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07 March 2019
Issue Six
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Religious Education Shrove Tuesday in Prep/1  
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Ride to School Day Friday 22nd March
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Upcoming Events

What's On - Term 1



11th March - Labour Day Public Holiday (no school)

21st March    - Harmony Day and Multicultural Night

25th March- Open Day

26th March    - Year 3/4 Camp @ Campaspe Downs

28th March - Books in Homes Assembly

2nd April  - Learning Expo at 9 am

5th April   - Last day of Term 


Term 2

23rd April - Students Return

9th May - School Photos

9th May - First Reconciliation Parent Night

23rd May - School Sports Day

15th May - Family Mass @ 9.15am

31st May  - School Closure Day- Berry Street 

5th June - First Reconciliation

11th June - School Closure Day- Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

19th June - Trinity Feast Day Mass @ 9.15am

26th June - Student Led Conferences

27th June - Reports Home

28th June - Last day of Term


Term 3

15th July - Students Return

30th July - First Communion Parent Night

31st July - St Ignatius Mass @ 9.15am

8th-9th - August School Closure Days- Catholic Identity and First Aid

15th August - Assumption Mass @ 9.15am

19th September - School Concert

20th September - Last day of Term



Term 4

7th October - Students Return

9th October -  Confirmation Parent Night @ 7.30pm

23rd October -  Whole School Mass @ 9.15am

25th October - Confirmation

30th October - 1st November Year 5/6 School Camp

28th November - Student Led Conferences

5th December - Community Carols

10th December - Year 6 Graduation

11th December - End ofYear Mass

12th December - End of Year Celebration Day

16th December - Last Day of School (students)


Principal's News


Dear Families


Thank you to all those parents who came to help  on Tuesday to make pancakes for our community. The students (and staff) greatly appreciated the time spent and the patience in feeding nearly 300 people! It was lovely to see so many parents and members of the local community attend Ash Wednesday mass yesterday.

Our thanks to Father Huy, Sylvia and those staff and students who helped make the mass such a beautiful, reflective start to Lent. 


Xavier Scholarship Application

These are due Friday- please ensure that that are handed into the office as they will be collected on Friday. 

Divisional Swimming


Congratulations to our four students who competed in the Divisional Swimming. You each represented our school with great distinction and made us proud by showing such a positive attitude to competing and for encouraging each other at the event.  Well done to Ford, Tomasz and Philiana who all placed fifth, and special congratulations to Philip who has made it through to Regionals after placing first in freestyle and butterfly. 


Prep Enrolments 2020 are open. Please see Julie for an application form


Thanks everyone- have a great week.




Religious Education
Shrove Tuesday in Prep/1


In Prep One, we have been inquiring into Ash Wednesday and the celebration of Lent. We have explored what it means to be Catholic and how Traditions impact our daily lives.


We began by collecting some empty cleaning products and discussed what each item can be used for, in the home. The children made the connection that all of the items were for cleaning. Next, we explored the concept of clean and dirty, by painting the children's hands and using soap to clean themselves. 


Children learnt about the symbol of the ashes and went into the Church to practice for the special Ash Wednesday mass. 


Ash Wednesday is important to us as Catholics because it is an opportunity for us to get closer to God and receive the ashes, as a symbol to make good choices. 


Natalie - "I will get ash on my head" 

Clementine - "It is important to clean so that our world is not bad" 

Anthony T - "The Priest will be in Mass" 

Awet - "We make good choices by following the school rules and being nice to our Mum and our friends" 

Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club now has a new name ‘Write On’, as voted by the students in the club.

Over the last few sessions, the students have been working on a piece of writing for a competition in which they can either create 16 lines of poetry or a 500 word short story related to a topic/writing style of their own choice. The competition encourages the students to think about something they may have read and for this to be reflected in their writing.


