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12 September 2019
Week Eight | Term Three
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From the Principal

Kingfisher Fair

Beautiful, sunny weather greeted organisers of and visitors to the GSG P&F 2019 Kingfisher Fair on Sunday, and what a glorious day it was. A significant number of students, staff, parents and community members came together to deliver a bumper fair, with 1650 attendees enjoying the offering of the school. Thank you to P&F President, Mr Jason Pages, and Fair Coordinator, Mrs Julia Bairstow, as well as the many people involved mentioned in the P&F column below. The fair exemplifies what GSG is about — a strong sense of community and a tradition of excellence. Thank you all for your support of this exceptional event.


Winter Sport Finals

Wishing all sporting teams in preliminary and grand finals the best of luck! Go GSG! I look forward to hearing the results and know that you will give your best, no matter the outcome.

2020 Planning

Great Southern Grammar is engaged in forward planning for 2020 and beyond in subschools, classrooms and boarding houses. Effective forward planning is aided if we have a well-founded indication, by the end of Term Three, of students entering the school in 2020, and those who may be considering leaving. 


It is therefore timely to remind families now that, where a day student withdrawal is anticipated, notice is required. The GSG Fee Schedule states that: One full term’s notice must be provided in writing to the Principal before withdrawal, including students leaving at the end of the year. In default of that notice, one half term’s tuition fee is payable.


For residential students, the Fee Schedule states that: A Boarding House offer of enrolment is made for the full school year. Withdrawal of a student from the Boarding House, or changing the status of a residential boarder to a day student, requires two full terms’ notice in writing. In default of that notice, one term’s boarding fee is payable.


I therefore encourage families to please start a conversation with myself or the Registrar, Mrs Julia Bairstow, as soon as possible if you anticipate a change in your circumstances affecting your child/ren's enrolment at GSG. Thank you for your partnership in supporting the school’s forward planning process. It is very much appreciated.


GovHack is an international competition for people of all abilities who seek to make life better through open data. GovHack 2019 ran for 48 hours, commencing on Friday at 6.00pm. Challenges are sponsored by various federal, state, and local government departments and other sponsors, including universities and the commercial sector. GSG entered eight different challenges from the City of Albany, the City of Darwin, the CSIRO, and Amazon Web Services, among others. State and National award winners will be announced soon, including the state winner of the Spirit of GovHack Award.


Congratulations to Owen Baxter-Holland (Year Seven) who was awarded the Spirit of GovHack Youth Award (Albany) and is now automatically nominated for the state award. 


Congratulations to the 2019 team of Kelvin Hands, Benjamin Terry, Joe Hawke and Owen Baxter-Holland, who received 'hacker’ support from Ms Elinor Couper, Mr Matt Beamish and Mr Kieran Bailey. 

Agriculture Showcase

Many thanks to those responsible for planning and running the Agriculture Showcase event last night, in particular, Mrs Teresa McAllister and Mr Julian Gugenheim.

The event is designed to not only thank our generous Agriculture programme supporters, but to showcase the work of our talented Agriculture and Hospitality students. These events allow an opportunity for VET Hospitality students to be assessed on their Front of House service skills at a real life catered event by an RTO assessor from Hospitality Group Training from Perth. This enables them to gain full Certificate II Hospitality qualification.


Food from the GSG farm was prepared by Chefs Nick and Jaydn as appetisers, and served by the Hospitality students.


I also congratulate Miss Katie Gunning for her work in guiding Media students as they created a fantastic short production especially for the evening.


It was a delight to hear students from Years Ten, Eleven and Twelve speak about what they have gained from the programme, and to be involved in thanking our guests for their time, wisdom, knowledge, products and services that have so assisted the development of the Agricultural programme at the school over the past four years.


Well done, everyone.

Student Achievement

GSG student Tom Gawned will compete at the Australian Institute of Sport as a member of the 14/15 years State team in October after his efforts over the weekend at the Swimming WA State Short Course Swimming Championships.


