Photo: School Athletics Carnival

Lilydale High School News

10 August 2018
Issue 11
Premiers' Reading Challenge
Lilydale High School
9735 5644
25 Melba Ave
Lilydale, VIC, 3140



Term 3     16 July to 21 September
Term 4      8 October to 21 December


Friday 10

2019 Middle School & VCE Course Selection CLOSES


Monday 13

Science Week (13 to 17)

VCAL Community Project 1/2 Free Dress & Sausage Sizzle


Wednesday 15

Netball Championships


Thursday 16

VCE Music Performance Periods 1 & 2

Building Strong Men

Drama 'Make a Scene' Excursion

The Thriving Adolescent Seminar - 7 pm


Monday 20 

CBCA Children's Book Week (20 to 24)

Tritration Challenge

VCAL Fairy Garden Build


Tuesday 21 

VCAL Fairy Garden Build


Thursday 23

Great Book Swap

School Production - 7 pm

Year 10 History - Holocaust Museum

Building Strong Men


Friday 24 

School Production - 7 pm 


Saturday 25 

School Production - 1.30 pm and 7 pm


Sunday 26

Matinee du Francais


Monday 27

Peer Leadership Camp (27 to 29)


Wednesday 29

Year 8 Getting It Right Refresher


Thursday 30

VCE Music Performance Periods  1 & 2


Friday 31

Year 7 Hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis



The following calendars are also available on our school website homepage from the News and Events tab;

  • Whole School Calendar
  • Junior School Calendar
  • Middle School Calendar
  • Senior School Calendar
  • Sports Calendar 

Please note:  School events by nature are subject to change. The school reserves the right to add, change or cancel events as required.

2019 Term Dates

Term 1   29 January (school teachers start) to 5 April *
Term 2    23 April to 28 June
Term 3    15 July to 20 September
Term 4      7 October to 20 December


2019 Bus Travel

New applications for 'Contract Bus' travel for 2019 should be lodged at the General Office by 5 September, 2018.


If your situation has changed for next year and you would like to travel by 'School Contract Bus', now is the time to arrange bus travel.
Students who lodge their applications after 5 September, may not receive their placement until March 2019.
Attention Year 10 students
Do you currently live closer to Yarra Hills and Mt Evelyn Campus than Lilydale High School?  If so, next year you may be eligible for a School Bus or Conveyance Allowance (Yearly Myki).  Please contact the General Office and speak to Jan Osborn or Lisa Polkinghorne.

Year 11 VCAL Fundraiser Day 

On Monday 13 August, there will be a bottom half free dress day for a gold coin donation.

Donations raised will go towards the purchase and production of nesting boxes for Lilydale West Primary School.
The boxes will be used by microbats, brushtail possums and powerful owls.  The new boxes will increase the population of these animals.


Year 11 VCAL students


LHS 100th Anniversary  1919 - 2019

2019 will see us celebrate 100 years of Lilydale High School.


As part of our celebrations, we would like to gather information on LHS alumni. If you, or a family member attended Lilydale High School we would love to hear from you to share your school memories and stories.  


Any hard copies of photographs, school uniforms, awards, certificates, badges or any other materials we can use for the celebrations, would be gratefully received at the School Office.


One of the many initiatives to celebrate this milestone is the introduction of the Lilydale High School Hall of Fame. We are looking for those students from across the years who have excelled in their field of endeavour, whether that be in their professional life, sporting pursuits or working in the community.


A nomination form will be available shortly for the nomination process to take place, with a panel being established to determine who will be our inaugural inductees.


Step back in TIME!!

Lilydale High School Basketball Team, c. 1920


Photo: Year 10 Ceramics Workshop - Artist, Marlize Myburgh.


Photo: Year 10 Ceramics Workshop - Artist, Marlize Myburgh.

Year 10 Ceramics

Tuesday 7 August

Year 10 Ceramics students spent a half day with internationally known Ceramic artist, Marlize Myburgh.


Students explored a wide range of surface embellishment techniques in a fun and engaging, hands on workshop making  their own series of ceramic tiles.

