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23 June 2017
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Principal News

Refugee Week 2017

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross,
We’ll toil with hearts and hands;
To make this Commonwealth of ours
Renowned of all the lands;
For those who’ve come across the seas,
We’ve boundless plains to share;
With courage let us all combine
To Advance Australia Fair.


Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

I would like to thank everyone in the College community for their support over the last few weeks while I have been Acting Principal. In particular, I would like to thank the MCC Leadership team, Tonetta Iannelli, Heath Neville, Laura Vardanega, Mel Blanco, Belinda Aventi and Joanne Smith for their continued support. These past few weeks have been amazing and it truly has been a gift to lead these wonderful staff and students. We are looking forward to welcoming Alan back on Monday and to hearing about what he has learned from his visits to schools in other systems in the United States and Canada.

This week the College celebrated national Refugee Week. This included prayers and videos to raise awareness in Homeroom, as well as a display in the Library. I would like to thank Sue Hone and the Year 10 Justice Matters Team for their active citizenship in acknowledging and helping the College to commemorate this event. The theme for this year is “With courage let us all combine” which are words taken from our National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair. In the current climate, where there are so many negative and divisive messages pervading our media and communities, this choice of theme is very appropriate and the second verse of our national anthem is worth reflecting on.

Next Friday 30 June, we are holding our College NAIDOC assembly at 10am. Parents and members of the local community are invited to attend. On this day we will be launching the first phase or our Aboriginal garden including a fire pit for traditional smoking ceremonies and an array of native plants. We would like to thank our Aboriginal Education Worker, April Leigh-Smith, local artist, Hape Kiddle and our maintenance staff, Simon Aventi and Warren Bock for their efforts in bringing this project to fruition. This will be a NAIDOC celebration to remember.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients at the Year 11 and 12 Semester One Awards Ceremony this week. These awards are an acknowledgement of the hard work, dedication, determination and commitment of these students to their studies. There are many other students, who may not have a received an award, yet are still worthy of acknowledgement. The HSC journey is a challenge, and upon that journey individual students are faced with a variety of challenges. It is so pleasing to see so many of the Marian students meeting that challenge and giving it everything they’ve got.

I often tell the students that the HSC journey is like a marathon. Long distance runners manage their energy levels throughout the race and save enough energy for that final sprint to the finish line. The interesting thing about marathons is that most people enter these races to challenge themselves, and the focus is on achieving a personal best. It is not necessarily about winning but more about personal accomplishment.

Year 11 are now over a third of the way through the race. When they return next term, they will have 8 weeks until their final Preliminary exams. As Betsy Farrugia explained to students at the Preliminary Support evening last Thursday night, these Preliminary exams are important for anyone who may be wanting to apply for early entry. These are the marks that are requested by universities to make these decisions and are therefore very important.

Some Year 11 students may be pleased with their Half Yearly Exams results. Some may have learned that they need to do more to be prepared for Stage 6 exams. These exams were the first practice in preparation for the HSC. In a sense, this is the time for Year 11 students to perfect their marathon running style. They need to work out the study techniques that have greatest impact on both their ability to recall and apply relevant information and communicate their understanding in written responses. It is also important that students listen to the feedback from their teachers. Students need a growth mindset and must make an effort to apply that feedback. This effort will improve their results.

 Year 12 students are nearing the end of the race. Many students have major works to complete and early next term they will sit their Trial Examinations. We strongly encourage any students with major works to take advantage of the next holiday period to get them finished. Students should also make sure that all of their summaries or study notes are completed before they return next term. A conscientious effort now will ensure that they still have the energy left for that final sprint to the finish line.

There are 16 weeks and two days until your HSC commences. That is 114 days to go. My advice to students is to make every day count. Make these holidays count. Some students are already running a good race, others may need to change their race tactics NOW – it’s not too late. Regular consistent study is the way forward to conserve your energy for that final sprint.

