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20 February 2020
Issue Four

We walk hand in hand to grow curious, caring, life long learners.

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Weekly Calendar

This information is also available on Compass!

Week beginning Monday 24th February is an Odd Week.


Whole School Assembly

Friday 21st February

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM


Information Evenings:-

Classroom teachers will be holding an information session for 2020.  This is a great opportunity to find out what will be happening throughout the year and to also meet your child's teacher if you haven't yet done so.  Please note that these evenings aren't the setting for 1:1 opportunities to discuss individual student progress.  We have tried to spread them out to avoid clashes.


Class 3/4 Information Evening

Thursday 20 February  6:00 PM  - 6:45 PM


Class 5/6 Information Evening

Thursday 20 February 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM


House Sports

Monday 24 February 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

All students will participate in athletics events at Knox Athletics Track and share the day with Selby Primary School.  Parents are also needed to help transport children, we would really appreciate your support.

Senior School Bus departs promptly at 8:30 AM

Junior School Bus departs promptly at 9:30 AM


Life Education Van

Friday 21 February  - Thursday 27 February

Cost $14.50 per child, please pay & provide consent on Compass


Foundation Literacy Information Session

Wednesday 26 February 9:00 AM -  11:00 AM


Vegan & Organic Bake Sale

Friday 28 February 9:15 AM — 9:45 AM

Vegan & Organic Bake Sale - Raising Money for Bush Fires. Following assembly & after school


Cool Cats Training

Monday 02 March 9:00 AM — 1:00 PM

For Families who are interested in helping in the Cool Cats room.


Division Swimming  (Selected Students Only)

Wednesday 04 March  9:00 AM -  3:30 PM

Aquanation Ringwood, selected students Year 3-6.


Foundation Museum Excursion

Thursday 05 March  9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Cost $29.00 per child, please pay & provide consent on Compass






Acting Principal



We had 9 students from Year 4-6 who represented Menzies Creek Primary on Monday at the EDEC swimming trials in Belgrave.  These students had some incredible results and some will move on to the next stage.  It is wonderful to be able to celebrate success and achievement for our students.  Read Matt’s report included in this newsletter.  Bring on Tokyo!!


Information nights

We hosted the 1/2 information evening on Tuesday and this evening we will be having the 3/4’s at 6:00pm and the 5/6’s at 7:00pm.  Both sessions will be held in Mandy’s room (Matt’s room last year).

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet your child’s teacher and other parents from the class too as well as finding out all about the year ahead.  This is not an event for students.  I’d like to acknowledge the efforts of our teachers for the effort they put in to ensure everyone is clear of expectations for the year ahead.


School Council – exciting news

Make sure that you read Rowan’s report to the community for an exciting announcement that we were able to share at Monday’s School Council, the first one for 2020.  It was wonderful hearing the driving passion this year’s members have for Menzies Creek Primary and we look forward to another productive year.



As a school the link between home and school is vital and how we communicate is important.  We have discussed as a staff about having Thursday as the day when you can expect to receive any important information for your child.  Thursday is the day when the newsletter is published so it makes sense.  Please try and get into the routine of checking for events or announcements when you’ve read the newsletter.  At times it will be necessary to share information and this will happen from time to time. 


Early arrivals are not supervised.

As a school we have a duty of care for our students.  “Duty of care” is a legal obligation that requires schools to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of reasonably foreseeable harm, which can include personal injury or damage to property. The reasonable steps that our school decides to take in response to a potential risk or hazard will depend on the circumstances of the risk. 

Our duty of care at is from 8.45 am until 3.45 pm.  This is when the school grounds are supervised by school staff.  Outside of these hours, school staff will not be available to supervise students.

We seem to have more and more students being dropped off very early, some as early as 8am, which is not suitable and potentially dangerous to your children.


Our OSHC provider is TheirCare and they can be reached on 1300 072 410 or at  Families are encouraged to contact them for more information about the before and after school care facilities available to our school community. 



Tomorrow we will have a presentation from Angela’s 1/2W students.  Thanks to the 3/4B and 1/2L students for their performance last week. They were informative and entertaining! 


Looking forward

We have the Life Education Van at our school and the students are excited to visit Harold and learn about a range of wide range of health-related topics, ranging from the human body and how it works, healthy eating and nutrition, medicines and drugs, bullying, resilience and social skills. Lessons are specific to particular year levels.  Check Compass for more information.



On Monday we have our House Sports which should be a fun day to participate and enjoy some athletic and field events.  Thank you to the parents who are assisting on the day.  Hope the weather is kind.