Cathie Young


French Movie Excursion

Tuesday 31 July

Laure Pradier and the French assistant, Melodie Malartre, took 34 students of French to the Cameo Theatre in Belgrave to view the movie Belle et Sebastian 3 Friends for Life, the third in a series of movies about the friendship between a  boy and his dog living in the French Alps.


Here are the students’ comments about the experience:


On Tuesday 31 July, the ALP French and the mainstream French classes; Years 9 to 12, went to the Belgrave cinemas to watch Belle et Sebastian 3. It was a really fun experience and a great day out.  Merci Beaucoup Madame Pradier for organising the trip!!!!

Jess C


Belle et Sébastien 3 est fantastique! J’aime beaucoup le film. C’est un peu triste.

Rebecca C


The French Excursion was a really fun experience. We got to catch public transport to Belgrave which was a really fun time and fantastic for gaining confidence on trains. The movie was also extremely entertaining and made us gasp in horror and laugh with joy and kept us on the edge of our seats. The food in Belgrave was really nice and it was all cleverly planned out by Madame Pradier. It was a fantastic time.

Mason B


Yesterday’s excursion was a fantastic day, the movie was amazing and a bit sad, but overall, the day was 10/10.

Xander B


J’adore le film, il est fantastique.



I thought the movie was great and it was a fantastic day out.  Thank you to all the people who organised it and made the day happen.

Zac H


This was an incredible opportunity to not only watch a wonderful French movie but also talk to our fellow students across the school, who also learn French.  Highly recommend to all!   À bientôt.

Emily G 


I enjoyed the trip very much.  I liked the movie and it was great to see Belle and Sebastian again on a big screen.  It was cool to be surrounded by a lot of French for a day.

Ella R


Yesterday’s (31/06/18) excursion was a fun and a different experience to see how French is spoken naturally and in a proper context like seeing a movie in English. It helps see French spoken by real French actors to understand how the language is supposed to be spoken.   Thanks to Madame for organising the event and everyone else involved. 

Tyler S


I really enjoyed seeing Belle and Sebastian yesterday. It was fun and really cool to experience a movie in French.

Tobi P



On Tuesday, a group of students who participated in French last semester went to Belgrave to see the third movie, Belle et Sebastien: friends for life. It was a beautiful film with a few tearful moments but overall everyone had a great day.  Thank you to all the French teachers for organising the day.
Molly K


The movie was really good and was a great story. It was emotionally straining for some, but it had a happy ending. The whole day was a blast and I highly recommend the movie to everyone.

Tayla Mc

Sharon Stoyanoff

Head of Languages


September Soiree

LHS Performing Arts Theatre


Students who learn Guitar, Voice, Piano and Percussion/Drums will be performing solos and small ensembles for friends and families.


This performance gives the students the opportunity to demonstrate the music skills they have acquired in music lessons during the year.


Tuesday 11 September

Soiree 1

6 pm

Guitar & Voice students

Tuesday 11 September

Soiree 2

7 pm

Piano & Percussion students


Thursday 13 September

Soiree 3

6 pm

Woodwind & Brass students


All students need to  SIGN UP on the sheets in the PAC.  Please confirm with your teacher your items.


We look forward to having parents/guardians, family and friends, students and staff joining us for the Soirees.

Kate McAlister

Instrumental Music Coordinator


VCE Ski Camp

Friday 27 to Sunday 29 July

45 students from Year 11 and 12 ventured up to Falls Creek for the annual 'Ski Camp'.


The students had 2 days of skiing or snowboarding the slopes and participated in two lessons.


All students improved a heap over the two days and had a fantastic time away.


Year 10
EIS Girls Basketball Team

Thursday 2 July

Congratulations to the Year 10 EIS girls who  competed in the first stage of the Champions Camp Basketball Tournament.


The girls won their final game of the day against St Monica’s, after being down by 21 points to qualify for the second round.


This result sees the team ranked in the 'Top 8' schools in Victoria.


Senior Boys Netball

Monday 30 July

Congratulations to the Senior Boys Netball team for WINNING , the Eastern Region Netball title.


After a slow start in which the boys lost to Box Hill HS, the team soon blew the cobwebs off and found form.  After a close semi final win against Camberwell, the boys got back revenge against Box Hill, winning the final comfortably.  


