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05 September 2019
Issue Twenty-seven
Raising Resilient Kids: Parenting Night with Sharon Witt
What's been Happening?
Nine Types of Students: #7- The Enthusiast
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Raising Resilient Kids:
Parenting Night with Sharon Witt

By Emma Hughes (Writer in Residence) 

How can we help our kids to master the art of resilience? 

It’s the question on the lips of parents everywhere in this age of social media, suicide statistics and insidious screens. With a sharp rise in mental health concerns (which have doubled in the past six years for teens), it can be difficult to know how to respond. 


Sharon Witt brought her wealth of knowledge to our Parenting Night on Monday 2 September, as she spoke about ‘Building Resilience in Children and Teens’. With a teaching background of 27 years, 22 years of mothering experience, a conference circuit and numerous books for tweens and teens to her name - Sharon is dynamic, personable and has a talent for communicating difficult information in a simple and practical way. 


We learned about the nature of resilience - which is the ability to bounce back or adapt to difficult circumstances, to thrive despite the odds. While we may not be able to vaccinate our kids against the tough stuff, that doesn’t mean we can’t help them to develop worthy qualities that will help them stand strong. 


With the following Domains of Resilience, Sharon encouraged parents to ensure that our children have at least four out of these six protective factors to boost their chances of thriving when tough times hit. 


1. A Secure Base


Are our homes a place of safety and support for our kids (and their friends)? Sharon urged us to embrace our role as parents - ‘becoming’ boundaries (not just talking about them) and giving our kids a good dose of Vitamin N (No) when necessary, as Dr Michael Carr-Gregg would say. 


But it isn’t all about the negative. Learning about what each child responds to as their primary love language is crucial, so that we can set aside time and resources to meet those needs. Having ‘lighthouses’ for our kids to turn to is also important - other trusted adults (such as relatives, coaches or church friends) who can be there for them when they need it. 


As for parenting styles - if we can aim for either a democratic option (embracing compromise when necessary) or a parachute approach (guiding our kids in the right direction and helping them land), we will empower our kids while not abandoning them to their path.


2. Social Competencies


We focus on key skills like reading and maths, but how much emphasis do we place on qualities that are harder to quantify? Areas like dealing with conflict or disappointment, learning how to share, holding a conversation or dealing with other children with behavioural difficulties - when we teach our kids how to handle these issues, we are gifting them important abilities for later on in life. 


3. Positive Values


Sharon reminded us that we are our kids primary role models (‘our kids can’t be what they can’t see’) and we need to demonstrate the key values we hope they will develop (such as kindness, honesty, empathy, selflessness and inclusivity). This reframing means that we must prioritise self-care and be willing to be honest about our struggles. 


4. Talents & Interests


Kids need to find their spark. Whether that be in art, sport, dance, music or some other endeavour; when children are allowed to try and fail, or find true joy in an activity, they will be bolstered in so many other areas of life. 


5. Friendships


Friendships can often seem like a side story, but in reality, they are hugely important in the building of character. As parents, we can help our kids develop a script to work out their own problems at school, offer an empathetic ear when interactions don’t go to plan and empower them to respond to others with kindness and grace. Shooting off an email to a teacher to provide more context about friendship issues is a great way to work together with the school to support your child. 


6. Education


School is such a crucial part of providing both a safe base and a zone of connection for students. Research demonstrates that children who stay in school longer are set up for greater success, whether they participate in VCE or other pathways. We can also educate our children to see issues beyond themselves - working together to raise money for those less fortunate or sponsoring a child together - these projects are invaluable in building perspective, skills and empathy in our children. 




Parenting is not for the faint hearted, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming either. If you can lean into your village, embrace the challenge and show up day after day, you will find hope (and a growing sense of resilience in yourself). 


We are so thankful for the wisdom and grace of Sharon and her courage in showing up to deliver a powerful message for all our parents. 




