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11 September 2018
2018 - Issue 3
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From the Presidents

Get to know your new Presidents 

Co-President – Marianne Cassin (1977)

(pictured above, fourth from left )

My French connection with Sacré Cœur and the RSCJ community began when I was only one week old.  In September 1960 I was taken into care by the nuns at St. Paul’s Orphanage in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.  This orphanage was founded by four French Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres who arrived from France in 1848 to educate and care for the increasing numbers of orphans at that time.  St. Paul’s is no longer an orphanage, however the French Sisters’ legacy lives on as St. Paul’s is now an established Catholic private girls’ school community.


In January 1962 I was fortunate enough to be adopted into the Cassin family who lived in the seaside town of Opunake, New Zealand.  My Dad, Phillip Cassin was adamant that all his children be given a good Catholic education and so our journey to Melbourne in 1968 saw my sister Teresa (1975) and I enrolled at Sacré Cœur, Glen Iris.


I have thoroughly enjoyed being Secretary for the Alumnae Association for the past five years and I see my new role as Co-President with Kerry Bergin as a continuation of the spirit and values passed on by the French Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres and the RSCJ. I am proud to be part of the Alumnae Association and look forward to developing with Kerry, the wonderful work left by our past President, Marisa Reid.  May the Alumnae Association continue to flourish and encourage both the younger and older Alumnae for many more generations!

Co-President – Kerry Bergin (Feely 1960)

(pictured above, sixth from left )

My first day at Sacré Cœur was the start of Third Term, September 1948, in the Elementary Class. Adrienne Connaghan (Steedman) was charged with caring for me. We were both four years old! She moved to Sydney, and Kincoppal, in the 9th Class, and we remained friends. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding in 1965 and, much to my horror, skidded down the highly polished Chapel aisle! Those compulsory Junior School ballet classes failed me!


My first daughter, Eliza (1991), was fortunate to be blessed in Mater’s Chapel by Sister Mary Arthur, in December 1973. Sr Arthur loved consecrating alumnae babies. It was a joyful and memorable ceremony, more meaningful for me than her Baptism. Sadly, these consecration ceremonies were not available when Alice (1996) and Priscilla (1998) were born.


Sr Arthur asked me to be Alumnae Association President, in 1975-76. Our committee had a busy and fun time, with fund-raising activities. In consultation with the HSC girls, we resurrected an End-of-School Social Function, a Dinner Dance at the Windsor Hotel. The girls had free choice with their dress colour and style and the boys did not wear dinner suits! A liberated 70s début! 


Eliza, Alice and Priscilla certainly made the most of their years at Sacré Cœur. They carry the spirit and ethos of their RSCJ education into their professional, and personal lives.


I was pleased to have time to return to an active Alumnae Association role in 2016, initially on the ASCA Committee, and now as Alumnae Co-President with Marianne Cassin. Marianne’s zeal and enthusiasm for the alumnae makes my president-reincarnation an enlivening renewal. 

Small Pleasures Lunch

It's that time of the year. Tickets go on sale on Thursday 13 September. Get your tables organised and BOOK NOW


Alumnae Events

1988 Reunion

Saturday 21 July 2018

Many thanks to Chrissie Japp and Sarah Heine for organising the 1988 reunion. Many couldn't believe it had been 30 years! After meeting in the Parlour, the group moved on to the Malvern Hotel for more reminiscing.


1998 Reunion

Saturday 28 July 2018

More than 50 classmates from the Class of 1998 recently celebrated their 20 year reunion organised by Ange Liston-McCaughley. The group continued on to the Racecourse Hotel afterwards to catch up further.


2017 Reunion

Friday 31 August 2018

There was a great atmosphere in the Parlour as the most recent additions to the Alumnae - the Class of 2017 - gathered together to catch up. Everyone has been very busy since leaving Burke Road last year.



Save the Date

Upcoming Events

Generations Afternoon Tea 

Where Parlour   

When Tuesday 18 September, 3.30pm

A professional photographer will be in attendance to take family photographs.