The boys will now play the State Final on Monday 3 September.


Good luck and best wishes for the STATE FINAL!

Alister Stuart

Eastern Metropolitan Netball Sports Region CHAMPIONS!

Friday 10 August -  Waverley Netball Centre

The Intermediate Girls Netball team were undefeated for the day, beating Box Hill, Vermont, Ringwood, Canterbury girls and Rowville!


Outstanding achievement against very tough opposition. Well done girls!

Melissa Crotty



Yarra Ranges Tech Support

This term, all Year 9 classes will visit the Yarra Ranges Tech School.


During their visit, the students will have the opportunity to experiment with Arduino and Little Bits, to design and build wearable technology using their STEAM skills.


Here are some photos of 9C in action on Friday 3 August.

Kristy Bjarnelind

Head of Science

Become a Virtual Diver and HELP protect the Great Barrier Reef!

The Virtual Reed Diver Project allows anyone to help classify coral on the Great Barrier Reef.


Create an account using the link below and you can access real images of the reef and be a part of a real scientific investigation.  


Level up your account and unlock NEW content by being a part of REAL SCIENCE!

Tony Vallance





What's happening at Steamworks!

Year 9 Flight, Drones and Design students crunching the numbers to calculate the flight speed of a glider in m/s and kph.

The Fixer' aka Flynn Lewis with his 3D printed Maul Saber, legendary work!

Fabrication Specialist Jayden Eagleton's modified wall bracket design.  Now in use in the VR Room @Steamworks.

Year 10 Body Systems with Mr Stuart's class using the VR Room to investigate human musculature.

Year 7 Tech Taster prototypes. Creativity and cooperation is in the air and our Junior students are building future skills @ Steamworks.

Year 7 Tech Taster proyotype.  Smashed it team!


Steam Queens

STEAM Queens is back for Term 3 on Wednesdays at lunchtime.


Come on down to Steamworks for some robot programming fun!


Mindful Mornings

Mindful Mornings EVERYDAY @ Steamworks 8:15 am - 8:25 am.


Come along to Steamworks for a mindful start to your day.   If you feel tired, stressed or just need to calm a racing mind, try this evidence based approach to feeling more relaxed and in control of your life.


Start your day with a calm mind today.

What's on @ Steamworks?

Check out the activities roster to come and find your tribe!  See you @ Steamworks.

Tony Vallance

Photo: Year 10 Wood Technology


Photo: Year 10 Wood Technology

Technology Fees

Many Technology elective subjects and all Home Economics classes carry a fee to help cover the increasing cost of materials.


Notices will be issued to students via Compass and I ask that parents/guardians please assist the school by paying the contribution as soon as practicably possible. 


If you are experiencing any difficulties with this request, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.  Thank you.

Caitlin Marshall

Head of Technology

Year 12 Food Studies

Moussaka with Pear, Rocket & Fennel Salad....Delicious!


Year 9 Home Eco - 
It's Up To You

Hundreds and Thousands Biscuits


Year 10 Catering & Food

Vegetarian Dumplings


Year 10 Wood Technology

Students choice of design!


Year 9 Wood Technology

Wood Drawer


Premiers' Reading Challenge

Read, read more, read more widely!   

Our students are continuing to perform very well in the 'Reading Challenges'.  The challenges end on Monday 3 September, so only a few weeks to go.


CONGRATULATIONS TO 48 Year 7 students who have now completed the Premiers’ Reading Challenge by reading 15 or more books.


WELL DONE to a further 30 Year 7s who have completed the LHS Reading Challenge by reading between 10 and 14 books


Some of our Year 8-10 students have also signed up for the challenge and are doing well.


We are gearing up for a big celebration at the end of the challenge, where students who have read 10 books or more will receive a signed certificate and other rewards.


Our Year 7 students have now logged a combined number of 2260 books they have finished reading!  Well done to 7B, 7G, 7I and 7J, each of these Home Groups have logged more than 200 books as finished.


Students who are having difficulties logging their reading, or forgotten how, are welcome to visit the Library for assistance.   