If you are looking for some resources to help you or your kids, Sharon recommended the following: Headspace, Smiling Mind, Mood Gym, Calm, Reach Out (Breathe) and Reach Out (WorryTime)



And, if you happened to miss out on Monday night but would love to learn more, the Resilient Kids Conference is on this Saturday 7 September in Melbourne. Follow the link for booking details.


What's been Happening?

Kinder VIP Cafe
By Kirsty Meese (Team Kinder)

The smell of Anzac biscuits lingers in the air, and the boil of the kettle can just be heard over the giggles, shrieks, conversations and general hum of excitement in the Kinder foyer. The Kinder door is opened, and the Kinder room is flooded with Kinder children, Mum's, Dad's, Grandma's, Grandpa's, Oma's, Opas', Opi's, little sisters, big sisters, little brothers, big brothers and babies.


This week we invited all the Kinder Kid's V.I.P.'s to an informal Kinder Cafe to celebrate Father's Day. It is always so humbling on our Kinder Cafe days to feel and see the amount of love that humans can generate for each other. The hugs, smiles, winks and kisses and words of encouragement as the Kinder children have to take their visitor's drink order to the staff members in the kitchen, and then (the most tricky part) choose and carry a biscuit over to their visitor without eating it, licking it or dropping it, before they can get their own biscuit. Team Kinder love being able to offer our Kinder Cafe to celebrate the special people in our Kinder children's lives who raise them, look after them and love them.



Yr 10 Hospitality/Photography - Food Photographer Incursion
By Ann Ridder (Photography Teacher)

Last Friday the Yr 10 Hospitality and Photography electives combined for an inspiring presentation from visiting guests; food photographer – Mark Fergus and chef/food stylist – Mel Vandegraaff.


The duo work together to produce food photographs for text books, websites, restaurants etc.  Our students were shown tips and tricks including the use of equipment, props, camera gear, and setting up lighting as well as ideas on how to prepare and present food for photographing including use of contrasting colours, height, and shine. We look forward to seeing what our students can create and thank Mel and Mark for generously giving up their time to encourage our students.



CSEN Masterminds Competition 
By Allen Dickson - (Enrichment Coordinator) 

Last week some of our BHCS brightest gathered for the CSEN Masterminds – an interschool competition in the fields of Science, English, Maths, SOSE and General Knowledge.  For each of the 10 competing schools it was a day of rapid-fire questions, brain-bending trivia and lateral thinking, each striving to win the much-coveted Masterminds Shield.


On Monday it was the Secondary team who navigated their way through the maze of questions, finishing Runners-Up by a mere two points.  Wednesday saw our Grade 5/6 team valiantly try their hand, ultimately finishing outside the top three but still with some fine individual podium results in the subject rounds.


So often we celebrate physicality – sporting teams who match skill-for-skill against other CSEN schools. But with Masterminds, CSEN has consciously chosen to acknowledge that some of our young people can excel exercising their grey matter too.  For myself, perhaps the best aspect of the day was that our more academically-adept students were able to mix with like-minded students from other schools, reinforcing that to be quick of mind is just as valuable as being fleet of foot.



Hoodie & Backpack Day

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Back Pack & Hoodie Day today for World Vision last Thursday.  It was a big success and the 8 Secondary girls involved are truly appreciative of all of your effort and donations.  Even more so are the young people that account for more than 50% of refugees worldwide.  Sadly, more than four million refugee children go without schooling, with many spending their entire childhoods away from home.  By the school community raising $881.80 we have helped in our small way to assist refugees.  Thank you again!



Lego Masters Competition 
By Jackie Eastwood (Science Coordinator) 

Last week there was much excitement as students at BHCS prepared for our first Lego Masters' Competition. The creations were on display in DC and students and staff were excited to be able to vote for their favorite build. The 45 creations were amazing and the judges had a hard time picking the winners.  Prizes were given out at a special assembly, including a perpetual trophy for the overall winner.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event a success!



