Photo: Year 7 - Athletics Carnival 2018

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11 May 2018
Issue Four
We remember them
Milena's project wins prize!
Medieval Sydney
A unique excursion
The best school in NSW
Sports Shorts
Where are they now?
In our community
Beep Beep Beep
Year 10 History
Leadership program 
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We remember them

Photo: ANZAC Day commemoration 2018

Lest we forget

In the last week of Term One,  Cecil Hills High School students conducted an ANZAC Day Commemoration ceremony, remembering those men and women who have served and died in war in the service of their country.


The ceremony was a solemn occasion, with all students showing great respect for the sacrifice made by our ex-servicemen and women. The ceremony was conducted by Year 10 students Felicity Olivares, Monika Mladenovic, Christina Sartsiri and Alicia Sek.


The ceremony included an official wreath-laying by the St Johns Cadets of Cecil Hills High School represented by Shanelle Pizarro, Nikola Sekularac, Maryam Shah and Liam Anderson. Year 7 students were also part of the wreath-laying ceremony by laying wreaths they had made in their History classes. They had researched Australian soldiers from the Liverpool area who had served in WW1. Each Year 7 student laid a rose in honour of their chosen soldier.


The presentation included a tribute video made by Mr Hillsmith’s 9G History class on the Gallipoli Campaign and a presentation by 10S History students focussing on the 100 years since the important 1918 battles of Villers-Bretonneux, Le Hamel and Mont St Quentin.

This was followed by the Ode, the Last Post, one minute silence and the Reveille. The event concluded with the National Anthem performed by Edina Begic and Youna Bashir of Year 9.


Every Cecil Hills High School student showed great respect on this most important occasion.


Mr Sean Griffiths, History teacher

Milena's project wins prize!

Photo: Aerial view - Cecil Hills High School

Senior Geography

For the first time,  Cecil Hills High School participated in the GTA (Geography Teachers' Association) NSW Arthur Phillip Fieldwork Competition by entering a selection of Senior Geography Projects from the 2017 Year 11 Geography cohort. The Senior Geography Project is a large body of work that has a focus on geographical inquiry and its application to a practical research project. Year 11 students spend time over three terms completing their individual projects.


On 9 April,  I had the privilege of attending the NSW Geography Teachers' 2017 Award Ceremony for outstanding students in Geography across NSW. Congratulations to Milena Cugalj (Year 12) who was awarded 3rd place in Brock Rowe Senior Geography Fieldwork Award for her Year 11 Senior Geography Project for 2017.

Milena’s project investigated traffic congestion at the intersection of Cowpasture Road and Frederick Road, Cecil Hills and the safety of the area for pedestrians. This is an outstanding state-wide achievement and well deserved by Milena.

Ms F Farah, Geography Teacher (Year 11) 2017

Medieval Sydney

Photo: Year 7 at Sydney University - medieval history learning

Enrichment History Day

On a sunny Thursday, 5 April,  50 Year 7 students accompanied by Mrs Haskett and Ms Golijan headed by bus on an adventure of historical learning to Sydney University. After travelling over the Harbour Bridge we reached our destination and the students were not sure if they were at Hogwarts or Sydney University.

Professor Michael McDonnell and Bridget Neave organised a day of immersion in History whilst demonstrating the benefits of studying at university to our students. Students engaged in a treasure hunt around the quad, learnt about Medieval Aboriginal Sydney, had a tour led by famous Nicholson Museum curator, Craig Baker and were enthralled by a medieval fight  held by the Society for Creative Anachronism. A fantastic day was had by all.

Ms S Haskett, Head Teacher - History

A unique excursion

Photo: Year 12 Society & Culture in Japan

Year 12 Society and Culture explore!

Year 12 Society and Culture students had the opportunity to be part of Cecil Hills High School’s first international excursion by visiting four major cities of Japan in eight days. The tour commenced in Tokyo with an eventful first day exploring Asakusa, Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Skytree and Meiji Jingu Shrine.


One of the highlights of Tokyo was exploring the Japanese adaptation of Disney media at the happiest place on earth - DISNEYLAND! This was followed by an adventure filled day visiting Anime Central – Akihabara and crossing the busiest intersection in the world at Shibuya. The evening was spent experiencing Kawaii culture and Japanese adolescent interests at Harajuku.


