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27 June 2019
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Principal and Assistant Principal's Page

Principal's Report

Winter has certainly arrived! The mornings have been very icy and although the sun is out there is a chill in the air!

I had a wonderful holiday in Canada and Alaska, the highlights were walking on the Athabasca Glacier in Canada, seeing Lake Louise still half-frozen over, sailing into Hubbard Glacier in Alaska and seeing bears! I’d like to thank Naomi Mori-Hanazono for fulfilling the role of Acting Principal and Keiko Harada as Acting Assistant Principal in my absence and leading the school.

It certainly has been a busy term! Events have included: cross country events- school, district, zone and divisional;  foundation excursion to Myuna Farm; Year 1 excursion to the Melbourne Zoo, Year 6-7 Transition information evening; John Monash Science School Little Scientists Program; school photos; Mother’s Day morning tea; book fair; NAPLAN; Year 5/6 excursions to South Oakleigh College; Box Hill Festival; Monash Reconciliation Art Exhibition; AFL clinics; interschool sport; Year 2 Woolworths excursions; National Reconciliation Week; student attitudes to school survey; Winter gala day; student reports, parent teacher interviews, SLC disco, e-smart parent evening, Watashi Mo’s ‘Kids Fun Day, F-1 parent Japanese classes, Education Week, Year 3&4 excursion to IMAX and the museum, Japan Trip Meetings and ICU Week focusing on the Arts and Environment! Phew!


Vacation Care- Team Kids

Don’t forget we offer vacation care for students over the school holidays through ‘Team Kids’. Team Kids have organised their program for the Term 2 Holidays. You can visit their website to book a place:


Curriculum Day- Term 3

A reminder for parents that we have a curriculum day on Friday 26 July. Students are not required at school for that day as teachers are undergoing professional development. Team Kids will run a program for the day for parents requiring care for their children.


2020 Foundation Enrolments

We are currently taking enrolments for our 2020 Foundation classes. Our current families who have siblings starting in 2020 are encouraged to enrol as soon as possible. Do you know of any neighbours, relatives or friends who are looking to enrol for 2020? Please let them know about our fabulous school! We offer tours at 9.30 on most Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Please encourage potential enrolments to call the school for a tour! Our transition program starts next term and we encourage all new foundation students to attend.


Watashi Mo- Kids Catch Up Day

Watashi Mo would like to thank those families who helped out and contributed  time for the Kids Fun Day. It was a great success. They would like to share this feedback about the event


Rose from Bunnings she said “Congratulations on your successful event “


Gabriel photographer “My pleasure Yayoi, thank you for inviting me to be part of your day. “


Cafe2U “Hi Yayoi, it was a pleasure. Nice group of parents. Very happy to do in future, Cheers, Andrew”


Jolly Jacks Jumping Castle “Thank you Yayoi, it was our pleasure.  I hope to see you guys in the future.  All the best!!


Minniesweets “Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your great event “


Watashi Mo were pleased that everyone used lovely manners during the event especially picking up rubbish and throwing it into the bins. At the end of event, we did not see any rubbish anywhere!


On the event day, we raised $1,682, with further donations coming in later. All up we raised around $2500. We will use a part of this money for our children and school. Well done Watashi Mo and the school community!


I hope everyone has a relaxing mid-year break. Keep warm, enjoy time with your family, doing your favourite hobby, watching TV or movies or travelling.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Term 3

Ruth Biddle


Assistant Principal's report

It’s almost school holidays. I hope you met with your teachers to celebrate their learning at our recent Parent Teacher interviews.


Kid’s Fun Day

It turned out to be nice weather and a lovely day for the recent Kid’s Fun Day. When I asked children at the assembly,who came to the Fun Day, half said they came and enjoyed the day. It was so nice to see many parents help out for the activities and children enjoyed the time together. Thank you very much to Watashi Mo for organising this great fun day.


Donation from our children

Lisa and Amelie joined the Flea Market at Kid’s Fun Day and raised some money. They decided to donate $20 from their profit to buy some chapter books for our school library. Thank you, Lisa and Amelie for your donation. I would like to share their learning journey with you by their report below.