Happy reading

The Library Team


We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You is in full swing! The crazy scaffolding has been constructed, set piece painted and costumes are looking terrific! The work that has gone into this production is astounding. Students have been working after school, lunchtimes, weekends and even into the night on one occasion (our now-annual ‘painting party’). Thank you to parents who are consistently picking up and dropping off students, they appreciate it and so do we.


If you haven’t bought tickets yet please don’t leave it too late. It’s highly likely there won’t be any available on the night.  At the time of writing, our Saturday night has completely sold out, our Friday night has 1 solitary ticket left, Thursday session has less than 20, leaving only Saturday matinee with substantial seats left. So don’t act too late!


For those who haven’t been keeping up, We Will Rock You is set in a dystopian future, where the lives of earth’s citizens are dictated by the mega corporation ‘Globalsoft’, run by the evil Killer Queen. Her mission? To control the thoughts and minds of all people by taking away their ability to think for themselves. The first and most important step? Annihilate rock and roll. But an underground group of rebels known as ‘Bohemians’ will stop at nothing to defeat her, and together with social outcasts Galileo and Scaramouche they devise a plan to bring the power of rock back to the people.


The show is high energy and action packed from the opening sequence to the last note. Utilising the incredible and well-loved music of Queen, the show will appeal to all generations.


This year a feature of the show is the input of students showing their talents in a variety of areas. While direction and musical direction are still overseen by staff, the choreography, sound design and lighting design is entirely student produced and costume design by a former student. There is extensive use of lighting effects and pyrotechnics so please be aware if you are adverse to strobe lights, smoke or haze.


We look forward to seeing you at one of our shows, Thursday  23 to  Saturday 25 August  at 7pm, or Saturday 25 at 1:30 pm.


Tickets can be purchased through the link on the school website.  


Adults $20

Student/Concession $15

Jonathan Bleakley and Amy Cumming

School Production Team


Indigenous Literacy Foundation

The Great Book Swap is fast approaching. We have collected heaps of books!  Thank you all for your kind donations.


Now it is time to save some gold coins to spend on the day, Thursday 23 August.


Remember, you can also make donations on the website using the link and typing in, Lilydale High School:



Thank you and keep reading!






Madame Pradier and Dawn  O’Kennedy


*** Congratulations ***

Congratulations to all students who performed as part of the LHS singing talent competition,  THE VOICE.


Thank you to the We Will Rock You cast and LHS teachers for their cameo performances to kick off each performance at lunchtime.

Our judges were extremely impressed with all the talent, confidence and excitement on the PAC deck over both semi-final heat performances.

The following students made it through to the final round of THE VOICE, on Friday 3 August;

  • Year7 - Laura Bentley
  • Year7 - Malia Durrant
  • Year7 - Emily Matthews
  • Year8 - Charley Nugent
  • Year 9 - Aly Hogeboom
  • Year10 - Caitlin Huddleston
  • Year11 - Benson Rowntree
  • Year12 - Tash Vrsecky

We are pleased to announce the following winners of this year's competition are;


1st Place - Tash Vrsecky
2nd Place - Benson Rowntree
3rd Place - Malia Durrant

Congratulations and well done!!!


Our 2018 judges, 2017 champion Sarah Davies (Year 9),  2017 Runner-up Bec Clark (Year 9), Performing Arts Captains Tiffany Couacaud (Year 12) and Liam Huddleston (Year 12), also performed on the day, along with our 2018 host Angelina Pitasi (Year 12).  Thank you to this team of students leading the competition throughout the 3 weeks of singing talent.


We look forward to next year's, LHS THE VOICE!

Amy Cumming




It’s an exciting time for Year 12 students with VTAC applications opening on Monday 6 August.


Students who are applying for post-secondary education at University or TAFE in 2019 will need to create an account by going to They can then select up to 8 course preferences and will be able to pay the administration fee online ($36).


Students are reminded to apply by September 27 (5pm) to avoid late fees ($105 for late applications and $137 for very late applications).


Once students have applied, they have the option of changing their course preferences until December 19 (12 noon).


The Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) closes on October 12 at 5 pm and Scholarships close on October 12 at 5 pm.