After a memorable time at Tokyo, students spent three days in bustling Hiroshima. They caught a ferry to beautiful Itsukushima, also known as Miyajima Island which is famous for its forests and ancient temples. Students expressed a sense of peacefulness as they visited Itsukushima Shrine, which was first built in the 12th century. The following day was an insightful and emotional one as the group spent time at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park which commemorates the 1945 event when the city was largely destroyed by an atomic bomb during World War II.


After leaving Hiroshima with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture and history, students arrived at Kyoto. They explored Gion and were excited to spot a Geisha. They also visited the stunning Golden Pavillion - Kinkakuji Temple to experience the glory of the old capital. The guided tour then stopped at Nijo-jo Castle which enhanced their understanding of Shogunate rule prior to the Meiji Restoration. Last stop was Kiyomizu-dera Temple where students continued their food experience with traditional Japanese food and dessert. We definitely recommend the ice cream here!


Making the most of Japan’s efficient transport system, students spent their last day in Japan in Osaka. They experienced a full range of transport facilities including the bullet train, subway, tram and buses. The morning was spent at another famous landmark, Osaka Castle with breath taking views of the entire city. Students spotted a Samurai and then headed to Shinsaibashi-suji, one of Osaka’s famous shotengai (covered shopping arcades).


Student feedback:

“Travelling to Japan was a unique, exciting and rewarding experience. Immersed in a society and culture so different from my own, I have been able to witness how the key elements of my society and culture course transition from being words on paper to real life interactions between cultures and peoples.” – Milena


“Japan was one of the most rewarding and exciting   adventures I’ve ever been on. Visiting historical temples, experiencing the traditional culture, going to Disneyland (the happiest place on earth) and exploring beautiful places was something I will never forgot. I was so lucky to go on this trip with such an amazing group of people who made every single second funny, exciting, memorable and enjoyable. It was such a great opportunity that I am so grateful for and will never forget.” – Olivia


“This trip has made me a more culturally and literate person. I have made many great memories on this trip. Some of my favourite parts of this trip were the times we spent in temples and eating all the Japanese food.” – Jordan N.


I take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to Ms Foo, Head Teacher Social Sciences and Ms Occiuto, SRC teacher, who accompanied us on this trip and for their amazing support throughout and to the school executive staff for their support of this wonderful experience!

Miss A Sahid, organising teacher

The best school in NSW

Term two begins


Shall we all meet in the autumn?

Golden and glowing by autumn

Shall we still be best of friends?

Ahead we plow

Into the darkening night

Can't see the bow

How then to search with only starlight?

‘Autumn’ by Maury Yeston from ‘Titanic’


School Development Day

We had a very successful school development day last week.  The day focused on Strategic Direction #2 in our school plan: flexible, future-focused and innovative teaching practices.  Teachers completed a course to help students produce better written responses in the HSC and then completed modules on various topics including Moodle, differentiated learning, Focus on Reading, Google Suite software, QuickSmart, ClickView and Turnitin.  These tools are vital for our focus on 21st century learning.

Tell Them From Me

Almost every student in the school completed the ‘Tell Them From Me’ survey at the end of Term 1.  This provides us with incredibly rich data from a student’s perspective and informs our future planning.  As in previous years, there is much to celebrate when analysing this data.  When compared with the rest of NSW:

  • our students are more likely to have a positive sense of belonging (6% higher)
  • our students are more likely to have positive homework behaviours (15% higher)
  • our students are more likely to be intellectually engaged at school (10% higher)
  • our students are half as likely to miss school without a valid reason

We will run the ‘Partners in Learning’ survey for parents later in the year to give us more food for thought from the perspective of parents.

Year 12

In terms of my introductory quote, we are into ‘Autumn’ and Year 12 are now more than halfway through their HSC courses.  There are many analogies to describe the HSC.  It could be compared to a marathon.  It could also be compared to a ship going full steam ahead.  Unlike the Titanic, we want the maiden voyage that is Year 12 to be a success.  At this time of the year, Year 12 can feel a tad lost in the ‘darkening night’ but they need to focus on the feedback received following their mid-course exams.  Research continually shows that feedback is one of the best ways for students to improve (  Year 12 need to be proactive in order to maximise their marks:

  • show draft work to teachers
  • complete past HSC exam questions
  • re-attempt mid-course exam questions
  • complete online multiple choice quizzes
  • write study notes and show them to teachers
  • ask lots of questions
  • seek feedback, more feedback and then even more feedback!