Tour Morning

Where Sacré Cœur

When Thursday 18 October, 9.15am


Small Pleasures Luncheon

Where Leonda

When Saturday 27 October, 12pm



French Village Fair

Where Sacré Cœur

When Saturday 13 October, 11am-4pm



Mass of Remembrance

Where Chapel and Kirby Centre

When Saturday 17 November, 10am         

2018 Reunions

2008 Reunion - 10 years

When Saturday 15 September, 4-6pm

Contact Maddy Friend


1978 Reunion - 40 years

When Saturday 20 October, 4-6pm

Contact Mandy Farrell  

Alumnae News

Lauren Conti (2012)

Graduating from Sacré Cœur  in 2012, I left school eager to explore a career in the field of art and design. This first lead to spending a year in the immersive art and design program at Brighton Bay. This time for experimenting with an array of different creative areas, from ceramics to photography, was a key point of development in my creative and conceptual thinking.


I went on to complete Communication Design at Monash University, with a highlight being studying a couple of subjects overseas in Prato, Italy. Whilst at university, I served on the AGDA Student Council and was involved in industry events and local exhibitions. I also had my first taste of working in the industry, with intern and freelance positions at a couple of local studios.


Since completing my studies I have been fortunate to land a great role as a designer at Gozer; a multi-disciplinary studio focusing on producing communications for clients who are working towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. I feel very lucky to be working in a collaborative environment on projects with a positive impact this early in my career and to be in a position where I have such variety in my role. At any time, I can be involved in projects ranging from animation, to website design, identity and print publications.


The creative pathway may not always follow a traditional career model, but I’m grateful for the creative foundation I received at Sacré Cœur,  and to the teachers through the years who helped me believe a career in design was attainable, rewarding and worth pursuing. I'm looking forward to the exciting projects and roles my future holds.


Emily Winter (2008)

After completing a Bachelor of Arts, I took a year off and travelled through the United States and South America. Upon returning home, I began a career in buying for both retail and wholesale. During this time I launched a side project - Derby & Power Millinery. The brand was born to fill the gap between cheap, mass-produced racewear, and unattainably expensive high-end millinery. After spending a few years developing my skills through a combination of short courses and self-teaching, I was able to introduce a bridal range and take the business full time. This Spring, Derby & Power headpieces will be stocked in twelve retail stores, in addition to my own online and pop-up stores. I absolutely adore every aspect of working for myself, and am extremely excited about the future! For more information  click here

French Village Fair

Welcome to Platinum Sponsor Bendigo Bank!​

We are thrilled to welcome Bendigo Bank East Malvern Community Bank as our first Platinum Sponsor for the Fair. The Bendigo Bank is committed to supporting local communities through its national network of branches and dedicated staff.


If you or your business would also like to be a Sponsor, please contact our Director of Community Relations, Alastair Lee.

Only 31 days to go!

Working with Children Check for Volunteers

All volunteers over the age of 18 years at the French Village Fair are required have a current Volunteer Working with Children Check. 

This Check assists in protecting children from sexual or physical harm by ensuring that people who work with, or care for children are subject to a screening process. The Check is an organisation’s responsibilities in creating and maintaining a child-safe environment and it screens a person’s criminal records and any reports about professional conduct by certain bodies. 

If in the event you should not pass the Check, you will have an opportunity to explain why you believe you should pass by applying for a submission via the Working with Children Check website. 

Next Steps – if you intend to work as a Fair volunteer

  • We kindly ask you to visit the Working with Children website and apply for the Volunteer Working with Children Check by 15 September 2018. The Working with Children Check is free of charge, valid for five years and very easy to obtain. This video maybe useful in understanding the process. 
  • Once you have received a Working with Children Check card in the mail, or if you already possess a current card, please kindly forward your Working with Children Check card number to me via email by 5 October 2018.
  • Please also refer to Sacré Cœur’s Code of Conduct (attached) read, sign and send your acknowledgement to me via email by 5 October 2018. 

