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05 December 2019
Issue Thirty-eight
Please, no more Christmas Carols!
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Please, no more Christmas Carols!

By Andy Callow (Principal)

I am not a recreational shopper. 

My approach is more ‘hunt and gather’ ( i.e. get what you need and quickly get on your way to more important things).  Crowded carparks and congested shopping aisles are places to avoid at all costs. The combination of noise, movement and over-stimulating visual display soon wears thin, and I start searching for the nearest exit.  Overlay that with one other major irritant found in shopping centres – the repetitive, tinny ‘musak’- and I’m certainly not feeling very jolly.

Sorry, but I don’t need to hear any more about Frosty the Snowman, and in an Aussie summer I don’t really relate to dashing through snow laughing all the way.  Frankly, having to listen again to Good King Wenceslas is not for me, and there is no way I’m going to deck the school hall with boughs of a noxious weed.  


Am I a Christmas Grinch?  Perhaps … but the association of tinsel with the trivial troubles me.

I understand why the blander Christmas songs get airplay and that there is some truth to the line that familiarity breeds contempt, however, rampant commercialism cannot suppress the wonderful tidings of great joy that herald the real reason for the season.


I love the Christmas songs where the music soars to match profound lyrics - words that timelessly capture the story of Good News.  I have wept during a performance of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ and felt my soul stir when belting out the chorus of ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’.  The Middle-Eastern melody of ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’ fits hauntingly the astonishing truth that God became one of us(!) 


The wordsmith who penned ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ gifted us with a wonderful summary of what Christians celebrate:

Hail! the heaven-born Prince of peace! Hail! the Son of Righteousness!
Light and life to all he brings, Risen with healing in his wings
Mild he lays his glory by, Born that man no more may die:
Born to raise the sons of earth, Born to give them second birth.
Hark! the herald angels sing, "Glory to the new-born King!"


This Christmas season may we know more of the astounding truth, and the joy that comes from God and sinners reconciled. Let us raise our voices as one to sing out the deeper and glorious wonder that moves faintly beneath all the gaudy glitter. That a baby - born in a humble stable - could be the hope that saves humanity. A hope that whispers even in our darkest moments. A hope that has sustained, and continues to sustain, a movement that puts one’s neighbour before oneself, that seeks to love instead of hate, and that embraces the wounded and hurting with grace and understanding. 

If the words are along these lines, then please, let the music play on!



What's been happening?

Kinder Nativity Night Celebration
By Kirsty Meese (Team Kinder)

If you were in Belgrave last night you would have seen cameras flashing and amazing outfits (who knew that Mary wore sunglasses!!) as the Kinder Families of 2019 walked the red carpet (of bricks) into Cameo Cinema to watch the Kinder Nativity Night Celebration. 


Last night, we celebrated the year of Kinder 2019 as we watched the three year old children tell us the story of creation and the four year old children tell us the story of The Nativity in their own words on the big screen. There was much delight, laughter and love as we celebrated all the growth, laughter and fun we've had together as well as celebrating the unique Kinder community that has formed firm friendships throughout the year.


"The Nativity Night is something so awesome it's a chance for us to share not only The Christmas Story with family and friends it's also a chance for us to share just how wonderful our Kinder community is" - Kinder Parent


"It was great watching our little movie stars on the big screen, but it was even better talking and eating together afterwards as group of parents and our extended Kinder family" - Kinder Parent



Breathe for Eve - Boom Day 
By Sarah Kelly (Events & Marketing Manger)

Today some of our Senior students organised a fundraiser for one very special girl. Mr Doherty's daughter Eve was born earlier this year with a rare lung condition and has been a challenging year of intensive care stays, living at the Ronald McDonald House, the understandable emotional roller coaster and medical costs. We have quite a few families in the BHCS community who have faced similar challenges, and it was wonderful to do something practical to show our care and support.

There was a free dress day (in bright, rainbow colours as Eve's favourite!), icy poles for sale, a sponge throw with some very brave staff as the target, and various other games and activities to raise funds. It was so wonderful to see our community come together for a great cause once again!

It was heartwarming and special to have Georgie and Eve visit and join in some of the fun - thanks to all involved!



Tesla Car Visit 
By Allen Dickson (Enrichment Co ordinator)

BHCS students had a special visitor this week - a state-of-the-art Tesla Emergency Vehicle. James Middleton - who works for Tesla and is a new BHCS parent for 2020 - brought the car in for students to see and experience what the future of motoring holds. This car is fully equipped to be driverless, with cameras and infra-red sensors... and has the capability of going from 0-100kmph in less than 6 seconds.


Thanks James for bringing in this amazing car and giving all the students - from Prep to our Senior School Physics and Automotive classes - the chance to glimpse a future which is just around the corner for us all. 



