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21 February 2020
Issue Two

Learning today ...  Leading tomorrow ...

Principal's Report Kevin Gleeson
Religious Education Peter Marinucci
Literacy News Nella Fimiani and Christine Walsh
Learning & Teaching Jess Sardo
Student Wellbeing
Mathematics Therese Reed
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Introducing Our 2020 School Captains
St Carlo's Sport
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Principal's Report
Kevin Gleeson

St Carlo’s is a Great School!

Dear Parents and Friends,


We have had a wonderful start to the school year. All classes are very settled and working so well and have quickly established their classroom routine. Many students have set and are working towards their personal learning goals for the term. I have been particularly impressed at how well the students have remembered and been following our school rules. We are so fortunate to have such excellent staff at St Carlo's. I am always impressed by their hard work, dedication and care. 

Our School Rules

Every member of our school community has a right to fully participate in a Catholic learning environment that is safe, supportive and inclusive. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We believe students learn best when they feel safe and happy in a caring, supportive and engaging environment. We foster positive, tolerant and respectful relationships. At Saint Carlo Borromeo School we:

  • work and play safely at all times

  • look out for each other and treat everyone with respect

  • are responsible and care for all property and equipment.

Ash Wednesday

Our opening of the school year mass will be held on Ash Wednesday, February 26 at 11:40 a.m. All parents and friends are invited to attend this special mass. 


Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. Lent is a reminder of the importance of sacrifice, prayer and looking after those in need. Lent helps us more deeply understand the Easter event that is at the centre of our Christian faith, and strengthens our commitment to living a life of love and mercy to which Christ calls us. We can use this time to consider how our actions are defining our relationship with God, with others and with ourselves. Lent is a time for renewing those relationships based on compassion, truth and justice.

Curriculum Overview

Last week you would have received a curriculum overview from your child’s teacher via the skoolbag app.  We feel it is important that you know what’s happening and exactly what your child is learning across the curriculum areas so that you can work with us in supporting their learning. Our wonderful teachers at St Carlo’s, do a fantastic job providing an engaging curriculum for our students.

Parent Teacher Conversation

Thank you for attending parent teacher conversations on Tuesday, the teachers really enjoyed meeting with you. These meetings provide the staff with important information about your children to ensure that we can best meet their needs. We have such a wonderfully supportive parent community and we appreciate the trust you place in us to make the best decisions in educating your child.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

It is an important and exciting time for our Year Three students as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation this term at The Church Of The Good Shepherd, at 7:00 p.m on Tuesday 24th March, 2020.


An important part of their preparation is our Family Night for all candidates and their parents. It will be an opportunity for you, as parents, to participate, together with your child, in their preparation. The date for the meeting is Thursday 27th February.  The session will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will be held in the Middle School Foyer. Attendance by at least one parent, together with their child, is a mandatory part of the preparation.

School Advisory Board

St Carlo’s Advisory Board has as its central purpose; supporting the Parish Priest, Principal and staff of the school in realising the vision of St Carlo’s Catholic Primary School.  The purpose of the board is to:

  • act as an advisory body to the parish priest and principal, on matters concerning education in the parish

  • act as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the parish primary school

  • provide a link between the parish priest, principal, teachers and parishioners in relation to the provision of Catholic education in the parish community

  • promote community development by fostering a strong interrelationship between parish and the parish primary school, Catholic secondary colleges and pre-schools.

The responsibilities of the board:

  • promote the Catholic ethos of the school

  • provide advice on the development and review of school policies

  • provide advice on other school matters when requested by the principal.

The Board will meet approximately once a term. Additional sub meetings may be called when required or when various projects are being undertaken.


This year we have four vacancies on our School Advisory Board.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the School Board, please email me and I will send you the application requirements. 

School Hours

There are a number of children arriving to school before 8:30 a.m. Classrooms open at 8.30 a.m. and this is when supervision by the school commences. Our before school care program is available for any parents who needs to drop their child at school prior to 8:30 a.m. Please do not drop your children off before 8:30 a.m. 

