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01 November 2019
Issue Seventeen
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The Resilience Project
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Leadership @ Monty

Process and Planning

Planning for our 2020 grades is well underway. Throughout the year, we have had significant interest in families wishing to enrol at our school. This is a testament, to not only the wonderful opportunities we provide for our students, but to the staff members that engage our children through such high quality teaching and learning programs. In 2020, we anticipate that we will be able to run 16 grades based on our enrolment prediction of 375 students, therefore there will be some changes to the class structure in 2020.


The 2020 Grade structure will be as follows:

Foundation classes x 3

Grade 1 classes x 3

Grade 2 classes x 3

Grade 3/4 classes x 4

Grade 5/6 classes x 3

Please note, as it is still early days, this configuration is subject to change.


There are many influences in a school’s decision regarding the class structure. Funding that is allocated to public schools is on a per student basis and calculated by the total number of students taken at a census in February. The size of each year’s cohort can vary considerably depending on enrolments and we still have variation in student numbers throughout the school.  It is important for schools to manage student numbers in a particular way that maximises learning opportunities.

Research tells us that there is very little difference either academically or socially between children who are placed in a straight grade or children who are placed in a composite grade.  Our school individualises the learning for each of our students, teaching them at their point of need. A synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses by Professor John Hattie into the factors that influence student achievement show that a child being in a composite or straight grade makes no difference to the academic outcomes of a student. In fact, the factor that has the largest influence by a very large margin is “teacher quality”.  I am so proud that every single teacher at MPS, is an outstanding professional.



Our staff members spend an enormous amount of time thinking about and discussing student groupings in their endeavour to create balanced, equitable and harmonious grades.

To maximise learning opportunities at MPS, we take into account such things as:

  • Gender balance
  • Behaviour
  • Academic performance
  • Special abilities and needs
  • Social and physical maturity
  • Special considerations such as siblings and custody situations
  • Needs of children for whom English is a second language
  • Information supplied by parents and/or relevant support personnel
  • Social networks/dynamics
  • Previous class placements

Today, all students had the opportunity to name 5 friends they would like to be placed with next year. Our students were encouraged to think about choosing people who would support them with their learning and in making good choices. The school will endeavour to place each child with at least one person from their friend list.


As professional educators, we strive to make the best choices by taking into account all of the information we have about all students. Teachers have academic and social information about every child and can make sound judgements to meet the needs of every student. Please trust our staff as they work through this lengthy and rigorous process.


With the above in mind, if you have information that you feel needs to be considered, I am happy to receive these requests and will give them due consideration. Nevertheless, I ask all parents to understand that it may not be possible to satisfy all requests. We will always keep the educational, social and emotional needs of the children at the forefront of any decision.


If you have any specific information, please provide this to me via email by Friday 8th November

Only communication provided via this process will be considered.

Requests for specific teachers will not be considered.


Please advise us as soon as possible if you are planning to transfer your child/ren to another school in 2020.


Following the success of last of last year, we will be holding two transition sessions again this year. Students will find out their teacher and class grouping on the day of the first transition session. The dates for these are:   

Thursday 5th Dec from 9:30am-1pm and Tuesday 10th Dec from 9:30am-1pm.


Please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see me if you have anything that requires further clarification.


Enjoy the long weekend!

(No children at school on Monday as it is a Curriculum Day. Please note Camp Australia  WILL NOT be running a program on this day. ) 

School Council

School Council met on Tuesday night and once again discussion centered on the amazing progress our school community has made across many areas, including:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Student engagement and wellbeing
  • Our buildings and beautiful grounds
  • Fundraising
  • Community engagement

What is more impressive was the desire to continue to improve in all of these areas. 


Looking at the NAPLAN data we saw that most of our students are achieving well above the State average, yet teachers are looking at strategies to enable students to continue to grow and improve.


From the Parent, Student and Teacher Attitudes to School Surveys,  we saw extremely high levels of satisfaction and engagement with the school, however staff still found areas to focus on for improvement. How lucky are our kids to be part of a learning community with such a collective growth mindset?


As parents and guardians you are also part of this community and your contributions and ideas are valued. Many of the great things about Monty Primary School are due to the voluntary efforts of families.  If you would like to be involved, there are a myriad of opportunities available - and volunteers are always needed! Thank you for your continued support as we work together in the MPS learning community.


