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25 June 2017
Issue Six
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Assistant Principal's Report
Junior School
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Darling James Goes Back to School
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Diary Dates & Events                             

Diary Dates & Events


Monday 19  - Friday 23 June

Year 10 Work Experience


Friday 30 June 

End of Term 2- Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm

Student Mid Year Reports distributed just prior to 2 pm



Monday 17 July

Term 3 commences


Thursday 19 July

Finance Committee Meeting 6 pm


Thursday 19 July

College Council Meeting 7 pm


Saturday 22 July

Performing Arts Production

'Darling James Goes Back to School'

The Mahon Theatre Aquinas College 7 pm - 11 pm


Tuesday 25 July

Year 11 - 2018, Information Night

(current Year 10 students)



Tuesday 1 August 

Uniform Committee Meeting 5 pm

Year 12 - 2018 Information Night

(current Year 11 students)


Tuesday 8 August

Year 12 - 2018, Information Night 

(current Year 11 students)


Wednesday 9 August

Education Policy Committee 5pm


Tuesday 15 August

Year 9 2018 - Information Night

(current Year 8 students)


Tuesday 22 - Friday 25 August

 Year 8 & 9 Challenge Week 

College Principal's Report           

Welcome to 'The Score'

This is the last newsletter for the semester after another very successful term at our College. The past few weeks has brought together all of the teaching and learning throughout the year in our examination and assessment period.  Congratulations to students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 whose approach to the examinations in the lead up and throughout was exemplary.  It is most important that students see the examination process as a learning experience and use the feedback provided to support their future learning.


What motivates me?

 I was asked recently by someone out of the education sector what motivates me as a Principal. The question is one that for me was easy to respond.  I love the challenge of the role and have a passion for providing every opportunity for our young people to become the best that they can be. Despite the workload and the frustrations some challenges bring, there is the enormous satisfaction that comes with knowing you have made a difference to the lives of students and the lives of others around them.  In what other profession do you witness on a daily basis student engagement in learning, seeing the ‘lightbulb’ moment when they realise they have understood a new concept or idea or hear the exceptional ideas generated when they are provided a voice. 


NEVR Principals Forum

 On Monday and Tuesday this week, Chris Knight and I attended the Principals Regional Forum for over seven hundred leaders from the North Eastern Region. The forum titled ‘Inspired Teaching and Learning' provided insights into global educational priorities, innovation and examples of best practice from international leaders.


Over the two days we were provided with opportunities to connect and participate in hands on and collaborative key note presentations and workshops. The Victorian Education Department launched the ‘Education State Literacy and Numeracy Strategy’ and we were fully engaged in presentations from the Victorian Minister of Education James Merlino, Secretary of Education and Training Gill Callister, Deputy Secretary Regional Services Group Bruce Armstrong, Acting Regional Director Anthony Raitman, Professor David Woods Chair of the London Education Leadership Strategy, Mary Jean Gallagher Chief Head of Student Achievement Ministry of Education of Ontario, Dr. Therese Dozier Director of the Center for Teacher Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University and  Dr Lyn Sharratt Leadership and Policy Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.


It was very reassuring to find that all of the presentations that highlighted case studies where there had been significant and sustained improvement in student outcomes aligned with the work we have already been undertaking here at Scoresby, including building quality teacher practice, providing high expectations and the provision of consistent evidence based teaching strategies, better prepare our students for tertiary studies and/or employment.

Performing Arts

The past two years we have moved to a new model for performing arts. This exciting move was strategic and has been facilitated by Frank Martinek who leads this area. This model is heavily based on best practice for industry and best supports students who may wish to pursue further studies in music, careers in the industry or interest in the area. The new program last year saw the launching of a new Year 7 Artists Discovery Program, industry personnel working alongside our students and this year our performance evening on Saturday July 22,  bringing together predominantly Junior School students collaboratively performing alongside indie pop sensation Darling James.  The evening will include guest performances from Carrington Primary School, Kent Park Primary School and Knox Park Primary School.