2021 Prep Enrolments

We have already had a considerable number of enrolment applications for Prep in 2021. I encourage families who have a child they wish to enrol for next year to submit an enrolment application ASAP. Existing families are guaranteed a place, but please remember to submit an enrolment form.

  • Please collect an enrolment form from the office or download it from the website.

  • Our school Open Day will take place on Wednesday March 11. Interested families please contact the office to book a tour

  • 2020 Enrolments close Friday March 20

When submitting your enrolment application, please provide copies of

  • Birth Certificate

  • Baptism Certificate

  • Immunisation certificate 

  • Copy of utility bill as proof of residence (new families only)

School Closure Day

On Tuesday March 10 we have our first school closure day where there will be no school for the students. This is the Tuesday after the day of the Labour Day public holiday, so students will have a four day break. 

Class Captains

Congratulations to our recently elected Class Captains:





Giuliana Mengato

No Vice Captain


Tiana Labombarda

due to Year 6


Lara Malvaso

School Leaders


Lucas Datavera

Emma Canteri


Katerina Tseros

Hannah Nisbet


Robert Montalto

Gemma Bravo


Olivia Favata

Anthony Garfi


Vian Alex

Jacob Cartwright


Sophia Grosso

Alessia Squatrito


Noah Sarkesyan

Chloe Montaltto


Matisse Merrett

Brandon Anjoul


Oliver Di Corrado

Phoenix Cotsis


Jesse Mineo

Olivia Van Heer


Toby Tuohey

Jake Marchio


Ruby Larizza

Logan Paladino

  • Our Year 6 School Leaders will be presented with their badges at our beginning of the school year mass at 11:40 a.m.   on Wednesday February 26
  • Class Captains will be presented with  their badges at assembly on Friday March 6.

P&F Fundraising for 2020

Our Parents and Friends do a wonderful job organising many events for our community, and also raise important funds to support our school. Thanks to the hard work of our P&F and the generous support of our parent community, last year we were able to install air conditioning in our hall and chapel area. This year I have asked our P&F to raise funds to support the installation of a permanent shade structure over the Senior Adventure Playground. You may be aware that the existing shade cloth structure has not been able to withstand the high winds, and required ongoing repairs. In November last year, the shade clothes were completely destroyed by high winds, which also resulted in the supporting poles bending, resulting in them being unsuitable for further use. We are working with engineers to design a permanent structure to provide shade and protection and that will also withstand the high winds we experience. I encourage all parents to continue to support the great work of our P&F and their fundraising endeavors.

Better Buddies Meet and Greet Picnic

We look forward to seeing all families of Prep and Year Six attend our annual picnic which will take place tonight from 6:15 - 7:30 p.m. BYO rug, chairs, food and drinks.

As always, if you have any feedback, queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, a member of our leadership team or myself at anytime.


We ask St Carlo to continue to bless our wonderful Parish and School Community. Have a great weekend!



Religious Education
Peter Marinucci

Our Lenten theme at St Carlos is:

‘Let today become the day you give up who you’ve been, for who you can become.’

 ‘Lent ~ the path to a change life.’


St. Carlo’s is a Catholic school. We learn how to love and welcome Jesus into our hearts. When we allow Jesus to enter our hearts, we not only receive Jesus but we also receive everybody that he loves.

The mission for our community that accompanies us in 2020 is to share the enthusiasm and love of Jesus so go ‘therefore and make disciples of all…in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’ Mt:28:19-20


Gathered Around the Same Table, A Place for All, Our Sacred Space  ~ Opening School Mass

At our Opening School Mass on 26th February, we will gather as a community around the same table to share in the celebrations of a new school year, and to begin the 2020 Lenten season with our Ash Wednesday Mass. It is at this mass that the Student Leadership Team of 2020 will be inducted.

This occasion gives us all a wonderful opportunity to encounter Jesus, share our prayers and ponder our hopes for the many months ahead.

Students are excited to be involved in hosting the Mass as well as receiving their leadership badge which will be blessed by Father Dishan. Congratulations to all our student leaders of 2020 as they begin their year of leadership and service to St. Carlo’s.


