07 December 2018
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From the Principal

End of year celebrations

Today we had a beautiful Mass to give thanks for a wonderful year at the College. As we move into the warm weather of summer, the Church commences the season of Advent. It is a time of preparation for the birth of Jesus celebrated at Christmas:


Advent is the season of the presence and expectation of the eternal. For this very reason, it is in a particular way a period of joy, an interiorized joy that no suffering can diminish.’

Pope Benedict XVI, 2009


Significantly, all our year levels have celebrated Masses or Liturgies over the past few weeks recognising the importance of the Christmas message of hope and joy. I encourage families to fully participate in the faith life of parishes in the coming weeks.


At the end of each year there is always some sadness as we farewell some students and staff. I would like to thank and acknowledge the following teachers as they leave the College:


  • Ms Gemma Wooltorton
  • Ms Marietta Russo
  • Mrs Margi Watson
  • Ms Donna Italiano
  • Mrs Catherine Young
  • Mrs Marnie Barrett
  • Miss Bianca Grills
  • Ms Rebecca Brown

Best wishes also to the following staff members as they commence periods of leave:

  • Ms Rita de Faria
  • Mr Damian Owen
  • Ms Wing Chi Chan
  • Mr James Chua
  • Mrs Gill Lyon
  • Ms Eva Maria Catina

Over the past few weeks I have attended many end of year functions involving students, staff and parents. I often reflect on the wonderful sense of community and I thank everyone for their superb contributions throughout 2019.


Currently, we have unprecedented demand for enrolments which is an excellent reflection on everyone involved at John XXIII College. Best wishes for a happy and holy Christmas.


Robert Henderson


Around The Primary

Dear Parents

Our journey through the 2018 school year has been filled with so many learning opportunities for all our students. We hope you enjoy the following clip that highlights

the breadth and depth of activity in the Primary school and the many wonderful learning experiences which have happened in our learning spaces and beyond the classroom this year.

Congratulations to all our Pre-Kindy to Year 6 students for making our Primary school a vibrant and happy place, a place of effort and personal excellence and most importantly, a place of compassion, competence and commitment.


This week the Year 6 students celebrated the end of their Primary journey, with a beautiful Farewell Mass, morning tea with their parents, and this was followed by a pool party.  These students are very special leaders and we wish them happiness and success as they continue on their educational journey in Secondary school.

We are blessed to have an incredibly capable and hard-working Primary team.  Special thanks to every staff member for the work they have done to inspire, support and challenge our Primary students. 


We farewell Mrs Young (Kindy Teacher) and Mrs Brown (Education Assistant) and thank them for their wonderful contributions to our school community.


Finally, a big thank you to our parent community for your significant contributions to life in the Primary school.


Wishing you all a happy and holy Christmas.



Happy holidays!


Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


Staff 2019

Pre Kindy           Cath De Campe


KB                          Amanda Kounis

KG                          Cayley King


PPB                        Chiara Di Biaggio

PPG                       Alison Dillon


1B                           Karin Ilich

1G                          Lisa Ferraro


2B                           Emma Distante

2G                          Jessica Saraco


3B                           Dustin Fromm

3G                          Jacqui Cooney


4B                           Teresa Fontaine

4G                          Claire Dernie


5B                           Sonja Goss

5G                          Jacqui O’Connor


6B                           Lauren Nish       

6G                          Talea Graves

Semester 2 Reports

Reports will be available from 3.00pm today. 


If you have  difficulties accessing your child’s report at the end of the term, please send any enquiries to



Congratulations to Nicholas Skerratt (4G) for being accepted into the Western Australian Youth Orchestra. Nicholas will be playing the violin in the orchestra in 2019. 


Great Cardboard Build

To complete our ‘Sustainability Adventure‘, the Year Three classes participated in the great ‘Cardboard build’.  The maintenance team collected and stored boxes for us and the students also saved boxes from home.


The students worked in teams to design what to build. Their ideas included a Christmas tree and fire place, Santa’s sleigh, a ship, a castle and a robot.


They decided on what jobs they would have in their teams - project manager, box collectors, tape distributor, time keeper, and everyone would be part of the building process.


Once the students had built and shared their wonderful designs, they then had to flat pack the boxes so that they could be taken back to the maintenance building to be recycled.


This activity incorporated many 21st century skills including creativity, resourcefulness, perseverance, teamwork and most importantly fun and play. It was a fantastic experience for all involved!