Kirsty Leahy

School Council President 


A reminder that children must be wearing hats during play times. Please ensure that your child applies sunscreen before they arrive at school. Children are encouraged to reapply using their own sunscreen at break times.  If you haven't already done so, please teach your child how to apply their own sunscreen - we find that children have the most success at applying using a roll-on sunscreen.    Remember: No Hat, No Play. 


Term 4 Planners - payment reminder. Please finalise payments at the Office to ensure your child is able to participate in the programs on offer. 

Monty & Beyond!

This term, Monty Primary is embarking on a new adventure!  We are undertaking a whole school Inquiry with the theme being, 'Monty and Beyond'.  This unit will explore the Geography curriculum, as well as weave in ethical understandings. 


We will learn about how communities are connected to geographic locations and how the ethical use of our land is key to leaving a healthy legacy for future generations.


Each year level is exploring slightly different concepts and have planned some exciting learning experiences.


Our Big Ideas:

Foundation: 'We are all part of a community'

Grade 1/2:  'My School, Your School - Education differs in different places'

Grade 3/4 'Peoples actions affect the environment around them'

Grade 5/6: 'Conscience and decision making shape our legacy'



Important Dates


Friday 1st November - Foundation 2020 Transition #1

Saturday 2nd November - Bunnings BBQ 

Monday 4th November - Curriculum Day - (student free day - CAMP Australia are NOT open)

Tuesday 5th November - Melbourne Cup Day (Public Holiday)

Wednesday 6th - Tuesday 12th November - Foundation - Grade 2 Swimming Lessons

Thursday 6th November - "Music Count Us In" @ 12:30pm  (whole school)

Friday 8th November - Grade 5/6 Excursion to the MCG

Friday 8th November - Grade 3/4 Excursion to Edendale Farm

Friday 15th November - Foundation 2020 Transition #2

Monday 18th November -  P & F Meeting @ 9:30am

Tuesday 19th November - Grade 1/2 Maths Incursion

Saturday 23rd November - Working Bee - save the date to help out!

Tuesday 26th November - School Council Meeting and dinner 6pm

Friday 29th November - Foundation 2020 Transition #3


Tuesday 3rd December - Twilight Christmas Carols and Art Show

Thursday 5th December - MPS Whole School Transition #1 for 2020

Saturday 7th December - Were Street Carols @ 10am

Tuesday 10th December - Year 6 /7 Secondary School Transition for 2020 

Tuesday 10th December - MPS Whole School Transition #2 for 2020

Wednesday 11th December - Keyboard concert @ 4pm with Felix

Thursday 12th December- "Thank you" Afternoon Tea for Volunteers 2:30pm in Hall

Monday 16th December - Grade 6 Graduation - Heidelberg Golf Club

Wednesday 18th December - Grade 6 Big Day Out (Funfields)

Friday 20th December - Final Assembly @ 9:00am; End of Term 4 - dismissal @ 1:30pm

2019 Term Dates

Term 4 - 7th October - 20th December

Curriculum Days

Monday 4th November

Class Item

Hot Group

Just a quick update from the Monty HOT Groupers ( Higher Order Thinking group).  It has been a busy semester here in the HOT group and we have achieved some unreal results.  Our latest project has been learning how to make our own one-string guitars (technically called a Diddley-bow) using recycled materials such as old wood, jars and a random assortment of donated guitar parts.  We then expanded the project to include making our own guitar pickups so we could plug them into an amplifier.  How can you do that you may ask?  Well, the science is all about electromagnetic fields and how a guitar pickup senses disruptions in its field and sends that signal to the amplifier.  All you need is a bolt, a neodymium magnet, copper wire and a  glue gun.  Easy!

The kids have been loving this project and we hope to have finished electric guitars by the end of the year.

Stay tuned!



Students of the week

Term 4     
Week 3 & 4

Foundation A

Joshua C - For your motivation and positivity to learn. You never compare yourself to others and always enjoy focusing on your own goals and achievements. You contibute and answer questions during learning time with happiness and enthusiasm and your smile is priceless when you share your findings with the class. You are such an amazing learner Joshua. Congratulations!

Keith N - For your amazing efforts during learning tasks. Your attention to detail is always amazing.