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with our Child Safety Code of Conduct.


Once again, thank you to all our intending Fair volunteers for your assistance with this. Your generous contribution is highly appreciated and we look forward to working with you on the day. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

With kind regards

Alastair Lee
Director, Community Relations


The Craft Stall needs a leader to coordinate and support the team of helpers who have already started designing, sewing and sourcing, and run the Stall on Fair day.

Can you donate items?

Have you had a chance to go through your cupboards, wardrobes and drawers? We have set one more drop-off date for your Vintage Clothes (accessories and children’s wear), Books and Games, and Wine Bingo donations.


This coming Monday 17 September around school drop off and pick up times at the Bunker and at Joigny pick-up. If you would like to arrange a drop off at another time, please contact me.


If you or anyone you know can donate to our stalls by way of food service goods, soft drinks or craft please let us know.

Caroline Redman

French Village Fair Liaison

Fair Sponsors still required


130th Anniversary Gala Ball

On Saturday 11 August over 400 members of the Sacré Cœur community gathered at the Park Hyatt to celebrate the 130th Anniversary of the School. Among those in attendance were many members of the Alumnae Association and it was wonderful to witness the resounding rendition of the school song at the end of the evening.


We thank the organising Committee comprising of Parents' Association members, Pette Liacopolous, Andrew Klose, Anna Papa, Lisa Cubela, Marisa Reid and Effie Vlahos.


Where are they Now?

Kitty O'Sullivan (1982)

My two sisters and I were fortunate enough to receive all thirteen years of our education at Sacré Cœur where the high value on academic achievement was always coupled with a strong sense of social justice and a concern for others. Undoubtedly these values I received during my school years helped to direct my future career of teaching English to migrants and refugees.


After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Graduate Diploma in Education majoring in French and German at Melbourne University, I followed in my mother’s footsteps and decided to teach in Dijon, France. It took a certain amount of courage to leave behind my family, boyfriend and friends, but I also saw this as a great opportunity to travel and teach so I grabbed it with both hands and relished all that such an adventure had to offer.


Upon my return to Australia in 1994, I took the even more courageous step of marrying that boyfriend and then I entered the world of adult education and began teaching English as an Additional Language with AMES Australia where I still teach 25 years later. This was a very challenging and rewarding environment to teach in where I witnessed the true meaning of courage. Many of my students were displaced families fleeing war zones after enduring unimaginable suffering and loss. Teaching them English would help them to settle into their lives in Australia and equip them with the necessary skills to start anew.


A year later our first daughter, Hannah, was born and was such a delightful baby I was able to continue teaching on a part-time basis a few months after her arrival. The motherhood/career juggle that I had witnessed so competently in my own mother stood me in good stead for this new phase in my life.  The following year we were expecting our second child but life was to take an unexpected turn with the news that this little girl (whom we’d already named Olivia) had Down’s Syndrome.


Thankfully, my husband, Andrew, and I knew we possessed the strength to embrace the challenges of having a child with special needs, so ending the pregnancy was never an option for us. To be honest though, I did feel that my teaching career would have to come to an abrupt and premature end, given the demands of raising a child with a disability, but fortunately I couldn’t have been more mistaken. So with briefcase in one hand and bassinet in the other, I re-entered the classroom with Olivia six months after her arrival and was able to resume my teaching career!


Heartened by the relative ease of caring for a child like Olivia, my husband and I decided to help other couples who were expecting a baby with a disability. We formed a support group with the Down’s Syndrome  Association of Victoria to encourage couples to continue with their pregnancies. In so doing, we feel we are giving people like Olivia a ‘voice’ in a world somewhat hard of hearing.


Although statistics indicate that 98% of couples who have a child with a disability do not consider having any more children, Andrew and I were blessed with the arrival of our third beautiful daughter, Julia, (now in Year 12 at Sacré Cœur ). Another well-behaved baby meant that I could again resume my teaching career. If my inspirational mother could do so with five children, I could definitely do it with three!

