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18 July 2019
Issue Fifteen
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CEO'S Report 

Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Partnership

Every year the LLEN partners with the RCH and the Ronald McDonald Learning Centre to provide students with a chronic illness information and guidance aimed at supporting them and their parents.  Guest speakers from the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority and the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre explain the process needed for students to arrange special supports during their VCE exams and how to gain consideration for time lost and other hardships experienced due to the impact of their illness. We also have a young person who is now at university talk about their experiences and what helped them, this year the core message was the importance of communication. Our ex - student this year emphasised how communication from their teachers was very important to his success and that he needed to receive regular emails keeping him in the loop and reminding him of what had to be completed. Knowing the teachers could answer questions in their own time was also very valuable.

Louise Smith 



City LLEN News 

Novotel Student Visit

On Thursday 20 June the LLEN facilitated a visit to Novotel, South Wharf for a group of interested students from St. Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre. Students toured all areas of the hotel and heard presentations from the concierge, HR, chef, food & beverage manager and head of housekeeping. Students were fascinated by the complexities of a large luxury hotel and the range of career opportunities available. Students learnt about the different pathways into the industry, including the range of training options. They particularly enjoyed visiting the luxury apartments and the amazing views across the city of Melbourne. Over lunch provided by the LLEN students discussed what they had learnt and how it related to their own career aspirations. Feedback from the students and their teacher indicated it was a very valuable learning experience. Thank you to HR Manager at the Novotel for providing this great opportunity and their continued support for the LLEN’s Structured Workplace Learning program.


Visit to the Metro Tunnel Project

On Thursday 27 June the LLEN facilitated a visit to the Metro Tunnel Project for a group of interested students from the Hester Hornbrook Academy & River Nile School. Visitng a site in Kensington, they were met by a group of engineers and community engagement officers who explained the massive infrastructure project. Students were able to ask questions and discover the wide range of career pathways available in the industry. Each presenter outlined their own pathway which helped students understand that there are multiple ways of reaching your career goal and there are always lots of twists and turns along the way! Students then visited the perimeter of the construction site where they got to talk to a number of workers ranging from traffic control to engineering. The students discovered new jobs such as an electrical spotter and learnt about the entry level qualifications. Over lunch the group discussed a range of options, with many keen to explore the industry further in the future.


Careers Counselling Sessions for students from the Royal Children’s Hospital

As a follow up to the Royal Children’s Hospital Youth Forum the LLEN facilitated free careers counselling sessions for students from the hospital who wanted to explore their career pathways in more details. Seven students and their parents were involved in sessions conducted on the 8 and 9 July. Feedback was extremely positive and the LLEN will continue to provide information and support to the students as required.



Congratulations to Synergy on celebrating five years providing a program to divert young people away from a life of crime and into meaningful employment in a field that matches their interests.
The City LLEN looks forward to many more years of supporting this fantastic initiative.


River Nile Wellbeing Expo

Recently City LLEN's Wendy and Andrew visited the River Nile School for their student run Health and Wellbeing day on the 19th of June, the event was run by the VCAL students at the school who were responsible for planning and delivering the day with the assistant of their teachers. The event was a success with the student’s delivering a myriad of services and activities including; massage therapy, meditation sessions, makeup tutorials, dance classes, health and wellbeing cooking classes and personal development tutorials. Students were able to apply their VCAL studies to the planning and delivering of the Health and Wellbeing day to create a successful and meaningful event. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Expo and wish the students all the best with their studies



Youth & Education News

River Nile School Open Day 

Who should attend?

• Prospective students who would like to meet with us and see what we can offer them

• Schools and Agencies, who may refer students, to gain an insight into what we offer, as well as to reconnect with students or clients they have referred to us.

• Family members, guardians, friends, advocates and supporters are very welcome.

Times 11 am – 12 pm Tours of our School by our Engagement Coordinator and Multicultural Integration Aides (who are past students) 12.00 pm Opportunity for individual conversations with our Principal, students and teachers.

Thursday 25th July 2019


Classroom resources to engage students with the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

Australia was once home to hundreds of languages. In the late 18th century, there were between 350 and 750 social groupings, and a similar number of languages By the start of the 21st century, only 150 languages were spoken daily.


Find my school

Big decisions made easy! Parents can now use a new website to help see the schools in your local area by typing in your home address. The Find my School website will show you the school zone and it's location on a map. Learn more:


Join Employment Empowers Program

Employment Empowers program supports young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds who are looking for work. 


Reducing Racism - Project Showcase

You will meet also Mawa, Barry, Shantel and Titan as they share their personal stories and visions for a more inclusive Australia through four short films exploring how racism and intolerance has impacted their lives.


