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A Word from the Principal

Prep Information Night

Thank you to those community members who attended our Prep  information night.  Olivia, one of our school captains shared her school experiences, our school council president, Kirsty White, encouraged involvement in our school and Nishani from the PFA shared her role and support in the school.  It really does help to make a difference to welcome the new preps to our school and their families.

2020 Fees and Parent Contributions

The parent contribution documents have been distributed to all of our families. We do rely on student stationary and subject fees to deliver our curriculum and wellbeing programs at school. We are always most appreciative of the voluntary contributions as they support the development and maintenance of our school.  Please take the time to read the accompanying letter as it will outline some of the ways we have used the contributions.    We have continued to keep excursions/activities out of the parent contribution structure.  Therefore, parents are charged as the event occurs to ensure that we can cost each event accurately.  This has worked very well the last couple of year.

Parent Helpers Morning Tea

Just a reminder that you are invited to our special morning tea!   We really can not thank the amazing helpers and volunteers enough for their generous support and time that they give to our school.  This morning tea is a ‘tiny’ thank-you from the staff at Weeden Heights.  If you have time to come along then we would love to see you and thank you personally.


Whole School Transition Sessions

The school year is ending soon and one of the wonderful things that Weeden does is allow students to work in their class, classroom and potentially with their new teacher for a couple of sessions.  This allows for the teacher to begin some of the work for next year.  Their number one priority is to create a productive and positive learning community.  These transition sessions days are critical for students to be involved in.  Our sessions are being held on December 2 and 9 from 11.30 to 1.10pm.  Students will also have an opportunity to have lunch with their 2020 class which will further strengthen their relationships.  As we are a great size school and know each other well, it can also be about reconnecting with students who have previously been in the same class in a past year.

Christmas Concert

Hopefully you are hearing the sounds of your children rehearsing at home for the up-coming Christmas Concert being held at school on Thursday 12 December.  Please come along with your family to get into the ‘Christmas spirit’ and also to celebrate the achievements of the school and individuals.  The 2020 student leadership team will be announced as well.  It is always an exciting night and a great way for our community to come together once again!


Until next time,

Ms Kylie Campbell

Futures are Bright at Weeden Heights!

Wellbeing @ Weeden

Managing Your Child's Anxiety

As the end of the school year nears closer, some students may begin to feel anxious. Below is an adapted article from one of Australia’s leading parent educators, Michael Grose, to assist anxiety in children.

Below this article, is an adapted article from Ariadne Brill, who provides 25 fun open-ended questions that encourage your child to talk about school.

In the last newsletter of the year we will include an article for the holidays, ‘Parenting Ideas – Holiday Survival Guide’.


If your child feels anxious, reassure them that these feelings are a normal response to new people, events or potentially challenging situations. Help your child understand that there is a great deal they can do to manage their anxious feelings, so they can get on with the activities they enjoy.


Explain anxiety

If your child is anxious they may struggle to explain how they feel. An important first step in anxiety self-management is explaining to your child how anxiety works.

  • Teach your child that the part of the brain that protects them from danger (the amygdala – pronounced ahh-mig-dah-la), is always on high alert when they are anxious
  • Explain that the amygdala sees danger where there is none, but the body prepares to fight for life or flee from danger as if it’s protecting them from a hungry lion
  • Discuss that the amygdala can’t differentiate between a hungry lion and public speaking or some other task they must face
  • Talk about the changes that happen in their body to power them up to fight or flee, including increased heart and breathing rates and the pumping of the blood from the stomach to the arms and legs, which can cause nausea

Help recognise anxiety-inducing events

There are many things that can evoke anxiety in your child, including:

  • Stressful events
  • Life changes
  • Transitions
  • Difficult experiences
  • New or unfamiliar situations

Help your child to recognise the specific situations and events that make them feel anxious such as meeting new friends, sitting tests and fear of rejection. In this way you can help your child manage and minimise their feelings of anxiety.


Respond with empathy

When your child feels anxious, the part of the brain that controls rational thinking, decision-making and concentration temporarily goes offline. They can feel easily overwhelmed by simple, everyday events and situations. Rather than protecting your child by allowing them to avoid meeting these challenges, or dismissing them as trivial, validate their feelings with statements such as:

  • “I can see you’re feeling worried about going to camp without your brother.”
  • “Thanks for telling me you feel nervous about the test. It’s understandable.”
  • “I see you’re really anxious about this right now. I know it’s hard for you.”

