11 October 2019
Issue Sixteen
From the Assistant Principals
Ringwood North Primary School
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172 Oban Road
Ringwood North, Victoria, 3134



Term 1 

Tuesday 29th January (Teachers Start) - Friday 5th April

Term 2 

Tuesday 23rd April - Friday 28th June

Term 3

Monday 15th July - Friday 20th September

Term 4

Monday 7th October - Friday 20th December


Thursday 17th          Grade 2 Sleepover

Wednesday 23rd     Prep Breakfast

Thursday 24th          PFA Meeting - All Welcome  7:00pm

Monday 28th             2020 Prep Parent Information Evening  6:30pm


Moday 25th - Friday 6th Dec   Prep, Grades 1, 2 and 5 Swimming Program


Tuesday 3rd       Carols Night


Grade 6      Canberra Tour - Monday 14th - Friday 18th October

Grade 3      Gundiwindi - Wednesday 20th - Friday 22nd November



A message from the Principal


Welcome back to Term 4

Welcome back to everyone for an adventure-filled Term 4. Staff and students are gearing up for a vast array of activities throughout the term, including: swimming, camps, sleepover, carols, Year 6 graduation, instrumental concerts and much more. We are anticipating a visit from Samuel Johnson and the Love Your Sister team later this term, as part of Junior School Council's community actions. And, of course, today we are celebrating Crazy Sock Day as part of Walk to School October. 


Our Prep teachers have already started visiting local kindergartens to get to know next year's students and transition sessions will start in November for the newest members to RNPS. For family friends interested in enrolling for 2021, please inform them that tours will start in early 2020 and will be published towards the end of this term. 


We are making great progress behind the scenes with our building program from DET. I can now confirm that we have worked with the Victorian School Building Authority to agree on a new Junior Learning Hub with 6 classrooms for Year 1 and 2 students that will be built in the place of the current Year 1 and 2 rooms. Of course, there are many bridges to cross and things can always change in projects of this nature, but at this stage we anticipate some disruption to class locations for the first semester only of next year, with the project completion currently scheduled for Early June 2020. 


Ringwood North Family Festival: Sponsors 

Plans for the Ringwood North Family Festival (September 12, 2020) continue apace with some amazing behind the scenes work from our planning committee parents. Sponsorship opportunities are still available but are filling up fast. Any remaining school families that would like to have their business sponsor the festival should get in quick as we are now in negotiations with other local businesses. The following image shows the sponsorship slots still available in green.  For more details please see the full document: 


Visiting School

On Monday we hosted a visit from the entire staff of Pat Heung Central Primary School, a public school from a disadvantaged area in Hong Kong. The school has just started implementing Positive Education in their school and received a charitable grant to visit schools in Victoria to assist them. 

The staff were wonderful to talk with and engaged in strong discussion about Positive Education and how we can best employ this in schools to support students, parents and staff. We also shared ideas on curriculum and 21st century learning. 

We found many similarities in our school's goals and approaches and formed a relationship that I'm sure will extend beyond just this visit. It's great to see that the Pos Ed community is expanding across the globe and we look forward to linking with many schools from many other countries in the future. 


Trivia Triumph! 

Thank you and congratulations to the community for the amazing support provided for Lincoln on Saturday night. Mel Lundberg and her team did an amazing job organising a fun-filled night that brought the best out of all of us and raised a great amount of money to support Lincoln over the coming months. 

Of course, it would be remiss of me not to mention the extraordinary effort of staff, overcoming many obstacles, to emerge victorious on the night. Under threat of humiliation, the teachers rose to the challenge to win by 2 points. Huzzah! 


From the Assistant Principals

Welcome back

A big welcome back to an exciting Term 4.  We hope everyone had a fantastic break and took the time to relax and spend some quality family time with one another.  It’s been great chatting with students and hearing all the fun things everyone’s been up to.  I took some time out and went on a family holiday to Greece, something my wife and I have always dreamt of doing.  We spent some time visiting the towns of Agrinio and Alestia where my my mum was born which was very special, as well as visiting some of the Greek islands which were absolutely stunning.


Grade 6 Canberra Camp

Next Monday our Grade 6 students are attending their 5 day tour to Canberra.  It’s an action packed camp where students spend a lot of time at venues related to our country’s history, culture, government and electoral system.  We look forward to sharing photos of of our adventures upon our return.

School Swimming Program

Swimming lessons begin later this term starting in late November for our Prep -2 and Grade 5 students.  This swimming program focuses on not only teaching students how to swim, but to develop lifelong skills in water safety to reduce their risk of drowning and injury.  We are aware that many students are involved in private swimming lessons outside of school, however the school swimming program creates a unique environment where students learn the skills on how to be safe in the water whilst interacting with their friends.  Our grade 5 students will be working towards completing their Victorian Water Safety Certificate which will be awarded to students when they can swim 50m continuously, answer water safety based questions and perform simple rescues. It really is a worthwhile program and we encourage all students to participate.  Each lesson runs for an hour and at approximately $15 per session (including transport and entry) is great value for money.

Grade 3 Parent iPad Information Night

We will be running our annual iPad information session for Grade 3 parents moving to Grade 4 in 2020.  The meeting will be held on Thursday November 14th at 6.00pm in the auditorium. The session aims to give parents an insight into Ringwood North Primary School’s iPad program and the exciting opportunities that await including:

  • maximising learning opportunities through technology
  • how to choose an appropriate iPad
  • account setup
  • maintenance and care for the device
  • rules and expectations
  • responsible digital citizenship.

We hope that you can attend the meeting and look forward to seeing you there.





I read an article recently that got me thinking about, of all things, ‘perfectionism’. The article began with a definition: “Perfectionism refers to a set of self-defeating thoughts and behaviours aimed at reaching excessively high unrealistic goals.” The article got me thinking about how we can help our children avoid the trap of perfectionism by encouraging them to set goals which are realistic, age appropriate, and achievable. Too often children feel they have failed when they cannot compete with their older siblings, cousins, or friends. We can help our children evaluate their success not only in terms of what they accomplish but also in terms of how much they learned from the activity, whether it is completing an assignment, competing in a sport, or playing a game. It is important for children to set realistic and achievable goals appropriate to their age and maturity. Perfectionism is not a helpful influence and can lead to feelings of anxiety when impossible expectations are not met.

Dorothy Dullege, School Chaplain


Thankyou  Lareen, Sophie, Aasha and Evie.

These wonderful girls saw the playground was looking a bit messy and had the initiative to find a tub and pick up everyting they could find.  WELL DONE GIRLS,  and a very thank you from all the teachers and students for keeping our school looking fabulous.


Canteen ladies are more than happy to provide a lunch for any child who does not have one.  We try to contact parents to advise and get consent but in some cases this is not possible.

However, the full menu cannot be offered.  Items the children can choose from are:-

Vegemite or Cheese Sandwich   $2.40  (toasted extra 40c)

Apple   $1

Small Muffin $1

If available a Ham or Salad Sandwich can be selected  $3.


Just a reminder that canteen orders can be made on line before 9:00am.  Follow the steps below.



Mexicana Wrap + Anzac Biscuit (small) + Frozen Jelly Cup

Total: $6.50 



We would like to thank everybody that contributed to the Trivia night for Lincoln and the Mackenzie family.  Your wonderful donations and all that attended helped us to raise a phenomenal $13,000.  This is going to help the family tremendously.  It was a wonderful night and from all the feedback a lot of fun.  Again I wouldn’t have pulled this off without the wonderful community spirit we have. 

Thanks again,

Mel Lundberg


OSHC PHONE 0419 511 018






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