This week, Leonardo reflected on Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes and the way in which he cleverly combined famous fairytales in a witty and sarcastic manner so that they became revolting rhymes. Leonardo began his first draft in creating a revolting rhyme related to the book Nevermoor, incorporating the story of the Three Little Pigs…



Nevermoor, Nevermoor

A magical sight

With alleys and streets

That can give you a fright


And then, and then

There are the three pigs

The three little pigs

Who built their house of twigs


You merge them together

And what do you get?

Neverpig! Neverpig!

The strangest city yet


Neverpig, Neverpig

A wondrous new city

In the shape of a pig

It’s not very pretty



Next Wednesday 13th March, the students from the writing club will be attending an Author Talk at Fitzroy Town Hall’s Reading Room, run by Yarra Libraries. The students have been invited to listen to award winning, Sudanese born Australian author Yassmin Abdel-Magied, who will speak about her experiences in writing her novel ‘You Must Be Layla’. The ‘Write On’ Creative Writing Club are looking forward to attending this event.


Annabelle Marinelli

Literacy & Numeracy Leader

Maths in Prep/1LO


As mathematicians we have been exploring counting using numbers, building and creating patterns, and breaking and making numbers. In addition to using materials and working in teacher focus groups, students have been using their technology skills to engage in learning on the iPads and use various apps to practise their numeracy skills.

Patrick – ‘using the iPad for my maths learning helps me because I can see if I answered the problem correctly and very quickly’.

Nelson – ‘it’s fun to use an iPad, I like Monkey Maths, especially when you pass a level’.

Mikayla – ‘I like showing other students apps that can help them, it is a fun thing to do!’


Below is a picture of William and Angus using materials to match numbers 0 – 10.

Students have been investigating counting. They are using materials to match and quantify numbers. Leo is using a number line to assist him to count on from a number other than zero.

Leo - ‘it was tricky, but the number line helped me.’

Linh-Anh used a think board to make her thinking visible, she used materials, counted on and backwards, wrote the number 8 and drew a flower with 8 petals.

Linh-Anh – ‘I like using the counters, they helped me’.


Physical Education 

District Swimming Carnival

On Friday 15th Feb, 9 students competed in the District swimming trials against local schools;












They raced other students in their age group over 50 meters in Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly. We also had a team of 12yr old boys who competed in the Freestyle Relay. Students who came 1st or 2nd in their race will now go through to represent our District in the Divisional swimming carnival at Northcote pool this Wednesday 6th March.


Congratulations to all the students who competed and good luck to Phillip, Philiana, Tomasz and Ford who will compete again at the next level.

Ride to School Day
Friday 22nd March


We know that parents often have concerns or difficulties allowing their children to travel independently, particularly around safety and the extra time it takes to ride or walk.  Also, parents are often on their way to work at this time. However, the extra physical activity your child can gain from riding or walking will not only have great positive benefits on their health and wellbeing but will make them more attentive at school.

If your child can’t ride or walk the entire way to school perhaps think about dropping them at a certain point and you could travel the rest of the way with them, or allow them to travel safely on their own.


We hope to see you at Trinity on that morning!

Student Leadership 

SEL Awards 

These awards are awarded when students have demonstrated great social-emotional learning, a highly valued part of our school learning community.




Prep/1 AP     Serena

Prep/1 LO     Anh

1/2 RM           Christian

1/2 UR           Vincent

3/4 HT           Kevin

3/4 GT           Abigail

4/5 TR           Ethan & Melina  

5/6 MG         Philip

5/6 FA            Lincoln

Art                   Victoria

Sport             Destinho

Mandarin      Kathy

Ignatian Award

The Ignatian Award is awarded to students who demonstrate the values and qualities of St Ignatius. This term, our Ignatian Value is Welcome. 


This week the Ignatian award is awarded to Amy J. Congratulations Amy!

EXTEND After Care

Extend Autumn Holiday Bookings now open





Richmond Community Announcements

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Richmond Scout Group


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