Time and time again, we teachers see that the HSC pays for effort. It is not a test that necessarily rewards those who are innately bright – but more so we see that the students who make the most effort are the ones who succeed. It’s the ones with the growth mindset that succeed. It’s the students who practice exam questions, it’s the students who turn up to writing group, it’s the students who seek out the teachers for extra clarification – they are the ones who succeed.  It is the students who find a way to do 3 hours of study every day, as well as complete all of the assessment tasks.

So I want to say to both Year 11 and Year 12 – take this opportunity that has been presented to you. Do everything you can to make your HSC count. You have this one shot to shape your future. It’s not the only pathway – but it’s the pathway that you are currently on so make it count. Trust your teachers, lean on your family and friends and dig deep and be your best self.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to farewell Mr Chris Brown who has been with us for two years working in the Science Department.  We would like to thank Chris for the expertise he has brought to school and we wish him and his family all the best for their move to Melbourne. Thank you also to Lisa Davis, who has been acting Year 11 Coordinator while Mrs Louisa Patten has been on maternity leave. Louisa will be returning to her position next term. I would also like to thank Lisa and Aaron Lawler who have stepped up to fill the position of Science Coordinator during the absence of Mrs Esther Dumbleton. Esther returns next week.

And finally, I would like to say farewell. It is certainly with a very heavy heart that I am saying goodbye to the Marian community as I take on a new position at the Catholic Schools Office. My time at Marian has provided me with some of the best moments in my career and life. It is a wonderful community and I am going to miss all of the staff and students immensely. I am hoping to continue a close working relationship with the school in the future. Thank you for having me.

Peace and Best Wishes


Christie Scoble

Acting Principal



Year 10 into 11 Subject Selection Process at

Marian Catholic College for 2018 Year 11 students


Overview of Subject Selection Process for Stage 6 2018

Careers Sessions

Dates to be confirmed – Each class to attend with Betsy for a lesson in the library

Monday 24 July 2017

  • Period 1 – RE2 ARO, RE3 RCO

Thursday 27 July 2017

  • Period 1 – RE 4 NSC
  • Period 4 – RE1 IMA, RE 5 KCE

Sessions with Careers Advisor using the UAC guide.

Compact Industry Tours

Tuesday 26 July (TBC)

Industry focused areas (at this stage) are Agriculture, Manufacturing, Automotive, Health & Allied Services, with potential to include a fifth tour.

We are happy to field other suggestions for student areas of interest.

Tours will be limited to small groups of approximately 20 and target interested students from Years 10-12.


Academic Pastoral Care Sessions

Wednesday 28 July and Wednesday 9 August 2017

Sessions relating to Career selection using Job Jump or UAC guide


iDay for Year 10- Ideas and Information about Stage 6

Wednesday 2 August


The Transition Program for our Catholic Primary Schools – Saint Patrick’s Griffith and Saint Mary’s Yoogali, commenced on Wednesday May 31st with Marian Catholic College teachers, Belinda McKellar, Brittany Crofts and Tonetta Iannelli visiting Year 6 classes at both schools. The visits involved observing the learning of the Year 6 students during various teaching sessions relating to the Comprehension Strategy of Inferring. 


Director of Pastoral Care

The end of the term is near and in the final newsletter of the term it seemed pertinent to reflect upon the progress we have made thus far. We are always looking to forge a path of best practice in looking after the wellbeing of our students and this has seen a rejuvenated approach to our Academic Pastoral Care program in light of this.


As a leadership team we listened to the feedback of the College Council and strived to bring transparency and further communication regarding its progress. In the last two weeks we have had consecutive sessions on both Wednesday’s where students spent time focusing on activities that best addressed the needs of that year group in extended homeroom. Over the two weeks we were able to visit numerous classrooms and witness engaging, positive and productive wellbeing sessions facilitated by the homeroom teachers. For example, Mrs Centofanti this week planned for the Yr 10’s to practice and conduct interview skills with each other in preparation for their Rotary Mock Interviews next term. When visiting their classrooms it was clear the students relished the opportunity to participate in a well prepared and facilitated activity that they could clearly see benefiting them in the future.