Next Week

Our last day of term 2 is June 30. Students will be dismissed at 2.30 pm following the distribution of their reports.


I would like to thank staff for their ongoing commitment to our students and the support they provide. Their contribution and effort has been appreciated by the majority of students and many parents. I thank parents who continually provided us positive feedback on the work that we are undertaking and wish our students, staff and community all the best for the mid-year break.


Gail Major


Assistant Principal's Report

Student Assessment & Reports

Students will receive their end of semester report on the last day of Term 2.


Student reports provide students, teachers and parents/carers with a clear and concise picture of a student’s achievement and progress at a point in time. Teachers make informed and consistent decisions about student progress against the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards (Years 7-10) or VCE/VCAL outcomes (Year 11 & 12). Teachers use a variety of assessments and observations to inform their judgement.


I encourage parents/carers to read the report and have a discussion with your child. It is great to read the positives in the report on what your child has achieved. It is also important to looks for ways to improve and make the most of the educational opportunities. Students are encouraged to set goals for the remainder of the year.

You may notice some changes to our student reports this semester in line with the implementation of the new Victorian Curriculum in all government and Catholic schools from the beginning of 2017. The Victorian Curriculum replaces the previous AusVELS curriculum.

As a result schools now have the flexibility to design their reports to show each student’s learning progress. We have endeavoured to provide a report that best meets the needs of our school community.

The Victorian Curriculum is structured as a single developmental learning continuum and is organised by levels not years of schooling. The curriculum consists of Towards Foundation Levels A to D and Levels Foundation to 10. All curriculum areas have achievement standards, describing what students are able to understand and do.

All students are able to progress along the learning continuum at their own rate and from their own starting point. Students are taught at the level that suits their needs, rather than just the year level and age group they are in. Teachers provide learning opportunities to support the learning for all students, including those students with additional learning needs or a disability.

Please keep in mind that as this is a new curriculum this report is not designed nor should be compared to previous years’ reports to track your child’s progress.


Early Dismissal Friday 30 June

Students will be dismissed on Friday 30 June at 2:30 pm. Periods 1- 4 will run at normal times; however period 5 will be shortened to accommodate the early dismissal. College reports for students will be distributed on Friday 30 June just prior to early dismissal at 2.30 pm for the term break. 


Information Nights

Planning for 2018 has begun. To ensure parents are well informed we will be holding Information Nights early Term 3.

Please see the dates below:

Year 11 - 2018 (current Year 10 students)

 Tuesday 25 July

Year 10 - 2018 (current Year 9 students)

Tuesday 1 August

Year 12 - 2018 (current Year 11 students)

Tuesday 8 August

Year 9 - 2018 (current Year 8 students)

Tuesday 15 August


Please be aware that subject selection forms will be due shortly after the information nights. As with previous years, students will be required to submit $100 towards the materials cost of the subjects they select.


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal

Junior School

Term 2 in Review

We would like to thank all our junior school students in Years 7 to 9 for what has been a really good semester.


Students in each of the Year levels 7 to 9 have been engaged consistently in their learning and have been respectful of others around them.


So much has been achieved. There have been so many learning opportunities and activities throughout the semester that our students have been involved in and that have been commented on in previous newsletters, so I won’t list those here.


Our focus for this newsletter was a little different. We wanted to capture some of our students’ thoughts instead of expressing our own.

We thought we would ask our  Year 7 students to reflect on their experience of Scoresby Secondary College. It makes for some very interesting reading and gives us some real insight into their first semester at the College.


