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12 December 2019
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Dates to Remember


Monday 9th

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

2020 Book Payment & Collection Week (9th - 13th)


Tuesday 10th

Final Foundation Transition # 5 11:45 am to 12:45 pm 

L6 Secondary School Orientation Day


Thursday 12th

L6 Body Safe Program 


Friday 13th

Final 2020 Book Payment & Collection Day for 2019

Milkshake & Doughnut Day Fundraiser


Monday 16th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Reports Available on Sentral Portal

Student Portfolios come home

Library Helpers Luncheon 1pm


Tuesday 17th

L6 Graduation

L3&4 Fish & Chip Lunch Day


Wednesday 18th 

2020 Meet the Teacher


Thursday 19th

L5/6 End of Year Excursion


Friday 20th

Whole School Assembly - 1:00 pm in the hall

Early Dismissal 1:30 pm

January 2020

Tuesday 28th

Pupil Free Day - Students do not attend school

2020 Book Collection 10 am to 3 pm


Wednesday 29th

L1-6 First Day of Term 1


Thursday 30th 

Foundation 2020 First Day of Term 1 9 am-12 pm

Foundation 2020 Cheers & Tears Morning Tea 9.30 am


Monday 3rd

Whole School Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Monday 10th 

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Wednesday 12th

Pupil Free Day - Students do not attend school


Monday 17th

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Nunawading District Swimming Carnival


Thursday 27th 

School Photo Day


*  Times/dates may be subject to change

Principal's Report

2019 The Rotary Club of Forest Hill - Youth Achievement Award

On Monday, 25 November, Arjan received the Rotary Youth Achievement award for excellence from the Rotary Club of Forest Hill.


The criteria for the award is that the recipient is not necessarily an outstanding student who has already achieved many sporting and academic awards, but one who:

•             has made worthwhile contributions and put effort into the life of their school community,

•             has achieved success through application and determination throughout the year

•             can be called upon as being an example for other students


This year the unsung hero award goes to a young man who is an all-round achiever and positively impacts the lives of those around him.  He has always achieved excellent results throughout his time at Rangeview Primary School but more importantly he is an upstanding citizen who demonstrates genuine kindness, warmth and humility.


He is a highly motivated student who approaches all tasks diligently and with a positive attitude. He shows a willingness to share his knowledge and skills with all his peers and enables others to experience success too. He is a loyal friend and often assist his peers in times of conflict through his ability to lighten the situation with humour and empathy.


This students shines in everything he does. He was a lead role in the 5/6 production and he achieved great results in the Maths Olympiad team this year. He is a dedicated Peer Mediator and an excellent mentor to all junior students, especially his foundation buddy. He is a natural leader with a high emotional IQ and is well-respect by all his peers.


He regularly expresses his gratitude to those around him and now it is our turn to acknowledge him for his contribution to the school and local community. Arjan S. you are a worthy recipient of this year’s unsung hero ward. Congratulations.



Deakin Shield Awards 

The Deakin Shield is presented in the spirit of Alfred Deakin, after whom the electorate of Deakin was named. The award recognises the valuable contribution of students from schools throughout Deakin in three categories; Academic, Community and Visual and Performing Arts. 

 Students are recognised for their:

 –       high standard in attitude and achievement;

–       participation in all school activities with a good attitude;

–       full commitment to the ethos of the school;

–       an awareness of others and their needs; and,

–       positive contribution to the school community.