Deputy Principal

I am very pleased to announce that Mr Michael Lane was successful in a recent merit selection for our permanent Deputy Principal position. 

Mr Lane has worked as Head Teacher - Welfare, Head Teacher - Teaching & Learning and Head Teacher - PD/H/PE in the past and has immense knowledge of our school context.  During his 12 years at Cecil Hills High School, he has provided expert mentoring and guidance as a Year Adviser and led school planning processes, conference planning and professional learning in a number of executive positions. 

We are very excited to have Mr Lane as a permanent addition to the senior executive team and I look forward to continuing to work with him.

P&C Meetings

Our next P&C meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Monday, 4 June 2018.  There will be a repeat session at 9:30am on Thursday, 7 June 2018.


I look forward to continuing to work with the staff, students and parents of Cecil Hills High School, the best school in NSW.

Mark Sutton, Principal


Online devices

We know that children and teens spend a lot of time online and often from multiple devices. From homework and listening to music to instant messaging friends and checking out the latest on social media, the reality is many children and teens are using a screen every day. Screen time can also be an easy option to keep younger children occupied in our busy lives. So how much screen time is too much for your child?  Take the Screen Smart Parent Tour below.

There is no magic guideline for the ‘right’ amount of time for children to spend online. This is a matter for you to decide—but there are guidelines that can help you in addition to factoring in the age of your kids, their maturity level and your family dynamics.

Sports Shorts

CHS Swimming Championships

Michelle Prasad, Renae Prasad, Brendan Prasad, Jaydan Prasad, Jasmine Quach, and our 12 years, 14 years and All Age Boys Relay teams competed at the CHS Swimming Championships in week 11 last term. All swimmers enjoyed the experience and step up in competition.


Our standout performers were:


 Michelle Prasad , 2nd in 100m Breaststroke, 5th in 100m Backstroke

Jaydan Prasad, 8th in 100m Butterfly, 9th in100m Breaststroke, 200m Freestyle

Congratulations to all our star swimmers on reaching this level.


Prasad family swimmers

Michelle, Jaydan, Brandan and Renae Prasad recently swam in the Fiji Swimming Long Course Age National Championships. Collectively the Prasad siblings won 16 gold, 7 silver and 9 bronze medals. They really scooped the pool. A fantastic achievement from our star swimming quartet.

We look forward to future successes in the future.


Cross Country Championships

The annual school Cross Country Championships were held around the picturesque lakes of the Cecil Hills in week 2. Congratulations to all competitors for their efforts on the day.


Overall Results:

Goolagong : 386    Hollows: 285

Whitlam: 269     Chisholm: 166


Age Champions


Djordje Kaludjerovic, 12 years                   

Stefan Konjevic, 13 years                             

Carlos David, 14 years                                

Lukas Secondo, 15 years                              

Daniel Mihajlovic, 16 years                          

Thomas Todd, 17 years                               

Lachlan Hawkins, 18+ years


Sophie Luong, 12 years

Jessica Narvaiza, 13 years

Annabelle Esparon, 14 years

Marija Pavkovic, 15 years

Sanie Faatoatoa, 16 years

Jordan Scully, 17 years

Olivia Macmillan, 18+ years



Our U14 Boys Futsal teams competed at the Football NSW Futsal Regional Championships this week. Both boys teams made the semi-finals with the A team being crowned Regional Champions! They will now compete at the State Championships in July.

Futsal is a sport widely embraced by the students here at our school and we will continue to foster the development of our students.


Congratulations to Jarred McKinley for his selection in the NSW CHS 1’s U16 Football squad to compete at the NSW All Schools Championships in June. Jarred is a very talented footballer and his selection is a just reward for his hard work, dedication and outstanding performances at the trials.

