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14 February 2018
2018 Issue 1
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Principal's Message

Welcome to our first newsletter of the 2018 school year. It is great to be back at school!!


I would like to welcome all our new families to the College as well as welcome back our existing families. I would also like to acknowledge and welcome our new staff: Mrs Chester working in the Prep-Year 2 teaching team; Mrs Alley, our new Agriculture and Science teacher; Mrs Williams, who is our Trades Skills Centre Coordinator; and Mrs Underhill to her new role in the Library.


As usual there is much to be thankful for as we begin the school year, and many opportunities for us to engage as a community together. In particular I would like to make you aware of two great events in March. Firstly, we have our first after school Community Market on Monday 5 March. These markets involve stalls run by the student body, as well as a few stalls run by parents and/or community members. In addition to this, on Friday 23 March we’ll have our biennial Carnival, which is simply a lovely community evening of fun, rides, stalls and events. 


For the parents reading this newsletter, please remember that you do not have to wait until the Parent-Teacher Conferences in March to communicate with a member of the College staff. You are most welcome to email/call your child’s teacher/s to touch base and let them know of anything that you believe would assist as we partner with you in the education of your children, or just to see how your child is settling into the year.


As a school, Bayside Christian College needs to maintain policies to assess and verify the suitability of volunteers who can work with children. As a College, we believe a helpful process for us in providing an environment where child safety is paramount is to have all volunteers undertake a Working with Children Check (WWCC). Our ideal position is to have all parents who have the opportunity to be involved in volunteering in the life of the College to complete a WWCC as soon as is practicable and then inform the office that you have a WWCC. This will ensure that you are able to volunteer at the College.


Please also consider regularly praying for us at the College.




Christopher Prior



Pray for Bayside

Please pray for our new students and their families as they continue to settle into life at Bayside.


Pray in thanks for the Secondary camps last week.


Pray for the upcoming Information Nights, that parents would have the opportunity to connect with their children’s teachers.


Pray for the dedicated team of volunteers organising the College Carnival.

From the Deputy's Desk

A New Year has begun

The school year has begun and is already in full swing. Last week, the Primary students had their House Swimming Carnival, and Secondary students were off on camps, experiencing challenges and building friendships with their peers. This week, the Secondary students will also have their House Swimming Carnival.


These special events in the life of the College are just different ways that students can embrace fun and learning opportunities as well as try new things, build resilience, and contribute to the school community by having a go and doing their best for their teams, as well as cheering and supporting others.


I would also like to warmly welcome all new families to the College. I pray your children have settled into their new classes and made some friendships that make each day more worthwhile.


This semester, the College is focussing on Purpose #2: 'Nurturing in students the development of a Biblical understanding of the world and of life'.


As we teach every day from a Biblical perspective, we endeavour to train students to analyse information, perceptions and understandings of life, and to challenge thinking in line with a Biblical understanding of the world. We look forward to partnering with you this year in this journey.


Carpark Reminders

Please be reminded the carpark is a shared space, and is often crowded in the afternoons at pick-up time. In order to ease congestion and keep traffic moving, please adhere to the following:

  • Please follow the arrows, park only in the marked bays with the vehicle’s nose facing in, or collect from the drop off zone.

  • When you enter the gate, ONLY go straight ahead. Please do not turn right to park in the BUS ONLY zone or to drive through the carparks at the end of the pedestrian island.

  • Students may only be collected from in front of G Block or A Block. No students are permitted to wait on the pedestrian islands. These areas are checked regularly and students will be sent back to the correct waiting zones.

  • If you use the staff carpark as a turn-around area to come to the drop-off zone, please do not exit against the arrows. Other vehicles are waiting to enter.

  • Vehicles should not be left unattended in the drop-off zones. Please continue to move as far forward as possible to allow more vehicles to collect their passengers.

  • When you park in a bay, please only use the crossings to cross the carpark. Model correct procedures to your children.

We are continually mindful of student safety as our main priority during morning drop-off and afternoon collection. We appreciate your support and patience, particularly during the busy afternoon time.


Parent Conferences

Our Primary Parent-Teacher Conferences and Secondary Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences will take place on 14 and 15 March. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up and share our partnership to discuss the progress and plans for best supporting your children's education, both from school and from home. Information will be sent out in the next few weeks regarding how to use our online booking system, PTO, to make a time to meet with your children's teachers.