Dedication is paying off for Tom, great effort.


For more information on Tom’s achievement, visit this link

Climate Strike: Parent Information

Parents/Guardians, please note that on Friday 20 September, a community event is being held in Albany to request action for a safe climate future. This topic is gaining much interest globally and from within our community. GSG will operate as normal on this day. The School Education Act 1999 requires compulsory aged students to attend school, or participate in an educational programme of a school, on the days on which the school is open for instruction. Students not attending school on Friday 20 September will be marked as absent.

Mr Mark Sawle | Principal

From the Deputy Principal

Kingfisher Community

What a fantastic day was had by all at the Kingfisher Fair.  In an awesome display of what makes Great Southern Grammar a place of community and belonging, we enjoyed fairy floss, bouncy castles, pick-a-jar, yabby races, live music, tea and cake, pet parades and lots of fun and laughter. The generosity of our school community was out in full force. 


The winners of the bus shelter design competition were announced, with highly commended awards going to Myla Griskonis and Camden Marchment in Year Three. The overall winner was Kelvin Hands whose design included elements of the school’s existing architecture. Congratulations to all students who were involved. We look forward to progressing this project using the funds raised at the Kingfisher Fair. 


Thank you very much to all stall holders, the Parents’ and Friends’ association and Mrs Julia Bairstow, Fair Coordinator, for the hard work which makes these events possible.


Year Five Lights Up

This week, I visited the Year Five classroom to see how students were developing their understandings of refraction and reflection of light, and discovering how many times they could change the direction of the light.  With prisms and magnification, mirrors and perhaps just a little bit of magic (!) students worked together in groups to help each other discover the fascinating world of physics. Thank you to the Year Five students and to Mrs Gouldthorp for having me in their classroom and helping me learn a thing or two.

Mrs Emma Franklin | Deputy Principal

From the Chaplain

Greet One Another With a Holy Kiss

"Greet one another with a holy kiss"  is a phrase repeated about five times in the letters of the New Testament.


At school drop-off, my heart rejoices when I see children, tweens and teens spontaneously embrace and kiss a parent and give a farewell before embarking on their school day. This spontaneous expression of affection is essential for children because it reinforces in the minds of both parent and child that 'I value you' for who you are, not for what you can do or give me.


In the media, politics, work, sport, education and online, it seems that materialistic and impersonal assumptions about life mean that a person’s value is given, in our society, by their function or achievements, not their being. If a person has no function, they have no value. Such materialism is clearly contradicted by love in all forms (partner, parent, sibling, friend, even your dog’s love for you!) as a valid interpretation of the value of human life. However, materialistic and impersonal assumptions about who we are are ubiquitous in the media and, in particular, advertising and social media, and so are deeply rooted in our consciousness. “If you wish to have value, you must look like this, own this, dress in this way,” says the digital world to us all, every day. We have value as a consumer, but not as a person. So, without explicitly referencing the uselessness of the poor, sick, disabled, young, old, addicts etc, we silently pity them. 


This weight of expectation of achievement is particularly heavy during Years Eight to Ten. During this time, indeed all our lives, this burden can only be lifted by another person who sees us, as we are, accepts us, and values our presence, our life, our being, as Jesus did, as friends do. So, children and parents, keep supporting one another with that 'kiss of peace.'


Parental support is vital for tweens and teens, however, the time comes, as children grow into adulthood, when they need more than parental affirmation to value their being. That’s the time when tweens and teens need their peers to see, know and value them as they are and not for what they do or can give. Friends are essential partners in life. Parents, do what you can, pray for your children and be a mentor to them on how to be an adult who sees and respects others independently of the factors our society sees as important. Tweens and teens, choose your friends well.


Finally, prayer and communion are the most powerful antidotes to the corrupting materialism of our age. That is why the kiss of greeting in the earliest Christian worship services was called ‘holy,’ because when you reach out to another person, you are touching the ‘holy.’