Congratulations to our nominees, what a wonderful achievement;

Community Service Award: Thomas WM

Academic Award: Ryan Z

Visual and Performing Arts: Georgia H




Classes for 2020



FA           Samuel Anderson

FB           Jen Bonte                                                           

FT           Vicki Tzimos

FS           Amber Somerville

FW         Carol Wilson                      


Level 1 & 2

1A           Danielle Anderson

1B           Tania Balderston & Rebecca Gordon

1D           Melissa Dann & Nicole Robertson

1G           Linda Giardino   & Natalie Bellis

2H           Marita Horvath

2B           Carmel Brown                  

2K           Marianne Kehoe             

2R           James Roche

2W         Stephanie Wood                             


Level 3 & 4

3B           Kirilee Bell                          

3L            Khay Le

3T           Chloe Tomkins  

3/4C       Sam Carter         

4A           Steve Atkinson

4H           Karen Hastie                      

4M          Anju Mehta                       


Level 5 & 6

5/6C      Mitch Clark

5/6G      Lee Giddings

5/6H      Meg Hubbard & Ryan Evans                                       

5/6O      Lisa O’Connor

5/6P       Samantha Potter                             

5/6W     April Warfield & Romy Magdis



Art                          Deirdree Geilings & Melissa O’Brien

PE                           Michael Sacchetta & James Roche

Music                    Megan Campbell & Ryan Evans

LOTE                      Kyla Petrilli & Ulrike Lindner

DIGITECH             Ryan Evans

EAL                          Helga Shaw



We have some staff taking leave or retiring at the end of the year or during 2020. Whenever a staff member takes leave or retires there is a gap to be filled which is not always easily done.


Mrs Beth Joyce, Mrs Natoli, Mrs Marg Goulding and Mrs Shirley Van Der Toorren will be retiring at the end of the year. Mrs Joyce started at Rangeview in 1999, Mrs Van Der Toorren in 2001, Mrs Natoli 2002 and Mrs Goulding in 2003. All of these teachers have been working at our school over many years and have contributed to student learning in significant ways. They will be missed. Celebrations to mark their substantial contribution to our school are being organised for next Monday’s assembly and families are most welcome to attend.


Mrs Natasha Hale has been on extended leave and will also be retiring at the end of this year. Mrs Leanne Theisinger, our Business Manager retired at the end of term 2 this year. Mrs Jackie Moran who shares a 5/6 class will be taking 12 months leave and will return in 2021. Mrs Marianne Kehoe (2K) has been on leave for this term and will be returning from leave in January to begin the 2020 school year. Mrs Lisa Haines has filled this vacancy for this term and I would like to thank her.  Ms Melissa McCarthy our First Aid and Administration Officer will also be leaving us at the end of the term to commence work closer to home, we wish her well.


In response to the 2020 staffing needs as outlined above and an increase by 3 classes across the school, we had advertised a number of teaching positions. We have appointed 6 new teaching staff; Stephanie Wood, Danielle Anderson, Samuel Anderson, Steve Atkinson, Lee Giddings and Samantha Potter.


Teams for 2020 have been built around the new staff to provide support as they transition into our school.


Student Led Fundraising

Our student leaders and senior students have planned fundraising events for very different causes. The Milk Shake and Donut event is to raise funds for the upgrade of our toilets.


Student Leaders for 2020

Students in level 5 have been considering the leadership roles available as year 6 students in 2020. Letters have been written for positions.


I congratulate all the students for taking the step of applying for, or considering a leadership role. All senior students, regardless of a leadership badge, are role models for our younger students. The relationship they will build with their foundation buddy is very important and can make a significant difference in their school life.


Special Assemblies- Everyone is welcome!

•             On Monday December 16 is a whole school assembly to present the badges for 2020 student                         leaders and a special farewell to our staff retiring or leaving at the end of the year

•             Friday December 20 is the last assembly for the year to farewell our exiting grade 6 students.


Transition Reminders

Tuesday, 10th December is the last transition session for Foundation students starting in 2020. This day is also the level 6 students transition day into their secondary school. We wish all exiting level 6 students all the best as they prepare for the imperative transfer into the next learning phase of their lives, with all of the exciting challenges they will face.

Graduation for Exiting Grade 6 Students on Tuesday 17 December from 6pm.