Nine Types of Students:
#7- The Enthusiast

By Emma Hughes (Writer in Residence) 


Welcome to our series on the nine different types of learners that lies at the heart of Story-Based Learning. Every learner is different and needs tailored conditions if they are to learn and grow to their full potential. Over the course of nine weeks we are highlighting a different type of student. You will be able to access each part of the series as they are published at The Parent Sphere.   


Meet Elvis and Essie. 


Cheeky, charming, active, energetic. 


Life is a grand adventure for Enthusiasts and they love spontaneity and fun. They want to experience the world, to be happy and fulfilled. Pain is something to be avoided, why be sad when you can just focus on the positive instead? 


Learning Style


Enthusiasts have quick minds, allowing them to see patterns clearly and link different concepts. They learn by doing, by exploring and experimenting. ‘Hands on’ learning is the best for them and they get bored quickly if they have to do repetitive tasks or just stick to concepts. 


Elvis and Essie love to multitask, but sometimes this can lead to procrastination because they have taken on too much. If things start to get hard or repetitive, Enthusiasts will be tempted to move onto something more shiny and exciting. 


Joy is in the options, the new ideas and possibilities. Being naturally future-oriented, Elvis and Essie love making plans, connecting what they are doing now with something to come. They love to make plans and lists, but not necessarily to carry out the activities, more to marvel at the number of options they can identify. 




Because of the innate need for excitement and possibility, an Enthusiast will thrive in an environment that offers choice and variety. They appreciate a classroom that allows them to follow their curiosity, to experiment with with hands and engage with their classmates. 


Limitation feels demeaning or entrapping to Elvis and Essie - they want freedom and spontaneity, a fast-paced and interactive style of learning. 


At times the high levels of energy in an Enthusiast can lead to them fidgeting or moving around (sometimes misunderstanding others’ need for space). When they do get in trouble, charm is their first line of defense and they often try to talk their way out of a tricky situation. 




If you have an Elvis or an Essie in your life, you can help them in the following ways:


  1. Learn to appreciate their zest for life. Enthusiasts can transform the ordinary into something exciting just by being themselves. 

  2. Help them to become accepting of the experience of pain. While this might feel terrifying to them, the confrontation builds such growth and will help them in their relationships later in life. 

  3. When they become tempted to cast an activity aside because of boredom, help them stay just a little longer. The more they practice this muscle, the more responsible and effective they will become. 

  4. Understand that boredom may mask fear or unwillingness to confront something. Use this as a prompt to allow them to go deeper in understanding themselves. 

  5. Go on an adventure with them once in a while. Experience what a joy it is to view life in a positive way most of the time, with a talent of reframing even the most horrible experiences. 


The Enthusiast can be the embodiment of pure joy in our world, allowing us to dream of a better way, an exciting future. With their strengths of vision, big-picture and future perspective, motivation and people gathering, these students can make our experience of life so much more rich and full. What a gift!


This category of learner has been based upon Type 7 of the Enneagram (or ‘The Enthusiast’). If you wish to delve more deeply into the psychology of the Enneagram, follow the links above. 


As the journey of self discovery is one best enjoyed by each individual, we suggest that you use this as an internal guide for yourself, rather than telling your children which type you think they might be. We do understand that each person is utterly unique and there will be variations within each type, but we have found this typology the most helpful for getting a basic understanding of human behaviour and motivation. 


Missed out on any of our previous articles? Check them out here:

General Information (Page 1 of 2)

Uniform Changeover 

Beginning next week, there will be a uniform changeover period.  Students are permitted to wear either full summer uniform or full winter uniform between Monday 9th September to Friday 20th September. Parents are asked to use their discretion as to which uniform is the most suitable for their child to wear on theses days.


From the beginning of Term 4, all students will be required to wear the full summer uniform including a hat when outdoors at recess and lunchtime.


Please see below for Alinta Uniform Shop hours and information about our upcoming PFA second hand uniform sale.

Alinta Uniform Shop


Monday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Tuesday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Thursday: 2:00pm - 4:00pm 



Saturday, 7 September 2019   9.00am-12.00pm

Second Hand Uniform Sale 

The PFA are running a second hand uniform sale on Thursday, September 12 from 8.00am-9.30am in the restaurant.

