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04 August 2017
Term 3 Week 2
From the Principal 
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From the Principal 


Dear Parents and Caregivers, Konnichiwa!


Staffing 2017 and 2018

Term 3, 2017 has brought some staffing changes due to staff taking leave, these include

  • Daniel Moyle replacing Sue Reynolds for 5 weeks, 4 days per week commencing at the start of term 3
  • Kyra Tunney replacing Margaret Henry for 3 weeks, 4 days per week, commencing at the start of term 3
  • Brodie Borg replacing Ellen Eisenkolb for 8 weeks, fulltime from 14 August until the end of term 3
  • Tom Wilkinson replacing Mike Scott for the rest of the year, 2 days per week, making Tom fulltime PE teacher
  • Sally Moore replacing Renee Cram for 10 days when Renee gets married
  • Laura Langton replacing Pauline McAuliffe one day per week when Pauline has patterned long service leave.

For 2018 and beyond a number of teacher vacancies will arise due to

  • Two teachers taking a teacher renewal package and retiring
  • Two further retirements
  • One teacher winning a teacher position at another school
  • Trevor Potter has already retired and he has been replaced by Wade Ball and experienced PE teacher moving from Roxby Downs Area School

So, welcome to Grange to our new staff and all the best to staff taking leave and/or retiring. I will keep you informed as new teacher placements and appointments are made.


Games/Sports Day change of date

Traditionally the Grange Primary School Games/Sports Day has been held in term 4 of the school year. This year it was scheduled on the school planner to occur on Friday 3 November.


Last year I received significant feedback from parents and staff expressing concerns about holding this major event when the weather is warmer and the day can be quite hot. Addressing this very real concern Games/Sports Day will now be held this term, term 3, on Friday the 1st of September. Many other schools have made similar decisions to provide the best environment on this important day. While there are no guarantees of what the weather will be like on the day, we do know that the day is much more likely not to be a hot day.


By moving the day to term 3, week 6, Friday, 01/09/2017 it also brings other benefits in that some of the events can be used as a selection process for student participation at District Athletics Carnival day which is held in term 3, week 8 and it moves the day out of a crowded and busy term 4.


We have also followed up on other parent and staff feedback and we will not be selling soft drinks on the day, as has happened in the past, just water. The health and wellbeing of our students, parents, friends, community and staff is of utmost importance and has informed and directed these decisions, as we believe the school needs to model best practice. So to summarise, Games/Sports Day will now be held this term, term 3 on Friday the 1st of September.


I wanted to pass on this information to you as soon as we had made this decision, as I know Games/Sports Day is a highly regarded and well attended event by our families and friends. Thank you for your support in this matter and in the provision of the very best learning environment for our students.



Student free and total closure day reminder

At the start of this year our Governing Council approved the 2017 student free and total closure days. There are two remaining for 2017 and these occur this term. We have a whole of Western Adelaide Shores Primary Partnership shared student free day on Monday 21 August. On this day all 350 teachers from the 8 Primary schools will be working on learning design, assessment and moderation, sharing their work and practice over the past terms. The total closure day, day of local significance for the Royal Adelaide Show is on Friday 8 September.


Regards, Grant



Grant Small, Principal

Grange Primary School 

[email protected]                                              









School News

Traffic Monitors



Week 3 - Term 3


Room 34 - Garima S, Emma J, Blake R

 (Reserve: Nicole T)


Week 4 - Term 3


Room 37 -Nicole T, Mackenzie K, Eva K

 (Reserve: Lily P-R)


Week 5 - Term 3


Room 37 - Lily P-R, Olivia B, Jade G

 (Reserve: Evan G)


Canteen Roster

Canteen volunteers are needed for Term 3. Please see Jo in the canteen to register your interest.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 


Week 3 - Term 3


Monday - Melissa Lewis

Tuesday -Iliana Brotherton

Wednesday - Zina Spirdonoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis



Week 4 - Term 3


Monday -   HELP NEEDED


Wednesday - Zina Spirdonoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis



Week 5 - Term 3


Monday -  Student Free Day


Wednesday - Zina Spirdonoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday -Raye R


Week 6 - Term 3


Monday -  Aymee  Lumsden


Wednesday - Sushi Day (Renee and Zina)

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday -Annette D'Aloia


Residents Win Grant Funding

In 2016, as a result of seeking solutions to improve road safety for our students and the community, with the support of Georgie Medhurst, Maureen Russo and Grant, our Principal and I applied for a Residents Win Grant through the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.  Grant and I have today been notified that Grange Primary School is being granted $42,500 to fund a project designed specifically to improve crossing safety for our students on Surrey Street.  In addition to this, a further $10,000 will be committed to the project by Charles Sturt Council, totalling $52,500.