Listed below are some of their achievements and highlights during semester one:


“My happiest moment and favourite memory from Scoresby was the Year 7 Orientation Camp. While camp activities were amazing, I met most of my friends there too.”  Ally

“Scoresby is great. I feel like I am truly a part of it and I have made so many friends.” Cameron

“I love going into the library at lunch and playing Chess.” Zach

“I love the classes because I’ve learnt a lot and I have more knowledge now.” Sean

“I like the way high school runs like a system. I like high school much better than primary school.” Mason

“A highlight for me would be the awesome teachers and new subjects.” Jed

“When I came to Scoresby, I didn’t think I would fit in but I found friends really quickly.” Zoe

“I really liked how the teachers acted on camp.” Gareth

Everything at this school is awesome. It’s such a great school.” Drew

“A highlight for me is finding what I am good at and this is Woodwork. I find it fun and sometimes a challenge.” Ebony

“I have enjoyed Food Tech a lot. It’s really fun.” Mady

“The long weekends are amazing. Can’t wait for the holidays.” Lucinda

“Making lots of new friends.” Jackson

“I am more confident with Maths than I was before.” Carla

“Everyone likes the things I do.” Corey

“I like playing down down bass outside.” Riley

“I think this school is a good school because I can walk all the way to school and go home.” Anonymous

“I enjoy having group activities and working with my friends.” Melissa

“I like this school because I got to make new friends.” Tahleena

“I made a lot of friends and I enjoy this school so much.” Dachi

“I think singing and making new friends was my goal at Scoresby. Also writing tasks and being creative with drawing.” Anthony

“The thing that I have enjoyed most about Scoresby is meeting new friends and going to camp.” Abbi

“We have more types of subjects.” Kevin

“I think the teachers here are nice and welcoming to everyone and when you need them they are there to help you.” Sanaz

“I liked when we went to camp and we watched the movie.” Lachlan

“I loved the camp that we went to because I got to make new friends.” Annie

“I really fit in at this school and made friends, really easily.” Michael

“I really enjoyed the Year 7 Camp. It was a great experience for making new friends and getting to know people.” Devon

“I really liked canoeing on camp.” Oscar

“The camp that we went on was really fun. We got to make friends and I loved it.” Olivia

“I enjoy Science because Mrs. Burke always tries her best to make learning fun. Poppy

“I mostly enjoyed this semester because it was a great experience and I made a lot of new friends.” Marie

“I love English. It’s always unique, exciting and enjoyable. Aimee

“Year 7 was not as hard as I thought it would be.” Charles

“I love how I can make new friends. I thought it would be hard but it was really easy. So far I am really enjoying school.” Lana


With reports issued next week, it will be a time for further reflection. In your discussions with your child / children, focus on what needs to be done in Semester 2 to achieve success and to improve on results achieved in Semester 1.


We wish all our students a very restful and safe holiday period and look forward to the return of a very revitalised and focused group.


Michael Alexis    Emma Morris        

Emily Phibbs      Casey Lawson 

Junior School team

Senior School 


Congratulations to our Senior School students who completed their exams over the last fortnight!  For many, it was the first time they sat exams in all subject areas, requiring time management and effective revision.  As teachers begin to return exams, please take the time to read the feedback and identify what was done well and what needs to be improved upon for the next round of exams at the end of the year.


Our Year 10 students are currently out on work experience this week – many thanks to Ms Haines in Careers for her dedication and hours spent organising and supporting the students to locate placements.  I do hope that the students take the learning opportunity from these placements to help identify future careers and jobs.


I had the pleasure of joining the Year 11 and Year 12 students on their excursion to see the performance of ‘1984’ and the subsequent Q&A with the performers.  It was an amazing spectacle and I hope that the students made the most of this opportunity.  Whilst an adaptation, and some adjustments were certainly made to Orwell’s original text, it was still an impressive visual of the impact of ‘Big Brother’ and losing one’s sense of humanity.  Many thanks to Mrs Gerrard for her organisation of this excursion.