Have a great week,

Dale McInerney








School Council News

School Council Up-date Feb 2020

Hi everyone – this week we had our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is a great chance to reflect on the year just past. It was certainly a big year and an even bigger finish, with the school review and Tanya’s retirement. We took the chance to thank our retiring school councillors Leigh Benbow, Kieran Cantwell and Daniel Sutera for giving up their precious family time to help the school run effectively. It was also an opportunity to welcome Hayley Coviello and Eric Thrane onto School Council as enthusiastic new parent members. Justin Benne and Anne Matheson are also returning, and it is great to have their level of MCPS experience to help support Dale and Council in this transitional phase of the school. We also voted on office bearers and sub committees as follows:


President:                           Rowan Coxhead

Treasurer and VP:            Sarah Wicking

Secretary:                           Kate Keys

Facilities:                             Jonno Neilson (convenor), Rob Aiello, Matt Cody

Finance:                               Sarah Wicking (convenor), Kate Keys, Dale McInerney, Rowan Coxhead

Preschool & OSHC:          Kelly Verwey (convenor), Annwen Doonan, Hayley Coviello

Community Relations:   Florence Lindhaus (convenor), Eric Thrane, Sarah Wicking             

Education Policy:             Jessie Evans, Justin Benne, Anne Matheson

Fundraising:                       Anna Benjamin (coordination of parent fundraising group).


This year we have 2 additional sub-committees (Finance and Education Policy), and so we are keen to get some additional community members. You can just be on a sub-committee, or let us know if you are able to help. Anna Benjamin is leading our parent fundraising efforts, and we would love to have a representative across all the classes to really share the workload and make sure our events hit the mark. Please get involved – many hands really do make light work, and I think you will find the experience rewarding. Please look out for an update on Compass about nominating ‘Just one thing’ you can help the school with!


Orchard grant: I’m really excited to announce that through the Local Schools Community Fund, and with the support of Tony Smith, we have been successful in getting a $13,000 grant to fund the construction of an Orchard at the back of the school! This has been an idea championed and designed by Jonno Neilson over the last two years to supplement our successful Plot to Pot program. And now with a concerted push and lobbying effort this dream will now become a reality. I can’t praise Florence enough for her efforts on grants and lobbying – it is a big effort, with lots of persistence required, but it makes such a difference in terms of us being able to deliver larger projects without solely hitting up our families for funds.


Principal Updates: I’d really like to thank Dale for the way he has stepped into the acting role at MCPS this Term. Acting Principal is a tricky balancing act of keeping everything running smoothly, and I appreciate his efforts in understanding and supporting the atmosphere that makes our school great. The substantive principal recruitment process is now underway with the job advertised, and we expect to announce the successful candidate by the end of this term. Both teachers and school council will have representatives on the interview panel.

As always, school council is interested in your voice – please let me or my fellow councillors know if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share.

Rowan Coxhead

0418 160 546





Meet Hollie...

Student Wellbeing


Hi Everyone,
It's been a few weeks now since school has started back, I thought I'd better introduce myself to the new families that I haven't managed to meet yet.

My name is Hollie Boniface and I'm the chaplain at MCPS. My role is to support the wellbeing of students, their families and staff. Some of the things I do are meeting with students individually or in groups, facilitating lunch time clubs, spending time in classrooms supporting students socially or emotionally. I work on Mondays and Fridays and share an office with Alison in the BER. 

The staff and I work collaboratively to support student wellbeing so if you have any concerns or would like me to connect with your child, have a chat to your child's teacher or you can pass a message through the office to contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you around!



Woiworrung word of the week

Meaning - Father



Science Matters

Science Matters

This term, the students are studying various elements of Chemistry. Below is an outline of the topics covered this term:-

 Foundations - Materials and what things are made of.

 Year One and Two - Mixtures

Year Three and four -The changing state of substances when heated or cooled.

Year 5/6 - The changing state of substances (solids, liquids and gasses)


The Year 5/6s enjoyed being forensic scientists this week and even geared up into the appropriate safety wear!

They were invited to survey Anne’s “Mess scene” which consisted of various substances in different states and to put forward their theories of what had caused each “mess”. Over the next few weeks, they will be delving further into the causes of each “mess”

Stay tuned for their further investigations.



A Note from the Office

A Quick Note from Tina in the Office


Just a reminder that it is important to ensure your child has a hat each day.

'No Hat, No Play, No Fun Today!!'



A number of items of clothing are in lost property.  Please ensure all uniform items are clearly labelled with your child's name.  Please come into the office to collect lost items. Thank you.




Cool Cats Training Day - Date Change





All year levels will compete in House Sports events at Knox Athletics on Monday the 24th February. This is a wonderful day where all students take part in athletics events. The junior school (F-2) and senior school (3-6) will participate in different events throughout the day. The track is shared with Selby Primary School to reduce costs. This is a memorable event and will require a lot of parent helpers on the day to ensure students can be transported to the event and the events run smoothly. If you can assist on the day please let me know as soon as you can, either in person or via This is a highlight of the year and your support would be greatly appreciated.


The senior school leave earlier than the junior school and buses have been booked to transport most students, we do require some senior school parents transport some students to the track to avoid bus costs.


Senior school buses will leave at 8:30 am

Junior school buses will leave at 9:30 am.


Please contact me if you have some free time to do this, leaving school at 8:30 am and returning the same students to school at 2:30 pm. Thank you for all your support so far this year.


Date/Time/Venue: Monday, 24 February 2020 (8:30 AM to 3:00 PM), Knox Athletics Track, Knoxfield

Dress Code: Students are allowed to wear their house colours on the day, otherwise it is school uniform. Running shoes are recommended for comfort and performance. Hats will be required for all students.