Please remember that Wednesday 14 March appointments start after school at 3:45pm, and Thursday 15 March classes finish at 1:00pm for appointments to start at 1:45pm. Buses will depart the College by 1:25pm for an early bus run this day. Camp Australia will provide care for those already registered with the program.


Building Resilience

Two important Australian studies released recently support what teachers and mental health experts have been saying for some time: that exposing kids to safe challenges in childhood promotes resilience and better mental health in later life.


The results of a study into children’s wellbeing by mental health organisation beyondblue found young people who were able to talk about their emotions and who were exposed to failure and loss at a young age are better equipped to deal with a variety of challenges as they grow.

Parenting expert Michael Grose recommends five strategies:

  1. Encourage kids to spend more time with other children
  2. Help children be good losers and gracious winners
  3. Encourage kids to talk about emotions and feelings
  4. Model calm and rational thinking
  5. Encourage children to become independent problem solvers.

Stepping back and allowing children and teenagers to experience many of life’s challenges, whether social, academic or physical, can be a difficult thing to do for well-meaning adults. However, part of growing up means that children and young people need to develop the skills and aptitude they will need to manage a range of challenging situations well after they have left the safe confines of school and family.


Read the full article here: 

Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

It is so wonderful to see all of the Primary students and families back at school and settling in for what we hope is a year filled with much learning and joy as we partner with parents in helping them learn about Jesus and God’s plan for us all.


The students are very excited to play in the new huge sandpit and it is now a most popular playtime activity with some elaborate engineering designs being developed! All of the classes are establishing their rules and routines so that all the students understand the clear expectations for organisation and behaviour, which influence learning success.  


The Primary Swimming Carnival, held on Tuesday 6 February, was a great time of sporting fun, and there was much house spirit and encouragement on display, with the wearing of colours and the waving of the large banners for the houses ‘Overcomers’, ‘Believers’ and 'Conquerors’. Congratulations to the Believers (Green), the overall winning team on the day. The swimming trophy was presented to the Believers House Captains at this week's Primary assembly. The support of the parents, both as helpers and as spectators at the event, was really valued.


Our newest students, the Preps, are coming four days each week in February, and have now visited the specialist classes and attended some of the primary assemblies. It has been lovely to see older students caring for these new students.  


A reminder that the Primary Information Night is being held this Thursday 15 February in the G Block Gym from 7:00-8:30pm. This evening is relevant for every year level at Primary School, and there will be information conveyed to help your child/ren. The initial part of the evening will be a formal presentation by a large number of Primary staff, followed by a time of interaction where you will be able to speak to both class and specialist teachers over supper.


On Tuesday 20 February, there will be a session for all new Classroom Helpers from 9:00-9:30am in room F1.  It is important that all volunteers understand the Child Safety Code of Conduct before they start helping in the classroom.

Our Year 6 Student Leaders have been very busy, even though it is only Week 3, as they learn about how they can develop their skills to fulfil and carry out the responsibilities they have been given.


Advance Note: Grandparents’ Day from 9:15-11:30am on Tuesday 27 February. Please start to plan for the visit of grandparents/family friends on that day…and there will be scones!


Please pray for all the students, families and teachers, so that in all that we do we can reflect God’s great love for us.


May God bless you,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Thank you from the ELC

We just wanted to say a big thank you to the incredible team that transformed our ELC backyard. The children of the ELC are enjoying their new area very much!


Primary Swimming Carnival

On 6 February, we had this year’s Primary Swimming Carnival. The weather was simply perfect! We all had lots of fun competing for our ‘Houses’ and using our teamwork skills. We would like to share some details of the day.

In the morning, we all got on the buses and drove to Pines Forest Aquatic Centre. When we arrived, everyone was blasting with excitement to start racing and to have a spectacular time as a Primary School. We all got into our bathers and applied sunscreen, then Mr Klan introduced what we were doing.   


There were multiple events such as freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, noodle race and many more. The first race was freestyle and the Year 3s were first, then the Year 4s. They all did an amazing job swimming and winning house points for their team! Then it was time for the Year 5s and 6s! Lots of students did a great job competing, and they all looked tired, so well done everyone! Then it was backstroke, breaststroke and some other novelty races.


