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18 December 2019
Issue Thirty-seven

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School Information


Wednesday 18 December

MPS House Sports:  Grades 3-6.

Students to wear house colours

*Last day for lunch orders


Thursday 19 December

Class Parties- 12.00pm

Casual clothes day with gold coin donation

Canteen counter sales only


Friday 20 December

Final day of term 4

Canteen closed for cleaning

Early dismissal - 1.30pm


Term 1

28 January - 27 March

28 & 29 January - Curriculum days




Thursday 30 January -  Grade 1 - Grade 6 students return to school

Monday 3 February - Prep students begin


**Please refer to Compass Calendar for other term dates and events


*8.55am - 10.40am

10.40am - 11.10am (Recess)

11.10am - 1.00pm

1.00pm-1:50pm (Lunch)

1.50pm - 3.30pm

*Please note that school begins at 8.55am.

Children who arrive after this time will need to come via the office and accompanied by a parent to collect a late pass from the Compass kiosk. 


***This is our new 2020 menu.

Our canteen is open Tuesday - Friday.

It is closed on Mondays.


Please see below for online ordering information. 



Our uniform shop is located near the office and is  open on Thursday mornings from 8.30am - 9.15am. 

The PSW shop in North Rd. Ormond is also open 6 days a week.

Online ordering with free delivery to the school is available.

If you prefer to have your order delivered to your home, please note that there is a fee of $8.65.



Please ensure all children's belongings are clearly labelled with their name (not just initials) and grade. Sometimes items are not returned to their rightful owner because they are not labelled correctly or clearly. If you find named belongings in your child's possession could you please return them to the school office.

Our lost property is stored in colored bins near Room 6. 


Term 1

28 January - 27 March

28 January & 29 January - Curriculum days

Thursday 30 January -  Grade 1 - Grade 6 students return to school

Monday 3 February - Prep students begin

Tuesday 14 April - Curriculum Day


Term 2 

14 April - 26 June

Term 3 

13 July - 18 September

Term 4 

5 October - 18 December



From The Principal


This is the final newsletter for 2019. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday with your family and friends. I would like to wish our year six students the very best as they leave MPS. As I said on Monday night night we wish every student continued happiness and success at their chosen secondary school and in all the adventures that their future will undoubtedly provide.

We also wish any students and their families moving to new schools in 2020 all the best. For many of our families, this is the end of a long association with the school, to them, we wish you well for the future and thank you for your support and involvement at MPS.


New school captains

Our special Monday assembly included a reflection about what it was like to be a school captain in 2019 from Captains Alycia Liew and Lochie Lopez and Vice Captains, Issy Mascaro and Andrew Meldrum. They then announced the new captains for 2020. We congratulate our new School Captains, Maleesha Dharmadasa and Otto Tame and Vice Captains, Annabel Gigliotti and Ben Gibbs. I would like to thank our 2019 Captains and all the student leaders for their wonderful efforts this year, especially meeting parents to help with Prep transition.


Monday morning assembly to farewell 2019 year 6 students.

Thanks to the parents who organized the food and disco for the night and decorated the hall. The students were extremely happy with their choice and the donuts were a big hit! Thanks to the Year 6 teachers who did a fantastic job of the presentations and to our two star MC’s Chester Webb and Adi Smit.



For the past eight years, we have also had an award, called the Higgins Medal. This is presented to a highly motivated student who consistently displays excellence in attitude, achievement and leadership. This award is from our Federal Member for Higgins, Kelly O ’Dwyer. This year we chose two students, Maya Wimalasundera and Jamie Katic. Congratulations to them both as they are very worthy winners!


Steve Dimopoulos, State Member for Oakleigh, presented the Oakleigh award to a student who has excelled as a community minded citizen.

Our well deserved recipient was Jules Missell.


Miss Nelson presented the School Sport Victoria Outstanding Achievement Medal, which recognises excellence in both the academic achievement and on the sporting field to Bianca Clarke. Congratulations!

