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06 November 2017
Issue Sixteen
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Key Dates 

1 - 24 NOV        VCAA Exams 

10 NOV              Last Day for Year 11 Classes

10 NOV              Whole School Assembly (Period 3)

13 NOV              Year 11 Study Day 

14-17 NOV        Year 11 Exams

20 NOV              Last Day Yr 10 Classes

20 NOV              Year 11 into 12 Orientation starts

21 NOV              Year 10 study day (students to work                                at school)             

22 NOV              Year 10 Exams begin 

27 NOV              Year 7-9 Exams begin

MID-NOV          Distribution of Booklists                         

1 DEC                 Assessment & reporting Day                                              (student free)         

27 NOV              Year 10 into 11 Orientation starts  

30 NOV              Year 10 Last Day 

2 DEC                 Submission of Booklists 

4 DEC                 Advanced STEM parent afternooon 

8 DEC                 Year 7 Melbourne Zoo Excursion

12 & 13 DEC    Grade 6 Orientation Program 

19 DEC              Presentation Evening at Costa Hall    (all students to attend in the evening)                         

Mr Nick Adamou


Victoria the Education State

This year the Department of Education and Training introduced additional ‘architecture and scaffolding’ to support practice change across the Victorian education system in line with the current Education State reform agenda. These initiatives are intended to build capacity of all Victorian schools to deliver effective teaching and learning, improved learning and improved student outcomes. 


These include:        

  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Victorian Curriculum
  • Framework for improving Student Outcomes (FISO)

These are the foundation documents of the school’s Strategic and Annual Implementation Plans and they all contribute towards achieving the Education State targets. 


The FISO Improvement Model provides a common language for school improvement across the Victorian government school system. It is structured around four state-wide priorities that are proven to have a strong bearing on the effectiveness of a school:

Each priority has four dimensions. Six of these dimensions have been identified as high-impact Improvement Initiatives on which to focus effort:

Building practice excellence

Curriculum planning and assessment

Building ​leadership teams

Empowering students and building school pride

Setting expectations and promoting inclusion

Building​ communities

NGSC Annual Implementation Plan (AIP): For improving Student Outcomes

At the end of every academic year the school conducts an Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) self-evaluation which enables the school community to collect, monitor and analyse school data about all aspects of school performance. This process ensures that all aspects of school performance are considered throughout the year and that any risks, issues and opportunities are identified as they emerge and acted upon.


The improvement initiatives; Building Practice Excellence, Empowering students and building school pride have been defined in the 2017 Annual Implementation Plan and were derived from reflection and evaluation of our teaching and learning practices and achievements during the school’s Peer Review process in 2016. It was reassuring that the review panel endorsed our school’s current directions and approaches and supported our work in continuing to embed effective school wide approaches to student achievement, engagement and wellbeing.


The need to continue focusing on FISO initiatives of ‘Building Practice Excellence’, ‘Curriculum Planning and Assessment’, ‘Evaluating impact on learning’ and ‘Evidence-based High Impact Teaching Strategies’ (HITS) was identified through existing team structures, peer observations and other professional learning. Effective implementation of agreed whole school strategies such as using data to target teaching and extend students, consistency in planning and documentation aligned to the Victorian Curriculum and high level implementation and accountability for the NGSC instructional model are suggested as the College’s next level of work in student learning. It has been identified that FISO initiatives ‘Empowering students and building school pride’ and ‘Building Communities’ need to be strengthened through building staff capacity to work with students supporting and extending them to determine their learning goals based on ‘I can statements, providing and responding to feedback and promoting student motivation through purposeful and authentic learning tasks. It has also identified that the school needs to continue to partner with families and community based organisations to create a network of support for student wellbeing and engagement, promoting a whole school community focus on positive relationships, school mission, vision and values.

Breakfast Program

During 2017, the breakfast club continued to run every day of the week. On average it feeds 140 to 160 students a day. Thank you to Geelong Food Bank, Second Bite, Deakin University students, St Alban’s Anglican Church Parishioners, for their tremendous support during this year. The breakfast club would not have been as successful as it is, without the coordination and hard work of NGSC ES staff members.


Also thank you to the Wellbeing Team (Christina Doyle, Georgie Hunter, Sef Agahzaman and Faith Field) for their support of the breakfast club.


I take this opportunity to thank all of the contributors to a very successful program. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.   