Mrs Purcell (Design Technology Teacher) and the Year Three Team


Dates to Remember Week 1  2019

Monday 4 February                   Term 1 begins (PP – Yr 6)
                                                                Pre-Kindy Transition begins

Thursday 7 February                 Yr 4 – 6 swimming lessons begin

Friday 8 February                        Opening College Mass (SLSC)

                                                                PAL Meeting 2pm (TMEC)

Monday 11 February                 Wanju Voices Auditions 3:15pm (GBLT)

Thursday 14 February               Swimming lessons end

Friday 15 February                      Yr 4 – 6 Swimming Trials 10:30am – 2:50pm


2019 Primary Picnic – Save the Date

Our annual John XXIII College Primary Picnic will take place on Saturday 23 February 2019 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. Lock this date in your diary now, as you won’t want to miss all the fun activities we have planned. Stay tuned for further details.


Pupil Free Days 2019


Monday 29 April

Monday 22 July

Tuesday 23 July

Monday 14 October

2019 Playdates





Year 9 HASS 

As part of their studies about ‘The Geographies of Interconnection’ Year 9 students learnt how they can connect to other parts of the world through Kites and Origami. The students had a wonderful time making a variety of origami folds and features, listened attentively and had a good laugh at the jokes Mr Ang shared with them.


The Kites workshop was another winner with our Year 9s, particularly when they were allowed to fly their own hand-made kites on the oval. The weather was beautiful and with wind speed just right, their kites flew high into the blue sky, fluttering and dancing in concert in the gentle breeze with our Year 9s squealing with laughter and excitement controlling their new found ‘toys’. It was a fantastic experience for our students.

Dr Margaret Yoon

Humanities and Social Sciences Teacher

Out with the old…. In with the new!

This year the format of Tournament of Minds changed, and the Science Technology and Mathematics Engineering categories were merged into the new category ‘STEM’.   As a result, the trophies for the old categories have been retired and a new STEM trophy introduced.


The College is honoured to receive the Mathematics Engineering trophy as John XXIII College have been the most prolific winners in WA of this particular category,  competing against Sacred Heart, Perth Modern,  Perth College, St Norbert’s, Nagle Catholic College,  Guildford Grammar, St Brigid’s Esperance SHS and Mirrabooka SHS for the right to retain the trophy in perpetuity.


This achievement just indicates the strength the College has in the STEM arena.

The College currently holds the 2018 STEM trophy also seen in the photograph with students. 


International Disability Week

International Day of People with Disability is held on or around 3 December each year. To celebrate Disability week John XXIII College hosted a number of events and activities across the campus for teachers and students with the aim of increasing awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and to celebrate the achievements and contributions of people with disability.


International disability week focuses on how society and communities can strive for inclusivity through the removal of physical, technological and attitudinal barriers.  



Year 9 Rite Journey

On Tuesday the Year 9s completed their final Rite Journey Abyss Challenge and their Homecoming ritual. The boys started their Abyss program here at school where they participated in a number of activities around team building, self and resilience.  Luke from Armed for Life worked with our boys before they took off to Kings Park or Resolution Point where they engaged in a Walk and a number of challenges along the way. These challenges were a part of the Homecoming ritual later in the day.


The girls were transported to the southern side of the city where they took part in a Walk along the waterfront. Half the cohort started from Applecross and the other from East Fremantle. Along the way the students got to look at some amazing scenery, bushland, houses, and the river. They completed their challenges in a mature and thoughtful way. These were used for the Homecoming ritual.


Once we got back to school the students had afternoon tea, helped to get things ready for our ritual and enjoyed some social time together. Parents arrived, and we commenced our beautiful ritual praying together, presenting the students back to their parents and then the sharing of our letters written during the day. A very special time as students shared their stories with their parents. It was beautiful looking out across the Chapel lawn and seeing sons and daughters talking with their mums, dads and mentors.


I have spoken with many of the students about the day and about the sharing with their parents. They said they really enjoyed it and that their parents may have shed a tear or two. They liked the opportunity to just be and have the time with their parent/s. So, thank you for being a part of this special event. As students were well aware Rite Journey relies on students engaging, taking up the challenges and really trying to behave and act in a more mature way.


As I leave John XXIII College I want to say a huge thank you to all the Year 9 students and parents for companioning me on this journey throughout 2018. We have navigated various adolescent issues and come out as better people. May you all have a safe holiday and a happy Christmas as you ponder the spirit of Jesus’ birth.


Good luck and God bless.


Ms Wooltorton

Assistant Deputy Principal: Year 9


Year 7 - Scitech

Year 7 students at John XXIII spent the day at Scitech feeding their curiosity. Students rotated through a number of different activities. In groups, students explored and navigated  our world in the Map Your World session.  In Microscopic Biology, students investigated plant and insect larvae using digital technologies. The importance of Mathematics, in particular estimating, were examined in the session of Mathematics and Explosions. Finally, students continued to develop their Earth Space Science learning in the Planetarium viewing Passport to the Universe. 