Over the coming weeks, Senior School will be organising progress interviews with Year 10 and Year 11 students and their parents/guardians/care givers to reflect upon their exams and Semester 1 performance.  These interviews are not designed to be a punitive measure, but rather to reflect on what we all need to do to best assist the student to achieve success in the upcoming semester.  A thank you, in advance, to Mr Santos and Mrs Wood for what I know will be a busy few weeks for us.


Finally, I wish all Senior School students a restful and productive holidays – stay safe and relax!


Ellen Sawyer

Head of Senior School


WellBeing Day

On Thursday 1 June, during period 3 and 4, the Year 10 health students ran a Wellbeing day for the Year 7 students. The purpose of this day was for the Year 10 health students to better their understanding of running activities and health promotion, whilst our goal for the Year 7 students was to increase their understanding of social and mental wellbeing, which targets areas such as communication skills and teamwork.


On this day, the involved sixteen Year 10 students ran four activities on rotation, that were: Silent Ball and the Tarp Game, point games, colouring-in/ board games/ paper planes workshop, and additionally other games, such as Beat Master and the Ha-Ha game. Each activity ran for 20 minutes.


After analysing survey results, we found that 85% of our Year 7 class, thoroughly enjoyed the day. In this we also discovered that games such as Beat Master, Tarp Game/ Silent Ball and the colouring-in/ puzzles/ paper planes workshop were all rated positively by 97% of the same students.


On behalf of the entire Year 10 Health Class, we would like to personally thank all the staff involved who made the day possible. In its entirety, the project took approximately a month of careful planning, and consideration to ensure that all students were engaged and had fun doing so. 


All in all, we found the Wellbeing Day to be a fantastic success and we are very much thankful for the positive responses and the feedback given.


Lauren Ashley, Kieran McKinnon, Nathan Williams & Luke Resuggan




Staff Profile

Mikaela Giaquinta

Mikaela Giaquinta has joined Scoresby Secondary College as our new integration aide. She completed last year at Monash University a certificate in Education support at Clayton. Mikaela is now in her second year at Deakin University studying Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Arts.


Mikaela throughout her school years enjoyed all subjects that contained Literature, History or Visual Arts. She won the principal’s art prize for her year 12 final piece, which was an oil painting of her grandmother. She continues to create artworks with her university subjects as well as taking classes outside of work. Mikaela whilst completing her first year at university was inspired to become an integration aide as it would be something she would be passionate about and enjoy whilst studying at university.


Mikaela aspires to one day be able to teach English and Literature as well as visual arts. She is grateful for the opportunities Scoresby Secondary College has provided for her and is honoured to say she is an integration aide for this school. Mikaela believes the College staff are very welcoming and always motivated to inspire one another. Mikaela has already seen how rewarding her job is by watching the students learn and grow from their everyday tasks and activities within the classroom.



Bunnings Excursion

On Thursday 25 May Year 11/12 VCAL class went on an excursion to Scoresby Bunnings. The purpose of this visit was to get expert help from Bunnings staff with the construction of bird boxes for our sustainability project. We worked in pairs. Timber used was pre-cut and we had to nail the bird boxes together ourselves. We added some wire mesh so that the chicks can climb inside the box.  Hinges were put on the top so that the bird box could be opened up and accessed.  We also painted the boxes in colours that will blend in with the environment. These boxes are now hung up on the trees in our sustainability garden at the front corner of the College.


Here are some of our thoughts about the day:

‘It was fun. Working on common projects helps us to get along with each other’ Ryan Booth

‘Our hosts Liz and Alyson were very helpful and friendly’ Dylan Hamilton-Thomson

‘This was a great half day excursion and was well organised’ Angus Chen

‘It was good to be participating on a hands on activity’ Sam Walter

‘The day was great. Thank you Bunnings’

Tamara Williams

‘It’s a good feeling to do something that will help our native birds’ Austin Reid

Year 11 VCAL

BOSCH Industries 

On Thursday the 1 June, the Year 11 and 12 VCAL class went to BOSCH Industries in Clayton. We were the first school to be shown through some of the many things they do.

