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12 June 2018
Issue Nine
Principal Report
Movie Fundraiser
Student Wellbeing
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Physical Education
Scotsburn News
Student Awards
Student News
Canteen & Pie Drive
Community Notice - 'Should I Stay or Go"
Buninyong Primary School
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  • 14th June - BIG Write Day, Story of Buninyong Performance, Young Authors Program
  • 14th June - Reports available on Compass
  • 18th - 20th June - Grade 5 Camp 5AC & 5JM - Group 1
  • 20th - 22nd June Grade 5 Camp 5DS & 5PD - Group 2
  • 21st - 22nd June - Gr 5 Sovereign Hill 5JM & 5AC
  • 21st June - 3-6 3 Way Conversations / P-2 Parent Teacher Interviews (4-6pm)
  • 22nd June - Regional Netball, Soccer & Football (AFL)
  • 25th June - School Council (7pm)
  • 26th June - 3-6 3 Way Conversations / P-2 Parent Teacher Interviews Students dismissed at 1:00pm
  • 27th June - Scotsburn SC3 Earth Ed Excursion
  • 28th - 29th June - Gr 5 Sovereign Hill (5DS & 5PD)
  • 29th June - Last day of Term 2, 2:30pm Finish



  • Wednesday the 13th of June
  • Buninyong Bowling Club
  • Pick up from 3:00pm


  • 15th June - 3-4 Assembly
  • 22nd June - NO ASSEMBLY
  • 29th June - Whole School Assembly

Admin News


  • Scotsburn Quantum 6th June.  No payment, permission slips due 30th May

  • Grade 5 Camp, group 1 - 18th - 20th June (More info coming soon)

  • Grade 5 Camp, group 2- 20th - 22nd June (More info coming soon)

Pre-Schooler Program

To all our preps that have received confirmation letters for 2019, can you please call the school on 5341 3560 to book into our Pre-Schooler Program which will run in October this year.

Principal Report

Kinder to Prep Transition

Thank you very much to prep parents for the important feedback you provided in the recent Transition to School Survey. Leadership and the prep team took some time last week to have a good look at the results and overall the feedback was extremely positive.  As always, the surveys help us to identify aspects of the kinder to prep transition process that can be improve and we are moving to act of some of those. 

Story of Buninyong Performance

We wish all the best to our grade 4, and other students (band members and school captains) who are involved in the Story of Buninyong performance this Thursday.  The Story of Buninyong is an extended project undertaken by our grade 4 students, which explores local history with a focus on indigenous history and culture.

As is tradition, the project concludes with a performance and Miranda Donald has again done a brilliant job working with the students to come up with a performance that will be both entertaining and educational.  Attached are some photos from last year’s performance to give you a sense of the occasion.


All are welcome to come along and the performance starts at 6:00pm, doors open at 5:30pm, in the gym.  A BBQ will be operating for those who would like an easy dinner for the night.


Pie Drive

A big thankyou to everyone for being so generous and ordering so many pies through the Pie Drive.  In total there has been $8,255 worth of pies ordered, and a profit of just under $1900 to the school which is excellent.  This means the fundraiser will be very successful, with this money contributing to an upgrade of our student toilets at Scotsburn.  A big thankyou to Tracey Coats who has done much of the leg work with this fundraiser and thanks to those who are helping along the way.

School Traffic and Parking

We continue to encourage all parents to be considerate with the way they drive and park at the beginning and end of the school day.  Please leave disabled parking spaces for those who need it and only park in designated parking zones.  Local police and Ballarat City Council have stepped up patrols at school start and finish times and have been handing out infringement notices. 

It’s also important that we as adults model appropriate behaviours to our children and not allow minor parking or traffic issues lead to disproportionate responses.  Such behaviour obviously sends all the wrong messages to our children.  Sadly, there have even been recent cases of parents being charged with assault as a result of their behaviour, which is something we never like to hear of.  Local police have asked us to pass on the message that there will be zero tolerance for poor behaviour by motorists around the start and end of each school day.

Movie Fundraiser

V.O.T.S Movie Fundraiser

Movie screening – Regent Multiplex

Hotel Transylvania 3

A monster vacation

Sunday 1st July -1.45 pm

Tickets $15.00 ea.