In Memoriam


Mary-Ann  Metcalf (1974)  died  22 July 2018     

Sister of Jo Metcalf (1979), Penelope Metcalf (1975) and Kate Metcalf


Amanda Clarebrough (1991) died 24 August 2018


Kathleen McCarthy died 26 July 2018   

Husband of Brian and mother of  Mary McCarthy (1974), Kate Pinniger (McCarthy 1977), Sarah Mort (McCarthy 1982), John and Dominic.


Many expressions of sympathy were received after Kathleen's passing.  Prue Leeming (1972) encapsulated beautifully how much Kathleen meant to the Sacré Cœur community:

I wish to pass on my condolences to her family.  She was a wonderful history teacher, if not one of my favourites and I remember her classes with great fondness.  As a boarder, I did feel like she was part of a much bigger family – she was an intelligent, studious and hard working mother and we admired her enormously – a quintessential Australian woman who pursued a life of career, family and more.  She was a star.

May she rest in peace


Judy Bendall died 17 May 2018

Mother of Carolyn Bendall (1985) and staff member from 1989-94


Robert McEniry died 4 July 2018

Brother of Helen Delage (McEniry 1953), Philippa McEniry (1957) and Madeleine McCabe (McEniry 1960) 


John McFadyen died 10 July 2018

Father of Cathy Ahlemeyer (McFadyen 1979),  Joanne McFadyen (1981) and Megan McFadyen (1982) 


John Mercovich died 5 June 2018

Brother of Anne Murphy (Mercovich) past parent, and Uncle of Clare Murphy (2005) and Kate Murphy (2007) 


From the Archives

(1948 Elementary Class pictured above)


Can you please help to add to our archive collection? We would love to receive some more photos and memorabilia. Photos can be scanned and returned to you. Please contact our Archivist Barbara Kowalski if you can assist. 


From the Foundation

Special French Village Fair extension for orders until 19 October 2018

With the completion of the tennis court/carpark redevelopment the Cor Unum Walk, which creates a physical and distinctive welcome to our visitors and students, is seeing increased daily foot traffic from Burke Road and the new carpark. 


Through the purchase of a tax deductible engraved paver, the Walk provides an opportunity for us all to be part of these remarkable gardens into perpetuity. Contributions of our students, alumnae, School families and friends can be celebrated, and current and future students inspired for their own journeys of learning and life.


If you would like to be included in this historic addition to our remarkable gardens, please call 9835 2776, email or download an application form.


Orders submitted by 19 October 2018 will have their engraved brick included in the Walk during Term 4 2018. Orders are installed on an annual basis.

Securing our financial independence

The Foundation works together with the School Board to secure the long term financial independence of the School. Without the strong and active support of the School Family, we would not have the capacity to complete many of the major projects that will enhance the education of our girls.


Ultimately, the Foundation aims to provide Sacré Cœur with a secure level of financial independence, and assist families whose financial circumstances might preclude them from enrolling their daughters at Sacré Cœur.


All donations to the Sacré Cœur Foundation’s Building Fund or Scholarship Fund over $2 are tax deductible.


Please complete a donation form, phone the office on 03 9835 2776 or email.  Donors are acknowledged annually as requested in the June edition of the Burke Road Bulletin.



Thank you to all our sponsors for your generosity in supporting Sacré Cœur Foundation events. Your contributions help make these events a great success and are deeply appreciated. We are planning an exciting 2018 and beyond.

Through your support the Foundation aims to provide Sacré Cœur with a secure level of financial independence and assist families whose financial circumstances might preclude them from enrolling their daughters at the School.

Tax deductible gifts may also be made to the Foundation’s Building or Scholarship Fund. Donors are acknowledged annually in the June issue of the Burke Road Bulletin.

For further information, please contact us on 03 9835 2776 or email for a confidential chat.

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