We arrived at BOSCH at 9:30 am and went for a tour around one of the buildings.


Inside we saw how they make diodes for car alternators.  We saw on one of the computer screens that there were 20,000 diodes that passed and around 40 that failed and were classed as faulty.

We then went out of the building and saw one of their big projects, a self-driveable electric car. The car that they are using is a Tesla, after all the work they have put into it, it is worth around $2.2 million.  

Our sustainability project focuses on learning about new technologies to reduce carbon emissions, such as electric cars, as well implementing our own college sustainability practices like revegetation and the conservation of resources, such as water, energy and waste.


Afterwards we went to look at the power tools and the 3-D printing section. The worker at BOSCH explained the different uses for the 3-D printer and hoe BOSCH power tools are used worldwide.  He also spoke about the sub-companies at BOSCH and how many there are about forty-eight around the globe.  We were then quizzed about what he had told us and gave fidget spinners to those of us who were the first to answer the questions.

Overall, the experience we had at BOSCH Industries gave us a good insight into this industry. They helped give us an idea of what every country does around the world e.g. Australia has two sites (Sydney, Darwin) designing heating and cooling systems (Sydney) and auto-motive parts (Darwin). On behalf of the VCAL class we would like to thank BOSCH Industries in Clayton for hosting us, showing us around and giving us a great insight into automation and latest innovations, what they do for the worldand how they are changing the future

Year 12 VCAL Class



Year 7s have recently completed a SEPEP (Sport Education in Physical Education Program) in PE, based around Volleyball. If you are not aware, the SEPEP initiative is an interactive student-focussed learning approach to Phys. Ed that teaches students about the numerous roles and responsibilities in sports in both a practical and theoretical sense. This program is designed around being inclusive of everyone but at the same time developing student’s learning. Students got to pick and participate in the following specific roles; Sport’s trainer, Referee, Scorer, Sports administrator, Court Set-up coordinator and Sport’s Journalist.

Over a period of 2 weeks, students undertook their specified roles to run and participate in a competitive Volleyball tournament. Here is what the students had to say about each lesson.


Round 1
Friday 26 May, 7A performed 3 games of Volleyball in the gym. I saw lots of great collaboration with team mates and lots of support from friends. A student to definitely be pointed out from Team 1 (Scoresby United) is Abbi for trying her best and supporting students to win. At the start of every game, teams were planning their actions for the match, which I think is a great idea as some students still feel a bit uncomfortable with their positions in the game.
Marie Silich


Round 2
Thursday 1 June we continued to interpret the skills needed for SEPEP where the students practically take over the class. First game was Scoresby Vs Black Ops. Black Ops won with a score of 16-7. Second game was Scoresby United Vs 3rd Time Lucky Bunnies. Bunnies won with a score of 17-9. The last game was Black Ops Vs 3rd Time Lucky Bunnies. Black Ops were defeated by Bunnies with a score of 18-14.
Most people showed good sportsmanship besides some people who were yelling when the other team got a point. Those people also disagreed with the umpire and got angry when they didn’t get their way. Other than that, most people played very well.
Mady Delacy


Round 3
Friday 2 June all of 7A played 3 rounds of Volleyball in the Gym during our PE lesson. We had 3 teams: Black Ops, Scoresby United (Scoresby) and 2nd Time Lucky Bunnies (Bunnies). In these rounds the Bunnies won 1 game and the Black Ops won 2. All teams played extremely well. All of 7A did this during their SEPEP work. SEPEP is where the students run PE. In the first round we had Bunnies Vs Black Ops. Black Ops won with a score of 18-14. The second round was Black Ops Vs Scoresby where Black Ops won with a score of 16-7. The third round we had Scoresby Vs Bunnies. Both of these teams had lost to Black Ops so it was going to be a good game. Bunnies had a big win with a score of 19-9.
All of the teams played extremely well but the other thing that stood out was the Bunnies. Their teamwork skills and their coordination. One other thing was one of the other teams was over exaggerating about every point they got. Overall, all teams played extremely well and showed great improvement over the past few weeks.
Ally Enery