Foundation B

Hera A-L - It has been so lovely watching your confidence grow this year, particularly in your learning. You have shown great resilience and determination when completing learning tasks. You are such a kind and thoughtful member of Foundation B, making you an excellent role mole for your peers!

Jack G - You demonstrated a great understanding of a bee’s life cycle and confidently ordered each stage correctly. It has been so lovely to see your enthusiasm during our Minibeast unit. Keep up the fantastic learning Jack!


Foundation C

Elise W - Congratulations Elise!



Elena S - For always showing the school value of respect, not only to others in the classroom but also around the school, you have also shown in class that you are a hard working student who always produces beautiful, neat work! Well Done Elena.

Tabitha N - For always going about daily school life as a 'Role Model Student'. You consistently show all the school values each and every day. This not only reflects the wonderful work that you are producing in class but also how you include and care for others in the playground. Keep up the great effort Tabitha


Axel W - Axel is always polite, friendly and respectful to his peers and teachers and always shares with others and includes everyone in his games. Axel your effort and improvement in your writing has been particularly impressive and you did an amazing job with your reading expression in Reader’s Theatre. Well done on all of your great effort, keep up the great work!

James V - James has been working really hard on his reading and writing and has shown a big improvement in his independence during writing. Well done James on also doing such a great job in spelling.



Loke B - Well done Loke for making huge improvements on your spelling tests. You are a shining example of how practise can result in positive improvements to learning. Keep practising and keep up the good work!



Elliot B - For being my number one whole body listener all year! You come to the floor quickly and you are always ready to learn. You model fantastic, respectful behaviours to everyone around you. We all look to you as a role model. Keep up the amazing work, Elliot!

Lachie S - For always trying your best in every work task you complete. You are a superstar reader, writing wiz and maths genius! You model kindness and respect every day in the classroom. We are so lucky to have you in 1/2D!



Ben L - Ben has demonstrated that he is a responsible learner and great friend to others. He was particularly kind and helpful in supporting his group in the Grade 1/2 Readers Theatre activity. Keep up the amazing work Ben!

Tahlia S - Congratulations Tahlia!



Rehan U - Rehan, you have been a superstar mathematician the last couple of weeks! You have impressed me and your peers with your knowledge of fractions, especially when it came to finding equivalent fractions and simplifying. Awesome work!!

Dylan H - Dylan, you are an all round superstar!! Your enthusiasm and willingness to try your best with your work and take on feedback is amazing. I love the way you are so kind and caring and always encourage your peers to do their best. Well done and keep it up legend!!



Xyon S - Creativity is Xyon’s middle name and nowhere is this more visible than in her narrative writing. Xyon, you stun us with your zest for story writing and we always look forward to reading your creations. You are a superstar!

Axel B - Axel has embraced narrative writing this term with a unique style that showcases his incredible imagination. He rarely lifts his head while creating his quirky characters, comical themes and interesting plotlines – we never know where his stories will take us next! Well done Axel!



Lucinda H - Lucinda has started the term off with determination and persistence to gain her pen license by proving her cursive handwriting is of a high standard. She has worked hard during narrative writing to plan and create her own stories, using picture prompts to help with ideas. Keep up the great work, Lucinda!

Leia G - Leia approaches every task with enthusiasm and determination. She has enjoyed writing a letter to her new pen pal in South Australia and continues to put in a great deal of effort to her narrative writing. Keep up the great work, Leia!



Saige M - Saige tackles all tasks with her best efforts, presenting all of her work to the highest standard. She is consistently a brilliant role model to her peers, even doing extra work in her own time. Keep up the hard work!

Jackson P - Jacko's hard work and determination has allowed him to improve in all areas of his learning. In particular, his drive to master his automatic recall of multiplication facts has seen him practice at home and even during lunch breaks, inspiring others to further their learning in the process. Super effort!



Angus O - Congratulations Angus!

Jean-Claude C - Johnny always approaches his learning in an organised and enthusiastic manner. It was so awesome to see him going around and offering his help to his classmates last week when he had finished his inquiry project and wanted others to experience success. You're a gem to have around Johnny, thank you!



Ella H-K - Ella has made fabulous progress this year. She has become more organised and motivated as a learner which is fabulous to see. Keep working hard Ella, love your work!

