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From the Principal

Dear Families,

Happy Father’s Day to all of our Dad’s!! 

Please find below some reflections from our senior students on the meaning of Father’s Day: 


The one day of the year that is all about our fathers!This day is important not only for my father but also for me. I love my dad and if I actually think about it, he has done so much for me and my family. 
My father’s determination to keep our family happy is probably one of the strongest feelings there are. Father’s day is more than saying ‘ I love you ‘ fifty times in a row or giving him the power tools that he’s always wanted (even though that’s probably what he wants!). Father’s Day is about  thanking our fathers for all they’ve done, reminding them about all the great accomplishments they have achieved. It’s not about gifts but showing them how much you love them.     Sophia - Year 6


Father’s Day is a very special day for our hard-working fathers and is celebrated only once a year. This very special day means so much to me because without my father we would not have a roof over our head, water to drink, food to eat, clothes to feel warm and a good education . Father’s Day isn’t about giving gifts, but to understand the significance of how loving and caring fathers actually are. It is a day to relax but most importantly to spend time with family.       Matthew - Year 6 


Father's Day is a day where we spend time with our family but especially our dads. Fathers are caring and have a heart but sometimes we don't realise how much they do for us.
So when we celebrate with our fathers we celebrate how important they are to us in our lives.     Luka - Year 6


On this wonderful day of the year, we thank our fathers for what they have done for us. They have made many sacrifices for us and we love them very much.    Jessica - Year 5

CEMSIS - Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Surveys 
We need your feedback! 

Each year St Andrew’s School has sought parent, staff and student feedback through the use of annual surveys with the aim to further develop our School Improvement Plan. From 2019 on, this process is now known as “CEMSIS”, Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Survey.  All St Andrew’s families are provided with the opportunity to complete the 'CEMSIS' survey.  Results of this parent questionnaire, along with results from the student and staff questionnaire will be instrumental in providing feedback to identify school strengths and areas for development, providing direction for school improvement.

The questionnaire is anticipated to take you approximately 25 minutes.  All staff members, along with our Year 4,5 and 6 students, will also complete a survey as provided by the Catholic Education Melbourne.  

All families will be invited to participate in the CEMSIS online survey between the dates of September 2 – 20. All responses will be handled by an external consultancy and remain entirely confidential and anonymous.  Survey details, logins and passwords will be sent home in sealed envelopes in the week beginning Monday 2 September. 
Results of the parent, child and staff surveys are reviewed by the Education Board and the staff and sections of it will be released to parents through the school newsletter. 

We thank you for your time and for your support of the school as we continue to gather ongoing data to aid our School Improvement Programs.

Tell me more about CEMSIS…. Please refer to the youtube link for further details:

A busy week at St Andrew’s:
Please refer to the events as held throughout an engaging week at St Andrew’s:

Saturday 24th -  Thank You Working Bee Attendees

We thank all attendees for your support of the school at last Saturday’s Working Bee.   Our grounds are sparkling as we head into Spring.  


●    Tuesday 27th - Year 3/4 Excursion to Melbourne Landmarks: Melbourne Cricket Ground, The Old Treasury Building and St Patrick’s Cathedral
Our Year 3/4 children enjoyed a fabulous day out on Tuesday as they attended the Melbourne Cricket Ground, The Old Treasury Building and St Patrick’s Cathedral.    Thank you to all children and parents for your involvement and support of the day.  


●    Tuesday 27th - Channel 10 Weather Report with Mike Larkan at St Andrew’s 
Our Foundation children were most excited to welcome Mike Larkan to host the Channel 10 Weather Report on Tuesday evening.  The children dressed in national costumes highlighting our identity as a multicultural community. 

●    Thursday 29th/30th Father’s Day Celebrations - Parents & Friends Events 
Please refer to the Parents & Friends page of today’s newsletter for details on the events planned to celebrate Father's Day.
Father’s Day Shopping - Thursday 29th August (9am-12pm) & Friday 30th (Recess Sales) 
Father’s Day Breakfast & Raffle - Friday 30th August - 8am-9am Breakfast & Raffle for Dad/Special Friends and children in the School Hall. 
**Please note that we alternate major school celebrations for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day year by year.  

School Interview Bookings - Term 3 Parent/Child/Teacher Interview  - Monday 16th September

We advise parents to lock in Monday 16th September as the date for our Term 3 ‘3 Way Interviews’.   Bookings will be made through the online site.  Bookings will open from Monday 2nd September from 8am. To make a booking to see your child’s class teacher for the 10 minute interviews please refer to .    The login code is  475pm

Bookings for interviews close Friday 13th September.