Skype session with Japanese Kindergarten

Foundation children had the skype session with Izumi kinder from Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan. Children had a great time talking with Japanese children in Japanese and English through Skype.

School Holiday Program-Japanese Kite Making Workshop for Kids

Japan Foundation is running a workshop for making Japanese kites on Friday 12th July and it will be held in the Huntingdale Hall from 1-3pm. If you don’t have any plans yet, you can book for the workshop by visiting the website -

Please see their flyer in the Advertising section.


I hope everyone has a good rest and gets to spend time with their family during the school holidays.

Naomo Mori-Hanazono

Report by Lisa Lau and Amelie Tan

“It all started during the holidays in Term 1. We, Amelie & Lisa, were having fun making slime in Amelie’s backyard. Then, somehow, we came up with the idea of selling it. We knew that there was going to be a kid’s fun day at school. So, we decided to sell our slimes at that event. We got together nearly every day during the school holidays, and nearly every weekend once school started. During the first 2 months before the event, we were trying our very hardest to make the best slime we ever could. We wanted our customers to be happy with our slimes, and to not make them feel like our slimes are lousy.  We also went shopping for ingredients. We had to use all our own money! Our parents refused to fund us. We were worried about spending too much money and not making it back. We went home and looked at what we bought and tested it out. Some of the things we bought weren’t very useful in the end though. As days flew by, it was already June! We had to rush things up a little, but it went fine. And finally, the last day of preparation came. Our palms were sweating all over and we kept repeating the same words in our heads. “Are we going to be able to sell our slimes?’’ We stayed up until 7 PM to fill in the gaps and to polish it. 16th June, 9:45 AM-our hearts filled with nervousness and excitement. When we were setting up our stall, we noticed there weren’t many stalls, which meant there were not many competitors.  Then, our first customer arrived with a dollar in her hand and bought one of our slimes! Others came crowding around our stall. Our’s was the biggest hit among all the shops. When the day ended, we went home and counted our earnings. We were able to sell out, make our capital back , and even managed to pull a nice profit! Then we decided to donate half of our profit to the school. I think the main thing we learnt from this experience was the power of teamwork, because 2 heads are better than 1. We also learnt to agree with each other.”

BY  Lisa Lau and Amelie Tan

Kid's Fun Day

Kid's Fun Day

Hi everyone,

We would like to thank everyone for helping us and contributing your time for the kids fun day today.

The fete was a great success. Everyone enjoyed themselves.


We received many congratulations on the success of the event from Bunnings, the Oakleigh Fire Brigade, ........

We were really impressed that at the end everyone help in tidying up,  especially picking up rubbish.

Thank you everybody for your help and dedication, especially Watashi-mo members, parents, guardians, teachers and Principal Ruth Biddle & Assistant Principal Hanazono.

On the event day, we raised $1,682. That is a great net profit. We will use this money for our children and school.

Watashi-mo committee



Wow! I would just like to Thank you all for your brilliant and fun contributions to school community life for term 2. We are now in the middle of 2019 and at the end of term 2, can you believe that?

With a very scratchy and hoarse voice my husband Lew and I are off to Darwin to soak up some warm sun and spend time with family. Hopefully not anymore 7.2 magnitude earthquakes happening up that way!  I hope you have a creative 2 weeks holiday with your beautiful children with a little less structure and early morning sleep ins. I have added an article for your consideration, if you feel inclined to have a look. Otherwise have a blessed time away from school and make the most of your time with your precious families.


Jenny Celle   

HPS Chaplain


Ordinary Days

Friends play an important part in a child’s life but its parents that meet their deepest emotional needs. Children need parents as they need air and water. Our acceptance and approval are critical to their sense of self-worth. That’s why its’s essential to look for opportunities to connect with our kids and build into their future.


Use mornings as a time of encouragement. Experts say that the first five minutes you spend with your child are the most important, so don’t take that time lightly. Despite how you’re feeling give them an unconditional big hug and a warm smile, and let that set the tone for the entire day.