The Year 1s and 2s swam together in the smaller pool and played a series of water-based games and swimming activities. After all the races, it was time for the slide to open! It was so much fun and everyone looked like they enjoyed it a lot!   


We thank all the parents who volunteered their time and helped run the Swimming Carnival, which included taking the scores, helping the Years 1/2 students in their events, marshalling students to their next event, as well as having a lot of fun encouraging everyone.


We all enjoyed it so much and had loads of fun! Thank you!


Marcus Aucamp & Alice Gaskell

Primary School Captains

Across the College 

From the Head of Secondary

We were privileged to be able to spend some time with our Years 11 and 12 students and parents last night at their Information Evening. As senior school brings with it a whole new realm of challenges to our students, we considered it pertinent to focus on resilience and how it is a gift that both parents and teachers can work together with the Lord in helping to develop it in our students. I have decided to communicate the essence of this important topic of resilience with you in this newsletter.


As we all, know life often throws curve balls at us in all shapes and forms. How do we deal with these when this happens? Do we fall in a heap, burst into tears or do we choose to have a resilient mindset? Are we able to effectively face, overcome and allow Jesus to transform us through the adversity,  the challenge or the circumstance?


The key to us being strengthened and becoming more resilient is through mediating on the promises of God daily and integrating these promises into the core of our beings. It is then that we grow strong and become like trees planted by the river.

There are three kinds of default mindsets that we tend to operate out of: the anxious one (fight or flight one), the avoidant one (procrastination, denial or pretending it does not exist) and the resilient one. Each one of us has been genetically programmed for the fulcrum of our resilience to be at a set point.


Ten important ways to build resilience

(American Psychological Society)


1. Maintain good relationships, with close family members, friends and others.


Biblical wisdom

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love. 

1 Corinthians 13:13


Explanation in terms of the tree analogy

Like a tree thrives on water and sun, so we thrive in an environment of love.


2. Avoid seeing crises or stressful events as unbearable problems.


Biblical wisdom

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28


Explanation in terms of the tree analogy

As a tree's roots grow deeper through drought, we too become stronger if we allow ourselves to learn and grow in the Lord through difficult times.


3. Accept circumstances that cannot be changed.


Biblical wisdom

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 

1 Thessalonians 5:18


Explanation in terms of the tree analogy

All circumstances that we bring to God can be used by Him to grow us into His likeness.


4. Develop realistic goals and move towards them.


Biblical wisdom

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18


Explanation in terms of the tree analogy

We have to have something meaningful to live for. The birds and the bees rely on trees and plants for protection, a nesting place and sustenance. We need to be like these trees offering ourselves selflessly to helping others.


5.Take decisive actions in adverse circumstances.


Biblical wisdom

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Philippians 4:6


Explanation in terms of the tree analogy

In any adverse situation we need just to turn our eyes towards Jesus and ask Him for His help, strength and guidance. We need to sink our roots like the tree does into the soil of God’s provision


6. Look for opportunities for self discovery after experiencing hardship.


Biblical wisdom

And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. 2 Corinthians 3:18


Explanation in terms of the tree analogy

The tree grows stronger through drought and being buffeted about, so we too will become stronger and better people when we self reflect and spend time asking God how we can learn and grow through life's challenges .


7. Develop self confidence.


Biblical wisdom

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


Explanation in terms of the tree analogy

As a mature oak tree stands firm and strong, so we too with Christ’s strength can become all that we were created to be.


8. Keep a long-term perspective and consider the stressful event in a broader context.


Biblical wisdom

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2


Explanation in terms of the tree analogy

We need to look at each problem that we face in terms of how it can prepare us in the bigger picture of developing the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, humility and self-control). A tree in its maturity bears fruit.


9. Maintain a hopeful outlook, expecting good things and visualising what is wished.


Biblical wisdom

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28


Explanation in terms of the tree analogy

God loves us and wants the best for us. Nothing that ever happens in our lives is without purpose. Everything can be redeemed and used for our growth if we allow God to come into the situation.


10. Take care of your mind and body, exercising regularly, pay attention to your own needs and feelings and engage in relaxing activities that you enjoy. Learn from the past, maintain flexibility and balance in life.