‘3 Way Interviews’ - 1/2DW, 1/2S & 1/2C - Interviews on Monday 14th October

Parents of 1/2DW, 1/2S & 1/2C have been advised previously that due to staff leave interview times for these classes will take place in week 2 of Term 4.

Optional Child School Attendance – Monday 16th September – 1.35pm-3.15pm

Teaching staff will be released on the afternoon of Monday 16th September to commence ‘Three Way Interviews’.   Children remaining at school for the afternoon block will be grouped in levels and supervised by staff not required at Interviews.  Parents attending interviews may collect their children from these level gatherings. 
Parents do have the option of collecting their children for a shortened school day from 1.35pm.  Collection of children assists staff by reducing the number of children being present in the afternoon block.  Please inform your child’s class teacher in writing if you plan to collect your child from school at this early time.
Parents do not need to sign out from the school office on this day.  Your written notification will be a record of student early exits. 

Planning for 2020

A CareMonkey eform will be sent to all families with students in Foundation to  Year 5, asking you to state your child's intention to return OR not to return in 2020.

We ask that all families please notify us to allow for future planning and class structures.


CareMonkey Registration for New Families -

It is recommended that parents access the site .   By following the instructions you can create your own free CareMonkey account and control all data about your child/children. The CareMonkey system stores the information on your behalf and you will be able to grant (or deny) access to your data with our school. You are also able to share this data with any other group or individual you choose (eg. your child's grandparents, their child-minder, their sports club, etc).

From the schools perspective, this information will only be visible by the relevant staff for your child and will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act.  

School Closure Days

Closure days 

Friday 1st November and

Monday 4th November (Melbourne Cup Monday)

The Out of Hours Care Program will be open on these days to supervise students.  Parents who require this service are asked to enrol their child prior to these dates.

Skoolbag App - Download

To install the St. Andrew’s School App, just look for our school name "St Andrews Parish Primary School Clayton South" in the Apple App Store (iPhone Users) or Google Play Store (Android Users), and install it on your phone.  Alternatively, once in the App Store or Play Store search ‘skoolbag app st andrews’ .

FOMO? Fear Of Missing Out?

Share our Facebook and Twitter page with your friends, family, & grandparents. We're a proud of out students, teachers and the learning that happens at St Andrew's. 👏🏽 💙🏅 Like, share and comment! 


Dates for Your Diary

2019 Key Dates - 

2019 Key Dates - 
●    Thu 29th -     Fathers Day Stall
■                              Class Mass 5/6E
●    Fri 30th -        Fathers Day Stall
■                              P&F Father's Day Breakfast from 8am in the Hall
●    Sun 1st -         Happy Father’s Day 
●    Mon 2nd -      Parent/Student/Staff Annual CEMSIS Surveys open 
●    Tues 3rd -      Confirmation Parent/Child Workshop 6.00pm 
●    Wed 4th -       Mass Foundation P 
●    Thu 5th -        Mass 3/4LC
●    Fri 6th -           School Assembly 2.30pm 


Mr Paul Wakeling



Around the Classrooms

Year 5/6M

Hi All,

You may have heard of the popular book series ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’, we are proud to release the 5/6M spinoff ‘Diary of a 5/6M student’ created by Makalya and Aimee! We hope you enjoy!


Friday, August 23rd 2019!

So you probably know how the morning drill works. Your parents would drop you off to school, and sometimes when you have extra time, you can do things with your friends! Like talking about how annoying your siblings are, but the first bell goes at 8:30, and let’s say it’s probably like 8:15. So you just wait ...keep on waiting and waiting… and we still wait until it’s finally 8:30! 
So you go to the classroom and we would say,“phew! I don’t have to be embarrassed by my MUM! She always embarrasses me in front of my friends!”. Usually Mr McDonough opens the door and smiles or says “Hi!” or like “Good morning Aimee and Makayla!”, but Mrs Caspersz is here today because Mr McDonough’s wife had a baby! 



Once the bell strikes 8:30am, that's when the first bell rings for school. Our classroom is in front of the eating area, so it’s really crowded there, And people always push to go past the gate and we get really annoyed! When everything settles,we FINALLY go to our friends and say “Hey, Sorry we are late. Everyone keeps on rushing out and I'm SO ANNOYED!”.


We like playing uno with friends and it becomes really serious when I play.  We turn it into a real game using my imagination! (We really SMASH EM! Like really, smash them ... Ok I don’t think you get it.

