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15 October 2019
2019 - Issue 30
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Community News
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Principal's report

Dear Parents,Carers, Students,Staff and members of MPWPS

Thank you to all families who came to our Trivia Night last Friday.  It was a great success and a fun opportunity for us to build our community.  Special thanks must go to the Fundraising team of Danielle, Rachel, Sophie and Michelle who have worked tirelessly to collect donations and organise events.  For some parents who attended this would be their last event.   I know there was a table of parents who have been at the Trivia Night for the last seven years, and Friday saw the end of an era! 

I say thank-you to all who assisted with the organisation and all the supporters of our school.

Returning to Moonee Ponds West in 2020

I am moved to ask you to indicate if you are not returning to our school in 2020. The form is included in the Newsletter.  We are beginning to working on our class structure for 2020, ensuring we know the ins and outs is imperative.   If you are NOT returning please indicate ASAP.   Also, if you are still to enrol, please come and do so at the General Office. Children in our local area are still filtering in!

PS Year 6 students are not required to reply!


Information Night for new Foundation Families

Next Thursday evening (7pm) we will be holding our new Foundation Parents Information Evening.  It is important to attend this evening to gain information about how the transition sessions are organised and the expectation around the concurrent Parent Information sessions.  This year to gain better information on attendees, we are asking that you secure your place through booking on Eventbrite. The link is below.

Early Arriver/Late leavers at school

Just a reminder to students and parents that if you arrive at school before 8.45am you will need to be going to Before School Care.  No teacher is on duty until 8.45am so if you are in the grounds before then, you are unsupervised. It is a similar situation at the end of the day.  Supervision is provided from 3.30-3.45 each day.  If a child is playing in the grounds after that time, they are unsupervised.  After-school Care runs from 3.30 to 6.15 each day and can ensure supervision. Of course, children are welcome to play in our grounds before and after school with supervision or under parental direction.

Supermarket Rewards Programs

The Resources sub-committee has been looking at ways to connect with our local community.


What do you think about MPW participating in supermarket rewards programs such as ‘Earn and Learn’? Please let our Resources team know by taking this very short survey!

Hip Hop Dance Classes

We are offering Hip Hop Dance classes on Thursdays in one of the breaks.  Initially we offered this as a  boys group, but we haven’t had many takers, so now I am opening this to all students in Years 4 to 6.  The dance classes are provided by an outside provider so there is a cost.  All information has been forwarded via COMPASS.  Dance is a great way to socialise, gain fitness and strength.  Look for the flyer if your child is interested. We hope to start these this Thursday. Maybe I can organise a ‘taster’!

Lost Property

We still have a rack of Lost Property mainly street clothes particularly!  Many without names and of high quality.  We also have many, many, drink bottles, lunch bags and containers.  It is Nude Food Week, so please encourage your child to look for their lost items.

Nude Food Picnic

This FRIDAY is our Nude Food celebration, and as a result we are having a picnic! All the classes will come to the synthigrass area and eat their lunch together. It is also a chance for us to re-establish the routine of returning their lunch box items to the box outside their classroom rather than have them scattered around the grounds!.  We are hoping for a day that will be just right for a picnic. Remember Nude Food only!

Year Foundation and One Activity Night

It is on this Thursday.  Contact your class teacher or Parent Rep to gauge if any assistance is required.  I am making Lemon Slice in the Staffroom if anyone is free!!

Well that’s about it from me.  Until we meet in person, have a safe week.