Walk to school month

The Junior School Council have been busy this week collecting and analysing our walk to school data. It is great to see so many students walking and riding to school. It is not only better for the environment but for our health too. So far we have found the following:

  • 3B, 5/6E and 1J had the most students walking to school.
  • There were 59 students that walked to and from school every day.
  • The Grade 6s students walked to school that most.
  • Over 40 days the whole school averaged 488 trips walking to and from school.

Some member of JSC will share their findings with the school at our next assembly. Don’t forget to thank our fabulous crossing people!


All families are welcome to attend our last whole school assembly on Friday 20 December at 1pm for a finish at 1.30pm. 


I would like to thank all the families for your contribution and support of your child’s school. I wish you a safe and relaxing holiday break, and to the families not returning in 2020 all the best in the future.




School Council 

A Message from School Council President
—Lloyd Lazaro

Dear Parents and Friends of Rangeview


I’m not sure about you, however I feel as though this year has been stuck on fast forward and it’s hard to believe that 12 months have already rushed by.  That said, I know each of us will be able to reflect on the many achievements we’ve been a witness to; some disappointments and; perhaps even sadness – such is the complexity of life. 


Upon reflection, as a school community, 2019 has been yet another year of great achievement, and challenge – however I’m delighted by the continuous forward momentum we’ve realised both inside and outside the classroom and I’m reminded by the fact that no great accomplishment comes without risk and sacrifice.  Sure we’re far from perfect, however I’m always energised by our collective spirit of continuous improvement and self-belief.


We all need to take a moment to pause and reflect – to be proud of what we’ve achieved together – our deeds are our monuments.  As a school community, we continue to bring to life our strategic plan; continue to invest in our curriculum; infrastructure that provides the very best learning environments and enhances the experiences of our children, staff and us as a broader community.  That said, the more critical investments continue to be inside our learning environments – more specifically, in our children – resulting in new benchmarks in academic excellence; collaboration between our students, parents and friends and teachers and; attitudes and behaviours that positively impact outcomes – and all the while, immersed in enjoyment.


This time of the year is all about giving.  As a community we recognise that the world is bigger than the confines of our homes and suburbs - for everyone is fighting a hard battle, and if we really want to know, all we need to do is ask.  To that end, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your contribution that has collectively contributed to a tremendously successful year – you are the heart-beat of Rangeview Primary.  From class reading to the Production and everything in between - the gift of your time is invaluable.  I would also like to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of the staffing group to the holistic care and learning of our children.  In addition, I am grateful for the tireless contribution of each of our School Council Members for their diligent governance of the school and to all the contributions by our Parents and Friends of Rangeview – your efforts do not go unnoticed, so thank you.


I’m genuinely excited by what lies ahead in 2020 and beyond as our school continues to honour the past 25 years of great sacrifice and achievement, as we build for the future – flourishing and prospering together.


On behalf of my family I would like to extend to your family a very Merry Christmas and may you all have a peaceful, safe and enjoyable holiday season.


Best wishes



Wellbeing & Engagement

Milkshake and Doughnut Day

On 13th December the Grade 6 students will be selling Milkshakes and Doughnuts across the school to raise money for a legacy project. This was voted on by the students and the project will involve an upgrade to the Senior Toilet Block.


Milkshakes will be $2 and Doughnuts will be $1.


Students should bring a plastic keep cup to minimise waste!

Wellbeing & Engagement

What an amazing year we have had at Rangeview in 2019! It has been such a pleasure and a privilege to work alongside our dedicated and talented staff as we support the academic, social and emotional growth of our Rangeview students. Some of the wellbeing highlights this year have included;


Rangeview Primary School Awarded Lead School for the Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) Program.


At Rangeview we teach the Department of Education’s Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships curriculum from Foundation to Level 6. This curriculum has been designed to develop students' social, emotional and positive relationship skills. Efforts to promote social and emotional skills and positive gender norms in children and young people has been shown to improve health related outcomes and subjective wellbeing from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood.