Scholarships and incentives for early childhood professionals

Scholarships and incentives are available for individuals looking to start a rewarding career as an early childhood teacher. Those choosing to become an early childhood teacher will play an important role in implementing subsidised kindergarten programs for all three-year-olds across Victoria over the next 10 years.


Little Yarns for Little People

Little Yarns is a new podcast for children celebrating the languages and cultures of our First Nations peoples


Home Away from Homework Club 

Free tutoring and homework help for students in years 4-10.


CREATE Foundation’s 2019 Conference

How does Australian society best care for children and young people living in out-of-home care?

Who is this conference for?

  • Young people with a care experience between 12 and 25 years of age who want to meet others with similar life experience in a fun environment and share their wisdom about being in care.
  • Carers and professionals seeking the views from the care sector’s young leaders about what works and what doesn’t.
  • Sector leaders looking for a grassroots approach to tackling old problems with fresh perspectives


Melbourne Zoo from 14th-16th November.


Girl Geek Academy

Written for girls between 7-12 years to inspire and encourage their inner geek!

Girl Geeks Book 1: The Hackathon

Girl Geeks Book 2:Game On!


Victorian STEM map

The STEM map shows where teachers and students can access programs, events, professional learning and resources.


Shout out to the youth sector - the Victorian Parliament invites responses to the Inquiry into sustainable employment for disadvantaged jobseekers

- the Victorian Parliament invites responses to the Inquiry into sustainable employment for disadvantaged jobseekers

The submission closing date is Wednesday 31 July 2019.

Ways to make a submission:

  1. Email to
  2. Using the eSubmissions form
  3. Hardcopy; send to:

The Committee Manager
Legislative Assembly Economy and Infrastructure Committee
Parliament House, Spring Street 


Annual Youth Survey

The Mission Australia Youth Survey is Australia’s largest online youth survey, providing a platform for young people aged 15 to 19 to ‘speak up’ about the issues that really concern them.

Each year, the Youth Survey gives valuable insights into the lives of young Australians and an understanding of their aspirations, values, concerns and ambitions. The survey provides a snapshot of how young people feel about their own lives and broader national issues.

Mission Australia CEO James Toomey urges young people across Australia to get involved and speak up in the charity’s 18th annual Youth Survey.


NCVER Research: Five main pathways in the transition from school to work 

This report uses data from the Longtiudinal surveys of Australian youth, which highlights thier experiences from a ten year period 2006-2016.


The five main transition pathways out of school identified are:

  1. Higher education and work
  2. Early entry to full-time work
  3. Mix of higher education and VET
  4. Mixed and repeatedly disengaged
  5. Mostly working part-time



AMES Australia - Be Money Smart 

This program aims to explore the relationship women have with thier money on Wednesday the 31st of July - Places are limited.  Also note it is an ongoing 8 week program so those interested would need to be commited to the ongoing sessions. 


Do you have a student who is ready to leave school?

The Whitelion Employment Program offers a holistic employment placement and support service for youth jobseekers.  Young people referred to the program are provided with a vocational assessment on referral, followed by extensive pre-employment training and mentoring to develop employment skills and aspirations.  Young people are supported every step of the way to access Vocational Education and Training and/or employment, and ongoing support is available to the employer and employee for the duration of the work placement.

At Whitelion we believe everybody has a right to work and to play a part in contributing to our community. We will work with young people to make this a reality, providing options and opportunities for all to succeed. Sustainable employment can make a significant contribution to an individual’s self-esteem, self-confidence, future prospects and social inclusion.  If you have a student who is  is disengaged from education  and starting to consider casual, part time or full time employment, please don’t hesitate to contact the team on (03) 8354 0800 or pass on our details to your student. 

Tanya Hendry | Director of Operations



Youth Employment: Prepared for work?

“Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Wed., 31 July 2019

9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Come along to hear best practice examples from employers who are reaping the benefits of a diverse workforce; to listen to hurdles experiences of young people on entering the job market; and, to discuss strategies to assist both young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in the job market and organisations looking to diversify their workforce.


Young people who are looking to improve their English

AMES is offering a Certificate I in General Education for Adults (CGEA) Through a mix of classroom learning, activities in the workplace and a variety of activities in the community.

They are now taking referrals, course begins on the 5th of August 2019. 


Read This 

Parents say their children have tutors to fill gaps, not to charge ahead

"The tutoring market offers parents many options. Services range fromhelp with homework, to test and examination coaching, and instruction in the reading and writing content of the Australian Curriculum: English."



How to have your voice heard on mental health

"When it comes to mental health in Victoria, what’s the biggest problem you want to raise? And how would you solve it? No one expects you to fix everything, but maybe you’ve experienced a type of support that worked well, or heard a good idea that should be tried?"


Too young for Facebook, old enough for prison?

"Children can’t sign up to Facebook until age 13 but in Australia they can be prosecuted for a criminal offence at age ten, and that needs to change."