Biblical wisdom

Then he said to them, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath". Mark 2:27


Explanation in terms of the tree analogy

A tree stands tall and reaches its branches towards the heavens. So we too need to do this.

Fulcrum of Resilience

This is not to say that it is always fixed at this point but rather that it can move either up or down based on positive input (protective factors), an example being  the love, care and support of empowering parents or teacher,s or alternatively in a negative direction through lack of nurturing and empowerment. Research has shown that there are five key competencies present in resilient young people:

  1. Social and Emotional Competency (being able to recognise, interpret and respond appropriately to situations).
  2. Islands of Competency (areas where the person can exercise their gifts, talents or abilities and achieve small successes).
  3. Presence of a charismatic adult (a supportive, nurturing and empowering person).
  4. Positive self talk (being able to regulate one's behaviour through positive self talk that raises the level of social, moral and spiritual wellbeing).


The American Psychological Society has recognised that there are ten important ways that we can help our children to develop and build resilience. Linking this back to the Bible, it is quite evident that each of these suggestions can be traced back to the wisdom that already exists in the Word of God.


We hope that this provides a catalyst for thought and discussion with your child.




Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary


Year 7 Camp - Lyrebird Park

Last week, all the Year 7 students got the opportunity to enjoy camp at Lyrebird Park. Although the first two days were extremely hot, we cooled down with a water fight and swim in the creek (where some brave people ate raw freshwater mussels). We had the opportunity to meet, get to know each other more, explore our strengths and the way God has made us unique, and develop our leadership skills.

The highlight for many Year 7s was the rock climbing and flying fox, whilst some of the girls enjoyed a dance party after the movie night a little bit too much! Thanks to our teachers Mr Lancaster, Mrs Alley, Miss Newton and Mr Williamson for taking us, and to the four parents who came on camp as well, Mrs Ellam, Mr Gabon, Mrs Lomulder and Mr Kruiskamp. Everyone had an enjoyable time together.  


Mr Williamson & selected Year 7 students

Year 8 Camp - Wilsons Prom

The Year 8 Wilsons Prom camp this year was absolutely amazing - camping, hiking, swimming and lot and lots of fun!

Year 9 Camp - The Summit

Our Year 9 students had an awesome camp at 'The Summit' last week. They had to persevere through a range of incredibly difficult physical and mental challenges and did a brilliant job. We were all scared at some stage during the camp and learnt keys to breaking through difficult circumstances to achieve things we didn't think possible.


We also related these challenges back to faith in Jesus Christ and had the opportunity to encourage and support each other during evening debriefing sessions. The group also started their Veta Neo Year 9 Bible projects during camp.

Year 10 Camp - Bayplay Blairgowrie

The Year 10 Camp to Bayplay in Blairgowrie was most certainly one that will not be forgotten. The camp was set in a very natural ocean environment close to the beach. The theme of the camp was unity, and students contributed towards the devotions around this topic. The activities revolved around the ocean - sea kayaking, snorkelling, life saving and team games. These were enjoyed by all along with the exploration of the rock pools at Bridge Water Bay. The relaxed and natural environment lent itself to us being able to have most of our meals outside on the lovely green grass. Many of the students were able to exercise their gifts and talents at our talent show and we very much appreciated our Japanese exchange students volunteering to participate, where we got to see karate at its best and experience them singing their Japanese school anthem.

Our new students, Zac and Monica, as well as the Japanese students, were made to feel loved and embraced by all. Our last session at the camp was one where students and teachers alike affirmed each other in terms of the characteristics that we admired in each other and how these contributed to the wellbeing of the group as a whole.


On our way home we visited the Seawind Gardens and the Arthurs Seat Eagle, where our students were carried in cable cars from the summit of Arthurs Seat to the base station in Dromana. We passed over the beautiful State Park and took in the glory of God’s creation.


The objective of the camp was achieved and the students returned home as an invigorated, motivated and unified group of students.


A big thank you goes to our College Chaplain, Kathy Scott, for organising this memorable, meaningful and exciting camp for our Year 10 students.

Celebrating hard work

Year 7 student Charlie Stamp had another great result in his latest scooter competition on 11 February. He finished second and will now be competing in the State Titles in March.