Round 4
7A played Volleyball for the past few weeks as a part of our SEPEP unit which is where we run the class. Game 1 was Black Ops Vs 3rd Time Lucky Bunnies where Bunnies won 23-12. Game 2 was Scoresby United Vs 3rd Time Lucky Bunnies where Scoresby won 15-11. Game 3 was Scoresby United Vs 3rd Time Lucky Bunnies where Bunnies won 15-10.
Overall I think everything went really well and everyone played really well. I think communication went well in all teams. I think we need to improve hitting the ball because some people are afraid to hit the ball because they think they might get hurt but I think everything went great.
Madison Cudmore

Emma Rooke

Physical Education Teacher


Whats Happening with Careers

This week Year 10 students are out on Work Experience, day three and so far the feedback is really positive from students, visiting teachers and employers, congratulations Year 10 students.


 Not only is work experience a great opportunity for students to experience the work place, future career’s and begin thinking about pathways.


It is an opportunity to represent our school in the wider community. These positive experiences lead to future employment opportunities and relationships that grow are vital and beneficial to all our students’ futures.


This is a great time for current year 9 students to start thinking about what you would like to do for Work Experience in 2018. Many opportunities with big companies, hospitals, police, and government institutes have an online application process that requires completion before the end of this year, 2017. If you have any ideas or are  interested in specific areas , go online do some research and come and see Mrs Haines to be sure you meet all the deadlines, you don’t want to leave it too late and miss out because you didn’t prepare properly.



If you have no idea, also come and see me. I am available any recess or lunch time’s and am happy to meet with students and parents after school. We will run a Work Experience information session, possibly in conjunction with our year level subject selection nights and I will speak to students individually during MIPS sessions.


During the school holidays there are many sessions at Universities or TAFE's that provide fantastic opportunities to experience and explore these institutions. So check the careers news or come and ask me what is on offer.

Open Days at universities, TAFE institutions and private tertiary providers take place during term 3, and are an opportunity for these institutions to open their doors, and showcase themselves to prospective students and their parents.  The Open Days are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday, so students need not take time off from school.  Attending a few Open Days is extremely important in making informed choices about tertiary study.  For the majority of students, they can anticipate studying at that institution for at least three years, so seeing the facilities, meeting with lecturers and current students, and getting a general ‘feel’ for the campus is very important.  Students are encouraged to attend more than one Open Day, and make sensible comparisons between the different institutions.  Many similar courses are offered at different institutions, and going to have a look at a couple, comparing the courses, the facilities, the opportunities offered, etc. 
This allows students to really get an idea of which course and institution offers the type of program they are interested in and looking for. 

It is important that students visit different Tertiary providers to see what is on offer but also to see what the campus is like, you need to carefully consider your choice of Course at Tafe or University. Like any major purchase or decision in life, you need to consider all the features and make an informed decision. 

As Year 12 students begin to finalise their tertiary plans over the next weeks, and Year 10 & 11 students begin investigation in their careers meetings and work experience follow up, attending a couple of Open Days and speaking to representatives of those institutions is going to help the process enormously.  Below is a compiled list of a number of Open Days taking place over the next few weeks, as well as a useful hand out on how to get the best out of attending an Open Day.  This resource has been emailed to every Year 10 to 12 student, is on the notice board in careers room and senior school hub, also included in the Career News and on the Careers website                 

Open Days

Australian Catholic University

Melbourne Campus -  Sunday 13 August

10 am – 4 pm

Ballarat Campus  - Sunday 27 August

10 am – 3 pm

Phone: 1300 ASK ACU

Email: [email protected]