This year we also introduced the following awards, to acknowledge excellence in our school:

ENGLISH AWARD  - Andrew Meldrum

ART AWARD – Briony Glover



JAPANESE AWARD – Anoushka Peck


On Tuesday reports were posted to Compass and parents should have received from their child/children an envelope with their teacher for 2020. As stated in previous newsletters, class teachers have looked at friendships, a balance of boys and girls and each child’s academic progress. There are lots of pieces of information and observations that are taken into consideration when placing the children and we ask once again that you support our decisions. Your support of your child will be enhanced by receiving news of their placement with enthusiasm and encouragement. We look forward to your support in this matter.



Tuesday and Wednesday the annual house sports add another enjoyable dimension to our end of year activities. The winning house was Red House.


On Thursday, all classes will hold an end of year party celebration.  Each child is asked to bring a small contribution to the party. Students may dress in casual clothes for the party, at a cost of a gold coin donation.  This year, the gold coin donation will go towards St Vinnies Bushfire Relief as chosen by the JSC.


As the last day is going to be over 40 degrees it will be a sweat day timetable and we will not be holding a final assembly but will say farewell over the speakers. Students will be inside for the day and will be dismissed at the earlier time of 1.30pm from their classrooms


I would like to thank all our staff, students and parents for their wonderful contributions during 2019.  Best wishes for a lovely Christmas and a happy healthy new year. 


School will resume for all students (except preps) on Thursday 30 January 2020.


Lynne Foster




From the moment children start school, families are introduced to a whole new social network.

Students and their families get to know each other through play dates which as the years continue can sometimes end up in camping trips and holidays together.

Parents also get to know each other through the communications from the class reps who invited them to school functions and events where parent helpers are required. Over the years parents help out with working bees, class reading, discos and other events organised by the Social and Fundraising group of the school council and let’s not forget the carnival.

When families have 2,3 and 4 siblings, their life at the school extends over decades.  But whether you’ve been at Murrumbeena for 2 years or 20, we would like to take this moment to acknowledge the families who have been such an integral part and who are now leaving as their last child moves onto high school.


We have brand new books with a name plate inside the book that reads ‘this book has been kindly donated to MPS by the ??? family.’

These lovely year 6's accepted the books on the 2019 departing family's behalf.


Chellee Plumb

What's Happening


Please note that Thursday 19 December will be counter sales only and on Friday 20 December the canteen will be closed for cleaning.



Students will be bringing home their art smocks this week.


Your 2020 child's art smock needs to fit and be in reasonable condition.  Will it keep their clothes clean when painting or using other materials which can mark clothing?


Could you please check and perhaps wash the art smock and make sure it is named clearly for use in 2020.

Physical Education & Sport



Junior School Council

2019 REPORT 

Throughout Junior School Council this year, our team has been taking many different types of actions to change and making different improvements to our school but also to always make sure that our fellow classmates have a voice in what we do. 

Within J.S.C., we have been searching for different ways to improve the school. In Term 2, we looked at ways to improve the behaviour management system, the ‘Traffic Light System’, by adding a fourth traffic light to give students another warning before the red traffic light. This allowed teachers to give students an additional verbal warning prior to moving their name to the ‘orange’ traffic light. This change was received incredibly positively by all staff and students. We loved how eager the teachers at M.P.S. were to integrate this suggestion into every classroom across the school!

In Terms 2 and 3, Mrs. Foster informed us that we would be remodelling our Junior Playground area (near the Swimsafe Pool). We have been looking at different playground ideas to add to our playground and this project is being taken into place throughout next year for the new playground. Through discussing architecture ideas, we looked at the future, which included more working places, classrooms and also adjusting other parts of the school! 

We made some final decisions about the design and features we wanted integrated into our playground, which included accommodating special needs and physically impaired students to ensure that all students are included and can play safely and happily.

In Term 3, we had visits from members of the government and other local school principals, asking us about our school and what we do as Junior School Council members to improve the school. We also discussed improvements to the Junior School Council program itself, including more representatives and to make sure that all students had more of a say in what we do! Throughout this time, we added ‘Junior’ Junior Council Representatives. This meant that we welcomed two more representatives per class in each and every Grade 1 and Grade 2 class. We were thrilled with this change, as the younger students brought new ideas, views and a new sense of excitement to our J.S.C. team.

