speed. From riding a virtual surfboard, jumping against a laser height measuring device or testing their sprinting starts against Cathy Freeman, the students had the chance to test their abilities.


The Planetarium is a great opportunity to take Physics out of the classroom and give everyone a chance to literally “see the Big Picture”.


John Liakakos

Physics Teacher


Engage, Engineer is a new initiative brought to you by Robogals Monash and Female Engineers at Monash (FEM) aiming to expose high school students to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM).


This two day event held at Monash University, Clayton involves a variety of workshops and activities run by different organisations and student teams. The activities aim to take incoming 2020 Year 9 and 10 students on a journey to learn about the different types of engineering, and the future careers which exist for them in STEM.


 Hosting over 100 incoming Year 9 students across two immersive days, the event will be held on January 20-21 at Monash University, Clayton.  

If you would like to attend, go to  and register.


Therese Sweeney

Head of Science


Through the course of the past week [25 - 29 October], students across Year 8 participated in a heart dissection activity in order to understand more about the human circulatory system. This research is directly related to the upcoming “Body Systems“ test, which will take place in the following weeks.


The students were in groups of 2-6 where they examined and opened the heart of a sheep. This session went across two periods where students were encouraged to locate the arteries, veins and valves of the sheep’s heart while being able to use the scientific equipment confidently. Once students were able to successfully find the important parts of the heart, students then commenced a review activity where they compared the knowledge they gained in their book to the real parts in front of them. Students then used the last 10 minutes of their lesson to complete some questions related to the function of the studied topic. 


Om Wadhwa

Year 8 Student












The McKinnon Year 8 Boys Table Tennis Team, consisting Kevin Zhou, Kanato Sato, Matthew Kwong and Bastien Meric, travelled to the Melbourne Sport & Aquatic Centre on Friday 29 November to participate in the State Finals after claiming the Southern Metro regional championship a month earlier. 

The boys began their pool matches against the very solid team from Yarrawonga College, and needed to win their 6th rubber in order to secure the eventual 4-2 win. In Round 2, they were up against Wonthaggi SC. After losing the 1st singles rubber, the team bounced back and won the next 3 singles before wrapping up the match 5-1 by taking the doubles. With two wins in the bag, the team was guaranteed a Top 2 finish in the pool, and shifted their focus to topping the group. In the last match, the boys comfortably defeated Mercy Regional College who was already eliminated by that stage. The final score was 6-0 in favor of McKinnon.


The boys qualified for the semi-finals as group winners and their opponent was the very competent Northcote High School. Very quickly, the McKinnon boys had found themselves behind 1-3 after the four singles matches and must win the double rubbers convincingly in order to progress. Unfortunately, Northcote was too strong in the end and McKinnon lost 1-5. 


Overall, the McKinnon boys claimed 3rd place in the State as Wonthaggi SC (the other losing semi-finalist) finished behind McKinnon during the group phase. Congratulation to the boys for their tremendous effort and special thanks to Timothy Nicolaides (Year 7), Aaron Zachariah (Year 9), and Zong Yu Li (Year 9) for helping in the team practice sessions. 


Sandy Law



During the week of 2 - 6 December the Australian Schools Basketball Championships were held in Melbourne at the State Basketball Centre and Dandenong Basketball Stadium. This was the 8th year McKinnon has sent a team to this tournament. 

The Intermediate Boys team represented the school this year and started off with a win 107-28 against Avondale (NSW). We then went on to beat Trinity (QLD) 67-40 and Mt Clear (VIC) 73-44. Our last pool game against an undefeated Bonnyrigg (NSW) team McKinnon won 58-48 to finish 1st in our pool. 


In the Quarter Final McKinnon defeated Lilydale (VIC) easily 107-41 and the Semi Final McKinnon defeated Cheltenham 84-71. The final was played at 8am Friday morning with McKinnon up against an undefeated St Augustine's (NSW) team boasting 2 MSW Metro state players. McKinnon fought hard in the first half to be level with our opponents who ran away in the 3rd quarter to finish with a 68-48 victory. McKinnon finished with a 2nd place Runners Up medal. 