 In the kiss of greeting, each follower of Jesus, in the power of Jesus’ Spirit, embodies and offers Jesus’ acceptance of the holy other. This makes the 'kiss of peace' an enacted, embodied gift of God’s grace. Embodied love.


Speaking of prayer in Jesus, John Main writes, “In that realisation of mutual presence, of communion, the divine transcendence occurs, and we are swept away from the netherworld of self-centredness into the infinite energy and complete fulfilment of the reality who is Love.”

Rev Rod Marsh | Chaplain

Boarding News

Kingfisher Fair

This past weekend saw the boarding community come out and enjoy the fun of the Kingfisher Fair.  There were many high points on the day and thanks go to all boarders, boarding staff and parents who made the day what it was.


The generosity of parents shone through. Their gifts of all kinds were packaged and given away to lucky winners of the chocolate wheel. 


The yabbies, coming all the way from the Penny’s dam, gave us a good laugh, (although calling the race must have been tough when they all decided to sit still at one point). 


The Rocky Road and eco-logs were a hit and sold out, and the Chook Tractor sold a book and a half of raffle tickets.


Boarding contributed well to the community goal of raising funds for a new bus shelter, but there were many other benefits to this exercise. We saw great examples of teamwork, creativity, dedication and entrepreneurship. We saw older boarders team up with younger boarders. We saw paper plans turn into something physical (pretty cool, I must say). We saw an environmental message turn waste into something useful, and we saw a large number of boarders helping out on the day to be a part of something and give something back. To the many who contributed, well done and thank you.





























Mr Brendan Goggins | Head of Boarding

Junior School News

From the Head of Junior School

This week we have been blessed with glorious sunshine, leading to many classes heading outdoors to learn.


On Monday afternoon, the Year Five/Six Da Vinci Decathlon students headed to the foreshore for a dose of sunshine and inspiration. It was a pleasant afternoon sitting beneath the trees, listening to the birds and taking inspiration from our school landscape to create poetry. Art and Poetry is one of the categories our students will compete in against other schools in the Da Vinci Decathlon held at the University of Western Australia in October. The students will work as part of a team to create a poem based on the theme of landscapes, which will be linked to a collaborative artwork. Other categories the students will compete in include engineering, ideation, science, code-breaking, cartography, general knowledge and English. The Da Vinci Decathlon forms part of the Junior School Gifted and Talented programme.


It is lovely to see so many families enjoying the beautiful sunshine in the ECC and JS playgrounds. Play after school provides a fun opportunity to relax prior to any homework that may need completion. Please be mindful that your children are under your supervision in the playground after school and must be fully supervised to avoid injury.

Ms Suzanne Youens | Head of Junior School

Year Three Bush Tucker Incursion

As part of the Year Three curriculum, we have been learning about local bush tucker and Noongar seasons. To enhance the programme, Larry Blight came to GSG to share his expertise and knowledge regarding local traditions and bush tucker. Larry is a passionate and engaging speaker who had us hooked as he unloaded boxes of various plants and indigenous tools.


Larry visited the class for the whole day. In the morning, we tried on kangaroo cloaks that can be worn either way to keep the wearer either cool in summer or toasty and warm in winter. We used plants mixed with water to wash our hands, and found out about the medicinal properties of plants found close to our school.


Just before lunch, we went for a walk around the school campus where we discovered we have some wonderful bush tucker close by. Larry told us some interesting history about the plants and why some of them are sacred to local people.


We really enjoyed having Larry visit our class and look forward to his next visit.

Mrs Hayley Ranger | Year Three Teacher

Arts News

From the Head of the Arts

There are an abundance of exciting things happening in the Arts at the moment.


The Year Twelve ATAR and General Music students performed at Wesley Church on Tuesday evening. I wish them well for their upcoming Practical examinations.

Year Ten Drama students are performing at the Albany Entertainment Centre on Friday evening at YOH Fest. They have created their own piece called The Red Journal under the guidance of Mrs Rachael Colmer. Tickets are still available.