Here’s what teachers look for when kids start school

"Many parents believe teaching their child to read is the best way to get them ready to start school, but teachers often disagree. Teachers generally consider it more important for children to know how to regulate their emotions, be confident in their abilities and be curious learners."


Early days, but we’ve found a way to lift the IQ and resilience of Australia’s most vulnerable children

"What happens in our first three years profoundly influences the rest of our lives. Changing the Life Trajectory of Australia’s most Vulnerable Children report"


Improving educational connection for young people in custody

New report Improving Education Connections for Young People in Custody shows over half have mental health issues, 30% self-harm & 11% have a disability. Report demonstrates importance of education in preventing recidivism.


We’re entering the fourth industrial revolution, which isn’t a bad thing. But it does mean we need to take action. from
Jobs are changing, and fast. Here’s what the VET sector (and employers) need to do to keep up

"The VET sector can play a complementary and reinforcing role. Besides catering for current students and apprentices, VET providers need to work with industry to build systems to facilitate continual learning"


Bedtimes for students at Warialda Public School have become a star-studded event.

Live streaming bedtime stories changing routines 


Nearly 30% of kids experience sibling bullying – as either bully or victim

"Australia has invested an extraordinary amount of time and effort into putting in place bullying prevention programs – especially across schools. But what happens when your bully is your own flesh and blood, and lives with you, so you have no escape?"


More students are going to university than before, but those at risk of dropping out need more help

Enrolments to Australian public universities boomed during the last decade. This was due to a government policy known as “demand driven funding”, which between 2012 and 2017 allowed universities to enrol unlimited numbers of domestic bachelor-degree students.


3 out of 4 kids with mental health disorders aren’t accessing care

Three-quarters of Australian children with mental health disorders aren’t getting professional help, according to our new research. Girls, younger children and families from non-English-speaking backgrounds are the least likely to access mental health services.


What’s the point of education? It’s no longer just about getting a job

This essay is part of a series of articles on the future of education.


Entrepreneurs push for schools to provide better job-skills preparation

Investors are calling on educators to include entrepreneurial skills in all schooling to prepare children for the future 'gig-based' economy.


Deadly Science founder
Corey Tutt

26yo Kamilaroi man Corey, is proof that not all STEM pathways are the same. He is an animal scientist & founder of Deadly Science  who gets STEM books to remote schools


Most people think chess improves learning

We conducted two studies (still unpublished) that found educators and parents believe chess has many educational benefits. But children in our study who played chess did not show significant improvements in standardised test scores compared to children who didn’t play.


Freedom of speech: a history from the forbidden fruit to Facebook

This essay is part of a series of articles on The Future of Education.

People from different political camps agonise about the fate of free speech. Those on the right point to humanities departments, arguing an artificial, unrepresentative conformism presides there. Those on the left have long pointed to economics and business departments, levelling similar accusations.


Banning mobile phones in schools: beneficial or risky? Here’s what the evidence says

Wether to allow student use of mobile phones in school is certinaly a hot topic in education. The Victorian announcement follows a French govermenet ban on mobiles in schools in 2018. Debates on the isue are also taking place in Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 


Group punishment doesn’t fix behaviour - it just makes kids hate school

"As well as the idea of punishment modifying behaviour for individuals, collective punishment may be seen to be even more effective due to peer pressure. Collective punishments take some of the heavy lifting from the teacher and place it on the peers to impose social sanctions.

No one likes the kid who takes away their lunchtime."

"While we might see initial compliance from collective punishment, there are two main reasons why this strategy should be dropped. First, it’s morally questionable and second, it’s unlikely to produce more positive behaviour in the long run."


'Yet to be proven or disproven': Jury still out on innovative school design

There has been a huge shift in recent years towards dynamic spaces in schools - not just open areas, but malleable ones, enabling for collaboration between teachers


Women in STEM ambassador Lisa Harvey-Smith urges our young women into the field with her inspiring new project

Astrophysicist and Women in STEM ambassador Lisa Harvey-Smith has announced her brand new project which will nurture and encourage young Australians into the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, her first children’s book titled Under the Stars: Astrophysics for Bedtime out October 1st. 


Positive psychology in schools is exploring how best to apply the science of wellbeing in key learning environments - helping students develop skills for life

“If during the school years, we can motivate young people to learn and try out wellbeing skills and enable them to literally see the physiological and emotional benefits, then they are more likely to be sold on the importance of wellbeing,” she says.


Helping impatient students stay in school

Patience can have a significant impact on a child’s educational outcomes, and understanding why can help inform good policy for Australia’s school system


Government-funded students and courses 2018 - NCVER Statisitcal Report 

This recently published report by NCVER provides a summary of data relating to students, programs, subjects and training providers in Australia’s government-funded vocational education and training (VET) system.


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