Resist the temptation to rescue or fix a situation. Respond with empathy and understanding to your child’s concerns.


Manage anxious moments

Help your child develop the tools to regulate and push their anxious feelings to the background. Practise these anxiety management tools when your child is feeling calm, and it will be easier for them to practise when they are nervous. These include:

  • Taking some deep breaths: Deep belly breathing from the diaphragm calms the amygdala, reducing feelings of anxiousness
  • Bringing their attention back to the present: Use their senses to bring their attention to the present moment and away from their worries – “Tell me five things you see, four things you hear and something you smell.”
  • Getting them moving: Physical exercise is not only a great distraction but it releases feel-good endorphins that help children and young people feel better and more optimistic about the future.
  • Defusing their thoughts: Anxious thoughts can get stuck, refusing to budge no matter or how unwanted they are. Help your child to distance themselves from their thoughts by placing distancing statements in front of their thoughts. Replace “I’m going to fail the test” with “I had a thought that I’m going to fail the test.” Rather than changing their thinking, assist your child distance themselves from unhelpful thoughts.

Get the fundamentals right

Sufficient sleep, good nutrition and exercise are essential for anxious kids. Support your child to adhere to their optimal bedtime so they wake naturally each morning, reduce sugar, take care of their gut health through good nutrition and encourage regular exercise for optimal mental health.

There is a great deal you can do to help your child manage their anxiety. Start by assisting your child to understand the fundamentals of anxiety, show your genuine understanding of their feelings and be ready to support them emotionally to push their anxiety to the background.


Michael Grose

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s the author of 12 books for parents including Spoonfed Generation and the best-selling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It. His latest release Anxious Kids, was co-authored with Dr Jodi Richardson.

Sourced from sited 21/11/2019

25 Questions That Get Kids to Talk About School

Does this ever happen to you when your child comes home from school and you are curious about their day and you have lots of questions to ask, so you get started:


“Hi! How was school today?”


“Fine.”  Your child says, already grabbing a book, tablet, snack etc…


…and then the conversation is over.


Below are mix of questions that are fun and open ended. You’ll also find some more serious questions to help you talk about tough topics.


1. What was your favourite part about school today?

2. What activity did you like the most today? And the least?

3. What did you think of the first activity you did today?

4. If you could do any moment at school over today, what would it look like?

5. What was the funniest thing that happened in your class today?

6. Which activity did you feel most confident about today?

7. What is your favourite Specialist Class and why?

8. What’s the most interesting thing you heard at school today?

9. If you could change just ONE thing about school, what would that be?

10.  What made you laugh/worry/smile in school today?

11. What 3 words would you use to describe your best friend in school?

12. What did you do at lunch time today?

13. If you had $1,000 to buy something for your school, what would you buy and where would you put it?

14. What qualities do you like most about your teacher?

15. What is something your teacher said to you today that you are still thinking about?

16. If you could put a spell on your teacher and change tomorrow’s lessons, what would you make the learning all about?

17. Who did you play with/talk with at school today?

18. What is one of your friend’s favorite part of school? Is that the same for you or different?

19. If a famous person could come to teach a class at your school, who would that be and what would they teach?

20. What parts of school today went by the fastest? Slowest?

21. When I went to school there was some students who didn’t make the right choices all the time and sometimes they made others feel sad. Have your ever seen this at your school? What can you do if this happens?

22. What is one thing you have learnt at school this year you think you will remember forever?

23. Was there anything you wanted to learn more about today but didn’t have time to ask the teacher about?

24. What is your favorite spot in your school/classroom?

25. What are you looking forward to learning at school tomorrow/this month/this year?



Ariadne Brill
Ariadne is a happy and busy mum to three children. She practices peaceful, playful, responsive parenting and is passionate about all things parenting and chocolate. Ariadne has a Masters in Psychology and is a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator. She lives on top of a beautiful mountain with her family, and one cuddly dog.

Community News

Free webcast: Anxiety in Young People - Practical Support Strategies for School Communities

Educators, parents and mental health workers are reporting an increase of anxiety in children and young people, commencing at an early age. This presentation will assist those who support children and young people to recognise signs of anxiety and other common mental health issues, when to be concerned and provide some practical support strategies to teach coping skills designed to reduce stress and anxiety.