The sessions challenged students to incorporate elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 


Thank you to the Staff at Scitech for accommodating the large number of students and the College Staff who helped on the day. 


HASS up-cycling

Students  in HASS had an awesome time making flower from recycled materials.


John XXIII Rowing Club

Another special week for John XXIII Rowing Club as they blessed and named their two new boats: our new Quadruple Scull, the Angelo Roncalli; and our new Eight Rowing Shells, the Bill Davies. 


 John XXIII College 2018 Secondary highlights

That’s a wrap! 2018 has been an exciting year at John XXIII College, so we thought we'd end the school year on a high note by sharing some of the highlights across our secondary school.


Alumni Address - Presentation Night 

Dr Peter D’Alessandro (Class 1998) addresses the John XXIII College community at Presentation Night 2018. Students were feeling inspired by the end of his relevant, inspirational and motivational speech. The full recording is available here: 



Family Zone & Cyber Safety

Download Family Zone 

Make use of the Family Zone Accounts which we are offering to John XXIII College families for free, as part of our College contract negotiations until 2020.


By setting up a private Family Zone account, you can apply age-appropriate parental controls on every device your child has access to, in any location. To find out more visit


Where do kids really go when they go online?

Written by Family Zone Team 

Mobile devices - smartphones that slip into a backpocket and tablets that tuck into schoolbags - have allowed kids to inhabit a digital world largely invisible to the grown-ups - and seemingly impossible to supervise.


Are you old enough - or young enough - to remember POS?  It stands for “parent over shoulder” - and just a few years ago it was a common messaging shorthand used by kids and teens. But that was way back in the day when most children’s online lives revolved around the PC in the loungeroom and maybe - if they were lucky - the family laptop.


Then, parents had easy access their kids’ screen-time activity - literally standing over their shoulders to see what they were up to online. If they insisted they were doing their maths homework, but Mum could see the instant messenger flashing, or the open World of Warcraft tab, it was ‘game over.’ Often literally.


The mobile revolution has changed all that.

Today, over 90% of Aussie young people - and two-thirds of primary school kids - own a mobile device. The average age for a first smartphone is now around 10,  and even babies are swiping devices by 12 months of age.


Exactly what kids are getting up to online, away from the prying eyes of parents and teachers, has been the subject of much speculation. Yet, for obvious reasons, there has been very little data to provide a window onto this secret world - until now.


In the course of protecting thousands of children at school, at home and on the go, Family Zone has collected a trove of data that reveals the online activity kids at various age groups are engaging in: the what, the when and the where.


(NB: Family Zone data shows what sites kids are attempting to access online - not necessarily what they’re actually consuming.)   


The What

So what, exactly, are kids doing all day when they’re online?


Among children up to age 8, YouTube (74%) and games (86%) are the biggest drawcards. One in five in this age group are desperately seeking Snapchat - where the age restriction is 13 - and 14% are attempting to access porn, while over half (54%) are looking for other risky content (think violence, hate speech, criminal activity, illegal downloads, etc.)  


Nearly one in five kids in the 9-12 age group are on the hunt for explicit material, while two-thirds are seeking out other risky content. Over three-quarters are into streaming media, which includes predator-magnets like TikTok (formerly

Younger teens (13-15) are heavily focused on social media, gaming, streaming and YouTube. In this age group, more than two-thirds are looking for pornography on any given day, and 18% are seeking access to gambling sites.

 Among the oldest teens in our data set, aged 16-17, YouTube remained the most popular drawcard (91%), following closely by social and streaming media. A quarter were looking for gambling sites and just over half for porn.


The When and The Where

Student devices are generally protected to some degree at school. But that doesn’t stop 35% of children attempting to access porn on school grounds, or 55% from trying to get into their social media accounts.


But it’s after school when risky activity really picks up - beginning right from the home-time bell and climbing upwards until dinner-time.

But the most dangerous time for kids online is between 10 pm and 2 am, according to Family Zone cyber experts Dave and Katie Kobler of educational consultancy Protect Our Kids.


“It’s that time of night when mum and dad go to bed, so often the WiFi is left on, and we find that young people - whether they want to be or not - they often get caught in this trap of watching porn online,” says Katie.


Often it’s material “they don’t even want to be looking at - but they feel helpless to look away.”  This is also prime-time for bullying and body-image issues to occur. For this reason, experts refer to this time period as “The 10 pm Trap.”