Kerri Simpson

Principal (Acting at Moonee Ponds West PS)


School Council

School Council Membership

Parent members:

  • Ben Atchison 
  • Lisa Shaw 
  • Simone Beever
  • Lee Cath
  • Nigel Keegan
  • Matthew Kenny
  • Jane Kingsley
  • Brian Stanley
  • Nigel Toussaint

 DET members:

  • Kerri Simpson - Executive Officer
  • Helen Lockart
  • Katherine Ayrton
  • Alyena Mohummadally
  • Barbara Springfield
  • Sandra Monaghan (School Council Secretary)

School Council Meetings
commence at 19:00

  • Monday 25th February
  • Monday 18th March (rescheduled)
  • Monday 27th May
  • Monday 17th June (rescheduled)
  • Monday 26th August
  • Monday 16th September
  • Monday 28th October
  • Monday 25th November
  • Monday 16th December

Sub Committee Meetings

Education Committee - Meetings commence at 18:30

  • Thursday March 14th
  • Monday May 6th
  • Monday June 3rd
  • Tuesday August 6th (date change)
  • Tuesday September 3rd (date change)
  • Tuesday 8th October
  • Wednesday November 6th
  • Monday December 2nd

Resources Committee - Meetings commence at 19:00

  • Tuesday 12th February 
  • Tuesday 12th March
  • Tuesday 14th May
  • Tuesday 11th June
  • Tuesday 13th August
  • Tuesday 10th September
  • Tuesday 15th October
  • Tuesday 12th November
  • Tuesday 10th December


Environment Committee - Meetings commence at 18:00

  • Wednesday 27th February 
  • Wednesday 20th March 
  • Wednesday 22nd May 
  • Wednesday 19th June 
  • Wednesday 21st August 
  • Wednesday 18th September 
  • Wednesday 16th October
  • Wednesday 20th November 
  • Wednesday 11th December 

Community Engagement  commence at 4.00 pm

  • Thursday 20th June 
  • Monday 29th July 
  • Monday 2nd September 
  • Monday 21st October
  • Monday 18th November
  • Monday 9th December

School Council meeting report 16th September

The School Council meeting started with a presentation from Lisa about the Race around Melbourne for the Year 5/6 students taking place in December.  It sounds like a wonderful day for the senior students to tackle some of Melbourne’s highlights and build on classroom learning in a practical, hands on environment.


We then had the Principal’s report where Kerri talked to us about the improving NAPLAN results from this year, updated us on some staffing news and discussed enrolments for new students in 2020.  Kerri then told us about the year 3/4 living and growing program starting in November. 


The  sub-committee reports were presented with highlights being the overwhelming success of the bottle cap collection project with over 10,000 caps ready to be delivered and re purposed.  The ratification of the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy and Device Repair and Replacement Policy.  Updates on the Volunteer Policy and Communication Protocols.  The Community Engagement Sub-committee expressed their desire for more parent participation on the committee.


Council wishes everyone a good end of term break and hopes we all come back in term 4 refreshed and ready to enjoy the final term of the year.


Brian Stanley

School Councillor

Community Engagement Sub Committee Report

Our newly formed Community Engagement Sub-Committee of School Council meets monthly in the weeks before School Council.  The purpose is to deal with all things Community; discussing aspects of involvement, parent, community participation across the school, and linking Parent Reps to the School Council.  At our last meeting we looked at the Volunteers Policy providing information to update within the cycle.

The Sub-Committee is also wanting to develop a Parent Skills and Volunteers register as  many schools have such a register.  The purpose would be to access the skills and support of the community. Please consider  adding your name and skills to the register.

If you are wanting to be part of the Community Engagement Sub-Committee we meet on a Monday after school (4pm) in Kerri’s Office.  The next meeting is Monday 21st October.  All interested welcome to attend.


At present Convenor and Minute-taker.

Sub Committee's 2019 - Expression of Interest

Are you interested in joining one of the School Council Sub Committees for 2019? Please find attached an Expression of Interest. You may return your Expression of Interest by email to the School Council Secretary @


Annual General Meeting 2019 Report


Education News 

Writer’s Festival - Monday 21st October

It is coming to that special time of the year - the Writer’s Festival!

The Writer’s Festival will be on Monday 21st October 2019.

There will be no Assembly on this day to support the Writer’s Festival.

Each classroom will be hosting in their classroom and will notify you of the time your child’s classroom will be open.

This is a fabulous opportunity for students to share their writing in various stages of the writing process.

Please see your classroom teacher for more information.