Streaming closes 9pm AEDT

Monday December 2, 2019


A certificate will be sent to those who participate in the webcast which many professionals can use to self-allocate professional development.


Kristen Douglas, Head of headspace Schools

Kristen is the head of headspace (the National Youth Mental Health Foundation) Schools and a highly respected and sought after presenter nationally and internationally on the topics of youth mental health and wellbeing, suicide postvention, and principal and school staff self-care. Kristen has significantly contributed to the synergy between education and youth mental health; from government policy to leading headspace School Support – a service that has contributed to the national and international evidence for best practice in working with suicide in school communities.


Combining her experience as an educator and principal, with her passion for and experience in mental health and wellbeing education, Kristen leads a multi-disciplinary, national team of mental health and education consultants to support Australia's primary and secondary schools better manage mental health and wellbeing; from promotion and prevention to early intervention and postvention.


Click here to register for the free webcast!


Dates to Remember

Term Dates


Term 1    31 January to 5 April

Term 2    23 April to 28 June

Term 3    15 July to 20 September

Term 4     7 October to 20 December


Please note: On the final day of each term, school finishes at 2.30pm with exception to the final day of the school year which concludes at 1.30pm.



Term 1    29 January to 28 March

Term 2   14  April to 26 June

Term 3    13 July to 18 September

Term 4     5 October to 18 December


29    Bright Beginnings Transition Program ~ Orientation Day


2      Whole School Transition 1

4      Parent Helpers Morning Tea

6      Prep Breakfast

9      Whole School Transition 2

12   Christmas Concert

17   Year 6 Graduation

19   Year 6 Gumbuya World Excursion

20   Last day of Term 4 ~ Early dismissal 1.30pm finish

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Lunch Time Activities

Yard Games with Tracey ~ Wednesdays


Student Led Activities ~ As announced 

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Student Awards

Students of the Week - Personal Excellence

18 November 2019


For the kindness he shows towards his class members inside and outside the classroom.  You are a super star Lyam!



For the amazing way she makes connections to her learning!  It's lovely to hear you reflect.  Keep it up Aaliyah!



For the wonderful attitude and focus he demonstrates towards his learning.  Well done Leo, keep it up!



For using excellent inferential skills while reading.  Well done Yaran!



For his excellent note taking and summarising skills he displayed in his written response to a news item about the Berlin Wall. 



For a wonderful speech about a character she related to, well done Samar, you have grown so much this year.  Excellent work!


YEAR 5/6K ~

For their fabulous enthusiasm during the gymnastics clinics.


YEAR 1/2D ~

For their enthusiasm and team work during their STEAM session.


25 November 2019


For her enthusiasm, cheerfulness and willingness to do her best in all her classroom learning. You are superstar Indie! 



For the great information he included when expanding his ideas about setting in a narrative. Well done!



For displaying excellent collaborative skills when working in a team.



For the very informative and exceptionally well designed 'Passion Project' she completed about pearls.



For his excellent recount all about basketball - Well done George!



For displaying and sharing his mathematical thinking when working out area and perimeter and accepting challenging tasks. 


YEAR 2/3A ~

For their insightful gymnastic reflections.


YEAR 5/6M ~

For creating interesting, challenging magnet carnival games.



For their enthusiasm when learning new musical concepts and terminology!


House Cup








Junior School

Grade 2 Sleepover

When the students arrived, they had a great time choosing where their beds would be placed and setting up their sleeping quarters in the school library. It was wonderful to see the high level of independence exhibited as the students managed to organise sleeping bags and mats, being mindful of the space around them belonging to others as well as keeping all of their belongings together.


After the beds were set up, we all enjoyed some exciting group games involving team work, acting and singing. Then we had a dancing session, which was enjoyed by all! For dinner we had pizza and salad in the Stephanie Alexander kitchen, followed by yummy ice cream. Everyone worked together to clean up the space and crockery we used, which was wonderful.


When we headed back to the library, the students got into their pyjamas and brushed their teeth, with everybody grabbing a pillow or stuffed toy to snuggle with as we watched an episode of   ‘Bluey’ about friendship and the importance of family.


All the students slept really well, despite a few sneaky ones playing a game of ‘Who can last the longest’…..which didn’t outlast the teachers!  Everyone was really settled and even the staff managed to get some shut eye.