Academic Pastoral Care is currently under review with the leadership team as we establish how to best move forward. The content and its delivery will be discussed as a collaborative effort by middle leadership next term to cement a positive growth in this program. The pastoral coordinators have done a tremendous job thus far introducing and maintaining this vital initiative in the College.


Another focus recently has been positive growth mindset and the encouragement of positive interactions. The importance of this was highlighted last Friday when the principal and I attended the Police and Principals Forum at the Griffith LAC. This forum supplied information on the local concerns of social and mental wellbeing amongst our students and how to best address them. This has brought up for discussion opportunity for Marian to conduct information sessions next term for parents and students on responsible use of I.C.T and social media.

It also raised the issue of traffic offences being by far the number crime committed by youth. This seemed also significant as we are currently working on feedback from the use of the Student/parent carpark at leadership meetings. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all that use this facility to be safe and exercise caution at all times. In the next term I endeavor to work with the senior Pastoral Coordinators to enforce the expectations around the carpark and ensure that it is being used in a respectful and safe manner to all. Please keep your feedback coming and have a conversation with your kids around their use of the carpark and how they conduct themselves.

The Final week

Also in the final week it is imperative to remind the students to finish the term as strong as they started. This includes attendance, punctuality, presentation and above all College conduct. With events such as the College Social approaching, it is vital that the end of term is not an excuse for students at these events (or any other) to forget College expectations.

As you can see there is many wheels in motion around looking after the wellbeing of our students as we investigate ways to continue to improve in the future and where to best apply our focus. On behalf of the Pastoral Team we would like to wish all families a great and safe Holiday and look forward to a rejuvenated student body ready to grab every opportunity in the coming term. We would also like to wish Ms Scoble best wishes as she embarks on new challenges and the next step of her life journey. Her guidance and contribution to Marian has simply left it that much better for us all. Thankyou Ms Scoble for everything.


Our Marian Way segment this week is dedicated to Mr Don Hillam.

This Tuesday saw Mr Hillam invite College students from all of the surrounding areas to witness WICKED the musical which opened at the Griffith Regional Theatre this week. He spoke to a full theatre of students about the importance of culture and creative arts in our local communities and how to respect and be a part of local talent such as Community Theatre Productions.

This effort to be director of this production is placed upon his usual teaching and workload here at the College and has been a fine example to the staff and students here at Marian Catholic College that when you give more than you have in anything you do than you will surely receive more than you need in return.

Thankyou and congratulations Mr Hillam for this week showing us the Marian Way.

If you are aware of students or staff that you believe deserve a mention in this segment please let us at the College know. You can send your example to [email protected].


Calendar and Canteen

Canteen Roster


Events Calendar


College News 


We take this opportunity to remind families your College Tuition Fee account for Term 2 should have been received by 30th June 2017.

The policies adopted by College management require that fees be paid in a timely manner to enable us to operate on a sound financial basis whilst continuing to serve all students.

It is an expectation of enrolment that accounts are kept in order and each terms’ fees are to be paid by term end.

We shall be contacting arrears account holders to discuss the position of their account.  Should you experience difficulty managing your account, there are a number of flexible payment options available to suit families’ budgets which we are happy to discuss with you. Feel free to contact me at the office to make arrangements.

Thank you to all families who conduct their account efficiently.


Joanne Smith

Business Manager

Prayers Please

We keep in our prayers the families of Mrs De Paoli  Grandmother of Georgia and Izaak who sadly passed away.


We also pray for  any families in our community who have lost loved ones or are suffering illnesses.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Peer Support Program

Yesterday saw the commencement of the Marian Peer Support Program. Our year 10 leaders will meet with the year 7 students weekly for the first term to conduct

the program. The program is designed to assist the year 7 students in settling into life here at MCC as well as building resilience to combat issues which may arise during their secondary education. 