Australian College of Applied Psychology

Sunday 13 August - 10 am – 2 pm

Phone:  1800 061 199


Australian National University

Saturday 26 August - 9 am – 4 pm


Bond University

Saturday 22 July - 2 pm – 6 pm

Phone: 1800 074 074


Box Hill Institute of TAFE
Lilydale Campus - Sunday 20 August

Box Hill Campus - Sunday  27 August

10 am – 3 pm   Phone: 1300 269 445


Deakin University & Deakin College

Warrnambool Campus - Sunday 6 August

Geelong Campus (Waurn Ponds & Waterfront)

- Sunday 20 August

Melbourne (Burwood) Campus - Sunday 27 August

9 am – 3 pm  Phone: 1800 334 733


Federation University of Australia

Mount Helen Campus; Berwick, and Gippsland

Sunday 27 August 10 am – 3 pm

Phone; 1800 333 864


Holmesglen Institute

Open Thursday’s – all campuses

10 August, 21 September, 2 November,

14 December

Various times

Phone: 1300 MY FUTURE

Online bookings are essential


JMC Academy

Saturday 12 August

9.30 am – 4 pm  Phone: 9624 2917                    


La Trobe University & La Trobe Melbourne

Shepparton Campus - Friday 4 August, 4 pm – 7pm

Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus - Sunday 6 August, 10 am – 4 pm

Albury-Wodonga - Saturday 12 August, 3 pm – 6.30 pm

Mildura Campus - Wednesday 16 August, 4 pm – 7 pm

Bendigo Campus - Sunday 27 August, 10am – 3pm

Phone: 1300 135 045


Melbourne Polytechnic
Preston Campus

Sunday 20 August, 10 am – 4 pm

Phone; 9269 1200


Monash University - Saturday 5 August, 

10 am – 3 pm

Peninsula Campus - Sat 5 August, 10 am – 4 pm

Clayton & Caulfield Campuses - Sun 6 August

Parkville Campus (Pharmacy Focus) - Sunday 20 August, 10am – 3pm

Phone: 1800 666 274

Photographic Studies College

Sunday 13 August, 10 am – 3 pm

 Phone: 9682 3191


Navitas College of Public Safety
123 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD

Sunday 13 August, 10 am – 2 pm

Phone: 1800 783 661



City, Bundoora & Brunswick Campuses

Sunday 13 August, 10 am – 4 pm

Phone: 9925 2260


Swinburne University

Hawthorn - Sunday 30 July'

10 am – 4 pm


University of Melbourne

Parkville & Southbank Campuses

Sunday  20 August, 10 am – 4 pm

Phone: 1800 801 662 


University of Sydney

Saturday 26 August,, 9 am – 4 pm


Victoria University

Footscray Park campus

Sunday 20 August, 10 am – 3 pm

Phone : 1300 VIC UNI


William Angliss Institute of TAFE

Sunday 13 August, 9.30 am – 3 pm

Phone: 1300 ANGLISS


Getting the most out of an Open Day

Most institutional Open Days are held in late July and August (see over the page for Open Day dates). However, you are more than welcome to contact an institution to arrange a visit any time.


What happens on an Open Day?

On Open Day you can visit an institution when it’s at its best. Everyone is there – academics, lecturers, current students and information officers. More importantly, you can talk with academics, lecturers and current students about what certain courses are actually like, and what is required to get into them.


Who should attend an Open Day?

Anyone who is considering studying at a tertiary level in the next few years should attend.

Why should you attend an Open Day?

Apart from the opportunity to obtain course information there are many other reasons why attending an Open Day is a good idea:

  • You are going to feel more comfortable arriving at a university or TAFE institute on the first day of classes if you have been there before.
  • What is really involved in the course or courses you are interested in?
  • If you have to move away from home, where are you going to live?
  • Will you be happier studying in a large metropolitan institution or a smaller, perhaps rural institution?
  • What does the place ‘feel’ like? Is it a bustling environment with lots of activity or a quieter, more relaxed campus set in landscaped grounds?
  • How are you going to get there? Is it close to public transport or should you start saving now for a car?