We play for awhile till the second bell rings at 8:45 ,It was A LOT of fun.Then we go into a circle and pray,  our prayer monitors run this. Miss Caspersz quietens us down. Once we settle, the Prayer happens!We have this thing where we have a donation box (Caritas) and pass it around the circle and you can even put money inside it to make donations to the homeless(and also if anyone has any special intentions.)

Then we surround Mrs Caspersz to do the roll or to see who is here or not. When we are done with that we form a circle and we greet each other. Everyone comes up with a really fun Greeting, like “Ahoy mate” or Say your greeting in a different language and like “Greetings my fRiEnD!”

Today we have reading groups if you don't know what reading groups are it's a thing where you are put into groups so you can learn more of your reading skills. We read about that and how the history of using communication can . Alfred Traeger made a powered radio including

morse code.(REALLY COOL! But can’t you get tired of working out your legs)

Later on we did writing ,and we looked at the features of persuasive writing. We also looked at different letters to the editor and how the letter has different features and a specific style of writing. We do pretty good at that not gonna lie, Then we share our writing  as a group.

SNACK TIMEEEEE(our favourite part of the day)
But then, the most Evil part ...really...really...really...REALLY, Loud bell.


In Maths we looked at the independent and dependent  events and the  different chances of an event occurring. It was really fun! The teacher made it amazing, so WE learnt so much.(Definitely) )It would be an honour to tell you what we actually did ( I sound so elegant* ). So we predicted how many doubles a dice would make PS: we had to do it 60 times.

Then we had SWIMMING! We started swimming this Monday, and it was AMAZING! We did cool kicks like dolphin kick, Butterfly , Freestyle, backstroke, all that kind of stuff. Except I just hurt my knee on the wall

After swimming we read a book for Book Week called The Girl on Wire, it was AMAZING! (kinda deep and also left us hanging with Questions! ) but it made us feel more serious with life it really gave a great moral to us. This book we read was amazing (very motivational). We read it again to deepen our understanding then we shared our thoughts as a whole class with Ms Caspersz.

Well it’s the end of the day (kinda happy because I get to sleep and eat food!)
We go back to the circle and do our Prayer again. The rule is to do the prayer in the morning, and before we go home! And then! We go outside (Normally everyone goes running out like mad, and we get very annoyed! ;-;) Get the drill?


Sincerely 5/6M 👋

Year 5 & 6 Swimming Timetable

Week 2
The lesson times are:
Year 5/6D & 5/6E:  12.30 to 1.10pm
Year 5/6M & 5/6L: 1.10pm to 1.50pm
Year 5/6CM:             1.50pm – 2.30pm
Location: Clayton Aquatics & Health Club, 9/15 Cooke Street, Clayton

Music Room News


Teaching & Learning

Growing Confident Learners for the Future 

Students enter school with a diverse range of learning through their family, cultural background and life experiences.  Each of these enhance the classroom and add to the richness of the learning environment.  

As a result of such diversity, students enter every year of their schooling at varying starting points.  Each student brings with them various strengths and challenges both of which need to be recognised.

As teachers and parents, when we work together in partnership, we have the privilege of shaping students lives forming creative, resilient and inspiring young people. Whilst this sounds terrific, there is a lot of work involved, all of which is completely worth the effort.

Dr. Carol Dweck outlines the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. When students believe they can get smarter, they understand that effort makes them stronger. Therefore they put in extra time and effort, and that leads to higher achievement



How can we achieve this?

1.    Supporting students to understand themselves as                                                learners.


        What am I good at?

        What are my strengths?  What do I find challenging or difficult?

        How do I learn best?    

2.    Celebrating the progress/growth that your child has made

        Recognise where your child started at the beginning of their learning          and where they have progressed to.

        Recognising the effort that your child put into achieving such                          growth and celebrating their achievement. 

  3.  Support your child to see mistakes as learning opportunities -                        promote  curiosity, risk taking and wondering rather than seeing                  mistakes as failures.

  4.   Persisting with something when it’s difficult and recognising that                 with each new attempt comes a new learning opportunity.

  5.   Model the same approach and attitude to learning as you ask of                     your  child.

When we create clear consistent boundaries with high expectations for our children, they are able to show us what they are truly capable of achieving.