Indigo S - Indie has achieved fabulous results in our most recent unit of inquiry. She inquired into the invention of Lego and asked the question of whether gender themed packs promote equal rights and creativity. Such great thinking Indie!


The Resilience Project

For Students:

On Thursday 24th October, our students helped us celebrate 'Teachers' Day' by writing letters to the wonderful teachers at Monty! We are very grateful to our staff and all that they do for our community!



For Parents:

To watch 'The Importance of Vulnerability' please click here...

Child Safe Standards

Child Safe Standard #6:
Strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse.

Child Safe Standard 6 requires schools to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate risk management strategies to ensure child safety in school environments.


While risk management assessments and strategies will vary for each school, managing risk typically involves the following steps and considerations.

  1. Identify the school’s child safety risks across the range of school environments (including excursions, camps, online). 

  2. Identify any existing risk mitigation measures or existing controls.

  3. Assess and rate the school’s child safety risks given the existing controls in place, taking into

    account the likelihood of risk, and the likely consequence of the risk.

  4. If the risk rating is more than the ‘acceptable level’, identify further risk managementstrategies through additional treatments or other prevention, detection or mitigation strategies and then re-assess the risk (once in place these treatments will then become controls).

Effective risk management strategies are dynamic and change over time as new risks arise and others may no longer be relevant.


Teacher Feature

Ali Sutton - Business Manager 

When was one time you were nervous?
On a holiday with my two kids a few years back we came across a Bungie Jump and they both wanted a turn and begged me to go too.
They went first because I was too scared, when it was my turn I was taking forever and the man kept counting me down…..  3…  2…  1… and I would quickly grab hold again.
In the end I think the man was getting ready to push me but I finally stepped off the platform and screamed all the way down.. and up.. and down again.
I don’t think I’ve forgiven my kids yet. 


If you really knew me well, you’d know that

I compete in dragon boat racing.


What would a ‘perfect’ day look like for you?
A perfect day for me would be a bit of a sleep in, a walk with my dog Lexi then spending time with my family outdoors.

When are you the happiest?
I love travelling and exploring new places, I have been very fortunate to travel to many places around the world with my dragon boat team.



Spring has sprung

Spring is the busiest time in the garden and the Grade 3-6's have been very busy learning how to prepare a garden for the growing season.


At the end of last term, the Grade 3/ 4 students had fun demonstrating their wheelbarrow handling skills. Students were asked to complete an obstacle course designed to test their ability to handle a wheelbarrow with precision, accuracy, and safety. All students excelled in this task and were rewarded with their very own wheelbarrow licence - congratulations!

The 5/ 6 students put on their STEM caps when they were challenged with the task of building a supportive structure for summer climbing plants like cucumber and tomatoes. Students were given lengths of bamboo, sticks and string, and worked in groups to build a strong and supportive structure. It was great to see students exploring different building materials and techniques while working cooperatively to problem solve.

The strongest structures have been used in the SAKG garden, and are supporting cucumber and tomato seedlings that Grade 1/ 2 students have been carefully nurturing in their classroom under a grow lamp.

Finally, the 3/ 4's have been learning about the importance of well prepared soil for growing fruit and vegetables. We made our own soil ready for our summer crop in which we put a variety of organic matter, including worm castings and compost made from our classroom composting.


Happy springtime!



In the Kitchen

Foundation and Year 1/2 Students were straight back into cooking this week and produced some delicious vegetable dumplings. They enjoyed copping the vegetables in the little choppers.

The dumplings tasted so good that most students ate 2 or more!


Kitchen Class Volunteers

If you would like to help out in one of the classes or help with preparation please add your name to the Google doc or email me via Compass.

The volunteer roster for this term has been posted on Compass.


Do you have an old coffee plunger in the back of a cupboard?

This term we are hoping to explore the process of fermentation. If you have an old coffee plunger that you no longer use, we would love to give it new life in our ‘fermentation lab’. You can drop it directly to the kitchen on Wednesdays or Thursdays or leave at the office.


Enjoy the Term!

Elisa & Claire



Make A Difference

Limb Difference Awareness Week

Limb Difference Awareness Week is being held from the 18th to the 24th October.