The team consisted of Year 10s - Lucca and Padua Beaves, Adam Hatchuel, Harrison McPhee, Charlie OBrien and Tait Pascoe. Year 9s - Matt Day, Michael Aminov, Lewis Barclay and Year 8 - Oliver Ledger.


Thanks to Liam Adlington and Ryan O'Meara for scoring and the parents for your support throughout the week,


James Bridges



McKinnon Volley finished the year off with The Volleyball Victoria Junior Open, entering five teams into the four-day tournament. Our teams all competed in the top divisions for their respective age groups. McKinnon Volley achieved great success with three out of five teams receiving medals at the event.


The Under 14 Girls achieved a Silver medal in their division, a spectacular result for the conclusion of their first year of volleyball. Coming into the Gold medal playoff, the girls were undefeated. But, ultimately went down to Monbulk in a nail biter five-setter, with some close calls the final score was 16-18. This young team has a lot of potential and are excited to see what comes in their near future!


This tournament was the first time the Under 15 Boys had played together as a team, and many of the boys were Year 7s playing against competition a full year older. They showed a lot of improvement and perseverance throughout the four-day event. Culminating in their first victory as a team in their final game of the tournament. 


The Under 16 Girls had a great tournament and finished with a Bronze medal. The Under 16 Boys were in a competitive pool of only four teams, and after playing every team twice they progressed to the Gold medal match, ultimately going down in a tough five-setter. 


The Under 19 Girls had a pretty gruelling tournament starting the first day with three games. The girls finished 5th. But looking ahead to next year six out of nine players will be returning to play in the same division. This is the last school tournament for Sienna Beaves, Ally Manev and Arwen Vernik. We would like to congratulate them on finishing Year 12 and look forward to keeping them a part of the McKinnon Volley family. 


Thanks to all our coaches and helpers for all the work they’ve done this year and we are excited to see what 2020 has in store for us!


Maree Taig

Volleyball Assistant



As we near the end of the 2019 school year, I wish to thank all the parents, students and staff for their ongoing support of the Music department throughout this year. Without your support, we would not be able to develop the skills of your students and the overall sound of our ensembles to the standard that we have.


The last fortnight of the school year has proved to be extraordinarily busy.


Congratulations to the singers who attended the Beaumauris Probus Club Christmas function on Wednesday 4 December. The feedback from this event was outstanding. Thank you to Ms West for organising this.

Congratulations to all the students in the Year 7 Band, Year 7 Strings, Year 8 Band, Year 8 Strings, Year 7 Percussion group, Year 7 & 8 Extension Strings and to the Junior Stage Band for their outstanding performance at the Junior Concert on Thursday 5 December. Thank you to all the parents for their support on the night and all the ensemble directors for their work with the students.


The choir and senior singers performed at the Bentleigh Youth Christmas Service on Sunday 8 December and received outstanding feedback. Thank you to these students and staff who gave up their time in a busy period to provide Christmas cheer within the community. Thank you to Ms West for organising this.


Congratulations to the Junior Stage Band who played at the Junior School Assembly on Monday 9 December. Thank you to Mr Serebrianik for his organisation and development of this group. Thank you to Georgia Foran, Zilai Huang and Talia Zamir who sang the National Anthem accompanied by Mr Kurowski. Thanks to Ms West for organising this group of students.


Thank you to the Intermediate Stage Band for performing at the 2020 Orientation night and day sessions. Your musicianship and enthusiasm was obvious in your performance. Thank you to Mr West for his development of this group.


Thank you to the flute students, string players and singers who performed a Christmas concert at Claremont Terrace on Monday 9 December. The residents and staff appreciated your music and enthusiasm greatly. Thank you to Mr Cook, Ms West, Ms Kavanagh, Ms Russo and Ms Bugeja for the organisation of this event.


