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17 May 2018
Issue Seven
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Principal's Report


Pakenham Springs Primary School acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the land on which the School stands.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Thank you to all our families who made it to parent-teacher interviews last week.  We had over 700 appointments take place as we celebrated the students learning so far this year. Teachers are currently conducting a variety of assessments to inform the mid year reports that they are working on.  Reports this year will be available on Compass - you will receive a notification near the end of term when they are complete. 

New Playground Equipment

There was much excitement last week as some of the new playground equipment arrived - I'm not sure if staff or students were more excited! 

We now have a small train, cubby and naughts and crosses for the students to enjoy in the garden area.   More equipment has been ordered to be placed in different areas of the school for students of all year levels to enjoy.


STEM Excursion

As part of a STEM enrichment project, eighteen lucky Year 6 students had the unique opportunity to join researchers for a day at the Phillip Island Nature Park. They were joined by a ranger who taught them the ins and outs of how to monitor penguins and the important work they do to keep the colony of Little Penguins thriving in our part of the World. Through a series of workbook related activities and hands-on experiences, the students learnt how to collect and study data for research projects. 


They were also fortunate enough to contribute to the colony by building nesting boxes that will help with the rehabilitation of the colony. 



The students will now be working with unpublished data taken from a tracking device on one of the thousands of Little Penguins on the Island to find out where the penguins forage for their food in Western Port Bay so that the researchers and rangers can better protect them at sea.  They will, with the help of the Media Arts teachers develop and create a digital story to portray the foraging path of one Little Penguin. This digital story will then be displayed on the Park's website to be shared with other schools and the community.


We are grateful for our STEM teacher, Kristina Bennet who went above and beyond to have our students accepted in such a fantastic program and I can't wait to see the result. 



This week our Years 3 and 5 took part in NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy). NAPLAN tests the skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy. The school will receive the results in September and use them to help teachers identify where children are at with their learning and to indicate the performance trend of the school in the teaching of literacy and numeracy over a number of years.  Individual student NAPLAN results will be sent home with each student, maintaining confidentiality.

Mother's Day Stall

A massive thank you goes to our Mother's Day stall helpers.  This is a huge task and the opportunity couldn't be provided without many volunteers.  We hope all the mum's in our school community enjoyed a gift from the stall. 


Kerryn Baillie


Junior Assistant Principal's Report

Welcome to week 5

It's hard to believe that we are already 5 weeks in to Term Two already!  What an exciting time it has been at Pakenham Springs.  Since I wrote last we have seen the arrival of new play equipment in the garden area, we have had Parent-Teacher interviews and we have also had two incursions.

Since writing last, the Prep Team have had their Responsible Pet Ownership incursion which was very exciting for all.  The students really enjoyed meeting our visiting Border Collie, Lucky.  They learned about approaching a friendly dog and what to do if they're approached by an angry dog.


The Year One Team also had an incursion last week and received a visit from some wild animals! They got to see an echidna, ring tail possum, saltwater croc, lizard, wallaby, dancing parrot and stumpy tail lizard.   Ms Baillie even held a giant snake!   Each student had an opportunity to hold and pat the animals.  They had a whole day of animal activities; animal bookmarks, Australian animal masks and word searches.


The Year Two Team have been very busy learning all about Australian native animals in readiness for their excursion later in the term.  They are currently writing Information Reports during their inquiry time, and have been researching these during their Library time.  By the time they get to Healesville, they will be experts!


What a busy time it has been!  I am sure that the next two weeks will be just as exciting.  I hope that everyone is keeping themselves warm as the days get colder.



Danny Forster

Acting Assistant Principal in Junior School



Middle/Senior Assistant Principal's Report

This week I want to celebrate the outstanding efforts of our Middle and Senior Students in a variety of forums. 

Our Year 3 and Year 5 students have sat their NAPLAN tests this week - for our Year 3 students, this marks their first experience with this type of assessment.  At Pakenham Springs we take the view that all students should have the opportunity to showcase their best learning at every possible opportunity - therefore we encourage all students to sit NAPLAN tests and to simply do their best. We believe that, through their learning journey at The Springs, all students will master the essential skills and knowledge they require in order to become respectful members of the local and global community.  NAPLAN is one measure of achievement on one day - students and parents are urged to maintain perspective when looking at NAPLAN results.  We are extremely proud of all students for using their confidence and persistence when completing these assessments this week.