If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, then you should attend an Open Day!


How to make the best of Open Days

To make your Open Day visits fun and informative, here are some pointers:

  • Write down a list of questions you would like to ask about particular courses
  • Be there early. Crowds tend to develop as the day progresses
  • On arrival, get a map from a central point and ask for directions to the relevant faculties or schools
  • Ask questions!
  • Don’t spend the day collecting printed information only. Use the opportunity to speak directly with academics before applications close
  • Introduce yourself to selection officers if you feel it is appropriate, but don’t be pushy
  • Check out the residential colleges, if available. After all, it is you that will be living there.
  • Walk around the campus. Have a good look! See what sporting facilities and other services are available.

Not everyone can attend every Open Day and various Institutions hold their Open Days on the same date!  If you can’t attend an Open Day and you are interested in a particular institution, you may visit at other times. If you wish to speak to a particular person, it is essential to make an appointment first.


Bronwyn Haines


Student Leadership Day

Student Leaders

On Friday 12 May, some of Scoresby Secondary College’s Student Leaders had the privilege of running a Student Leadership session with Carrington, Scoresby and Mountain Gate Primary Schools.


The day started off with a few icebreakers, one of them being a 'human bingo' which allowed all of the leaders to get to know more about each other. Another icebreaker we played was 'silent line' where we all had to line up SILENTLY in order of Birthday, Height and Letter of names.


Then we delivered a presentation about the qualities and traits of a good leader. After that we ran a mock meeting which showed the Primary School leaders how we run our SRC meetings and how we have to organise our fundraising days at SSC. After they saw our mock meeting they then split into their Primary School groups and had the job of planning their own fundraising days. I helped out both Carrington and Scoresby Primary in planning out their fundraising days. Both groups had great ideas and worked productively between their own peers. We then had to make a poster which would advertise their fundraising day, methods of communication/advertising, who would need to approve the event, where and when it will happen.


After lunch all of the Primary School leaders presented their posters to our invited guests including MP's Kim Wells and Nick Wakeling, Our Principal & Assistant Principal and a few Primary School teachers.  


All in all, I thought it was a really fun, challenging and productive day and I hope that I get to do it again next year.

Tatira Tatira

Year 8


Leadership Profiles

Ashlea Bleakney

Hi, I’m Ashlea and I am in year 7 this year. Last year I was a techspert in primary school, and I helped people with technology, and taught them lessons on new things on the computers. I liked doing this because it was fun, and I got to help people and I also learnt a few things about technology.

I have also taken the role of leadership in cheerleading where I support and help my teammates with their progress throughout the cheer season.

I love to cheer, I got to travel to Hawaii last year and competed and came in 1st place. I love learning new things that help me improve my life skills.

I chose to be a leader because it’s fun, and it takes on responsibility, I am able to represent my year level and be their voice and I can help my peers when they need it.

Some of the things I would like to achieve this year as my role of Year Level Leader is to participate in lots of fundraising events to help worthy causes. I am also part of the Dance Club which I am really enjoying.

I think taking on a big responsibility would help me become a good leader, and be a great role model for other students. I would like to try and make lots of changes around the school like, bringing back the canteen and making sure the school facilities are well kept.


Mason Rimmer

My name is Mason , I am in year 7 and I am one of the Year Level Leaders at Scoresby Secondary College. I have been part of trampoline club for the past 3 years and have enjoyed the success, skills and friends I have gained.


I chose to apply for a position in leadership this year because I was encouraged by my parents to take on the responsibility and I also heard about the Student Voice opportunities at the Year 7 Information night. I wanted to apply for the position to challenge myself and get involved in the college community.

In primary school I was the treasurer in the SRC and enjoyed the role and responsibilities that came with the position.

This coming year I personally would like to achieve improving my own leadership capabilities and I look forward to working with the school and local community.

Mason Rimmer

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