The Senior School Arts Exhibition is held this coming Monday evening in the Annette Knight Centre from 5.00pm. The exhibition, Viridian, (Latin, for green) showcases the growth of Years Ten, Eleven and Twelve Visual Arts and Media Production and Analysis students’ work.











The Kingfisher Concert, showcasing all of our Music bands, ensembles and performers is on at the Albany Entertainment Centre next Wednesday, 18 September. An unmissable event for the GSG community!

Ms Rachel Mordy | Head of the Arts

Sport News

Junior School Winter Sport Assembly

Junior School parents are invited to attend the Junior School Winter Sport Assembly on Friday 20 September, with details contained in the invitation, below.


Middle and Senior School Winter Sport Assembly

Middle and Senior School parents are invited to attend the Middle and Senior School Winter Sport Assembly on Monday 23 September, with details contained in the invitation, below.


P&F News

From the P&F President

It’s a whole-of-community event, for the whole of the community! Well, that’s a wrap on the Kingfisher Fair 2019: a wonderful day delivering a highly successful event.


Accolades to Mrs Julia Bairstow, Fair Coordinator, the P&F committee, the Kingfisher Fair Steering Committee and the year representatives/stallholders.


But there's more to it than that. There’s the unsung heroes of our community who don’t get to share in the limelight, who were just as integral to the day's success as those who ran the show. Our thanks to:

  • The Facilities staff who assisted with countless requests for help, and no doubt lost sleep as to how the beautiful oval would hold up to all the vehicles;
  • The Administration team, with special mentions to Community Relations for countless hours on marketing and admin support. Every request was met with enthusiasm and professionalism;
  • The Finance team, kept busy on the day sorting floats and providing support to the Kingfisher Committee; and
  • The Principal, Mr Mark Sawle, and Deputy Principal, Mrs Emma Franklin, who were not only on the Steering Committee, but were onsite all day celebrating with us and the wider community, the success of the fair and our school.
  • The academic staff, from those that worked the stalls, helped the students with their stalls, prepared the students for their performances, or provided support in so many ways.
  • The school’s four houses and boarding community: your stalls all added to the variety of the day and were much appreciated.
  • The students, whether it was providing quality entertainment, volunteering, or even running their own stalls, you all made the day and probably gained valuable real-life business experience.  If the school is a business, our students are our biggest assets.  When you contribute and perform as you did on Sunday it shows the 'return on investment’ we, the rest of the GSG community, receive from your behaviour. 
  • The Dads in the Great Southern (DIGS) group, ably led by Mr Darryl Hancock, whose parking plan was delivered with military precision and ensured a great start and finish for fairgoers.
  • To Chef Nick, who provided help to many stands before and on the day. Without your skills and experience, we couldn’t have delivered our food offerings.  Nick is a man who, in my short involvement with the P&F, has never refused a request and meets every request for assistance with a positive response.
  • Last, but not least, to you, the parents, who donated your time or goods to the various stalls. We could not have done it without you!

That’s what makes us who we are when we say we are proud to be GSG; it is success through commitment, on all levels.

Mr Jason Pages | P&F President

Kingfisher Fair

What an amazing Kingfisher Fair, even the weather was on our side.  I would like to add to the long list of ‘thank yous’ as so many people were involved in bringing together such a large event.


Congratulations are extended to the recipients of 'Best Dressed Stall' awards. Thank you for all your hard work:

  • Pet Treat Central (Trade Exhibitors, students Sophie and Chelsea Pearson)
  • Bubble Tea (Certificate IV Business students)
  • Donuts (Year Five)

A number of small businesses associated with GSG families assisted by offering donations, discounted equipment and/or services for which we are very grateful.

  • Albany Event Hire – Steve, Megan, Natasha and Cameron Robb
  • Albany Bouncing Castle Hire – Victor and Jen Webb
  • Laserscape – Colin Turner and Delma Baesjou
  • Albany Marron Farm – Sharon and Karl Rost
  • David O’Keeffe – Data, Telecommunication & Electrical
  • Plantagenet Wines, Castle Rock Estate Wines, Wignalls Wines, Bunn Wine and West Cape Howe

Winners are grinners

Winner of the Year Three Meat raffle (proudly supported by Reeves on Campbell) was Felicity Ericsson.