BEST Awards

Please click on the link below


School Office News

Term Dates 2019

Term 3 Holidays          Monday 23 September to Friday 4 October

Term 4  commences    Monday 7 October - Wed 18 December

Overdue School Fees

All school fees are now overdue except for Term 4,  Foundation to Year 2 Swimming and Year 4 Camp. If you are on a monthly payment plan disregard this reminder, otherwise to avoid further action we require all school fees to be paid before the end of Term 3.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact the office.  We appreciate your co-operation. 

Lost Property Cupboard

Please check the cupboard for lost items of school clothing. All unclaimed clothing will be donated to St. Vinnies at the end of term.

No Taekwondo Classes - Reminder

There is no taekwondo classes on Thursday 29th August and Tuesday 3rd September. 

Legacy Week - 1st - 7th September

St. Andrew's will be selling Legacy merchandise to raise funds for the vital work it does for families of veterans.

FOMO? Fear Of Missing Out?

Share our Facebook and Twitter page with your friends, family, & grandparents. We're a proud of out students, teachers and the learning that happens at St Andrew's. 👏🏽 💙🏅 Like, share and comment! 


Parents and Friends

Dear Parents, Friends & Families

This week’s newsletter is dedicated to our dads, nonnos and special friends as a lead up to Father’s day this weekend. We are looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day Breakfast on Friday 30th August between 8am to 9am. The following local businesses have generously made donations towards our raffle.


Leanne Ngo
P & F President, St Andrew’s

Faces of St. Andrew's Fathers

Our school is filled with such beautiful cultural diversity. We hit the school grounds during drop-offs to meet a few dads and their children. 


Term 3 Activities

  • Father’s Day Stall -  Thursday, August 29th (9am to 1pm) & Friday, August 30th (at recess)
  • Father’s Day Breakfast and Raffle -Friday, August 30th at 8am to 9am in the School Hall 
  • Social Morning Tea - Friday 13th September

Some more dad jokes this week to cheer you up... 

“The shovel was a group-breaking invention.’
“I wouldn’t buy anything Velcro. It’s a total rip-off”

Vision Portraits - 
Saturday 23rd November 2019

Help St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South raise funds this year and book your $15 family photo today! Include your whole family or just the kids in the session. Book now to secure your place.

Your shoot will take place at St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South

Your $15 includes your photo session and a 10" x 13" portrait of your choice with frame. There is a $1 booking fee.


$15 of your booking fee is fundraised for St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South


Booking link:
Use the password fundraise2019 to gain access.

Once in the home page,  scroll down and select St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South  You will then be able to make your booking time.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Is open every Monday between 2.45-3.10pm.

All items $5 each.

If any families would like to donate items please leave them at the school office. Thank you

P & F Reach and Connection

If you want to lend a hand but without the long-term commitment, you can join our casual Parent & Friends email registry of helpers.  Please email us your interest at
We will add you to the email list and notify you of any upcoming opportunities to lend a hand. If one catches your fancy, simply respond back and let us know how you can assist.

School Tuckshop 

Tuckshop Roster


Fri  30 August

Volunteer Needed
Mon 2 Sept Volunteer Needed
Tues 3 Sept Volunteer Needed
Wed 4 Sept Volunteer Needed
Thur 5 Sept Volunteer Needed


Activity Programs

Clayton District Junior Cricket


Springvale Indoor Sports

Sports are a great way for kids to create new friendships, as well as keeping physically active!
At Springvale Indoor Sports, we have now introduced Basketball into our After School Sports Program! We now offer Soccer, Cricket and Basketball training sessions for kids ages 5-11.


Sacred Heart Girls'College Reunions


Kelly Sports - September School Holiday Program


Oakleigh Little Athletics

Little Athletics competition for 5 to 15 year olds is held from October to March.

Saturday mornings (8:30am to 11am),

sometimes on Friday evenings (5pm to 7pm)

Orientation & Registration Day Saturday 21st September, 2019


Season starts on Saturday 5th of October, 2019 at 8.30am-11am

Davies Reserve, Oakleigh South


Strengthening & Raising Healthy Families

Kingston Family Support Services are running 9 Week Parent Workshop  at Westall Comminuty Hub, 35 Fairbank Road Clayton South.

For more information, click on link


Pit Stop - Parenting Tune-up for Dads

Please click on the link for more information


Fete News

St Andrew's Parish Community Fete

Saturday 19th October

Announcing the St Andrew's Parish Community Fete! Saturday 19th October, 10am-4pm. All families have received a booklet of raffle tickets. There are some raffle amazing prizes this year. Please support the Parish community in our efforts to sell the tickets for our raffle and return money and ticket stubs to the School Office.


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