Sonya Cardillo represented SSW at the recent CHS Girls Football Championships in Wollongong. Sonya helped her team win the gold medal and state champion’s title. Sonya was the recipient of the MVP award for her SSW team. She was selected as a shadow player for the NSW CHS squads. Congratulations on a fantastic tournament. We are very proud of your achievements.


Giants Cup AFL

Our Opens girls AFL team competed in the Giants Cup competition this week. The girls had a thoroughly enjoyable day and improved with each game. They are all keen to play again next year and have definitely caught the AFL bug. A big thank you to Miss Fagan for coaching the team.


Athletics Carnival

Over 800 students attended our annual athletics carnival at Dwyer Oval this week. The atmosphere was sensational with staff and students dressed in their house colours and displaying tremendous team spirit with fantastic war cries, dances and cheers of support for their fellow students competing for their house group. The array of costumes of the senior students was truly awesome. A lot of work had gone into the costumes and they were a definite highlight of the day. All students who competed in events are to be congratulated on their enthusiastic participation and exemplary behaviour.  A big thank you to the PDHPE staff for their time, effort and dedication in organising the carnival, and to all staff for their efforts in helping with the smooth running of the day including competing in events and earning points for their houses. House spirit is truly alive!!


Participation Points

Chisholm. 737

Goolagong. 800

Hollows. 788

Whitlam, 702

Overall results                                                                                                   

Hollows, 1228

Goolagong, 1138

Chisholm, 1057

Whitlam, 1016


Age Champions   

12 yrs

George Mapuilesua (H), Jorja Jackson (W)

13 yrs          

Cayden Boyter (C), Joelle Garcia (W)

14 yrs          

Simon Lim (H), Jasmine Quach (C)

15 yrs          

Edwin Tarawali (W), Georgia Portelli (H), Aleksia Drinkwater (C)                        16 yrs          

Jarred McKinley (H), Georgia Bajic (C)

17+ yrs        

Thomas Todd (W),  Jordan Scully (G)



New school records that were achieved:

12G 100m: Jorja Jackson, 14.71s

15G Shot Put: Georgia Portelli,  9.90m

15G Discus: Georgia Portelli, 31.30m

15G Javelin: Georgia Portelli, 37.01m

12B 200m: Taye Sahib, 28.50s

12B 100m: George Mapuilesua, 12.89s

12B High Jump: George Mapuiliesua, 1.36m

12B Discus: George Mapuilesua, 44.67m

13B 100m:  Branson Po, 12.03s

13B Long Jump: Branson Po,  4.80m

13B High Jump: Cayden Boyter, 1.53m

13B Discus:  Cayden Boyter, 30.66m

14B Shot Put: Max Krol, 11.90m

14B 400m: Zaia Korkis, 1:05.27

15B 100m: Edwin Tarawali, 11.63s

15B 200m: Edwin Tarawali, 24.30s

17+B 200m: Thomas Todd, 24.29s

17+ B 800m: Marcus Saggiomo, 2:24.78


Knockout Competitions

Many knockout competitions are underway. Some results so far:

  • Boys Volleyball Round 2 lost to Chester Hill HS
  • Table Tennis  Round 1 defeated Liverpool Boys HS
  • Girls Basketball Round 3  defeated Elderslie HS 
  •  -  Round 4  defeated,  Round 5  lost to Picnic Point HS (Regional Runners-Up)

Mr B Condon, Sports Organiser

Where are they now?

My life post high school

written by Lauren Mercuri

I graduated from Cecil Hills High School in 2010 and since that time I have completed an Exercise and Sport Science Degree at the Australian Catholic University followed by a Doctor of Physiotherapy at Macquarie University. I now work as a full-time physiotherapist in a private practice.

After finishing high school, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do. As a student who was never confident in her studies, becoming a Physiotherapist seemed way out of reach. It wasn’t until I was offered a part-time job at a local physiotherapy practice that I made the decision to continue with my studies and work towards becoming a physiotherapist.


A normal day at Macquarie University would typically involve a combination of lectures mixed with tutorials. Tutorials involved hands on learning, applying techniques that were taught in lectures. Over the three years I completed several physiotherapy placements.