Pastoral Care

This week we acknowledged “Refugee Week” and took time to reflect on the journey made by many so that they may live in safety, without fear of reprisal and have the opportunities that many of us take for granted. Students from year 10 who represent the “Justice Matter Team” created a display in our Library which included facts demystifying and destigmatising the negative image which is often portrayed in social media. The display included haunting images of war torn countries and perilous journeys made by families which more often than not included young children. The team also included pictures of well known people who happen to be refugees and have contributed significantly to not only their community but also the world as we know it. The theme, “With courage let us all combine” reminds us not only of the courage faced by the people who have made the journey but also the courage it takes to welcome change, embrace diversity and develop mutual respect so that we may continue to live in peace and harmony.

Kindness and generosity were evident this week when the “Community Action Team” collated all donations and cash which had been given as part of our “I CARE KIT “activity. The response has been overwhelming and on behalf of the team I would sincerely like to thank all within our MCC community who donated. We will be able to donate 30 full kits as well as a vast quantity of goods which will be distributed by St Vincent DePaul and “Linking Community Network” (Women’s Refuge, Youth Refuge and Salvation Army Crisis Accommodation Centre) as per need. The team will assemble the kits next week and present to the service providers prior to going on term break.

Term3 promises to be busy and there are lots of exciting activities and opportunities for the students to be part of and contribute to their community. The Year 11 “Social & Well-being Committee” is composed of students who are passionate about the emotional and social well being of their peers and aim to destigmatise the myths associated with mental health and promote an inclusive atmosphere for all here at MCC. They work in partnership with not only MCC pastoral staff but community service providers to create and promote activities which assist in educating and supporting those within our community who have a lived experience or have been impacted by episodes of poor mental health. Their goal is to ensure that everyone knows they are not alone THEY ARE CONNECTED to friends, peers, teachers, community and professional support services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The committee will host “Stress Down Day” in week one of the next term with all proceeds being donated to Lifeline.

Additional activities for the term include our annual Vinnie’s Sleepout (hosted by Justice Matters Team for Yr 10 students and Social & Well-being Committee) as well as the C.A.T major activity for the term “Share what you can” when once again we will be asking for a small donation; a can of food. This can includes either a can of food for human consumption (to be given to St Vincent DePaul) or as we did last year a can of dog food which will be given to “Needy Paws”. More details will be included in future newsletters.

Remember to check out the MCC COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM page on facebook during the break and I hope everyone has a safe, relaxing holiday and get to enjoy some quality family time.

Stay warm.

Regards Sue Hone (Pastoral Care Worker)


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Understanding and Managing Anxiety in Children & Young People:

Understanding and Managing Anxiety in Children & Young People:
Helpful and Practical Tools for Carers and Parents.
Workshop Program for Griffith (2.5 hours) on Sunday 2 July 2017
Venue: Griffith Leagues Club, Bridge Road Griffith NSW 2680
Cost: $30.00 includes light lunch
Call Toni @ Griffith Specialist Centre 026964 5509 
Presenter: Peter Watt

This workshop will review the signs and symptoms of anxiety and how debilitating can be for normal functioning. What may cause it and how it can be treated will be covered. Tips and tools on how to manage anxiety will be demonstrated and practiced. There will be activities throughout the workshop. 

Peter has been registered as a psychologist for 21 years and prior to this he was a Secondary School Teacher and Ambulance Officer. After completing his Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Macquarie University, he worked as a School Counsellor on the Central Coast for a number of years before taking up a position as Specialist Counsellor – Behaviour at the North Harbour Unit for conduct-disordered students. He has presented several workshops for CCWT regarding aggressive adolescents and special needs. He subsequently moved to Melbourne for three years where he worked as a Disability and Youth Counsellor in Sexual Health with Family Planning Victoria. He then returned to Sydney in 2005 as a Community Services Psychologist for High Needs children, working with an Intensive Support multi-disciplinary team. He is an accredited offender counsellor at clinical level for children and young people with the Office of Children’s Guardian. He currently works in private practice as a Counselling Psychologist in the Central West of NSW.