The Bayside community is super proud of you Charlie. Keep training hard and having fun!



Students in Years 7- 9 enter the Chromebook program under a College lease arrangement. The Chromebook provides access to the Google suite, where students can store all of their work, access class instructions and resources through Google Classroom, submit work through either Classroom or our learning management system, Edumate. They can also access online textbooks and resources from their booklist.


Years 10-12 students have the option of bringing in their own device (BYOD) to be connected with the school network. If you are considering this as an option for the future, please have a look at the school website (Parents > BYOD > Approved devices) to find out more.


Joel Kong

eLearning Manager

Careers Update

A reminder that there is a wealth of careers-related information and resources on the Bayside Careers Website, including information about VCE, VCAL, VET and SBATs - for those who find all the acronyms somewhat confusing! Check out


This year, it is easier than ever to book a careers appointment with the Careers & VET Co-ordinator, Ms Claire Dawson - just follow this link to use her new booking system.

ADF Careers

Anyone interested in a career with the Australian Defence Force is encouraged to attend the ADF Careers Expo on the weekend of 24 & 25 February at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.  Entry is free. Contact Ms Dawson for more information or check out the Facebook event page.

Year 10 Work Experience

Our new Year 10 students are embarking on their Work Experience journey. This is always a highlight for them and provides a valuable taste of the world of work. If you might be able to take a student in your own workplace please let Ms Dawson know soon ([email protected]). Work experience will run between 25 and 29 June this year. Forms are due back no later than Friday 1 June

WEP High School Exchange

At Monday morning's assembly, we had a speaker from WEP High School Exchange tell us all about their amazing high school exchange program, which one of our students, Brodie McManamny, participated in last year. What a great opportunity!


Bayside Raiders

Dear Bayside families,

As we are beginning a new year, we are also preparing for a new season of domestic basketball, beginning in the very first week of Term 2. Registrations will open soon. We are proud to say that we currently have 24 teams of all ages, covering Prep to Year 12. With 190 active players, that is nearly a third of our Bayside family! If your child is currently playing and you know they will continue, you don't need to do ANYTHING! We will roll them over into the new season for you. If you are a new family or if your child has not played before but would like to now, please get in touch with myself either via my mobile, 0400172188 or my College email, [email protected] and I will help you find the right team or give you information on programs offered for our very little basketball enthusiasts. Have a great term and God bless! 


Ulli Austermann

Bayside Raiders Secretary

Years 11/12 Happenings

Welcome back!  It has been wonderful to see all of our students in Years 11-12 settle so well and so quickly into the new school year.


This year, we embark on a journey of learning and growing together. Our students are being reminded to consider how they extend to others the love that they have been shown by God, and how they can support and serve each other and the wider community.


During camp, students were encouraged to challenge themselves and to try new things. Our focus was on understanding how much God loves us, and how we can extend this love to others, encourage others and journey together through life.


As we begin our subjects, students in Years 11-12 are taught through a biblical understanding of the world. Students are encouraged to consider every subject through a Creation, Fall and Redemption framework - this means thinking about what the original intention was for what they are studying, what has gone wrong, and how they can be a part of bringing about restoration. This encourages students to consider their role in society, and to bring about positive and creative solutions to the problems that exist. Students are prompted to think, to question, to challenge and to problem solve as they learn to consider God’s intention for every area of life.


As part of this, students will be joining together most Monday mornings to engage in a range of community service experiences. Students are in the process of thinking and devising ideas to use their gifts and talents to serve others. Groups will be forming over the next few weeks, including groups such as buddies for younger students, cooking for the underprivileged, sports groups, music groups, community garden, choir and more. If parents have a special talent they would like to connect with, please let us know.


The entire Years 11-12 team is looking forward to walking alongside our students as they learn and discover all that God has planned for them this year.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Year 11/12 Co-ordinator



Wednesday afternoons are reserved for Plus Club (students wanting extra help or study time after school) as well as for SAC re-sits.


Community Market - Monday 5 March

Alexandra Resort Camp - Student Reflections

“As part of the group of Year 11-12s spending three days down at Alexandra for our start of year camp, I really enjoyed the friendships and connections I made. Through all the activities I was able to see people conquer their fears and bond with them in support. It was really great to spend this time with people without the usual pressures of the school environment. It was also really great to hear insights from the teachers and to spend time in reflection with God. Being able to spend the start of the year in such a positive space of bonding and encouragement has been amazing.”