As part of our Catholic Identity we are drawn to discover God in the faces, words and lives of each other. We have been gifted with the wonderful opportunity through our faith and teachings at school to engage with life and to feel more deeply, to show courage and strength to make a difference. Let us work together in the year of hope, as faith- filled people to build a future full of grace.

Ash Wedneday

“Ashes are placed on the forehead with the words: "Remember Jesus."  The Lenten journey to Easter has begun.  During Lent we are invited to be reconciled with God and with one another.  Its traditional practices are listening to the word of God, prayer, fasting and sharing with those in need.” 

Ash Wednesday begins our journey during the Season of Lent finishing with the triumphant Resurrection of our Lord at Easter. Lent as we know, encourages us to take a good look at ourselves by using Jesus Christ as the mirror.  The Ashes remind us of humility. We know the three pillars of lent are prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  We know that Jesus himself has led by example. The Gospel on the 1st Sunday of Lent (1st March) tells us about the 40 days that Jesus fasted before starting his public ministry.  The 40 days that Jesus fasted are the pattern on which Lent is based.  During those 40 days Jesus was tempted by the devil.  Jesus resisted the temptations because throughout his life he was very close the God his Father. We know temptations are always around us and it amazing how we sometimes stumble. Nevertheless how wonderful it is to always pray, help the poor and get into some sort of spiritual exercise.

This is a great example for us all, to maintain and sustain our relationship with God our Father through prayer, penance and charity.

Our journey in life is not always smooth and easy. Sometimes we cannot find a way out of difficult situations. We are impatient with ourselves and others. We grumble and are irritable, many people experience far greater difficulties. Think about their difficult situations.

During the Lent, we are ask to pray. Through prayer we sign ourselves with faith. May God, the creator bless us. May God, the word heal us. May the Holy Spirit enlighten us and give us all we need.

We are also asked to support Project Compassion.  Project Compassion is organised by Caritas Australia, part of the Catholic Church.  All donations will assist worthy causes.


ASH WEDNESDAY –Gospel: Matthew 6:1-21

Today we stand on the threshold of Lent. What will this Lent mean for me?  Will I somewhat reluctantly ‘do a bit extra’ for Lent? Or will I take the opportunity to truly ‘repent’, to open myself up in a new way to the transforming love of God?

At the start of Lent, it is good to remind ourselves that growth in faith is not a matter of doing more, or trying harder. We cooperate in the process by transforming our hearts into ‘hearts of grace’.

We dispose ourselves to be open to God’s transforming love through the Sacraments and through the actions described in today’s Gospel:  almsgiving, prayer, fasting.  Almsgiving springs from a true perspective on money – to use it to care for my family and for others in need.  Prayer is giving God time, inviting Jesus to ‘make his home in me’.  Fasting helps me create a space where God can come more fully into my life. All these actions are a response

In the Gospel Jesus warns us that we humans have the ability to do good things for the wrong reasons.  If we take pride in our actions, then we can defeat the purpose for which we do them.


Year 3 students have begun preparation for their First Reconciliation. Reconciliation is the sacrament of Forgiveness, where we as Catholics offer a public sign to our faith community that we are sorry for the ways we have undermined our relationships with our friends, our parents, our teachers and even our relationship with the Church.

Family Workshops for Reconciliation will take place on Thursday 27th February, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Our presenter this year is Lucy Vasallo.

The Sacrament of First Reconciliation will be held at Church of the Good Shepherd Gladstone Park on Tuesday 24th March at 7:00 p.m.  First Reconciliation will be celebrated by ALL YEAR 3’s on this day.


Parish Sunday Mass

As part of our Catholic Identity students are invited along with their families to participate in a Sunday Parish Mass.  Throughout the year, each Year level will participate in the Celebration of the Eucharist alongside the parishioners. This is a wonderful opportunity for students, staff and their families to gather together in the congregation to hear the proclamation of the Word of God through readings and prayers of intercession.

Year 2 Family Parish Mass will be celebrated Sunday 15th March. All Welcome.

St. Carlo’s Chapel Mass begins at 9:30 a.m.