One of our students has a hand/limb difference, and is excited to be visiting each class during Limb Awareness Week. During this visit, our student will be reading the book 'Little Miss Jessica Goes to School' by Jessica Smith. 


School can be a tricky time to navigate for anyone, and it's important that we all feel supported and celebrated.  There are around 2,500 school children with a limb difference in Australia. It would mean a great deal to our school community, if you could join us in participating in Limb Awareness Week.


Thank you for your support.



Envision Hands – Recycling bottle caps to help children

‘Envision Hands’ is a community based not for profit organisation that focuses on supporting and assisting longer term job seekers, through the provision of quality Work for the Dole.

‘Envision Hands’ is a project that collects plastic recyclable waste destined for landfills and turns it into filament for 3D printers. Once they have the filament, they 3D print all the components that make up a prosthetic hand or arm for a child in need.


Bottle caps are fully recyclable but unfortunately, they aren’t being recycled. They get sent to landfill, they fall through machinery, and in worst case scenarios, if attached to a bottle, they can explode and force expensive re packing issues. This overlooked waste product is almost entirely made from HDPE 2 (High Density Poly-Ethylene). After considerable experimentation ‘Envision Hands’ have successfully taken this plastic and extruded it to create functioning filament for 3D printers.


What sort of bottle caps do they need?

‘Envision Hands’ currently use all soft drink, water and milk bottle tops, including those from long life containers. The tops should be numbered either No 2 or No 4 in the recycled triangle but not all are marked. They can use the unknown bottle caps for their Research & Development projects. They cannot process tops which have other plastic or metal attached – this includes water bottle tops which have pull up tops.  Any tops with other numbers like 5 or 7 are not required. They also ask that the caps are cleaned before they are donated and that no extra plastic, metal or other material is attached.


Montmorency Primary School is collecting bottle caps for Envision Hands. Please place your bottle cap donation in the bin located in the office.


Thank you so much for supporting Envision Hands.

Road Safety Around Schools

Safety First - Our Students

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been brought to my attention that some children have still been trying to access the gate at the very back of the school grounds (Alban Street) despite the fact that access has been taken away as a result of our most recent car park upgrade. (Thank you to those parent helpers that have made this possible.)

The safety of our children is paramount! Under no circumstances are children to be walking through the staff car park at any time. Access into the school from Alban Street is via the gate that leads to the path parallel to the main classroom building (and is approximately 40 metres on from the gate that is now permanently closed).

It is in fact Winter, so there may be rain of a morning or afternoon. Please send your child in a rain coat or with an umbrella and an understanding that walking a short distance to or from their classroom in the rain is not going to rate on the catastrophe scale.

A reminder that it not safe or appropriate to “drop” children off without safely parking first. Recently, parking officers have been handing out fines for exactly this so please refer to the information in the last newsletter that was provided by the council.

Under no circumstances are parents to park in the staff car park, unless there has been previous consent given by me.

Thank you for your support as we endeavour to keep our children safe.

Please refer to the attached map for further information in regards to where students can safely enter the school grounds.

Enjoy your day.


Road Safety



Road Rules Signage 



Community Events

Lavrin & Lawrence Orthodontics


Back to School Program - Education Assistance

Each year, DVCS runs a Back to School Program aimed at supporting low income families in need of financial assistance with education expenses. This program is available to families who live in the Banyule City Council area and have an address showing on their Centrelink card in one of the following suburbs: Briar Hill, Bundoora (part of), Eltham North (part of), Greensborough (part of), Lower Plenty, Montmorency, St Helena and Watsonia.


Starting from 1st  November 2019, DVCS will provide eligible clients with funding of $100.00 per child (up to a maximum of $500.00 per family with 5 or more children).  Funding is available in the form of:

  • Prepaid Vouchers for the purchase of text books and other items from North of the Yarra Booksellers
  • Payment via electronic funds transfer (EFT) direct to nominated schools.


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to Schools

EFT payments will be made to schools on behalf of eligible families, via EFT to your nominated bank.  Remittance advice will be emailed to schools once EFT payments are made.  Remittance advice will include the Child / Family Name and the Parent/Guardian Name. All EFT payments must be credited to the Child / Family account and allocated according to the specified purpose nominated by the parent/guardian through discussion with the school (i.e. Essential School Items, Camps, Sports and Excursions etc).