To sell an item you must:

  • Ensure the item is laundered
  • Attach an envelope (with a safety pin) to each item with your name, phone number, description and sale price written on the front
  • Print and complete the attached Second Hand Uniform Sale Form 
  • Drop your completed Second Hand Uniform Sale Form and items to be sold to the PFA in the Restaurant on Wednesday, September 11 from 8.30am -9.00am


Sales on Thursday will be on a first-come, first-served basis and are strictly cash only. 


Please note - historically white shirts have not tended to sell well.  It is recommended they are priced between $5-10 unless they are in exceptional condition.


Unsold items and cash will be available for collection from the PFA in the restaurant on Thursday, September 12 from 3.00pm - 3.45pm.  Any questions can be directed to Amanda Wight via Reception.


9/10 Information Night 

The Yr 9/10 Information Night will be held in the Multi-Purpose Hall on Tuesday, 10 September at 6.30 pm with opportunity for parents and students to speak to teachers. 


We strongly encourage all families to attend the night to ensure they can make an informed decision about subjects and electives and have a good understanding of the programs and co-curricular activities. Year 9 & 10 core and elective teachers will be present to answer any questions you may have concerning subjects.


2020 BHCS Employment Opportunity - VET Hospitality Teacher/Trainer 

A part-time position is available for a VET Hospitality Teacher/Trainer for commencement in Term 1, 2020.

Please see the attachment for more information. Only applicants with the appropriate qualifications need apply. Any queries regarding this position must be made via email to


Applications close strictly at 12pm on Wednesday 11th September, 2019.


Bus Applications for 2020

Future Bus Users: Families wishing to apply for bus use for 2020 are asked to do so by submitting a Bus application form by Friday, 20 September.  Please find the application form below.

Current Bus Users: Current bus families are asked to please indicate their intentions for 2020 bus use by completing the e-form has been sent via CareMonkey by Friday, 20 September.

If you have any questions in relation to bus travel please email



ICAS Starts This Week

Each year BHCS selects students to represent the school in the national ICAS tests – a series of tests administered by UNSW.  In the past we have been very fortunate to have achieved some fantastic results (including two Gold Medals), and these tests provide opportunity for some of our students who excel in English, Writing, Spelling, Science and Maths to see how they fare on a national stage.


Based upon testing data (PAT, NAPLAN, etc) and in-class performance, selected students have already received invitations to sit the tests and this year – for the first time – ICAS will be conducted entirely online. The sitting dates are as follows:


Science (Yr 5-Yr 12): September 5th

Writing (Yr 5-Yr 12): September 9th

Spelling (Yr 5-Yr 7): September 12th

English (Yr 5-Yr 12): September 17th

Maths (Yr 5-Yr 12): September 19th


Special thanks must go to Karen Boyle for coordinating this logistical challenge and we wish our representatives all the best in completing the tests.

World Education Language Championships

After a week of dedicated focus, the Secondary French students have finished their work on the World Education Perfect Language Championships for another year- it was an exciting campaign.


We earned a total of 64 awards: 18 Credit, 19 Bronze, 15 Silver, 5 Gold, 6 Emerald and 1 Elite.  Top performers were: Mitch D, Jasmine E, Joel H, Amy G, Eden M, Samuel B, and Emma H.


We can be justifiably proud of all of our competing students - check over these school statistics - in our division of 101-250 student enrolments, we placed:


  • 3rd in French in Victoria out of 236 schools
  • 3rd in French in Australia
  • 3rd in French Globally out of 334 schools
  • 5th All Languages our of 451 schools
  • Top 5% Globally All Languages out of 1,644 schools.

We even placed 5th in Russian in Australia out of 136 schools!

Bon effort!  Superbe!

Mme McGrath and M. Dema

General Information (Page 2 of 2)

Students Withdrawing in 2020  

Parents are reminded that should your circumstances have changed and your child is not returning to BHCS in 2020, the school requires one term’s notice in writing.  Failure to provide this notice will result in one term’s fees being charged in lieu of this notice.