The School Choir will be singing at this mass. The choir will be led by Mrs Frances Milan.

Wednesday Morning Mass

The Year 5 Class Mass Wednesday 4th March. Mass begins at 11:40 a.m. St Carlo’s Chapel.

The Year 4 Class Mass Wednesday 11th March. Mass begins at 11:40 a.m. St Carlo’s Chapel.

The Year 3 Class Mass Wednesday 18th March. Mass begins at 11:40 a.m. St Carlo’s Chapel


Father Dishan spent time with the Year 2 after the class mass on Wednesday to talk about Lent and Ash Wednesday.


Kind Regards

Peter Marinucci

Religious Education Leader

Literacy News
Nella Fimiani and Christine Walsh

Literacy Parent Helpers

It was great to meet so many new parents during the week who have taken part in the training as classroom helpers. They will be able to assist the teachers and students during the Literacy program on any preferred day during the week.


Our final training sessions will take place next week- Thursday 27th February at 9.00 a.m. These parents will be ready to work in classrooms very soon, as the training is almost complete. Each parent will receive a certificate in recognition of their training. In addition, parents have signed a contract of confidentiality with guidelines about being a responsible volunteer in schools.  

We look forward to seeing you in the classrooms providing the teachers and students your support.

Excursion Helper Training

Thank you to all the parents who completed the training for excursions. Your valuable assistance on excursions will ensure our children have the best possible supervision. The final training session will take place on Thursday 27th February at 2:30 p.m.


PREP INFORMATION AFTERNOON- “How Can I Help My Child with Reading”

On Monday 24th February at 2.30 p.m., there will be a session for Prep parents to learn strategies on how they can help their child with learning to read.

We look forward to seeing many Prep parents.


Learning to read is a complex process but the most important educational skill that we need to learn. It builds on our oral language, the development of phonemes (sounds) and comprehension skills. There are six major components of an effective reading program and according to Deslea  Konza, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Arts, Edith Cowen University, Western Australia, the strategies developed from each of the components is vital for learning to read.


  1. Oral Language
    Oral language is the foundation for learning to read as it’s the first contact they have with language and how it is structured when immersed in talk from birth. Children who are surrounded and included in conversations have a huge advantage in developing vocabulary, the structures of language and tuning into the sounds of the English language. Oral language development is important for both reading and writing. In order for children to understand language in the printed form, they need to have developed a strong vocabulary and how words are used in context of our spoken language.
    Young children also benefit from learning nursery rhymes and having books read to them often. Responding to and having a talk about what they read helps to develop an understanding of the stories and characters. The more parents read to children the more they will learn to read even before they start school. They will understand how we open a book, turn the pages and read from left to right. Once the children begin school, they will be engaged in many opportunities to further develop their oral language skills, therefore, teachers are required to create highly stimulating language environments within the classroom.

During Discovery Time our children from Prep to Year 2 are highly engaged in developing their oral language skills through their interactions with adults and other students. They work through various play-based hands-on activity areas where they experience interest and project based learning. The learning environment is totally a springboard for oral language development. The provocations stimulate creative thinking, inspire curiosity and develop an increased vocabulary.



Thank you for your support

Nella Fimiani                                                                           Christine Walsh

Deputy Principal/Literacy Leader (Prep-2)             Literacy Leader (3-6)


Learning & Teaching
Jess Sardo

Year Four Market Stall

Last year the Year Fours held a Market Stall as part of their Inquiry. The students were so excited with the amount of money that they had raised, that they then decided they would like to buy toys for those children who were less fortunate than us, or those who just simply needed cheering up during the Christmas period. Students enjoyed online shopping and choosing toys that they believed children would enjoy. The week of Christmas saw some students and their families go to the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation and donate these toys. Toys were also donated to St Vincent De Paul to help those in need. This was a fantastic initiative by the Year Fours and the gift of giving was one that they will definitely remember. A very big thank you to all that visited our stall and purchased a hand made item. Thank you ! 