Winner of the Year Four Wood Raffle (kindly donated by GSG family Amanda and Lee Dalton) was Brad.

Winner of the Boarding Chicken Tractor Raffle was the Bessen family.


Special Thanks

Special mention and thanks must also go to the parents who so very kindly volunteered extra time and expertise to oversee the additional P&F Stalls: Jason Pages (Silent Disco and Wine Bar), Cameron Clifford (MC extraordinaire), Tertia Le Roux (Bouncy Castles), Rachael Wilsher-Saa and Mark Wilsher (Tea House), Yabby Races (Penny family), Carriage Rides (Martin Franzinelli) and Pet Parade (Jude Hartzell).

Mrs Julia Bairstow | Kingfisher Fair Coordinator

For Your Diary

Save the Date!

Monday 16 September

  • Senior School Arts Exhibition, Annette Knight Centre, 5.00pm to 7.00pm


Monday 16 September to Wednesday 18 September

  • Year Eleven Outdoor Education Bibbulmun Track Hiking Camp, 6.30am Monday to 3.00pm Wednesday


Tuesday 17 September

  • ICAS English


Wednesday 18 September

  • Kingfisher Concert rehearsals, Albany Entertainment Centre, 9.00am to 3.00pm
  • Kingfisher Concert, Albany Entertainment Centre, 7.00pm


Thursday 19 September

  • Mokare Day: Dress-up theme — Rural Outback. Donations to RFDS.
  • ICAS Maths
  • Years Eleven and Twelve ATAR Drama, The Irresistible’s Theatre Workshop, AEC 9.30am to 12.30pm


Friday 20 September

  • Walk to School Day, Lower King Bridge Reserve (Coraki park), 7.50am for 8.00am departure
  • Years Eleven and Twelve Drama, The Irresistible’s Theatre Workshop, AEC, 9.30am to 12.30pm
  • Junior School Winter Sport Assembly, Hall, 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Canteen News

Week Nine Specials

  • Soup: Chicken noodle soup with chicken, vegetables, noodles, served with a dinner roll. Allergy alert: contains wheat
  • Muffin: Blueberry
  • Special: Italian meatballs with Napolitano sauce, served with spaghetti and cheesy garlic bread
  • Hot drink: Deluxe Milo with marshmallows

Mrs Jacqui Van Rijn | Canteen Manager

Community News

Albany Public Library Exam Support

Please see below for resources made available by the Albany Public Library for Years Eleven and Twelve students in the lead-up to exams.


Albany School Holiday Programme

Please see below for details of the City of Albany's school holiday programme.


Clay for Kids

Clay for Kids is presented by Shale Pottery in the first week of the school holiday at the Vancouver Arts Centre Annexe. See below for further information or contact Shale Pottery on 0409 368 927 or via


Dental Therapy Centre Holiday Opening Hours 

Spencer Park Dental Therapy Centre will be closed on 17 September until 3 October 2019. If you have a dental emergency on those days, please contact Yakamia Dental Therapy Centre on 9841 3498.

Careers @ GSG

Mathematics Teacher

Teacher: Mathematics 

  • Full-time, permanent position, commencing January 2020  
  • Join a dynamic educational community 
  • Unique location and enviable workplace culture 

Join a team of dedicated, enthusiastic professionals in a learning community that encourages students to develop confidence, wellbeing and a sense of belonging. 


Applications are invited from dedicated and engaging Mathematics teachers with a passion for the Mathematics learning area to join the Great Southern Grammar community. This position commences in Term One, 2020.  


In this role, you have the opportunity to deliver excellent teaching and learning programmes to students in Years Seven to Twelve. 


To find out more, including how to apply, visit


Closing date: 9.00am, Monday 23 September 2019

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