Tournaments of the Minds

On Saturday the 24th of August, 2019, seven students were invited to attend La Trobe University to participate in Tournament of the Minds. We were involved in a performance that reflected the Arts. We spent 6 weeks preparing for this performance before the actual event, with many thanks to Mel, Jenny and Ben for mentoring our performance and giving up his time to allow us to practise. A big thankyou to Mandy as well for organising the event.

Even though the experience was challenging with many setbacks, we learnt how to overcome these hurdles well and overall are happy with the outcome. Many of the skills we learnt were managing our time, focussing on tasks, teamwork and cooperation. These are all skills that we can take into the future. We would recommend being involved in T.O.M if you have a passion for being challenged and taking on new possibilities.


Daemon, Bella, Liam, Harry, Mia, Orlando and Frank.



Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club returns twice in Term 4.  The first will hit your child/ren's school bag in the next few days.  ALL orders to be placed online by FRIDAY 18 OCTOBER, 2019.
The second catalogue will appear around week 7 - Christmas Stocking Special, more information to follow.
As previously mentioned you are under no obligation to purchase but we do appreciate the support.  All proceeds are returned to the library to enable us to purchase more wonderful resources.
Thank you
Michele and Denise

Environment and Sustainability news at MPW!

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." - Jane Goodall

Green Team News


What: Whole School Nude Food Picnic and F.A.T. incursion from Earth Crusaders

Why: To celebrate that MPW is proud to be a rubbish-free school and to encourage students to regularly bring a rubbish-free lunch

When: Friday 18th October 1:10- 1:30 (picnic) and 2:30- 3:30 (incursion)

Who: Everyone will attend the picnic with their rubbish-free lunch! The Green Team and 20 other interested students will attend the F.A.T. incursion





Music News

The 2019 MPW spectacular Senior Choir
are proud to present

Performance dates and times:

Wednesday 4th December 7:00 p.m. start

Thursday 5th December 7:00 p.m. start

Friday 6th December 9:15 a.m. start for the whole school

Location: MPW Gym.

Duration: approximately 90 minutes

(there will be a brief interval)

Every child in the choir has an integral role to play as they sing, dance and act their way through over 20 songs and scenes to bring to life Kenneth Grahame’s timeless tale of the adventures of Toad and his very patient friends. The students can’t wait to showcase their amazing work.

Stay tuned for further details.

Sport News

Gr 3/4 Cricket Carnival Day

As part of our interschool sport program the children in Grade 3/4 are invited to the District’s Grade 3/4 Gala Day at Fairbairn Park on Friday 18th October. It is a CRICKET CARNIVAL DAY and will give the students the opportunity to mix with students from local schools while taking part in skill activities. This is to make playing interschool sport in Grade 5 a less daunting task. We will be leaving Moonee Ponds West at 9.00am and walking to Fairbairn Park, arriving there by 9.15am for a 9.30am start. Students will be involved in a series of rotations and play a game. The Carnival will finish at approximately 11:30am when we will walk back to school. Students would need to bring a bottle of water, hat and sunscreen and a snack.

M.P.W. News

Ready, Set, GO!

Friday the 16th of August was a busy day for Moonee Ponds West, with 61 students from the school competing in District Athletics. M.P.W. being the reigning champions, had a lot to live up to, and did so magnificently, with multiple ribbons won and students progressing into the next stage. Many students have noted that not only had they come confident, but determined in their events and that worked in their favour.

The Grade 3 Relay Team after winning their heat


Moonee Ponds West shone as the field events came to an end. 

After the events, M.P.W. students came together, a crowd of ribbons and smiles.


Track and field events are hard enough on their own, and the added wet weather tried to throw the competitors off, but to no avail. Moonee Ponds West students soldiered on, and even more places were sealed to regionals.


The later it got, the wetter it became. The students competed event after event. ‘I don’t think there is any school in particular that are our main competition, only the teams which keep going, and push forward,’ Bella W enthused, an important participant in the 100 metre and relay. Numerous students had been to Athletics before, and each one stated that they felt ready and excited compared to other years.