Coach Approach 

On Monday 17th February the Grade 5 students enjoyed a Student Development Day at school run by Coach Approach as a culminating experience for our Growing To Be Our Best Inquiry Unit. The format of the day involved the students rotating between 3 Stations:  • Teambuilding • Strive & Thrive • Empowering Dynamics. These activities were led by Olympic, Commonwealth, International & State Level Elite Athletes, and featured learning about the importance of perseverence, following your dreams, what makes a high performing team, self-control and the effects of bullying.  


On Monday we had a Coach Approach incursion focusing on never giving up and always striving to do your best. Three professional athletes came to talk to us. Pauline gave all the Grade 5S a lesson on how to react to bullying and taught us some taekwondo. Gerry was telling us about teamwork and collaboration. We did some activities where we really needed to work together to complete the task. Casey talked to everyone about her life as a soccer player and even when she had an injury she would try and think positively. Casey also talked to us about setting goals and aiming to achieve them. I learnt how to stand up to bullying, collaborate well with my classmates and always be the best I can.

Makayla Anjoul 5S



Year 3 Incursion - Simple Machines

On Monday the Year 3 Students participated in an incursion where they learnt about the 6 simple machines that are used, and often hidden, in more complex machines. They learnt lots of new terminology and were intrigued by the evolution of machines over time. They conducted experiments to measure force and learnt about the importance of conducting a fair test.

Student Reflections

Simply Old Machines Are EVERYWHERE!
Our 3I incursion was Amazing. We had to Investigate the objects. We learnt words like force, wedge and fulcrum, gears and cog!

In groups of fours and five we had to look at pliers and scissors. We had to look at what simple machines were included in the object.

By Tahlia camuglia 3I


Simply Old Machines
On the maddest science day ever 3I became detectives for the day and learnt lots of stuff like...

We learnt all about pulleys, axles, screws, speed and wheels! We had to measure and check weight  with a measuring tool to be proper scientists. It was so fun. Also the best part was when we learnt about fulcrum. A fulcrum is the middle of a seesaw that balances the lever. 3I were now mad scientists. I couldn't wait to learn more!

By Grace Walker


Simply Old Machines 

Today 3I were on a quest to find machines we don’t even realise are machines. For example, an axel and a wheel on a double sided whiteboard. Who knew?! Or a knife is a wedge. Sometimes we use things like sharpeners or laptops. They’re machines too! Just look. Now you try!
By Mia Abela 3I


The Six Science Machines

On Monday the 17th of February grade 3C had an incursion about simple machines. There were six different machines that Leigh told us about, they were: Screw, Wedge, Wheel and Axle, Pulley, Lever and Inclined plane. Simple Machines are made to make life easier for us!

By Ilaria Galanti & Angelina Basa

Simple Machines Everywhere
On Monday, 3L went on an amazing incursion! I learnt that there are 6 different simple machines, such as a screw, inclined plane, lever, wedge, wheel and axle and a pulley. Did you know lots of little machines make more complex machines? I learnt that a seesaw has a lever and an inclined plane in it. 

By Sebastian 3L

Simple Machines

On Monday the 13th, 3L went on a Incursion all about machines, the lady's name was Leigh. Did you know simple machines are all around you like screws, inclined planes, wheel and axle, wedge, lever, pulley. They are easy to use.

by Sienna P 3L

On Monday, all of the Year 3’s had an incursion about simple machines. We learnt all about simple machines. Did you know that a knife is a machine, a simple machine. Did you know that if you move something on wheels it makes your life easier. Also a screw is a machine. You can use simple machines to build complicated machines. Every wheel is a  machine, every single wheel has an axle. It is called a wheel and axle.

By Joey Raffoul 3L

Simple machines
On Monday the 17th Grade 3L went on an incursion to learn about simple machines. I learnt that there are 6 simple machines scientists discovered that are all around us and helps in are work. Did you know this simple machines are surrounding you right now!
by Luca Diamante 3L



Student Wellbeing


St Carlo Borromeo Primary School is actively involved in the Better Buddies Program, an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Through Better Buddies, students in their first and last year of primary school buddy up and learn and consolidate the values: of caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility.

The program ensures our school environment nurtures and supports students entering their first year of primary school and promotes a value based, friendly and caring environment.