I spent five weeks at Braeside Hospital (rehabilitation), Prince of Wales Hospital (intensive care unit/ high dependency unit), a private practice and Westmead Children’s Hospital. Completing all these placements in different environments was great exposure as a student.

In the last year of my studies, I completed a thesis regarding new technologies in diagnosing Lymphoedema at Macquarie Hospital.


My most memorable time at Cecil Hills High would be going to Hawaii to play netball with Ms Vidot and Ms Schell.  It was a great two weeks that I’ll cherish forever! 


In our community

Supporting families


Beep Beep Beep

My 500 word narrative poem

written by Joshua Khosrowabadi, Year 11


The life machine said,

The woman lay dying,

Slumped in her bed.

Fighting for life,

For well over a year,

Her life essence starting,

To slowly disappear.


Given three months,

But fought for a year,

Just to see her grandson,

Before she would no longer be here.

Fought for her daughter,

Fought for her life,

Fought for the battle,

The grieving and strife.


Cancer was killing her,

That much she knew,

She refused to die easily,

But what else could she do?

She grew tired,

But would not give in,

She would fight all she could,

Even though she knew she cannot win.



The life machine said,

She refused to give up,

She did not want to be dead.

The battle was vain,

Her struggle was real,

It was nearing completion,

Her life was the deal.



She was not going to stop,

She will fight and she will fight,

Taking on the cancer,

By day and by night.

With regular visits,

From her family and friends

Giving her all that she needed,

All the love and new strength.



The life machine said,

The woman still fighting,

Keep going, said her head.

The fight was like a race,

The cancer in first,

She was in a close second,

Her energy waiting to burst. 


Her will was unmatched,

Her life was still safe,

She would live to fight,

For another day.

Those restless nights,

With struggles and all,

But she refused to answer,

The nearing death call.



The life machine said,

The woman lay fighting,

Still in her bed.

Still eating and drinking,

And finding new strength,

The battle was not over,

She would go the full length.


Fighting for life,

Shocking her carers,

Who gave her three months,

But its been now a year.

She would fight all she would,

Never give up,

Though her life was draining,

And her time almost up.


She lay there tired,

Her strength almost gone,

The cancer was on a warpath,

Reality starting to dawn.

She fought back,

With newfound strength,

When will the battle be over?

When will she give in?




The life machine said,

Her life in the balance,

Her figure still laying in bed.

She lay there fighting,

But she was unable,

To delay her death,

It was all but inevitable.



NO! She would say,

I am not losing now,

I am bringing this cancer,

Straight to the ground.

I’ll conquer this foe,

With all that I strive,

I will not die,

I’m staying alive!


The battle entered,

Into next gear,

She would not survive,

For another year.

The best she could do,

Was delay all she could,

With her life in the balance,

Her condition not good.  



The life machine said,

There she lay limp,

Still on her bed.

The battle was over,

The cancer had won,

She died in her sleep,

And the next morning was gone.



The inspiration for this piece draws really close to my heart. It has been thirteen years since my grandmother on my mother’s side passed away due to terminal pancreatic cancer. She was a fighter though, that much was true. She, like in the poem, was given less than three months, but fought for over a year. She died in 2005, but in her sleep, which is what she wanted as that is the most peaceful way to die. She held a very close place to my heart, and even though I was only three years, I understood enough to know that things were not right. My mother, rightfully so, was distraught with sadness and despair, and my dad passing away in 2007 was no help at all. This poem that I made came straight from my heart, like my last one. I just felt an urge to type up a poem about my grandmother’s intense struggle with terminal cancer, and it just went from there. My proudest part of the poem has to be the very end, because that drew a lot of emotion out of me, and hopefully other people that may read this piece of my work.





Year 10 History

Photo: Sydney Jewish Museum

Our Holocaust topic

On Thursday, 12 April Year 10 History students visited the Sydney Jewish Museum in Darlinghurst. The Sydney Jewish Museum documents the Holocaust and the history of the Jewish people in Australia.

Students were guided through exhibitions on Hitler’s rise to power, ghettos and concentration camps. They also listened to a story from a Holocaust survivor and attended a lecture on the Holocaust. Students found the museum fascinating and eye opening.

The excursion complemented the Holocaust topic which students studied during Term 1 History.