Carpark and Wet Weather 

A reminder to all families that wet weather tends to cause additional cars in our carpark with families picking up students who may normally walk.


We kindly request that you take the weather into consideration when picking up your children from school to try and avoid gridlock.


We also kindly request that families with students in just Secondary, please help with the staggering of pick up times and try to come into the school at 3.40pm as the extra 10 minutes makes a significant difference to the number of cars in our carpark.


Thank you to everyone as we partner together to make the best of this.

Lost Property 

If you have lost any of the following things please come into the office and see if we can help you.


There are many items including spectacles/glasses, keys, watches, beanies, jackets and jewelry in addition to uniform items!


Please note, at the end of the term all uncollected items are discarded or given to charity. 

New Caledonia Trip 2020

Thank you to all those who have booked their spot for our next year's New Caledonia trip. We have a lovely number of students who will be participating, so we have decided to extend the deadline for the deposit until next week, just in case one or two more students would like to join us. 


If you are interested, please pay the $500 deposit by 15 September 2019. For further information, please call Reception or email Daniel Dema at and we will be happy to assist you.

Middle & Senior School Choir

Middle & Senior school choir is now starting on Monday lunchtimes in M1 and being conducted by Mrs Melanie Cook.  Choir is open to any middle or senior school students with a passion for singing.  Free hot drinks provided each week!

2019 Term Dates

Please find below the term dates for the remainder of 2019:


Term 3:

Wednesday, 17 July - Friday, 20 September


Term 4:

Tuesday, 8 October -  in term 4 year levels finish at varying times.  Please see the below:

  • Yr 8-11 - last day of classes - Friday, December 6
  • Yr 5-7 - last day of classes - Monday, December 9
  • Prep-Yr 4 - last day of classes - Tuesday, December 10

Operation Christmas Child - Update

The Junior School community are supporting Operation Christmas Child this year.


We are busy collecting donations to pack shoe boxes full of Christmas gifts for children in developing countries.  When the children receive the gifts they also have the opportunity to hear the gospel.  Thank you for the donations that have come in over the last week!


How you can help:

Pack a box with gifts and $10 to cover postage and handling.  Follow the link for how to pack a whole box 

You can pick up boxes from Mrs Nicholas or Mrs Roberts



Donate items for the boxes in labelled bag to your classroom (or the art or music room) - things like tennis balls, small soft toys, hygiene products, stationary items - more ideas are available here



Donate $10 in a marked envelope (O.C.C. c/o Mrs Nicholas or Mrs Roberts) via Reception - this is an essential part of every box to cover postage and handling.


Spread the word - lets get our wider community on board and see how many boxes we can fill!

Queries: Lucille Nicholas or Eleanor Roberts

James Merlino Visit

We were delighted recently to have James Merlino visit BHCS.  James of course is the local State Government member for the seat of Monbulk, and serves as Education Minister and the Deputy Premier of Victoria.


It was a privilege to discuss with him possible ways that all three Education sectors, Independent, Catholic and State, could work together to help establish the hundreds of new schools required for the growth areas of Melbourne over the next few years.


James also took the time out of his busy schedule to chat with a group of our senior students and respond willingly to a wide range of “questions without notice”.   Much appreciated!


Upcoming School Events

PING PONG A THON 2019 - Friday 18th October

Ping Pong-A-Thon is a fundraising & advocacy movement, combating human trafficking and exploitation of young people in South East Asia through a series of table tennis events held in Schools, Churches and Communities across Australia every year. 


This is an event we host annually school wide, with each class having a go at playing Ping Pong in the BHCS gym during class time on the day.

The focus age appropriate and is all about ‘kids helping kids’. For younger year levels there is no formal coverage of the issues other than some discussion about there being young people in the world who don’t have the opportunities and freedom that young people in Australia have on a daily basis.