Get your tickets from the office.  Can also be purchased on Qkr (but you still need to collect your tickets from the office)


Student Wellbeing

PLP Meeting Update – Thanks for the feedback!

Last Friday, we held our final PLP meeting for the term. With another great turnout of parents and representatives from each class, we were able to have a really healthy discussion around some key issues for our school. Thank you to those who presented the views of their classrooms to help us understand everyone’s thinking and to receive some really positive feedback around the following areas:


Out of School Hours Care


Bernie opened up the discussion by explaining our plans to manage the Out of School Hours Care and that we have received provider approval to progress further. The plans were incredibly well-received by the group who were also expressing the need to provide a before school care option for parents. Something we are definitely looking into.


Running the Canteen Over 2 Days

Bernie and Tracey Coats explained our current situation with the canteen and how we would like to now take back the complete running of the canteen, with the aim of providing parents with the option to purchase lunch orders from 2 days. During the meeting, Tracey presented a menu for feedback around the following:

  • Running the canteen over 2 days.
  • Having a coffee machine for parents to purchase coffee in the morning and encourage those who do to stay around and connect with other families.
  • Working with the student leadership teams to make the area as warm and vibrant as possible (e.g. Use of music and artwork).
  • Running weekly specials.
  • Acquiring volunteers
  • Purchasing lunch orders via Qkr


Again, the feedback from this meeting was overwhelmingly positive and we hope to kick things off next term.


Adding a Coat to the Uniform


Bernie provided an update on the proposal to school council around adding a coat to our uniform. He explained how we were trying to provide a reasonable costing option for parents to consider to reduce the anxiety around students pressuring their parents to buy a $300 coat and alleviating that stress that comes with a child possibly losing a $300 coat.


Bernie went on to explain how the kids were shown a set of coats and how they had selected one that we felt would address the needs of all.


Feedback was sought as to making the coat a compulsory item down the track and it was thought that by making it the compulsory coat in 2020 would allow those who already have coats, time to get the good use out of them before the kids grow out of the size and need a new one.


We will soon have coats for sale. Please see the office if you are interested.


Yr 6-7 Transition Survey and Update

During the meeting, Scott provided each of the PLPs with a draft transition survey that we will send out to our past year 6 students to gain an understanding of how well we prepared them for secondary school (learning, socially and emotionally) and to also identify areas in which we can improve our processes as well.


Scott explained that for this year, we will be sending the survey out early next term, however it will be around the end of term 1 in the following years.


Concert Timing


Bernie explained our progress with the school concert and asked those in attendance about what time they thought would be acceptable to start the concert. Feedback was pretty consistent in starting earlier so that the kids can get to bed earlier. It was also suggested that stating the agreed start time as soon as possible, would enable those parents who may get stuck, plenty of time to make alternative arrangements.


Bernie will take the suggested times to the next concert meeting for a decision and publicise once complete.


Grandparents and Special Friend’s Morning

Scott apologised for the confusion over the mixup of dates with the morning and advised that the actual morning is proposed for the day before the Ballarat Show Day holiday (Thursday the 8th of November). Scott explained that this would enable families to have a long weekend with those grandparents and special friends who needed to travel and it would also enable more people who usually take off up North for a break over Winter to attend. As always, we would provide a morning tea on this day and open up the classrooms for some quality time for the kids to share their learning.


Feedback was again positive towards the proposed date and the consensus was to lock this date in for each year moving forward.


Traffic Concerns


Scott expressed how there had been some traffic concerns raised recently and how we had forwarded those concerns onto the police. To read more, please see the article in this newsletter.

Teaching & Learning

Young Authors Win Sustainable Writing Competition

A huge congratulations to two of our Young Authors who recently were awarded prizes in the Breaze World Environment Day Children’s Writing competition.

Conal S was awarded Buninyong’s best writing while Matilda J was awarded a Certificate of Special Mention.

Both Conal and Matilda were awarded their prizes by the Mayor of Ballarat Cr Samantha Macintosh last week at the Ballarat Library.


Reporting Judgements

In order to support parents to fully understand the student reports, that will be made available on the Compass Portal this Thursday 14th June, the following advice is offered to help explain the different elements of the reports.