Keeping devices out of bedrooms can cut the risk of online abuse from child predators in half, advises former internet detective and Family Zone cyber expert Brett Lee.  

Music - Week 39

The John XXIII College Music Department wishes all its musicians, families and staff a safe and happy Christmas! It has been a wonderful year of music-making, involving hundreds of students in scores of performances. We look forward to another fantastic year, in 2019!


Please note, the Music Office will remain open until Thursday 13 December at 12:00pm, reopening on Tuesday 29 January at 8:00am.

2019 Auditions and Concert Dates

The Music and Drama Calendar for 2019 will be mailed to all families in early 2019. Please note audition dates in the opening weeks, excerpts for which will be available on the first day of school, next year.

2019 Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Applications for instrumental and vocal lessons in 2019 are currently open. Forms are available in the Music Office, via the College website and on SEQTA. Current enrolments will automatically renew for 2019.


Congratulations and well done to all of the Drama students who performed publicly this term.


Year 9 – Gobsmacked!

Year 10 – Quality Assortment

Year 9 Musical Theatre - Hairspray

Year 8 – Let’s Play

Year 7 – Revolting Rhymes


Approximately 250 students performed on stage to supportive audiences with the help of the technical crew.


Congratulations to Sam Moloney (Class 2017) who has been accepted into the BA Music Theatre course at WAAPA in 2019.

Mr George Tsakisiris

Head of Drama


Year 8


Year 9



Pathways and Transition

Important dates 

UWA Design Studio for students  - Now Open  

ConocoPhillips Science Experience at UWA – Now Open  

The University of Notre Dame – 18 December 

Perth Music School – 2019: 14-18 January


Community Liturgy

For the diary - first Community Liturgy for 2019 will be Friday 15 February. 



  • When: Fridays in Term Time
  • Time: 8:00-8:30am
  • Where: College Chapel

If you have any queries about Community Liturgy, please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: or 9383 0513.


First Reconciliation

Congratulations… to the following students in Year 3 who have recently made their First Reconciliation.

Samuel Dale

Sophia Edgley

Alice Edmondson

Nada Jackovich

Eliza Owen

Amber Vujcich

Parish News

During the Advent and Christmas seasons many families incorporate parish liturgies and other special Nativity events into their family celebrations.


Some information from local parishes below:



Do you have a child in Year 2, 3 or 5? 

Children in Years 3, 4 and 6 prepare to celebrate the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation in their own ‘home’ parish.  Parents are reminded that it is their right and responsibility to enroll their own child in a parish ‘Sacrament Program’. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I thought the school would arrange for my child to receive the Sacrament?

Your children will definitely cover the content during religion classes: Reconciliation in Year 3, Eucharist in Year 4 and Confirmation in Year 6.  The archdiocesan Sacrament Policy respects that parents are the children’s first teachers in Faith, so the program in our archdiocese is ‘family-focused, parish-based and catholic school supported.’

In simple language that means:

  • Catholic schools cover the religious content
  • Parishes celebrate the sacraments within the wider parish community
  • Families will have their own association with a parish, and enroll their child in the parish program


When will the sacraments be celebrated?

Each parish is different; refer to your local parish for dates and times.


I need help with this; who may I contact?

GOOD NEWS for the 2nd Sunday in Advent

“All people shall see the salvation of God.” (Luke 3:1-6)


The reflection for this Sunday’s Gospel is part of a homily by Jesuit priest, Fr Richard Leonard. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the Director of the Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting, is a member of the Australian Catholic Media Council and is author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.


In (Sunday’s) Gospel, John the Baptist encourages his followers to be patient, as the wait for salvation will soon be over. The Israelites longed to see the day when the Messiah would come. Each generation hoped and prayed that they would be the one to witness the appearance of God's anointed. The Jewish people still hope and pray for this event in every generation.


But Jesus did not come as many expected. Some thought he would arrive in a dramatic event and the end of the world would occur. Others expected a regal entrance or a political overthrow of the Romans. Luke's Gospel repeatedly points out that the very people who longed for the day to see the Messiah missed out because they were looking for the wrong signs.


John the Baptist is the first to see Jesus for who he really is for the world. He recognises that Jesus' sacrificial love can fill our valleys, lay mountains low, make crooked paths straight and rough ways smooth.


Advent is not a season where we have to pretend that we do not know Jesus is coming and then put on mock surprise at Christmas. Advent is the season which celebrates a 'patient yes'. Every year all of us in the Church stand in a queue and remind ourselves of how blessed we are to have seen our salvation in Jesus. We remember the faith of those who longed to see what we see and to know what we know. And we cultivate our patience for life's valleys, mountains and crooked paths where sometimes we can feel Jesus' absence more than his presence, where only when we look back we can see he was with us all the way.