Parish Chaplain


There was a story of two friends who were out bush hiking and suddenly a ferocious lion jumped in front of them.  One of them whispered to his friend; "Keep calm". "Remember what we read in that book on wild animals? If you stand perfectly still and look the lion in the eye, he will turn and run." "Sure," replied his friend. "You've read the book, and I've read the book. But has the lion read the book?

This Sunday, Our Lord Jesus says to us do not be afraid to identify ourselves as Christians. The Gospel message of this Sunday is quite timely as we get close to our school Holidays. Our Lord encourages us to share our faith even in a very small way. I recommend to us to pray daily and attend the Sunday Masses to participate and share in the Eucharistic meal with Jesus and the community of faith. May we make the Gospel on beatitudes our reflection and our way of life.

How happy are the poor in spirit;

Theirs is the kingdom of heaven

Happy the gentle;

They shall have the earth for their heritage.

Happy those who mourn;

They shall be comforted.

Happy those who hunger and thirst for what is right;

They shall be satisfied.

Happy the merciful;

They shall have mercy shown them.

Happy the pure in heart;

They shall see God.

Happy the peacemakers:

They shall be called the sons of God.

Happy those who are persecuted in the cause of right;

Theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Happy are you when people abuse you and persecute you and speak all kinds of calumny against you on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great heaven.’

{Matthew (5:3-12a)}


God bless You All







Careers News


Year 11 and Year 10 students from the Futures R Us program were given the opportunity to visity the Expo on Wednesday 14 June at Leeton High School. A large number of universities and private colleges were represented, along with TAFE NSW. In addition information was available from various employment and apprenticeship & traineeship agencies, many local employers and the defence and police forces. Those who attended reportedly found the event immensely useful.



7 Marian students, Karl Atip, Glen Singh, Sahib Dhillon, Partth Garg, Toutai Havea, Brandon Guglielmino and Michael Previtera,  were fortunate to be able to attend a 6 week program in metal art this term. They learnt welding and associated skills, which were used to create a model. A  presentation was held on the last day of , Wednesday June 14. The boys displayed their works of art and spoke about how they made them, and were presented with certificates of achievement. The works are currently being exhibited in the College library


Religion News

Catherine McAuley Production

Year 7 students had the privilege of attending a production on the life of Catherine McAuley, who established the Sisters of Mercy, one of the founders of MCC. The production was extremely engaging with Blue Whale Theatre providing opportunities for students to ask questions to develop a deeper understanding of her life and mission.


Marist Bicentenary Paintings

This year is the year of the Marist Bicentenary and to celebrate, our students and staff had the privilege to view and engage with two paintings each telling a different Marist story. These two paintings are part of a set of four that tell the one story of the mission of Marists in the way of St Marcellin Champagnat: to make Jesus known and loved.


The first painting captures the dream of 12 newly ordained priests 200 hundred years ago in Lyon, France. Their dream is known as the promise or pledge of Fourviere. The central image of the painting is that of Mary holding the child Jesus. This image is significant, because it was before Mary that St Marcellin and these young priests made a promise to form a new society, to be known as the Society of Mary. Their simple aim and mission was to make Jesus known and loved in the way of Mary. 


The next painting is the story of St Marcellin visiting a young boy who was dying knowing nothing of God. The artist has chosen much darker colours to emphasise this crisis for this young boy and the local church. While the painting shows the boy has already died and is in the care of the angels, St Marcellin is depicted contemplating how he can respond to this crisis to make Jesus known and loved.