The Back to School program will close on 18th December 2019 and will reopen from Monday 6th January 2020 to Friday 28 February 2020.


Please Note: this program is aimed at assisting low income families struggling to meet education expenses. Families should be encouraged to apply for Camps, Sports and Education Fund (CSEF) and States Schools Relief (SSR) funding before visiting DVCS for Back to School funding.  Please advise anyone that you refer to the program that they will be assessed by a Community Support Worker to see if they are eligible.


The DVCS Back to School Program is funded by the fundraising efforts of the wonderful Volunteers at our Opportunity Shops in Macleod and Diamond Creek.  Our other community welfare programs include Emergency Relief (food, medication, clothing and transport, Telstra vouchers) Personal and Financial Counselling, Tax Help, Information and Referral and Mailbox service. For more information, please visit


Cricket Camps Australia


Roadrunner Summer Baseball


T-Ball Smash


Kelly Sports - End of Year Cheer


Diamond Creek - Blue Light Disco


Pevan & Sarah @ Eltham Festival

Pevan & Sarah are back for their 6th year at Eltham Festival. This dynamic duo love to sing and dance with their home crowd, so bring the kids along and enjoy some of Pevan & Sarah's classics as well as hits from their new album, 'Be Kind'.
Come check out the show on the Main Stage at 3pm. Make sure you stick around after the show to have a cuddle with Pevan, the very friendly tiger and his bestie. Don't forget your tiger ears...see you there! 🐯🎵👱🏻



Parenting with Less Stress


Lower Plenty Cricket Club


Bundoora Secondary College - Twilight Market & Student Art Show


Be Wise Walk to the Valley - Pat Cronin Foundation


Banyule Nillumbik's Mini Maker Faire


Kids & Teens at School (KiTeS) Project


Cub Squad Aussie Hoops - Eltham Wildcats Basketball


La Trobe University - Volleyball Club


Ongoing school fundraisers

Foodworks Reward program

Everyone shops at Foodworks in Were St, it is easy and convenient. Now it can be   rewarding as well.

Next time you are in Foodworks simply ask for a Rewards Club Card at checkout and then register the card online at home. You then nominate the percentage of points you want to go to the school by selecting Montmorency Primary School as the receiver. 

Then every time you go shopping at any Foodworks, remember to have your Club Card scanned. You can see how many points you have earnt at the bottom of your receipt.

The school is rewarded with a cheque or Foodworks vouchers which we then use as raffle prizes.

Earnings for 2019 have been over $100 already! A great effort.


Stuck on You Labels


Camp Australia

Staying Sun Smart at Outside School Hours Care

At Outside School Hours Care, the children always enjoy playing outdoors – whether it be group sport activities, playing on the playground or even doing homework with some fresh air. Whatever the activity is, we put utmost importance on the health and safety of the children, so remaining sun smart is always a priority.   


Our sun smart policy complies with the SunSmart Guidelines to ensure all children, educators and visitors are protected from over-exposure to UV radiation while maintaining adequate vitamin D levels. Sensible sun protection does not put people at risk of vitamin D deficiency. 


UV radiation causes harmful effects on health though we can’t see or feel it. Prolonged exposure under the sun’s UV can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage, and skin cancer. Protecting your skin from UV exposure is important at any age, but it is particularly important during childhood and adolescence as their skin is vulnerable to damaging sun rays.


To stay sun smart this Summer, children are required to wear their hats during outdoor activities for adequate sun protection. We suggest wide-brimmed hats as these cover the neck, ears and shoulders – these areas are pone sunburn. Apart from hats, children are also advised to wear sunscreen which we provide at our services.


To find out more about the Camp Australia OSHC program, please visit our website at or call our friendly Customer Care on 1300 105 343. The team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except National Public Holidays). 


Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to stay Sun Smart!

Camp Australia

Not yet Registered? Don’t worry, it’s never too late. Plus, it is FREE to register.
To attend our care, you must register your child. You can register an account with us at  Remember, you may be entitled to receive the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy, visit to find out more.


Program Details

For more information about our program and fees at your school, visit us in service and chat with our qualified Educators.  Alternatively, you may visit our website or contact our friendly Customer Care Team on 1300 105 343 who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - except National Public Holidays.


We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

Camp Australia

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