So, as we all wait together in line this Advent let's say yes to all that salvation holds for us: yes to God's personal love; yes to Jesus' kingdom of justice and peace; yes to every opportunity to serve the Gospel and yes to knowing that our God is a companion to us at every step of our journey, even in the most unexpected ways.


© Richard Leonard SJ


Years 7 & 8 Immunisation Program 2019

The Department of Health is offering vaccinations to both Years 7 and 8

students in 2019.


Previously the diptheria, tetanus and pertussis (dTpa) and Human Papilloma (HPV) vaccines were offered in Year 8 only.


From 2020 onwards, the program will routinely be offered to students in Year 7 only.


Transitioning the dTpa and HPV vaccination program from Year 8 to Year 7 students is expected to result in improvements in the consent and completion rates of the school-based vaccinations.


More information will be sent out in Term 1, 2019.


Jenny Hill

College Nurse


Parents' Association

I would like to acknowledge the enthusiasm and hard work that the Parents’ Association Liaisons (PALs) for Years 7 – 12 have done this year in creating social activities for parents and therefore building stronger connections within the year groups. Their assistance in securing volunteers and rosters for all the events that take place throughout the year helped to make each term flow smoothly.

Thank you to the outgoing PALs for 2018:


Year 7                                     Paula Hackett
                                                  Amanda Zuvela
                                                  Lucette Quinlan
                                                  Stephanie van der Struyf
                                                  Allison Stacy
                                                  Alex Kyriakacis


Year 8                                     Pippa Stokes
                                                  Liesl Strachan
                                                  Jodii Giannas
                                                  Jill Mustard
                                                  Brenda Moore


Year 9                                     Jody Lennon
                                                  Kate Akerman
                                                  Susie Palandri
                                                  Cath King
                                                  Diane Vardanega


Year 10                                    Soraya Broderick
                                                  Jane Ford
                                                  Louise Birbeck


Year 11                                  Tanelle Purkiss
                                                  Angela Steens
                                                  Sandy Lowenadler
                                                  Jodi Mills
                                                  Stephen Beckwith


Year 12                                  Brenda Bardinet
                                                  Mary Harrington
                                                  Julie Bevan
                                                  Candie Italiano


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the incoming PALs for 2019:


Year 7                                      Josephine Ferguson-Allen
                                                  Sarah Chew
                                                  Danielle Taylor
                                                  Cheryl Hughes


Year 8                                     Gabby Brooks
                                                  Sam Margaria
                                                  Camille Greenwell
                                                  Raelene Syers
                                                  Denita Slatter


Year 9                                     Pippa Stokes
                                                  Liesl Strachan
                                                  Jill Mustard
                                                  Brenda Moore
                                                  Catherine Archer


Year 10                                  Lorraine Ghersinich
                                                  Susan Kitchin
                                                  Cathy Brooker
                                                  Bruce Hegge


Year 11                                   Andrea Dewar
                                                  Sonja Heath
                                                  Lia Allen
                                                  Belinda Hansen


Year 12                                  Paula Hackett
                                                  Sam Koios
                                                  Liz Richards
                                                  Jacqui O’Connor


Sharon Aquino
Secondary Convenor 2018-2019

Community Notices

Town of Cambridge Summer Bus​

The FREE Summer Bus is back for another summer! Throw on your bathers, pack your towel and stop at the shop on your way to the beach!


The bus will navigate its way through the Town stopping off at various locations, just wave for the bus to stop at any TOC or Transperth bus stop along the route and hop on. 



Seven News Young Achiever Awards

Nominations are open for the Seven News Young Achiever Awards, including the Catholic Education Western Australia Young Leadership Award category.


The Young Achiever Awards aim to acknowledge and promote the positive achievements of young people throughout Western Australia. For 2018/2019 there are nine categories, including CEWA’s Young Leadership Award which recognises young people who exemplify courage, the power of positive attitude and demonstrate an ability to collaborate and empower others.


Anyone 29 years old or younger can nominate or be nominated, so this is a fantastic opportunity for CEWA students, alumni and staff alike to be recognised for outstanding achievement.


Nominations close on 12 December 2018.


For more information, or to nominate yourself or a young achiever you know, visit:, or email

The 2018 WA State Final winners: Jack Brett, Cohen Rafiq, Lily Convery, Tiffany Cesare, Akash Parekh, Jason Ko (Absent:Lucinda Tassone)
Canteen Term 4 Menu 2018.pdf