Some courses with entrance tests, folios or interviews may close early and it is ultimately the applicant's responsibility to check all submission and application dates listed on VTAC.

Deakin Accelerate (VCE Extension Program)

Deakin Accelerate is a rewarding VCE extension studies program, where students will complete two first-year university units alongside their Year 12 studies, either on campus or online.

Students in the program get the same benefits of a fifth or sixth subject contributing to their ATAR, plus they’ll gain university credit and reduce the cost of their future degree.

There are a variety of subjects students can complete, these include:

  • Accounting
  • Criminology
  • Disability, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Economics
  • Health Practice and Research
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Psychological Science
  • Robotics and Data Science
  • Sport Management (New in 2019)

Information Evening  details:

Register to attend one of our Information Evenings to find out more about the Deakin Accelerate program.

Melbourne Burwood Campus
Thursday 6 September
6.00 – 7.30 pm

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Thursday 13 September
6.00 - 7.30 pm

Warrnambool Campus
Tuesday 18 September
6.00 – 7.30 pm



LHS NEW Careers Website

We are proud to launch the NEW Lilydale High School Careers Website available on the school website:


The site contains a large amount of information and should be your first stop when you are looking for information on anything job, careers, university and TAFE related (and there is so much more).


The site has a specific area where students can log into and complete skills and interest tests, create resumes and cover letters.


Tim Kogelman and Craig Harris

Career Practitioners

Photo: Year 8 Tech Taster - Fried Rice.


Photo: Year 8 Tech Taster - Fried Rice.


Friday 10 August

2019 Year 9 Course Selection CLOSES


Wednesday 29 August

Year 8 Getting It Right Refresher


Friday 31 August

Year 7 Hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis


Monday 3 September

Year 7 Leadership Camp (3 to 4)


Friday 7 September

Year 7 Launch into High School Refresher


Friday 14 September

Year 7 Immunisations 


Tuesday 18 September

Year 8 Health & Wellbeing Day

Year 8 Resilience Project


Please also refer to the Junior School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.


Friday 10 August

Students enjoying the SUNSHINE at lunchtime in the Junior School playground!


Year 7 Community Time - Tree Planting

Friday 3 August


Year 8 Tech Taster

Tuesday 7 August, Periods 1 and 2 with Ms Stavrou.  Fried Rice....delicious!


Unapproved Absences 

Please assist us to fulfil our legal obligations and approve outstanding absences your child may  still have on COMPASS.  


The Junior School Office should be contacted if it is expected that your child will be away for more than two days.   To this end it is vital that student contact details are up to date.


Parents and Guardians who may have forgotten their Compass username and password, can contact the Junior School Office for assistance.


Junior School Coordinators

Photo: World Challenge Sausage Sizzle - Friday 3 August


Photo: World Challenge Sausage Sizzle - Friday 3 August


Friday 10 August 

2019 Course Selections CLOSES

9F Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion


Tuesday 14 August

Year 10 Code of Conduct Session


Monday 20 August

9B Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion


Tuesday 21 August

9G Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion


Thursday 23 August

Year 10 History - Holocaust Museum

School Production


Friday 24 August

School Production


Saturday 25 August

School Production 


Monday 27August (27 to 29)

Peer Support Camp


Friday 7 September

9H Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion


Monday 10 September

9I Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion


Tuesday 11 September

9J Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion


Thursday 13 September

9K Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion

Year 9 & 10 Student Led Assembly


Friday 14 September

Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion


Monday 17 September

9E Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion


Tuesday 18 September

9N Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion

Year 9 Resilience Project


Friday 12 October

Year 10 Formal


Please also refer to the Middle School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.


Year 10 Formal

The 2018 Year 10 Formal will be held on Friday 12 October at Linley Estate, Kilsyth.


Time: 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Cost: $70

Payment Due By: Friday 14 September                               

The cost of $70 includes hire of the venue, a 3 course meal, soft drinks, DJ, decorations and event prizes. 


If your son/daughter wishes to attend the evening, payment and consent can be provided online through Compass (Parent Portal). 


No payments will be accepted after, Friday 14 September.


Full details of the evening are available on Compass for parents/guardians and students.