The project works will include widening footpaths to encourage usage of the 'Kiss and Go' area, installation of a new school entrance on Surrey Street, amend parking controls to discourage long term parking, improve footpath access into school at the southern gate and installation of new pedestrian fencing immediately south of the crossing.  The works will be carried out during 2017/2018.

I wish to say a huge thank you to Georgie, Grant and Maureen for all their assistance and encouragement.  I also wish to express my sincerest gratitude to Stephen Chan, Independent Engineer from Greenhill and to Chris Bentick, Transport Engineer at Charles Sturt Council, both of whom have helped me so much with the Residents Win Grant Application and provided the recommendations/designs/plans for this project.  You have all contributed a great deal of time and commitment to help me secure this funding, without which this project would not be possible. 

Debbie Moore
Parent and Community Liaison Officer

Games Day change of date


Our Languages Matter-Nadioc Week


The theme for Nadioc Week is "Our Languages Matter" 

Our Aboriginal students attended an excursion in the city, Rundle Mall for Nadioc celebration hosted by Nicole Gollan who always developed a permanent Artwork piece installation of a snake displaying the 39 Languages in South Australia.

The project was created and planned by a team of Community people Artist, Jacob Logo and Members of the Kauna community and the wider Aborginal community that came together to create the significant public artwork located in the heart of the city, Tarntanyanngga/Victoria Square.


We had parent, Danielle come to visit us while she was working and our student Temaana performed in the dance group, Yella.

The Excursion had a live performance, basket weaving workshops, devious food using Australian native ingredients from the River Murray area, and guest appearance AFL/SAFL Identities. 

This is the first Nadioc Celebration.



Rebecca Bennetts 


Maths Corner with Mr Narcys


Welcome back to Maths Corner for Term 3. I hope students and families have had an enjoyable holiday break. This term I will continue to use this space to showcase the wonderful maths learning students at Grange are doing, to include worthwhile articles, readings and material from the Maths education world, to offer advice, tips and suggestions for maths at home and to provide fortnightly maths challenges for students at all year levels.


Jo Boaler
On Monday 24th July (Week 1), three Grange PS staff members had the pleasure of attending a DECD Professional Development workshop facilitated by Jo Boaler, Professor of Maths Education at Stanford University. Jo spoke about the need to revolutionise the way Maths is taught and to challenge the common beliefs and misconceptions about what it takes to be a successful mathematician in today’s world.


Her key messages included:

  • Everyone can learn maths -  there’s no such thing as a “Maths Person”
  • Our brains grow, new learning forms new pathways in the brain
  • Maths is not about speed, speed is often valued but it is not always important
  • Studies have revealed up to 68% of students experience Maths anxiety – girls more than boys
  • Maths anxiety contributes to low-achievement as stress effects our working memory
  • Anxiety is caused by tests, grades, homework, competition, closed tasks, speed tests, rankings
  • To improve maths outcomes for students, we must shift the focus from a performance culture to learning culture
  • It is important to allow students to talk, collaborate, problem solve together
  • To make maths more visual
  • That maths is not just about calculating, we have machines and devices that do that now. We don’t need those skills mathematically anymore.


Many of these messages are consistent with our current maths approach at Grange so it is wonderful to hear Jo validate our work. I know teaching staff are implementing many of these strategies as we focus on improving Maths outcomes for every learner at Grange.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) learning opportunities are taking place throughout the school with wonderful results. Teachers at all year levels are looking at ways to incorporate STEM pedagogy into the classrooms and it is wonderful to see students engaging with tasks that involve problem solving, critical and creative thinking and team skills. The images below are just a small sample of STEM learning taking place at Grange.

  • Room 13 – Students using ipads to code the movement of a robotic device called a Sphero
  • Room 9 – Students designing and creating 3D prototypes as part of the 3D Printing Project.
  • Room 33 – Students designing and constructing cubed houses to scale. A cube house is a flat pack home which is 4m tall, 3m wide and 4m long, a total of 36 cubic metres and can sleep up to two people.


Kind regards,
Alex Narcys
Senior Leader – Year 6/7


BRAIN STRETCH – Maths Problems to try at home

F-2 Problem – The Answer is 17 and Hundred Square


1) The answer to the question is 17. How many different ways can you get the answer 17? List them?

Have you used addition and subtraction? Now pick a new number to make.