Shoes got muddier, but Moonee Ponds West became more determined. The competition intensified, but the athletes kept going, the glint of hope in everyone’s tired eyes.


The hurdles track


No one knew where the bubbles came from, but they lightened the mood, although M.PW. were in high spirits simultaneously. ‘I’m 100% confident. I’m going to win this for my school,' yelled Maverick B from room 8. It seems  the diligent attitude was contagious, and heads held high, M.P.W. soared to a tie in 2nd place.


M.P.W. Cheerleaders showing support


by Phoebe W Room 11

Join thousands of Victorian families for Walk to School 2019!

Get ready, get set for Walk to School 2019!


About Walk to School

Every October, VicHealth’s Walk to School encourages Victorian primary school kids and their families to walk, ride or scoot to and from school every day. It’s a great way for the whole family to increase their physical activity levels. Plus, it is a chance to enjoy more time with your kids and meet other local families along the way.

Along with the health benefits, it also reduces traffic congestion, saves on parking, helps us connect with family and friends and saves the environment!

Part way is okay! If you can’t walk the whole way, why not try parking the car a few blocks from your school and walk, ride or scoot the rest.


Last year, more than 144,000 kids and their families took part in the program walking the equivalent of two return trips to the moon and with your families help, we can make 2019 our biggest year yet!

There are so many great reasons to participate in Walk to School this October and we’re excited to be part of the fun because getting active is even more fun when we do it together!

MPW has joined the hundreds of primary schools across Victoria for a fun month of walking, riding and scooting to and from school. By participating, we have a chance to win some great prizes! So every time our local families walks, rides or scoots to and from school during October, you increase our school’s chance of winning!

 Student challenge cards

Don’t forget to complete your challenge card each week you walk and also mark yourself off your classroom calendar, once your challenge card is complete hand it into the office. We will then get them to Council so they will go into the draw to win some great prizes

Get involved with us for Walk to School and help your family build healthy habits for life: This activity will be run by VicHealth.
























Fundraising Events

Australiana Trivia Night

What a ripper of a night! 150 crazy Aussies packed into the School gym on Friday 11th October for a bonza night of fun and entertainment! Thank you to everyone for making a top effort in joining in with the Australiana theme – we had a parade of sporting legends, good old Aussie Farmers, a pack of Aussie Bogans, some “Crikey” Crocodile Hunters, Footy diehards, Bananas in Pyjamas, a table of Pollies and even the Wiggles made an appearance! The night was filled with brain teasing Aussie Trivia, lots of dancing, fun, games and laughter! The crowd dug deep and came out with a truckload of awesome prizes and auction items. The smiles on the punter’s faces were priceless……particularly the ones that won the Aussie Meat Tray raffle!


Our events wouldn’t be a hit and run smoothly without the support of the school and local communities so we would like to say a huge thank you first of all to the families that were able to donate to our night, we had some amazing donations this year which were hotly contested in the Silent and Live Actions. A big thank you also to the local businesses of Ascot Vale and Moonee Ponds who were extremely generous, please continue to support these great businesses by shopping local. A special mention and thank you to Jellis Craig Real Estate for their continued support of our school and events with a $500 donation and for running the very successful Live Auction on the night. To those who rolled up their sleeves and pitched in along the way and on the night - Naomi, Fi, Shona, Jen, Julie, Jackie, Kristy - Thank you! And finally to Sandra Monaghan, who always provides unwavering support to our fundraising activities no matter how late or crazy our requests are!


The night was a huge success and will be the talk of the playground for weeks to come! We have no doubt that the fundraising total will show that we raised plenty of moolah, but we’ll have to let you know another day……….


Until next time, hooroo!


Danielle, Rachel, Sophie & Michelle

MPW Fundraising Team


School Information

General Office

Office:                                 8:15 am - 4:45 pm

Telephone:                       9370 6875 / 9375 1197

FAX:                                                              9370 1909

Sandra Monaghan          Business Manager

Sharyn Reinke                  Administration Officer

Xavia Bicheno                  Administration Trainee

Leadership Team

Principal - Acting

Kerri Simpson

Assistant Principal - Acting

Barbara Springfield 

Business Operations Manager 

Sandra Monaghan

Leading Teacher

Jarrod Sutton

Student Absences

If your child is absent from school (including illness and appointment), it is necessary to inform the  school.  This can be done via the COMPASS parent portal and the school absence  telephone line. 