Thank you and congratulations in advance to the Senior Stage Band who will be performing at Presentation Night on Tuesday 17 December. We appreciate the dedication to developing your musicianship and representing the school at many formal occasions. Thank you to Mr Serebrianik for his development of this group. 


Just a reminder that all instruments should have been returned to the school after the Junior concert. Instrument hire over the holidays can be organised directly through your instrumental teacher.


Please, enjoy your break. We look forward to the New Year with enthusiasm.


Megan Papworth

Head of Music



#1 Divergent by Veronica Roth

#2 Then by Morris Gleitzman

#3 After by Morris Gleitzman

#4 Soon by Morris Gleitzman

#5 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

#6 The Maze Runner by James Dashner

#7 Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney

#8 13 by James Phelan

#9 Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

#10 Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Hard luck


There were almost 9000 loans from the library during 2019.


The most loans by a student was a total of 77 loans for the year.



All books borrowed this year will now be due back at the start of the school year 2020. Students are encouraged to borrow lots of books for the holidays. Students can borrow from the new book trolley which features the latest additions to the library collection.


Books make great gifts for Christmas and the shops are full of lovely new releases in time for Christmas. Books have the potential to uplift, entertain and enlighten. There is a lovely tradition in Iceland called Jolabokaflod which roughly translates to ‘flood of books”. The Christmas Eve book giving tradition involves the exchange of books around the fire with a mug of hot cocoa. Although it’s not a tradition we can entirely embrace in the middle of summer in Australia we could substitute a cool refreshing beverage.

If you would like to read more about Jolabokaflod follow this link:


From all of us here in the library have a joyous, restful and safe Christmas.


Janene Watson

Resource Centre Manager



This year's was the greatest Great Vic Bike Ride ever. We rode for 8 days and spent over 30 hours on the bike. In total we rode 695km which is an outstanding achievement for all the students, teachers and parents that participated in the ride. There was almost 110 students that went on the ride this year and everyone enjoyed it and we all felt accomplished after the ride.


We started our journey off in Robe, South Australia, where we relaxed in the town for a while before the start of our 8 days on the bike. We rode 88km to the town of Millicent and then continued our journey to Mt Gambier which we rode 89km to. We cruised into our 111km day to Portland and then through to Port Ferry in which we rode 86km.


We then had a rest day in the beautiful town of Port Ferry where we could explore and enjoy the town. The last four days were the hardest as we had to tackle Lavers Hill and a few other rolling hills. On the last day we rode 75km to Torquay in the cold and rainy weather in which we pushed through to succeed.


It felt amazing to complete the ride as the atmosphere at the finish line was buzzing. There were people everywhere to congratulate you on completing the ride and the feeling of finishing was great. We had to say farewell to the new friends we made on the ride and say a big thanks to all the staff and parents that came along on the ride. It was a terrific time and many memories will be cherished forever. It was an amazing and successful 10 days full of hard work and fun.


Alanah Harcourt (Year 9) and Isabelle Sheldrake-Brown (Year 9)


This year marked the first Minecraft Competition at McKinnon Secondary College. The competition took place on Friday 29 November from 3:30pm to 5:00pm (open only to Year 7s and 8s this year). We opened places for 56 competitors and places were filled within 2 days! The competition consists of unlocking as many advancements in the game as possible in 90 minutes. Each unlocked advancement earned points for your team. 28 teams competed in our computer rooms A3 & A4 and the energy and teamwork in the room was enjoyable to see.

A big congratulations to Atish Ramu & Sean Teerapakawong of Year 7 for scoring an unbelievable 306 points and winning our first Minecraft competition. All teams competed with great energy and expertise. It was so great to see so many students turn up and compete, we hope to make it even bigger next year!


Cameron Chan, Sam Neal, Ben Rohrich & Blake Seufert

Event Organisers



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