Transport: The majority of students will be transported via bus but we do require some in the senior school to be transported with parents. If you are able to help out on the day, please let me know as soon as you can.


Staff member in charge: Matthew CODY

Consent: Required, due by Monday, 17 February 2020


















On Monday 8 students represented Menzies Creek Primary School (Nate T, Ben  H, Alice S, Syd N , Joel B, Aliah J, Tara F and Reve C) at the EDEC swimming trails. For such a small team we achieved amazing results! I was so proud of our fabulous team.

Results as follows:

Nate T    1st 9/10 Boys Freestyle, 1st 12/13 Boys Freestyle Relay, 1st Open Medley Relay

Ben H     1st 12/13 Boys Freestyle Relay

Syd N      2nd 11 Boys Backstroke, 1st Open Medley Relay

Alice S     2nd 11 Girls Breaststroke, 1st Open Medley Relay

Aliah J     2nd 12/13 Breaststroke

Joel B     3rd 12/13 Boys Backstroke, 1st 12/13 Boys Freestyle Relay

Reve C    1st 12/13 Boys Freestyle and breaststroke, 1st 12/13 Boys Breaststroke, 1st 12/12 Boys Freestyle Relay, 1st Open Medley Relay


Divisional Trails will be on the 4th of March. Thank you also to all the parent helpers on the day.



Weekly Awards

Week Ending: Friday 14th February



Mason C:-  For always helping others succeed in the classroom, you are such a great friend!  Keep up the amazing work!

Jasmine C:-  For always trying your best and persisting in everything that you do!  You are a superstar.

Foundation Class:-  For your amazing improvements with listening in P.E. this week.  Matt

Sam P:- For having excellent focus during your learning.  Well done on an excellent start to school!

Thomas S:-  For your amazing attitude to school.  I love your drive to learn and that you do it with a smile.



Ella P:-  For the fabulous effort you put into everything you do.  You're a star!

Leo T:-  For your brilliant space artwork and having a terrific start to the year.

Charlotte B:-  For doing your best by putting lots of effort into your learning.  You're a star!

Fynn W:-  For your brilliant thinking in maths.  You are a 'Place Value Whizz'!

Rose H:-  For coming to school everyday with a bright smile, caring nature and a positive 'Can do'  attitude towards your learning.

Soren R:-  For taking positive steps towards your learning.  You are putting in a lot of effort to do your best in every situation.  Well done.



Bailey P:- for bringing so much fun and energy into 3/4D everyday.  The class is very lucky to have you!  Keep up your amazing start to the year.

Max F:-  For giving a 100% in everything you do.  You have such a wonderful attitude to life and learning.

Bryce E:- For always trying your best!  I am noticing all the great choices you are making in the classroom.  Awesome start to Year Three!

Nate T:-  For letting your gorgeous personality shine.  You are the perfect mix of fun and friend to everyone.  We all love yur dance moves.



Taya S:-  You bring brains, creativity, support and fun to our class and we love it!

Tara F:-  For the incredible ways you express yourself through art.

Jasmine D:-  You have  aheart of gold.  I love the passion you have shown in iTime and how you care for others.

Alessia D:-  For your excellent questions, curiosity and kindness keep up the good work.

Maddie J:-  For continually going the extra mile.  You're an absolute gem!

Archer D:-  For the positive influence you have in the classroom.  I am so proud of the choices you are making!



Tyler E:-  For displaying great focus in Performing Arts.  Fabulous work!  Keep it up!



Moss G:-  For great thinking and ideas in Science.  You are a star!






TheirCare provides a stimulating and safe environment for all children and an environment
where children come and enjoy their time in their program. During sessions children develop
life skills, friendships, confidence and creativity through play.

Menzies Creek Primary School has partnered with TheirCare to provide quality care, flexibility
and commitment to deliver on our promise to your school community.



Service Phone Number: 0418 395 767 Your service coordinator will be available during session
times. TheirCare support is available during office hours if required on 1300 072 410

How to Enrol
Visit TheirCare website: and click on 'Book Now' in the top right hand
corner to register your child's details.

•Standard fees excluding incursion /excursion costs
"Based on ABS published average family income for the suburb the school is located



Preschool News



Community Information


Just a reminder that instrumental music lessons are offered at Menzies Creek with experienced music teachers. Lessons are held during school hours and are available for Guitar, Piano, Voice and Drums. Fees vary depending on your choice of instrument. If you would like to know more please fill out an expression of interest form from the office and return it, and a teacher will be in touch.

Regards, Jed.





Fresh Free Range Eggs for Sale
Please see Syd on the Green Space
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday


Easter Raffle Donations



Icy Pole Day



Is our Lollipop Man Phillip the best!!

Is your Lollipop person the sweetest?


Nominate your Lollipop person for the 2019/2020 School Crossing Supervisor of the year award.


Jump online and complete a nomination at


Your support of this program will help ensure your School Crossing Supervisor is shown the appreciation they deserve for their commitment to the ongoing safety of our children.












Cool Cats Need YOU!...


Cool Cats Need YOU!...







Kinesiology Tool Kit


PTV School Photo ID



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