Our priority is to ensure students feel safe, valued and connected to the school community while older children feel valued and respected.

The Year 6 students are paired with the prep students ensuring students’ sense of belonging and connection. They have many opportunities to come together  throughout the year with both learning and fun activities.

Our Buddies celebrated Better Buddies Day today with our big buddies presenting their little buddies with a ‘Friendship Bear’ as a symbol of their special bond concluding the day’s activities with a family picnic tonight to allow parents to meet.



Therese Reed

Maths In Action

In Grade 5, we are learning the importance of understanding the value of numbers up to tens of thousands. In this activity, students worked in groups to demonstrate the different ways the number 1231 could be made up with MAB Blocks. Each group was given different instructions as to which MAB blocks they could use.



Library News

Scholastic Book Fair Coming To St Carlo’s In Term 2

We are very excited to announce that our Library will be hosting a SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR in Term 2. Book Fairs bring the magic of books and reading to our school. Our students will have the opportunity to visit the Fair during library time and then make purchases when our Fair is open before/after school on selected days. In order to make the Book Fair a huge success, we require the help of many parents and friends to help set it up as well as run the stalls before and after school. More information will follow in the coming weeks but to register your interest, please contact me on:


Help Needed For Book Returns

We would appreciate help with BOOK RETURNS from Monday to Thursday. You would be required for half an hour from 9.00 – 9.30 a.m. You may help casually or on a regular basis. All training is provided. You will need to have a WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK.  New legislation under Child Safe Standard requires that all volunteers complete a Volunteers Application form and attend an induction at our school. Please email Vania if you are able to assist:

Toddler Story Time

Our Library provides a “Toddler Story Time’ session which takes place on THURSDAY MORNINGS at 9.00 a.m. The session runs for approx 20 minutes.  Please note that babies are also very welcome at our sessions. The children are able to choose a Library book to take home for the week but we would appreciate if you could provide a library bag for them. Please note that parents may wait in the Staff Room on a Thursday, after they have dropped off their older students, as the Library cannot be accessed before 9.00 a.m. due to early morning classes.


Library Lunchtime Opening

Here are photos of some of the children enjoying the Library at lunchtime!

Our Library is open at lunchtime every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a great opportunity for those children who would like a quiet space to read, draw, play games or just talk to their friends.



CONGRATULATIONS to Yr 4B for remembering to return Library books

Vania Lunardi and Maria Barca

 (Teacher Librarians)

Introducing Our
2020 School Captains

Jye Farrugia

Hi, my name is Jye and I am your new school captain. My hobbies are playing soccer and going fishing with my dad. My favourite subjects at school are Maths and Sport. I was inspired to apply for School Captain this year because I would like to support our school in anyway possible, as well as my friends. I am looking forward to having a fun year with you all. 


Diana Vanicore

Hi! My name is Diana Vanicore and I have been elected to be one of your School Captains for 2020. My favourite hobbies are reading novels and spending time with people like my family and friends. At school, my favourite subjects are Maths and Writing. I wanted to be a leader because I love helping people and I want to give back for all the help I got from when I was in prep and the other years. I am looking forward to being a good School Captain for 2020 and to make this year, the best year for all of us!


St Carlo's Sport

Swimming Trials

On Monday the 10th of February, a swimming trial was held for those students interested in being selected for the Woodlands Division Swimming Championships. 

What an early start we had! At 6.00 a.m. these wonderful students chose to brave the cold and their warm, cozy beds, to hop into the pool and trial for their spot in the Swimming Championships. 

Well done to Roache’, Amelia, Katerina  and Keira for their efforts in the swimming trial. 