Capital Works update

NGSC capital works project continues to gather momentum and the project is at the Tender stage.  The final drafts have been approved by the Department of Education and Training and are displayed in the school’s foyer. Please take the time to have a look at the final plans.


Once the tender process is completed in early December, the project will begin. The expectation is that works on the ground will commence in early to mid-December.



Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson & Mr Bradley Headlam 


As we near the end of the year we have a number of opportunities for parents and students to keep up to date with how things are going the their studies. All information can be gained from the Compass Portal. Here are some helpful tips to keep up to date:


Progress Reports (week 4) -these will be available for viewing on Compass on the 6th November from 12pm. These provide a snapshot into the work habits in the classroom and are conducted every 4 weeks for comparison and identification of improvements.


Semester Reports -these will be available on Compass in the last weeks of term.


Learning Tasks -these are also available on Compass to parents and students and provide feedback on the assessment tasks in class.


In addition to this the Sub School teams will be working with students who are underperforming or disengaged in the next few weeks to identify avenues to support their learning for the remainder of the year but also towards 2018.


We are now nearing the completion of all subject allocations for students in year 9 to 12 for 2018. Subjects are now posted around the school and booklists are in the process of being disseminated and returned.

GERMAN STUDIES FOR SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning program)

North Geelong processes and policies are well informed, research based and we are proud of the programs that we provide our students and our community. The SEAL program is one such program and a great deal of time has been dedicated to the development of a well-balanced program that extends the students but also provides for breadth. The background and detail around the course goes through a thorough consultative pathway to ensure it is the best program we can provide. One component of the program is a compulsory language (currently German). Here are some of the aspects that relate to our SEAL students completing a language to the end of year 9.


Written By Katina Astles (Transitions and Pathways Leader and SEAL co-ordinator)


The benefits of learning an additional language, and the reason we make LOTE a compulsory subject for students in the SEAL Program at NGSC, extend far beyond being able to visit other countries and speak their languages. A large body of evidence from countless psychological studies shows that learning to speak more than one language has many cognitive benefits. The studies also show that, even if students do not pursue the language beyond school and never become fluent in the language, the neurolinguistic benefits still remain.


Studies conducted by Illinois State University and also Pennsylvania University showed that students who study foreign languages perform better in standardised testing (such as our NAPLAN and VCE exams in Victoria). This is due to the fact that students studying an additional language are better able to negotiate meaning and problem solve. And not just in language based tasks but also mathematical and scientific tests.


The brain, which is often likened to a muscle, performs better with the ‘exercise' of learning a new language. The cognitive demand it places on the brain allows students to perform better in other tasks, especially those which require them to remember or recall content and information. It has also shown to make students more perceptive and better at identifying what is relevant and what is not.


Students who have studied LOTE understand and communicate better in English, too.  They form a better understanding of the linguistic mechanics of English through constant comparison to the LOTE. This means they have a better understanding and application of grammar, syntax, semantics, nuance and inference.


The Year 12s have finished their courses and have spent the last two and half weeks of this term revising their course work.  Their holidays were taken up with supervised exam classes during week one, which were held under the VCAA end of year exam conditions with an external assessor conducting these exams.  I would like to congratulate the Year 12s on the way that they conducted themselves on their celebration day and the lead up to this day.  They were a credit to themselves, the parents and the College. The staff were extremely proud of these students and their journey over the last 13 years.  Many of them have overcome many obstacles and have been and will continue to be very successful.


The 2018 Year 11 and 12 students have received and returned their booklists.  The purpose is for these students to have their books for their Orientation programs. The Year 7-9 students will receive their booklists later in this term.  The Grade six students will receive their booklists in the mail with their orientation packs. Campion (book sellers) has kept us informed of when books are due to be received and if they are out of stock. This information will then be passed on to relevant staff.  This information is particularly relevant for any new courses.

Multicultural Festival

The day provided great sunny and warm weather; a complete contrast to the persistent rain experienced for last year’s festival. It was delightful to see so many of our students in national costume and this contributed to the Opening Assembly in a meaningful way. Thank you to the two captains, Tamara Tabb and Courtney Sheppard, who conducted the assembly. Michael Martinez, the CEO of Diversitat, was the guest speaker and we were entertained by two Syrian guitarists and the Karen dance group. NGSC hosted approximately 800 primary school students throughout the day. They enjoyed participating in a variety of activities and games, food, rides and the Haunted House.

Thank you to all staff and students for their contribution to the stalls, activities, food and a wonderful demonstration of multiculturalism in our wider community.