There's so many ways to get involved throughout the day - check out the program below to see when you'd like to play!  Here are a few further details on ways you can support our fundraising efforts:

  • Buy a Pong T-shirt - t-shirts are now available to order via Reception.  They are $20.00 each with $10.00 going directly towards the Pong-A-Thon fundraiser.   Forms & Sample sizes are available at reception for a limited time.  Orders will be taken up until Wednesday 2nd Oct.  Best to order early, so you don't miss out!
  • Buy a ticket to our High Tea - tickets are over a 1/4 sold! It's going to be a wonderful event, but get in quick to make sure you don't miss out!
  • Join our Silent Auction - all the latest news and silent auction items/sponsors at: 





VCE 2019 Studio Arts- Students Exhibition


YEAR 12: Donut Wednesdays

Take a break from all the study and come eat donuts every Wednesday! This is especially for out Year 12's students. Bring some donuts to share or enjoy the ones provided (lunch time) down in the Chaplains space.  Donuts, Fifa, Ping Pong and more!


YEAR 7: Noodle Tuesdays 

Year 7 students are invited to the chaplain space for Lunch on Tuesdays!  BYO Noodles and enjoy hanging about, making new friends and enjoying time together!  We would love to see you there! 



Boom Day is next Thursday, 12 September! Students can come in their sports uniform with their favorite team jersey over the top (any sporting team, not just AFL).  We look forward to a great day of footy finals fever!


Kinder/Junior - Grandparents & Special Persons Day 

We're so looking forward to hosting our visitors tomorrow for the Kinder/Junior Grandparents & Special Persons Day.  Don't forget your picnic lunch to share and car pool where possible as the carpark will be very busy! 

Middle School- Grandparents & Special Persons Day

Next Friday is Middle School's turn for Grandparent's & Special Persons Day - please see the brochure below for all the information.  


It is not too late to register your special person to attend!

Register here :


CSEN Sports Results

Year 7/8 CSEN Results 


BHCS Calendar



Friday,  6 September


- Grandparents Day (Kinder- Yr 4)


Monday,  9  September 

- Week 1

- ICAS Writing (Selected Students)

- Middle & Senior School Choir 


Tuesday, 10 September

Secondary CSEN Athletics (Selected Students)

- Yr 9 & 10 Information Evening (6.30pm MPH)

- Yr 10 Photography Excursion

- Yr 8 Push Group 1- Cross Fit Excursion


Wednesday,  11 September


- Kinder: Jack and Molly Incursion

- Primary CSEN Athletics (Selected Students)

- Junior Assembly (Lead by 1/2 SL)


Thursday, 12 September 

- 9/10 OES Yarra River Camp

- BOOM DAY- Footy Finals Fever

- ICAS Spelling Bee

- Second Hand Uniform Sale

- Yr 10 Photography Excursion



Friday, 13 September 

- Middle School Grandparents Day

- Prep - Year 2 Stay Late


Monday, 16 September

- Week 2

- CSEN- Play in a Day

- Prep Excursion - Farm Visit

- Middle & Senior School Choir 

- VCE Studio Art Exhibition 


Tuesday, 17 September

- ICAS English

-VCE Studio Art Exhibition 


Wednesday, 18 September

Science Club

-VCE Studio Art Exhibition 


Thursday, 19 September

-Yr 9 "Night for the Homeless" Sleep Out

- ICAS Mathematics

- VCE Studio Art Exhibition 


Friday, 20 September

- VCE Studio Art Exhibition 

- End of Term 3 - 

1.00pm finish:  Kinder

1:15pm finish: P-6

1:30pm finish: Yr 7-12

Community Announcements


My name is Jack Mossi and part of the VCAL program we got to choose our own project.  For mine, I am trying to help out those less fortunate in our community.  To help these families I am organising a fundraiser to collect canned food for the families who need extra support. There will be a place to drop off canned food in the Senior Learning Centre and at BHCS Reception.  When I have finished collecting the canned food I will donate them to the church 'Hope in the Hills' so they can distribute the food to the people who need it.  Donations will be closed at the end of Term 3.  






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