The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) learning materials cover eight topics of Social and Emotional Learning across all levels of primary and secondary education:

Emotional Literacy
Personal strengths
Positive Coping
Problem Solving
Stress Management
Help Seeking
Gender and Identity

Positive Gender Relationships.

In 2019 we were awarded the role of Lead School in the RRRR program for 2020. This means that we will be partnered with several other primary schools and secondary colleges and will lead them through their implementation of this wonderful initiative. We are very proud of our work in this wellbeing field and this is a department recognition of this commitment and of the outstanding work of our leaders, teachers and support staff to ensure its success.

We look forward to increasing our RRRR whole school program in 2020 and to supporting new schools as they begin to implement the model.


Amelie Watson - RR Student Leader

This year at Rangeview I was the first Rights Resilience and Respectful Relationships leader.  Being the first it was a strange and new thing to everyone but making this new subject into a leadership role has meant that more people now recognise the importance of this new subject.  This year we had the professions without gender assembly as well the be the kind kid memorial and playground audit.  This has meant that students at Rangeview more aware of everybody's differences.


Special Assembly – Professions without Gender

In Term 3 we had a fabulous special assembly – Professions without Gender. We heard from four special guests about what it is like to have ‘A Day in the Life’ of their profession.

  • Sarah Last – VFLW player and several years as an AFLW player for Carlton.
  • Riley Owen – Netball player – played for the Under 17 Australian team and now plays for the Victorian Under 20 team.
  • James Roche – Primary School Classroom Teacher
  • Michael Sacchetta – Primary School Specialist Teacher

It was a wonderful opportunity and clearly our student body enjoyed the presentations and had much food for thought around future possibilities.



Peaceful Kids

This year we began to run the Peaceful Kids Program and we began to utilise many strategies from the Berry Street Education Model.

‘Peaceful Kids’ is a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based program to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children. The program has been created to fulfil a need in schools to offer all children a developmentally appropriate program that gives children the skills, practice and support to utilize coping strategies that lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress.


Outcomes of the Peaceful Kids program:

  • Lessen symptoms of anxiety and stress in children
  • Teaches children to self-calm
  • Empowers children to manage their own anxiety and stress symptoms
  • Builds emotional resilience
  • Develops emotional intelligence skills
  • Teaches children life-long skills to manage stress and prevent stress build up
  • Supports children so they know that they are not alone with suffering from anxiety

Peaceful Kids is based on evidence based therapies and research:

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR)
  • Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


We have run two small group Peaceful Kids programs in Term 3 and Term 4 and will begin new programs in Term 1 2020. All of our grades have also embraced this approach with students practicing breathing using Breathing Buddies and Calm Jars filled with glitter. Our Level 5/6 classes also made models of the brain with playdough to better understand brain structure / function and how these relate to self-regulation. For more information on Peaceful Kids please visit;


Berry Street Education Model

Throughout the year our teaching staff have all participated in multiple sessions of professional learning from the Berry Street Education Model. The Berry Street Childhood Institute is an independent child and family services organization. All of their work comes from the simple premise that all children should have a good childhood. They work with many children with a trauma background and often with children in the Out of Home Care / Foster system. They have developed an evidence based education model – the Berry Street Education Model.

Although thankfully, many of our students have not experienced trauma, our teachers are now able to use positive psychology strategies in their grades when they are needed.

For more information on the Berry Street Education Model please visit;


Be the Kind Kid

Four of our Grade 6 students – Amelie Watson, Maddi Powell, Georgia Healy and Maggie De Voil – painted a new mural at the school. The Be The Kind Kid mural is in the breezeway between the senior toilet blocks.