A special mention to Roache’ and Keira  who have progressed onto the next stage and will enter the Woodlands Division Swimming Championships. We look forward to hearing about their results and wish them both the very best in their future competitions. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

Mrs Curcio 

Sports Leader 


Interschool Sport Scores

St Carlo vs Good Samaritan


Volleyball Boys

St Carlo (0) - (2) sets Good Samaritan  

Good Samaritan won


Volleyball Girls

St Carlo (2) - (0) sets Good Samaritan 

St Carlo won


Teeball Boys

St Carlo 20 - 8 Good Samaritan

St Carlo won  


Teeball Girls

St Carlo 23 - 17 Good Samaritan  

St Carlo won    


Basketball Boys

St Carlo 21 - 4 Good Samaritan

St Carlo won


Basketball Girls

St Carlo 60 - 2 Good Samaritan  

St Carlo won 


Cricket Boys

St Carlo 104 - 59 Good Samaritan   

St Carlo won   


Cricket Girls

St Carlo 94 - 52 Good Samaritan  

St Carlo won    

Parents and Friends News

Chocolate Fundraiser

By now everyone would have received their “Goody Box’ of chocolates.  The box contained 60 chocolate bars (Toblerone, Timeout, Cherry ripe, Boost and Crunchie) and are $1 each.  Just a reminder that money and/or any unsold chocolates need to be brought back in the labelled envelopes by Monday the 2nd of March.

If you would like any additional boxes, please see the office staff.

The family who sells the most amount of chocolates will receive a prize.

We would like to thank the volunteers (Nadine, Anita, Tania, Julie, Stacey and Pam) for helping to label the 410 envelopes and chocolate boxes and delivering them to all the classes.


Snow Cones and Canteen

We have had a massive response to our call out for helpers to volunteer their time to help with snow cones and canteen.  There is still room on the snow cone roster (outside the gym) if anyone is interested in helping out, please put your name down.  Josie will be in contact with whoever has called her to discuss the roster and availability.  We would like to thank everyone as we would not be able to run these without your help.



St Carlo’s Footy Tipping Online Competition 2020

The parents and friends association would like to invite you to participate in the annual school football tipping competition.

The competition is run over 23 rounds of football.  The cost is $25.00 PER ENTRY.

To enter you MUST have access to the internet and an EMAIL address.

Each week you will choose a team from each game to win by entering it online.

The prize money will depend on the number of participants. The prize pool will be divided into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, with a donation to our school.

If you or any of your friends or relatives are interested in participating, please keep a look out on Skoolbag for further information.


Technology Information

Parent Communication

Just a reminder that parent teacher communication is via email and not through Seesaw. If you need to contact your child's teacher, please do so via emailing them directly. You will find their email address on your child's curriculum overview on SkoolBag.




This year we are pleased to introduce an online ordering app for our canteen - QkR!


OSH Club News


Hello parents, friends and teachers,

Welcome back everyone! We hope you enjoyed your holidays. We have had a great start to the new school year! During the week we had the chance to participate in a lot of different activities such as Uno tournaments, creating our birthday display, Valentine’s day themed activities, sensory play and many more.



How to Enrol

Enrolment is easy and completely free. We don’t charge any annual registration fees.

  • Click onto the OSH Club website
  • Create an account and complete our online enrolment form.
  • Select the OSH Club service for your child’s school.
  • Enter all required information into the required fields.
  • Once enrolled, booking sessions through the Parent portal is simple!
  • An online enrolment form must be completed before your child can attend the service.


Please ensure that children are booked in Before school and After school care sessions to avoid a late booking fee and to ensure they have a spot for that session.

This Week At OSHClub



Before School Care 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

After School Care 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.



Penola Catholic College


Kolbe Catholic College


Ave Maria College


Yoga With Grace Tullamarine


Good Shepherd
Catholic Parish

Good Shepherd Catholic Parish 
Everyone is Welcome!

88 South Circular Rd, Gladstone Park VIC 3043

T. 9338 2840


Weekend Mass Times


  • 6.00 p. m. - Good Shepherd


  • 9.30 a.m. - St Carlo Borromeo
  • 11.00 a.m. - Good Shepherd
  • 5.30 p. m. - Good Shepherd

Weekday Mass Times

Monday to Saturday

  • 9.15 a.m. - Good Shepherd Church


  • 11.45 a.m. St Carlo Borromeo (During School Terms Only) 

Confession & Reconciliation


  • 9.45 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. Good Shepherd Church, Gladstone Park or by appointment
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