This fortnight we also had our senior students showcasing their leadership abilities yet again - their assistance with the Mother's Day Stall (setting up, selling and packing up) was outstanding.  As a school, we are so lucky to have so many parents that come and help us run these events, and so many responsible students to lend a hand as well.  Thank you to everyone who came and helped.


Students at Pakenham Springs often pop up to the office and show off their awesome learning.  At the moment our Year 3 students have been working hard on building mental and written strategies to help with their addition and subtraction.  Toby in M23 loves playing Zapper to help with his tens facts.   Zac in M23 thinks that using skip counting is helpful in finding answers to addition and subtraction problems and Blake in M20 thinks that using concrete materials (like his fingers and counters) helps with making sure he understands the answer.  Thanks boys for your handy hints!


Keep us the awesome learning and have a great week everyone! 

Renee Cotterell

Assistant Principal (Middle & Senior School)


Upcoming Events

Term 2:

The following events are scheduled for the next few weeks.  Make sure you are aware of the ones which are applicable to you:


Friday 25th May:

  • Springers Celebration - 2.30pm Staffroom

Monday 28th May:

  • Curriculum Day - No students attend school today

Tuesday 29th May:

  • Prep Museum Excursion - J01, J02, J03
  • School Tours - 9.30am

Wednesday 30th May:

  • Prep Museum Excursion - J04, J05, J06

Thursday 31st May:

  • Year 6 Buddy Breakfast



Monday 16th April 2018 — Friday 29th June

Monday 28th May 2018 - Curriculum Day

Monday 11th June — Queens Birthday Public Holiday (No students attend this day)



Monday 16th July 2018 — Friday 21st September 2018



Monday 8th October 2018 — Friday 21st December 2018

Upcoming Fundraising Activities:

To continue to add to our fundraising efforts this year (funds going towards playground updates and additional outdoor activity options for all students) we currently have the following fundraising activities happening:



Entertainment Book Sales - Books can be purchased for $70 and have over $22,000 value in discount vouchers, special offers, etc. Display book is up at the office if you wish to view.  Digital or hardcopy books can be purchased online through:     



Notices recently published:

The following notices have been distributed over the  last fortnight.  If you missed them copies are available from Compass or the school’s website 


Some new resources have been added to the school website, check them out by clicking here

Junior School

  • CSEF Prep Winter Warmer Uniform Package

Middle School

  • Life Education Van - Year 3-Yr 6

Senior School

  • Soccer permission form - Select Year 6 students
  • Life Education Van - Year 3-Yr 6

Whole School

  • Sibling Prep 2019 enrolment information
  • Term 2 Calendar
  • Curriculum Day - Monday 28th May


The Education Department will continue to offer CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund) for families who are entitled to a Health Care or Pension Card.


If you hold a current Health Care or Pension Card and would like to apply for CSEF please see the ladies in the office.


Please note these funds can ONLY be used for School Camps, Sports or Excursions.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.



Contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from


NEW FOR 2018

If you applied for the CSEF at your child’s school in 2017,  you do not need to complete an application form in 2018 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances.

You only need to complete an application form if any of the following changes have occurred:

  • New student enrolments;  your child has started or changed schools in 2018 or you did not apply in 2017.
  • Changed family circumstances; such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing at the school in 2018.

Check with the school office if you are unsure.


Community News


Learning in J07

Junior School J07 is sharing the learning taking place in our class…..





Wild Action Incursion

Year 1’s had a fantastic opportunity to have Stewart from Wild Action visit Pakenham Springs.  Stewart brought many varieties of Australian animals to introduce to the students and sharing all the interesting facts about each animal.  All students were given the opportunity to touch and hold the animals.  J07 thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the animals.










Mother’s Day

J07 and J15 joined together to create a special Mother’s Day present for that special person in their life that helps them be the best they can be every day.   Students from both classes paired up and developed new friendships, sharing some information about themselves.