1/2 Healesville Sanctuary Excursion
By Peter Read (1/2 Teacher)

Do you know that koalas sleep 18 hours a day? Or do you know that cockatoos nest in the hollow of 150 year old trees? Well, after the Year 1 and 2s finished exploring Healesville Sanctuary last Friday they had broadened their knowledge of some of Australia's most loved animals. 


The 'Fighting Extinction' program helped the students learn more about Victoria's little known local species that are on the brink of extinction. During the platypus presentation we were encouraged to consider using bubbles instead of balloons at birthday parties and other celebrations. Balloons contribute to the deaths of many birds and platypus' after they mistakenly eaten them.


One of the highlights of the day was the 'Spirits of the Sky' presentation. A huge wedge tailed eagle and a colourful cockatoo swooped over the awestruck audience in a display that had us wanting more.

A special thanks to the parents and staff that came along to make the day possible.



Kinder: Fruit Flies Incursion
By Kirsty Meese (Team Kinder)

On Monday Holly came to visit us to talk to us about Queensland fruit flies and their life cycle. We learnt that Queensland fruit flies lay their eggs in fruit with a stinger. The larvae hatch and eat the the fruit, which then goes rotten. The fruit the falls to the ground and the larvae which have turned into grubs go into the ground and turn into pupa. Then 10 days later they have turned into fruit flies and start the cycle all over again. 


Holly explained how we can use fruit fly traps to capture and kill the fruit flies and taught us how to make our own Queensland fruit fly traps, using a clean and empty plastic bottle, a spoon of sugar, some Vegemite and some fruit peel.


Once our parents have helped us to place some small holes in our bottles for the fruit flies to get in, we can hang it up in our garden. From time to time we should check our fruit fly trap and if we find a Queensland Fruit Fly we must inform our local council, so that they can inform the local farmers and then we can be the hero of Belgrave Heights!



Upcoming School Events


The school year finishes up with everyone coming together on Celebration Night.  This takes place in the evening on the last day of school with all students expected to attend in full summer uniform. The night includes performances by students and sub-schools, snippets from productions, and the presentation of significant awards to students, as well as farewells to staff who are leaving, and the Principal’s address. This is also the time we honour our graduating Year 12s. Celebration Night continues to be an important part of our school year and it is strongly encouraged for all students to attend with their families.



General Information (Pg 1 of 2)

Term 4 - END OF TERM

Please note the varying finish times


Friday, 6 December

Final day of classes for Years 8 - 11

Finish Time: 3.30 pm (Normal)


Monday, 9 December

Final day of classes for Year 7

Finish Time: 3.30 pm (Normal)


Final day of classes for Years 5 - 6

Finish Time: 3.15 pm (Normal)


Tuesday, 10 December

Final day of classes for Kinder - Year 4

• Kinder finish time: 1.00pm

• Prep-Year 4 finish time: 1.30pm


Awards Assembly, TOMORROW
Friday 6 December

We will be holding our All School Awards Assembly (Prep to Year 12) at the School Gym on Friday, 6 December  from 9.15am to 10.30am.


This provides us with an opportunity to recognise those students who have excelled in a particular area of their schooling in 2019.   Please feel free to stay and visit our cafe at the completion of the assembly.

BHCS Canteen & Cafe

Please note that the last day for Canteen & Cafe will be Friday 6 December, 2019.  

Office Hours (January 2020)

Our office is open from 8.30am - 4.30pm during school terms. 

Please note the following closure times during the Christmas/Summer holiday period:


The School office closes Thursday, December 12 at 4.30pm and reopens in January  (please see below for times).

January 2020 Opening Times: 

10am-1pm: Thursday 16 Jan, Friday 17 Jan 

11am - 2pm: Monday 20 - Friday 24 January


Full office hours resume 8.30am - 4.30pm on Tuesday January 28

Semester 2, School Reports

As per Semester 1, the Semester 2 reports for students in Prep to Year 11 will be emailed home to families. This should occur within the final week of school, unless there are unexpected delays. Year 12 students will not be receiving reports as their results are issued externally.


Should you not receive your child's report via email by the end of the final week, please email and someone will look at resolving the issue to ensure you receive the required report.  Queries regarding subject matter and grades should be directed to the teachers concerned.

2020 BHCS Employment Opportunities

1. Learning Assistant / Integration Aid to assist in Senior School (VCAL Classes)

2. Learning Assistant /Integration Aide to assist in Middle School (Years 5-8)

Please see the attachments for more information.

Any queries regarding these positions must be made via email to

Applications close strictly at 12pm on Wednesday 11th December, 2019.



2020 School Sport Victoria Team Vic State Teams

School Sport Victoria will once again be offering the opportunity for students with emerging talent from Belgrave Heights Christian School to register to trial for School Sport Victoria Team Vic State Teams in 2020.