Changes to enrolment in 2018

There are only a few weeks remaining in which to inform the school if your child will not be enrolled at NGSC in 2018. Please contact Melinda in the office if you have not already informed the school.


Correct and full school uniform is to be worn until the last day of the school year. This includes correct black school shoes. If you have difficulty maintaining your child’s uniform according to the College Uniform Policy, please contact the wellbeing team for assistance.


Full school uniform is a requirement for the compulsory Awards Presentation Evening on 19 December.


For Year 7 students (Gardasil) & Yr. 10, 11, 12 students (Meningococcal W)

Corio Clinic 2 Gellibrand St Corio

Every Wednesday 9.30-11.45am (no appointment required) or

Barwon Health Immunisation

1-17 Reynolds Rd, Belmont, 3216


Tuesday 12/12/17 & Thursday 14/12/17

Phone Barwon Health Immunisation 42156963 to arrange

Funding for Meningococcal ends 31/12/17


Mr James Cowan-Clark

Year 8 Coordinator 


It has been a very busy start to our final term with a lot underway in Year 8.

Congratulations to all the students that received Year 9 Scholarships for 2018. The recipients were Tom Gardner, Stefan Javni, Keily McKee and Hailey Dalton. There were many great applications and we are very proud of all students that applied for the scholarships. This enthusiasm towards being part of North Geelong Secondary College highlights the great positive feeling in Year 8 currently.


We have had our Home Room Challenges start up with the students beating the teachers in soccer in a penalty shoot out. It was a close game with teachers in front for the majority of the game but the student's team managed to level the score with seconds remaining. The student’s kicked straight and got the win. Teachers have asked for a rematch.


Finally, we have some important dates coming up so please check the calendar.

Year 8 Exams start in week 8 and run till the 30th of November.


Have a great finish to the Year.


Mr Simon Scoullar

Middle Sub School Manager 

The end is nearing, but it is no time to get in holiday mode. All students in the middle school have exams during the end of the year and then orientation for their 2018 subjects. Exams are incredibly important as they allow our students to get in the habit of exam conditions and provide students with an opportunity to process their learning, articulate ideas and provide feedback to teachers and invariably parents.


Please utilise Compass to look at progress reports. Students should be focussing on strong results towards the end of the year. Coordinators are looking closely at progress reports and gearing up for conversations with parents and students should the need arise. This is particularly poignant for Year Tens entering senior school where 100% attendance is required and it is either pass or fail.


Watch skirt lengths please and remember hats and headphones should not be seen indoors. 


It happens to most families at one time or another.  Your child is achieving good grades — not great, not terrible — and you get a teacher’s note included with his/her report card telling you that they are not really living up to their potential. There may not be any specific criticism offered, and the vagueness of the comment may be almost maddening.  This comment is not uncommon with bright children who pick up things quickly.  They’re bright and usually bring home good grades. There’s really not much to complain about, but there may a problem lurking that is best resolved during their early school years.  Exactly how can you help your child better fulfill his potential?


Or, perhaps your child is bringing home grades that you’re convinced just don’t match his or her abilities. They’re not skipping school, and most of their work is completed on time, but their grades just don’t seem to be what they should.  What options do you have?


This is something we see quite frequently, and the problem may well be poor study habits.

One of the disadvantages faced by bright students comes from their ability to quickly comprehend most subjects.  The problem arises when they progress to a point in their education where the sophistication of the subject cannot be comprehended immediately and needs much more disciplined study.  This time most often comes during high school when students face the rigors of trigonometry, calculus or statistics.  For virtually every student, these subjects require significant amounts of study and memorization.  And these disciplines may have never been necessary for the bright student.  For perhaps the first time, they will be faced with obstacles that simply cannot be easily grasped.


A student who is producing marginal grades may need little more than some guidance on how to maximize study time to achieve the best results. Of course, all students will struggle from time to time with new topics.  This is one reason its so vital for them to develop good study skills.

Here are some study habits that will help improve their schoolwork and better equip them for the rigors of college assessments and exams.  

  • Organization – consider assignment tracking, binder organization and study planning.
  • Time Management – includes scheduling (in a calendar or diary) time and avoiding distractions.
  • Note Taking – consider effective listening strategies, practical note taking and following directions.
  • Studying –  how are notes used to review material, extracting the most important information from textbooks, research strategies and subject-specific study tips.
  • Test Taking Strategies – identify ways to minimize test anxiety and effective tips for a variety of test formats including multiple choice, open answer and essay.