Year 3-5 Problem - Desks in a room and Treasure Hunt

Year 6/7 Problem – Squares to Stairs

Task Instruction

  1. How do you see the pattern growing?
  2. What would the next figure look like? Draw it
  3. How many squares are in figure 10? Explain how you know. What would it look like?
  4. How many squares are in figure 55? Explain how you know.
  5. Can you use 190 squares to make a stair-like structure? Mathematically justify your answer.
  6. How can you figure out how many total squares are in any figure?
  7. If you have 1,478 squares, can you make a stair-like structure using all of the squares?

Community News

Inspire Fitness

Parent Group Training at Grange


We must be doing something wrong!

We know our service provides invaluable benefits and yet our groups are struggling with numbers.

In our sedentary society the question is not whether to move or not. The question is how to move.

We know you want to train and we want to help you. We want to change your life but we obviously haven’t convinced you yet.


If a lifetime of better health doesn’t convince you, we are going to need your help to tell us what does!

It’s time to make the change.


We have  3 Parent Group session times: Monday 6.00am, Wednesday 6.00am and 9.00am all in Witungga Hall.


Contact Ryan 

Mobile : 0433 493 444 [email protected]


Library Volunteers

We are currently recruiting for volunteers in our Resource Centre for approximately 20 minutes per day at school drop-off time, 8.40 a.m. - 9 a.m. to place returned books back onto the shelves.  We plan to put together a roster for Term 3.  Those volunteering will receive training by a member of our staff in the process of dealing with 'returns and shelving books.'


This is a wonderful opportunity to support our school, whilst gaining some work experience.  Please e-mail me on [email protected] if you wish to participate or you would like some more information. 


Debbie Moore

Parent & Community Liaison Officer

Autism Suppot Group

The Autism Support Group will next be meeting on Wednesday, 2nd August at 7 p.m. at Grange Baptist Church.  We look forward to welcoming new parents to the group.  Coffee and cakes will be served and please feel free to bring along a plate of food for the evening to share.  Please join us - all parents/caregivers are welcome. 


Please register for this free event via e-mail to [email protected]


Debbie Moore

Parent & Liaison Officer

Grange Primary School



Kids Club at Grange Baptist Church


Science Alive


Grounds Working Bee
Sunday 13 August 2017 8.30-10.30am

The Grounds Sub-Committee are organising a Working Bee for parents/caregivers, families, friends and staff members who are keen to assist in the upkeep of our extensive grounds and facilities.  This is a great opportunity to support our school learning environment and to be proud of the beautiful surroundings that we are very fortunate to have.  We are looking for volunteers to come and help us with the following tasks:


Mowing along the side of Oval

Clearing garden beds (near Bike Rack/Green Shed)

Remove pile of bricks

Weeding/tidying up of garden beds outside Foundation Area/Mulching


Please email Debbie on the email below  if you are interested in helping on the Bee and whether you are able to provide any equipment or materials that may assist us on the day (e.g. gardening tools, gloves, etc.). 

Email: [email protected]


Many thanks, 

Debbie Moore 

Parent and Community Liaison Officer  

Sport News

SA Ski Interschool Competition

A huge congratulations to both Ruby and Billy D (see below) who ventured to Falls Creek to represent our school in the SA Ski Interschool competition. Both of these children secured silver medals for their efforts and what a great job they both did to be so successful at a new sport.


Again great job Ruby and Billy. Please contact the school for more information for next year's competition. 


Dates to Remember

Term 3

Week 3

7/8- Governing Council Meeting at 7.00pm

8/8 - Way to Go - Bike Ed for Year 5

8/8- Interschool Chess

10/8 - Debating evening

13/8 - Grounds Working Bee at Grange School


Week 4

15/8 -  Way to Go - Bike Ed for Year 5

15/8-ICAS Maths Competition

18/8 - Wakakirri



Week 5

21/8 - Student Free Day

22/8- Way to Go - Bike Ed for Year 5

22/8-Neighbourhood Watch Meeting 7.30pm

23/8- Assembly 9am

24/8 - Oliphant Science Competition

Crystal Investigation, Model's & Inventions, Photography and Posters Due

27/8 - Sir Oliphant Open Day at Festival Function Centre




Week 6

29/8 - Way to Go - Bike Ed for Year 5

1/9- Games Day 

Week 7

4/8 - Finance Meeting at 6.00pm

4/8 - Governing Council Executive Meeting at 7.00pm

Week 8

11/9 - School Photographs

11/9 - Governing Council Meeting 7:00pm


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