If your child is sick it is advisable to not send your child to school. Continual absence may require a medical certificate.

2019 Term Dates

Term 1:

Tuesday 29th January (Curriculum Day) to Friday 5th April

Term 2:

Tuesday 23rd April to Friday 28th June

Term 3:

Monday 15th July to Friday 20th September

Term 4:

Monday 7th October to Thursday 19th December


End of term dismissal is at 2.30 pm for Terms 1, 2 & 3 and End of Year dismissal is at 3.30 pm.

Curriculum Days

Term 1:

Tuesday 29th January  and Friday 8th March 

Term 3:

Thursday 25th July 

Term 3:

Monday 4th November

Term 4:

Thursday 19th December School (last day of Term 4 2019) - 3:30 pm dismissal

Friday 20th December (Pupil Free - Staff time in lieu half day)

Before and After School Care

At MPW before and after school care is provided by Camp Australia. The service operates 7.00  - 8.45 am in the morning and  3.30 to 6.15 pm afternoons.  Camp Australia can be contacted on 1300 105 343.

To enrol your child please go to

Lost Property

We have a significant amount of unnamed clothing regularly donated to charity.


Our lost property is managed by parent volunteers and we need your help to reduce this  workload and loss of property.


You can help by:

  • ensuring that all belongings are clearly marked with students' names and room numbers
  • regularly check (and encourage your child/ren to check) for their lost property
  • remember that it is the responsibility of students and families to regularly check lost property and reclaim items

When is unnamed lost property cleared and donated to charity?

  • Last Friday of every month

Where is lost property?

In the Gym on the right hand side, as you walk in.

Community Calendar


Tuesday 15th October

Regional Athletics Final

Education Committee 6:30 pm

Resources Committee 7:00 pm

Wednesday 16th October

Environment Committee 6:00 pm

Thursday 17th October

Foundation/One Activity Night 5:00 pm

Friday 18th October

Grade 3/4 Gala Cricket Day

Monday 21st October

Community Engagement Sub Committee 4:00 pm

Tuesday 22nd October

Grade 3/4 City Excursion

Wednesday 23rd October

Grade 5/6 Excursion

Thursday 24th October

Foundation Transition Information Session 7:00 pm 

Friday 25th October

Grade 5/6 Excursion

Grade 2 Sleepover

Monday 28th October

School Council 7:00 pm

Tuesday 29th October

Rippon Lea Excursion Grade 1/2

Thursday 31st October

Rippon Lea Excursion Grade 1/2



Monday 4th November

Curriculum Day

Tuesday 5th November

Melbourne Cup Day

Wednesday 6th November

Education Committee 6:30 pm

Thursday 7th November

5/6 Excursion

Parent Information Session - Sex Ed 3/4 7:00 pm

Tuesday 12th November

Sex Ed 3/4 Session 1

Resources Committee 7:00 pm

Thursday 14th November 2019

MVIMP Combined Concert

Tuesday 19th November 2019

Sex Ed 3/4 Session 2

Wednesday 20th November

Environment Committee meeting 6:00 pm

Thursday 21st November

Philosothon Excursion

Monday 25th November

School Council 7:00 pm

Tuesday 26th November

Sex Ed 3/4 Session 3

Soundgarage Keyboard Concert

Wednesday 27th November

Soundgarage Guitar and SAP Concert


Wednesday 4th December

Choir Performance 7:00 pm

Thursday 5th December

Choir Performance 7:00 pm

Friday 6th December

Choir Performance 9:15 pm

Tuesday 10th December

Resources Committee 7:00 pm

Monday 16th December

School Council 7:00 pm

Tuesday 17th December

Grade 6 Graduation 

Community News




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