Ms Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub School Manager 

Year 12

As students, parents/families and staff we should all be proud of the year 12 cohort.  Their behaviour on the last day of school was exemplary.  Students conducted themselves with pride and respect.  At morning tea each student was presented with an “award” ranging from “most likely to be rich” to the “best smile”! During the assembly students and staff were treated to a range of dancing and speeches. Staff awards were again highly sought after and there was much competition for the “best dad jokes”. 


Graduation was held later that day in the President’s Room at Simond’s Stadium. This was a celebration of their time at North Geelong Secondary College. Each student was presented with a certificate and a stole and memories were shared in a power point presentation that showcased some very young looking year 7s who are now year 12!


Special Awards were presented to the following students:

  • Strive To Achieve: Haris Sulaimi
  • Robert Allen: Tamara Tabb
  • EAL: Jason Jaan
  • VCAL:  Laura Kamvoussoulis and Stellar Htoo
  • Outstanding Sports Participant 2012-2017: Moo K’Phru Say and Sejad Ali
  • Pierre De Coubertin (Sports): Komon Sochali

The DUX award will be presented after VCE results are released.


VCAL students are currently completing VCAL exit interviews and transition to work and further training and study. VCE students start exams this week. Students are encouraged to keep in contact with teachers during this time and are welcome to seek assistance from the school Careers Team once results are released.


On behalf of the wider school community and the Senior Sub School team I would like to wish them all the best in this and their future endeavours.

Year 11

Students are working towards the completion of their learning outcomes and revising for the upcoming VCE exams. It is an important time of the year for revision and study and students should be working hard at school at home to achieve their best. Students and parents/carers are advised that progress reports are available on Compass next week. If you have any concerns please contact the subject teacher or the Year Level coordinators.


VCE exams are being held in the week of the 13th -17th November. Please note that this timetable is on google classroom or a hard copy is available from the Senior Sub School Office.

VCAL students are still required at school to complete outcomes.


Commencement Program for all year 11s (both VCE and VCAL) is being held in the week of 20th -24th November. This is compulsory for all year 11 students who are returning in 2018 to continue their studies. It will provide students with relevant preparation and information for Year 12. Rolls will be marked and contribute to the overall attendance for the 90% attendance requirement for year 12 in 2018. Timetables will be given out soon.


Students are reminded to ensure their camp forms are handed in and jacket sizes and payment completed.


Mrs Christine Scott 

VCAL Coordinator 


Mr Jordan’s VCAL class have done it again!

The ‘Good Fortune Teahouse’ was designed and decorated most colourfully for North Geelong Secondary Colleges’ annual Multicultural Day.

We have some talented VCAL students who delight in creating paper flowers of all varieties and dimensions – a highlight was most certainly the oversized paper roses in full bloom adorning the walls of the Teahouse. They are still on display and you are welcome to come and have a closer look in the Language/VCAL building open area.


Alongside the Teahouse our students were selling copies of our limited edition ‘2018 EAL VCAL Recipe Calendar’. This is a fundraiser to support ‘Kids Under Cover’ – a worthy cause that we encourage you to investigate further.


At the end of the day, after the tea was brewed, fortunes told and happy customers purchased calendars (hint: an excellent Christmas gift) we look forward to the ‘Good Fortune Teahouse’ returning again next year.


Thank you to all staff and students who helped to make this a successful and entertaining enterprise.


Multicultural Committee News

It is time for reflection as the Multicultural Festival was celebrated on Friday October 27th and now that it’s all over we will have to wait another year to enjoy it again.  The national costumes dazzled in the opening ceremony parade with musical instruments and the sounds of world music playing in the background.  The parade was followed by an opening speech from Michael Martinez, CEO of Diversitat, our partners in the community in celebrating Multiculturalism.  This was followed by two Armenian guitarists who treated us to their music which was very relaxing to listen to.  The closing number was a Karen dance initiated and choreographed by a NGSC staff member Ms Chrimoo Yohellaymusaw.  The weather was much to celebrate as it set the tone of the day.   


The Multicultural Festival grew with visitors as the day went on and there was certainly a festive feel in the air throughout the celebration.  The school ground was ablaze with colour and abuzz with people chatting in colourful tones, enjoying each other’s company and socialising in harmony.