Some kids are smarter than you

Some kids have cooler clothes than you

Some kids are better at sport than you

It doesn’t matter

You have your thing too

Be the kid who can get along

Be the kids who is generous

Be the kid who is happy for other people

Be the kid who does the right thing

Be the Kind Kid


Social Worker – Friendship Groups

Our wonderful social worker – Natalie Powell – has worked with us every Wednesday this year delivering small groups for students from Foundation to 5/6. These groups have built social skills, promoted positive peer relationships, explicitly taught social interaction skills and worked through peer conflict. Students, staff and parents have given very positive feedback around the success of these group interventions. We are thrilled that Natalie can join us again in 2020.

Yarra Valley Psychology

We have been very fortunate to be able to provide access to a psychologist and a counsellor here at Rangeview through Yarra Valley Psychology this year. Carina Purdea and Kim Robinson have been located onsite one day a week for most of the year and we look forward to continuing this model for families in 2020. Both of these therapists provide an essential service to our students when it is needed and both have built strong relationships across the school.


I look forward to another wonderful year with our Rangeview Community in 2020 and I wish you all a very restful and rejuvenating holiday period.



Mobile Phones at School

Mobile Phones at School in 2020

The Victorian Government takes the safe and responsible use of digital technologies, student safety and wellbeing, and the development of social skills and positive behaviour, very seriously. On this basis, the Hon.James Merlino MP, Minister for Education, announced that a new mobile phone policy would take effect from Term 1 2020.


Students who choose to bring mobile phones to school must have them switched off and securely stored during all school hours at the school office. They can then be collected at the end of the school day. Phones cannot be in classrooms, bags or carried by the student.





Rangeview Carols





Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths – Treehouse Series

Andy Griffiths is the celebrated author of many children’s books, including the Treehouse series and he grew up in Vermont. He was a student at Rangeview Primary School when it was Eastmont. He is working on a new book and he reports that much of the material comes from his Mitcham / Vermont days! Andy has donated some of his books to our school and has written a letter to our students for Christmas.  Enjoy.


ICAS 2019

International Competitions & Assessments for Schools (ICAS) 2019


Congratulations to all students who completed the ICAS assessments this year.

The following students received special awards.



Distinction:  Ryan W, Luke S, Justin N

Credit:  Leo B, Siddharth K, Suranjana M, Archer S, James C, Ho Ming L, Miranda W, Ao J, Arlo S, David M, Yan Tao Z

Merit:  Elsa C, Jack F, Ocean X, Amelia DR, Evan R, Kacee C, Abigail P, Le Quynh AT, Caroline Z



High Distinction:  Ocean X, Amelia DR, Luke S

Distinction:  Jack F, Siddharth K, Archer S, Evan W, Le Quynh AT, Caroline Z, Justin N, Yan Tao Z

Credit:  Maanas B, Elsa C, Ethan L, Suranjana M, Charlotte VP, Ryan W, James C, Ho Ming L, Tennyson MF, Advait R, Amber S, Miranda W, Ao J, Sinead K, Caitlin B, Harrison F, Caitlin W, Merit:  Leo B, Henry C, Hamish K



High Distinction:  Suranjana M, Archer S

Distinction:  Siddharth K, Ryan W, Xavier F

Credit:  Charlotte VP, Ocean X, Amelia DR, Miranda W, Ao J, Arlo S, Le Quynh AT, Justin N, Amy R,

Yan Tao Z

Merit:  Maanas B, Jack F, Stella S, Elise VP, Kacee C, Sinead K



High Distinction:  Siddharth K, Justin N

Distinction:  Gurneeka K, Archer S, Le Quynh AT,

Credit:  Maanas B, Jack F, Ocean X, Amelia DR, Tennyson MF, Jedidiah M, Elise VP, Henry R, Joanne A

Merit: Rohan M, Advait R, Kacee C, Sinead K, Caitlin B



Distinction: Joanne A, Justin N

Credit:  Elsa C, Jack F, Gurneeka K, Siddharth K, Rohan M, Stella S, Charlotte W, Amelia DR, Theodora P, Kacee C, Mia K, Harrison F, Yan Tao Z


Well done, everyone!

