Valkstone Weekly Newsletter

14 November 2018
Issue Thirty-six
Upcoming Events
Principal's Report
Valkstone Information
Valkstone Primary School
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East Bentleigh, Victoria, 3165

Upcoming Events




Wednesday 14th

Melbourne Aquarium Prep A & C

Prep Transition 2.00pm - 3.15pm

Tuesday 20th

School Council 7:00pm

Wednesday 21st 

Prep Transition 2.00pm - 3.15pm

Grades 5&6 Movie Night - Village Cinemas Southland

Thursday 22nd

Grade 6 Bike Ride

Monday 26th 

Holiday Program available from the school office

Monday 26th - Friday 29th

Grade 4 Bike Ed.




Sunday 2nd

Year 3 Families Working Bee

Wednesday 12th

End of year Concert

Thursday 13th

Back up day for End of year concert

Principal's Report

Term 4



At Assembly last Monday, students in Years 5 & 6 were acknowledged for their efforts in the 2018 Australasian Problem Solving Maths Olympiad.

Top 10% Charlie Redman, Aditi Patil & Jenna Setiawan

Top 25% Mia Chen, Andrea Maramis, Ling Zhang, Ben Lascelles, Isha Raman,

Sean Teerapakawong, Leonardo Goldberg and Bella Kaminsky.

Congratulations to all the students who participated.

Thank you Ms Borella and Mr Ware for teaching and leading the team.

Classes for 2019

The process of forming classes has commenced. Allocation of children to various classes is a collaborative process with the teaching staff and Principal. Forming balanced classes of children, we take into account the social, emotional, academic and physical characteristics of each child. Consideration is given to gender, the previous class, each child's ability, behaviour and friendship groups. Individual needs and a whole school perspective must be considered. It is our purpose to provide each child with the opportunity to be part of a class of children that will allow them the best opportunity to learn. Our teachers know your children well and are best placed to group children effectively. If parents have any concerns, these should be raised with the Principal.

Details relating to the school organisation, classes of children and the roles of teachers will be released to our families in the newsletter in the last week of Term 4.

Children will receive written notification of their teacher and room allocation the last week of Term 4 when they spend time with their new teacher.

Road Safety

Parents who have been associated with the school for some time will know that it has required the cooperation and assistance of everyone in the school community to ensure that the roads around Valkstone have been safe for our children over the years.


We have worked hard to establish crossings, maintain adequate signage, and generally support optimum traffic flow conditions around the school. As much as possible, we encourage families to walk or park and walk to and from school. The current Active Schools Program in conjunction with the Glen Eira Council is proving to be popular with students and families, easing the congestion considerably.


Of concern this week, is children who are riding to and from school, shooting off the footpaths onto the roads in front of cars. Several parents have reported this unsafe behaviour. Please talk to your children about safe riding, with properly fitted and secure helmets.







Valkstone Information


Uniform orders are filled on Mondays. 

Completed order forms need to be at the school by  Friday in order to be returned to your child on Monday.

Size 4  uniforms are available in all items of clothing.

Lunch orders

Lunch orders are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  please try to have the correct money.  

Order forms are available from the office. 

School Banking

School Banking day is Tuesday.  Bank books will be collected and  returned the next day.  New application forms are available from the Office.

All school banking deposit slips and butts MUST be filled in when making a deposit.  Failure to do so will result in your banking book being  returned.

Golden Walking Ticket:

This is an Active Schools Walking Ticket. Each time you  have either walked, biked, scootered to or from school you can ask your parents to cross out one of the stars on your ticket. 
Once you have filled out all 15 stars your ticket will be entered into a raffle for the major prize! Each ticket entered will allow the student to pick a prize from the Active School Lucky Dip!
 If your parents drive you to school you can still enter the competition by parking away from the school and walking to class. Every little bit counts! 
Parents please see Glen Eira City Council’s Terms and Conditions by visiting
 The first Lucky Dip draw was held on Monday 29th October as many children had walked, ridden or scooted 15 times. The lucky winners this week were:

Year 6     Emily M  & Keeva     Year 5  Bella K  &  Rachel M                                Year 4  Angelina K  & Grace Z 

Year 3     Trent  & Aarav      Year 2 Aaditya & Gabi R                                            Year 1 Ilisha  & Isabelle    Prep  James & Ryder
Good Luck and have fun!

House Points

The  scores last week were very close they were 62, 88, 68 and 78.  In fourth place with a score of 62 was Acacia.  In third place with a score of 68 was Grevillea.  In second place with a score of 78 was Waratah and in  first place with a great score of 88 was Banksia.

Well done to Banksia and good luck to everyone for next week.

(By Cody & Maddy)

Social Service

The grades that raised over $2.00 last week were Prep B, 2D, 5B and 5C.

The grade that raised the most money was Prep B with a total of $5.85. The total amount raised was $22.35.

Please remember not to put any foreign money in your social service box.

(By Mariyama & Melissa)


すずしいです(pronounced ‘suzushiides’) which means ‘it’s cool’, is the Japanese Word for Week 6 & 7. You can use ‘すずしいです’ (‘suzushiides’) when you are feeling nice and cool in the classroom and out in the yard. Please be careful ‘suzushiides’ doesn’t mean something is ‘looking cool/awesome cool’.
Thank you / ありがとうございますfor your continuing support for our Japanese program.  
 Muldeary Sensei & Steph Sensei



Tickets for the Grade 5 and 6 movie night will be distributed this week.  There are still tickets available, the cost is $15-00  and are now available for purchase to any of the Valkstone families .   Tickets can be purchased through the school office.


The Valksview magazine is on sale in the office for $20.00, there is limited  stock, so get in quickly to avoid disappointment. 




 Bookclub orders have been distributed and orders which are now all on line , are due by 9.00 am on Thursday 22nd November.

This is the last Bookclub for 2018. 



House badges

The office is selling house badges for $3.50 each. 



My name is Jamie Maltz and I am organising a fundraiser for Guide Dogs Victoria.  I am selling towels with an embroidered "I Love My Dog" (see above).  Towels are $10-00 each and can be purchased from  the school office.  100% of the money goes to Guide Dogs Victoria. 

Thank you 




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Whilst the Editor checks for appropriate content, Valkstone does not endorse the conduct or service and encourages parents to investigate the product or service as they would for any purchase they are contemplating.

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