If you have any questions regarding the evening, please contact Liz Nevins on 9735 5644.


Year 9 Captains' Report

Term 3 is in full swing, everyone should have their subjects worked out by now.


Recently, there has been many activities happening around the school; Athletics Day, Information Night, 2019 Course Selections, EIS tryouts, World Challenge ‘Sausage Sizzle’ and LHS The Voice competition.


On Thursday 2 August, the whole school had Athletics Day, where everyone had the opportunity to 'dress to impress' in their house colours and show off their skills in their chosen events like; sprints, shot put, long jump, discus and many more. It was great to see so many Year 9's participating in this fun and exciting day. I'm sure the main highlight of the day was when the teachers had the relay race and we watched them run and compete for the best teacher title.

The overall 'House Winner'  was Tate;


1st: Tate with 3,152 points

2nd: Cummins with 2,427 points

3rd: Deakin with 2,415 points

4th: Everard with 1,516 points


On Wednesday and Friday of last week, students who wanted to further themselves in their chosen sport, could try out for EIS (Excellent In Sport).  EIS will be an elective for students who were successfully selected into Basketball, Football, Netball and Tennis.


In addition, on Wednesday and Friday last week, students participated in the beep test, 20m sprints and vertical jump. Congratulations to all students who were successful.


On Monday 30 July, the 2019 Course Selection Information Evening, was held to inform all students and their parents about subject selection for next year.  The 'Subject Selection' closes on Friday 10 August; so make sure your forms are signed and in so you can get all the subjects you want.


At lunchtime, on Friday 3 August, 'The World Challenge' students held a ‘Sausage Sizzle’ to help support people in 'Third World' countries. The sausages were pretty good!

Over the past few weeks in front of the PAC, the LHS Voice competition was held.  There were some talented students and some brave teachers performing.  Congratulations to all students who made it to the Grand Final.


Zac Hoiles and Sophie Mastaing

Year 10 Captains' Report

Last Monday 30 July, an 'Information Evening' was held to inform students and parents about the subject selection process and information about courses for 2019.    Please make sure all Year 10 students hand in their 2019 Subject Selections by Friday 10 August.


Last Thursday,  the 'Girls Basketball EIS Team' competed in the first stage of the 'Champions Camp Basketball Tournament'. The girls were successful advancing them to next stage and placing them in the TOP 8 TEAMS in Victoria.


The '2018 LHS Voice Grand Final' was held on Friday 3 August, at lunchtime.  Congratulations to Aly Hogeboom and Caitlin Huddleston who represented the Middle school in the GRAND FINAL.

Also last Friday (3 August), one of the 'World Challenge' groups held a SAUSAGE SIZZLE at lunchtime to raise money to support communities in Vietnam and Laos.

Tameka Fossey and Corey Waite 

Unapproved Absences

Parents and guardians are asked to please approve your child's absences on COMPASS. 


It is DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) policy that all student absences are accounted for.


If you have forgotten your Compass username and password, please contact Lauren Kelso in the Middle School Office.


Middle School Coordinators

Photo: LHS Athletics Carnival


Photo: LHS Athletics Carnival


Friday 10 August

Year 11 into 12 Course Selection for VCE and VCAL CLOSES


Monday 13 August

VCAL Community Project 


Friday 17 August

VCE Photography CCA Excursion


Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 August

School Production


Please also refer to the Senior School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.


Gratitude Board

The 'Gratitude Board' is back this semester with new coloured markers and a new prompt! Make sure you add to it, outside Room V5 with what you’re grateful for this term.

Mindful Mornings- VCE Points!

Mindful mornings are still happening every morning at Steamworks from 8:15-8:25 am.


Come down to Steamworks and enjoy a relaxing start to your morning.  VCE students will receive one point for every session they attend, so make sure that you put your name down when you drop in.


Course Selection for 2019

Students entering into Year 11 or 12 VCE or VCAL for 2019, need to submit their subject choices to the Senior School Office by Friday 10 August. These must to be signed by a parent or guardian.

Year 12 Captains' Report

Year 12 has been a busy year, but also one full of fun. A highlight of the end of terms have been the student vs staff sport. Heated competition and most of all fun was had by all and with a close result who could complain?