Mrs Goulding

ICAS Co-ordinator


From the Office

2020 Parent Payments & Book Collection

Thank you to those families who have already paid their 2020 Parent Payments for their students next year.  Families can make payment by BPay, cash, cheque, eftpos or credit card.


Payments will be taken up until the 13th December, and when payment is received, book packs can be delivered to your child’s classroom or collected at the office during the week beginning 9th December 2019– 13th December 2019. If you are paying by Bpay, please allow a few days for payment to be received before books are collected.


You will also be able to pay and pick up book packs on Tuesday 28th January 2020 from 10.00 am – 3.00 pm.


Payment for contributions will be accepted from Monday 9th December 2019



Parents & Friends

A big thank you to the parent community from the Parents and Friends Committee for the support you have given over the year to make our many Fundraising and Social events successful.


An even bigger thank you to those parents on the P and F Committee for the time and effort they put into the many events happening around the School.

This year we have organised a variety of events including:

Twilight picnic

Icy pole days

Food days for the children

Disco bingo

Vision portraits

Mothers Day and Fathers Day Stall

25 Year Celebration

Colour Explosion course


These event don’t just happen by themselves, there are people working behind the scenes on them way before the event.


Even though it is a lot of work the reward we get back comes from seeing how the children enjoy these events and being part of it with them. The family and parent events are the same. It is great when we see our School community come together to support their children and their School.


We are always looking for new faces to join our Committee, in any capacity that you  can.  We will have an Annual General Meeting early in February and we welcome you to come along and hear about what we have planned for 2020. You may even have some ideas of your own.


Thanks Again. It has been a fun year.


Tracy Beckter

Happy Birthday to You!



Thank you to all the Foundation families who attended our Carols Night last week. We were so proud of the effort put in by all the Foundation children in learning their Christmas song and actions.


At this time of year, we would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all the parents/ carers who have volunteered their time at the school. Whether it be to listen to the children read to help or set up for Sports Day, we appreciate your help!


We wish all our families a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy a happy and restful summer holiday!

All the best,

Miss Bonte, Miss Clarke, Ms Wilson, Mrs Goulding and Mrs Tzimos – Foundation Team.



Level 1/2

We all had a lovely time at Carols on Wednesday. The students worked really hard and did many rehearsals to make sure their performances were perfect. Thank you to everyone that lent a helping hand with set up, the running of the night and pack up. It was fantastic to see so many families enjoy the summer night and helping at the end. Well done to all the students that performed!


Level 1 and 2 are enjoying doing a variety of fun Christmas activities as we close the year. It is great to see the students have an opportunity to be creative and make things for their families and friends.

We would like to thank all of the parents and friends who have helped over the year. It has been a fantastic year and we could not have done it without your help. From changing the readers to cutting out and laminating, to sharpening pencils, we really do appreciate all the time and effort and help you provide. Thank you!


All the Level 1 and 2 teachers wish you all a lovely holiday break, we hope that everyone stays safe, and we look forward to seeing refreshed faces next year. We wish all the students the best for 2020 and the future.



Level 3/4 

It's been a busy final few weeks in Level 3 and 4, here are some photos from our highlights of the last few weeks.


Level 3/4 team

Chloe Tomkins, Khay Le, Kirilee Bell, Mitchell Clark, Karen Hastie, Anju Mehta



Level 5/6 

Wow, this term has flown by! Students have been very busy working on their carols performance. The grade 6s have enjoyed learning their graduation dance and they had a marvellous time at Marvel stadium. All the 5/6s are looking forward to our end of year excursion. Somehow amongst all the busy events we also managed to fit in some numeracy learning, students got creative working with metre and centimetre cubes. Only 2 more weeks to go!



On behalf of the school we would like to congratulate Arjan Singh for his fantastic work in achieving ‘The Unsung Hero’ rotary club award. An outstanding and well deserved achievement. Good work Arjan!


Rangeview Animal Roster



Community News/ Advertising


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