In the morning we had some early risers around 6:00am, with most students awake by 7:00am. Everyone packed up their belongings and we enjoyed having breakfast together in the staff room before parents arrived for pick up time.


It was a really valuable experience for all the students to be involved in and a great prelude to the grade 3/4 camping program.



Melinda Michalski





Middle School

Public Speaking Competition

Well done to all students for preparing thoroughly for the Public Speaking Competition. The talks  were of a very high standard. Our middle school winners were Ray (Year 3) and Lucy (Year 4).  Both students produced exceptional speeches and presented their talks to the whole school on Monday morning.  A fabulous effort!



We have two more weeks of kitchen and garden classes. It would be great to see as many volunteers as possible for our final sessions, as students are really looking forward to returning to the kitchen and garden!

Passion Projects

Our inquiry focus for the final term has been on gaining an in depth knowledge of a topic students are eager to learn more about. We look forward to the presentation of the final pieces.


This week we complete our swimming program. Students have gained invaluable skills over the last fortnight. They have learnt about water safety, survival and how to better their swimming ability.  Thank you to all our helpers for supporting this very worthwhile program.

Senior School

Public Speaking

Over the past few weeks, students in 5/6K and 5/6M did a spectacular job in presenting their speech to their grade as part of the Weeden Heights Public Speaking Competition.  To select a representative from each year level was an extremely difficult task but we are proud to announce Lara Caglar from Year 5, and Anna Shugai from Year 6 were announced as winners and that they will present at assembly this coming Monday.  Well done to everyone who put in a lot of time and effort. 


A notice went out on Wednesday asking for volunteers from Year 6 parents to assist in setting up graduation on Monday, 16 December between 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm.  The more people who can help out, the easier it will be for all concerned.  Thanks to those that have assisted in planning for graduation.  Also, we are seeking Year 5 parents to assist on the night of graduation to help serve food to the students as well as cleaning up.  Thanks to the parents that have already offered, it is greatly appreciated!

3-6 Sport

Each Friday, our school leaders in Senior School have been running activities for students in Years 3 and 4 to help them learn about those sports that they will participate in once they reach Senior School.  Students have been enthusiastic and have been setting a terrific example to the younger students. 


Specialist News

Swimming Program

Congratulation to all the students who completed the 2019 swimming program.

The 5/6 program focused on safety. Students displayed wonderful endurance and survival skills.

The students from P-4 displayed varied skills from the ability to float independently on their back, jumping into the water, using correct swimming strokes and duck dives.  Well done to all the students who took part in the program.


Creativity, teamwork, innovation are the values you see in the STEAM room. Students have been busy working together to make magnet driven games, flying toys, electronic prototypes and durable packages. The modifications, end products and presentations to the class have been fabulous.



From the office

School Hats Now Available at the Office!

School hats are now available for sale at the office for your convenience. Please contact the office for more details.

Parent Payment

Please ensure for security and privacy reasons that all payments sent to school are enclosed in a sealed envelope or zip lock bag with your child’s name and reason for payment clearly marked on it.  Please also note that we do not hold cash at the office and therefore cannot give change.  Please help us by sending the correct change or alternatively paying by credit card or direct deposit.


Visitors to School

A gentle reminder that all visitors to the school (including parents and carers) during school hours for all purposes are required to sign-in at the office and sign-out upon exiting the school premises. 


Parking Reminder

Just a reminder that the Council regularly enforces parking signs and restrictions in the streets surrounding our school.   To avoid being fined, please observe all parking signs.  For the safety of all, it is also important that parents do not use the staff car parks at both the front and rear of the school for drop off or collection of students.


Subway Wednesday Lunch Orders on QKR



Subway Wednesday lunch orders are due every Tuesday. For your convenience, orders can now be made via QKR latest by 9.00a.m every Tuesday for the following Wednesday lunch order to be included.

Second Hand Uniform

Our secondhand uniform shop will be opened on the first Monday of each month,  9:00am to 9:30am.

The next opening will be

Monday, 2nd December 2019


In the meantime, we would welcome donations of clean and good quality uniform.  Donations can be left at the office at any time.


All proceeds from sales will go directly to the school.



Parents & Friends Association Updates




Events / Activities

Swim World



After School Chinese Program


Mad On Music


Marianne Wright Music