MCC would like to thank Andrew Dumas from Marist Schools Australia who presented these to the students and staff and allowed them to engage deeply with the story and mission of Marists. 


Chess News


Round 3 of the NSW Country Secondary Schools Knockout Chess Teams Competition saw MCC drawn against Yanco Agricultural High School. Being a knockout comp, stakes are always high and it was encouraging to receive all the good wishes from the school as the boys headed for Yanco. In stark contrast to the year 7 and 8 opponents from round 1, we were confronted this time with some very serious year 11 and 12s in Yanco Ag’s historic Muster Room, where staff meetings have taken place since the 1920s. The room looks made for chess with high panelled art deco walls full of the school’s past glories. Today however the glory belonged to another school. The rock solid Year 9 foursome of  Muntaqim Chowdhury, Piri Karunapalan, Matthew Salvestro and Zachary Scoble put the blinkers on and fearlessly confronted their more senior opponents. Within 5 minutes, 4 of the 8 queens, 2 Marian and 2 Yanconian, lay dead by the side of the bloodied chequerboards and by the 30 minute mark all 4 boards seemed to have been depleted in similar numbers. The difference however was a judicial combination of positioning and strategy, tossed in with a healthy dose of creativity, nerve and calm. For in less than 10 minutes, all 4 MCCers had said ‘checkmate’, to earn a place in Round 4 of this statewide competition - congratulations go to each of our players.

A special mention and thanks to Zac as he heads off to Wagga next term plus a final invitation and challenge to all students for a worthy replacement for Zac’s position - see you at Games Group at lunch on Tuesdays in C7.



Business Services Work Placement Week 7 Term 2

During Week 7 this term our Preliminary Business Services students had the opportunity to enter the workplace though Industry Work Placement with a range of local businesses kind enough to open their doors. This provided our students with an invaluable opportunity to practise their workplace skills and is a mandatory part of completing a VET course in the Higher School Certificate.


Work placement is the “major work” which VET students undertake when completing the HSC.  The students were engaged in the workplace as a normal employee of the organisation, where they attempted tasks in an enthusiastic and professional manner. Feedback from employers has been extremely positive, and the students thoroughly enjoyed their time in the world of work.


 Their roles included participation in Work Health and Safety practices, communicating with staff, customers and included many opportunities to visit clients out of the office on site. Working as a member of a team, students also ran telephone operations, as well as using and maintaining a range of office equipment and software.


Congratulations to all the students who participated, and our thanks go to their host employers who supported our students by welcoming our students into their workplace. The participating host employers were Serafin Ag pro, Yenda Producers, Owen Toyota, Bowman’s Real Estate, GB’s Sport and Lifestyle and Western Riverina Community College. Our thanks go to all these employers for providing our students with such an authentic learning opportunity.


Declan Lynch Wins Riverina School Based Apprentice of the Year 2017

On the 9th June Declan Lynch from MCC travelled to Wagga as a finalist in the Riverina School Based Apprentice of the Year. Declan works at Bidgee Studios with Hape Kiddle and is training at Enmore Design TAFE in a Certificate III in Jewellery  Manufacture. During his time at Bidgee Studios, Declan has been involved in producing a number of major works commissioned by Marian Catholic College, including the “Googa” sculpture which now adorns the front of the school and represents our commitment to building strong ties with the Wiradjuri community.

Declan was the winner on the night, an amazing achievement in a very strong field of applicants. He was awarded for the hard work and dedication he has shown to his apprenticeship whilst in his senior years at Marian Catholic College. This is a prestigious competition and his victory represents recognition of the obstacles Declan has overcome through self-motivation and perseverance in order to follow this path. Declan is an excellent ambassador for the growing significance of Vocational Education in the Riverina and shows how there is very wide range of alternate opportunities for students who wish to pursue a career in our local community through Industry Based skills and training. We offer him congratulations and best wishes for the next stage of the competition where he will represent out school in the NSW Training Awards at the state level. Congratulations Declan!


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