Learning in M22

Middle School M22 is sharing the learning taking place in our class…..

This term we have learnt how to write a narrative.   As well as the structural elements, the students in M22 have learnt how to include similes and metaphors in their writing.

The students made their very own rollercoaster and then wrote similes and metaphors to describe the feeling they would have on their rollercoaster, their experience on the roller coaster, or to describe elements of their rollercoaster.


Sabah – The rollercoaster is a zippy rocket (Metaphor).

Amanat – The rollercoaster is a zooming rocket (Metaphor). 

Atiel – The rollercoaster was steamy and fast (Metaphor).

Ethan – The rollercoaster is tall like a skyscraper (Simile)

Jaelen – My rollercoaster is as fast as a jet (Simile).

Kaethan – The rollercoaster is as scary as a ghost (Simile).

Tyson – The rollercoaster was stiff as a rusty cog wheel (Simile).

Lockie – The rollercoaster is as fast as a NASA rocket (Simile).

Cooper – The rollercoaster was dark like a haunted house (Simile).

Sheryl – My heart was racing like a car on the rollercoaster (Simile).

Romy – My rollercoaster is as fast as a cheetah (Simile). 

Armani – The rollercoaster was as loopy as spaghetti (Simile).  

Ava – My rollercoaster is fast like the Death Coaster (Simile).

Lucy – My rollercoaster loops like the waves (Simile).

Andros – The rollercoaster is as fast as the Flash (Simile).

Maxwell – The rollercoaster is as bad as a rat in the hat (Simile).

Tauave – The rollercoaster is as fast as a cheetah chasing an elephant (Simile).

Zayne – The rollercoaster was as fast as a rocket ship (Simile).

Bohdan – My rollercoaster is as cool as ice (Simile).

Jai – The rollercoaster went as high as a bird (Simile).


Learning in S39

Middle School S39 is sharing the learning taking place in our class…..

The students in S39 have been working extremely hard in all areas this year.

In Numeracy we have been learning to compare, order, add, subtract, multiply and divide decimal numbers.  It has been really challenging but a lot of fun.  Some students even participated in a scientific notation project to extend their learning.

Recently we have also started comparing fractions on a number line and adding and subtracting fractions with the same, related and different denominators.  Some students have also been extended to multiplying and dividing fractions.  Which is an easy enough concept to learn, but it gets very tricky when you have to create a visual representation!

In Narrative writing,  we have been learning to develop our characters through the use of dialogue, actions, reactions and relationships.  We have particularly focused on our ability to SHOW rather than TELL our audience when it comes to character description:

To do this we have created our own pirates.  We initially drew them and began by describing their appearance before discussing their behaviour, personalities, communication and interactions.  We even created some similes and metaphors to help create a mental image for our audience.  The results have been fantastic and students have been genuinely excited about writing.


Here are a few small examples from our work…


His fake metal leg slowed his speed as he stumbled
across the deck to his quarters.

With one hit he fell into the ocean like an anchor.


The beautiful diamonds shone like the stars.  The trees danced on the golden, soft sand, and the blue sky sparkled over the vast ocean.


If you don’t clean the deck, you’ll be falling off it!


My heavy boots stomped through the ship and thumped up the creaking staircase.  My dark hair flicked aggressively across my face and my eyes were as black as charcoal.


The tree is a human, tall and beautiful.  It dances in the summer breeze, whistling as it goes.  It is different from all of us, but aren’t we all?  We stand like statues, tall and proud.  As the years go on, we grow old, withering away.  Its memory echoes with the wind after its final words have been spoken.

Tess and Holly





The floor creaked as Skully heaved herself onto the rotten deck. Her hair shone a brilliant hue of red in the morning sun.  Her eye glared defiantly at the semblance of crew members before her.  Skully’s leg screeched against the floor boards as she stepped forwards slowly.

“He’s right here, Cap’n,” squeaked a short plump crew member. Skully’s hands stumbled for her sword.  With one swift movement, the blade was out, glistening in the sun light. The sword pointed towards the helpless man, gagged and tied up on the deck.