“Year 11-12 camp was a great experience to not only get to know each other, but to encourage and watch people thrive in different situations. Even though it was so hot, it was so nice to be encouraged and to encourage others, and to be pushed “out” of that comfort zone - and let’s not forget that talent show, which was a highlight for many.”


“Despite the heat this camp couldn’t have gone better. Everyone got to know each other better and in ways that we might not get to see very often. It was awesome for the Year 11 and 12s to interact more as we are all spending our last years together.”

“I loved this year’s camp as we were put in an environment with different people over the three days. It was exciting to see the different ways people handled different situations. My favourite highlight was undoubtedly the high ropes as it was a thrilling experience to not only complete the course but also to see others overcome their fears and see their accomplishments.”


“One of the highlights of camp was the Bayside’s Got Talent show. It made us laugh the whole time and people displayed their God-given gifts. My highlight of camp was how encouraging everyone was when attempting the high ropes and the giant swing. I enjoyed our time of relaxing and thinking about our lives in relation to God and each other.”

“My highlight of camp was getting to know people that I wouldn’t have really had a chance to speak to at school.”


“My highlight was the general integration between year levels and the friendships that evolved with it.”


“Bayside’s Got Talent was a highlight as we were able to laugh together and see a lot of people step out of their shells. Seeing each other out of the classroom enabled us all to become closer and have something to look back on throughout the year. From the teachers’ act, to singing and Mr Matthews dancing, it was a fantastic event and something we as Year 12s will miss next year.”


“Camp was a very challenging experience for many, but a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all. From high ropes to the giant swing, to another ‘Bayside’s Got Talent’, camp was filled to the brim with excitement, adventure and, most of all, fun. This camp saw friendships grow in a new environment, and saw everybody become closer as friends and companions in Christ, and saw many people grow and overcome their deepest fears. Despite the intense heat, camp was nothing short of an adventure, and made this camp one of the best we’ve ever had.”


“Our comrades in Years 11-12 undertook the journey and stayed at the Alexandra Adventure Resort. While there we participated in many enjoyable and thrilling activities such as canoeing, where half the time was spent submerged in water, the giant swing, where we became giants in the skies, and many more. We bonded together to become great amigos with one another and to become the best amigos through sharing cabins and chowing down food.”


“Years 11-12 camp to Alexandra was an awesome couple of days spent overcoming fears and building new relationships. We got to participate in activities at uncomfortable heights. Other activities involved kayaks in the lake and fishing. Camp broke the awkward barrier that can be set between two year levels.”


“As Year 11-12s, we went to Alexandra Adventure Resort for camp. There we participated in numerous activities including canoeing, rock wall and the giant swing. We were challenged to push ourselves to our limits, conquer fears and learn not only about ourselves and others, but also grow closer to God. Some of the highlights were the BCC talent show, rock climbing, high ropes and bonding with fellow students. Leaving Alexandra, we all came away with many shared lifelong memories.”

VCAL in Action

Our VCAL students have helped construct a fence at the Trades Skills Centre for our herb and vegetable patch. The produce will be used for the cooking classes. They will continue to install gates, irrigation and further raised garden beds.


Camps, Sport & Excursions Fund

If you hold a valid means-tested concession card from Centrelink you may be eligible to claim a CSEF payment. Please see attached for application and details:


Travel Conveyance

If you live more than 4.8km from the College you may be eligible for a travel payment. Please come the the College Office to enquire.

Details Forms Now Due

The Family and Student Annual Details Checks (purple forms) sent to families at the end of last year are now due to be returned. These important forms are used to update contact and medical details in Edumate. If you have misplaced your family’s forms please contact the College Office.

Twilight Carnival 23 March

Preparations are well underway for our Twilight Carnival on Friday 23 March from 4-8pm. Each class has just been allocated a stall to run, so be on the lookout for details of how you can help.

We have just setup a trailer in the staff car park to start accepting your Trash and Treasure items and second hand books. Please ensure all items donated are in good condition.