Registrations to trial open on Sunday 1 December, 2019 and remain open until Sunday 1 March, 2020 for Boys Australian Football, Netball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, and Boys Football (Soccer).


Trials are not 'Come and Try' opportunities. They are a process for selecting a Team Vic State Team to represent the state at School Sport Australia Championships.


For further information visit or email Mr Doherty on 


End of Year Reminders- IMPORTANT

Medication Collection

Please remember to collect all medication from Reception at the end of the school year - including Epipens, inhalers, antihistamines or any other medication.  Medication not collected at the end of the year will be disposed of through a chemist.  As Epipens are considerably expensive, we strongly encourage families to place reminders on their calendars.


Lost Property

Our Lost Property areas (located at Reception & Junior School) are VERY full!  If you have lost spectacles, school uniform items, drink bottles, toys,  books, casual clothing ....there is a very high chance it is in our lost property.

All unclaimed lost property will be donated to the Op Shop/Charity at the end of the school year.


Locker Cleanout

Families are asked to remind their children about ensuring everything is removed from their locker by the end of the school year.  Remaining items found in or around lockers will be disposed of.


Library & Textbook Return

Please return all library books and text books to the Discovery Centre by this Friday, 6th December.

Teachers have received a list of all outstanding loans for students in their class.  Students in Year 3 and above have also received emails with all their outstanding loans. 

Thank you to all students and parents who have already returned many books. 

Please email or feel free to drop into the DC if you have any questions regarding student loans.

2020 OSHC Care 

Please find the Parent Information Leaflet which outlines information about before and afterschool care, the programming, and how to register your children.

Families can prepare for the new school year as OSHC bookings for 2020 are now open. Registration is free for families interested in using this service. Please register through the Parent Portal.


General Information (Pg 2 of 2)

School Communication Platform Reminders

Please find below a summary of the communication platforms that the school uses. In early 2020 we will send information home to families about updating CareMonkey and how you can subscribe to your student(s) new class lists within Flexibuzz.  To ensure you receive this information, please check your email address is current within CareMonkey. 


Alinta Uniform Shop


Monday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Tuesday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Thursday: 2:00pm - 4:00pm 

Please see the below for the extended opening hours over January 2020.


Student Banking System

Unfortunately, the school has come to the conclusion that the time involved in administering the school banking programs is unjustifiable given the low numbers of students that are participating in them and has therefore decided to cease offering this service as at the completion of the 2019 school year.  

Pieces of a Puzzle - 5/6 Music Album

'Pieces of a Puzzle' is a 10 song album written by each of the Year 5/6 classes with Mr Wanders and Gerry Holmes during 2019.


Each class wrote lyrics together in their PAC lessons. Gerry wrote music and students came up with lyrics with help from  Mr Wanders.

"The songs are about what life is like for kids at their age. We captured a little of what they do and say and things that matter to them. Challenges, heartaches, fish lasagne – stuff like that!" (Gerry Holmes)

When the lyrics and music were done Gerry recorded each class singing in the classrooms. Small groups and soloists recorded in the school's recording studio. The kids' voices are simply beautiful!

Next came electric  and acoustic guitars, sax, bass, drums and keyboards from Gerry, Mr Thompson, Mr Messenger and Jono Callow. You will be blown away by the quality that came together as Jono and Gerry mixed and then mastered this unique collection of voices, stories and prayers.  Note Jono's sound effects on “Rain” and “Time”.

Even Mr Wanders sang!


He comments, “These songs are amazing. They make me laugh and cry. These students are amazing, too.”

'Pieces Of A Puzzle' exhibits what these students are capable of and how truly miraculous their imaginations are.


You can download our album for free here. Enjoy!

BHCS Calendar



Friday, 6 December

Final day for VCAL Programs

- Year 6 Social

- Awards Ceremony (Whole School)

- Last Day of Classes / School Yrs 8-11


Monday, 9 December 

Week 2

- Yr 7 Excursion - Rush HQ

Last Day of Classes / School Yrs 5-7


Tuesday, 10 December

- Kinder Excursion to BHCC

-Dress Rehearsal at BHCC for Celebration Night

Kinder Finishes 1pm

- Prep - Year 4 students finishing at 1.30pm

- Celebration Night (Whole School) 



Wednesday, 11 December

- Kinder Orientation 2020


Thursday, 12 December

- Kinder Clean up Day

- Year 7 2020 Orientation

- Reception / Office closes until January 2020


Office Re-opens

10am-1pm: Thursday 16 Jan, Friday 17 Jan 

11am - 2pm: Monday 20 - Friday 24 January


Tuesday, 28 January 

-Preps, Year 7 and Year 12 Return


Wednesday, 29 January

-Start Term 1 - All Students Return


Community Announcements





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