“Give me the money, or feed the sharks!” she snarled, stepping toward him ruthlessly. Her muscular body was tense, prepared to fight. The edges of her lips pulled continuously into a grimace on her sour face, forming a hideous grin as she thought of her favourite past time: watching people walk the plank.

“I-I d-don’t have any,” he stuttered sheepishly.

“Well then, this will be fun,” she said with obvious enjoyment plastered on her face.  A coming storm brewed, blowing her hair from underneath her skull imprinted purple pirate hat. She wrapped her sky blue coat, rimmed with gold, ever tight around her.

“Untie him,” she ordered.

“Eye eye mate,” they answered. Their fingers fumbled with the knots finally freeing him. She walked threatening closer, sword held high. The man retreated onto the plank, until there was nowhere else to go.

SPLASH! He went down, down, down, into the depths of the dark, merciless ocean.  Skully laughed menacingly.

“Back to work!” she barked.

Tess Gilbert


In Reading we have focused on identifying and interpreting figurative language.  We have analysed picture story books, passages and even song lyrics to find a range of different types and have started to experiment with writing our own.   Some students have even attempted their own extended metaphors, Shakespeare would be so proud.


In S39 we have also been participating in ‘Survivor’ where we learn to apply learning behaviours in team-based scenarios.  Each week our survivor teams compete and are faced with a series of challenges which require resilience, persistence, confidence, organisation and getting along skills. Team members need to create strategies, use each other’s strengths and promote inclusion to succeed.  Here are some insights from S39 discussing the benefits of Survivor...


“I like Survivor because you learn to communicate with others and the challenges are challenging.”



“In Survivor, you work as a team to overcome challenges.  In one challenge we had to be blindfolded and work as a team to find objects in an obstacle course.  It was really scary but you had to rely on your partner.  That helped build trust.”



“On the puzzle challenge, it was hard because you had to find pieces that matched.  We had to include everyone’s ideas which helped us.”



“You have to plan out strategies.  One challenge involved us on a scavenger hunt around the school.  Some people had to come back and get help from others rather than cost their team time.  We learned people have different strengths and that’s what helped us come first.”





As always, the Sports program offers amazing opportunities for the students to achieve their best and this year has seen fantastic results.


CUA Fun Run/House Cross Country Carnival

On the last day of Term 1, we held our annual House Cross Country Carnival on our school community oval for all students Prep to Year 6.  This year’s carnival was supported by CUA as a major fundraiser for our school.  Students were given the opportunity to fundraise money by creating individual fundraising profiles, share with family members and the wider community.  We had an amazing response from students, teachers and parents in fundraising for our new outdoor equipment and playgrounds recently purchased.  We raised an amazing $14,978.69.  This amount really  exceeded our initial target and a big thank you goes out to all involved.


All students participated in their House colours for their House and earned points for participating.  This carnival was also used as our qualifying event for our District Cross Country team for Year 4-6 students.  The top 10 boys and girls in the 9/10 yrs, 11yrs and 12/13yrs categories qualified for our District team. 


All Top 10 students in each year level received ribbons for their achievements, with all other students receiving certificates for their participation in the event.


The overall winner of the carnival was the Edward house (Green).











District Cross Country

Friday 4th May saw us venture to Toomuc Valley Reserve,  Pakenham with 45 students to take on the other schools in our District at Cross Country for 2018.  It was a true winter’s day with a blasting wind from the south and plenty of rain around - perfect Cross country conditions to be honest.

A huge congratulations goes out to all of our students who competed in either the 2km or 3km events.  Many of our students were competing in District competitions for the first time, while some completed personal best results and everyone involved showed fantastic endeavors, effort and sportsmanship.

A special mention to the following students who finished in the top 10 of their age group and have qualified for Division Cross Country championships in June.


  • Melissa     6th in Girls 12/13 yrs
  • Vanessa    8th in Girls 12/13 yrs
  • Jasmine    8th in Girls 11 yrs
  • Harry         5th in Boys 11 yrs

We are so very proud of our students’ efforts competing in such testing conditions and proving to exceed many expectations.  Well done all.