Furthermore, on a more academic note, the Year 12's have now completed Unit 3 of their VCE studies and move on to their final term. Students have shown what proper study and constructive in-class discussion can achieve with many students receiving tremendous scores and displaying substantial individual improvement. Keeping this up and remembering to take time out for fun, will be the key as we get to exam time.


This year has passed so quickly already. At the beginning of the year, we were lucky enough to spend the first 3 days of term at Deakin University where we got to experience a little bit of Uni life. We stayed in apartment like accommodation on campus and during the day, we attended lectures about study habits and exam prep. We also experienced an inspiring talk from “The Resilience Project”.


At the end of February we had the swimming carnival where we spent the day at Aquanation, which was a fun and competitive day of swimming and dressing up in some crazy costumes to represent our house colours, alongside the rest of the school. There were some amazing swims from students on the day.


Year 12 students have also enjoyed the social and nutritious breakfasts, that run every Friday morning from 8.00 am. Breakfast usually consists of fruit, toast and juice. This is a time where most of us get involved and look forward to, after a long and serious week. It’s a bit of fun and  a relaxing way to end each week.


As a year level, we have completed many SACs and sat a practice English exam to prepare us for the end of the year. Our preparation included some serious study with some possible late nights, but it was a real taste of what we will have to do at the end of the year.


This year is only going to get better and better with lots more exciting things to come.  With only being 4 weeks into Term 3, we have already had our annual Athletics carnival, where we spent the day at Knox Athletics track. Despite the wind, we saw lots of ribbons being handed out and some very creative costumes. Now we are all back studying hard in our final full term of high school.

Olivia Marceddo and Rocci Pitasi

 Year 12 Captains

Year 11 Captains' Report

This year has gone by so fast. Between exams, the GAT and extracurricular activities, we’ve barely had time to take a breath. 


Our Unit 1 exams took place in Week 9 of Term 2 and I hope we were all happy with our results. It was a struggle to get through them alive, but somehow, we have made it out the other side. 


To add to the pressure of exams, some of the Year 11’s had to sit the Units 3 &4 GAT in June. Some people weren’t stressing, while others were freaking out. It is a state-wide test that takes three hours and covers Maths, English and Science. It took a toll on a lot of the students, but we all had fun with the ‘GAT memes’ immediately after. 


Extracurricular activities that we have participated in so far this year include, the 'Swimming Carnival' and 'Athletics Day'.


The 'School Production' is also right around the corner and we’ve never been more excited! After much hard work and stress over the last couple of months, we’re proud to say that we are so close to finishing the show and we’re all super excited to present 'We Will Rock You' to the public on August 23, 24 and 25. The show’s plot takes inspiration from the song, Bohemian Rhapsody, taking characters names from the song (such as Galileo Figaro and Scaramouche), pitting the protagonists against the evil mega corporation, Global Soft. The heroes of our story, must find the last remaining musical instrument on the planet and revive 'Rock and Roll' so that future generations can be free to express themselves as individuals, through the power of rock!! The show features a long list of Queen songs and should be an absolute blast to come and watch, regardless of age or knowledge of the band. Hope to see you all there!!


Chloe Saunders and Benson Rowntree

 Year 11 Captains

Absences on COMPASS

Any absences from school must be parent/guardian approved.  You can do this through a signed note or you can approve your child’s absences via the Parent Approval Button on Compass. 


You can also use Compass to view your student’s past absences. 

VCE Coordinators


Blood Service


Before giving blood

Drink Up

In the 24 hours before donation, especially in warm weather, and have at least 3 good sized glasses of water/juice in the 3 hours prior to your visit.


Eat Up

Make sure you eat something in the 3 hours before donating.


Bring ID

Please bring at least form of photo identification.


Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Yarra Valley Grammar Community Photography Competition


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Youth Initiative Award 2018


Do you know of anyone in our community,  between 15 to 25 years of age who has made a positive voluntary contribution to our local community for the benefit of others? 


If so, please show your support and recognition by nominating them for this award.


Nominations close on Sunday 30 September, 2018.


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