As a major community fundraising event, parents and friends are invited to showcase their business, craft or hobby at the Carnival. Please contact our Community Development Officer, Ben Williams, if you’d like to be involved in this way: [email protected].


We expect ride wristbands to be on sale shortly from the College Office and website. Pre-purchased wristbands are the most cost-effective way for children to enjoy the rides so make sure to get yours!


Working Bee 24 Feb

The first Working Bee of the year is taking place next Saturday 24 February. Come along anytime from 8am-1pm, for as little or as much as you are able.


Please be reminded that families are to contribute eight hours at working bees throughout the year or are liable to pay the Working Bee Levy of $150. 

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The College second hand uniform shop, located in room ELC12 (near Primary playground), is open each Wednesday afternoon during school term from 3:20-3:40pm.


Second hand uniform items for sale or donation can be left at the shop during opening hours or at the College Office.

To contact the shop outside opening hours, please call 5971 6746 (answering service – please leave a message) or email [email protected].

Instrumental Music 

Instrumental lessons have once again started at Bayside Christian College this year. Learning a musical instrument can have multiple and wide-ranging benefits for children, including increased memory, confidence and resilience, in addition to the enjoyment which comes from playing music.


Bayside Christian College currently offers extracurricular tuition in piano/keyboard, voice, guitar/bass guitar and drums, from beginner level up to advancedLessons run for either 20 or 30 minutes during normal class time, and are arranged with the instrumental teachers directly. Performance opportunities will be available at school assemblies, Music Showcase evenings, community events such as Open Day, and exams for those interested in sitting AMEB or ANZCA performance exams. 


More information about fees and enrolment forms can be found on the Bayside Christian College website:   


2019 Enrolments

Bayside Christian College is now accepting enrolments for 2019. If you have any friends or family interested in finding out about Christian education, please contact our Registrar, Mrs Julie Rebbeck, on 5971 6709 or [email protected].


Our upcoming Principal’s Tours, on Thursday 22 February, are the perfect opportunity to visit. The Primary tour commences at 9am and the Secondary tour at 10am – bookings are essential.


Music Ensembles for 2018

Our ensembles are starting up rehearsals again this week, so now is a great time to come along and try one out! Here is some information about the three ensembles currently available for students to be a part of this year, starting from Week 3:


Primary Choir - This choir is open for any students in Years 3-6 who enjoy singing and performing in a group. The Primary Choir will be practising on Mondays at lunchtimes in the Music Room after eating lunch. Performance opportunities will include school assemblies, Music Showcase evenings, Karringal Hub Shopping Centre and Banksia Aged Care Facility.


Drumming Group - This group is open for any students in Years 3-6 who enjoy rhythm and banging on instruments in a group. The Drumming Group will be practicing on Thursdays at lunchtimes in the Music Room after eating lunch. Performance opportunities will include school assemblies and Music Showcase evenings, with an aim to expand to more opportunities in the future.


Secondary Choir - This brand new choir is open for any students in Years 7-12 who enjoy singing and performing in a group. The Primary Choir will be practicing on Mondays at lunchtimes in the Music Room after eating lunch. Performance opportunities will include school assemblies and Music Showcase evenings, with an aim to expand to more opportunities in the future.


All these ensembles will be run by Mr Mallen. The first three weeks of rehearsals will be an opportunity for students to experience whether it is something that they enjoy. Students can then choose after Week 5 whether they want to commit to being a part of the ensemble for the year or not. 


If you have any other questions about ensembles, please don't hesitate to contact Mr Dave Mallen via email [email protected].

School Banking

Welcome back to all of our wonderful bankers. Our first day of banking was 13 February, with banking every school Tuesday thereafter. Have a look for the poster in the community noticeboard to see all of the wonderful new rewards available this year. The bank is offering a grand prize this year being a trip for a family of two adults and up to three children to Hawaii, including airfares and accommodation. All you need to do to go into the draw is make 15 deposits  before the end of Term 3. Happy saving!

Beautiful Me

Bayside Christian College is proud to be hosting the 'Beautiful Me' coffee and dessert night. 


Women of all ages are invited to attend. Why not make it a special mother / daughter night and bring along the young women in your house?


Purchase your tickets here


Camp Australia Update




Adolescent Mental Wellbeing Series - New Peninsula Baptist Church




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