Whilst making decisions related to our school carnival, including adjusting the carnival motto, one of our amazing Junior School Council representatives, Evie (year three J.S.C rep) came up with a fabulous idea for our carnival motto to be “kids just want to have fun.” We also came up with an idea with the help of the carnival committee, for the theme to be ‘Around the World’ and this theme and motto were turned into massive billboards which are within and without the zone of Murrumbeena. It was a huge success throughout our carnival. We are very proud that our ideas helped to shape the wonderful carnival that we had this year, and we acknowledge the parent council’s contributions to this, as the carnival took a lot of time, effort and hard work from everyone involved!

This year, the J.S.C. suggested (quite early in the year), that we wanted to have more positive behaviour systems, rewarding students for doing good around our school and in the community. We suggested making the house point system more prevalent in the school and also have been looking at stickers ideas and how we can reward student who are representing our four school values which are respect, resilience, responsibility and relationships (the stickers also translate into specific amounts of house points). The J.S.C team have finalised the winner of the stickers and have created coloured houses that will represent the stickers. This reward system will hopefully start next year, which is extremely exciting for all students! 

We also discussed all of the positive behaviour systems that teachers have in place, and made a list of suggestions to guide teachers to find a consistent and useful system that works for their class.

In regards to our school canteen, we have been looking at healthier solutions for our canteen menu and have already surveyed our classes to look at their views about the canteen menu. We have also been looking at different ways in which we can make our canteen more sustainably friendly, and have achieved this by adding reusable cups and spoons in our canteen. Another idea that was brought up by a J.S.C member was trying out a Mother’s Day breakfast next year and trialing the idea due to the reason that many mothers also would love to have a Mother’s Day breakfast instead of a stall! As a Junior School Council team, we are looking at different ways to put all of these ideas into action in the near future.


Overall, our Junior School Council team have been taking amazing actions to accomplish different goals within our school, but to also look at issues around the school and different ways to fix these problems! All of the Junior School Council team are extremely grateful for being able to be part of this fabulous and precious leadership experience and can not wait to see what is put in place for the 2020 Junior School Council team.

We would also love to give a massive thank you to Miss Callanan and Mrs Bongers for helping us run Junior School Council, as well as Miss Vesikko and Miss French. Without them we could have not done it! 


Written on behalf of the The Junior School Council Team (Maleesha, Britt and Hayley - J.S.C Reps from Year 5 2019).


A note from Miss Callanan and Mrs Bongers:


We are so stoked with all the incredible progress the Junior School Council has made this year.

We found that all students who participated, from Grade 1 to Grade 6, were incredibly crucial in the discussion and decision making process and we are absolutely thrilled to see the number of capable and wonderful leaders in our school. Meetings ran fortnightly, sometimes more often than that, for at least 30 minutes at lunch times, and students attended them conscientiously, contributing amazing ideas and bringing the notes from discussions they’d had with their class, based on our J.S.C. focus.

A massive “thank you” to all Junior School Council representatives this year; we are so proud of your hard work and thank you for your incredibly dedication to Murrumbeena Primary School.


We are extremely excited to continue developing J.S.C. in 2020, and look forward to all the new and exciting ideas that the new school year will bring!









Dear School Community,


Thank you all for a fantastic year from the SAKG team. We had a very busy and abundant year. Most recently, we enjoyed our successful Open Day and a very special visit from the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, of which they were very impressed with the children and the program here at MPS.

We farewell the grade 4 children exiting the program; it has been an absolute pleasure to teach them over the past two years. Looking forward to next year, we welcome the incoming grade 3 families.


The program relies on volunteers to successfully and safely run the classes. No experience is necessary and friends and family are welcome.

We will be holding an information session on Thursday the 6th of February  from 3:00pm - 3:25pm to explain what is required from volunteers for both kitchen and garden classes.


We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


All the best!


Angel & Jac

SAKG Kitchen & Garden Specialists

Food For Families 2019 Appeal


Thank you very much to all of the wonderful people who have helped fill over 20 boxes of generous donations of non-perishable food and toiletry items for our Food For Families Appeal.

This will be greatly appreciated by many Victoria families around our state who are in need of a helping hand this Christmas.


Merry Christmas Everyone


Amanda Daemen

Advertisements & Community Notices  







Out of School Hours Care



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