So I have the report… what next?

Below are some tips to try when your child’s report is made available on Compass this Thursday.  


  • Show an interest in the report – Your child will often reflect your behaviour, so valuing learning is one that will keep your child seeing the value in school.
  • Organise a time to sit down and read the report together. A good idea is to start with a positive or pick up an idea from the Student Comment.
  • Reduce the parent talk and increase your child’s talk by asking clarifying questions like:
    • How does this report make you feel?
    • What were your successes this semester? How do you know that?
    • What areas do you think you need to work on? How will you do this?
    • If you had your time again this semester, what would you do differently? Etc
  • Work out a plan together with your child on the way forward from here.
  • Write down some questions to ask at Parent-Teacher Conferences and 3 Way Conversations.
  • Avoid the adult conversations in front of your child that might damage their attitude toward learning.
  • Book an interview for the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Celebrate the growth and positive learning behaviours.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interview and 3 Way Conversations

The chance to catch up with all parents at the end of semester is a vital part of our reporting process. These face to face meetings allow for teachers to expand on report comments and grades in finer detail. This semester the following opportunities exist for parents on:

  • Thursday 14th June - Reports Available on Compass Portal

Interviews and 3 Way Conversations:

  • Tuesday 21st June from 4pm – 6.30pm
  • Thursday 26th June from 1.45pm – 6pm

P-2 Parent Teacher Interviews (15min) – these interviews are more formal opportunities for teachers and parents to meet and discuss learning achievements and goals for the future. Although we feel students should be part of all interviews, we leave the decision to parents as to whether or not their child attends. If unsure please contact your child’s classroom teacher.



Year 3 -6 Three Way Conversations (15 Min) – these conferences allow time equally for students, parents and teachers to reflect on learning achievements and expand on future goals. Students are required at these conferences as they play an integral role.




Specialist Interviews (10min) – these interviews are dedicated to discussing your child’s learning achievements and future learning directions with their teachers in Japanese, Physical Education, Visual Arts and Music/Performing Arts. We encourage students to attend these interviews.







To make a booking please use your Compass Portal.

It is always best to book early to avoid disappointment.


Physical Education

Term 2 Calendar Events:

21 June – Regional AFL (Boys Team)


Term 3 Calendar Events:

18 & 25 July – Golf clinics

19 July – State Championships Cross Country

13 August – Interschool Golf Competition (click here to register)

2-7 September – Snow Trip

14 September – Division Athletics


Term 4 Calendar Events:

12 October – Regional Athletics

18 October – P-2 Sports Day

22 Oct – 8 Nov – Life Education

Golf Clinics– Applications closing soon

Tony Collier will once again be offering Grade 5+6 students the opportunity to participate in some golf sessions in Term 3.  These will be run for any interested students at lunchtime on 18 and 25 July at Royal Park (old football oval) and equipment will be provided.  There will be a $10 fee payable upon registration for both sessions ($5 per session).  A minimum number of 10 students need to attend for the program to go ahead.  The $10 will be refunded if not enough numbers register.


Registration and payment needs to be made by 15 June, 2018, and can be done via QKR or at the front office.

Interschool Golf Team:

Any Grade 5 or 6 student interested in signing up for the Interschool Golf Team, who will play on 13 August (9am -1.15pm) at Buninyong Golf Club, will need to complete this registration form before 23 July, 2018. There is a $10 entry fee and transport to and from Buninyong Golf Club needs to be arranged by the parents/guardians (please let Ms Morris know if there are any problems with transport). 

Jump Rope for Heart

                            $2873 raised!!

Well done to all the students who continue to raise money for Jump Rope For Heart.  Keep up the great work!  Our leader board is as follows:



It’s not too late!  Click here to register with Buninyong Primary School.

P.E. Shoes:

A reminder as the weather starts to set in that students need to have clean, dry sports shoes for P.E.  We recommend bringing a spare pair to school to ensure maximum participation in class.  To find out when your child has P.E., please check your Compass portal.

School Holiday Clinic


Scotsburn News

Collaborative Planning Days

Scotsburn students will join the Gr 3’s from Buninyong at the Buninyong campus on Wednesday 13th June (9am – 1pm). Scotsburn students will start the day at Buninyong but finish the day at Scotsburn.