Mr M Dziekonski, History teacher

Leadership program 

Students in Parliament

written by Winston Lay and Julina Ngov

On 15 March 2018 we had the privilege of attending the NSW Parliament Leadership Program where we had the opportunity to meet members of parliament, including State Member for Mulgoa, The Hon. Tanya Davies MP.

Throughout the day, there were able to learn valuable lessons on the importance on leadership and how to maximise their opportunities and potential as a school leader. They were also able to meet His Excellency  General, the Hon. David Hurley AC DSC who used his extensive experience in leadership to inspire and encourage the students to make meaningful change within their respective communities.


Both students were in this program with other school leaders from across the state and were encouraged to interact with the other students in order to gain inspiration and different perspectives to improve their own school communities. 
Paul Hickey, Year 12 Adviser


Photo: Year 11 Visual Arts at Art Express (Art Gallery of NSW)

Visual Arts

On 11 April, Year 11 Visual Arts students went to the Art Gallery of NSW to see ARTEXPRESS, which showcased the artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts 2017. This exhibition displayed outstanding artworks which provided insight into students’ creativity and the issues important to them.

The exhibition encompassed a broad range of approaches and expressive forms, including ceramics, collection of works, documented forms, drawing, graphic design, painting, photomedia, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and fibre, and time-based forms.

Year 11 students explored and were inspired by this visit, as they gained broader knowledge and scope to their own art making ideas.

Mrs A Verter, Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts


Important Dates


Tuesday, 15th to Friday, 25th

NAPLAN tests for Year 7 and Year 9

Wednesday, 16th

Year 8 Cake Making Showcase, Library

Thursday, 17th

Indigenous Expo

After school music lessons

Friday, 18th

Year 10 Science half yearly exam

Monday, 21st

Year 12 CAFS excursion to Wayside Chapel

Support Unit to Shining Stars rehearsal

Tuesday, 22nd May

Zone Cross Country

String Ensemble lessons after school

Wednesday, 23rd

Year 12 Great Western Sydney Careers Market

Friday, 25th

Year 12 History Extension

Monday, 28th

Australian Geography competition

Year 8 Alcohol Education presentation

Tuesday, 29th

CHAMP Assembly, Period 2

Year 12 Senior Science at University of NSW

Year 7 - 11 String Ensemble, after school

Wednesday, 30th

Biggest Morning Tea

Year 7 Science Science assessment half yearly exam

Year 10 and 11 meningococcal vaccinations

Thursday, 31st

16 years boys and girls Regional Futsal at Minto

Year 7 Science assessment half yearly exam


Monday, 4th 

P&C Meeting 6.30pm

Year 9 History WW1 incursion

Year 10/11 Skills Show Australia

Support Unit at Shining Stars rehearsal

Thursday, 7th

P&C Repeat parent session 9.30 am

Friday, 8th

Year 12 Business Studies lectures

Year 9 Brainstorm Productions presentation

Year 11 CAFS Odyssey



Mother's Day Breakfast

Mother’s Day is a day where we celebrate all that our mothers or mother figures in our lives, have done for us.  At this time of the year we say thank you and remind our mothers that we love them.


Last  week at Cecil Hill High School we invited all our mothers and special friends to join us for a Mother’s Day Breakfast on Friday, 4 May.

In the lead up to the breakfast Year 9 students were busy preparing for the event. Thank you to Ms Marin and her Year 9 Food Tech class for their food preparation and to Ms Marks and her Year 9 Visual Arts class for their work in preparing the floral table decorations. We also benefited from the fine barista skills of the Year 11 Hospitality students, so thanks to them for their service.


Thank you also to Mrs Lowe and her Mum for providing so many decorative items, such as the bunting recycled from Lowe family lace curtains! Many other Year 9 students volunteered to set up the Library on the afternoon before and it was indeed a Year 9 team effort. Mr Hickey, Mrs Randall, Mrs van der Meer, Mrs Crowe, Mrs Byron and Mrs Marando deserve special thanks as well for jumping on board with us.

Of course, thank you to all the wonderful families (we estimate over 200 people) who joined us.

From our Cecil family to yours, we wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday and hope it is a day filled with love and happiness.


Jenny Green and Christina Marks, Year 9 Advisers

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