Year 6 Interschool Sports

As part of our participation in the Pakenham District School Sports Association Summer and Winter Sports programs, we have been playing interschool sport against various schools in our district during both Term 1 and Term 2.  These competitions are held on Friday mornings in our Year 6 sports time (9:00am-11:00am) and require the students to travel to another school to participate every second week, with the opposing schools coming to us on the alternate weeks.


The students have nominated themselves to participate in one of the following summer sports: Basketball (girls and mixed), Volleyball (mixed), T20 Cricket (mixed and girls), Team Tennis (mixed and girls) and Tee Ball (mixed).  Winter Sports include Netball (girls and mixed), Softball (girls and mixed),  AFL (mixed only) and Soccer (girls and mixed).  Pakenham Springs will be fielding teams in each of these sports.  This works out that there will be an opportunity for all of the Year 6 students to participate each Friday.  When students are not playing they will be participating in various roles for each sport including scoring, umpiring and timekeeping.  During home games, all students will be participating and assisting with the setup and administration of the Interschool Sports.


This competition format is used in most other School Sport Victoria (SSV) districts throughout the state.  This program provides students with the opportunity to compete for Pakenham Springs on a regular basis and to build their skills for the lightning premiership, which will be the culmination of the season.


So far students have been participating with great enthusiasm, showing good sportsmanship and improving a variety of skills in their chosen sports.


Scott Holmes, Rhys Davie and Lucy Hoogenboom

Sports Team



OSHClub News


Program Update 18/05/2018 Pakenham Springs OSHCLUB


Hello everyone,


We are half way through term two!  Each week we are coming up with exciting activities for the 

children.  We are also looking to introduce more community participation and would love some 

ideas from our students and parents.  If there are fundraisers or community events happening we 

would love to hear about it. 


With the cold weather approaching fast, please remind children to pack a jumper as it can become quite cold in our oshc room.  If your child is ill and requires medicine, please remember to sign it

in and out, it also needs to have a date of expiry with it.  If your child has asthma please remember 

to bring in their puffer. 


OSH Club has upgraded our enrolment and booking system (iParent Portal) to make it easier to 

manage your OSHClub account and to ensure we are ready for the new Child Care Subsidy that 

starts on 2 July 2018.  I would like to thank everyone for their patience transferring over to this 

system and ensure smooth sailing in the near future.  Please remember to transfer your details 

across, including emergency contacts.   We still require there to be at least three. 


Science and cooking days have been a huge success this term with some great ideas from the students.  We are looking forward to creating some more exciting treats and experiments this 

term.  Remember to get your ideas into the 'Suggestion Box'.

We have also introduced homework time in the afternoons which the children are loving and

really taking advantage of.   During this time we encourage the children to have quiet reading time. 

Any additions to our small book collection would be greatly appreciated. 


We have also included awards day on Thursday afternoons where we have a small presentation 

and display each child's award around our service.   We are hoping to cover the walls with all

the amazing achievements from our kids and give them a chance to grab some exciting prizes at

the end of the term. 


Our recycled supplies are still low -  if you have any items such as boxes, cardboard, material scraps and unwanted clothes suitable for dress-ups, they would be greatly appreciated. 


Just a few reminders 

Our lost property basket is overflowing with school and personal attire. Please ask staff where the lost property bin is when visiting our service to ensure all items are returned to owner.

A lot of jumpers are unnammed so please remember to name all your children's clothing. 


Where are they ????


It would also be much appreciated if your child is not going to be attending ASC  that you either cancel them on line or  send a text to the service mobile on the following number

0438 564 038.This saves a lot of time when signing the children in the afternoon and

 means that we do not have to go through the process of contacting families or in the

 event of not being able to contact you having to put our missing child policy ( contacting police) into place which we are required to do within 30 minutes of being unable to find 

your child.


Thanks, Kristen, Courtney and Angela.


Coordinator: Kristen Askew

Assistants: Courtney Dodson, Angela McLachlan

Program Phone: 0438 564 038

OSHClub Head Office: 03 8564 9000


All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is free to enrol!   Please create an account online at - all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via

your online account.  For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator directly.












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