At the end of the day and after school, ask them how their day went. Don’t ask for specifics but ask for one special thing that has happened in their day and one low moment. Practise reflective listening rather than giving an opinion. Listening means Stop, Eye contact and Listen; however some children might prefer to talk in the car or whilst they are walking. You know your child and how best they will offer information. Take any and every opportunity.  This is how you get to know what’s going on in your child’s world.


And always put them to bed with a hug, and another word of encouragement.



Student News

Kids catch up day

By Daisy Harvison

On Sunday, 16th of June, we held kids catch up day. This was a good chance for students and teachers to spend some time together out of school and have a fun day out.

There were many activities and stalls, without which the day would not have been possible. Some food stalls included Japanese handmade sweets, popcorn, fairy floss, donuts, sushi, sausage rolls, and home baked food made by TeamKids.

Among the many fun games and activities which everyone enjoyed, were a jumping castle, bubble soccer, some soccer lessons, and some mini games like chocolate tossing, a fishing game, lucky dip, and scoop a snack. All of these activities were really quite fun and enjoyable, and the food was delicious.

There was also a flea market, and a fire engine on the basketball court for everyone to visit.

There was a slime stall made by two of Huntingdale’s own students: Lisa Lau and Amelie Tan. Through all of these games and stalls, a fund was raised which will be and already has been partly used for students and school resources.

Another highlight of the day was the ‘kids on stage’ talent show. There were lots of wonderful acts, and many talented students. All of the kids that performed put in lots of hard work and effort into making an enjoyable show for parents and teachers to enjoy. The M.C was Gabriella Kakerissa, who voluntarily gave up some of her free time to make sure the day ran smoothly.

Aside from the teachers and kids, on behalf of all the students at Huntingdale, I would like to thank Yi Chi FAN and the rest of the Watashi Mo committee for making this such a fun and exciting event.

 Huntingdale could not have had something like this if it were not for everyone who helped, and we thank everyone involved.

Student Achievements 

Jim Moschoyiannis

Jim M from 9th Oakleigh Club Park reached a milestone  in a youth member's scouting journey and has earned the Joey Scout Promise Challenge. Only a small percentage reach this level, so, congratulations Jim! Well done!

Yuujin Cooper

In May, Yuujin participated in NEVR Youth program 
and completed two full day Orchestra rehearsals at Ringwood SC. 
On 25th, he played his cello in String Orchestra at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre. He said it was a very long day but felt accomplished.


Seina McDonald

On Sunday 16th June there was the VIDA Hot Shots Competition at the MCC Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club. Seina McDonald from 3/4/G had one single match and four doubles matches.  It was his first serious competition but he enjoyed playing with many different people. In the end he received a gold medal as the best player in his junior section. Well done, Seina.


Bulletin Board

We'd like to invite you to come to the movies 🙂

Dogs for Kids with Disabilities (DKD) is hosting a screening of "The Lion King", a computer animated remake of the 1994 Disney classic featuring the voice talents of Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner, John Oliver, Beyoncé, and James Earl Jones.


DKD is a small charity that provides Assistance and Therapy dogs to children living with a disability. We don't receive any government funding and rely solely upon community donations, grants and fundraising. That's where we need your help please.


It promises to be a fantastic remake and a fun morning for everyone with giveaways for the kids, raffle, lucky draw and quite possibly some four-legged furry special guests. 




Dates to Remember 

June 2019

Fri 28 - Last Day of Term 2 - 1.45 Assembly - 2.30pm finish

July 2019

Mon 15 - First day of Term 3 - NO ASSEMBLY

Sun 21 -  Working Bee - details to follow

Mon 22 - Grade 5/6 AFLW tournament

Wed 24 - Mon 29 - Minato-ku Primary School visit

Fri 26 - Curriculum Day - Students not required - All-Day Care available

Term Dates 2019

Term 1: 29 January (school teachers start) to 5 April


Term 2: 23 April to 28 June
Term 3: 15 July to 20 September
Term 4: 7 October to 20 December

Term Dates 2020

Term 1: 28 January (school teachers start) to 27 March * 
Term 2: 14 April to 26 June 
Term 3: 13 July to 18 September 
Term 4: 5 October to 18 Decembe

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