Miss Kim Nguyen together with Mr Doyle did a wonderful job with the annual cake stall.  They organised the labels and pricing of the exotic home-made treats along with student helpers.  They showcased their wonderful organizational skills along with the delicious baked goods, generously donated by parents, staff, students and the wider community.  


We thank you all for your cake donations which were very much appreciated. Altogether the cake stall raised almost $550. What a fantastic effort and well done to all involved.  The cake stall once again lived up to its expectations and the standards have certainly risen.  Without doubt it is still the best home-made cake stall in the Geelong Community.  

We kindly thank all the community for their support and acknowledge the wonderful teamwork of North Geelong staff, students and parents.  


The hard work of the NGSC community has been rewarded as another successful Multicultural Festival has come to its crescendo.  A big congratulations must go to our event Manager Miss Emily Dowling for organising such a successful event. 


The henna hand painting was very popular and a crowd pleaser as always, with Mrs Suzana Verescuk and Ms Katherine Griffin working tirelessly to ensure it’s success.  We also had a few talented students : Zufeera Nazari, Rukhsar Hussaini, Suraya Rezaei, Maryam Sherzad  working hard and generously donating their time and effort for the Festival.  The henna stall  raised almost $300.  Well Done!  


A very special thank you goes to Dani Parker, Manager of the fOrT Youth Centre,  with her entourage from The City of Greater Geelong for their enormous contribution and support for this year's  Multicultural Festival.


Each year I am more and more astounded by the enormous effort the staff and students make toward our festival. This year was no exception as the students and staff bonded to create a  smorgasbord of cultural activities.  


On behalf of the Multicultural Committee I would like to thank everyone who attended and took part in our magnificent Multicultural Festival and we are all very much looking forward to next year’s event.


The next Multicultural Committee Meeting will be our final meeting for this year and we will be celebrating our achievements  

on Monday November 6th  at lunch time (12:45pm) in the Discussion Room (you are welcome to bring a plate to share). 

Vera Dudas

Multicultural Community Liaison Officer 


Recipe Calendar – Helping to Build Foundations

The EAL/VCAL students are participating in an exciting fundraising activity which has involved producing a recipe calendar. The calendar features recipes from their cultural backgrounds and all proceeds from the calendar sales will go to Kids Under Cover.  Kids Under Cover supports vulnerable young people who are at risk of homelessness.  They build one or two bedroom studios [with bathrooms] in the backyards of homes to keep young people connected to their families.  They still eat with their families. Kids Under Cover then provide scholarships to the young person who lives in the studio as well as their siblings in the main house to ensure ongoing engagement with education.


The organisation prevents youth homelessness and changes lives.  Please support this most worthy of organisations. Calendars can be purchased from the school’s General Office for only $20.00 each.  What a fabulous gift idea!


LOTE Germany Exchange

I big thank you to all teachers, students and families that were involved in the recently finished round of our Germany exchange. NGSC hosted 7 students this year and our guests had the opportunity to experience school in Australia, explore our beautiful natural surrounds and get a glimpse of our way of life.


We are looking forward to the next round of exchange in 2018/19.

Mr Bockholt and Mr Nixon

Art Club

During Term Two and Term Three a number of students have been involved in Art Club on Monday at lunchtimes. This year students were involved in creating a school community mural to celebrate North Geelong Secondary College's new school mascots. Students worked hard over the year to plan and paint a large mural that is now on display outside of the College Gym near the canteen.


The students involved included Brooklyn Conroy who designed the overall layout and was inspired by the mascots, and our painters who included; Aimee Wookey, Mia Pilling, Lauren Walder, Makenzie Cumper, Jorjah Brown, Carli Winch, Harper Clinton, Vincent Weatherly, Ellie Coles, Elke Nolan, Molly D’Elia, Jasmine Torok, Shelby Gray and Charli Emsley.


Congratulations for all the students involved!

Miss Oates

Multicultural Festival

On Friday October 27th, we held our annual Multicultural Festival celebrating cultural diversity and it was a huge success. This year’s theme was ‘Music of the World’ with performances throughout the day including Armenian Guitarists, Jack and Greg, refugees from Syria who found a sense of belonging through their music. The festival opened with the bagpipes and national dress parade followed by a Karen dance performed by current students. It was fantastic to see all staff and students involved in the running of the day and enjoying the festival. There were so many different stalls this year, we were spoilt with options. We thank everyone for their support and generosity, especially to those who donated to the raffle raising funds for the various programs North Geelong Secondary College has to offer.

Miss Emily Dowling

College Events Coordinator 




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