On the 19th June, the Scotsburn staff will be planning together in readiness for term 3. The Scotsburn students will start and finish the day with the Gr 3 students at Buninyong on this day. Students will meet in the courtyard on both days.


Pie Drive

We are seeking some helpers to package up the orders on the 13th June (11am-4pm). If you can assist with this for some of this time, please email Tracey at [email protected] ASAP.



Last week, the Scotsburn students enjoyed a fabulous day in Melbourne at the Quantum Science Centre. The P-2’s enjoyed learning about the QV Bean Story, the 2-4’s Mini Beasts and the 4-6’s Lego Robotics. A big thanks to the parents who ensured all students were ready to leave by 8am.


Congratulations Grade 2-4’s

Last week, the Gr 2-4 class had the opportunity to present on their favourite mini beast. They all did a wonderful job presenting lots of interesting information. Well done everyone.


Thanks Sienna

Last week, Sienna arranged for all classes to participate in some fun World Environment Day activities. What great initiative. Well done Sienna.


Enrolment Forms

We have reached that time of the year again where parents are reminded to submit enrolment forms for their children if they are starting Prep next year. Please ensure they are in by the end of the term.



We are excited to announce that we have 2 teams who have begun preparations for this year’s South Street Debating Competition. The students involved are Scarlett, Pat, Claire, Will, Josh, Sienna, Freya and Axel. The students will be practising very hard over the next few weeks so that they are ready for the 31st July.


Fire Safety Game Launch

We were recently contacted regarding the launch of a board game "Should I stay or should I go - Be Prepared".  That has been instigated by a local Scotsburn Community Group in support of the people impacted by the Scotsburn Fires 18 months ago, with the aim being to increase awareness of fire safety among the community. We will be launching the game at the Scotsburn campus on Friday June 15 at 12.45pm, with a BBQ to follow. Sausage sizzle order forms have been sent home.


Grade 5 Camp

With Gr 5 camp coming up on the 20th June, permission notes have been sent home this week. Please ensure that you read the information note which explains departure and return times.


Sovereign Hill

The Gr 5’s will be attending Sovereign Hill in the last week of term. Please ensure that you read the information notes sent home earlier this week.


ABC & ROCCH Awards

Gr P-2 –  Aidan

Gr 2-4 –  Leo & Luke 


Friday Rotations

Our next rotation for Term 2 will be on the 15th June.  Our groups will be doing the following:

Term 2 - Lunch Order Roster

Lunch orders need to be collected from the Buninyong campus at 12.40pm. Please ensure you organise a swap if necessary so that the students don’t go hungry!

                                                                                                                                              Term 2 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

Story of Buninyong performance – 14th June

First Aid in Schools program at school – 15th June

Grade 5 Camp to Halls Gap – 20th – 22nd June   

Grade 5 two day Sovereign Hill experience – 28th – 29th June

3 Way Conversations – 21st June (4pm-6pm)

3 Way Conversations – 26th June (1pm finish for students)

SC3 to Earth Ed – 27th June

Term 2 Finishes – 29th June

Student Awards

Congratulations to our Grade P-2 ABC Award Winners for Last Week!

At last week’s assembly we presented the following children with ABC awards for the great work that they are doing in their classroom and around the school. Well done superstars!





Act of Kindness


Student News

Grade 6 Canteen
Can-team News

  • Milo: $1 in your own mug;  $1.50 in a biodegradable cup
  • Jam Donuts: $1.50

Friday recess: 11-11:30am

Parent Helpers wanted: 10:30 - 11:30am

We will need helpers to keep milo going through Winter on Fridays.


Soup Bus - Toiletry Packs

The Soup Bus is coming to school this Wednesday to help pack Toiletry Packs.  Anyone can come to the bus and help.


When: This Wednesday at lunchtime

Where: Beside the Tennis Courts

Canteen & Pie Drive

Canteen Duty


Pie Drive


  • Wednesday the 13th of June
  • Buninyong Bowling Club
  • Pick up from 3:00pm


Community Notice -
'Should I Stay or Go"

The Launch of the Scotsburn Community Fire Game


Free Tennis Clinic


Buninyong PS Newsletter
Information for reports - December.pdf